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  1. Wasn't able to listen to much tonight. Extremely pleased we won like this.
  2. NT 6 --------- Rice 6 15:50 to go
  3. No, you summed it up really well.
  4. Really rolling right now, but this feels like a trap game (to me).
  5. NT 51 ---------- LA Tech 50 Final
  6. I'll be out doing errands with my lady this afternoon. Hopefully I'm back by the end.
  7. We're rolling right now, but (usually) always tough to win on the road in league play.
  8. NT 72 ---------- USM 52 Final
  9. NT 70 ---------- USM 50 3:08 to go I know USM is having a bad season, but it's always impressive to blow someone out on the road.
  10. NT 60 ---------- USM 47 6:23 to go Great 8-0 run in that segment. Should be able to coast home now.
  11. NT 52 ---------- USM 45 10:28 to go Tough to put them away....
  12. NT 46 ---------- USM 38 14:49 to go Golden Eagles trying to crawl closer.
  13. Just got home. Good to see us up double figures.
  14. I'll probably only be able to catch the tail end of it.
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