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  2. I’m not doing any of that. I was just pointing out the you said we were a middle of the pack CUSA team when we finished second and qualified for the championship game. Hard to do when you are middle of the pack. You decided to point out how we would have hypothetically finished middle of the pack in the AAC. Not sure why. Now you are claiming we are near the top in a watered down conference and trying to make it sound like some of us think we should be ranked. None of that is accurate, just a bad attempt to cover for your bad comment. The hole is getting deeper.
  3. I'm beginning to think the Houston Texans shouldn't draft Aune with the first pick.
  4. It's not yards. It's full body, even trail foot. And trail foot was questionable. That's why no call.
  5. Every time a UTSA player is in the open field with the ball it looks like he was shot out of a cannon.
  6. No. Bad execution, like I said. Decision making is what you'd see most other teams do with 72 seconds left in the half but the execution was horrible. That's a separate issue.
  7. Don’t put it solely in Aune’s hands now. Run your offense. Give the D a rest. Gotta whole quarter to go.
  8. Hard to believe. He may have been 2 yards past the LOS. Wasn't even close.
  9. How many yards is throwing the ball beyond the line of scrimmage? Then again I wouldn't trust us on 3rd and 20+ might as well be happy with 3 there.
  10. That fokker just threw the ball past the line of scrimmage and refs don’t say shit. Disgusting
  11. I looked it up to be sure: 18-52 at SMU. Nevermind retirement Phil, see if they'll give you a job again.
  12. Lol...let's blitz and play shell. How did Bennett make it to this level and stay?
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