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  1. Mean Green 93-98

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Then he obviously came to the right place!!
  2. Mean Green 93-98

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    I doubt he'll be making less than $200k at UNT, so I'm not sure what your point is here.
  3. Mean Green 93-98

    5th 20-Win Regular Season In School History

    I believe you missed the key word "regular."
  4. Nope. Syracuse offered him Feb. 21 last year.
  5. Mean Green 93-98

    Art Briles interviewing with Southern Miss

    "Weight" isn't the word at all. But publicity? I imagine quite a bit.
  6. Mean Green 93-98

    Art Briles interviewing with Southern Miss

    Whatever backlash they face, it won't be in Hattiesburg if he helps get them back to being a nationally-ranked team.
  7. Mean Green 93-98

    Whom will be #2 UNT QB coming out of Spring '19?

    It's a tough question. We saw during the bowl game that Bean was the coaches' first option. Martin outperformed Bean during the bowl game, but there are at least two ways of looking at that: (1) It's a small sample size; the coaches saw more from Bean throughout the season; or (2) Bean is a better practice QB, Martin is a better gameday QB. Aune is a darkhorse/wildcard, but we've had a few of those in recent years--pedigreed, experienced, but took a very roundabout route to UNT (think Brock Berglund or Damarcus Smith)--and they don't seem to work out. Kuehne would really have to be lights out to win the backup spot as a true freshman.
  8. Mean Green 93-98

    ‘20 DB Nate Floyd - A&M Consolidated

    There's only one guy who made a prediction, and he made it last March.
  9. Mean Green 93-98

    Khairi Muhammad's in the Doghouse

  10. Mean Green 93-98

    Building a Winner with Wren Baker

    Start by not spending 5 years running off a fanbase once it has been built up.
  11. Mean Green 93-98

    Reaming Scholarships?

    It seems like that's the one he's been eyeing all along. Hopefully things work out for him.
  12. Mean Green 93-98

    ‘21 LB Kendrick Blackshire - Mesquite Horn

    24/7 has him as their #1 ILB in the country.
  13. Mean Green 93-98

    Reaming Scholarships?

    There is still the per class limit, so, no, a spot is not open to bring in a new player. I would guess that 97and03 is on the money.
  14. Mean Green 93-98

    It Is GAME DAY!

  15. Mean Green 93-98

    COLUMN: Jalen Guyton should wait a year

    Maybe third best hands, maybe not even that. But he was the one receiver defenses always had to account for, opening a lot of opportunities for other targets.