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  1. Real question, does this group of cheerleaders actually take part in NT games? I know that individuals probably do, but does this group appear as an unit at NT contests? Or are they in reality a sports team that was put together for competition and not actually a cheer squad that you can see on the sidelines of a football or basketball game. In any case, congrats to the team for another national championship.
  2. If this player was a walk on, whether he comes to NT or not would not affect the scholarship level. My guess is he hopes to get a sholly somewhere.
  3. Thanks, Murray coming back is probably a good thing I just hope that he doesn't come anywhere close to getting the minutes he did last season.
  4. It would be what the sixth year for J. Simmons and Murray. Simmons came with McCasland from Ark St., but loyalty should have it's limit He plays super hard, but in truth at 6'4 and no outside shot was a liability on both ends of the court. Murray is a good guard defender and a role model, but does not have any offensive game. He has not demonstrated an outside shoot and seldom even attempts a layup giving the opening. NT has currently 4 other lettermen coming back in Bell, McBride, Osmane and Jones. NT has signed two high schoolers and has a commitment for another. McCaslan
  5. I guess we will have to see, won't we. Robinson had one great dunk during the season, he was not played for a reason. NT had basically no bench once Jones was injured. I think if McCasland had better options, he would not have played Murray most of the year as the sixth man. Personally I think that this could be a very good sign. McCasland is thinning the ranks because he is going to bring any better players. By the way, the ship limit is 13, with as many walk ons as you want.
  6. There is no such thing as G5 pr P5 in basketball. It is beyond foolish to suggest that teams like Gonzaga, Villanova and Virginia Commonwealth are not in the highest level of basketball. NT is stuck in CUSA, probably a better basketball than football conference. Western Kentucky is the best most consistent program in the league. They get four and five star recruits even though it may take hiring their guardian for a good salary a la Charles Bassey. I believe NT is in a prime position to battle for the CUSA championship next year. A few things need to happen for NT to continu
  7. Yet, he wasn't three year ago. Littrell is not a lame duck, I doubt there is any desire among the decision makers to fire him. Actually, I find it unfair to judge almost any coach on last years results. It is impossible for anyone on this board to know the effects Coronavirus had on the record. It could be positive or negative when compared to other programs. What is known without doubt, is the virus was a major factor in the ability to perform. One thing I did notice last year, is that it seemed that NT had a lot more players miss games than most or maybe all the CUSA oppon
  8. The biggest commitment is if McCasland indeed stays to win that national championship. I think overall McCasland is an outstanding recruiter. Everyone makes mistakes, especially at the g5 level. However, coming off a great season with a lot of momentum; this should be a very special class. NT could have 5 ships to fill, in addition to the 2 already signed and 1 committed. Only three returning lettermen with two being starters McBride and Bell. I doubt he will recruit anymore freshmen unless there is a potentially great one available. I predict a couple of graduat
  9. My guess there would be plenty, the average USA salary for this position is 133K. I know you are joking, but in general high level administrative jobs in university athletics come with good salaries and great benefits.
  10. Wow, agents don't like it: who would have thought that. One reason to shun agents would be the attitude expressed in the first paragraph. Yes, giving up an option to return to college is something that no "kid" should be interested in. What hypocrisy.
  11. Being this is a relatively new rule, I would imagine that a lot of players are going to see the value of using a NCAA-certified agent. LIkewise, agents will become certified to represent a growing number of more informed athletes.
  12. Apparently you and the NCAA disagree NCAA Division I Agent Rules for Men’s Basketball Student-Athletes ncaa.org/commitment WINTER 2021 College Basketball Reform At the end of each men’s basketball season, a student athlete may sign with and be represented by an NCAA certified agent after he has requested an evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee via email at UAC@nba.com. Agreement with an NCAA-certified agent must be: • In writing; • Provided to the student-athlete’s school; and • Terminated when the student-athlete returns to school. Men’s bask
  13. I don't think you lose your college eligibility as long as you do not sign a contract with a pro team, or retain the agent. Hamlet and Simmons could return, although that is a very long shot. I doubt Simmons has any hopes of signing with the NBA, and he will be able to get an international contract. Hamlet is predicted to be a late second round pick or go undrafted. Even if Hamlet chooses to return to college ball, it may not be to NT.
  14. Mac has 3-5 ships yet to give. I believe unless there is a great high schooler available, he will recruit transfers. Mac seems to value experience more than anything, he does not play freshmen much. Jones I believe is a second year player. Hopefully, the new freshmen will be so good that they play. However, it is Mac tendency to go with jucos or graduate transfers. The one sure thing, is that he is a defense first coach and no one is going to get significant minutes unless they are good defensive players.
  15. Latest numbers I found, was that Allen when you include the separate freshmen school is 6450. The second highest student population is at 4790 at Skyline magnet school I disagree with the above, Frisco and Allen do not have equal results. This also is about much more than athletes. You restrict the opportunities for academic honors, student council, UIL events, etc. Community unity, yes I think Austin, Dallas and Houston ought to take that approach. Allen would have a good time playing those teams.
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