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  1. Very good read. But this . . . . . . just took another little piece of my heart.
  2. Good article, but please allow me to nitpick just a bit. Tulsa's team is known as the Golden Hurricane (singular), not the Hurricanes (that's Miami, FL). Also, the word may be pronounced "core," but it's actually spelled "corps." Just for your future reference. Keep up the good work.
  3. That's all nice...but FG's are what is most important. We need a kicker consistent from 40 yards and in, with a range past 50.
  4. I'm guessing SL doesn't believe in giving a scholly to a kicker out of HS? We can't count on landing a Cole Hedlund-type transfer every year. If we want another Trevor Moore, it's probably going to take a scholly.
  5. Other than glancing up at the screen the rare occasions I eat at Applebee's or some place like that, I've been done with the NBA a long time. The attitude of so many of the players these days is a complete turnoff, and the NCAA Tournament is a million times more exciting than the NBA playoffs.
  6. Nice pub. But I'm sick and tired of this line: No, in 1977 our record was 10-1. True, one of those wins came by forfeit from Mississippi State. But it was a true forfeit, not just a "vacated win" for Miss. St., so it counts in the record books as a W for us.
  7. In fairness, if coaches were allowed to split sessions and get extra days of practice for inclement weather, they'd be calling practice halfway through all the time. Then the NCAA would have to sort through all the waivers, see which ones were legitimate, then there would be appeals when the waivers were denied...TBH, it makes a lot of sense.
  8. They're one of those "directional schools." 😉
  9. Not all 3-stars are created equal. This guy might have been the jewel of the class. Still, if he's going to commit elsewhere, it's better to know now. I wish him well.
  10. Does his dad still have any eligibility left? 😮 Welcome, Dane!
  11. We're at a point now where we can call teams who make the Sweet 16 irrelevant? I guess I missed the memo.
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