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  1. No school trying to land a legit starting QB makes him walk on. Some liar here is just making stuff up.
  2. I remember the football team coming to Denton with John Robinson on the sidelines. I assume that was a conference game, but I really don't remember.
  3. You haven't touched the argument; you're merely deflecting. The song itself is not racist. It has a racist past, just the same as the University of Texas.
  4. The argument seems fairly obvious. The song itself is not racist, but it has associations with a racist past. The University of Texas has much more past racist associations than those related to its alma mater. To be consistent in their outrage, if the outraged are going to demand UT's alma mater be eradicated, they will demand the University of Texas itself be eradicated.
  5. Sad to hear. The article mentions that the co-writer of our alma mater is "Miss Mamie Smith."
  6. Mr. Langford seemed to have his life cut awfully short. I wonder what happened to him(?)
  7. Hate to hear that. But I'd much rather he decommit now than in December.
  8. Sounds like you just talked to the wrong person.
  9. So sad to hear. I met him at the Ball State game back in the Dodge era. A very down-to-earth guy. Prayers will be going up for his family.
  10. Adolfo is a great guy and an incredible player. If I were within a few hours of Denton, I wouldn't miss it.
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