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  1. Mean Green 93-98

    Need Arkansas Game Tickets

    Seeing as it's an away game, there aren't likely to be any Mean Green fans with extra tickets. Unless you want a better view, your best bet is to go through the UNT ticket office--it benefits the UNT A.D. and puts you with other "Eagle faithful."
  2. No. Not sure if that means anything more than "he's getting one more chance," though.
  3. A lot of people here on the board were calling for Reffett's head after last season.
  4. Mean Green 93-98

    Rank the UNT 2018 Schedule

    As bad as I want to win it, I completely disagree. SMU has the more talented roster. The oddsmakers have it as a toss-up, and I'm sure a lot of experts will be picking SMU. They annihilated us last year, they return their starting QB, and they have been improving each year. The primary advantage going for us is that they are going to a new coach and a new system, but I'm not sure their new system (Air Raid) is going to be all that difficult to implement. Sonny Dykes had success at this level before. Losing to Incarnate Word is inexcusable. Losing to SMU, though undesirable, is understandable.
  5. Mean Green 93-98

    Southern Miss QB just suspended

    "Quandary" Griggs? That is an apropos typo. Looks like the job is Abraham's now.
  6. Mean Green 93-98

    #1 play in CUSA last season

    Thanks--I never actually looked at their page. Since C-USA refs are typically a parody of real officiating, it makes sense.
  7. Mean Green 93-98

    #1 play in CUSA last season

    I just watched that entire game last night, and I forgot how stale and unproductive our offense got from the 2nd quarter all the way until that last drive. The offensive woes leading up to it make that drive all the more impressive. No, it's not surprising that play won the #1 play last season. But does anyone else find it strange that C-USA refs are publicly ranking the best plays in C-USA?
  8. Mean Green 93-98

    Rank the UNT 2018 Schedule

    I pretty much agree. I'll go with . . . FAU. Are we really contenders or just pretenders for the C-USA Championship? This game tells us. Plus we really need redemption after last year. SMU. Always a big deal. Arkansas. If we win, it becomes #1. If we lose, well, we were supposed to lose. UTSA. Primarily because of how last year's game ended. They'll be looking for payback. The fact that it's the last game of the year could mean this game will decide the division. LaTech. Home game against what should be good natural rivals. They're always among the top 2 or 3 in the division. UAB. They ought to be at least as good as they were late last season. Which is good enough to compete for the C-USA West crown. Southern Miss. After losing Ito Smith and others, I think they will be down a little bit. Unless Griggs really picks up his game, which is not out of the question. Rice. Home conference game. Former SWC team. UTEP. We get to see our old buddy Chico. Incarnate Word. Gets the edge only because it's a home game. Old Dominion. Yes, it's a conference game, but it's away and probably will not be nearly as crucial as our other conference games. Liberty. A team that we should destroy, but...they do show some signs.
  9. Keep the lines of communication humming, and get him on campus in a year or two.
  10. Mean Green 93-98

    Big time commitment

    Congratulations!! Wishing you two all the best.
  11. If we're going to go there, how do we forget Brian Waters--2009 NFL Man of the Year? And Craig Robertson has been outstanding in his charity work and always giving a shout-out to the Mean Green. Although, in fairness, Harry did say player representatives--several of these are guys who have represented UNT especially well after their college playing days were over.
  12. Mean Green 93-98

    Dickey to A & M

    In all likelihood, he never would have developed the offensive system he has now if he would have remained HC at UNT. I am glad for his success, and wish him all the best.
  13. Mean Green 93-98

    Thank You, Mysterious Donor

    That is good to know. With all appreciation for Mr. Kuehne's contributions, of course.
  14. Mean Green 93-98

    Dickey to A & M

    Not really. Dickey came to UNT with a run-first philosophy different from his predecessor, and not very successful initially until he recruited the type of players that fit his system. At least since he was at Texas State with Franchione, he's been running a pass-happy spread offense, and I imagine he'll be running that until he retires. Unless the HC tells him otherwise.
  15. Mean Green 93-98

    Dickey to A & M

    You do know that his recent offensive philosophy is night-and-day difference to what it was when he was at UNT, right?