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  2. That would be great! But I have low expectations already.
  3. I was wondering the same thing but if they took a MWC team, it wouldn't be special at all.
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  5. Not based on the “experts” ratings.
  6. Any predictions? UM 42 UNT 17
  7. I doubt that happens that way very often. I have no facts to back that up though…
  8. If you are a trusted/valuable assistant that has helped him be successful and get that better, higher paying gig, isn’t there is a good chance you go with him? Or you may be in line to take over that head coaching position if he does leave. These would be incentives for an assistant to seek out these opportunities if it looks like the head coach is on the way up, right?
  9. This is where I am, too. Ruder has 3 years of eligibility left. Aúne takes it the rest of the year and see where Ruder is next fall. It’s time for the young receivers to show what they can do. GMG!
  10. I was there, but for some reasons those bleachers felt a lot harder than they did about 40 years ago.
  11. Yeah, I didn’t realize just how good GH was for Fine and for the 1st half offensive fireworks. Replacing GH with the Eastern Washington coach was rough.
  12. Recruiting has been very disappointing (HS, Juco & Transfers)
  13. Yes, I read that and promptly forgot it. Thanks
  14. I think Aune needs more reps with the 1s and will return to the better version of himself we saw last year.
  15. Aune was TCU commit when he went to play baseball. He did a spring ball with Arkansas prior to joining us after his baseball career had already wrapped up.
  16. Did not Aune leave Ark to try to play major league baseball? Ruder left NC because he wasn't likely to get any playing time because of better players ahead of him. In any rate, NT got two ex-P5 good program players. NT saw something in Martin, that they signed him. Apparently, he has no yet demonstrated the skill necessary to get playing time. You may not have any faith in Littrell and staff, but do really think they would keep a promising QB on the bench right now. NT is certainly not going to be auditioning QB in a close game like La Tech. UAB maybe because it would not have mattered. Ruder with his play thus far has made Aune look great in comparison. Aune should be the undoubted starter, but Ruder has got to be a lot better than he has shown. Ruder to me, looks like he is just mentally not ready; hopefully he will be soon.
  17. The connection is that this missed/blocked field goal is when the wheels began to come off.
  18. Could be Colby Carthel in his third year at SFA. They play Sam this weekend at NRG in Houston. It will definitely a good one to watch.
  19. I’m sorry, I don’t get the connection.
  20. Define "great." The players I have seen on the field the past 3 years are not great. In fact based upon their record they really are not very good. That's not to say that a few don't stand out above the rest , but if our recruits are so good how come they play so bad?
  21. Assistants leave for better jobs or get fired, very few remain tied to a particular coach. Good assistants may not want to come to NT now, but it is because it is a losing program. I just don't get how Littrell wanting a P5 job has any bearing on anything, other than getting him a big pay raise. Littrell is doing everything he can do within the rules to win, there is no reason for him to do anything else. He knows he is risking not being here next year if he doesn't finish strong. If Littrell was winning, we would be lamenting that NT will probably lose him.
  22. If we are being honest with ourselves why would North Carolina let Ruder go if he were that great? Same with why did Chad Morris let Aune leave Arkansas? Why were we the only D1 team to offer Cason?
  23. Who is the best FCS head coach out there? What about Keeler at Sammy State?
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