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  2. But the Topper Flopper will be gone.
  3. Here’s my thoughts on the slaughter. We definitely could’ve put up 15+ more points, but hats off to Coach Mac for being a little classy unlike Arkansas... McBride is absolutely LETHAL from downtown, and I said it when he committed that he is a better replacement for Mo. Saw a lot of bright spots in the younger guys like Rubin and Abou. Rubin looked great minus the silly turnovers that can clearly be fixed. Abou is gonna have to develop into his body because right now he looked kinda awkward on some plays. Speed... I hope Hamlet gets locked in for Arkansas because we need th
  4. I’m guessing it’s a go since we heard nothing about positive tests? Is the lack of news a good or bad sign?
  5. 126 against Arkansas Tech on 12/29/1969
  6. Does anyone know the school record for most points scored ? Great season opener. GO MEAN GREEN
  7. Not sure how much of a confidence boost this is winning by 54, but over a program like MVSU, but hey -- it's a D-I opening night blowout, not D-II or NAIA!
  8. WKU has already secured a 7-3 kid for next year.
  9. School record on made 3s. I believe we tied it last year against Little Rock, but surpassed it today.
  10. Guessing they were showing our record from last year
  11. Drez and Rubin Jones will have huge impacts this season. Great depth on this team.
  12. Nice Win! MV State is horrendus so its hard to say what this mean but this team has some great shooters!
  13. Just saw a hypothetical bracket put out by The Score. Had us as a 13 seed with a record of 20-11 and playing Louisville in the first round
  14. NT 91 ------ MVSU 51 7:38 to go Just gotta hope for no injuries at this point.
  15. Hate that Hamlet got hurt. We need him healthy for Ark on sat
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