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  1. I would hate to see their play if they were not motivated. Currently in last round at 10th place, 22 shots out of first.
  2. I too am a little impatient with McCasland's recruiting. He certainly does not seem to be doing much this year. However, Benford is long gone and I doubt he is a factor at all in recruiting. Benford was a good recruiter, something that McCasland has not yet demotivated at this level.
  3. Why so many predicting loss to La Tech? They should not have beaten NT last year and only finished 8-5 and 5-3 in conference. They also lost 5 starters on defense and 4 on offense, much more than NT. In the oc, NT will be a significant underdog to Cal, should be favored over ACU and SMU and UH will be a toss-up. CUSA doesn't have a clear cut leader, but a number of teams that should fight it out. I don't see why NT will not be better than last year. Fine's last year and the offense should continue to dominate a lot of teams. The defense will take some time to gel, but has the potential to be better than last year by conference play. My prediction is 10-2, only one loss in CUSA and NT will win the league.
  4. The nomination of Amber Jackson to the NT HOF is unusual at best. She was suspended from the team at the end of her senior year for undisclosed reasons. Is this an admission by NT of how bad her coach was? Shanice Stevens may have been the worst hire by RV and that is a very dubious honor.
  5. Mac was undoubtedly a failure, but the hiring of him was a big step up for NT. His salary marked a big jump in what NT paid for head coaches. The Portland State massacre speeded up the firing of McCarney, but he would have been gone at the end of the season. The continuation of Benford as hc was simply a money-saving move, as NT at that time could not afford buyouts for McCarney, Benford and RV at the same time.
  6. This is the coach's first year, and he has just a couple of players that he has recruited. A 2-1 series loss against the number one team away is not too surprising.
  7. The when and where the head coach goes tread, never ends just the names change.
  8. Going to have to disagree on that one. Look forward to seeing him play, just hope he has some good company in the recruiting class.
  9. I am concerned with who McCasland is going to sign now, not a player who committed his junior in high school year and has recently signed.
  10. Other than a few exceptions and long shots, recruiting looks pretty dismal for the Mean Green based on this list.
  11. NT seems to have a hard time winning games they should in the oc schedule. WKU series shapes up to be the biggest thus far of the season.
  12. Time for a look back at last basketball season. The season was both encouraging and extremely disappointing at the same time. The three major factors of the season: Early success with very easy oc schedule. The problematic year for NT's best returning player. Injury plague that ruined both the conference and total season. NT started the season 12-1 with a much criticized oc schedule. The only loss to a good OU squad away. Notable wins included away at New Mexico, away at Indiana State, and a tournament championship in Hawaii. Much criticized slate and I think to some degree unfairly. Add a couple of ranked teams and assume losses in the pre-season and NT would still have had the best oc in the conference and at that point one of the hardest schedules. Roosevelt Smart was a returning all conference player who averaged 19.5 pts. and 4.2 rbs in that year. He had a pre-season injury that he was slow recovering from and never regains the shooting touch he had in his first year with the Green. His number dropped to 10.7 pts and 3.6 rbs per game. He went from setting the NT records for threes and 3 shooting of .378 to a .274 percentage. NT went 8-10 in conference including a losing streak of 7 games to end the conference season. Then went 1-1 in the tournament. Injuries are out of anyone's control and all teams deal with them. However, out of all NT conference loses, only 2 were played with a full roster by NT. Woolridge, who most agree was NT's best player this season, was out or limited in 6 of those lost games. Duffy and J. Simmons were also out for multiple loss games. NT was not a deep team as late season exposed. NT was a balanced scoring group with an almost unbelievable 6 players averaging double digit scoring. McCasland almost exclusively played a 4 guard offense and defensive intensity was required. On the positive side, most surprising was the play of Gibson and prior walk-on Draper. Gibson was the leading scorer as a freshman at 12.6 pts a game and shot threes at a .393 pace. Also did a good job taking over the point for an injured Woolridge. Draper who was pressed into a lot more minutes than anticipated because of injures, shot the highest 3% of .415 and played decent defense at 5'10". Biggest disappointment has been discussed, Smart's off year. Jahmiah Simmons was also somewhat disappointing based on the fact, McCasland brought him with him from Arkansas State and he had a redshirt year to improve. In his defense, he was forced to play basically the 5 spot in McCasland's defense. J. Simmons' numbers actually declined from his freshman year at ASU were he scored at 6.4 and had 5 rbs a game compared to the past year's 3.5 points and 4 rbs. Woolridge when not injured, was the best player on the team and one of the best in the league. Zack Simmons continues to improve and should be a bigger part of the offense. Duffy and Miller, both were good shooters and rebounders for NT despite a year of playing primarily much bigger players. Outside of Zack, NT's other bigs remain a mystery. Alcindor playing little and showing little in a few games to lose his redshirt. Tikhonenko a 6'10 supposed shooter injured and maybe gets another redshirt year. Muhammed who was redshirted, although at 6'7 listed as a guard. In summary, this could not be rated a stellar year despite 21 wins. This team did not come close to challenging in CUSA, but that couldn't happen with the injury situation. Even without the injuries, West Kentucky and ODU would probably have been significantly better teams. NT with less injuries could and should have been capable of competing with the rest of CUSA.
  13. Up to 315 lbs, it would be nice if NT would update their roster for size changes more than they do. Novel is 30 lbs more than listed over a year ago.
  14. A lot of the NT poor showings is related to the strength of the tournament they are playing in. Akers took over a horrible NT team and finished fourth in CUSA last year. This is after finishing 10 and 11 respectively in 2017 and ,2018. The results this year have thus far been disappointing, but I will wait for the conference tournament to see if progress is being made.
  15. King and Haynes should have been the first statue, their story is much greater than just being excellent on the field.
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