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  1. I don't see any rationale that would indicate USM is going to be better than NT. Yes, statistically their defense last year was good, but their offense was very poor. They have a good QB which very few would rate close to Fine. They have one more starter than NT that should be returning. This is from a 6-5 team versus a 9-4 team. Looking at returnees and last year results, in a blind test no one would pick USM. Yet, they are the favorites to win the league in several polls.
  2. Because they are USM by damn and they used to be good. Nevermind that NT has beaten them 3 straight and by 30-7 last year. They do return a lot of starters from a mediocre 6-5 team, but I really don't see anyway they should be picked above NT.
  3. Stop with the bitching about Frisco. The Eastern part of this conference would not be happy with any Texas location. Yet, they have been unable to find anything more to their liking. I think NT is co-sponsor of the tournament in Frisco with the Star. The conference tournament is not a big draw and no location is likely to be anymore attended. I did enjoy Hot Springs and there was near as much to do and the facilities were not upper class either.
  4. There are and will be always players who signed that never make the field. A list of over 200. way too much work for me, and obviously a lot of these were far from premium recruits. I think your point is much more valid to prior years, when NT took a lot more chances in signings than they do now. When there was probably more that didn't significant contribute than did. This list at the top is heavily affected by the number of jucos who were for the most part known risks when they were signed. Also I think a lot of jucos were significantly overrated in the past compared to high schoolers.
  5. Most never played here, really? Better look again, there are definitely more than you would like that never made a NT field, but you are exaggerating.
  6. I will not be surprised if Tikhonenko ends up as a good player at SHSU. Will be interesting to see if he develops.
  7. Not sure why you think Saafi and McMillan are only depth signings, I suspect both will see a lot of action next year. There is a history of jucos not producing in their first year that come on strong after that. I doubt the loss of Shaw changes much of anything. Novel will probably start at NT with LeBlanc and English as back up. Saafi and Colvin can play the middle as well as de. NT's best defensive player Hamilton will play on de and there will be a number vying for the other de position. Again I think NT defense has a great chance to be improved this year after some early growing pains. Way too early about worrying about 2020.
  8. You might want to glance at the current roster on the official site.
  9. Discuss the wisdom of getting this many commits this early. Last year for instance, NT had no ships available for any maybe more talented late adds. Two members of last year's recruiting class are not on the current roster: de Sow, db Gaddie. What is their status?
  10. I still find it odd that Amber Jackson that ended her career at NT being suspended. is now in the HOF. I wonder if the selection committee even knew that, my guess is they just looked at the numbers. She is deserving and most would blame that circumstance on a completely incompetence hc, Shanice Stephenson.
  11. I looked at the links, but only after the first response. My bad, but I don't think those items added much. I don't want anyone to think that I support Falwell in anyway. Neither do I think that Liberty University is the albatross that some of you seem to believe. I think there are a lot of problems with a lot of on-line education offered at a lot of colleges. As far as hiring the AD from Baylor, that is a case of guilty before proven innocent. I have no idea what he knew and when at Baylor. He would not be my choice for that position, but Liberty is a private institution and can chose their leadership. I have great issue with so-called religious leaders that grow rich from their ministry. However, people can support who they wish. Playing ORU, Liberty or BYU doesn't bother me. BYU would be a sought after game, while the other two are not teams I would be interested in seeing play NT. This has to do with the quality of the programs, not their religious affiliation or leadership.
  12. NT loses a lot more on football and MBB than WBB. I just don't get the point you are making. Unless it is that WBB has substantially less fans. However, at NT they still have better attendance than much better woman's programs as soccer and softball.
  13. No, you are using different basis for different comments. You were looking at women basketball on a revenue vs expense basis excluding student fees and school transfers. If you take those elements out of the equation, there are no lesser programs including NT that come anywhere close to breaking even in football.
  14. Geez, run that type of analysis on football if you want to see huge loses. If a school is not in the top echelon of the P5's, they are going to lose a lot of money on their sports program.
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