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  1. According to whom? I’ve worked for in Austin and lived in the greater Austin area for over 15 years and I have never heard of Interstellar BBQ.
  2. How brilliant on his part if true. If he knew he was going to retire from football why not wait until you get added to a roster for the first college football video game in over a decade. Sucks for us but well played for him.
  3. I believe I see KD Davis and Jacob Brammer.
  4. I don’t have Twitter. Could you share what was said in his replies?
  5. You think he is heartbroken or feels a little better today? Maybe he is laughing at your puffed up chest from yesterday.
  6. KSU was in the Elite 8 last year while we (with Tylor) won the NIT. If you are a college student with one year to play and national championship aspirations, do you stay where you are having just won a NIT title and lost your head coach or do you transfer to a team with a second year coach who went the Elite 8 in year 1?
  7. Why the jilted lover syndrome? He was a hired gun for us and a hired gun for KState. KState gave him more money and a bigger stage. Let him go live his life. We should be grateful for what he did here and that he is a UNT graduate but what he did at KState and how he said goodbye there should be no more than a passing interest for us.
  8. In the video game he will at least, wearing #4.
  9. The problem with engagement and getting new potential fans out is if they don’t enjoy the on-the-field product then it was all for naught. The odds of them showing again is almost zero. Regardless of this person’s job, it will start and end with Morris and Mosley and if they can build a program people want to watch. We almost sold out LaTech in 2018 and had we beaten them and continued the winning streak I bet we would have sold out at least once that season.
  10. https://fanarch.com/blogs/fan-arch/arch-manning-signs-multiyear-nil-deal-with-panini-america benchwarmer Texas offensive line starters and benchwarmers https://www.kxan.com/sports-general/horns-report/texas-longhorns-offensive-line-strikes-nil-deal-with-nonalcoholic-beer-company/amp/
  11. It isn’t uncommon. You just don’t always realize it is going on. If you’ve ever driven anywhere near Baton Rouge you will see LSU players in advertisements on billboards all over the place. Here are some of the deals Sincere McCormick had at UTSA. https://sanantonioreport.org/nil-deals/ Bijan Robinson’s Lamborghini deal. https://www.kxan.com/sports/bijan-robinson-shares-how-he-scored-lamborghini-nil-deal/amp/ Heck, just do a google image search for NIL billboard and you will see several.
  12. My understanding is that for them to be NCAA compliant, athletic performance, including where you may end up on the depth chart, cannot be a stipulation of the contract. If you are on the team in good standing and meet your NIL “obligation” (public appearances, ads, or whatever) you get your money.
  13. 19:16 mark Cash doesn’t even catch the ball on their first touchdown.
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