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  1. Yes, she is already getting P5 offers. This just is so stupid, P5 should not be used; but certainly not in basketball unless they were going to football bowl games. Maybe in fifty years, these mostly meaningless terms will go away; but it is not guaranteed. I also don't like the foolishness of committing players years ahead of their college eligibility. A commitment is non-binding, but I guess the current bloated recruiting staffs have to do something.
  2. Obviously playing against better teams is going to make it more difficult to score and defend. However, I predict Perry will be a star in the B12; he has been great in his career thus far because of his decision making and shooting. His lack of extreme quickness and height has not kept him from excelling at every level thus far. You IMO, are greatly underrating the basketball that was played in CUSA last year. All those teams recruiting him after last season were not doing it for a backup guard.
  3. Answering my own question, there are no limits on the number of ships currently other than a max of 85. Passed for a 2 year period to aid teams losing great numbers of players to the portal.
  4. Yes, because Deion Sanders did not renew many scholarships if any. I'm not sure how he is getting around the number of ships that can be offered in one year. Not a whole lot of relevance to Texas State IMO.
  5. Obviously, Baker would be fired before he would be able to fire Huggins. I wonder if Baker was pressured by NT to move on.
  6. There is no way that Texas State has that many ships. Most must be walkons. Anyway, there are about a hundred other teams I worry more about in recruiting against than SWTSU.
  7. I didn't like losing Wren at the time, but it is looking like it is going to be very positive for NT sports. Win or be gone, odds on the swimming coach being here next year. Softball and soccer have winning histories, so those coaches are going to be safe. New or 1 year coaches in football, WBB, MBB, Volleyball, Track and field, tennis, men golf next year. I just wonder how many teams have ever had that much head coach turnover.
  8. Per NT official site Anyone see a trend here?
  9. You know that is not what I am implying. My comment: "Per you, there is too much talent in the area; frankly NT or any other school is limited in the number of recruits they can significantly invest in." Do you not agree that whether it is 5 or 500; there is a limit to how many players you can effectively recruit? If you can get a better return on your recruiting in Mongolia than the local area; than I would focus on Mongolia. It is obvious that NT or any other team should recruit in their area because it is easier, cheaper, and should bring in more fans than an equal player from elsewhere. Once they have on a NT uniform, I care about how they perform and it really does not matter where they came from.
  10. My guess is it was an obvious decision. Play football at an at least perceived much higher level with my guess a lot more compensation. NIL is going to ruin what's left of college football, there is simply no way a AAC or CUSA team is going to be able to keep their best players from teams with more financial support
  11. Maybe NT is not interested or did contact him and there was no interest from him. Per you, there is too much talent in the area; frankly NT or any other school is limited in the number of recruits they can significantly invest in.
  12. Not specific about this topic, but triggered by the interview. Is the stupid and self destructive collegian arms race ever going to have any limit? Look at the staff little ole NT has assembled for a basketball team. A coaching staff of 5 plus a support staff of 4 for women's basketball. There are 15 scholarships allowed for WBB. Reported and probably overstated average home attendance for 22-23 was 1476 Not a slap at NT or women's basketball, but the current absurdity of the money spent on college sports.
  13. I don't know why that is even a question, he obviously can play with the best in college basketball because he did it at NT.
  14. Well we just disagree. If a player was a consensus All America at NT and then transferred his senior year (which would almost certainly happen with NIL), then you would not put him in the NT HOF. That's the problem with NIL, A lower tier team is not going to hang on to a super player. I can't imagine a player deciding to stay at his current school to make the HOF and give up a bunch of money and a chance to play on a bigger stage.
  15. Jamario Thomas was all everything his freshman year, and that alone should put him in the NT HOF. He did not transfer, he played but was never the same after an early in career injury. This debate has come up on this board several times. Would if his best year was his senior season, there would absolutely be no discussion whether he belongs in the HOF.
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