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  1. The guy to whom you are listening isn't worth listening to. ND is one of the most highly-ranked universities in the country--according to U.S. News and World Report, only 1 behind Cornell (Ivy League) and Rice.
  2. Then the B1G leadership isn't very bright. They had Mizzou begging at their doorstep 10-12 years ago; now I imagine they'd have a hard time prying them away from the SEC.
  3. The B1G has already told these three schools, "No."
  4. Honesty, why have college football fans loved college football over the NFL? Tradition, rivalries, watching players develop over their 4-year college careers, the fact that these are amateur students playing primarily for the love of the game rather than mercenaries playing for a paycheck. All of that seems to be going out the window in a very short span of time.
  5. Personally, I would definitely rank him below Zach Orr. Maybe somewhere between E.J. Ejiya and Brandon Garner. But I'm just another knucklehead on a message board. IIRC, Phil Bennett said KD was as good a player as he's ever coached. And in my opinion, his opinion means more than my opinion.
  6. https://247sports.com/PlayerInstitution/KD-Davis-at-North-Texas-222522/CurrentTransferInstitutionPredictions/
  7. It was before my time; but based upon conversations with those around during that time, the former directly led to the latter. Even if we were to average as low as 12,000 attendance this next season (we won't), we'd be way ahead of anything we saw during the 90's. So no, fanbase morale isn't anywhere close to its all-time low.
  8. Did you mean, "Nobody determined to remain in his left-wing echo chamber"? It seems anybody truly capable of thinking for himself would be capable of taking in a dissenting viewpoint.
  9. He's already outworked most of the scholarship players in that room. So I'd say his effort does not need to be qualified as "for a walk on." IMHO.
  10. Great news! Your source sucks. Kick him in the groin.
  11. You had to know plenty of schools were watching him. He has done a great job. Whether he stays or goes, I agree with @bstnsportsfan3--he has been a home run hire.
  12. Kevin did. And it seems one of them played at SMU . . . isn't that why they did a big deal with the Von Erichs at a SMU-NT game a few years ago?
  13. This is nitpicking, but we were in C-USA with East Carolina in 2013.
  14. My boy will finish the season higher than 4th team C-USA. Huge kudos to KD on a well-deserved honor--looking forward to a great season from him!
  15. I wish we had fewer C-USA teams going with us. It's going to do the same thing for the American's perception as it did for C-USA when they backloaded with Sun Belt teams and startups. UAB, Rice, and us would be fine, IMO. Maybe add LaTech instead of one of the others. Don't get me wrong, it's still an upgrade. But it's a diluted upgrade.
  16. Looking at his other picks helps me understand what he means by "sleeper team": "The team that, if the 5 teams in their conference clearly better than them inexplicably implode, has an outside chance to win their conference."
  17. Overall, I don't see any way NIL levels the playing field. I suppose it means excellence becomes less important to recruits than dollars. So, some programs might suck and still pull in some good recruits. But that doesn't make the field any more level for programs that don't have as many outside dollars ready to pour into their players (read North Texas). This means the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
  18. Wow, are all these posts really true?!? I'm his cousin, Gulla.
  19. I don't think they did dry up. It's just that all those big-time offers were for him to play defense; we were willing to offer him as a WR.
  20. Thanks for the info. So what are the odds of his coming back, and when would he be able to come back? Spring semester?
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