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  1. Wonder why the conference does not keep these stats on a league basis? Much more meaningful data than a comparison with every program in the country. It costs nothing and would provide a basis for comparing the conference teams overall programs. Men, women, and combined could be calculated. This used to be a standard stat in most conferences. Although it is now muddled up with both the season standings and tournaments in most sports being components. .
  2. Hopefully the QB position can become a strength instead of a weakness. Aune hasn't been much more than a placeholder for the last two years. However, he obviously was the best QB NT had available. I don't have any preference in QB, just hope whoever it is will be much better. It should be obvious that Littrell and staff has little confidence that Aune is the answer. Why else would they sign 3 transfer QB's?
  3. Littrell is exactly were he should be at this time. The contract extension was deserved although not earned at this point with a less than .500 record the last 3 years. Giving him a new contract to help recruiting is insane. One problem with that is no one knows with any degree of certainty how NT is doing in recruiting. To base any decision on how 247 rates a recruit is at best problematic. Also you are comparing his recruiting with an unknown coach. Littrell and the NT football team IMO will have to have a much better year than the past two for Seph to be retained for the 2023 season. Littrell will have to finish strong next year and I think he will be gone if he doesn't get 7 wins.
  4. So you advocate making the decision to fire him, mid-season; no matter what the last six games look like. I expect any AD much less a good one like Baker, always has a list of candidates for any HC job. I have little doubt that Littrell would be gone if the last half of the 2021 season looked anything like the first half.
  5. And then you wait for 6 or 7 games to hire a new coach? There is absolutely no reason unless there are rule violations or discipline issues to fire a head coach mid-season. This would only make the job harder to fill and create a mess that would not easily be fixed.
  6. Having mostly underclassmen is a big positive to me. Having a lot of seniors may be better for that year, overall though having a younger squad that can play is a great position.
  7. I guess you missed my point, G5's and NT included are not raided more because the Bigs are not interested in that many of their football players enough to use a ship on.
  8. Not quite sure what your point is. If NT or G5 had more players the bigs were interested in, there would be more offers to those players. As it is now, the Bigs are not going to give a ship to a transfer unless he has a lot higher perceived ceiling than what they can get out of high school and jucos or fills a dire need. To be very blunt there are just not that many players in the G5, that the Bigs covet enough to give up a 4 star high school recruit to sign. Between NIL and the new transfer rules, G5 and even some P5 are doomed to be raided at will by teams higher up in the football hierarchy. The courts and NCAA have done their best to end any slim hope of any G5 or underfunded program had to ever really compete.
  9. When it comes to paying players, SMU has a lot of experience.
  10. Better late than never, have advocated for this on many threads in the past. NT just seemed to be content allowing SMU to publicize and take any recruiting advantage from signing their first black scholarship player Jerry Levias. Who they signed about ten years after NT integrated their sports teams. NT did something very right and even courageous at the time. The local press in general ignored this development and yet SMU signing of Levias was heavily covered.
  11. Don't disagree with point of money rules, but do not agree with your analogy to pro sports. Pro football has a draft and salary limits which demonstrates a lot more fiscal responsibility than the free for all which is college football now. The pros have a system which a least tries to promote competition.
  12. Do you have anything to back that up? My recollection is that NT tried to raise the max and was denied by the state of Texas.
  13. I guess he can build that ULL like program in Lubbock. Very bad news, but he is leaving the program a lot better than he found it. If he starts taking players with him, than it could decimate the program.
  14. Who is we? I guess you are referring to fans who might fund NIL deals. By rules, the team/college can have nothing to do with NIL negotiations or payments. Sure there will be a lot of involvement by schools under the table, now that agents are apparently involved; I expect the worse. SMU will be getting the same conference distribution as NT, a gigantic improvement over the old imbalance from that source. As far as supporters funding NIL programs, NT has many times the number of alums as SMU. It is foolish to believe that all SMU alum are just richer. See the many Ryan references on this board.
  15. So are football and basketball and both at NT are heavily subsidized with student and University fees. Sports are designated revenue sports because some schools actually generate a profit. Football at UT or basketball at Gonzaga are examples, so some baseball programs make money. Highly unlikely that NT would.
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