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  1. Man, this guy has a long history. April 2017 - Commits to Texas Longhorns June 2017 - Decommits from UT, commits to OU July 2018 - Enrolls at OU April 2019 - Transfers to NE Oklahoma A&M May 2020 - Commits to UTSA July 2021 - Claims his recruiting is "back fully open to all!!" even though he's bound by a NLI. Without knowing the whole story, UTSA losing this guy might just be losing a big headache.
  2. It's hard to know how many of these were actually looking for greener pastures. With all players granted an extra year of eligibility, I'm sure many of those players were given a little "nudge" from their coaching staffs (staves?) to look for new pastures, whether greener or browner.
  3. In the new playoff proposal, there are no autobids. The six highest-ranked conference champs get in, regardless of what conference they are in. Obviously, if a P5 conference is terminated, that reduces the competition for those spots. But I expect that the new realignment will prompt the powers that be make it easier to get more SEC teams in, so they will probably reduce the number to the five highest-ranked conference champs getting in.
  4. I have to agree with you. Everybody wants Jalie to do so well, they imagine she actually has. Jalie has only had one winning season in conference in the 6 years she has been here, and she went 6-12 in C-USA the year before last. Here's hoping she turned the corner last year, but the body of evidence is lacking.
  5. That's where I spent my first semester after transferring to UNT. Definitely a big step above the other dorms at the time.
  6. Any team in the AAC would jump for the Big XII, with or without UT and OU. So exactly how stable is that?
  7. I just don't see the motivation for any Big XII "leftovers" to move down to the American Conference. They can pluck the best teams out of the American (or MWC), keep the Big XII name, and still maintain some semblance of "P5."
  8. If the Big XII invites South and Central Florida, they jump at that, just as Houston will. A major upgrade in conference affiliation trumps geography.
  9. It seems to me that UT joining the SEC is a dream come true for Arkansas, even if they would never admit it. They lost their main recruiting base when they left the SWC. Now they likely get far better recruiting access to Texas and they now actually get to play their chief rival again and galvanize around that. I would expect UT to the SEC to bring Arkansas back to some semblance of their glory days.
  10. Keep in mind that this was a preseason preview for 2003. The stats are based on 2002, when we had the #3 scoring defense in the nation, clearly better than 2003. 2002 Defensive Rankings 2003 Defensive Rankings
  11. Well, yeah...it's no secret the Big 10 has wanted Notre Dame for decades, and this will make the Big 10 want Notre Dame all the more. But why would it all of sudden make Notre Dame want to join the Big 10?
  12. I'm not sure I follow. Why would this directly impact Notre Dame? It hurts other conferences.
  13. Neither conference would take Tech or OSU. One of those conferences (I forget which) specifically told UT they wouldn't take them if Tech was part of the deal.
  14. Comments like these provide all the more incentive for UT to join the SEC:
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