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  1. Not necessarily a bad thing for NT. It is very hard for any fan to evaluate an AD's performance. NT is a plum job because of the things Baker has accomplished. Assuming Littrell is safe because of this development, is premature. I still think the UTSA game will determine that.
  2. My fearless prediction for NT wbb's upcoming road swing of 6 games. 5 losses and a toss-up with Howard. This team is in shambles. I don't know if the team has quit on Mitchell or she just does not care anymore. In an apparent stroke of good negotiating, if NT doesn't finish in the first four in conference; Mitchell can be terminated without a lot of cost.
  3. It maybe just my error, but it seems NT starts every series with a run up the middle, most often followed by another run up the middle. Doesn't seem to matter what defense it is against or how many times those plays have failed. Worked against really bad teams and failed against everyone else.
  4. Much better third quarter, now behind 43-56. Noble now with 11. Probably too little, too late; but better than the first half.
  5. UTA wbb loser in 4 straight games completely dominating NT at half; 24-45 What is going on with this team? Noble has 2 pts at half.
  6. The players have no skin in the game? You really believe that? Not saying they should have a voice in the selection of a coach, but they have "more skin in the game" than anyone other than perhaps the AD who does the hiring.
  7. Worked in Dallas for over twenty years, downtown Dallas is dead after 5:00 on workdays and not much better on the weekends. So pick your street, Main, Commerce, etc. not a lot of difference. During the workday. downtown Dallas is a great place to be, other than getting there and out.
  8. Not sure what a scammer's paradise is, but I suspect Bourbon Street has been one long before Katrina. The changes for the bad that happened are the level of law enforcement. I do not know if it wokeism or lack of resources, but things that used to not be allowed are now. Bums sleeping on street, streetwalkers and panhandlers everywhere did not used to be allowed. If they don't get a handle on it, they could kill a lot of the tourism industry there.
  9. just to be argumentative, what city has not declined? Great food, good entertainment, all kinds of crowd watching plus a lot of less used aspects like outstanding museums and sightseeing. It is definitely a tourist city, but in general; they do it well.
  10. Can someone explain what that map represents? AAC with checks and exes denoting what?
  11. Having lived there, I can attest to it is a great city. Sounds like someone who has spent a drunk night or two in the Quarter.
  12. If NT is not good enough to play a Belt team, who do you think they should play? CC has beat Marshall and App, St. but was destroyed by ODU 21-49 and barely beat USM by 3.
  13. Why would the best bowl available in a tourist location prevent people from attending when the New Mexico would not?
  14. Overall, I thought that the tournament should bring great benefits to NT in terms of providing a test against very similar teams in a destination location. NT's performance demonstrated they have a long way to go before being as good as last year. My view created by watching on TV and wishing I was in the Bahamas. The Good: Perry was unstoppable in the first half of the first game and was less effective for the rest of the tournament as defenses concentrated on stopping him. Huntsberry is the real deal averaging 17.7 points and over 3 rebounds for the three games. The not so good or bad: Eady's role obviously is not at this point scoring, but played good defense and rebounded well: averaged 4 pts and 5 rebounds Ousmane had a very bad couple of games were he got open but just could not score. He did get 9 rebounds in the final. Martinez was NT's leading rebounder at a modest 5.7 a game, but scored only 1 point in the tournament. Jones' play in the finals was very encouraging. His return to form is going to greatly help on both sides of the ball. The Bad: Scott's play was disappointing in that he didn't show the spark, he had coming off the bench last year. He averaged 4 points and 4 rebounds a contest. Stone, who has looked good providing a lot of energy off the bench only had 5 points and 2 rebounds in the tournament. Sissoko did not play much despite Ousmane having a couple of sub-par games.
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