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  1. That's not how I remember it. He wasn't fired. He showed signs of buyer's remorse pretty early in his tenure with the Dolphins. I just think he preferred the greater control he was given at the college level. Similar deal with Petrino when he left the Falcons for the Hogs.
  2. We've been burned on a few others who never made it to campus. If they sign, they count towards the class. Unless I'm seriously misremembering. Yes, that's my understanding as well.
  3. Since they all signed, it would be too late to give him one of those spots anyway. He may be a blueshirt applied to the 2020 class. Or they may figure a way to change one of the 2019 signees into a blueshirt for the 2020 class.
  4. This roundabout obviously has nothing to do with solving traffic woes. It's plain as day that this is intended to provide a logical place for the Mason Fine statue. Harry, please move this thread to the football forum.
  5. Just what the doctor ordered. Welcome, Ta'Shoyn!
  6. That's probably not a basket you want to put too many eggs into . . .
  7. Losing Shaw is a blow, but I expect the fact that LeBlanc beat out Shaw has something to do with his departure. As long as Novil and LeBlanc keep coming on, we ought to be okay at NT for the next couple of years. But we absolutely need to get at least one true hit at NT in this next class.
  8. This doesn't seem to jibe with the current staff's philosophy, but I believe we should give one scholly to a placekicker. A top kicker will make the difference between a win and a loss at least once a season. We lucked out with the Cole Hedlund situation in many ways--the fact that things had gone south at Arkansas, the fact that he had an immediate connection with UNT, the fact that he found his lost touch after he got to UNT. We can't count on things working out like that every year. The only way we got a top kicker like Trevor Moore on campus is because we offered him a scholarship, and that's something we need to be willing to do every 4 years.
  9. Other than early enrollees, the incoming freshmen won't be on the roster until they show up for fall camp.
  10. It's pretty clear that C-USA is not interested in adding schools without football. I have to say, I agree with that policy.
  11. He didn't qualify. He was off to Juco somewhere, I think one of the Kansas Jucos.
  12. I don't remember hearing Casey's commentary on that play before. What a great player, and what a class act!
  13. Lame argument--I'm sure I could find specific points on which you and Xi agree. As for tenure, many Americans and Europeans agree wholeheartedly with me, Harvard Business Review among them.
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