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  1. This is Texas. The answer is football. But, it is easier to build a solid basketball program, and McCasland's teams are certainly getting the job done on the court.
  2. It was the greatest run in the history of our basketball program. Thanks for the memories. I'm excited about where Wren and McCasland will take our program from here.
  3. Watching the Richmond/Toledo game tonight was real joy for me. Not that I cared who won, but because the North Texas court logos were clearly viewable in almost every shot. That equals two plus hours of free advertising on ESPN2. And, we still have 3 more opening round games left over the next few days. We are also enjoying our logo being displayed at the games in Frisco. I have no idea how Wren achieved this, or what he had to spend to have North Texas partner with the NIT, but it was a real stroke of genius. It is all the better because UNT is in the Madness this season, which creates a seco
  4. In my opinion, this is a great use of the transfer portal. Thank you, Seth. This is the kind of move many of us on this board have been asking for. We still have slots available in this class. I hope we see more additions of this caliber in the near future. These are the types of moves that will get the fan base excited and eager to buy season tickets. Again, Thank you Littrell!
  5. It is past time to honor both of these UNT greats. I have some ideas that could acknowledge both men in a fitting way. Maybe I will email Wren tomorrow.
  6. I kind of like it. But if we are serving Hayden Fries, they need to be on the Mitchell Menu.
  7. I'm not surprised Scott landed on his feet. And, I wouldn't be shocked if he does well at ULL.
  8. From what I was told North Texas has been working on him for a while. Before Bennett came on board. Summarizing what I was told.... He liked Baylor a lot too, but North Texas seemed to have more to offer him. The "more to offer" could mean the opportunity to earn playing time as a true freshman. But, I am just guessing.
  9. I have several students that played with with Vincent Paige in middle school and/or against him in high school (he does attend Nolan Catholic). Every one of my students had really good things to say about him. None of them had a negative comment about this recruit. That tells me he is the kind of young man and explosive athlete Littrell's staff needs to be targeting. In my opinion this is a great pick up. Remember, in most cases parents choose to move. The kids don't really have a say in it. Yes, he has moved some, but he probably didn't get a choice in the matter. Go Mean Green!!!
  10. My 2021 player hope is that Shorter will have something close to Darden's 2020 campaign. I really thought he was due for a breakout year in 2020, before his season was cut short.
  11. Has anyone heard about the $$$ in Bennett's contract? Will he be making the $350,000 Bowen was getting, or will UNT be upping the DC salary for this hire?
  12. C-USA is currently the worst FBS conference, so he should be able to field a respectable defense next season. If Bennett can build us a defense that allows less than 24 points a game in conference play, we should be a contender for the western division. I don't think a 24 PPG defense is too much to ask. If C-USA was a better conference, 28 PPG would be acceptable to me.
  13. Could be because he was buried behind Torrey and Adaway on the depth chart. But, I don't expect him to see more carries at SMU either.
  14. Gush was Baylor's defensive recruiting coordinator under Bennett too.
  15. First, Siggers is now a traitor and I don't wish him any luck on the field at SMU. He was down to our third string, so hopefully he doesn't amount to much for the Mustangs. BUT... I do hope the young man earns his degree and has a successful life after football. Second... If Littrell didn't have our program in a dumpster fire after five years in charge, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Lets just hope Bennett can find some quality defensive players and build this thing well enough to begin turning it around next season.
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