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  1. We take on the 3-0 Eagles of EMU. Need to rebound after getting blown out in Arkansas.
  2. Arkansas 66 ------ NT 43 Final
  3. Arkansas 57 ------ NT 38 3:55 to go We were actually in this not that long ago. The wheels really came off.
  4. Arkansas 47 ------ NT 33 7:45 to go Can't get over the hump. Kept whittling it down to 5-7 or so, but couldn't get any closer. Now the Razorbacks getting separation again.
  5. Arkansas 38 ------ NT 31 11:24 to go I once again gotta say....really love our fight right now.
  6. Arkansas 34 ------ NT 26 15:41 to go Nice beginning to the second stanza for the good guys.
  7. Arkansas 28 ------ NT 16 Halftime I am shockingly optimistic given how bad the start and the end to the half were.
  8. Arkansas 19 ------ NT 12 3:31 to go I like the fight given how poorly we shot for the first eight minutes.
  9. Arkansas 15 ------ NT 8 6:55 to go Climbing back in this now.
  10. Arkansas 9 ------ NT 0 11:51 to go This might be the worst we've ever played on offense.
  11. Arkansas 7 ------ NT 0 15:39 to go Can't get anything to fall. Not promising.
  12. We got thrown down a flight of stairs today.
  13. We'll see how we stack up against a newly constructed SEC squad. New coach, new system...maybe a decent shot to get the W if they're still working out the kinks.
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