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  1. No wonder there are people in other people's reserved seats, if NT is that inept. You buy reserved seats because they are the best available for your use and you don't have to worry about getting there at an earlier time. I'm was not thrilled with a decision to chase someone out of my seats or have a less desired seat that was probably reserved by someone else. If you are so cheap or cannot afford an extra 10 or 15, sit in general admission. Not too many years ago, ushers routinely asked to see your tickets if you were in the reserve sections. I guess it is the wild west now, and if you chose you can sit in better seats than you could purchase in the reserve section. It seems to me, NT is losing revenue if they do not enforce their ticket restrictions. I don't care were students sit as long they wait long enough to be confident someone hasn't paid to be there.
  2. Why do you think it negatively affected P5's anymore than G5's?
  3. The difference was in free throw attempts. Apparently, OU plays great defense and seldom fouls. OU looked tonight like a 3 star player team and little more. NT went cold at the end of the game and it cost them. Frustration maybe, but NT is definitely moving in the right direction. There maybe a team in CUSA as good as OU, but I doubt it. I think McCasland maybe the best basketball coach ever at NT, but his substitution patterns remain a mystery to me. t
  4. It is hard to fire everyone on the staff and keep the HC. Someone has to keep the program going. By the way, would you want to be a coach with a new boss (coordinator) coming in? Odds are your days are numbered.
  5. To confused, I thought this was pretty straight forward; but apparently not. Rankings by organizations or individuals that publish ratings for every D1 men's basketball team NT's rank, for example: the Massey Composite states NT is the 191 best team. 9 in CUSA, means that NT is rated the ninth best team in the league
  6. Rankings by major ratings: 12-4-19 Massey Composite 191. 9 in CUSA RPI 131, 5 in CUSA Pomeroy 160, 6 in CUSA Barttorvik 120, 4 in CUSA
  7. Good solid win, against an up and down UTA team. This UTA team only lost by 6 to Gonzaga in Spokane. Thought UTA's Warren had the best game of both teams players. NT with 5 scoring in double digits was just a lot more balanced team. Best game by Zack Simmons this year. If he can duplicate that throughout the season, NT will be tough to handle. Without Draper's threes, NT could have easily lost this game. NT has a solid starting four, now if Reese could just get going
  8. I wonder how so many know so much about backup QB's that have literally a few minutes of on field NT experience.
  9. What a revelation: teams pad their attendance numbers. I think in the Dodge era there is one year when NT started announcing real attendance numbers, that stopped in a hurry. The reason is obvious, NT is then compared unfavorably to a great number of schools that pad their numbers even more. Again, if you didn't bother to attend; you should be disqualified from commenting on attendance
  10. No shame in getting beat 76-65 by the number 12 rated team, but much better: Boyd 22 pts 5 rebs Jackson 9 pts 3 rebs. Thompson 11 pts 1 reb McDowell 4 pts 6 rebs The above are all freshmen and included the top 3 scorers and top 2 rebounders in the game for NT. Difference was NCS 6'5 player which NT could not stop. Going to have same problem with much taller girl from Rice, 6'9 Mulkey.
  11. It has been on the schedule all year. I think they did the same thing last year. Scheduled an exhibition and a season ending game.
  12. OK, I don't accept NT's attendance. I have no idea what that means, but if it makes someone happy.
  13. Was at the football game, so didn't see the game. Very surprised to see Thompson's line in the game. These freshmen kept improving, they are going to be tough in the league. Three of four NT top scorers were freshmen.
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