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  2. outoftown

    A Picture of the Endzone

    UNT wins on it, it is beautiful. UNT loses on it, it is ugly.
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  4. UNT 90 Grad

    A Picture of the Endzone

    Good googly moogly.
  5. Their new slogan: "The Sun Belt Conference. Not even Karl Benson could kill us."
  6. A Sunbelt team dismantled us last year. That sucked.
  7. DRC:
  8. EagleMBA

    North Texas has Arkansas Worried

    Obscene! Absolutely obscene! Either he is planning to do lots of procreating or he is going to live in the guest house and have his first-string players move into the house with the 40-foot pool. What kind of shack did he have in Highland Park?
  9. jdennis82

    2018 Conference USA FB Schedule for Week One

    In order of personal intrigue... Obviously North Texas vs. SMU - 7:30pm EST - Stadium Would make waves nationally unlike any other Florida Atlantic @ #5 Oklahoma - Noon EST - FOX A winning record vs G5 peers is critical for CUSA prestige Marshall @ Miami (OH) - 3:30pm EST - ESPN+ Louisiana Tech @ S. Alabama - 7:00pm EST - ESPN+ Any win against the P5 is huge (most to least likely W) Middle Tennessee @ Vanderbilt - 7:30pm EST - SEC Network FIU vs. Indiana - 7:00pm EST - CBS Sports Network WKU @ #7 Wisconsin 8:00pm EST - ESPN Good chance to see future oponents ODU @ Liberty - 6:00pm EST - TV TBA Rice vs. Prairie View A&M - 7:00pm EST - ESPN+ Can't lose to FCS Squads Southern Miss vs. Jackson St. - 7:00pm EST - ESPN+ UTEP vs. Northern Arizona - 7:30pm EST - ESPN3 Charlotte vs. Fordham - 6:00pm EST - ESPN+ UAB vs. Savannah St. - 8:00pm EST - ESPN+ This game includes both Herm Edwards and UTSA UTSA @ Arizona State - 10:30pm EST - FS1
  10. Things were going too good. We needed something to whine about. It’s our way.
  11. Harry

    North Texas has Arkansas Worried

    Well one thing for sure is, Chad will have a damn nice house to welcome recruits to!
  12. I'd swear I read something on here a while back, or saw an artist's rendering, that gave the impression the endzones WOULD be lime green.
  13. I'll judge the endzones when I see them in person. I noticed in the Littrell video that #25 walked by with his arm in a sling. Shows to RS Freshman DB Jordan Roberts. And I know we've beat this horse to death, but I'd love to get a shirt like SL is wearing.
  14. Those endzones aren't half as gaudy as the lime-green uniforms of the Fry era.
  15. I feel like Karl has been doing surprisingly well for the SBC. That is surprising because whenever he left things tended to be much worse than when he came for the conferences he was in charge of before.
  16. This. i don’t think we’ve ever played in a conference with a team like FAU. They have lots of great talent, lots of questionable characters, and a coach with a mix of offensive genius, a lack of ethics, and a name to gain national attention at the G5 level. Kiffin and FAU are unlike anything we’ve seen in our SBCUSA years...
  17. When I was a kid and even up to teenage years, it didn't matter what I had planned on a Saturday night, I made sure I was home by 10:30 to watch WCCW on KTVT Channel 11.
  18. The SBC has done fairly well, considering that they are always looked at as the lowest rung on the FBS ladder and lost a lot of their members a few years ago to CUSA.
  19. It just looks more like an NFL style end zone. Looks fine to me.
  20. I said once we started winning and the AD began making the right moves, I'd cease to care about uniforms and color hues.....but watching one of our grey-wearing boys dive into that end zone might make my head explode. (Deep breaths) Just win, baby.
  21. I know many on here like to treat the Sun Belt as a punching bag but they'll be just fine. I've think they've settled into their identity much better than the far-flung CUSA or AAC. Doesn't mean they have a higher profile or better programs, just saying they have found their footprint, especially after ditching NMSU and Idaho. Curious to what ArkStatefan thinks about the job Benson did.
  22. Give him a few months with a good meal plan. No matter how hard you work you won't see any gains without foooooddddd.
  23. FirefightnRick

    The Von Erichs are returning to Texas - SMU Game

    If you got the Iron were done! 50,000 saw that match at Cowboy Stadium. And boy....I sure miss that beautiful voice. Rick
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