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  2. Obviously, we fans do not know; how could anyone know? It maybe an excellent assumption just based on NT apparently can't keep anyone, but there is no way to verify this. I can't believe that any of the AAC teams have a substantially edge in NIL funding other than Memphis and SMU. There is something else going on other than the NIL factor. Has anyone else noticed that there are a great number of players entering the Portal, but at this time; very few have been identified as committing or signing with another team. My guess or maybe just my hope is that NT is in much better shape than the fans recognize. Players have committed whether they are transfers, high schoolers, or those that have entered the portal and not found a better home.
  3. I tried this and it did NOT go over well. It probably had something to do with the timing: I said it right after the boss said "I'll be right back. I need to use the restroom."
  4. What I don't understand: How do we know our NIL is underfunded compared to our conference mates and other peers when the financials don't have to be publicly reported?
  5. That is a trick question. Few players that sign at any school other than the very top tier (SEC, Big East, etc.) schools would not desire to be part of those elite programs. Likewise, by signing with any team that player has expressed his desire to play for that team. So there is no way, a kid? (player) would sign at any school if he did not want to be there. Maybe not his first choice or in his top hundred; but based on what is available to him; it was decided it was his best option.
  6. Grew up in Austin and never heard of it. Have heard of Franklins and Terry Blacks.
  7. According to whom? I’ve worked for in Austin and lived in the greater Austin area for over 15 years and I have never heard of Interstellar BBQ.
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  9. Who is the last true freshman to make a significant impact on this program?
  10. Sparks was a big time power hitter out of high school. Hot she has found her stroke.
  11. Now there was an administrator that spent way more time on the golf course than in the office.
  12. From my understanding you aren't tied down until you enroll in the school. We've seen some commitments back out and re-open their recruitment, meaning they got a last minute offer and hadn't enrolled yet.
  13. UTD has a mascot? What is it, a TI calculator? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Texas_at_Dallas It was initially founded in 1961 as a private research arm of Texas Instruments.
  14. Steve Sloan dies at 79: Ex-Ole Miss coach won two national titles as player under 'Bear' Bryant at Alabama - CBSSports.com Not sure why our alma mater wasn't listed, but he was the AD for my first few years here in Denton while I was a student. Even got to do an interview with him for a communications class when I was a sophomore. He admitted to me that day in his office that the administration just didn't support sports enough to compete with the schools in the SWC back then and that it was really frustrating.
  15. I guess our polo pony is not horsing around.
  16. I totally get his rationale. I don't understand why anyone else would question it quite honestly.
  17. Let me also add, I worry for Rubin and Aaron etc as they can be taken advantage of right now from these other schools. Evidently, James Reese and Drez did not get what they were promised when they left. You are truly a stranger in a strange land in many respects. And you have no laws to support you if they are bad actors.
  18. No they can transfer out as much as they want is my understanding as there are no set rules being enforced. It truly is the wild wild west!
  19. Not every kid coming straight from HS needs a ton of development. If they demonstrate enough to for us to believe they can contribute, get them! I think Layne would have helped us. This is all moot now. We released him, and it was for honorable reasons.
  20. Recruiting has gone from "We would really love to see you in a Mean Green uniform next year, you would fit in perfectly with the team and culture we are building at UNT. It's a wonderful academic institution with with many opportunities for a young (man or women) to take advantage of. We have excellent degree programs in your desired field of study and we are excited to offer you a four-year full ride scholarship to join our team" to "We would really love to see you in a Mean Green uniform next year and we're excited (or maybe embarrassed) to offer you a starting salary of $xxxxx."
  21. If someone can tell me the width of the new seats, I have a really long tape measure. I'll do it for the low, low price of a black lot parking pass. SMH.
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