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  1. Since I grew up in Denton, my first two years I saved money and lived at home. The summer before my 3rd year of college my Dad got a job in Arizona and they moved. I spent the last three years at NT living two blocks off campus on Margie Street (I believe 1234 Margie Street, Apt #4). It was a great location. The apartment had big issues (the AC always broke down and we had various leaks that came and went, sometimes had bug issues), but I loved it dearly.
  2. Do I think it was the right thing for Nike to do? No. Do I really care? No, I don't buy Nike's. New Balance has way better running shoes IMHO -- they fit my feet really well. I've worn them for about a decade now, and don't think I'll ever buy another brand. The worst are PUMA btw - never wear those.
  3. I personally am not that big of a fan of the change yet. I was onboard with the move to the current line ten years or so ago, but I think this one is gonna cause more ill advised shots rather than good spacing. We'll see.
  4. If a guy graduates, I salute him and wish him good luck. Sad to see him leave obviously (and disappointed), but I can't hold it against him either. You come to school to go to school, right? If he wants to play ball somewhere else after graduating, more power to him.
  5. Hey, if you had said to the team they just have to win half for the title, I'm sure they'd have taken it.
  6. CMJ


    I was actually pulling for Houston since Kentucky is probably my most despised team in college basketball, but I can't say I'm that upset Houston is gone either given CK2's nice contributions to the board.
  7. CMJ


    Okay, yes in theory. In the real world that really only goes on a sport by sport basis. Like I care how our soccer team does, and I don't give a rip about other soccer teams (I know UNC and Notre Dame used to be the powers...I think). But, if there were threads about our women's soccer team or the NCAA men's basketball tournament....I'd post about basketball. I wanna see Jalie and the ladies do well in the WBI. It'd be great if they won. I don't so much care about the Women's NCAA's, though I will probably watch the Final Four. I watched about 48 hours of basketball the last four days -- all of it the Men's Tournament..
  8. CMJ


    I agree in principle. But Men's basketball will always get more attention.
  9. Considering the way Purdue annihilated Villanova, I don't think ODU has to feel too bad about how they played.
  10. CMJ


    For the most part he's rolling the ball out there and getting out of the way. He won the lottery with this situation, but good for him nonetheless. He doesn't exactly deserve it, but he's making the best of it.
  11. It's a bit more complicated than that. Belmont may not have been as good as MTSU last year, but the bubble in general was weaker this year. I also have to point out that Belmont's league NEVER gets at-large teams in. This was the first time in forever.
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