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  1. This is the third update video this guy has done on the speed of the spread of the cornavirus. It's a couple days old now, but it's not completely out of date trajectory wise.
  2. I've never gotten political, and yet I still think that a few posters here must think I have. To go back to the earlier point, nearly all people who die from the flu have underlying medical conditions or are elderly. Yet when it comes to this people are saying, "it's only killing people with underlying medical conditions!" The numbers from Italy so far would correspond to 80+ thousand Americans dying of this. And they're still losing hundreds of people per day, so on a per capita basis they are likely to go over and equivalent of 100K. Even Vice President Pence a couple of days ago said our curve looked like Italy.
  3. Well, honestly we won't ever really know how many people die from the flu either. It's always an estimate because the CDC and government agencies around the world look at the numbers years after the fact and try and figure out what percentage of people who died from pneumonia were caused by the flu. I think you should look at how the deaths are looking at in other nations to really tell what kind of crisis this is. If we were the only country shutting down you could make the case this was an overreaction, but we're not. If anything most foreigners I know can't believe how blase we're being about it.
  4. Yes, but the healthcare system factors in "expected" deaths. The reason hospitals get overwhelmed is because they already operate near capacity, so any unexpected cause gets to be a major problem very fast. Not only for people from the new cause, but for all the "regular" hospitalizations because there just aren't enough beds.
  5. I enjoy most of the movies listed. Not into many of the TV shows.
  6. Mine's not a blog either. I'm talking about on real paper with a pen. Who knows what sorta online presence will be around in 25 years, but historians/museums/etc will always be able to look at journals.
  7. I started writing a journal about this a couple of weeks ago because I think people in a generation or two will wanna know what it was like to live through this and I don't think snarky comments on facebook are gonna cut it. Anyway, I say that because I've recorded the number of total world wide and US deaths at the bottom of each entry. You can really see the exponential curve we're on that way...and it's disturbing. In my first entry on March 19th there were 160 total US deaths. We hit 1000 dead Americans by my March 26th entry, 2K on the 28th, 3K on the 30th, and yesterday we went by both 4 and 5K.
  8. Current fatality rates for the ten countries with most known infections compared against the same countries on March 23rd (in parentheses). One can see how the numbers tend to go up once the health system gets overwhelmed, or go down once they get on the other side of the curve (Iran). Note that since Turkey switched out from South Korea I don't have numbers for them to compare to the 23rd. 1.USA- 2.4% (1.3) 2. Italy- 11.9% (9.3) 3. Spain- 9.1% (6.7) 4. China- 4.1% (4.0) 5. Germany- 1.2% (0.4) 6. France- 7.1% (4.0) 7. Iran- 6.3% (7.8) 8. UK- 8.7% (5.0) 9. Switzerland- 2.8% (1.4) 10. Turkey 1.8% (NA)
  9. I said this over a week ago and today the White House said they hoped they could keep it that low.
  10. Well, there is some question on where exactly the Spanish Flu originated. A lot of evidence points to Kansas, but some scientists believe it may have started in China as well.
  11. Technically I believe they called it the Wuhan Coronavirus. So did the WHO initially until China complained.
  12. I do think the drug combo holds some promise (I saw a NY doctor discuss using it as a treatment as well and being heartened by results), but we're probably months away from knowing for sure. Especially since it seems like it might bother folks with heart issues.
  13. This was posted by someone I know in NY on a movie messageboard I read. I cut out some of the beginning and ending which he addresses particular people, things board specific, etc. - but here was the jist.
  14. I think it averaged 9-10 days or so. The crossing took slightly longer because of the zig zagging patterns they did to avoid the German submarines (at least until the war ended). I think if not accounting for those you could cut a day off.
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