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  2. NTEdgex2

    Bowl Game Watching Parties

    The two of us will try to make the party at BoomerJack’s. Always more fun to watch with other fans. GMG!
  3. You are compelled to make the choice that the omniscient God knows you will make. If you make any other then that God was mistaken & not omniscient. Not causal, but if God is wrong about what you will do, then She's not omniscient.
  4. yeah, it was a special place alright that is why we left in the first place.
  5. southsideguy

    McCasland starting to get national love

    i think he is here for two to three more years. When he leaves I sure the team will be better than the last coach left us.
  6. Read the comments section for a bit of clarity from his fellow students.
  7. MrStrange18

    New Mexico Bowl Preview & Predictions

    Man... predictions are all over the place
  8. Mean Green 93-98

    McCasland starting to get national love

    So does this start the new rumor megathread?
  9. risinggreen

    New Coaches Poll

    The votes situation could get interesting, if we manage to get by NM, Pine Bluff, and Rice to go 13-1.
  10. That is very poorly written. How would GPS validate anything if his alleged threat was made "off-campus"? At any rate, neither gun ownership nor conservatism should lead to a student's suspension. A murder threat should lead to his expulsion and criminal charges.
  11. BillySee58

    New Coaches Poll

    I was not able to find anything in the facts and records book. Good question.
  12. Is he going to coach the NM Bowl?
  13. greensleeves

    UNT Weekend

    I like the way you think, RiseUNT!
  14. drex

    New Coaches Poll

    Blakeley's team was in he UPI poll for a couple of weeks...18th, I think.
  15. I'm sorry. Can someone point me to an article describing a better recording of the meeting? Can anyone here point me to a reason why this man should be considered a threat to the school?
  16. Philip Ferguson

    New Mexico Bowl Preview & Predictions
  17. Philip Ferguson

    New Mexico Bowl Preview & Predictions Fearless Prediction & Line Utah State 34, North Texas 27 Line: Utah State -9, o/u: 66.5
  18. Today
  19. DeepGreen

    New Coaches Poll

    Last week didn't we receive 1 vote? BTW, Happy Hanukkah!
  20. How comical. Les was laughing all the way to the bank....UTA football. It would be like Buzz Armstrong being hired to advise Jamaica on their proposed manned space program.
  21. I would go with conference flexibility every time. There is no loyalty in this game anymore. Further unlike the MW which has some history between the programs and the Mac for that matter, the AAC doesn’t seem to have that glue. CUSA doesn’t either. Wyoming and Colorado state have been rivals forever, San Diego state and UNLV have a great basketball rivalry. Boise and everybody else is a real conference intrigue. I don’t sense much if any of that in the aac. UCF Memphis maybe, but UCF wins that every time. So no way I tie myself to those programs in the aac just like we don’t desire to tie ourselves to odu fiu and Charlotte. GMG
  22. bstnsportsfan3

    New Mexico Bowl Mega Thread

    So what would you think if we moved along with Rice, UTSA (eww) and UTEP? Basically if we moved all Texas teams... not saying it will ever happen but does it change your view?
  23. greensleeves

    David Baliff: Former Rice Coach

    He had a lot of success at Rice but then some flat seasons. Not sure what happened but he's a good guy. (and not an alcohol-soaked dinosaur like a fellow poster rather aptly once described a certain departed UNT coach). I wish him all the best at A&M Commerce and hope he enjoys living in East Texas.
  24. MeanGreenTexan

    TCU QB, Shawn Robinson

    No way. You should google that guy. Also, I'm not sure who you're thinking of, but Duffey had been committed to Tech for a very long time prior to signing.
  25. meangreenlax

    TCU QB, Shawn Robinson

    I'm sure he wants to get out of DFW and get a fresh start from all the TCU t-shirt fans floating around.
  26. peanuts104

    TCU QB, Shawn Robinson

    Why? After this season I doubt any P5 team will look at him, even a bad one like Arkansas.
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