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  1. I will also be praying for the Anderson family. So sad to hear.
  2. Umm, does no one have custody of Mason Fine? If not, I will be glad to take UNT's first Heisman winner.
  3. I always thought Sagarin's rankings were crap. Unbiased, maybe. But still crap.
  4. I pick 11-3. We lose 2 regular season games, then win either the conference championship or bowl game--not both.
  5. Maybe. With that juke move, he still gets off the pass and at least lessens the direct momentum of the hit.
  6. Absolutely. And it shows he has no interest in building for the future--using 16 ships from a class on players that will all be gone before next season.
  7. And it says 120th in Division I? Does that mean they're placing 23 FCS teams ahead of us? They're crack smoking.
  8. Rick, that gal standing about 4 behind you in the striped skirt . . . is this the same one? I'd love to find the video she posted after our game last year.
  9. It's smart. They need to connect with more people. Who knows, maybe they've been watching how little towns like Muenster, TX and Locust Grove, OK can get behind their hometown boys at UNT.
  10. I like this list, but I'm not sure I see Adaway having a major breakout season this year. There are only so many touches to go around, and I expect Torrey and Easley to get the lions' share, Nick Smith a good number, and at least one other with whom to share the scraps. That said, I remember when as a sophomore Lance Dunbar was Cam Montgomery's backup, then he had that one start when Cam was hurt...after that, Lance couldn't be a backup again. He was too good to leave off the field.
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