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  1. Not North Texas, but college basketball royalty and I thought deserved his own thread. Crum was a legend and was as synonymous with Louisville as Boeheim was with Syracuse. Two time national champion and a true legend. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/denny-crum-hall-of-fame-louisville-basketball-coach-dies-at-86-172144196.html
  2. Davis proved with his long overseas career that he was legit.
  3. Chris Davis was absolutely amazing. It's unfortunate he only played for a single winning team, and that was only 15-14, his Junior campaign.
  4. I think Hamlet's probably the best we've had in the last 20 years or so. My favorite player in that span is Josh White. The most clutch is Perry.
  5. I'd love for Perry to have an amazing season in Manhattan and make a run in March like the Wildcats did this year. But it's also gonna twist the knife if he does. I want him to have a ton of success and it'll really hurt. Both can be true.
  6. Better shooter, no question IMHO. Nowell was a MUCH better passer though. Hell, he was one of the best passers I've seen in college going back the last dozen years or so.
  7. Well, Markquis Nowell definitely showed they don't mind playing with Guards on the shorter side.
  8. Anyone going today? If so, have fun for the rest of us.
  9. Is the recruiting (or lack of gets) potentially a problem? Sure. Of course that was a constant theme about McCasland too. I feel as though just about every off season we thought the recruiting was underwhelming...until the guys stepped on the court. The previous staff, of which Hodge was the 2nd in command, always seemed to find undervalued guys. I'm not gonna worry quite yet.
  10. Indiana was still Indiana back then too. They were still fresh from a Final Four. Amazingly the last one they've had. Crazy they've never seriously threatened to get back since.
  11. If it's being co-sponsored with the City of Denton, perhaps they are the ones who asked for the "off night" time slot. It might not be ideal, but everyone who can should show.
  12. That was really good. I loved the story about his brother's blown layup in the game.
  13. Perry only even has this option because of Covid, right? He will be a graduate of here, which is actually more than we can say of some folks who played here multiple seasons (sometimes four!) over numerous sports but never got their degree.
  14. Ousmane didn't leave over money given he seemed to have issues with the staff. That said, I'm sure the money he'll get at Xavier will be decent. Money obviously played into Perry's decision, but I think most of us were aware of that from the start. That's why I figured he'd go overseas, since I thought he could potentially make more over there.
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