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  1. 24/7 gives him an 87 rating...for now, this is our highest rated commit going back at least a few years. Welcome, Jayden! Tear it up!
  2. A. Every school in C-USA wants to leave. B. Look at your calendar.
  3. You forgot the "G" before "DD." 😉
  4. He spent one spring with arguably the worst coaching staff in all of college football. I don't know how much that brings to the table, TBH.
  5. Great job! Although he still has a long way to go to match Deon Hunter's impressive 10-year streak of being named conference player of the year. 😮
  6. UNLV's a home game for Cal. And as far as I can see, Cal is playing at Notre Dame with no return game.
  7. That's a big step up--it sounds like she'll basically be handling Luke Walerius's responsibilities there.
  8. I don't have a problem with the NT Daily article per se--it seems unbiased and fair, giving Wren a chance to respond to the (evidently) false and (clearly) misleading statements made by the USA Today writer. That's the article I have a huge problem with.
  9. By all reports she's done a good job, and I'm sure other programs have noticed. Wish her well, and I hope we can replace her with someone of comparable traits.
  10. Historically, Michigan State recruits much better than Colorado. Geography only goes so far.
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