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  1. What are you saying? Just because of the mess at Baylor, all logic and due process should be ignored. I don't see how the Baylor fiasco makes anything easy.
  2. Where these guys convicted of something or they just accused? I wonder if the writers know or even attempted to find out. I can't believe any school or coach is going to knowingly recruit a sexual predator. I doubt their previous schools ever notified anyone or did anything put try to sweep the problems under the rug. There are privacy rules and possible heavy consequences for false allegations. A real hackett job done on NT by the USA Today. My guess that the author ignored the power programs because he was afraid of the repercussions.
  3. You know institutional support going up is not a good thing. .That is the shortfall of revenues to cover expenses that must be made up by transferring funds from other parts of university.
  4. I am more in favor of giving Apogee appreciation for their support, than trying to break a contract. I doubt there are a lot of entities willing to spend millions for naming rights of a G5 stadium.
  5. Give great credit for his conference winning streak. However, he was his own worst enemy and should have been fired long before he was. I can understand granting McIndale his wish to name a practice field after DD, NT was that desperate for money. Dickey's losing record and a propensity to speak negatively about NT, was not exactly HOF fodder. Whoever made that decision was either very stupid or just unaware of his history. A lot is being made of DD's lack of resources, seldom mentioned is that the vast majority of his wins were over Belt teams with even less resources. DD quit on NT because he thought he was too good for the job. I am happy that Dickey has resurrected his career as an assistant coach, but I think overall he was a bad hire for NT. I believe there were a lot of coaches that could have duplicated his success at NT without the drama that DD caused.
  6. I believe that flagrant foul on Zack was one of the worst calls I have seen refs make. No way
  7. Great victory and I believe they get a chance for revenge against McNeese St. tomorrow.
  8. It is not injuries as much as a lot of redshirts. Transfers that have to sit out a year. NT has 5 redshirts and that gives NT little depth and than add several out with injuries. Playing with 8 players now, which is hard but not impossible. The WKU men only have 8 players available and seldom play more than the starting five. The problems with this team goes deeper than depth.
  9. Like and agree with redshirt rule Coaching change proposal is high on the fairness meter but would be way too disruptive to implement. Players are aware that they sign with a school not a coach. There is technically no such thing as a G5 school. It is just a name given to schools not in a bowl alliance conference designated as a P5. FBS and FCS denoted actual divisions of the NCAA with different rules and with the FCS having a playoff system. The one rule that never will be implemented but should, is to put a spending cap on member schools. Even the money hungry pros realize that it is in their best interest to foster competition and not let teams just outright buy championships. This will never happen because college administrators are too scared to alienate the fan base. Obviously, the athletic administrators and coaches are never going to let this happen because they are the ones that benefit from the status quo of spending as much money as can be possibly raised.
  10. McNeece stomps NT 7-0 NT with 1 hit and 6 errors 0-1 game until the sixth and the bottom fail out for NT Trautwein pitched a great game for 5 innings giving up only 1 hit and one run. The lack of support at the plate and in the field finally got to her in the sixth. Bad start. but NT should be a better team than last year's very good team.
  11. Not sure what that has to do with my comments. Watched it on the internet which has both advantages and disadvantages to viewing in person. Have seen every woman's game but one either live or video. To be blunt, I am not likely to see any more live girls games unless this team shows a lot of improvement. Not worth the five hours of travel and game time that would entail.
  12. Back in the day, about the only ones going to summer school were players that were in academic danger. That has morphed into today's practice of basically sending everyone to summer school. Not just to provide more practice and development opportunities, but also to provide additional financial support. Universities are going to question the wisdom of providing summer school . Why spend money to facilitate your best athletes departure in what should be their best athletic year? Not sure what earn their classes mean. They earn their ships, but I doubt there is anything in a scholarship contract that obligates the university to provide summer school.
  13. I hope you are right, but doubt it. Scoring only 4 points and giving up a bunch in the fourth quarter, is just not do to having only 8 players. How in the world do you think it was a great game plan if as you think the team was too tired to compete in the fourth quarter? What outstanding redshirts? They maybe, but nothing in their bios indicates that they are that strong. What 3 starters are out for the season? Owens, McDowell and Neal? I don't think either McDowell or Owens started at the beginning of the year. I doubt Neal projected as a starter either. Ii have stated several times on this board that I believe Mitchell is a good recruiter. She may become a great bench coach, I just don't see that yet.
  14. Again, this is an awful rule that greatly hurts G5's and lower tier P5s. It also puts in question, the wisdom of providing summer school to athletes. Woolridge, Bussey and countless others are doing what they perceive is best for them, certainly can't fault that.
  15. There are no profits and/or losses for non-profits, only surpluses or deficits. Deficits must be reimbursed and surpluses invested in the school. There are all kinds of allocations and transfers between segments of NT. Number is basically meaningless and only represents a timing difference in the recording of theoritical transfers.
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