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  2. A good question. You should ask the QB coach where the TEs are on the reads for the QB....oh, wait. We don't have a QB coach.
  3. Today
  4. should have just sent in the oop de oop highlight against utsa as his full resume
  5. I don’t think there is “a lot”. Just get us a QB that is consistent and can keep the defense honest. That would open up everything.
  6. I mean, there's a lot to criticize about our offense, i just don't know if targeting TE's more is what we are missing
  7. I mean... you could probably make the same argument about our receivers too... we averaged 197 yds/game passing last year... also, Pirtle had 41 receptions for 380 yards... so in total... TE's had 478 yards on 52 receptions... that's close to 20% of our passing yardage and more than 25% of receptions by TE's last year... I don't think we are lacking in getting the balls to these guys...
  8. the two TE sets late in the year were to just add another blocker for the running game. I want to see these young men involved in the passing game.
  9. I think you will see plenty of two tight. 12 personnel was a key to our late season run. Look at the UTSA game and you will see lots of 12. I don't see that using more than 2 TE at a time really helps us that much, but if Seth wants to take the practice time to teach it, we certainly have the depth. And remember, Seth was a TE coach early in his career.
  10. I I'll take Sean-Thomas Faulkner. He was a difference maker over the last half of the season and just does a lot of things that help you win. Solid open-field tackler. Love what he brings to the team.
  11. I'm looking at our arsenal at the tight end position and I'm salivating. An example or two? Asher Alberding listed at 6-3 259 and not fat? Actually lean? Jake Roberts, listed at 6-5, 250? Wow dude looks cut up and lean this year. Varkeys Gumms, 6-3, 230 and perhaps the best athlete of them all? Christian Lee at 6-3, 214 good hands and a poor man's Andy Blount? Super talent at the position and Roberts played in 13 games last year and had 98 yards TOTAL on 11 receptions. That's not enough! The others all played last year and had no receptions. That's unacceptable. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/stats/2021
  12. Very disappointed in All Three Phases, and all non-participants. It was a wasted opportunity for all and for the program.
  13. We all make mistakes. Noone will judge you here. Do your penance and move on.
  14. Yeah but you can't really blame that on Mumbles now can ya?
  15. .....FOR I HAVE SINNED A GREAT SIN! I found myself, in public, wearing dark blue shorts.....and...........an orange shirt!!!!! The colors of satan's team!!!!! Arrrgghhhhhh!
  16. Yesterday
  17. My guy with the best name on the team needs a representative, and I’m here for it
  18. We have also had cases where guys are un-rated, and as soon as they actually get an evaluation to be rated, they end up shooting towards the top rating among our commitment list. Dillion Williams was a semi-recent example there. Point is, unrated doesn’t mean the player is below being worthy of a rating. It just means exactly what it says. He has not yet been rated.
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