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  1. I don't know about that. Why would Freeman turn down arguably the most prestigious HC gig in the country to be an assistant at LSU? And Rees is a ND alum.
  2. I saw that...but as I mentioned above, they tried to run, but were unsuccessful. The main factor in their improved ability to run the ball is the improved run blocking from the O-line. Your comment focuses on playcalling.
  3. I don't know how you leave out the improved run blocking by the O-line. We really tried to run the ball against UAB, but just couldn't. By last Saturday, it was an entirely different story.
  4. Except he didn't say that. Listen again. He basically said, "If they offer me enough money, I'm gone."
  5. For the totality of the season, that is true. But if you look at how this defense has been coming around, they're definitely among the best in C-USA. They just held UTSA to their lowest point total for the season. Only Marshall held FIU to less than we did. Only Boise St. held UTEP to less than we did. During our season-ending win streak, we haven't given up more than 24 points to any team--I'm not sure if there's another team in C-USA other than WKU that could say the same of their last 5 games.
  6. Don't know if you saw this, but he is interim for the bowl game.
  7. Well, fair enough. If he's that big of a wuss, I wouldn't want him coaching my team.
  8. I just don't buy that he's running because he's scared of the SEC. He surely believes that he can coach with the best; and, if anything, the move will only help OU's recruiting.
  9. Do you think he'd take a demotion to stay there?
  10. They said similar things about A&M, but they haven't done worse in the SEC than they did in the Big 12. And OU's been competing against Georgia and Bama (and USC and Oregon) for playoff spots and recruits, and they've done aight.
  11. I don't get it at all. He's in a situation where he's in the 4-team playoff more years than not. Now he's going somewhere that hasn't really been nationally relevant in years, but they expect a coach to compete for national championships? Surely the A.D. at OU didn't suggest that he might want to move on?
  12. I certainly didn't understand his comments that way. See the above.
  13. They basically said as much during the broadcast. He and his wife are about to have a daughter. Aune said he might stay if he gets lined up with some NIL deals.
  14. I think the result of this game determines if Littrell stays. If NT wins their first game over a ranked team since the 70's (still to be determined, but looking very realistic at this point), I'd be shocked if they fired the coach. And waiting to see the results of the bowl game is too late.
  15. Yes, he does. But it sounds like he's hanging it up after this year.
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