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  1. Man, I really am starting to hate Connecticut, but they are second to none, no question.
  2. Credit to Alabama - they gave Connecticut a great game (the final score isn't really representative). Purdue was actually more impressive yesterday. I still thank UCONN is the favorite tomorrow, but I give the Boilers a decent shot now.
  3. They lost the O'Bannon suit so they started the NIL thing. When when they try to put regulations on it, they still lose. https://www.si.com/college/2024/02/23/federal-judge-grants-injunction-preventing-ncaa-from-enforcing-nil-rules
  4. Who would have picked NC State? They were an 11 seed. Last year's Final Four was a total cluster. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it's more chalk.
  5. I also doubt we could have beaten that ISU squad.
  6. The NCAA fought the NIL. Problem is they lost. The NCAA was made toothless by the courts.
  7. I usually give credit to the team that comes back, and Seton Hall deserves credit. I gotta say though, Indiana State played pretty stupid the last 3 minutes and gave it away.
  8. Great first half in the NIT Final.
  9. I mean....that's not true though. Titles in 1999, 2004, 2011, 2014....they were winning them about every five years until having a nearly ten year gap. And now they're likely to go back to back and have more titles than both Duke and Kansas, tying UNC. They're gonna catch Kentucky soon at this rate.
  10. I honestly don't get why Connecticut has flown under the radar for most. They've won more titles the last 30 years than anyone.
  11. CMJ


    Okay, but George Mason made the tournament twice more withing five years of their Final Four run. VCU is still a quality program. Butler fell off when Stevens left, but they still parlayed their name into Big East membership. Loyola Chicago is still a dangerous team.
  12. St. Joes had SHU dead to rights. I wonder if they'd have gotten rid of the Prates, if perhaps we may have had a run to Indy. St. Joes and UNLV would have been tough, but beatable. Oh, the what ifs.
  13. Connecticut. They are a machine. My hope for a champion is probably Purdue. They have a storied history but have yet to win a title. NC State would also be great given the run they're on - though up until the mid 80s, they were arguably at "blue blood adjacent" level. Alabama has won enough in football recently, they don't need to run the basketball world too. Connecticut is quickly moving up the list of all time titles won, so I'd prefer they don't get another right now.
  14. Indiana State looks like they have about 95% of the fans and Hinkle is rocking. It's gonna be tough for Utah or whoever they may face in the NIT Final on Thursday to beat them there.
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