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  1. I remember when we had a dependable kicking game.
  2. If I had any confidence in the defense right now, I'd feel pretty good.
  3. I'm sure glad there are other interesting games on tonight. Getting thrown down a flight of stairs by Charlotte is not something I wanna see.
  4. No, the AD as a whole should calm quit promoting the weekly uniform like it matters when you have a team that is performing as poorly as this one has so far. And that does come from the top.
  5. The weekly announcements from the Athletic Department.
  6. No, I don't and yes I am sure they probably pre-planned the entire season. I still don't care. Pick a scheme and run with it. When we're doing well, maybe it increases buzz. When you're struggling, making a big deal out of what uniform we wear is frankly pathetic.
  7. I'll go ahead and say it-- too much time spent on uniforms, not enough on trying to actually win a damn game. Pick a uniform and stick with it. I'm not even that old, but damn...get off my lawn with this stuff.
  8. Rooting for UNT is an act of self flagellation.
  9. I think it'll be Stanley Cup Final and NBA Playoffs for the rest of the night. Might switch back to see the score a few times, but I don't think I can watch the full second half.
  10. Just FYI - Herman Cain had Stage 4 cancer in 2006-2007. He seems to have been cured since as far as anyone knows, he hadn't had it over a decade. As far as the politicization of everything goes, I'd say it goes back to at least the aftermath of the Iraq War. So 2003-ish.
  11. So, are the countries doing worse than us also misrepresenting how bad it is?
  12. And why wouldn't you? Is every nation lying about their numbers?
  13. Both of the numbers added together in the links you provided are less than 190K UNTLifer.
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