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  1. CMJ

    What a sports week

    More like 30, but I hear ya. 🙂
  2. CMJ

    Check ESPN bowl projections

    I have quite a few good friends who are USC people too. I have a pretty positive view of their fanbase...even though I tend to be more of UCLA guy myself.
  3. CMJ

    Check ESPN bowl projections

    I live in Los Angeles - though I often run into people familiar with UNT for one reason or another, it's not usually because of sports.
  4. CMJ

    Check ESPN bowl projections

    You better believe if we played USC I'd talk plenty of trash should we win.
  5. CMJ

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

    They update for basketball season, so I assume they must.
  6. CMJ

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

    I think that puts us at 40 & 42 if one were to extrapolate out rankings after the Top 25.
  7. CMJ

    Liberty fans react to UNT win over Ark.

    Enjoy the win over Arkansas for the rest of the weekend. Then focus on Liberty like it's the conference championship game....and do not mention going undefeated. 🤐
  8. CMJ

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    I know we're good, but I didn't expect to be up 24 at the half.
  9. CMJ

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    Couldn't have dreamed of a better start.
  10. Probably once every six weeks or so someone notices that I'm wearing something NT out in Los Angeles. It's either they went there, or a family member did, or they know the music program, or something. So, we do have a large footprint in general.
  11. I wasn't able to watch the game until partway into the 3rd quarter when we were up like 30-0 - and plan to watch the full thing (thanks for posting oldguystudent). Even with the garbage time TD's SMU scored, I don't see how that can be called anything but an total triumph. An ass kicking of a local rivaling front of a record crowd. We've been snake bitten for as long as I can remember with rarely seeming to win games in front of big crowds. If anything we seemed to lay eggs when we'd get some massive crowd (obviously I know that isn't always true, we've come up big in front of huge crowds before :see Baylor back in the day)-- and it seemed like we'd have to start back from square one as far as winning back trust among the average fan. No matter if you watched that game or just see the box score - its obvious NT badly beat the Ponies. Should set up attendance for the next several weeks.
  12. CMJ

    Announcement from Wren Baker

    In a total stroke of luck, the LA Tech game will be my first football game to attend in a few years.
  13. CMJ

    A hypothetical for you

    Sounds like Ty Cobb's quote about hitting .290 in his seventies.
  14. CMJ

    NCAA Dumps RPI for Men

    At least most people could understand RPI as imperfect as it was. This one sounds like no one besides the number crunchers will understand. It sounds like it'll be pretty accurate though.
  15. An all around great experience for the guys. Visiting Italy for a week and getting to mesh on the floor about 6 weeks before they otherwise would have.