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  2. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/13030035/5fd92513d45e7b0c50168fa3
  3. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/LongFormArticle/North-Texas-Mean-Green-footballs-top-25-players-in-2021-15-12-166732911/ Today, we'll be going through players 15-12, , a group with two star returners and two players we need to see more of this year. Of course, some of these we’ll be right on, others we’ll look back and wonder what we were thinking, that’s part of the fun of predicting. Let us know what you think on our VIP board! Let’s get into it, starting with No. 15! 15. GRAYSON MURPHY
  4. 247's rating has increased to .8577 and Rivals to 5.6.
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  6. You’ll love it…some of my best memories with my boys at UNT games
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  8. No, but it was cherry picked to make it appear that way.
  9. My Dad took me to my first ever North Texas game. We went to see, as my Dad said, “Lil’ Abner,” aka Abner Haynes. Great memory of my father.
  10. ‘23 RB Sedrick Alexander - Austin LBJ
  11. Sarah Fuller starting goalkeeper for Vanderbilt (last season’s SEC champs) Grad student: Could have stayed but wants to come back home!
  12. From my Little League days in Fort Worth. Roger was a teammate. His father, Jack Williams, was our sponsor and a great one at that! When we were 13, Roger hit a buck forty two at best. He worked his tail off and had a nice baseball career.
  13. Or play an all road game schedule for this season. But now, they will have a small stadium for surfing seminars and hula competitions. Go Bow.
  14. A current number 1 ranking and 5 National ships since 2000 would be an excellent start.
  15. Question to all: When will UNT be considered “a higher level”? And I’m not talking about a player transferring to UNT from some “uT-Tyler” level program.
  16. I agree. Hope was a involved student-athlete at UNT, was named the CUSA Community Spirit Student of the Year, and graduated from UNT. I don't see any discontent with UNT, but the opportunity to compete at a higher level. I believe I read she had the goal of playing professional softball. If so, going to Oklahoma is a step in getting to that goal. I think she made a tremendous contribution to UNT an wish her well. Send us all the athletes like her you want and we will benefit. And, yes, she should go into the Hall of Fame.
  17. I don’t think we have offered but creating a separate thread for him because it looks like an interesting situation. Currently a ‘21 recruit with some 2020 P5 offers but recently tweeted he was going back to his JUCO. So not sure if this is a late push to get him on campus this fall or now we are treating him like a normal ‘22 recruit. Originally from Plano and a 87 rating. https://247sports.com/player/shemar-pearl-94261/
  18. They probably should’ve just moved their games to the ninth Island which is Las Vegas. They could’ve played their games at Sam Boyd Stadium and probably had 10,000 fans each game in attendance. Not kidding. Go Bows
  19. This will be the first year I take my boy to a UNT game... So a very happy fathers day year. My daughter wasn't as into it... But really looking forward to some solid games with my son!
  20. Just wanted to extend my wishes and thoughts to my father and to all of the other fathers out there and to remembering the great times with those who are no longer with us. There are many good things in life, but I can not think of any greater than being a father. Nice message from ESPN's Stephen A Smith http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=31661625
  21. I would hope UNT would supply him, and others with all of the clotting they want. Great way to reach young golfers. PS, supposedly this is his picture after the check ceremony
  22. Last week
  23. EPISTLE #???...(I’m older so I repeat myself sometimes).🙄 Been following the Mean Green since Fry’s first game (1973) & it still amazes me those on this forum who seem to get off on kicking the school they say they attended in the nutsack every chance they get. I once sat down with Texas colleges 1950’s integration pioneer Abner Haynes & Ron Shanklin on a couple occasions in Fort Worth & they both told me stories that made me damn proud of our school & it’s football program—even in the unfortunate era of Jim Crow. UNT in most all cases rose above all the hate that h
  24. I'm serious about that duck pond island being turned into a champions monument pavilion. Don January, arguably one of our greatest golfers and a loyal alumnus that has been incredibly generous with both his time and money, turns 92 in November. How long would we really want to wait?
  25. Great game, great memory. Minus the goalpost coming within inches of nailing me in the face while I was waving the Big Ass Battle Flag.
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