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  1. Bobby Bowden was fired. I'm pretty sure he's in Florida State's hall of fame or ring of honor or whatever they call it. Bobby Knight was fired and was extremely controversial, yet I guarantee he's in Indiana's hall of fame. Those are just a couple of examples and I'm sure there are hundreds more; but as the first reply to your post noted, coaches typically get fired/asked to step down. Later on, people can assess their entire body of work and decide if it's hof-worthy.
  2. Derek's career overall was not HOF-worthy. But his Heart of Dallas Bowl performance while injured gets him in, IMO.
  3. Could you elaborate on that a bit? Or are you just speculating?
  4. Plenty to love about the 2018 team, but Bowl game champ > Bowl game loser
  5. I'm guessing they're not manufacturing them with our logo anymore, per the Titleist website: https://www.titleist.com/golf-gear/headwear/collegiate-and-mlb/collegiate-tour-performance
  6. Kind of an understatement, IMO, but congratulations nonetheless.
  7. I don't believe he ever coached at UNT. He used to post here some, and I think he tried to get an interview when one of our new head coaches was first hired. I seem to recall that he was in the high school coaching ranks. Okay, I just did an Internet search and it looks like he is in the corporate world as an HR manager.
  8. Underneath where it says, "Video Unavailable," there is a link that says, "Watch on YouTube." This has been posted somewhere before, but it's definitely worth another watch.
  9. The big schools commonly "de-commit" "commits" who keep visiting other schools.
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