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  1. Oh ya you are right, which made the loss even more sickening.
  2. Didn’t the head coach for WKU at that time get fired right before the sun belt tournament?
  3. I have a feeling that Littrell will be doing the play calling next season...
  4. Pro football Scoop reports that Perry will be joining the UTSA staff.
  5. Well another year of the Bison heard of fans coming to Frisco. Always a heavy fanbase.
  6. He signed with Colorado, his decision was based on playing in a P5 school.
  7. I’m really good friends with his father, he informed me that they were up till 3am going back forth on his decision. We were close and it stings. His dad really likes Littrell a lot.
  8. These kids get all excited to move far away from home in a different state and usually end up coming back. I wish him the best but it’s sad that you come visit a recruit when you don’t even have an OC. Embarrassing
  9. Lol Western Kentucky vs Western Michigan in the first responders bowl....and people on here said that a team’s location matter.
  10. App State could party all night and beat UAB by 21 if they wanted to.
  11. CBS sports channel during the same time as the Big 12 and the game would also be at 11:30 am in the morning
  12. Yep and the FAU students/ alumni do not give a crap about football...
  13. I think he is up for the janitor job at the University, needs to clean up some sh**
  14. Then we can kick out a bunch of other teams in the conference. MTSU hosted the game last season and it was 80 percent empty in that stadium. Conference USA championships for football are bad all around.
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