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  1. Not sure why you think NT has played through the easy part of their league schedule. Charlotte is one of the higher rated teams and although NT plays the highest ranked team on their schedule in UAB, the rest of the games are hardly unwinnable. The games were not decided at the half, now that you have changed it to the fourth quarter; then yes they were. The rest of the season will be a big test for NT, I at least have hope that they can be competitive in every game.
  2. It is his decision to make, I just find it an odd one. There are all kinds of factors that could be involved. But just on a football basis, it would seem better to get in a year's work because you would not lose any eligibility by doing so. Even if you never play, a year of training and practice has a lot of value.
  3. I don't expect you to get too excited over any positive NT stat. Just continue your fire Littrell mantra. SMU was just a superior team when NT played them. NT was behind by 10, 14, and 7 at the half in the other games. Not good, but the opponent is hardly going to stop playing defense with those leads. You could, but would never just as easily support the theory that NT's offense just got better in the second half. Before you post it, you certainly can state your views as many times as you want. I am unlike you willing to wait till more games are played, to come to
  4. NT is apparently full of fans that think one of the top offenses in the land does it with a poor offensive line. As far as some of the comparisons being offered, NT is at this point not as good as SMU and very top G5 programs. NT has done well offensively against every team they have played. It is the defense that must improve. Hopefully, the Muts game signals a continuing improvement in the defense.
  5. I think a lot of those fault starts were caused by the MUTS barking signals. A good tactic if that was actually what was going on. It just seems more likely to me, than a team just not getting the signal count right that often.
  6. When can we be positive in your view? Give us your criteria, after winning the national championship or after a winning CUSA record. Most teams can only win one game at a time. Again that bad team was favored. NT has not turned any corner, but any win is a lot better than losing. There are only two good teams in the league and NT plays only one. So I guess if NT doesn't beat UAB, it's a bad end of the last half of the season.
  7. If it makes you feel good or you feel you are making a difference, than post a hundred more posts about terminating Littrell. My post actually stated that the coronavirus was a big factor in games so I have no idea what you are referring to. Every coach should be evaluated and appropriate actions taken after the season. I and many more have regretted Littrell long term contract. However, I hope that he can win and earn it, because he is not likely going anywhere, anytime soon. There are five more scheduled games, I can wait till they are played before writing off this seaso
  8. Not sure cramps have anything to do with being in shape.
  9. It obviously worked, so if it is precedent: it is not a bad one. Bean's speed adds so much to the offense. Having multiple capable QB's is a great asset. Citing Bean's turnovers, is a strange tactic when comparing QBs just after a game in which NT had 3 turnovers with Aune at the helm. It is unquestionable to me, who should start the next game at Qb. If Bean doesn't perform than bring in Aune. If neither perform, play Martin.
  10. I still find it hard to believe that the softball team seniors were offered an extra year and no one accepted it. An extra year of play, but also a year most likely of graduate school. However, the biggest issue maybe of players transferring elsewhere. It could be a personnel turnover fest. Good deal for the players, not as much for the fans.
  11. No, Littrell does not need to go and isn't likely to go anywhere. It would serve no purpose, the terminate him during the season. Now if you want to find an extra few million to buy him out after the season go to it. A lot of people like you are downplaying the win. Obviously, MTSU is a bad team if NT can beat them; so the game means nothing. I will take any kind of win this season and this was an away game. This was NT's best game and it had a lot to do with most of the players being available to play. Just like some of the losses were abetted by a lot of key players bein
  12. Yet, they were a 7 point favorite. MTSU that is, not diet coke.
  13. The most amazing thing about NT's QB is that according to the NT official site both started on defense. Aune as a de and Bean as a lb. I have often questioned the participation report NT puts out, but how could anyone make those kinds of mistakes.
  14. If Aune is the most talented passer, he is yet to show it. There should be no question who the number QB is after this game. Some of you don't seem to grasp how fast Bean is. Let team stack the line and see what happens. There should be multiple receivers open. There has been nothing evident to me that suggest Aune has a better arm. It is obvious, that Bean has not proven he can be consistent game to game at QB, but Aune certainly hasn't proven that ether.
  15. No, the Muts are not good; but this game still is easily the best NT has played all year. In most of the game, it actually looked like NT had a decent defense. Darden is always a beast, but Bean was the MVP of this one. I really didn't think NT would win another game this year, now there is hope.
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