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  1. Didn't see that mentioned in this article, but it's strength and conditioning.
  2. By "value" I meant monetary value. Stanford is a little behind Oregon and Washington in that respect. That said, all 3 of those teams have asked and been denied by the B1G. At least for now.
  3. It's pretty clear that they only want to add teams who will increase the value of their conference. At this point, any more additions from the Pac 12 will only dilute their value, with the likely exceptions of Washington and Oregon.
  4. A. OF COURSE, the Pac 12 commissioner is going to throw out every reason he can think of to stop UCLA (or USC) from leaving. B. The University of California Board of Regents is trying to negotiate a way to get Cal-Berkeley into the B1G as a package deal.
  5. Sonny saw what happened when his best friend decided to stay loyal to a G5 program rather than jump at a major upgrade. He wasn't going to make the same mistake.
  6. Okay, you'll have to imagine George Jones singing a soundtrack over this one.
  7. I don't know that they did. They just took whatever fell into their lap. And it just so happened that C-USA, who has historically been a tier above the Sun Belt, prioritized metro areas over winning programs; so teams like App State and Louisiana-Lafayette fell into the Sun Belt's lap.
  8. So, if the facts are being presented accurately and I understand them correctly, this top recruit's family relocated to California for a big NIL deal and wound up homeless. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/t-a-cunningham-a-top-24-football-recruit-files-injunction-over-high-school-ineligibility-in-california/
  9. Just to clarify, national rankings are not the same as world rankings. Although I'm sure Rice would do respectably on those as well.
  10. Well, I suppose. But, IMO, he earned enough trust last year that I think calling for him to fired at this point in the season is more than a little rash.
  11. There were some obvious issues. But it was one game. If he can get those issues largely worked out before the next game, that is the mark of a good coach.
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