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  1. I am afraid some of you are substantially over estimating ACU attendance. I will be pleasantly surprised at anything above 20k. Add on: Some of you seem to take a crowd estimate as a call to arms. Other than the La Tech and SMU games, announced attendance was much more than actual butts in seats and three 2018 home games announced were under 18.6K . The only equivalent home game in the last year was Incarnate Word at an announced overstated 18,500 attendance. NT announced home attendance was over 18.5k for the SMU, La Tech and a meaningful late season Rice game. I will be elated if NT reaches the ACU numbers, some of you are projecting, but I am very skeptical.
  2. My view has nothing to do with the coaching change. I just think that NT's running game is going to be much better. With an significantly improved offensive line and a lot of weapons at rb, there will be a larger number of rushes and fewer passes.
  3. A few observations: Houston is not that good, their defense is as big a question if not more than NT, Fine is a better and much more consistent QB than King projects to be. NT's defense was also a question mark in 2018, now it is like NT can never match it. NT defense should be better and deeper than last year, but there will be a learning curve in the first few games Cal will be a close loss, Cal wins based on across country home field advantage SMU is in total disarray, but will be a tough game, NT must take them serious Fine's stats will go down due to a much more balanced NT attack Guyton was great last year, but will hardly be missed this year, the receiver cast is going to be stellar NT is loaded at rb NT's offense will be the best in the conference NT will be the best team in the conference but will lose an away game they should not A lot of picks for other conference teams to win the league UAB is a favorite but lost most of their elderly starters FAU, another strange pick based on their last year performance USM, returns more starters than any team; but has lost 3 straight to NT, USM will have home field advantage La Tech is always a tough game for NT and this is away NT goes 10-2 in regular season NT wins CUSA championship and goes to 11-2 Not going to speculate on Bowl results Littrell will get an offer he can't refuse Fine will be harder to replace than Littrell
  4. Unbiased inasmuch that his ratings are computer generated, but the program IMO is too heavily weighted by his previous year results. The algorithms he uses makes it very difficult for lower ranked teams to ever move up. So his initial rankings based on his prior year assessment are almost as important as the current year record.
  5. Listened to the USF broadcast and I thought that NT did well. Hard to be sure based on an opponent's radio crew, but it seems that USF played for a win much more than NT. Appeared to have their starters in most of the game versus NT who played a lot of freshmen. Also NT missed some easy shots that should have been goals per the announcers. Against a ranked team away and in the rain, I think NT's effort was good and look forward to another championship season.
  6. Not sure how we would know if he got offers or not. However, your theory is absolutely correct.
  7. Pure garbage, but everyone can have an opinion. Despite the fact that NT returns more starters than any team in the conference except one. USM returns one more from a team that NT has beaten three times in a row and relatively easy last year. Yet, he cites lack of linebackers and two offensive linemen as reasons for concern. I guess the other 5 teams he rates above NT that return less starters are just better coached. Not to mention that NT returns more all conference performers and has more pre-season picks than other team. He did mention Fine is pretty good, but not good enough to get NT above seventh place in the conference. No one knows what 2019 will bring, but if you are going to rank teams at least have some iota of logic in your analysis.
  8. UNT alum Dr. Phil McGraw would say you suffer from something mental, but for the life of me I just don’t know which one of many possibilities that would be. We will let you put your money where your mouth for a game at Apogee on September 28’th. I don't want CK2 to break his piggy bank. Not many bookies take pennies anyways.
  9. Good point, I apologize to 247. Still wonder how ranking change so much without any games being played. Apparently Renfro's rankings went down because he didn't commit to another team. Totally illogical.
  10. Shows why noone should take 247 ratings serious. 247 has about a monopoly on recruiting rankings, but it does not mean they do it well.
  11. Quick reaction time is much more important than size in the linebacker position. Few lb's are going to overpower offensive linemen, the trick is staying away from that contact.
  12. The forgotten aspect of money games (hate the term body-bag) is that the players actually want to play them. Playing a top twenty team should be seen as an opportunity not a punishment. Playing in front of crowds of sixty thousand plus, are a thrill for the players. My guess, is that the current NT team, is not the one Cal thought they signed up to play. That is not technically a money game because it is part of home and away series, but presents a real opportunity for NT to be noticed. Because of instant replay and advanced coverage, it is much harder to have a games stolen like the UT and Arkansas contests of the past. Victories are rare but sweet, Arkansas of last year and Fry's win over Tennessee are examples. Loses against Clemson, Georgia , and others did nothing to diminish NT's reputation.
  13. ODU tuition and fees s $356 a hour per their site. I think your number is just the fees. The amount ODU gets from students fees is about $2.3m more than the total that NT derives from fees and institutional support. They have a real problem because Va. has capped the amount of the athletic budget that can be derived from student fees. ODU is currently in non-compliance and has been given a few years to get under the limit. I doubt ODU is going to reach that objective and be competitive.
  14. ODU and Charlotte charge their students outrageous fees to fund their athletics. They do everything they can to hide it, but they wouldn't be playing D1 or probably any football if they had Texas limitations on student athletic fees.
  15. To me, this just demonstrates how desperate SMU is to get competitive. It may work for them, but what they are doing is trading high school players for transfers. I think SMU got a good QB and for multiple years, the rest don't look particularly stellar. I think NT at this point has got a much better long-term recruiting approach. Concentrating on high school players with a few transfers in positions of need.
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