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  2. Easier following NT on TV. IF I actually lived in Texas, the answer would be much better and more interesting basketball home game opponents, including SMU, Memphis and Wichita State
  3. I gave the OP a laughter, as I can only assume this was a joke and a decent troll post. A troll is also what Morris looks like with the head cropped on top here in a way it looks overly large.
  4. Maybe. Somehow Lane really seems to vibe with that part of the country. But they would really have to money whip Lane to a ridiculous degree (talking Jimbo Fisher at A&M kind of contract, where he can leave whenever he wants and the school gets nothing, but they have to pay up full to get rid of him). Despite some of his successes, I am not sure you can justify this for Lane Kiffin. That isn't the case because he makes so much money, but because 1) he enjoys himself and learnt the value of that the hard way, and LSU is a different kind of pressure than his current job and 2) he is aware that if he leaves early and this goes south for any reason, this time there will be no coming back from it. He needs to stick it out a bit longer to not look like he jumps at every and any opportunity and 3) (and this is the most important) any reason could include NCAA problems. Those are currently pending at LSU. Everybody expects a slap on the wrist, but it isn't out yet. Feels oddly like when he took USC. Everybody expected a slap on the wrist, but it was fairly crippling and the fan base and media never properly evaluated how good they were considering those. That title 9 and me too stuff however, is a wild card in current political climate. Because he has seen a penalty wild card blowing up in his face first hand, I would expect him to be particularly unlikely to want that risk unless he has the kind of contract where he is essentially unfireable. He might flirt to get a better contract at Ole Miss, but I doubt he leaves.
  5. I feel it is indeed fairly likely that LSU will come calling. This is the DC of the undefeated dream season natty after all.
  6. My LSU booster friends are all aboard the Lane Train. With every touchdown at the mele in Knoxville they would just start yelling Choo Choo. Lane in the Bayou with the athletes he could draw to Death Valley would make the West even more Interesting! Give me Liberty and give me a Win! gmg
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  8. Apparently nothing in the eyes of the mod who chose to feature this topic.
  9. I’m glad you came to this Mean Green site and posted smumustang2018. Moron trash talk is great for local rivalries. Can’t deny the little pony is having a great year, but I’ve known these two institutions for years and years and the reality is the tide will change again, the Mean Green will beat Peruna and we’ll all keep pissing at each other over cold beer.
  10. @Jonnyeaglewhat the hell is wrong with you?
  11. I remember. Just saying it seemed to be a factual statement.
  12. Every single place that won't resemble Ruston or Hattiesburg
  13. It's like the guy didn't look at our post season success? I mean, if he did, this is a first-for-me perspective on how ho-hum we appear to be to some outsiders. I get that we still need to get that big OOC win, but we have a ton of momentum on our side.
  14. Holy hell nobody cares. Can this thread effing die already?
  15. Horrible place to play, bad lighting, fans right on top of the court, no suites, horrible concessions, almost everybody standing the whole game, etc. Still the greatest college basketball atmosphere I have ever been part of.
  16. So I will tell you what is official about UNT being in the same conference as SMU ; hell has officially frozen over.
  17. Siggers with 2 TD's tonight to aid SMU's dismantling of Tulane to improve to 7-0
  18. Wait, and see how it plays out. SMU has always in modern football had a conference advantage over NT. Soon, unless SMU finds another destination; NT and SMU will meet on equal terms. That big historical advantage were almost all SMU victories were not only against a lower level conference NT, but also a lower division school will be gone. Whether NT wins another game this season is meaningless in terms of what is going to start happening in 2023. SMU is a great program this year, and has a shot at an undefeated season. If SMU can build on that, maybe they can dominate the AAC and perhaps get that look from the P5's.
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