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  1. OK State at the Pit in '07 Tex Tech at the Pit in '11 Winning the Sun Belt in Hot Springs CBI Championship Last years CUSA Championship game Hard to choose from those 5 for me
  2. If im not mistaken, this will be the first game we played on natural grass all year, and the first time since Sep of 2019 when we played at Cal.
  3. First one was New Years Day and second was during the week between Christmas and New Years. New Years Day obviously most are not working week between a lot of people already have off, this making that extend an extra day before Christmas this year, is what is proving to be difficult for some.
  4. They need to move it up, not push it back. Move the early sign up to aug 1. Keep the early Feb date for after the season. Problem solved
  5. If this was a night game, I would 100% be disappointed. Being a day game there are plenty of us that just can’t swing an extra day off around the holidays on short notice.
  6. Very similar to many on this board about Grahm Harrell
  7. Didn't we restructure his deal going into this season, making it more favorable to UNT?
  8. We have a coach that has at this moment an overall winning record at UNT (First coach to do so since Hayden Fry left in 1978). A coach that has now gone to 5 bowl games in 6 years. (More bowl games than any other coach in program history, as well as he now accounts for 26% of our all bowl games in program history). A coach that just beat the highest ranked opponent in our programs history and now accounts for 50% of all our wins vs. ranked opponents. Do i wish we were further along 6 years in....absolutely yes!, but sometimes i think we need a little perspective.
  9. Oh i disagree....They were 100% egregiously bad, but i do agree with what i think you are trying to say, in that i dont believe there overly bias against one team or the other. They were just bad period.
  10. Yep. Should fire PB in the locker room and not even let him on the bus home
  11. Hard to step in when your lineman are in your lap
  12. I dont think i have ever seen so many flags picked up in one game...
  13. In the replay the flag was on the ground before he caught the ball, but they say the foul happened after the catch.....WTF
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