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  1. NT best defensive linemen since Greene and Hardman, were Walter Chapman and Kennedy neither of which was 5'10". So I hope the bigs want to keep just signing those tall guys.
  2. How in the world would you have that information? They may have been listed before they signed, but there is no way to tell when their decisions were made. They could have entered the portal with no idea where they would end up or they could have been recruited before they even make a decision to leave. Surely, you don't believe that basketball recruiting is always by the rules. I don't how long you have followed the program, or if you have had the opportunity to have candid talks with prior NT coaches about recruiting; but basketball recruiting is a cesspool.
  3. There are players available that are not on any list. In fact, I believe there are more than a few players that want to transfer, but not signal their intention to their current team. Look at Woolridge for example, it was reported that he originally wanted to transfer to OK St., before he was on any list and I don't think that is unusual. Did Gibson announce to the world that he was going to transfer, before it happened?
  4. I don't think there is anyway that fall football occurs. If it does, those teams that play would lose a year of eligibility for players; while those that sitout will gain a year of training for their players. I am not sure if I were a senior football player, I would want to play my last year in empty stadiums.
  5. Yet programs with even less did not drop down. NT was not willing to do then what they routinely do now and finance sports at a level to maintain 1a affiliation with school funds. The new rules to stay 1a demanded a stadium over 20,000 plus I believe an average attendance of over 15K. NT had neither. One of the main reasons dropped down was that the NT administration thought that NT could dominate in 1AA and it would be better than being a bad 1A program. NT would also get to play for a national championship in 1aa as they had a tournament format. NT spend way too long in 1aa before they figured out like most similar programs that the answer was student fees. One story, I remember is that NT actually went to ULM to ask them how they competed at that time pretty well in 1A. The answer which appalled NT's administration was to recruit non-qualifiers than by some miracle get them eligible. That was prior to the clearing house that now much approve scholarship standards.
  6. I am sure there are plenty of players that will be available that could compete for a starter position. Strange question, no I do not have a list of players that would be available. Losing Alcindor was not a loss, but a gain. Maybe you know when the decision was made that Alcindor would not return happened. I sure don't, he could have just made the decision or he could have been told months ago there was not a place for him. I do hope Alcindor finds a place to play if he desires. NT is playing ball at a fairly high level now and you have to be good to get minutes. Alcindor might excel at a lower level. Sure if a good transfer that has to set a year is available, that would fit. However, it is more logical to me if a quality player immediately eligible is available that is the preferred choice. NT must replace 5 players next year including 3 or 4 starters. Seems to be it would be much preferable to get someone in this year and get him playing experience, than worry about the 2021 team, Of course, it will come down to who is available and NT can sign. McCasland has imo done very well in recruiting and will come up with a good answer.
  7. Good luck finding a good player that wants to sit a year. I don't understand the logic anyway, NT will have a lot of ships to give next year; it makes more sense to get someone in here and play them and give them some experience. NT returns three starters, it is not like they couldn't find someone that could contribute or even start next year. The only way signing a player and holding them out makes sense, is that player would not be eligible. It would seem much better to sign a grad transfer that can immediately help the team. NT has a real opportunity to be very good next season. That is the goal, not stockpiling players.
  8. All teams have major donors. I expect most are not planning major gifts at a time when we do not even know when the next game will be. NT and most teams predominantly exist because of students fees and that is were the danger lies. A reduction in those amounts, ether because of lack of students or a revolt by the students who may not be willing to pay fees for games they can't even see, is the big danger. If the fall season is cancelled, I would expect a lot of coaches to be out of jobs. Why for example, should NT pay Littrell close to 2 million to basically recruit? Schools can always hire coaches assuming they have a program to hire them for.
  9. Last years starters defined as the eleven that started the most games included 2 transfers. A more meaningful stat perhaps than how many walk-ons from other programs are on the roster. Not a big point, one way or the other than I thought, it was strange to point to a program in soccer that has dominated based on getting excellent local high school recruits.
  10. I see no reason for the P5 to break away. They don't like the NCAA, what makes them think they think they can come up with anything better. The problem with cutting the number of schools is that they would gain little, but a lot more loses. We already have a pro football league, why would they want to build another? Take the current P5's, then after a while: start dropping the weaker teams. End up with a league closer to the pros than any kind of college games. Does anyone really think that AD's and coaches want to be challenged every game? Not to mention the much lessened demand for college coaches.
  11. Another great show, one comment. Kept pointing to number of l transfers on soccer team, which just is not true. They have three on the current squad and most starters were recruited as freshmen. They do have one recent transfer from OU, but that is exception.
  12. Name one hc other than Fry, Moore and Littrell that have a winning record at NT. Losing coaches seldom move up. DD was a horrible HC and so was Dodge. Moore was also a questionable coach, who took a loaded team left by Fry and quickly ruined them. Moore later found a lot of success at a lower football division.
  13. If anything NT is slowly improving their recruiting in the area. It is almost impossible to out recruit your conference affiliation, NT is seldom going to beat out P5's for players or even the AAC. NT is not signing Nevada athletes because they can't recruit regional players, they are signing out of state players because they believe they will be successful here.
  14. What would be any advantages for the P5 to separate? I can't think of any, they already get most of the money and publicity.
  15. It is any recruit's decision to honor or not honor their commitment. However, if they are that worried about getting respect, they should not renege on a promise. To a lot of these players, a commitment only means until I find something I think is better.
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