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  1. Your response maybe true, but it has nothing to do with journalism integrity.
  2. Wonder why a sports writer at a college newspaper should be held to higher standards than most of the national press.
  3. GrandGreen

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    Lets find the smallest high school available, and try to get NT a game there, were it would assure a sell-out. I don't understand your point at all, NT should strive to play in a venue that accommodates all fans that want to attend. Hoping to have 20,000 NT fans at Frisco vs 30,000 or more fans at the HOD bowl is questionable. Most fans can figure out that the relationship between stadium size and perceived attendance. If NT played at Frisco and sold it out, the response would be by the average college football fan; so what it is a tiny stadium.
  4. GrandGreen

    Tulsa AD+Coaches accept pay reductions

    I think you have just proved my point.
  5. GrandGreen

    Rank the UNT 2018 Schedule

    1. FAU - at this point looms to be the favorite for the CUSA crown and maybe the best team on the schedule 2. Arkansas - I feel this is a winnable game that would do more than other to enhance NT's perception. 3. La Tech - A program that NT needs to start to dominate and should be very important in deciding the CUSA West champion. 4. SMU - Most important game for a lot of NT fans, but has little national importance especially being the first game. 5, UAB - Apparently a popular pick to win the West, should be a very competitive game 6. UTSA - For Texas CUSA championship 7. USM - Traditionally a very good program 8. ODU - Crossover game that NT should win 9. Rice - Looks like another down year for the Owls 10. Liberty - Will be better than most think 11. UTEP - Rated near bottom of most preseason polls for FB division teams, however seems to play NT very tough 12. Incarnate Word - Pay for win team
  6. GrandGreen

    Soccer Loses To OU

    I thought NT was completely outplayed by OU in the first half. The whole half seems to be OU attacking and NT being offensively passive. Glad to see a much better second half by the Green who i thought had better athletes except OU's goalkeeper who had a great game.
  7. GrandGreen

    Tulsa AD+Coaches accept pay reductions

    I always find this academic point suspect. There is no real way to compare academics. So they rate colleges based on reported stats such as class size, endowment, published articles by faculty, selectively, entrance exam scores, etc. Many base prestige on costs to attend, thus private universities are assumed to be better places to gain an education. An assumption that has very little real support.
  8. GrandGreen

    History of North Texas Players

    How about the best I've seen. What NT teams due you think should even be close?
  9. GrandGreen

    History of North Texas Players

    Really, might want to check on Rust's recruits. I have seen this stated many times on this forum and have never understood it. Blakeley's success in basketball for instance was nearly all based on inherited players, yet it is seldom mentioned. Mitchell recruiting to his credit was great due to lack of competition at that time for Afro-American athletes. What happened to Rust was substantially increased competition for these athletes and substantial budget decreases. Rust also lost nearly an entire class due to a rule change for juco players. It still remains amazing to me that Rust who coached the best teams ever at NT is seldom given any credit.
  10. GrandGreen

    Tulsa AD+Coaches accept pay reductions

    I don't see any reason to regale state vs private schools' financing based on Tulsa's problems. No, they can't depend on a huge student fee base to fund their program like NT. However the much bigger issue is what the athletic arms races is doing to all programs but the very top P5's. Multi-million dollar coaches salaries, stipends for football players, indoor practice facilities, fancy ridiculous dressing rooms, a different uniform for every game. hotel stays for home games; are just a few examples of things that teams are now almost forced to do to try to keep up. In the long run, these expenditures just make play less completive. These expenditures just grow the gap between the few that actually generate money and everyone else.
  11. GrandGreen

    CUSA 2018 record projections

    Do some of these prognosticators even bother to look at last years records and how many players return? I can't understand all this love for UAB. They have 16 starters returning, NT has 17. NT beat them last year and like NT they looked horrible in their bowl game a 41-6 loss to Ohio. UAB and several other teams are predicted to be significantly better, while NT is going to be substantially worse..
  12. Not sure he was dismissed, more likely he transferred or just quit football.
  13. This is more an observation than critism. Pure Vito, it is always more about who NT lost, than who is returning. This is my impression on his writing for years and it doesn't matter what the returning numbers are.
  14. I hope English will be a big difference maker, but comparing him to the likes of Kennedy and Greene is way premature.
  15. Not unless Dallas has somehow annexed University Park.