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  1. Probably one of the people on whose advice he's acting is that of SL. If he had a legitimate shot at the starting job, or even at significant PT, he would have been told that.
  2. How could you? SL was hired long before WB ever even got here.
  3. Fields was definitely going to start at Georgia, probably just not until Fromm was gone. Good point about OSU Qbs--Fields looks to be a much greater QB talent than the rest of them, though. He's not just an incredible athlete with a strong arm. He can read defenses as well as any QB with his experience.
  4. I understand, but what do you do when that describes 90%+ of the talent pool?
  5. No way. They liked little Tune fine, but they were going to start King every single time over him.
  6. Go back and read posts back from when Giovanni Vizza qui transferred.
  7. I hate to see him go, but he wouldn't have if he thought he'd be starting next year. So apparently he thinks there will be at least one person on the depth chart ahead of him. That's somewhat encouraging. I honestly wish him well at his new school and in life beyond.
  8. But again, is this a true 4-man front? It still looks like 3 down linemen to me. I'm fine with it, but the way formations are labeled these days has more to do with nomenclature and less to do with traditional positional functions.
  9. Bizarre take. Find the next Graham Harrell? Someone SL can take under his wing and nurture? We need someone to come in and take control of the defense.
  10. This. Neither Aune nor Bean had spring training and both looked decent for their first year seeing real PT. If either improves substantially, we'll have one of the better QBs in C-USA. And if Gilmore, Keuhne, Martin, or Drummond passes them up, that could be an even better sign.
  11. Apparently not. The fact that Ole Miss moved him as quick as they did from QB to WR has to be concerning. He might be a long shot, but I'm cheering for Cade Pearson on that roster.
  12. Talk to me about how Tre Siggers fits the SMU student demographic.
  13. Another problem is he has a contract that would need to be bought out.
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