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  1. I'm mostly fine with the Rebel statues coming down. Especially the ones for the leaders (common soldiers I'm a bit more on the fence on, but I'm not gonna throw a fuss over) of the CSA. But all the other stuff - like the Founders, US Grant, etc. - is frankly ticking me off.
  2. Looks like the bottom was reached on July 5th. The seven day rolling average has increased for three days in a row for the first time since May 31st-June 2nd. July 5th - 516 July 6th - 517 July 7th - 556 July 8th - 585 If the number increases tomorrow it'll be the first time since April the rolling average went up four days in a row.
  3. I remember reading literature once years ago that speculated that one reason deaths are so high in January is older people are trying to make it to the New Year and once they do lose a bit of that will to stay alive. Kinda like when there's a parent who through sheer force of will lives to see their kid be married or something (I had an Aunt do that for one of my cousins) and then basically dies immediately afterward.
  4. I think there are more liberals than conservatives, but I think there are more people in the middle that don't really think of themselves as either.
  5. I'm not a liberal either. Pretty down the middle with my voting history. In the six presidential elections I've voted in, I've voted for more Republicans than Democrats, with some third party action thrown in for good measure (after November it'll be the same number of times voting for Dems as the GOP). This place is actually fairly balanced...I've read plenty of places where one side completely dominates the conversation.
  6. Washington's false teeth came from all sorts stuff - human, cow, horse, hippo, elephant, copper, tin, etc. Basically anything that was hard they tried to find some way to fashion into dentures.
  7. Maybe the Code Talkers to honor Native Americans who served in both World Wars.
  8. Can't believe the missus was okay with this - LOL.
  9. It's not backward - it's reaching its lowest point before an increase. The trough between the two peaks would be the bottom. I'm not sure what the second peak will rise to when it happens. The longer it goes before it starts, I have to think the lower this next peak will be. The first peak in cases (using a seven day rolling average) hit on April 10th with 32,434 cases. The peak in deaths came 11 days later on April 21st with a seven day rolling average of 2255. Yesterday's rolling average of cases was 48,317. So, that would seem to indicate deaths roughly a third over 2255 eleven days from now, correct? But the cases and deaths haven't been as closely correlated since late April (which I've attempted to show), so it's tough to say where this next rise will peak at.
  10. Bottoming out means reaching the lowest point....hence it'll start rising again. How is that so hard to understand? I fully expected 250K dead. Just not sure when or where the bottom will be before we go back up. Been waiting for awhile now - I thought it was gonna be around 6-8 hundred daily deaths. The lower it gets before we go back up, hopefully implies the lower the peak will be when it does in fact go back up.
  11. As I have said numerous times, I do expect the deaths to rise again. But every day that the trend is delayed makes me hopeful that we're not gonna get a tsunami. The rolling death rate rose on the 2nd and I thought that might indeed be the start of the upward trend that is inevitable. Today brought that number down again, so once more the data for this week is more or less downward (four days decreasing, two increasing). It seems close to bottoming out obviously and we'll get the rise back in deaths, but when exactly that will be or how bad it's going to get I am not gonna pretend to guess. I'm still surprised it has yet to happen. The infection seven day rolling average has increased every day since June 10th, which is more than enough time for the anticipated uptick in deaths to start to show up. Seven day rolling averages for death count: 6/27 - 594 6/28 - 596 6/29 - 595 6/30 - 581 7/1 - 560 7/2 - 564 7/3 - 558
  12. Surprised they're not changing their logo to a potato and keep their name Redskins.
  13. I'm just saying the infections haven't matched the deaths in awhile (at the beginning the curves were similar). There was a long while where the deaths were coming down and the infections really weren't. For instance there was a secondary spike in cases in late April that wasn't matched in deaths in May. Really the cases more or less plateaued starting in mid May, but the deaths did not plateau starting a couple of weeks later (as one would expect). So using that standard the cases and deaths not necessarily going to correlate in the same way they did in March and April when they did in fact correlate very closely curve wise.
  14. I don't think the deaths are accurate in most countries yet, but we're probably years away from that (if we ever have a completely accurate one).
  15. I've never once said there were no deaths. It's kinda funny to me that I was banging the drum on the killer this turned out to be months ago and now people think I'm downplaying it.
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