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  2. T40th at +4. His rounds are crazy. I know this is obvious, if he could smooth out his rounds, he would be in contention. It is just crazy how he will have a string of birdies and then a string of bogeys/double bogeys.
  3. To me, to generate any interest in UNT athletics as a whole, more people need to show interest in everything UNT. North Texas Cheer wins a national championship and other than the few who comment here, no one cares. I bet if this was Texas, they would have at least a 1000 who care. We have to show that we care about all of UNT in order to get the best kids to come here. Just my opinion.
  4. "HONOR" doesn't count towards your schollie limit.
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  6. If I remember correctly, the female soccer player from Purdue had already committed to UNT as a grad transfer. She was still kicking field goals and extra points for the football team; garnering national headlines.
  7. https://apnews.com/article/arkansas-pine-bluff-texas-softball-aedd5355833d2cc608ea7efeefd556c1
  8. Why does everyone keep pussyfooting around about whether a dude if offered or walk on? Seems like a charade. It’s still honorable to be invited to walk on to a division 1 school no?
  9. Good stuff. As someone who doesn't really follow the draft, it dawned on me that these workouts are probably very important to Darden's draft potential. Much more than the SEC guys. I'm thinking, if they are dwelling a lot on the CUSA-level of competition, they are going to look for everything they can find to justify his production, or prove it was an illusion. Guys who produce at the top level of NCAA competition and get de facto-placed at the top of these mock drafts, these workouts probably don't have a ton of value to them. At least, not as much.
  10. That’s a good point. I wasn’t sure but my point was that I didn’t think we could legitimately recruit and offer guys who were actively on their current other NCAA teams. And yeah I always thought DIII did not offer scholarships. Either way just seems like a lot of hand wringing over guys who weren’t actually in our rotation or never clearly offered/signed.
  11. The transfer portal is only a requirement for NCAA D1 athletes. Arcadia is like DIII. Not even sure he was on scholarship there.
  12. Y'all, this was the first perfect game in program history.
  13. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/colleges/perfect-ks-north-texas-pitcher-strikes-out-all-21-batters/2021/04/11/8ba3cfd2-9b32-11eb-b2f5-7d2f0182750d_story.html
  14. Just as an FYI, the portal has been around since 2018. Did we have a problem with it before the 2020 COVID rules? https://www.ncaa.org/static/champion/what-the-ncaa-transfer-portal-is/
  15. Brune said he’s expecting closer to the end of the month for the dominos to start falling. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/Update-on-North-Texas-Mean-Green-basketballs-roster-163952942/ For example, in 2019 we landed Javion Hamlet, James Reese, Deng Geu, and Thomas Bell all within a 2 or 3-day span at the very end of April. Reese and Hamlet committed together on April 28th and Geu and Bell committed on the 30th. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the dominos fall quickly once they start. Especially if these guys come in on visits together here in the next couple weeks or
  16. I think Murray gives everything he has on the court. The problem is not really D1 level player. If you watched the other teams they did not worry about his offense at all. They let him run free and on defense he always seems to be one step slower than the guy he is covering. If Mac really wants to go to the sweet 16 or higher he needs to find stronger players that can come off the bench and help on offense as well as defense.
  17. Do we know anything about a possible timeline on all this roster turnover? I know deadlines are probably no different than previous seasons, but all this portal activity has my head spinning. Would love to know when we can expect things to settle and dust to clear in Denton, America.
  18. It’s hard to imagine a scholarship was ever officially offered to a dude who was not actually in the transfer portal.
  19. The Rangers are protesting MLB by refusing to field a major team. Daniels says he will continue to field a AA team until he is no longer the GM. Why is this guy still here? You can hire and fire as many managers as you like but the problems is above them.
  20. Y’all, If you live in DFW and have any ability, you need to get up to Lovelace to see Trautwein pitch at least once before she graduates. She’s the greatest to ever lace ‘em up for MG Softball. Just on a totally different level. I know UAPB is pretty bad, but to strike out every batter you face is simply incredible at any level. Way to go Hope & way to go Mean Green Softball!
  21. Amazing! https://meangreensports.com/news/2021/4/11/softball-hope-trautwein-perfection.aspx?fbclid=IwAR3-r01nDP0gityjMB2i970p_Yx3FuHcw9tYAqDbNxucSvseCAKYLhfNMUY
  22. Munoz won $43,700 at the Masters.
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  24. Seems like the discussion of a scholarship would be about the second thing a player and a recruiter-coach would talk about.
  25. Real question, does this group of cheerleaders actually take part in NT games? I know that individuals probably do, but does this group appear as an unit at NT contests? Or are they in reality a sports team that was put together for competition and not actually a cheer squad that you can see on the sidelines of a football or basketball game. In any case, congrats to the team for another national championship.
  26. If this player was a walk on, whether he comes to NT or not would not affect the scholarship level. My guess is he hopes to get a sholly somewhere.
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