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  3. Just curious. What happens to the old Band uni's when new ones are bought. addendum: Not a fan of the "Beefeater" style hats.
  4. Ortiz is really struggling since his hole in one at the Phoenix Open. In the celebration, he was hit in the back with either a water bottle or a beer can, and I wonder if he is having lingering effects. Munoz is playing pretty solid, but he needs to eliminate the one or two holes that seem to sidetrack him every round. Round Two: Munoz started with a birdie, but is now +1 on his round and overall through 5 holes. Ortiz is +1 on his round through six holes and +5 overall. The current projected cut line is +1. The leaders are at +5 so that could change as there are a lot of players bunch together.
  5. Long on sentiment, but probably short on funds.
  6. Already booked my flight to Vegas!
  7. Not that it’s helped. Perhaps he should try something new?
  8. Well, I'm an alumni, you're an alumni, all of us individuals are each an alumni.
  9. they are 43rd (Munoz) and 104th (Ortiz) after day 1. This week there are also plenty other NT alums playing on pro tours. Rosenmuller on KornFerry (133rd after day 1) Gonzalo Rubio (6th after day 1), Alejandro Villasano (42nd) and Cazaubon (85th) on the PGA tour Latinoamerica Ulenaers was playing on the challenge tour (although he somehow shot a +16 ) Snyman is playing an event in europe next week.
  10. The time Is now! Bring them back. GMG!
  11. https://ncaacomp.weebly.com/ncaa-hall-of-shame.html
  12. I heard during the regional broadcast that she was recovering from a torn ACL and that it was like her third time to tear it. Simon stepped up and was fantastic as her replacement and Simon is a true freshman, so again, I think she saw the writing on the wall and would like playing time for her final two years instead of playing behind an underclassman. I wish her and all the young ladies in the portal much success in the future.
  13. Y’all should sue the hell out of them for what they did to y’all back in the 80’s. I mean y’all were way ahead of the NCAA—like 40 years…
  14. Done. Thank you for raising money for a worthy cause.
  15. Their program is also staying in Little League...
  16. Yesterday
  17. Uh, I trust you, but man I hope you're wrong and that we secretly have more. On the bright side, our pals in the Ukraine are actually showing us quite a bit about the capabilities of Russia's military (or lack thereof).
  18. Starting to think admin needs to add a new "Big Game Boomer Tweets" forum
  19. This thread has some really good discussion. As someone who does work in this area, I should emphasize that the U.S. does not have a missile defense system capable of defending the American homeland from the Russian nuclear arsenal. The U.S. has a very limited capacity system based in CA & AK that might be capable of providing some protection against a very small (single digits) ICBM attack against the U.S., but even there, there is no guarantee. In fact, the one thing that would sharply increase the risk of a Russian nuclear attack against the U.S. would be a Russian belief that the U.S. was soon to implement a missile defense system capable of securing the American homeland against Russia's arsenal. As grim as it sounds, the U.S. and Russia (and, before that, the Soviet Union) have tacitly agreed to hold one another's cities hostage with nuclear weapons to prevent nuclear war. I only mention this because it explains some of the tightrope that the U.S. has attempted to walk in responding to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
  20. Big Z


    UNLV ticket website shows us as Northern Texas lol https://www.unlvtickets.com/rebel-football/single-game-tickets/
  21. I like the afternoon games in the fall and the late summer games in the evening. It makes for a more comfortable gameday experience in my opinion.
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