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  1. I honestly don't care that much about UTSA. I'd rather beat MTSU. We have a nastier history with them.
  2. https://blog.prepscholar.com/the-biggest-colleges-in-the-united-states Plenty of big schools on that list that don't play in "big time" conferences. Enrollment, like was said above, doesn't always mean what people assume it does.
  3. He needed different colored text, various fonts, and some Hells Bells action.
  4. I think there are looming attendance issues pretty much everywhere. But UCLA isn't a great example since they've always had some attendance problems and they're really lousy right now.
  5. I expect to win, but stunned the spread is that high.
  6. Of course you all but guaranteed they wouldn't be ranked. I was pretty sure they would be.
  7. I actually live in Los Angeles. I grew up in Denton but moved to chase being a screenwriter after graduation in 2001. It's very rare we play away to games I can travel to. Our basketball team has played in California a few times since I moved here, but this was the closest our football team has come since Arizona in 2002. I tend to make it back to Denton to see us play about once every year or two while I'm seeing family and the like.
  8. Since I was afraid we'd be blown out and then when we got down 20-0 after the first quarter and I was SURE we'd be blown out, I came away feeling pretty good about yesterday. Sure, the loss hurt, but I also came away feeling positive about the rest of the season. After NT worked our way back in the game and when we got the ball back with about 3 minutes to go, down six - I believed we were gonna have a magical comeback for the ages. Unfortunately, it was not to be. And sure, that sucked -- but given about 2.5 hours earlier we were getting annihilated and I was apologizing to my girl for dragging her to the game, I still felt good about it all. I loved California's campus, very beautiful with all of the trees and older buildings. A lot of cool campus history to read about too. We went to the top of their clock tower which has tremendous views of San Francisco, Alcatraz, and everything across the Bay (probably even better if it hadn't been so foggy over there). We had the pleasure of talking to several alumni/fans of the Bears and I have to say, they are probably the nicest opposing fans I've ever come across. All that interacted with us were first rate, both before and after. Helpful for where we needed to go, thanking us for visiting their school, etc. I loved their stadium, very simple, but very stately. An appropriate war memorial (they also have several other cool war memorials spread through campus). https://news.berkeley.edu/2017/05/26/campus-memorials-honor-veterans/ I wish we came to this part of the country more often to play.
  9. I suspect they will be in the Top 25 if they win next week. They may get there this week just by virtue of almost getting in last week and Washington looking good again.
  10. We got to Martinez yesterday afternoon. Met up with a friend and then turned in early. Too used to my work schedule to go out and explore the nightlife. We're planning to get to campus about 10am to explore and look for other people in Green.
  11. I fear it's gonna be something like this as well.
  12. Hope to see as many of you Saturday as I can. We're driving up first thing tomorrow. Will see a friend that night after we get there, make the game Saturday, Sunday do the John Muir stuff and drive back to LA that night. Quick trip, but c'est la vie.
  13. I thought it was gonna be about 20 considering we lost by that much to SMU and they beat a ranked team on the road.
  14. It seemed like the TV broadcast mentioned at least 5-6 more. I'm not sure, they loved the topic of how he was building his team from transfers though.
  15. About the only hope we have is that the Golden Bears will be drunk off this win and already be looking ahead to their trip into SEC country the next week. I didn't see the 2nd half (it was almost midnight on the west coast before intermission), but their defense was very, very good....and I am frightened to see what their gonna do to our offensive line. Mason may be injured by the end.
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