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  1. I assume you're talking about his interview after "The Drive"? He certainly did. By the way, that's something you have to give Coach Littrell credit for. He always puts at least as much blame on himself and the staff as he does on players when things go wrong.
  2. You're not a big fan of Patrick Cobbs, I take it?
  3. Even with Baby Briles, there are at least 30 others schools that would better serve King's potential NFL future than Arkansas. We'll know soon enough. And if I'm wrong, you two can come back and make me eat crow.
  4. Surely he's not that stupid. Whoever he's going to, it's at least a contender for a playoff spot.
  5. Simpson, Wood, and Gaddie all impressed. Addaway very much with a small sample size. I suppose Simpson gets the nod since he made the most contributions of the bunch.
  6. I was sad to hear about this--Rush was, and remains, one of my very favorite rock bands. Not too many rock drummers have ever been in Neil's class.
  7. His eligibility has expired. He was a senior this past season.
  8. His departure will definitely leave a void. . . . Where are we going to find another mullet like that?!?
  9. Back when he was O.C., not as a H.C.
  10. He definitely has good wheels . . . but I'm skeptical on how high his ceiling is. He certainly does not pose a threat to break tackles like Tim Tebow or even J'Mar Smith. He throws a pretty looking ball, tight spiral and all, but it seems 1 out of 4 of his passes is a terrible miss or a terrible decision. I think he will probably win the starting position by default, and I'll be cheering on his development. But he hasn't shown me nearly as much as Mason Fine had this many snaps into his college career.
  11. Seems like a lateral move at best. As of this past season, Wazzou was paying their HC $700k more per year than Mississippi State.
  12. Do you think Bean has a higher ceiling as a passer, or just the fact that he brings a better running threat to the table?
  13. I think Bean will probably be the starter simply because that has been the coaching staff's direction the past 2 years. He's been the first off the bench. Unless Aune (or someone else) clearly outshines him this spring and fall, the tie goes to the incumbent, and that's Bean. I noticed there's not much talk in this thread about Kason Martin.
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