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  1. So hard to watch this team crumble when everything's on the line. It's happened all season. No excuse for losing this game. Sure the bats were cold, but this is completely on our pitching staff. DeLong has to find us better pitchers with more mental toughness for next season. I can't believe a team this senior heavy that has done what they've done, can't play better than what we are watching. I'll go ahead and say it now. this team (especially the pitching staff) isn't mentally tough enough to win the conference tournament.
  2. I haven't had much to say about this year's team. I've had concerns, but wanted to refrain from negative comments. But, today's loss was beyond terrible. With the game on the line, there is no good reason to try and throw a runner out at second, when a runner is standing on 3rd. That was completely stupid. This team is mentally weak, and has regressed from where it was just two seasons ago. Like last season, our bats are struggling. The only difference from last season, is our pitching is a little worse too. Yes, we played a stronger OOC schedule, but we didn't beat any of those ranked teams either. From what I've seen so far, this team won't win the conference title or make a regional. And that is just sad considering where this program was just two seasons ago. Something has to change. I'll ask this question again..... Has DeLong taken this program as far as he can?
  3. Back to back to back walk-off winners. I doubt I'll ever see that again. Very proud of the way the girls fought against great pitching in this series. Tulsa is going to be a tough out in the conference tournament. Coach should take the girls out and celebrate this series sweep. Remember, Tulsa was tied for the conference lead heading into the weekend. We moved them down to 4th place. Co-leader, FAU got to feast on a 3-25 Memphis team this weekend. Right now, UNT looks as good or better than any program in the AAC.
  4. This team is senior heavy and should be much better. Pitching is not as good as it was just a few years ago. And, our bats are continuing to struggle. Overall, this team looks much like it did most of last season. That is not a complement. I'm beginning to wonder if De Long has taken this program as far as he can? Personally, I expected this program to be competing with Top 25 programs by now.
  5. I trust Morris to find a QB that can run this system. He reminds me a little of McCasland, and the way he was always able to find another point guard to run his offense.
  6. This was a good recruiting day for North Texas. We may not have pulled in the top recruiting class in the AAC, but we certainly improved the talent on our roster today. According to 247Sports, we finished the day with the 6th best AAC class (in the top half of the conference). That is better than every recruiting class in the Sun Belt & C-USA today. We also finished with a better class than all but 1 MAC program and all but 3 MWC programs. I hate that we lost some really good talent in recent weeks, but this haul seems like a big step towards rebuilding our plundered offense. But, I think defense remains a big question mark until we actually see improvements on the field next season.
  7. While I wanted the AAC to earn the last access bowl spot, I always rejoice in seeing SMU get screwed. FSU might feel like they've had the worst day ever, but SMU has a strong case too. Today the ponies not only got passed over for a less deserving Liberty team, but also watch their future conference get demoted. SMU is ponying up $500 million and losing 9 years of revenue to join an ACC whose undefeated champion wasn't deemed good enough for the playoffs. Imagine how worse it will be once FSU, Clemson, North Carolina, & Virginia all leave and the ACC features a lesser lineup. Today the playoff committee ushered in the new age of the P3. Congratulations SMU on getting left out again... and paying for it. 😁
  8. The simple truth is that this coaching staff needs a big defensive recruiting win to appease the fan base. Morris kept Caponi, and fans are going to remain skeptical of the leadership until they are given a reason to actually believe things are getting fixed. So right now, any defensive recruit that backs out of his commitment is going to be a bad look for our staff. Morris' honeymoon period is over. A large segment of our fans are not interested in hearing what will be done to fix our defense. And many aren't interested in cryptic assumptions regarding what might be going on behind the scenes. They want tangible evidence, like a big-time defensive player committing to the Mean Green.
  9. Yeah, and that Liberty offense would have dropped 77 on Caponi's defense.
  10. I've found the guy we need. Nate Reiling- New Mexico State DC. Current Salary: $195,000 In Dreiling’s first season in Las Cruces, the NM State defense turned heads across the nation. Dreiling inherited a defense that ranked 127th in total defense among FBS schools. The ‘22 Aggies were the most improved defensive unit in college football, climbing 98 spots to 29th in the nation. https://nmstatesports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/nate-dreiling/3334 His NMSU defense looks solid tonight against Liberty's high-powered offense (5th in the FBS). That game is tied at the half.
  11. If not, this is a perfect opportunity to reassign Caponi and go get a better DC.
  12. I totally agree. Votes for or against fellow posters really mean anything. Most won't even come with a comment. But, I also see no need to direct a negative reaction towards a newly minted recruit.
  13. Yeah. We all want to see some beef added on the fronts, and LB's too, but we should never disparage a recruit that has committed to represent our university. I'm happy this young man chose to play at North Texas. We all should be happy about that.
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