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  2. Defense shines as North Texas routs UTEP 63-33 [ESPN] Mean Green Set Program Record In 63-33 Win [MGS.com] North Texas Tops UTEP [utepminers.com] Tomorrow's tipoff is 3PM. On Stadium again Game thread:
  3. Yes I do. And I explained in another thread. We haven’t lost one kid that’s isn’t already replaceable with someone already on roster. Not to mention we will add 7-10 kids between now and game one.....
  4. Great win! Happy for Chris Wright and the Aledo Bearcats.
  5. If only there were a way we could immediately prove that this was no fluke . . .
  6. Combination of them having an off night and UNT playing very well
  7. Mean Green Make It Five Straight https://meangreensports.com/news/2021/1/15/womens-basketball-mean-green-make-it-five-straight.aspx
  8. Agreed. I would think Rucker is gone but holding out hope until announcement is official. Also, the sit-out free transfer is a one-time deal. Since Rucker was given a waiver and allowed to play immediately this season, that may preclude him from being able to play immediately again should he want to transfer to another FBS school.
  9. No inside info, but opt out has seemed to mean opt out of the university for the most part. I am not hopeful.
  10. UTEP was not shooting the rock real well to night, so I’m not quite ready to pick out a place for the next banner yet. With that said, every trip down for them seemed to be a one-and-done because of how well we rebounded.
  11. UTEP hires Dave Warner as OC. Previously at Michigan State and worked with Dimel at Houston way back in the day. Brian Parrish just lost his OL Coach as UMASS's co-OL Coach, Micah James, was hired by Utah State. Sonny Cumbie has been hired at TX Tech replacing David Yost as the OC. Yost made $600K per year. Cumbie signed a three year deal worth $875K, $900K and $925K. J.W. Walsh of Denton Guyer and Oklahoma St has returned to OSU from UT and will work in quality control and work with the QB's. Charlie Strong is reportedly joining Urban Meyer in the NFL as his LB's coach.
  12. You know we need more than 22 starters right? I think this last season should have demonstrated how essential depth is.
  13. Ha! One day, the middle age people on here will migrate from the bleachers to the hub club. That’s what everyone does🤣
  14. Defense wins championships, and holding a team that averages 77 and put 101 on Rice, to 33 is beyond impressive. Now time to finish them off tomorrow at 3!
  15. Please share because you obviously have us befuddled. Also, is there any chance you are related to PlummMeanGreen or greejoe?
  16. Now the biggest test is tomorrow. 2nd game of a back to back on the road against a team that doesn’t lose a whole bunch at home. This game will separate the good from the great, and I have trust Jalies squad will win!
  17. It is hard to win anything in EL Paso. This game was tougher than I thought, but the NT ladies prevailed. Tomorrow will be another battle. NT basically has only two threats on offense, Boyd and Noble. This will make it tougher to win 2 in 2 days.
  18. I like that we were able to rest our starters for a lot of the second half. That should benefit us tomorrow. Plus, our defense has to be in their heads.
  19. Wade Phillips did say he was available... Perhaps Seth was the first call he got after his post?
  20. Mark Snyder would be an epic disaster and you can already hire the search firm to find Seth’s replacement who will take over in December. We could do a lot worse than Ruffin, Bowen was one way, Snyder would be another. I’d be interested in giving Stoops a chance. I’m not convinced he’d be a home run though seeing as OU thought replacing Venebles with Stoops would be better and then they got worse. But then again Venebles is one of the top DCs in the nation.
  21. I am so happy for Jalie!!
  22. I've got a great story how the "King of the Hill" became a Fire Chief (in the DFW Area), a Judge (in the DFW Area), and a Top Personal Trainer in the (DFW Area)!
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