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  1. Mean Green 93-98

    Choosing C-USA: Week 8 predictions

    That's a fair and reasonable prediction.
  2. Mean Green 93-98

    UAB fan talk

    What happened their 2nd game of the season isn't all that pertinent to what we'll be facing on Saturday. How the two teams have been performing in their most recent games is a better indication of what to expect.
  3. Mean Green 93-98

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Wait . . . are you saying that the 1 O'Clock Lab Band throughout its entire existence has not contributed as much to the University of North Texas as that one play? The 1 O'Clock Lab Band has literally and directly contributed to thousands of students attending UNT. I would venture to guess that far more donor dollars have been brought in through the efforts of the 1 O'Clock Lab Band through the years than have been or will be brought in because of that one play. Don't get me wrong, that play was huge on multiple levels; but I think you are seriously overstating your case.
  4. Mean Green 93-98

    Post USM Seth Littrell Radio Show

    My gripe is with the consistency. You see players doing goofy things like this all the time after touchdowns with no penalty. So why does it draw a flag after a sack?
  5. Some recent observations on the board have compelled me to say something. For example, in a recent thread, I noticed a post with which I disagreed. So I posted my differing view and my reason for holding that differing view. Somehow I recently re-viewed that same post I disagreed with, and found that the board had gone absolutely nuts downvoting it. I don't get it. I never downvoted it, and I rarely if ever downvote a post simply because I disagree with it. I may downvote a post because I think it's out of line (language, personal attacks, etc.). But if I notice that a post has already hit minus 3 or so, I lay off. It seems I use a whole lot of my up-votes giving them to posts I disagree with, but that I feel have been excessively downvoted. I don't really notice when a post (mine or someone else's) has a couple of votes one way or the other, but it's hard to miss when someone's post has gone to -8, -15, or -20. And at that point it seems like a personal attack. I have lately noticed people tentatively posting, "I may get blasted for this, but..." Shouldn't we welcome differing opinions? Even if I don't agree with it, a post I disagree with is usually the one providing me things to think about that otherwise would not have occurred to me. I'm not asking for a "safe space for snowflakes." If anything, I'm saying the opposite. This website ought to be a place where fans who bleed green can freely offer their differing opinions, and still be friendly toward each other. So am I asking that the board limit the amount of downvotes a post can receive, or eliminate the downvote altogether? It probably wouldn't hurt. But I'm mostly offering the suggestion that folks here not gang up on a poster who has already been sufficiently downvoted. And yes, I know this post is a magnet for downvotes. 😃
  6. Mean Green 93-98

    DRC: UNT evaluating injured players

    I don't think it's about keeping things from the fan base or donors, it's about keeping things from opposing coaches who will attack whatever weaknesses they find.
  7. Junior
  8. Mean Green 93-98


    I love it! 😁
  9. Mean Green 93-98

    What is the next level?

    Would you say C-USA is a better fit for us than the AAC?
  10. Mean Green 93-98

    What is the next level?

    If the AAC were to offer us a spot, that would be a no-brainer. The MWC would take a little more contemplation, but make no mistake that it would still be an upgrade from the current incarnation of C-USA.
  11. Mean Green 93-98

    Coming up in minutes on CBS 11

    On his radio show a couple weeks ago, he was asked if he would be willing to forgo shaving for a while for some cause. He agreed.
  12. I promise you that what Skip's telling the media is quite different from what he's telling his team.
  13. Mean Green 93-98

    Overheard in Rogers, Arkansas restaurant

    I completely disagree. That was greatness.
  14. Mean Green 93-98

    Jordan Murray - Still Injured??

    He was listed on the participation report, but those aren't always accurate. I don't remember him playing tonight.