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  1. Wishbone anyone? With these backs and super fast Bean, it has got to be a little tempting. NT has too many good receivers for that, but it would be a nice formaton to put in a couple of plays a game.
  2. Typical fanbase, sangs his praises until he commits elsewhere. Than he becomes a player that would never beat out the players they already have.
  3. If Mac were like most coaches there would be at least two ships not renewed. NT does need another big, but I think with the current lineup, Mac may have already improved a very good team. I hate that Gibson chose to leave, but Mac has already filled that void. Bell was actually in my view playing at or above Geu level at the end of he season. The problem if both Simmons and Bell start, that doesn't leave much front court depth behind them. J. Simmons should already have graduated with his fifth year coming up. Muhammed could transfer down and probably start for a lot of teams. Only the coaching staff knows if Alcindor can play.
  4. Of course, social distancing works. Any logic at all would generate that conclusion. It hinders the rapid spread of any contagious disease spread by social contact. Causality is obvious. It can be argued if mandated closures are necessary, but not that they work to limit the spread of the disease.
  5. One of NT best players transfers, and all of a sudden he just can't make it somewhere else. He has played the point a few times at NT and I don't see any reason he can't play it full time. However, at the same time I don't see Gibson as a hot commodity, if he insists on playing pg. He could actually end up at a lower tier team if he truly insists on being a point. Teams will want Gibson because of his shooting, but few are going to want an unproven pg to run their team.
  6. That is the normal process, has nothing to do with ethics. Not always, but it is hardly unusual to have a replacement ready before a termination.
  7. Yes, they all have a cabal that meets regularly to determine the best methods to keep NT in place. No, I do not believe for one second that facilities have anything to do with NT not moving up. No one gives a ' damn, what your volleyball or swimming facilities are. Apogee and the Super Pit are fine You do realize that you can make reported budget numbers look about any way you want them. Allocate more cost to the athletic department than make institutional transfers to cover the expense. Not one cent is actually spent. What is holding NT back is not facilities or money. It is timing, NT went for decades funding athletics just enough to have a D1 program and for a long period did not even do that. The current NT has moved up substantially in terms of support and could easily fit in any G5 league.
  8. I am not a particular Trump fan, but some of you are ridiculous. This virus hit fast and was largely an unknown. The President can get blamed for about anything that happens in the USA or to Americans. If Trump had shut down everything and stopped the coronavirus from spreading, he would have been blamed for foolishly shutting down the country Let's all make political points in this time of crisis because that is really what the nation needs more of.
  9. Soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball Golf, swimming, track and tennis are just not that big of spectator sports. Plus the four picked are sports NT is good at with the exception of women's basketball. I doubt the NCAA would ever agree to this scenario which would result in many more males than females active.
  10. SMU could not stop NT if the others wanted NT. The truth I expect is that the other regional schools don't want to lose their advantage over NT by conference affiliation. The private schools like Tulsa and Tulane are probably just as opposed to NT as SMU, UH also would likely not support NT either, not wanting to give a competing in-state large university any advantage. The only way that NT would get any support would be to reach the point that it would obviously elevate the league overall. In essence, NT would have to become a power g5 program in either/both football and men's basketball. If NT could do that, then they would not even need the AAC.
  11. Thanks for your reply. This is logical based on the reports, however circumstantial. I wish Vito or someone would just ask him, Still, he had or has opportunity to get a degree and I think that is a lot more likely than him making a decision to lose a year of competition.
  12. Again, do you know that he can't graduate transfer after this academic year? I agree with you and others that his makes little sense if that is not the case. He will have completed three years at NT and it would have been easy for him to pick up the necessary hours to graduate in summer school. There is also the possibility that he could attend summer school this year. My bet is that he will be playing next year.
  13. NT wants in the SEC, which means nothing. More regional conferences would not be that hard if that what anyone really wanted. The AAC. Belt and CUSA all are conferences that could be split and combined into much more compact leagues. The problem is that travel costs are just not that big of a concern when schools are paying coaches staffs millions of dollars. If you really want to do something effective put a salary cap on coaches and administration. The NFL and other pro leagues have salary caps in the name of competition, why can't the NCAA. As far fetched as proposals like this appear, under the present and near term economy; it is a lot more likely than before.
  14. Wow, must be based on something besides her record She won't be unemployed long.
  15. He is not eligible for a grad transfer at this time, I;m not sure as I stated if he could be eligible after this school year. Whatever, Mo IMO is not close to a NBA talent. Maybe some overseas league. I wish him the best and thank him for his contributions. I question his decision, but it is his to make.
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