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  1. After everything that Hope accomplished on behalf of NT, I find some of your views preposterous. Sure she is going to OKlahoma to experience the height of big time softball. How many athletes at NT would leave for an offer from UT or OU? Hint, probably most of them. That is the issue with the current transfer policy, not just the extra year this time; but allowing an one time transfer with no penalty. It is and is going to continue to let P5's raid G5's at will. Back to Trautwein, I think most students know or should know that a graduate degree means more if it a differe
  2. Yes definitely, but what I should have stated is what national publication.
  3. Why do you think Lofton would be a better ballplayer at a lower weight? His size with his agility is what makes him a special player. He might be better at a significantly lower weight, but he also could be a lot easier to defend.
  4. You can criticize or nitpick, but what are better free sources of NT analysis? This site obviously, but what else?
  5. Being happy at NT is a nebulous factor. In her mind, she is probably making a big jump to a much more recognized sports program. Unless you fault NT for not being in the B12 or SEC, I don't see how you think any CUSA team can be blamed for losing recruits to major conferences. Plus what large numbers, with the Boyd exception who has Mitchell lost that would have significantly contributed next year? The same with McCasland. The players he lost were ether graduates taking advantage of the extra year or players that probably were edged out the door. Unfortunately I highly doub
  6. I think there are many reasons to be optimistic about next year. Also I don't think you can really judge the effect of the virus on last season's results. The year before was an obvious rebuilding season. Positives are a substantial uptick in recruiting rankings, a hopefully much better defensive coaching staff and NT plays in CUSA. A league that is far from strong and doesn't have a real dominant team. Add with all the transfers, predicting winners and losers is close to impossible. I don't think there is any real basis for picking NT to have a good season. Howev
  7. Agree with most, but Bell may be only 6'6 but led the team in rebounds his first year at 5.8 a game. Last year he came in second with an 5.9 rb average, .1 point lower than Zack Watching the game, not based on stats, I think he was NT's best rebounder. I don't think anyone is going to move him outside.
  8. I can't believe some are thinking Littrell is safe after this year if he has a less than .500 season because Bennet has a two year contract. All NT fans and I hope Littrell and NT have a great year. However if he doesn't, worrying about a sub-par coach leaving because NT will lose players is suspect. What makes those with this view think that a new hopefully better coach couldn't recruit as good or better?
  9. The key that I think is being overlooked is that McCasland is the best head basketball coach in the league. He has brought this set of players together for a reason. I don't think he recruited transfers to be backups or role players. I definitely do not agree with the thought that NT will start 3 bigs. Possible, but unlikely based on prior McCasland's NT lineups and that would be highly unusual in today's game. Coming close to last year's team is going to be very difficult. Hamlet is IMO in the top 5 that I have seen play for NT, in the Kenneth Lyons, Joe Hamilton category
  10. You are discussing extensions, the real issue is whether he will keep his job. Yes, 7+ wins would probably mean a new contract, at NT or somewhere else. Less than 5 wins and a contract buyout and termination may happen. Five to six wins and probably nothing happens. I maybe drinking the green kool aid, but I think NT has the intra-structure, location and budget to be dominant in CUSA football. Mediocre seasons should not be tolerated.
  11. It all speculation at this point, but you could put Perry at the point and Browne at the wing. It just seems to me that someone who averaged 9 assts a game needs to be at point. Perry shoot over 40% on threes and if he could shoot that from the point, he should be able to do it at a wing position. Jones could be the leading scorer, he will get starter minutes even if he doesn't start. Jones could certainly start and has a big advantage being 6'5. However, Perry was the MVP of the Juco championship tournament and maybe just a better overall player than Jones. My guess is th
  12. Agree with one exception, think Browne will start over Jones and play the point. Perry and McBride will be the wings. This doesn't appear to be a deep team, so I think it will be a basic seven man rotation with Jones and Ousmane coming off the bench. This could change with the last signee, who should be a big unless a can't miss guard is available.
  13. Yet, Title 9 basically mandates that regardless of interest/money. That is why there are very limited men's sports and many more women's at NT.
  14. No, 4000 average is their highest average per wikipedia. Recruiting partial scholarship players for their tuition is an unique argument. It makes no sense, but unique. Why not just recruit regular students and get the full tuition and fees?
  15. NT has 16 sports like most of CUSA and G5. NT has always seemed paranoid about funding men sports without adding more women's teams. Baseball is an semi-expensive sport and frankly doesn't draw that many fans. Look at TCU which has a very good program and averaged around 4,000. NT probably wouldn't get close to that number. The athletes available in the metroplex argument can be used in just about in any sport. Yet, NT attendance numbers even with almost 40k students has always been mainly disappointing. Case in point, men basketball attendance last year. I would also l
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