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  2. please bring ALL the OL help we can get
  3. 6'6 320- Independence College https://247sports.com/Player/Jeremy-Flax-46093812/
  4. UNT 31 MTSU 10 And not because our D is any good. MTSU just doesnt have an offense. Cant stop what isnt there.
  5. To answer the original title of this thread? We have everything we need to take it to the next level. Only question is do we have a coach to take advantage of it, recruit to it, coach them up and win games. This is year 4. I would say we'll know if he's the answer in the next 2 years.
  6. Today
  7. I see what you're saying....and I want to believe you....but we were at UNT before Seth Littrell and we'll be here when he's gone. I want him to get this program to the point where he IS sought after by big programs. (I still say the KState thing is crap....but I seem to be in the minority) I want him to to win. That's all I care about. I don't need Littrell falling in love with Beth Marie's ice cream. It's nice but we need him to take advantage of what has been built for him and win games. Get us ranked, get us multiple bowl wins, get us knocking the door of NY6. Then he can go to Oklahoma State, Ole Miss....whatever. We need the UNT BRAND to be what sells recruits. Recruits go to Boise and UCF and UH because they are now brands. They don't have the coaches now that built them into what they are now. I'll give LIttrell credit for the culture change. And that can't go unnoticed. And hey...if Littrell wants to be our Gary Patterson or Bobby Bowden...great. Get us in the annual conversation nationally. But I honestly don't care if Littrell is here in 10 years....just take advantage of this infrastructure and get us on our way.
  8. Retention of first $100K in ticket sales is new, I believe.
  9. Man I hope we keep him committed. That is some impressive closing speed.
  10. Assuming your scenario includes all 3 teams tied atop the West Standings at 5-1, and win their cross-divisional games to wind up with just 1 loss... Bullet #8 means it's USM.
  11. That's actually what I think the detractors are upset about. SL HASN'T learned or improved. We still get blown out of important games. We still can't field a defense that can stop a pass in peewee football. We are still relying on 2 or 3 players to save our asses. A lot would argue he's gotten worse rather than learn. On the flipside, Reeder definitely isn't my favorite guy this year, but he can still prove himself over time and improve. He gets that benefit of the doubt. Seth was halfway out the door, and now he's spinning in circles.
  12. Poor offense at MUTS vs poor defense at UNT. Whichever unit is worse will lose.
  13. No, I ruled out UNT Football ever making it to the next level. Football coaches can be found on ever street corner. Until someone comes along who’s desire to build is greater than his ego what you see today is what you will get next year and so on. You cannot effectively sell the program to top recruits if deep down you know you are not committed yourself. At least no one with a conscience can. Being 100% committed gives you the “power”to sell Big Idea’s and Big dreams and win over top recruits who want to be on the cutting edge. Who want to leave a legacy. Who want to build something. Kids that can one day look back and say, “we built those 15,000 additional seats at Apogee..” “We beat those Top 10 P5 programs.”
  14. I just don’t see it this week. With all the bad play on defense and no weapons on offense. Mid 35 Mean Green 24
  15. Fixed. Don't care how many more they win, there is at least 1 change that needs to be made.
  16. I have no idea how the MTSU game is gonna go....but the Charlotte game just seems like a problem
  17. Very noble. Unfortunately you've just ruled out the possibility of ever having a head football coach.
  18. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/texas/2016/12/21/unt-s-fortune-bearing-albino-squirrel-hit-by-car-dies-on-way-to-vet/
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