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  1. Mean Green 93-98

    McCasland starting to get national love

    So does this start the new rumor megathread?
  2. That is very poorly written. How would GPS validate anything if his alleged threat was made "off-campus"? At any rate, neither gun ownership nor conservatism should lead to a student's suspension. A murder threat should lead to his expulsion and criminal charges.
  3. That's unrelated. If I make a choice, I make a choice. Especially if God in no way compels me to make that choice.
  4. No sir. He created a "breed" that He knew was "very good" at its creation (Gen. 1:31). But to create man with the capacity to love, He had to create man with free will, and thus, He created man with the capacity to choose to do wrong, to hate, and all that goes with that. So He should destroy us as soon as we do something petty, mean, or evil?
  5. Mean Green 93-98

    19' WDE Offer: David Sow; Navarro JUCO - 3*

    From his 24/7 page:
  6. I imagine that QB from Schertz is supposed to be healthy soon? I expect that would scoot Rivers pretty far down the depth chart. Hope he finds a good new team where he can beat the pants off UT-SA.
  7. With all due respect, you don't have a universe. That belongs to Someone Else. And He knows best how to deal with a fallen world. No greater moral crime was ever committed than the killing of His own innocent Son, and He permitted that to take place to rectify all the moral crimes that you and I and the rest of us have perpetrated on His universe.
  8. In the first passage, figurative language is being used. The Lord is depicted as speaking to angelic beings even though it was the Babylonian army that God used as His agent to destroy Jerusalem. He did not verbally command the army in His word; God used them providentially. There were of course no crimes that God committed--He gave life, and He alone has the right to take it again. I never said that God did something unintentionally. The point with my "collateral damage" comment, which I tried to point out from the beginning was not worded as well I would like, is that the focus of God's judgment was not on the children. But sometimes children suffer for the sins of their parents. Recall that God was pleased when Nineveh's repentance allowed innocent children likewise to be spared: "And should not I spare Nineveh, that great city, wherein are more than sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand; and also much cattle?" (Jonah 4:11).
  9. Mean Green 93-98

    2019 Commits: Week 15 (12/7) Schedule

    3 pairs of teammates in one class...has that ever happened before?
  10. Again, you are conflating passages. None of them you cite above refers to the judgment God enacted through the Israelites against the Canaanites, nor to anything God commanded in His word. As to your last question, I did say, "If you will"--I can't particularly think of a better way to describe it. It's altogether unrelated to His Omnipotence either way.
  11. Actually, I believe you are conflating two passages there. The Israelites sang a lament that wanted the adversaries who had dashed the Israelites' children against the rocks to suffer the same fate. As far as the punishment against the Canaanites, their wickedness had brought God to a point where He was willing to let their children die (no mention of being "bashed against the rocks" in that context) as "collateral damage," if you will.
  12. Actually, both passages are similar. "Judge not that ye be not judged." God's judgment against the Canaanites is a mild precursor of the judgment to come.
  13. So they're including the debt for Apogee Stadium in these figures? This is ridiculous. As if they're breaking some kind of news.
  14. Mean Green 93-98

    Everyone needs to calm down.

    That article has been linked at least 5 times.