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  2. UNT beat Texas State yesterday. East Texas Baptist beat Baylor. UNT plays East Texas Baptist today at 3pm for the tournament championship!
  3. Well I’m not going to go correct it. 😂
  4. Today
  5. The only question was which version of that cup the OP was asking about
  6. Sometimes Oregon is successful at copying other teams great uniforms, like they were three years later vs Ohio State.
  7. Is the North Texas game at 3:00 again, and do we know the opponent for Saturday?
  8. Remaining seeds: 1 #2 2 #3s 1 #4 2 #5s 1 #6 1 #9
  9. It's not. If it had been he would have been gone last year because of SMU. They were trying to lure him from anywhere between $2.4m-$2.8m.
  10. The new conference will help, but let's stop hoping our opponent raises our attendance and instead be the team that raises other team's attendance. Also I don't know what closer schools you would want us to play. Which schools would those be?
  11. The tournament is about who is the best, but it's not solely about that. It's also about luck (both good and bad) as well as matchups. Houston had a great season. So did Alabama. Hell, so did Kansas and Purdue. (And I haven't even mentioned the two seed trio of UCLA, Arizona, Marquette) March isn't a total crapshoot, but there's a reason why this is probably the toughest tournament to win. It takes six (or even seven if you go through the First Four) games within three weeks where you have to be in top form. In a row. No off nights like the NBA or NHL or MLB. And unlike the NFL or CFB where the sheer number of players means no one (not even a QB) having the game of his life will get you a victory...in the Big Dance some unknown kid from South Eastern Middle State of the Sacred Heart can get hot and put up 45, thereby taking down a giant.
  12. That cup looks like it might not be a sanctioned product (whatever that means). The font is different and the eagle is a wee bit off, But! I like it too!
  13. And yet here you are talking about your team on our board. You couldn’t wait to see what we had here to say about li’l ol’ Houston that needed you to come avenge their honor. You seriously enjoy it around here? I feel like you come in and try to kick everyone in the nuts yet every time your tactics end up getting everyone to kick you in the nuts.
  14. I got that one as a Christmas gift one year! It’s in my standard rotation haha …
  15. Houston was the #1 team in the country most of the season, were they not? High expectations in H town and the cougars laid a fat egg.
  16. Nah, that UNC squad this season was one of the biggest busts in the history of college basketball. I'm not even kidding. It was a super talented roster that was ranked #1 to begin the season. It'd be like if Alabama football struggled to a 7-5 campaign. They just never figured it out. I lay a lot of the blame on Hubert Davis.
  17. Im so jealous of everyone going. These experiences are lifelong memories. enjoy your trip. Please feel free to share your photos here.
  18. The no sit* transfer portal. And as far as your UNC argument, I could make the argument that they were seeded just right given they didn't even make the cut this year
  19. I think scheduling and CUSA has a bit to do with it. If we play closer or more well known schools at home, we’ll get better crowds. CUSA is one of the best mid majors in terms of basketball, this year, and in the past couple of years, but sucks at marketing or negotiation. But our program has to take the next step. Winning the NIT will help. The AAC will help. But we can’t squander this incremental stream of success. That’s what people expect from UNT based on our history. We need to continue to build, at the current rate, as we have been. If we do that, we’ll be fine.
  20. We could get there if a coach would stick and build the team. Oh Houston is 3-3 in the CBI as well…. Outside of just recently 2018-2019 Houston basketball wasnt anything special. A lucky year hete or there like many. It’s not the 80s anymore. Houston could easily drop again. Lucky they got invited to another conference. They avoid some “lower level” schools who would run them off the court. I guess losing to Oklahoma State or Baylor is better.
  21. Okay, so the transfer portal began in October 2018. Let's throw out the 2019 champion then because it was probably too late to change many rosters, given the season started in early November. Then 2020 was the covid cancelled tournament. 2021 (1) Baylor defeated (1) Gonzaga 2022 (1) Kansas defeated (8) North Carolina (But really that UNC team was not exactly a Cinderella given their blue blood status...more like a talented team that figured it out late in the season) Doesn't seem much different to me.
  22. With the transfer rules as they are, a lot of this is moot.
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