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  1. GrandGreen

    Women vs. Utah State (12/8/18)

    NT couldn't shoot at all, but Utah State looked like the much better team. Speed vs Size and in this case; length won.
  2. GrandGreen

    Seth Littrell withdraws from KSU search

    Yes, I see your points. However, this could be interpreted either way. They did not want him enough to allow him to pick all his own coaches or he turned them down because they would not let him bring his own staff. Very unusual situation that a HC would have to retain current coaches. This sometimes happens with coaches that have recruited a lot of the incoming players, but that doesn't seem to be the motive.
  3. GrandGreen

    Seth Littrell withdraws from KSU search

    It should not matter what his buyout is for the first year. If it does he can keep the old contract. Again I would not change his contract at all, but I suspect that is already done. So this is a moot debate. My guess has always been that Littrell will be gone the same time as Fine eligibility is up. The second year would be were the negotiation should be or was difficult. By the way, you seem to think that Littrell turned down KS, which I highly doubt.
  4. GrandGreen

    Seth Littrell withdraws from KSU search

    Shopping around and getting rewarded for it are two very different things.
  5. A few years back most were praising the Daily for their great athletic coverage. It all has to do with the staff, both the writers and editors. This year seems very weak both in understanding and enthusiasm for sports.
  6. GrandGreen

    Seth Littrell withdraws from KSU search

    He may very well have already gotten a new contract. However, I would not reward any coach for shopping around. If he wants a new contract, give him more money but increase his buyout to $5m in year one and reduce in further years.
  7. This is a perfect storm, the writer knows little about athletics or finance. As far as what much of this thread is about, which has little too to do with the article, is the ridiculous cost of college athletics. This could be addressed but most administrators are afraid to state the obvious. Coaches and AD's have a heavily vested interest in the status quo or worse, as they are the primary benefactors of the athletic arms race. The current model seems unsustainable, but keeps on going. Spend more to stay even with peers and keep from falling further behind the few athletic departments that actually generate money.
  8. GrandGreen

    Womens Basketball v HBU

    Well, that is one way to hold Bradley's scoring now, let everybody score. I am not sure Bradley even shot in the second half. Houston Baptist actually looked like a good team at least on the offensive side. Great to see the bench emptied. This team has great depth.
  9. GrandGreen

    Indiana State (12/5/18)

    Good win but this game should not have been that close at the end. BS call on the intentional foul, but NT sure needs to develop another big. I guess Simmons is out the first half of the next game. Woolridge is the real deal, he makes it look so effortless. I guess Smart is not ready for real big minutes. Draper is a great defensive player at 5'10.
  10. GrandGreen

    2018 All Conference/POY Awards (UPDATED)

    Yes, no doubt Fine should have first team. However, NT got more first team players and more first and second team players than any other team. So it is not like the voters were out to get NT.
  11. GrandGreen

    2018 All Conference/POY Awards (UPDATED)

    Don't you think being the Coach's son also helps.
  12. GrandGreen

    Best NT basketball player

    I hope this is a joke.
  13. I think you can make a case for Smart, Woolridge or Zack Simmons. Smart is the most decorated and highest scorer. Woolridge is the glue that holds the team together with maybe the best first step in basketball. Simmons is deadly around the post and currently the only threat near the bucket. But the answer is easy, Terriell Bradley. If you don't believe it watch some NT WBB. Averaging over 20 points a game with every defense concentrating on her.
  14. GrandGreen

    New Mexico Bowl is the best C-USA option!

    There is a segment on here to bitch and moan no matter what the subject. None of us know how bowl games participants are chosen other than the main player in the minor bowls is ESPN. ESPN is all about viewership not attendance. My guess is ESPN contributes to the Bowl payout, but makes no more money if it is a sellout or an empty stadium. NT probably got the best match possible judged by quality of opponent. New Mexico is not a destination location but not that far either.
  15. GrandGreen

    Not gonna lie...

    Why does anyone think going independent would work? It would cost a lot more money, make scheduling for all sports a nightmare. It also would not improve anything. The teams that won't play in Denton now will still not. Think it is hard to schedule now, try getting games when most of the teams are in their conference schedule. Playing for conference championships and recognition is attractive to the players and the fans. It will more difficult not less to get into the post year tournaments. What wrong with CUSA? Blaming poor attendance on CUSA is delusional at best. The best attended game of the year was against La Tech because NT was still in the conference race.