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  1. I love volleyball and I'm looking forward to seeing this year's team. Wren has a history of hiring great coaches (McCasland and DeLong). Now I looking forward to seeing what our new volleyball and track coaches can do.
  2. The girls were nervous at the start and gave up 2 runs in the 1st inning. Peters gave up another later in the game, and UNT fell by a score of 3-0. The bats just couldn't string together hits. Elimination game tomorrow against Fordham. Not sure of the time just yet.
  3. I was also disappointed in the DRC's headline following the conclusion of the Byron Nelson. They should have tied the story to Munoz and his time at UNT. Personally, I'd like to see UNT attempt to sponsor both Munoz and Ortiz in some small way. Neither have tons of sponsors and all parties would benefit. The green SOW logo with a "UNT" under it on the right side of their hats would be perfect.
  4. I don't disagree. People need to tap the breaks and remember we did lose some proven players to the portal. But I'll add some context to the Gunnell situation. Memphis fans love this kid. They said Gunnell was on his way to being their guy until an injury sidelined him. Henigan came in a earned the starting spot while Gunnell was working his way back. From what I've been told, Gunnell is completely capable of being a premier QB in the AAC for UNT.... if his injuries are behind him. Now, does UNT have someone that can be a Harrell type QB coach for Gunnell? I don't know.
  5. I watched it on C-USATV. It was horrible. Back to back homers in the bottom of the 7th.
  6. Our rivals were laughing at us. Now they just feel sorry for us. It's embarrassing. Sadly, our administration seems content with failure.
  7. Ha! That looks horrible. I love my Mean Green, but never eat or drink anything that is the same color as a booger.
  8. We couldn't beat a 6-6 MAC team to end this season.... SMU is going to curb stomp us to start next season. You've drank too much of the green Kool-aid.
  9. I totally understand your frustration, but I encourage you to continue your support of our athletes. It isn't the players fault that the administration won't make the coaching changes needed to improve our chances of being competitive. I myself will continue my current level of donations to the MGSF and keep my season tickets, but I won't be making my usual annual increase in giving, or go out of my way to waste money on unnecessary related events or items. You can get your message across to the athletic department and still support our players.
  10. I like baseball, but I love softball. This probably won't be a popular opinion (It's okay, I'm used to it), but I'd prefer we continue funneling resources into softball and build it into a national power (consistent Top 25 program). So in my opinion, baseball can wait. UNT is the largest softball playing program within 200 miles of the Women's College World Series. DeLong has done an outstanding job. I want Wren to keep building DeLong's program until it is among the best in the country.
  11. I won't be one of them. 7-8 wins in C-USA might not even equal the strength of a .500 season in AAC. Seth would have to pull a UTSA type (11 wins season) next year to have UNT positioned to be above average in the American. And 11 wins is something Seth hasn't done in 6 seasons at UNT. The stats and his history (Seth is 1-6 against AAC teams in his 6 seasons at UNT) say Seth can't win in the AAC. Nothing against Littrell personally, he just doesn't win. It's that simple.
  12. Wren is a very smart AD. He is known to have a spreadsheet ranking potential basketball coaches. It's how we landed McCasland, and it has been documented that other ADs contact him about the names on that list when they need to make a hire. I have to believe Wren has something similar for football coaches. It would be stupid to be so thorough for basketball and not for football. Littrell wasn't Wren's hire and I can't believe Seth would rank above other coaches that we could afford on his football spreadsheet. Either the university isn't allowing Wren to fire Littrell, or he can't raise the money for his buyout. Neither of those conclusions is acceptable. The programs in the AAC aren't going to stop and allow us to catch up with them. We don't have time to waste. And another season under Littrell is a waste of time.
  13. According to UNT own athletic site, our MGSF has exactly 1,419 members. Those are certainly hardcore fans. There are others on this board that don;t have season tickets but are die hard too, but I highly doubt 15,000 of them were at the Frisco Bowl. It is more likely that at least half of our attendance was comprised of the average fans that don't post on here. But I wish they did follow close enough to have accounts and post on this board. I wish Harry could get a time slot during freshmen orientation and sign up the new students. Can't argue against your second point. It's true. Wren has the final say. But, I don't have to like what he chooses.
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