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  2. I completely get your point but I do think the top pod this yr has some very capable teams. Especially the top 3 I feel could beat ALMOST anybody in the country on a given day. Not a fan of the pod system, just saying the upper crust in the league is solid this yr. If we can continue to build the program this way it will certainly add to the value WKU and ODU bring as basketball brands. LT has been consistent and Middle has put good teams together. Charlotte is certainly a basketball town. Lots of elements there for success and it’s easier to get there in basketball than football. Hoping some of those things come together.
  3. No issues on my end with TuneIn. It’s been good all season when I am not able to watch road games.
  4. Just win out and there won’t be any worries!
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  6. There’s something being built on the visitor side right now. No idea what? I wished we could get the stands covered. That would be a very nice addition to get fans out of the sun. Rick
  7. You could certainly make a solid case for her to be. Mans she’s just a a junior and seems to be getting better every game. Tuesday vs UTA is a big game. They are good and have solid pitching. It’ll be the battle for the metroplex and there’s no reason we can’t win it. Rick
  8. That prediction was from prior to the LA Tech loss. We’ll see if they change their tune this week. I’m guessing they’ll still have UNT as an AQ, but maybe seeded lower. We’ll see.
  9. Like we walked into La Tech’s house.
  10. Munoz shot 4 under in the final round to finish T14 at -8. Good tournament for Sebastian. Ortiz shot 3 under and finish T17 at -7. Both played solid golf.
  11. Maybe Michigan St. in the 1st Round...GMG! https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2020-02-08/2020-ncaa-tournament-bracket-predicted-using-top-16-reveal?fbclid=IwAR0kR0tlT5uqFhRu8COCfIbajTQgwVHZhkO9hXTwxnh1bSHIppXxQACuoJk
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  13. You've got to believe NT has the ability to walk into anyone's home court and beat them. If not we wouldn't be talking about a game 4 days away.
  14. NT has a better football team than any of those schools. Joking, but even attempting to escape my bias: I would argue those are not overall equivalent institutions.
  15. Does anyone really think the big schools are going to abide by that?
  16. At least the crowd at FIU won't be a major factor.
  17. San Angelo State, Tarleton State, UTA, A&M Commerce, A&M Corpus Christi, Midwestern State University I can keep going.
  18. No, colleges can’t contact student athletes until they’re in the portal.
  19. What he said... If I find I want to read more DRC articles, I just might subscribe.
  20. Is Trautwein the most dominant player we’ve ever had in any sport? I get that a pitcher in baseball/softball is inherently in a position to dominate a game if they’re able, rather than any Football/basketball player, and we’ve seen some special performances from the likes of Dunbar, Fine, Mitchell, Mitchell, Marin, Kerenstine, etc... But have we ever seen someone night-in & night-out mow over everyone in their way like Trautwein? Just amazing. I need to get out & see her in-person soon.
  21. We were talking about the ability to link the article. No one in this thread complained about the actual subscription
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