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  2. The rumor. What is this rumor and who is it from?
  3. You still haven’t produced evidence of your “well documented” stance that you wanted Littrell gone before everyone else way back in 2016.
  4. The cluster F our program seems to be turning into under Seth and Wren (and yes, this is 100% on Wren's watch)
  5. BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky — For just the third time in program history and the first time since 2010, the North Texas men's basketball team Saturday afternoon beat Western Kentucky on the road, 65-60.The win is the Mean Green's ninth in their last 10 games and improves them to 11-4 overall and 4-1 in conference. UNT was led Saturday by fifth-year senior Thomas Bell who scored 17 points. He also had six rebounds and four assists in the five-point win. "One thing I love about how we won today is we did it the way we need to play," said head coach Grant McCasland. "I'm super proud of all of the guys, especially the guys like Aaron Scott and JJ Murray who played fantastic and then Thomas Bell really settled us in late. This was a great win for us." In what was a rematch of the 2021 Conference USA Tournament title game that North Texas won 61-58, they once again did it on the defensive end to beat WKU for a third straight time. UNT entered Saturday as the nation's No. 1 3-point defensive team only giving up an average of 4.3 per game. On Saturday they didn't give up a WKU (10-7, 2-2 C-USA) 3-pointer for the first 37 minutes of the 40-minute game. The Hilltoppers finished the game 2-of-12 (16.7 percent) from deep. North Texas forced 15 WKU turnovers and scored 13 points off the turnovers. While UNT was preventing WKU from making 3-pointers on the defensive end, on the offensive side they began the game hot from 3-point range. North Texas opened the game four-of-six from deep and finished 10-of-23 (43.5 percent). Despite having a height disadvantage down low, the Mean Green still matched the Hilltoppers in scoring in the paint as each team scored 26 around the rim. "We got lucky a few times they didn't have some threes go in but I thought defending them on the arc was one of the best things we did tonight and just making sure we had the right guys we wanted shooting for them at the right time," McCasland said. "The senior leadership tonight was great and I'm so thankful for those guys in the locker room." UNT returns home next week and hosts Charlotte on Thursday at 6 p.m. CT. Following Thursday's game they'll host Old Dominion on Saturday at 5 p.m. CT at the Super Pit.
  6. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/Stout-defense-gives-UNT-Mean-Green-first-win-at-WKU-Hilltoppers-since-2010-180712501/ “It feels great, we feel like this is the hardest road trip in C-USA,” senior guard JJ Murray said. “For us to come away 2-0, it’s a good feeling. It gives us a little momentum coming back home.”
  7. Today
  8. Grant is about a sure thing as you can get from a coach. He wins with players that fit his system, who are not necessarily superstars. He just seems to retool every year with under the radar guys.
  9. 301 yards on 24 attempts. A future NFL running back, sure. God, nah. Defend the absolute definition of mediocrity. That's your choice.
  10. Documented where? Ever heard of the running back UTEP had playing that day in his last college game before the NFL draft? Go ahead and say you wanted Littrell gone after year one and I’ll say you were a party of one. Over here trying to act like you discovered fire before everyone else. Get real man.
  11. Man 2017 and 2018 must of been Hell for you. He has recruited well the last 2 classes, let’s see how it turns out. You may be right but the transfer portal has changed recruiting strategy. I believe recruiting shows the future of the program.
  12. I think @TheReal_jayD needs to take a break for a while. You will feel a whole lot better when you come back.
  13. Seth is on his private plane to the golf course, not to a recruits home. Fire this bum
  14. Don’t be ridiculous, he took a 1-11 team that got throttled by Portland State and took them to 5 wins in year 1. Don’t act like you were some savant thinking he didn’t deserve a better deal way back in 2016. I don’t recall anyone being against that contract.
  15. Every Seth's failure is on Wren from here on. Seth is a proven below average head coach, Wren should have moved on.
  16. It's well documented I lost all faith in SL in November of 2016 when he took a 5-6 UNT team into El Paso with bowl eligibility on the line and got throat punched by a 3-8 UTEP team by 30. It was uninspired and unmotivated football. Since, he's lost to just about every competitive team we've played save UTSA this year. Army in I believe 2018 if you're really counting. Piss on 9 wins. Look at the wins. And really dive into the losses in the same window of time. It's pathetic. It's gotten worse. And the rumor is he's got it in cruise control while we get dominated in recruiting. Hopefully that's enough proof for you.
  17. Yes and the original post I was responding to said “Yet, people still think Littrell is the guy and would happily give him another extension for a .500 season next year. This is seriously the most uninspired off-season we've had in years.” No one on here has been saying they would happily give Littrell another extension for a .500 season next year. Two pivots later we got the post you were responding to.
  18. What the heck is this staff sitting on or waiting for? The optics of this, and likely the long-term outcome, is awful.
  19. What am I defending exactly? I don’t think think Littrell is a good coach and I wish we had moved on. I also think those recruiting classes that were highly ranked from 19-21 have generally performed pretty well. These views can be held simultaneously, especially if I’m being intellectually honest and consistent. I’m not gonna bitch about the top of conference classes he signed being the problem when the truth is they have performed pretty well compared to their conference peers. Especially when the classes that were poor (16-18) were the actual upperclassmen on the bad teams and more directly responsible for the poor performances. But guess what? Littrell is the one who signed those classes too. He is still at fault. That blame is still being placed at his feet, which is part of why I think we should have moved on. And if you say that the conference being bad makes it a bad bar to judge things by, I half agree. That is the conference we are in and have been in, so up until this point I think it’s fair to judge them based on their CUSA peers. But going forward we do have to raise that bar which, again, is why I don’t think Littrell is good for the job going forward.
  20. Nice pivot try. After 2 nine win seasons and Mason coming back I would bet the major majority on this site was all for an extension including you. Prove me wrong.
  21. And UNT is standing around asking….. What just happened?
  22. You say 5-3 "in conference" as if that validates anyone or anything. Look at those opponents. Look at this conference. Look at the momentum. Why are you defending this?
  23. He was right around .500 during first extension. Point stands. Move on. Quit defending mediocrity. There's no point. It's not helpful.
  24. I like how people imply these recruiting rankings are invalidated because the teams were bad while these classes were true freshmen and sophomores. Meanwhile we had poorly rated recruiting classes making up the upperclassmen on these teams and no one points out how those poorly rated recruiting classes made for subpar senior classes. We were 5-3 in conference with bad QB play. The players from these classes have made an impact and a good amount have proven to be good CUSA players. Get them a QB and I do think we have the roster in place to compete for a division title. Are they going to be a good AAC roster is a very different question. Especially with the current lack of momentum we have in recruiting.
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