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  2. Yes. Flying into PIB Saturday on the AA flight. I found out there isn't a single rental car agency at the airport. It appears there may be a single Uber floating around the area for us to catch. Not sure if there's taxis or a shuttle to town. Probably should have flown into Gulfport or New Orleans, but we were trying to minimize the driving. The lady is being extra patient in my quest to see every game this year, home and away (no Killarney's for me!). Hoping to drop the bags at Hampton Inn quickly and head to the stadium. Looking forward to the game!
  3. Latest GFS model run this evening is somewhat cooler on Aug 31, from low 60's in the morning to a high in the low 80's with low humidity. All thanks to a very strong Canadian front coming through around Wednesday night of next week.
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  5. Hey,...it’s ok. You don’t need to explain a thing. 🥜🗜👀 Rick
  6. I'm sure you're attempting to be cute here, but considering we went to France last year and spent the better part of two weeks doing WWI battlefields instead of you know...just Paris, our honeymoon is somewhere I want to go way more than her...AND it's less than three weeks before our wedding, you're kind of being an idiot.
  7. Marty


    Has Beyond the Green been renewed for this season? Ashton? Harry? Any news?
  8. One Aggie and the rest Longhorns?
  9. Oh,...is she letting you go? Rick
  10. Anyone know what section they're putting NT fans in? My fiancée wants to know before we buy, so I may just end up going through StubHub instead of the NT Athletics Office.
  11. even without acu attendance, this game goes over 20k with our fans and students....
  12. Is it too soon to start talking about scores and predictions? https://www.oddsshark.com/ncaaf/abilene-christian-north-texas-odds-august-31-2019-1114157
  13. ya, can you give me the Albedometer reading for the upcoming week? and the reading from the Anemoclinometer so we will know about the kicking that day....oh...and maybe some information from Six’s thermometer so we can plan for the day...thanks buddy! you sound like my wife...all her joints and bones hurt when a front comes in
  14. https://alumniassociation.acu.edu/s/1565/16/interior.aspx?sid=1565&gid=1&pgid=2324&content_id=3708 Looks like their alumni association is making a push to get a good crowd
  15. You’re stuck in old Denton. I’ll buy you 3 beers if it’s under 23k
  16. We live about 50 miles south of Hattiesburg and we both used to live in H’burg. If anyone needs any info feel free to ask. That will be a hectic day for me with OU-Texas at noon, then drive to the ‘Burg for UNT-USM. LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!
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