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  2. He is a great player and I appreciate what he has done for this university. I wish him well in his future endeavors.
  3. I absolutely think he can play PG at the D1 level. I dunno about professionally. Unfortunately for him, he can't play it at the same level as one of the best D1 PGs in the country... who also happened to be on his team. He'll do well somewhere else, but his future team may not win as much as North Texas.
  4. I don't think people are arguing that he cant make somewhere else, just that (myself included) don't think he is going to make it somewhere else as a PG.
  5. DENTON – The Mean Green receiving corps is one of the most talented and explosive groups within the program. 2020 marks the first time the group will be working with a new starting quarterback under head coach Seth Littrell and associate head coach/co-offensive coordinator and receivers coach Tommy Mainord. We take a deep dive into the wide receivers room in this edition of position group breakdowns. "I'm very excited about this group coming back," Mainord said. "We have great leadership with our seniors Jaelon [Darden] and Deion [Hair-Griffin] and a lot of younger guys that have the talent to do big things. I'm also very excited about the two incoming freshmen coming in. "We are all right now just focusing on everyone and their families staying safe during these unique times, making sure we are on top of our academics and working out independently as much as we can. The hard part is just not being able to see them. We have a great room of people that pull for one another and is a very close-knit group. We are making sure we get together using technology to stay connected. I know without having spring ball, the receivers are hungry to get back out there as soon as they can. They are a group of men that love to compete and love [the game of] football. I can't wait to get back out there and watch them succeed. It should be a lot of fun once the season gets started." Outgoing: Three receivers from last season's roster have moved on, two of which graduated, and another who decided to enter the transfer portal. The Mean Green see a major piece in slot receiver Michael Lawrence graduate after a stellar career in Denton. Originally a preferred walk-on, Lawrence earned a scholarship and a shot to compete at the next level with his productive career at UNT. Lawrence finished his career with 143 receptions (ninth most in program history) for 1,929 yards (12th in program history) and nine touchdowns, averaging 13.5 yards per catch across 46 career appearances. The Sweetwater, Texas, native was the team's second-leading receiver in 2019, after he caught 48 passes for 661 yards and three touchdowns. In addition to Lawrence, Dennis Smith has graduated as well. Smith, originally a transfer from Sterling College. Smith made one appearance and had one career catch for the Mean Green. The third and final outgoing player from the 2019 team is Rico Bussey, Jr., who entered his name in the transfer portal. Bussey had a very productive career for the Mean Green, hauling in 128 career receptions for 1,941 yards (ninth in program history) and 21 touchdowns (tied for fourth in program history). Bussey appeared in just three games in 2019 before suffering a season-ending injury in the game at California in September. Bussey had five catches for 150 yards and a score this past season. New Faces: There are just two new names in the wide receivers room, both of which will join the program in the fall. Detraveon Brown – freshman (arriving in the fall) – Shreveport, Louisiana (Northwood HS) Brown was a late surprise commitment during the February signing period and was rated a three-star prospect by 247Sports and was the No. 43 player out of the state of Louisiana. He made 37 appearances at Northwood High School and totaled 151 receptions for 2,568 yards and 46 touchdowns. As a senior, Brown was named to the Louisiana Sports Writers Association all-state honorable mention team after catching 57 passes for 904 yards and 20 touchdowns in 2019. Brown, who measures at 5'11" and 178 pounds, was a highly-sought after prospect who at times held offers from Colorado State, Houston, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana-Monroe, Ole Miss, South Alabama, Southern Miss and UT San Antonio. Loronzo Thompson – freshman (arriving in the fall) – Friendswood, Texas (Clear Brook HS) Thompson, like Brown, was rated a three-star prospect by 247Sports and ESPN. Thompson came in at No. 76 on Vype Houston's Hot 100 List for the 2020 class and was named Second Team All-District 24-6A following his senior season. The 6'0", 160-pound receiver was a two-time letter winner at Clear Brook High School and had 96 catches for 1,191 yards and 15 total touchdowns (12 receiving) in two varsity seasons. He made 10 appearances as a senior and caught 42 passes for 578 yards and six touchdowns and tacked on 99 yards rushing and another two scores. Read more: https://meangreensports.com/news/2020/4/9/football-position-group-breakdowns-wide-receivers.aspx
  6. Not sure if we’re still recruiting him. Verbal commits shows him down between Rhode Island and St. Bonaventure
  7. I can give you my numbers, but I only work in coding, billing, and consulting, so I do not have direct patient care. I work for 4 different companies in Dallas, Houston, and Ft Worth, and we have patients in every major hospital. Between the approximately 1200 patients whose paperwork I process (including their coding) and submit to both insurance and CMS, we've had 22 deaths in the last three weeks related to respiratory illnesses. I do about $100,000 worth of claims a day, and I read about 6000 patient notes on a weekly basis. Deaths are NOT being recorded as Coronavirus (U07.1) deaths when they have not yet had positive test results back. They might be doing that regularly in some places, but not anything I've seen (and I'm still only seeing a small percentage of the overall). Since we're still getting caught up on testing, a number of patients have died on day 3-4, and we're still waiting test results for them on day 10-11. They are being coded for pneumonia or R99 for the most part. This means that there are currently deaths that have NOT and NEVER WILL BE reported as Coronavirus (I have 7 specifically right now), and many more that will be investigated (hopefully, but there's a major backlog right now) and added later. As the CDC has stated is simply coding clarification meant to capture the most accurate patient information. There are separate codes for probable coronavirus U07.1, U07.2 (most of whom have been getting coded for pneumonia or any number of other respiratory illnesses for the better part of a month now), and potentially R99. And keep in mind, the coding instructions for the CDC are not flying into the hospitals, nursing homes, and coroner's offices and coding for them. Death certificates contain MULTIPLE codes, beginning with the IMMEDIATE CAUSE OF DEATH. They'll generally contain up to 3 or 4 codes. Coders and individual physicians and coroners are going to code how they're going to code. You can have two physicians seeing the same patient, and you could get completely different answers depending on who filled out the paperwork. It should also be noted that, as our Covid-19 death reporting has gone up, our pneumonia deaths have gone down roughly 30%, but are still nearly twice above our regular average for this time of year. At this point, neither our death rate nor our total numbers of cases are anywhere near accurate. But I'll say we're not OVERSTATING deaths due to Coronavirus right now, from what I've seen dealing with some of the most populated cities and counties in the state. But while we're understating the deaths, we're also understating the cases, so the rate itself is meaningless at this point, and probably will continue to be until we're through about 3 waves of it. On a personal note, I'm getting to wait an extra two weeks to get assessed for possible lymphoma or pneumothorax, because I have a cough - a cough that's as likely being caused by a lung tear or chest mass at this point as Covid, but we're gonna throw an antibiotic at it for now. I've found it near impossible to get a Covid test (as a proven negative would get me in for ultrasound/CT/biopsy), because I'm not "sick enough", as I've not had a fever (and I'm on week 3-4 of having the cough).
  8. Today
  9. This could be the final piece! Do we have a shot?
  10. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, many professors and teaching assistants have undergone changes to their teaching experiences. Principal lecturers and graduate teaching assistants have moved to 100 percent online communication View Full Article
  11. Don't give Judy any ideas...
  12. Partner for San Antonio Community College.
  13. Original si.com article https://www.si.com/college/wyoming/mens-basketball/mykell-robinson-opts-for-north-texas-over-wyoming-and-minnesota author is https://twitter.com/TracyRingolsby
  14. we will miss him for sure, he lead many nights in scoring. I love for him to stay but if he wants to play pg he is better off transferring.
  15. 😥Sad note that Mo is a double North Texas legacy as both his daddy and uncle played football here.
  16. The QAnon 12 Stages of Grief 1. hoax 2. nothing to see here 3. blown out of proportion 4. the media hates the president. 5. hmm...maybe this is real? 6. ugh...my 401K 7. here's a list of pharmaceuticals I know will cure this 8. this is NYC's/China's/Media's/Gays' fault! 9. wait...maybe this isn't real...? 10. fake death numbers! 11. chinese chemical warfare conspiracy! 12. buy guns
  17. “The Trail Leading Back To The Wuhan Labs” https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/04/coronavirus-china-trail-leading-back-to-wuhan-labs/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Rick
  18. Thank you Rick. The first week or two after the bottom dropped out (March 16th forward) I can't count the amount of times I sat down in my car in the evening after leaving the office and just breaking down in tears over this. Hundreds of employees and families depend on our business to put food on the table, a roof over their head, and clothes on their backs. We have weathered bad years, natural disasters, etc. But the safety net systems aren't built for the government to restrict commerce entirely. And leave it up to our career politicians to be surprised that a business can't be all expenses with no revenue, and shocked by unemployment numbers and shrugging off claims of a incoming depression. Alot of marketing depts in America were putting on a good face about "taking care of their number one asset: the employee" the 3rd and 4th weeks of March, but it was clear a lot of companies in every industry were about to have to get rid of much of their workforce by the first weeks of April. Most of my days now are indistinguishable from the day before and after. I knew tomorrow was Thursday because the neighbors had their trashcans in the alley for Thursday trash day when I got home from the office tonight (yes, I still go daily even though I told everyone else to work from home. I can focus on the task at hand better). It's all crisis mitigation calls, staffing calls, running our cash, talking to the bank, etc. Our one business who still is waiting on the bank to submit the PPA paperwork will run out of money by Friday afternoon. We have a commitment from the bank for a bridge loan till the PPA money comes in, hopefully that funds by Thursday... At worse our other business can loan it money, or the investor group will kick in more cash to not see their original $15m go up in smoke. I don't doubt the COVID-19 is bad, but Dallas county with 2m people has 20 deaths and less than 1500 cases. I personally have furloughed or laid off hundreds and reduced the pay of those of us left between 5% all the way to 30% (depends on salary and title). I have watched people weep from losing their jobs and wondering how they'll pay their bills and I've also had people thank profusely for "sparing" their position from a layoff or furlough. None of this is right. I would say I generally support Trump, but I do not agree with him when he says there pent up demand and this will come roaring back. Maybe in 2022... The unemployed Americans will have a lasting ripple affect all the way up the economy for the next 12-18 months. Sorry to rattle on. Haven't looked at GMG since basketball was taken and this all started. Was a good release today reading it for 15 mins. Stay safe, stay employed.
  19. Rubin Jones, Mykell Robinson, and Mardrez McBride are all solid pickups. I hate losing Geu, Draper, Smart and Gibson but I think we potentially will be even deeper this year! GMG!
  20. Indirectly, yes. I tore my ACL and meniscus on duty back in February. I can't have surgery until after this is all over.
  21. One left now. Hamlet, Reese, Z Simmons, Bell, J Simmons, Mohamed, Wise, Alcindor, and J Jackson puts us at 9 returning scholarship players. Rubin Jones, Mykell Robinson, and Mardrez McBride put us at 12, and we get 13.
  22. I would bet that one of the Davis' land a first team selection. Both so explosive, and Tyreke is a senior
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