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  1. IMHO, Litrell likely needs eight wins to keep his job. Possible? Sure. Likely (at this point), no.
  2. The party/event was last night, but the Alumni Association is running a Tailgating thing in Parking Lot C (which is the parking lot the UNLV group is ALSO hosting some tailgate party) starting at 9am. Unfortunately our parking lot is WAY FAR from there, but we're gonna go. Actually it'll be good since we'll most likely be thrilled to actually walk around after the drive. The Mrs and I will be on the road from Los Angeles in about half an hour. Hope to see some of y'all there.
  3. Hopefully we'll have a decent turnout. I'll hopefully be getting to Vegas between 9-10am tomorrow. Going straight to the game - we'll check into our hotel after.
  4. I read it in his voice too. 🙂
  5. We're driving up that morning. Will probably be getting to the stadium around 10am. Signed up for the tailgate, so we'll just have to find it (we got our parking before the Alumni tailgate was released).
  6. We won big, but not particularly impressively. Of course seeing the Rebels, I don't think UNLV is very good either. Amazingly I give us a 45% chance of winning that game and being 3-1.
  7. Ask after we get to 9-4. When it's in theory people are likely to say hell no or whatever, but theory is different from reality. Should we actually get to 9-4, with no more blowouts, and a memorable ass kicking of someone, I think the fanbase would be more amendable to him coming back. But a hypothetical 9-4 after we just got our asses pounded by a school many here hate more than the kid that bullied them in 2nd grade will not get them on board with another season.
  8. Probably only if we get our doors blown off. The fact that we're even in a situation where we are seriously contemplating (rather than typical post loss frustration) our coach being fired three games into the season is not good. We'll see how good UNLV looks against Cal this coming Saturday. The next two weeks are winnable on paper.
  9. That game was an abomination. Enough said.
  10. Like it or not, smart money says SMU. But we definitely have a puncher's chance. If we take the game into the 4th quarter with a lead, I think we take it.
  11. Hard to complain much winning by multiple scores in a road conference game. Nice way to begin the new season.
  12. Our running game is so good, not sure why we would ever go away from it more than a couple of plays in a row. Make the game easier on the QB by opening up the passing lanes on the ground.
  13. Feels like we're hanging on by our fingernails after one quarter. Still though, we could be down a couple of scores, so I'll take it.
  14. Can't believe the season is here. Let's rock and roll.
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