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  1. Other games this weekend are also mostly going in ways positive for us too.
  2. NT 74 ------ UTEP 65 Final
  3. NT 59 ------ UTEP 57 3:43 to go Gonna come right down to the buzzer.
  4. NT 51 ------ UTEP 50 7:59 to go Rubin Jones with a big three there to give us the lead back.
  5. NT 44 ------ UTEP 43 11:08 to go We're getting killed on the glass. That's allowing the Miners to stick around.
  6. UTEP 36 ------ NT 35 15:49 to go Back and forth start to this half. I like our chances - they should have put the hammer down on us when they had the chance.
  7. UTEP 31 ------ NT 30 Halftime We're still in this, which is good considering how well UTEP shot the ball.
  8. UTEP 29 ------ NT 23 3:15 to go UTEP is shooting nearly 60% from the floor right now.
  9. UTEP 22 ------ NT 19 6:58 to go Miners might get to their point total yesterday in the first half.
  10. UTEP 17 ------ NT 16 8:40 to go We reeled them back in pretty fast. Defense stepped up and hitting shots.
  11. UTEP 11 ------ NT 4 13:37 to go Ominous signs early. Miners have a lot of energy and we don't. Also can't hold onto the ball.
  12. When I was in school at Ryan (Class of '96), we were so bad. It is still unreal to me how much of a powerhouse they've been the last 15-20 years.
  13. Hopefully we can carry it over well, but I've seen too many baseball games where one team blew the other out by like 10 runs and then the following day the previous day's victor loses, to think this one will be easy.
  14. Going for the two game sweep.
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