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  1. It’s ok but isn’t that great. I mean I could still sleep at night if that place goes.
  2. What was the other restaurant in the shopping center by Hooya? It served wings, burgers and other stuff.
  3. I have never thought of sandwiches as a meal to eat before a football game, real men eat something that is from the grill!
  4. Dave Campbell magazine has him as the best Texas college QB in the state but they didn’t put him on the front cover? I mean I get UT has a strong following with all their wannabe fans, but give the man his props.
  5. Big Z


    He said something about will either be at Killarney’s or Lion and Crown at Watters Creek.
  6. Big Z


    The bartenders love us and they didn’t even know anything about it. Green spray paint
  7. I was at Killarney’s yesterday afternoon and they had this sign by the entrance door. I mean really?
  8. ESPN plus is still better than ESPN 3, I’m not a fan of it and I think it’s remotely cheap. Stadium is cool though and sometimes you get the game on the local channel. But how in heck is the SMU game on ESPN 3? Isn’t that always on TX 21? Yes I am going to the game, one team I can’t stand more than anything is SMU.
  9. But you can cancel anytime is the beauty of it. I get what you’re saying but I haven’t paid for Netflix, Hulu and Prime in years.
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