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  2. I will support SL unless we lose to Portland St. in embarrassingly miserable fashion. Go Mean Green
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  4. But they're paying him over 2 million. I'm sure Memphis has its own Ben, calling for higher expectations and a demand for the next level.
  5. Dallas cares about. 1) Cowboys 2-11) Big 12 12) P5 school of choice ................ ................ ................ ................ ................ 11ty billion) SMU (because 80s) ................. ................. The Infinite Never) UNT
  6. Not surprised. Many have commented that Mason doesn’t look the same this year. Maybe it’s the OC, maybe it’s the patchwork Oline, maybe it’s the loss of Rico, or maybe it’s injury. Regardless, this Mason just isn’t quite as good as early last year’s Mason.
  7. Means a little less after getting completely annihilated by Arkansas.
  8. Disappointing. I would like to think that if we had the same W/L record as SMU or Memphis that Fine would have been on this list, but I am not so sure. Only two G5 quarterbacks on the list.
  9. VCU 80 LSU 75 1:39 left
  10. My butt will be at the game in Houston, so this one will be hosted by @ntsumgspe! #hit6 #lockthegate
  11. The irony is....I'm guessing Littrell gets some sort of bonus if we make a bowl? Think about that... (If my facts are wrong there I'll stand corrected)
  12. How many years are left on his contract?
  13. You should know that like doesn't work like that. Just getting more money doesn't make you anymore likely to win than the lowest paid coach in the league. I don't know why many continue to bring this up. Littrell did absolutely the right thing for his family. He didn't take a gun and force Baker to give him a raise. Whether Baker made a bad decision is the question. I really doubt Littrell had any chance at the KSU job. Coaches are going to do everything they can to win. Littrell or any other head coach does not benefit from losing. We can all sit here like it is us paying his salary, and lament the results. Littrell is not going anywhere, but the seat will be hot next year.
  14. Seth Littrell and bowl ass whooping. Name a better pair. I get it we are better off than the dodge and mac days. That's a pretty damn low bar guys. Expect better. Don't settle. That's old Denton. Be better.
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  16. Maybe, but Alcorn first two games were not that bad. They lost to Memphis and SFA by five points.
  17. Problem with that is, that the rankings are already about who offers. Most players and all that NT seems to have a chance at are 3 stars, so you have to look at the numeral ratings. Offers are far from foolproof also, some don't report all their offers; others report offers they never get.
  18. Yeah. Is what it is at this point. I almost hope we don't make a bowl. I saw that if we do we may get matched up with Temple. Oh the ass whipping that will be. It'll look like one of these 4 vs 1 HS playoff games coming around on Friday night.
  19. I'm right there with you. I didn't go to the UTEP game. And I am trying to bring myself to going to the season finale. But, I may not. W or L the value to go isn't there because SL butchered this season with a meat cleaver. It's been an absolute colossal failure. The kind that makes me want to turn into a true casual fan.
  20. At one point word on the street was Norvell was flirting with taking the UNT job. I wish we would've hired him instead of Littrell
  21. The stadium is Mason Fine. I'll give it higher marks when they get rid of that wing.
  22. Side note: Norvell lost his bowl games by 20, 1, and 3. *SL - 7, 20, and 39. #pRoGrEsS
  23. SMU's parking is hell on earth. If the DMN is going to bitch and moan about something, do it equally with the university right down the street from ya.
  24. I was eluding to all forms of media coverage. I grew up in Ft. Worth, graduated from NTSU in 1966, and have lived in Dallas since 1970. We have never received the coverage afforded SMU/TCU with the possible exception of Hayden Fry's tenure, and if we truly belong to the region our media coverage doesn't reflect it. As to "fans in the woodwork ", that's unfortunately where most of them reside until once a decade when we put together a few winning seasons . As to SMU and Dallas, you are correct that fans don't care much about the Mustangs , but that doesn't mean they care about UNT. Finally , you are a jerk.
  25. North Texas stadium fumbles among worst football venues in college sports What an oddly written headline. I get they're going for some sort of pun, but 'fumbles' doesn't work in this sentence, so it doesn't make sense on any level. Am I missing something?
  26. This list is so bad, that Fouts would have been rated better than Apogee. Pure garbage.
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