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  1. GrandGreen

    FAU (2/14/19)

    I can't believe all the critism from some of you. This team is down to no bench, and still never gave up. Do you actually believe a team of Gibson, Simmons, Smart, Draper, Miller and seldom used Arikawe and a walkon is going to easily beat any team?
  2. GrandGreen

    Ryan Woolridge

    It will be interesting to see if Woolridge gets all conference honors. I think he is one of the most valuable players in the league. He doesn't have great offensive numbers like several other CUSA points, so there is a chance he will be overlooked.
  3. GrandGreen

    NT Women Beat WKU

    The ladies are a lot better team than their record indicates. Mitchell is building a first rate program. They lose some good players next season in Bradley, Goodhart and Smith, but the returnees plus Mitchell's best recruiting class should move the program further toward the top. Not to discount, that this years' team is capable of a good tournament run. I can't see any team beating Rice and NT's record is not good enough to warrant inclusion in the major post season tournaments.
  4. GrandGreen

    #OLDDENTON Is Alive And Well!

    Where do you find anyone suggesting that only positive things be written about NT sports?
  5. GrandGreen

    #OLDDENTON Is Alive And Well!

    I agree with you about the stupidity of the headline, but not the motivation. I think part of the problem is writers that really do not know enough about sports to be writing about them. This is particularly true for the student newspapers' current staff.. The headlines are also usually not written by the sports writers but rather the editors. NT beating a ranked team should obviously have been the headline or even NT softball starts season well. Highlighting one loss out of 5 games is totally absurd.
  6. GrandGreen

    #OLDDENTON Is Alive And Well!

    Some one should tell Vito it is ok to be a "homer" beat writer, most turn into that after a few years. It appears that Brett is going to retire in Denton, and no one is going to give him accolades, because he bend over backward to present an unbiased view. Report it correctly and be critical when it is needed, but it certainly doesn't hurt to express a little more support for the home team.
  7. GrandGreen

    Western Kentucky (2/9/19)

    Actually, it was a good crowd and probably would have still been one of the best in decades even without the promotions. Did you go to the game? I have no idea what your comment about a psychologist is about. Some nights the threes fall and others they don't. If NT had gave up on the three, they would have never got back into the game.
  8. GrandGreen

    Western Kentucky (2/9/19)

    NT came out nervous and WKU came out on a mission to beat the team with the best overall record in the conference. The shots didn't fall in the first half for NT partially because they were afraid to challenge Bassey. Smart was a liability but the two games before he looked the best he has all year. NT must have a more consistent Smart, but he is way too valuable to give up on even if NT had the depth they needed. NT is hurting for depth and with Duffy and J. Simmons both out, they are in trouble. NT was playing with Gibson, Smart, Draper, Z. Simmons, Miller and Woolridge. Those waiting for Arikawe to be anything other than a severe liability on the court will continue to be disappointed. That is 6 players and only one over 6'3. Yet some of you seem to think NT should have run over the most physical tall team in the league. Yes, it was a blown opportunity and any of a myriad of factors could have easily turned it into a win. I am as disappointed in the loss as anyone, but I really admire a team that just does not give up.
  9. The writer should know this is not NT's last home game.
  10. GrandGreen

    Western Kentucky (2/9/19)

    This is going to be a very tough game. WKU has a lot of height and from a pro standpoint the best player in the league with 6'11 Bassey. I thought Z. Simmons may have had his best game of his career last game, but this is really going to be a challenge. I would feel a lot better if NT had J. Simmons at least to nip at Bassey's heels in the paint. WKU seems to be the most up and down team in the league, but probably the best physical talent in the conference. If NT hits from outside like against Marshall, they should win, but the odds of that are not high. Another plus for NT is it appears that Smart is finally looking like the player of last year.
  11. GrandGreen

    2019 HS - Jalen Jackson - 5'10" PG

    I think Jackson is indeed going to end up being very special at NT. ˙However, I am a little concerned that NT doesn't have anymore announced signees or commits at this point. Recall McCasland stating that this team's record is really helping recruiting, but have seem no evidence of that.
  12. My take was he was waiting on a Syracuse offer that finally came through. At this point I would rate NT as the number 1 CUSA class because there appears to be a lot less risk of losing players than the other two. That is not how rankings work but there are reasons that these late commits were not grabbed earlier. A few players were waiting on that P5 offer that never appeared, but others were just deemed too risky for many programs.
  13. Shooting at some animal in a humane way is an amusing concept. Does the video clearly show what Mohammad involvement was? Did he catch the raccoons, did the dogs belong to him, did he decide it would be great fun to have the dogs attack?
  14. GrandGreen

    And The Have’s Carry On...

    The only ones for a new SWC conference would be the teams in the Belt and CUSA. As long as this ridiculous athletic arms race continues, saving a few coins by joining a regional conference is not a priority. NT's goal is moving up in the football and basketball hierarchy and there are no easy paths to achieve this. UH for example has been more successful for a longer time and has a much bigger budget, but still is g5. NT is doing all that they can winning games and building facilities to be ready if an opportunity to move up arises.
  15. I wonder if all you hunters on here really believe that shooting an animal is that much better. Maybe if it is killed instantly, but there are no guarantees that will happen. It just seems somewhat hypocritical that some of you are so critical and demand such harsh punishment for an act of cruelty against an animal without knowing exactly what happened. I doubt anyone here knows his exact involvement in the incident. All that is evident is that he used very poor judgment in posting on social media an unfortunate event. Using words like sociopath, disgrace, sadistic behavior, etc. seem very over the top to me.