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  1. Giving SMU credit for this series feels particularly disgusting.
  2. Who said "true visionary"? No argument here that the move to 1AA set us back, as did several dominoes leading up to that. I am only saying is that I don't think he was as ardently opposed to athletics as some make him out to be.
  3. I think some of the "anti-athletics" stuff about Dr. Hurley gets overstated around here. If we want to blame him for presiding over the name change from Scrappy to Eppy, we also have to give him credit for presiding over the name change from Eppy back to Scrappy. I don't think it was that he was anti-athletics, per se. Just more that he was clueless about athletics. Academics was his forte, and he was content to focus in that direction while turning over athletics to others. And if you look at what he did for the university outside of athletics, he was one of the best chancellors/presidents we ever had.
  4. How he adopted the names 'Joe' and 'Mean Joe' Greene was part of a dominant defense at North Texas State University (which is now the University of North Texas). During the 1966 season, members of the team's coaching staff started a chant in support of the defense that would later become the school's official nickname. "We were way behind and (his mother) started hollering, 'Come on green, get mean,' or 'Here we go, mean green,' or variants on that," recalled Mark Graham, the son of then North Texas State sports information director Fred Graham, via the school's website. "Then it became popular with some of the students and some of the other fans. So it caught on." The media began referring to the Eagles' defense as "Mean Green" in print in 1967. The nickname became used for the entire team in 1968. In 2000, each sports team at the school took on the Mean Green nickname. For Greene, the nickname followed him to Pittsburgh, who selected him with the fourth overall pick in the 1969 draft. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/joe-greene-turns-77-six-amazing-facts-about-steelers-greatest-player-of-all-time/
  5. Huh. I just thought it meant "androgynous hippy male who is attracted to other hippy males."
  6. The two below the top photo are both great, IMO.
  7. Once again, the title says "ACC." People need to figure out a different abbreviation for our conference, or don't abbreviate it at all, because it is constantly confused. Then again, this writer may just be clueless, as he thinks this vote is "ahead of" UTSA's move to the American.
  8. Generally agreed. Of course, there is a lot of talent sitting on benches at P5s that is arguably as good as what is starting. If you have the opportunity to go grab a difference maker like Steve Buechele's son from a P5, you don't blink. It really all ends up being on a case-by-case basis.
  9. When my daughter was little, she loved to see that Scrappy. She wanted to go to games just to see Scrappy. She had a little stuffed Scrappy--it looked just like the one above--that she carried to games with her. Then the new Scrappy came, and it freaked her out.
  10. This just makes all the clearer, college athletics (especially football) are way more about money now than they've ever been.
  11. Great DC, no doubt. But he didn't recruit at all. And poor recruiting was the main catalyst of UNT's slide around the time Skladany left.
  12. South Alabama out of the Sun Belt is beating Oklahoma State 23-0 in the 3rd.
  13. In fairness, Idaho is probably not terrible. They beat Nevada last week 33-6. But they are still an FCS team.
  14. At the half, FIU is whooping up on a UConn team I thought was at least decent 24-3. Maybe FIU is better than we thought after making their much-needed QB change. However, Cal is losing 17-0 in the 2nd to Idaho.
  15. Mean Joe Greene called it the greatest play--not just punt return, or college football punt return--but the greatest play he has ever seen. That counts for something in my book.
  16. And a Washington State hat! And he's coaching Washington State players! What is going on with the head coach at the University of North Texas?!?
  17. Dude, if you think the roster didn't improve, that has nothing to do with the previous staff. It's pretty evident that the previous staff was not really allowed to recruit all last season. We have no idea what they would have brought in, but "you can't expect UNT to be stagnant" (see how that works?). FIU lost to a LaTech team we smoked last year 47-27. FIU barely beat FCS Maine. They weren't a good team last year and they aren't a good team this year. What we put on the field last weekend just somehow managed to be even worse, because we had a pretty good team last year and I believe we would have had at least as good a team this year if we had kept the previous staff. I'm personally not trying to argue that Seth should have been retained; but anyone who knows anything knows that the previous staff would have done far better in these first two games than we have done with the new staff. But the toothpaste is out of the tube, and I can only hope that what we're going through now are growing pains to something much better.
  18. You think they might "squeak by" a FIU team? UNT under SL and PB destroyed FIU 52-14 last year. On what basis do you think the outcome would be significantly different this year?
  19. Very good interview. Maybe the best I've ever heard on a Mean Green-related podcast. I wonder what would have happened if he were here this year. When he first came here, everyone said his defenses always took off in year 3.
  20. We're only on the waiting list for the Bottom 10? I feel slighted.
  21. Regardless of whether he deserves more time, you do know he's coming back next year no matter what, right? And it would take some doing to fire him after next year, much less this year. The guy has a 5-year contract. At this point, we just have to hope things improve for him and his staff.
  22. He said something to the effect of "I can't tell you right now who will be first under center."
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