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  1. Then he will probably be looking for a new job. The problem with this stupid athletic spending war is that it benefits all the people that are making the decisions. Presidents keep alumni happy by spending money on sports. AD's, coaches, and players all directly benefit. What may actually happen at some point, is that students revolt against having their tuition and fees paying for athletics. They provide the biggest source of funds for most college football programs. This would make approximately 100 D1 teams uncompetitive with the top programs and force a reconstruction of NCAA sports.
  2. Both of which are better than UMass and Gardner Webb Just an observation, that Charlotte's home scoring average is not that impressive. Don't recall anyone stating anything about NT's home record.
  3. Only because of those wins over two horrible teams, UMass and Gardner Webb.
  4. I believe the OL is a lot better than many like you believe. NT is second in scoring and total offense in the league. Siggers is the second leading rusher, would be first if not injured in last game. Fine is second in yards passing. Not exactly below average numbers. Fine's quick release helps those numbers, but there is a reason that NT's running game is a big asset this year. NT's team is just not good enough against good teams. A positive, however is with the exception of ACU; the conference is not likely to have many teams if any as good as the oc slate. NT's big problems are on the defensive side.
  5. Charlotte is a bad team NT's much maligned defense, actually showed some life in the MTSU game Holding the Muts to 3 fgs when they were in the red zone in the first half was critical If NT can keep a functional Fine on the field, I predict a blowout NT 48 Charlotte 17
  6. Attendance talk should be limited to only people that actually go to the games. Attendance is directly tied to weather, record and opponent. Weather was perfect, the other two elements were severely lacking.
  7. Per NMS fan site, NMSt won by 17. These scrimmage games are often misleading, but still does not look good for NT.
  8. He had a lot more weaknesses than that. He was not a good shooter from anywhere but left side layups. He was not a particularly good distributer from the point. His biggest strength was that he was a very good defensive player.
  9. Weird article, it is like congratulating Woolridge because he got out of Denton. Made McCasland appear almost happy that he developed a player that could get a ship at Gonzaga. Nothing against McCasland, what else could he say. Woolridge was a very good player and my favorite player while on the NT team, but he is far from HOF worthy. Making third team all conference and averaging 11 pts. 5 rbs and 5 apg is certainly very good, but that does not put you in the HOF.
  10. Giving up 28 pts to Tn St. and FAU is not all that impressive either They did beat and hold Marshall to 13, but Marshall is in a tailspin They also are yet to win away All which probably means nothing, this series is as close to a rivalry that NT has in CUSA
  11. Smart was a liability last year, he just never seemed to recover from a pre-season injury. Physically, he looked ok after a few games, but he lost his touch somewhere. This team should be deep and even if Smart doesn't return to form, there are now players that can take his place. NT losing their best player in Woolridge transferring definitely will hurt. NT has proven players in Gibson and Z. Simmons plus designated bomber Draper and part time starter J. Simmons. The rest of the team are new. Alcindor some how lost his redshirt but barely played. That leaves a boatload of new players that have not stepped on the court in a real game for NT. Including Alcindor there are 7 new players plus 2 new walk-ons joining the team. McCasland definitely has a challenge this year.
  12. NT 45 Muts 35 NT starts to finally put it together
  13. Name me five D1 coaches or one in the G5 that can't be lured away by other schools. I think it is naive at best to believe any HC is not going to always looking for more. More money, better conference, better facilities Do you not think that Littrell is doing everything he can to win? It makes no sense for him to do anything else, whether his goal is to stay in Denton or leave the first chance he gets.
  14. I am maybe in the minority, but NT going to a bowl at 6-6 does not excite me. Yes, I will still go if possible; and cheer them on.
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