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  1. Direct tv channel 47 or through Facebook
  2. I think this game is being stream through Facebook as well. Although if any folks are down to watch the game in Allen area, let me know.
  3. Congrats to both Coach McCasland and Javion Hamlet! https://conferenceusa.com/news/2020/3/11/mens-basketball-mbb-north-texas-takes-coach-player-of-year-awards.aspx?path=mbball
  4. Thanks again @BigWillie for opening up a alumni association bar tab on your credit card.
  5. Ya I was wishing this was later in the evening. Oh well, a good excuse to leave work early on Friday.
  6. How about getting some tents going in the parking lot ? A couple of kegs and one bottles of Jameson
  7. Concrete Cowboy sucks
  8. I hope you weren’t sitting next to the crazy screaming girl that we heard on tv. Lol
  9. Going to be a good Monday
  10. She was with you all night at the Royal Inn
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