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  1. He speaks English. But he was raised speaking Spanish, so if his caddy is also primarily a Spanish speaker, I would guess it's just easier for them.
  2. This is gonna be nuts. The big schools like Bama, Texas, Ohio State, etc., are gonna kick their underperforming scholarship players to the curb, and refill with proven players from G5s and lesser P5s. The portal will be even crazier.
  3. I don't see it with any kind of frequency. We started winning games last year once we started leaning heavily on the run game. We may be stacked in the receiver room, but I still see some uncertainty there, just as I do in the QB room. Latrell is unproven; Bush was solid-not-spectacular last year for the short time he was healthy. If Oscar is back and healthy, I see us leaning heavily on the run, at least in the early part of the season. Now if the passing game really starts clicking, who knows where we'll go from there? For all the concerns about Littrell that have been addressed here on this board, one thing he does pretty well is play to our strengths. If the passing game is where we're getting yards and touchdowns, we'll see more ways of using that area of strength.
  4. Call me skeptical. If they didn't think Kason was truly scholarship worthy, they could have found someone else on that Manvel roster who was.
  5. We essentially pulled Johnson's offer when he wouldn't sign early. Why continue to honor Kason's offer if his only purpose was as a gateway to someone whose offer we pulled?
  6. If she actually advocates sending gypsies and Jews to the gas chamber, then I would agree that is more offensive. But if you are using the word "Nazi" the way you libs typically do--"someone who holds traditional, middle America values"--then the vandalism is probably worse.
  7. Any sane person would be. It is illegal. It is the destruction of property. It is suggestive of physical threats that might be carried out if she refuses to stay home. I don't agree with her tactics. But if you think her opponents have taken the high road on this, I don't know what to say to you.
  8. Thanks for posting. His voice sounds like Sly Stallone.
  9. Alabama had a higher per-recruit rating than A&M. A&M only finished higher because they signed 30 commits in the class to Bama's 25. As long as Saban is there, Alabama will be just fine.
  10. Hope he doesn't ask for pizza . . . https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/usfl-player-cut-by-pittsburgh-maulers-over-wanting-pizza-instead-of-chicken-salad-in-team-hotel/
  11. When I was a student, some friends of mine were on Fry Street one night and saw some oddly-dressed individuals. One of my friends, who had probably had one (or ten) too many, shouted out, "Hey, liberals!" The other group responded, "Hey, conservatives!" My friends laughed, and both groups hung out with each other for a little while. I'm glad that's the North Texas I attended.
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