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  1. No tickets, free. Buckets of domestic beers are 12 bucks
  2. Meaning you bought a lot of UNT stuff to give away at half time? 😉
  3. This is an great alternative idea to get to New Mexico
  4. Big Z

    New Mexico Bowl Shirts

    Boy I like to eat a bologna sandwich in that shirt....BORING....YAWN and then a FART We got better ideas than this
  5. Big Z

    Bowl Practice Update #1

    Here’s an update
  6. Or we could all ride in back of someone’s truck?
  7. Big Z

    Wren Baker: Bowl Press Conference

    I read an article that 90% of UT Longhorn fans actually didn’t go there or have any affiliation to the school....but they are the same fans who talk shit.
  8. Big Z

    Wren Baker: Bowl Press Conference

    I can’t stand it when current students or alumni cheer for other teams and buy their merchandise. It’s really pathetic unless you have a kid that goes there.
  9. Ya the admin could of came to him and said he we would like for you to step down, but go out as retiring.
  10. Easily with an all time coaching record of 186-32
  12. Big Z

    Wren Baker: Bowl Press Conference

    If you are comparing him to Tony Robbins, he did a good job.