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  1. Mom went into Labor with my brother during that game. My parents left at half time. She was sorta upset they had to go. LOL
  2. Yes, it sold out once in 1977 against SMU. We have had some large crowds since, but never a sellout.
  3. It'll be tough to beat last night's game. I've watched hundreds, if not thousands of college basketball games in my life. That was in the top handful.
  4. USC and Auburn's basketball venues which opened in the last 15 years both seated less than their previous ones. Those were from the top of my head. Not saying I want the Super Pit replaced though.
  5. This is one of the better ones I've read on the growth of the Bulldogs' brand since the late 90's. https://sports.yahoo.com/whos-the-next-gonzaga-there-may-never-be-another-one-162836692.html The real (not so secret) secret is the continuity. I mean if Butler had been able to keep Stevens, they may have won a title by now and be just as much as a year to year power as the Zags. They were trending that way. Maybe the same with Loyola Chicago now with OU hiring their coach away. They're probably set up for a fall.
  6. Can't believe I left off Butler's two title game runs. They've really struggled since Stevens left for the NBA.
  7. Name the last Mid Major to win the title. Gonzaga is the favorite this year, but you have to basically go all the way back to UNLV to find one that has won the title. Memphis and UMass got close, but Calipari was involved with both (and each went on probation after he left).
  8. I mean, there's agony for basically everyone when a coach leaves. I remember how the Kansas board blew up when Williams left for UNC.
  9. Their all time win percentages are nearly identical (Smith 77.6, Williams 77.4). Williams has more titles and more overall wins. It's very close between the two.
  10. I'd say they go outside the family, even though historically Carolina is very insular as far as hires go. Not sure where I'd rank Williams all time, but he has to be Top 10 if not top 5. Too bad he never won a Natty at Kansas, then he'd REALLY be up there. He was arguably better than Dean Smith, even though he'd never say so because he worships Smith.
  11. Wow, that's a stunner to me. I figured he was there another 3-5 years before he retired.
  12. Syracuse also made the Final in 1996, losing to a great Kentucky squad by nine in the Championship game.
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