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BREAKING NEWS: New UNT Stadium Naming Rights Sponsor


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7 minutes ago, NT80 said:

 We still have the Field naming $ponsorship opportunity.   

I hope we don't do that.  That's just confusing when you visit a venue that has one name for the stadium and another for the field.  Usually, after you go home, you end up remembering neither.

That said, for the right price, I could be persuaded to allow an exception.

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4 hours ago, NorthTexan95 said:

Just finished watching the press conference.  Weird that there's absolutely no mention of money or any compensation.  

Maybe we’re getting paid in free pens. 

This isn’t surprising, we have a history of lacking transparency when it comes to numbers. 

Edit- First part was a joke, second part isn’t. But hey we’re 22.7% ahead this year of ticket sales at this time in 2018 in months ending in “t”. 

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24 minutes ago, GreenN'walinsVet said:

Vito is reporting.....$21.5 million for 15 years

Provided it is cash that would be pretty good actually, a piece of progress from the last deal.

Those "in kind" services like in the Apogee deal should usually really be discounted by about 80%

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On 7/31/2023 at 10:28 AM, DentonLurker said:

I’m curious why you feel this way. Outside of UNT/Denton circles, does anyone really even care? I’ve never once worried about the naming sponsor of another team.

Programs that only need to worry about 10s of millions of dollars have iconic stadiums with historic names.  If I win the mega-millions.   I will have 50 million to name Odus Mitchell Stadium with the field named for DATCU.  An expanded Alumni Pavilion can be DATCU branded also.  

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