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  1. How is that a Sun Belt team is out working the CUSA teams? I thought we got out of the Sun Belt for a better conference?
  2. And we lose to a Sun Belt team...
  3. We are a trashed team to play in that pansy a$$ tournament
  4. This is how our season ended
  5. Contending for the patty cake league with those low rent games?
  6. It was weak like a flat RC Cola
  7. This is a state of emergency and we need to bring back our general to lead the troops into battle. This Grant guy can go back to washing dishes and cleaning toilets. Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and eventually poops green tomorrow for the St. Patrick’s day celebrations. That is all my fellow Mean Green fans. GMG!
  8. No the scheduling was horrible and the CBI tournament last season was overrated and cheap.
  9. This team sucks No more of these patty cake games early in the season, way too many.
  10. This is us tonight beating our opponent
  11. I knew we would win this game all along
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