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  1. So the problem is that NT got literally the lower rated recruit in the conference, but didn't get him early enough? Bush being injured early might have hampered his year.
  2. Not really, NT returned only two starters and had shown little depth.
  3. How in the world are so many of you so sure that the rest of the NT recruiting class is going to be disappointing? Answer: you don't You also should know that coaches or universities cannot talk about a recruit till signed. Also just because recruits have not been announced, it does not mean that they don't exist. Do you think the first group of recruits were all committed the day they were announced? I am not defending Littrell, but some of you are just complaining because you are disappointed with the apparent decision to not terminate him.
  4. The last thing that this area needs is more college football teams.
  5. That was my fear too, when they allowed the one year transfer and all the out right buying of players through NIL it favors the stronger programs. Woolridge and Gibson both bolted for the bigger lights and probably more moolah. My approach now is just concentrate on the season and not worry about next year's free agency. As long as NT can hold on to McCasland, I think NT will be at the top of CUSA or the AAC.
  6. Gutsy win, no matter what record Marshall has. Ousmane's best game ever, could NT have a developing star or is Marshall just weak in the paint? NT going to have to play a lot better Saturday. NT again appeared to only play 7 players. Murray with 3 threes, unexpected, but certainly needed.
  7. NT made I believe a bad mistake in extending her contract. i particularly didn't like linking it with McCasland new deal. There is little comparison between the two records. This should have been her make it or break it year, instead NT has no viable options but keep her as HC for years; no matter what the results are..
  8. Perry is a player, pure and simple. Who do you consider a consistent threat?
  9. Saw that game, still remember Kenneth Lyons elbow to Mark Aguirre that nearly started a riot.
  10. Your right, comeback with less than two minutes if I remember. Long time ago, but great win.
  11. You are very dismissive of the CBI because NT had to pay to be in it. Yet, it can also be argued that it was the starting point to a much improved NT basketball program. Money well spent it seems to me. Comparing football and basketball programs is problematic in my view. Basketball can rapidly change because a couple of players can make dramatic changes. However, anyone that thinks Littrell at this point is anywhere close to having McCasland's coaching ability is not paying attention.
  12. Obviously, McCasland is going to play his best players, but I still doubt he increases the number of his rotation. If he has better players, I imagine he will put them in his 7 or 8 player rotation; but I doubt he goes deeper than that and someone playing would be moved down. After last year, I thought McCasland would bring in some big time talent. He only signed one Perry, that would fit that description. Scott had already committed. Hard to believe that Wright who started at a big time program, can't even get on the floor for NT. I wonder why he wasted Stone's redshirt and why Zephyr was even recruited.
  13. I am not sure they are wasted ships, I just think McCasland is only going to play 7 or 8 if he can. NT certainly could have beat UAB despite them having a basic all star team of transfers. This is just McCasland's style of play and I don't think it will change no matter how much talent he has on the bench.
  14. No 2 for 1, unless it is UT or Notre Dame like teams; none of those listed.
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