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  1. He’s kinda like the Dos Equis guy in that he doesn’t always break news about North Texas football, but when he does, it’s because he saw it on GMG.
  2. I’d prefer a Tommy Perry return but I don’t get paid the big bucks. Feel free to ignore McCarney talking in generalities after Perry.
  3. Yes. He stayed in a RV while his family stayed back in Georgia. I would not be surprised to see the situation repeat itself if he were to actually return. On a different note, it never seemed like a good fit to me that a KState diehard player could be comfortable coaching at KU. I’d get the same feeling if Bowen went to KSU. I know the whole Darrell Royal deal but it has to be a gut punch to try and beat your alma mater.....unless you are Ramon Flanagan and then you jump around like a friggin idiot.
  4. The problem is that if we had picked him up, we never would’ve known what a get he actually was and then we’d have jokers talking about how he didn’t have many offers .
  5. l excuse the language. I couldn’t edit out the meme i found.
  6. Who did we hire that is “just a high school coach”?
  7. Does he know Bowen because I thought the story was he was gonna let the coordinators pick the line coaches?
  8. But what would you do if you were trying to have one really good year?
  9. Not that I am aware of. Seems like a complete list to me.
  10. I agree, something changed during his junior season when he got lit up. I want to say it was the LaTech game but I could be wrong. He wasn’t the same player after kinda like RG3 after Mike Shanahan let him be the sacrificial lamb.
  11. I doubt it, Tate was still at Baylor when Aune was in the minor leagues.
  12. For those that are anti-Art and Kendal Briles, our new qb Coach was the receivers coach on that Baylor staff and was football scoop wide receiver coach of the year in 2015. I think it is a great hire but some may worry about “perception”.
  13. He might show up at pro day
  14. The new spring 2020 roster is up and there is no Bussey on it.
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