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  1. I was talking to whomever the portion I quoted applied. If it doesn't apply to you, I guess I wasn't talking to you.
  2. Pathetic. I don't really care one way or the other about this thread, but I care far less for the pompous attitude on display in this specific post.
  3. To be clear, the words in the original post were not written by the original poster. It's the take of some writer at Purdue. It's obviously a biased take, but it's interesting to see how he hopes Harrell recaptures the magic he had at North Texas, versus what he did at his following two stops.
  4. FAU made the front (web) page of CBS Sports. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/at-19-1-fau-is-a-stunning-college-basketball-story-and-might-be-too-good-to-be-labeled-a-cinderella-team/
  5. The team can't announce anything until the player signs his NLI. Usually, these graphics the players use to announce their verbal commitments are provided by the staff.
  6. The two on the right are throwing up the classic North Texas talons.
  7. The talon hasn't been taught correctly in 20 years or so. Hard to blame the guy.
  8. Great hire for Tulsa. Does anyone else think it's bizarre how some teams have started taking such pride in their area code? The satellite campus in San Antone does the same thing. I mean, they're just digits assigned by a corporate entity. Can you imagine us putting all the area codes in North Texas on our helmets?
  9. A. Littrell had just signed multiple recruits from SOC and that area, some of which we will lose under the new staff. B. His post had nothing to do with the coaches' personalities. It had to do with the fact that a new coach with a clearly similar approach to X's and O's was brought in to build on what we already had, rather than to tear everything down and virtually start back from scratch, like we have done with previous coaching hires. Can you handle all that? 😉
  10. I've always been, and remain, a Quinn Shanbour fan. I'd love for him to stay at UNT, but moving on is better for his coaching career at this point. Wishing him all the best!
  11. That's pretty much exactly the opposite of what Morris said. I'll let you take that up with him.
  12. If that's what we get next year, we sure didn't get much of a coaching upgrade. Sounds like a downgrade to me.
  13. It's official. #24. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-rankings-ucla-joins-top-five-of-ap-top-25-fau-in-poll-for-first-time-in-school-history/
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