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  1. I was there, but for some reasons those bleachers felt a lot harder than they did about 40 years ago.
  2. Yes, I read that and promptly forgot it. Thanks
  3. Did not Aune leave Ark to try to play major league baseball? Ruder left NC because he wasn't likely to get any playing time because of better players ahead of him. In any rate, NT got two ex-P5 good program players. NT saw something in Martin, that they signed him. Apparently, he has no yet demonstrated the skill necessary to get playing time. You may not have any faith in Littrell and staff, but do really think they would keep a promising QB on the bench right now. NT is certainly not going to be auditioning QB in a close game like La Tech. UAB maybe because it would not have mattered. Ruder with his play thus far has made Aune look great in comparison. Aune should be the undoubted starter, but Ruder has got to be a lot better than he has shown. Ruder to me, looks like he is just mentally not ready; hopefully he will be soon.
  4. Assistants leave for better jobs or get fired, very few remain tied to a particular coach. Good assistants may not want to come to NT now, but it is because it is a losing program. I just don't get how Littrell wanting a P5 job has any bearing on anything, other than getting him a big pay raise. Littrell is doing everything he can do within the rules to win, there is no reason for him to do anything else. He knows he is risking not being here next year if he doesn't finish strong. If Littrell was winning, we would be lamenting that NT will probably lose him.
  5. From above NT outplayed LaTech by far in the second half. talk about the damn game instead of meaningless rants about the coaching during the game.
  6. That would be great, however the discussion was about the second half.
  7. I guess you would prefer getting blown out for the whole game.
  8. I hate to break it to you, but what we accept doesn't mean much unless you got a few million for a buyout. Frankly, I am tired of this constant bashing of Littrell during game day. It serves no purpose, and takes away from a very strong effort by the Green. Littrell is not going anywhere until season end and that will depend on the rest of the season. NT outplayed LaTech by far in the second half. talk about the damn game instead of meaningless rants about the coaching during the game.
  9. Aune is not great, but it would help a lot if NT had some receivers who could catch the ball.
  10. Why in the world would Littrell take a reduced buyout? It maybe could be reworked to spread the dollars out, but that would probably take more dollars not less. Coaches have agents,, and they are not going to allow even a dejected coach from taking less money.
  11. Yeah, I want NT players to suffer a humiliating defeat, were Littrell can be closer to being fired. Really
  12. Apparently NT's qb and coach are not on the same page. Looks like a circus on the sideline.
  13. Assuming most live in Dallas, they should be happy to go to better places. Nothing particular against Dallas, but it is just another big city short IMO of the allure of ether Fort Worth or Denton.
  14. Exactly when did what uniforms become a thing? It used to be home and away. Than some team experimented with the pants for home and jerseys for away and from there it has created fashion week.
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