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  2. While I am not advocating this strategy, that is exactly what Darryl Dickey early in his career at NT. They were a bad football team his first few seasons. However, I clearly remember Dickey talking on The Ticket about redshirting a bunch of players for the future. I didn't really have faith in him at the time after 3 bad losing seasons. But, it worked starting in 2011 when he ran off all those consecutive Sun Belt wins and 4 straight bowl appearances. I am pretty convinced that the redshirting early on contributed to that 3 to 4 year run. After all those redshirted players graduat
  3. Class of 2021 Schedule Weekend of 10/2/20 TE Var’Keys Gumm; Dekaney: @ Summer Creek WR T.J. Steele; Lubbock Estacado: @ Bushland RB Keith Jackson; Ridge Point: @ Dickinson QB Bryce Drummond; Pawhuska, OK: vs. Fairland WR Zhighill McMillian; Frisco Independence: vs. WF Rider DT Trent Ward; Klein Collins: 10/1 @ North Shore DT Kevin Greene; Del City, OK: vs. Stillwater WDE Chris Wright; Aledo: vs. Frisco Lone Star DT Fatafehi Vailea; Desert Pines, NV: postponed until spring. OLB Willie Simmons; Elgin: vs. Marble Falls SDE/OT Silas Bar
  4. Class of 2021 Results Weekend of 9/25/20 TE Var’Keys Gumm; Dekaney: OPEN until 10/3 WR T.J. Steele; Lubbock Estacado: 9/25@ Andrews; L 45-44, no stats but did have a 50 yard TD run. RB Keith Jackson; Ridge Point: OPEN until 10/2 QB Bryce Drummond; Pawhuska, OK: 9/25 @ Commerce; W 48-14, 19-25 passing for 384 yards & 7 TD’s. WR Zhighill McMillian; Frisco Independence: 9/24 vs. Frisco; L 17-14, 5 rec. for 44 yards. DT Trent Ward; Klein Collins: 9/24 vs. Atascocita; No game DT Kevin Greene; Del City, OK: 9/25 @ Northwest Classen; No Game WDE Chri
  5. Reminds me of Tauaefa. Although, we never did offer Tauaefa
  6. I believe there is a University of Southern Missouri in Joplin...USM.
  7. Imagine what it would be if we added a third QB!!
  8. In yardage, last in FBS. EDIT: It looks like Ole Miss has a few more yards per game than we do.
  9. Also "SOMO" would be Southern Missouri, if there is such a thing. The abbreviation for Mississippi is MS.
  10. How about we come up with something engaging at the end of the 3rd quarter of every home game? I've always dreamt of experienceing Camp Randall's "Jump Around". Maybe we can come up with something like that, but with some "Mean Green' chant involved that reminds us of who we are. I'm a rock-n-roll guy first (the classic rock stuff is great, plus the intense guitar of Dimebag Darrell at every Dallas Stars game....love it!), but I would be down for other styles too.
  11. With 700+ yards against an FCS opponent. Our offense, as usual, is gonna be fine. We need to worry about our defense. We allowed 700+ yards to a G5er in SMU. Where does our defense rank?
  12. I have always wondered what the intended venue was for the OSU game...could reschedule if the venue is available.
  13. Well, if it was up to me I would engage Joe Greene and any of his former teammates from that 1966 defense to sit down and make a video for all future North Texas defensive players to view as part of their orientation into the program. It could also be a regular video for all new general population students to view in their orientation. How long ago did A$M nail down their consistent story about the 12th man? Why the hell can't we CONSISTENTLY tell our story about the MEAN GREEN? A$M is all about tradition, tradition and TRADITION! WE however are all about........well.....
  14. He definitely belongs in Division I. He is currently 10th in Yards per Game and 11th in Average per Carry nationally.
  15. If there are positive tests Saturday morning then the game will be canceled. So there won’t be a game until the ball is in the air.
  16. I guess Thursday is the latest since SOMO has to travel? Lets hope they leave their offense at home.
  17. Maybe someone should let our current defense know of this.
  18. Impressive showing so far. https://meangreensports.com/news/2020/9/27/womens-golf-historic-round-has-unt-women-in-contention-at-ou.aspx http://results.golfstat.com/public/leaderboards/gsnav.cfm?pg=team&tid=21366
  19. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/Relentless-Oscar-Adaway-works-way-into-spotlight-at-North-Texas-Mean-Green-football-152060721/ “New people would come in and we’d ask if they had a championship or a scholarship. If not, then be quiet.” The silent gym became an oasis for Adaway who quickly began to capitalize on his physical gifts with the help of Everett and Witcher. In his freshman and sophomore years of high school, it was clear he possessed the potential of a Division I athlete, but his approach was already on that level.
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