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  2. I had this discussion with a fan last night and it turned it to a good debate.
  3. DT 90

    New UNT 2018 Roster Look

    I just read the twitter. His high school buddies are at Navarro.
  4. Seth Littrell, 40, HC, North Texas Littrell played his college ball as a RB at Oklahoma. His first coaching gig was a graduate assistant at KU under Mark Mangino from 2002-04. He was an offensive coordinator at Arizona, Indiana, and North Carolina before becoming the head coach at North Texas in 2016. In two seasons, he has a 14-13 record, but has been to two bowl games. Prior to his arrival, UNT went 1-11. Littrell just signed a five-year extension in March of 2018 that pays him $900k per year with incentives that could push it over $1M, but has a buyout of $3.3M per the USA Today coaching salary database. read more:
  5. I see that he is heading to Navarro JC. His high school buddies are there.
  6. Have the government stop paying for these nationalistic advertisements of patriotism. NFL thinks players showing their patriotism in other ways is getting in the way of the patriotic shows that the government pays for. (yes, kneeling can be a sign of respecting our free speech rights) No one gave a crap when the blessed Tebow knelt during anthems. Get out of the 'defining' what is patriotic. Quit wanting your players to be community leaders, but limiting how you want them to speak about the issues that affect their communities. Get out of the 'defining' what is patriotic .. and let it be organic. If things are good, people will be patriotic and show it at all times. If you have to pay for it, things are obviously something is wrong. Fix the real problem.
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  8. DeepGreen

    Bingo! The light just went on.

    Not exactly what I had in mind, but I will say the UNT dancers would look good in that garb.
  9. Hawaii has the Haka war dance. Why not a North Texas game day chant in the Cherokee lanquage? I'll bet Mason Fine would gladly do the translation. Or, at least help us pronounce. "Ꭺ mean itse iyusdi" "Ꭺ mean itse iyusdi" "Ꭺ mean itse iyusdi"
  10. Christopher Walker

    Home Opener to be Televised Locally (not just on Stadium)

    Stadium TV via their Facebook Page as a live stream.
  11. It's refreshing having a player make headlines off the field in this manner. I'm going to get one of those t-shirts. GO MEAN GREEN
  12. Quarterback Mason Fine's heritage honored with University of North Texas T-shirts featuring Cherokee syllabary
  13. Stan R

    Born and Bred is Back

    Outstanding video, loved it - more of these please!
  14. drex

    Rainbow Classic

    Good things are happening!!!
  15. grossman

    DRC: UNT set for trip to Italy

    Anyone know a schedule? Link to exhibitions?
  16. GMG_Dallas

    Downtown Dallas Presence

    It might just be that I never really looked for it but I don't remember seeing as many North Texas billboards in/around Dallas as I have since president S took over a few years ago. He's done wonderful things to increase our presence in my opinion.
  17. DeepGreen

    Rainbow Classic

    I don't remember Benford getting this much accomplished going in to year two as head coach. Hmmmmmm. Come to think of it, I don't remember Benford getting this much accomplished going in to year five.
  18. Well i guess he will be at FAU for five years anyway. So now we have to figure out how to beat him since he is not leaving.
  19. Hunter Green

    Rainbow Classic

  20. MeanGreenTexan

    Rainbow Classic

    Wow! Italy in August, Hawaii in November. Keep this kind of travel up & continue to improve the W/L record, and we should have no problems recruiting. Also, I hope the guys set up some frequent flyer accounts. That's a lot of points!
  21. @UNTSportsFan

    Rainbow Classic

    According to the Univ of Portland schedule: we will be playing in Rainbow Classic along with Hawaii & Humbolt State (DII)
  22. Do you think they even bother to watch or listen to the game?
  23. UNTLifer

    Would you wear UNT kicks?

    Nike. While you are at it, remind them that TCU has about 1/4 the enrollment of UNT.
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