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  1. I'm pretty sure he just means that Reffett will not be fired.
  2. So now you're saying those expectations were too high? Let's find just a little consistency, Ben.
  3. Uhhh . . . welcome to the board!
  4. Pass protection has been a major problem. If they could give time for receivers to run their routes and Fine time to find them, the story on this year's O is completely different.
  5. These laws do not address schools paying athletes. They allow athletes to receive endorsement deals, to receive royalties from jerseys with their name and number, and to otherwise profit from the fame they generate through playing college sports.
  6. I'd be surprised if this doesn't end up in court. Can a state actually ban amateur athletics?
  7. Whatever these California and New York laws say, NCAA regs still prohibit it. So unless the NCAA changes its stance, any programs that go along with this are still subject to sanctions. For now, these laws are meaningless.
  8. Mine constantly does, and I still don't like SMU. Wait . . . what's the relationship between these two? 🤨
  9. So they should be ambivalent if their football program fails?
  10. The very reason they implemented the new rule was so the NCAA wouldn't have to review and judge all the applications for hardship waivers ("medical redshirts"). I really don't think the new redshirt rule is as much the problem as is the new transfer portal.
  11. Judging by his stats, he may find himself wishing he had a college scholarship next year.
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