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  2. They scored 14 of their 27 points when he was the QB...'nuff said.
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  4. If you watch the replay of the final shot that NT basketball posted, take a look at J Simmons on the bench. He’s the only one that was like “That was really close, I am going to wait for the review to celebrate”.
  5. The final play if you haven’t seen it. Rick
  6. I strongly disagree. I keep seeing this suggestion and I wonder if people remember the 1aa days. No G5's have no realistic chance of winning a national championship; but at least there is a conceptual chance. If NT became a member of some type of official second division of the NCAA, I would expect plummeting attendance, massive drop in contributions and an athletic program quickly declining. I remember all the old rhetoric about the virtues of being 1aa. However, that decision almost killed NT athletes and NT is just recently recovering from that disaster.
  7. Last night was pretty obviously a huge win for us, and what the metrics show is certainly congruent with that feeling. According to Bart Torvik’s website, our chances of having at least a share of 1st place heading into pool play jumped from about 58% to 86% with the win, and our chances of going into pool play as the outright 1st place team jumped from I believe about 33% to 66%. http://www.barttorvik.com/conodds.php?conf=CUSA We are also now 1st in CUSA in NET (jumped La Tech with the win), 2nd in CUSA in KenPom behind La Tech, and 2nd in RPI begins WKU according to RealTimeRPI. We have put ourselves in a great position to be in the thick of things. Now time to take care of some games we should win.
  8. The team is just too inconsistent and it is getting too late to blame it on youth. I think Mitchell is still learning on the job. She has shown she is a very good recruiter, but I do not understand her game time decisions. For example, Shepard was beginning to dominate in the post and as soon as Townley and George become available she was pushed down in the lineup. Another example, she has been reported as not being happy with the number of threes that NT throws up. Does she not control that? Hopefully, this team can improve enough to be a factor in the tournament.
  9. Correct. Because not only did he not sign with those teams, but none of those offers have come in the last 6 months (except WVU technically, which came in July).
  10. 4.6 40 https://www.hudl.com/profile/8564495/Kaelen-Shankle
  11. Fox 4 didn’t bother showing the play or even mentioning the game this morning with all of the other college basketball highlights. They need some emails.
  12. I would assume they were valid at one time. Maybe he waited and those slots were filled before he committed. Never really know.
  13. One has to assume the P5 offers are not valid if he didn’t sign in Dec, right?
  14. I believe we did. But University Administration did not approve.
  15. That’s what the announcers said.
  16. PWO All district RB https://247sports.com/Player/Kaelen-Shankle-46083967/ Also has a Houston PWO offer
  17. One side shouldn't be overly optimistic about the recruits One side shouldn't be overly pessimistic about the new hires.
  18. And Mason didn't get a drive until the 2nd half compared to Bryant and Huntley.
  19. Is the rule for “indisputable “ same as football?
  20. Wow! That makes me think we didn’t go after him? I wonder why? Are we happy with what we have or is there somebody else we are talking to?
  21. https://www.hudl.com/profile/7606650/Darries-Boyd-Jr
  22. 6’0” 207 lbs per 247. No offers listed. Over 1800 yards rushing
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