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  1. I'll be the guy in a black North Texas t-shirt....
  2. That's just dumb. Holts is a far better coach than Seth. I applaud the LA Tech for actually having standards. I think Seth has only beaten Holts' LT team once in six years. By the way, I believe Holts has a $3 million buyout too, but that isn't an issue for their broke program. Don't be "Old Denton". Our entire fan base should expect more. Wren has to fire Littrell after this season ends. Time to build for the future.
  3. Littrell's last game!!!! Of course I'll be there.
  4. Most of the 12 to 14 FBS coaches that have already been fired are better options than Littrell. You act like UNT is the ugly fat girl at the dance. Sure the P5's are going to get first crack at coaches, but we are not where we were 20 years ago. With in the G5, UNT now has some of the better facilities, higher pay, and is in arguably the best conference. Apparently I have a little more faith in Wren's ability to find us a coach that will be an improvement over Seth. Being scared to improve is very Old Denton.
  5. Only because we are going to the American. FIU was smart enough to fire their coach. If they want to trade places I'll email them the number for Seth's agent. The fact that we all know they have zero interest in hiring Littrell away from they have no interest in trading places. And because they've fired their coach, they're already ahead of us in their rebuild.
  6. It's no secret that Seth neglected our lines for years. But Littrell also took QB's in every class... and he still hasn't developed a single caller fit to run the offense. Bad recruiting or bad coaching? Maybe both. Whatever your answer, it all boils down to Seth failing at UNT and needing to be fired.
  7. I totally disagree. Marshall fired Doc Holliday shortly after he finished leading his team to a 7-4 record and earning the C-USA Coach of the Year honor. So, firing Seth is not untenable. We simply have to raise our expectations at UNT and demand more from our athletic department. https://www.al.com/sports/2021/01/doc-holliday-conference-usa-coach-of-the-year-out-at-marshall.html
  8. FACT.... UNT has beaten nothing but bums this season. UTEP is the only team we have beaten that will finish with a winning record, and that is because they beat a bunch of bums too (UTEP has yet to beat a team with a winning record this season). Littrell has to go at the end of this season. If he doesn't, this place will be like 2016 all over again. No one wants to see our fan base fractured next season or banners flying. Wren needs to get rid of Seth and hire the right coach to lead us into the American. It's silly to even suggest that wins over Northwestern State (FCS), Rice (3-8), Southern Miss (2-9), UTEP (7-4), & FIU (1-10), merits Littrell deserving a 7th year at UNT. To keep Littrell for a 7th year would be very Old Denton.
  9. This is a very strong performance by the team. I just wish we could play like this against good competition.
  10. There is nothing Littrell can do that would merit him keeping his job. Even if he wins out, he is not the coach to lead us into the American. Littrell hasn't been able to keep UNT competitive in a weak C-USA over the last few season. Why would anyone think he will make us competitive once we move to a stronger American Conference? Not happening. Littrell needs to go at soon as the season ends. We need to get our next coach in place so we can build for our future in the American.
  11. UTEP 24 UNT 10 UTEP is better than Rice & Southern Miss. Plus, I think we get out coached in the 4th quarter. 8 to 10K in attendance, but we count it as 15K. Not really cold enough, but I'll be getting some hot chocolate today. 😁
  12. Ha! You know I got to get my kettle corn at every game.
  13. I will laugh so hard if that happens. SMU has beaten TCU twice in the past three years. Remember, TCU ducked them in 2020 because of COVID. I guess if you can't beat them, hire their coach away. Ha!
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