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  1. I can’t remember, was this under Dickey or McCarney? Because I know it couldn’t possibly have happened under the current head coach based on this board most of the time.
  2. I’m not sure you can put that entirely on Seth. Our school had some sort of negative reputation with front offices for some reason. Look at the contrast between Jeff Wilson and Kenneth Dixon. Jeff was much better prepared for the NFL despite not being drafted. I think it has to do more with LaTech having a better reputation than us as opposed to Skip being some fantastic developer. Jaelon was the player the NFL front offices could not ignore. He SHOULD have won the Biletnikoff.
  3. So hard to narrow it down. Love the guys you have from that era. I loved Too Cool in addition to the rest of your list. Plus somewhere around that time I liked the new slimmer, older, Shawn Michaels. I was both a Hulkamaniac and a hardcore Ultimate Warrior fan when I was a kid.
  4. I think Floyd really does want to kill this dude, in a ring of course. https://hypebeast.com/2021/5/jake-paul-floyd-mayweather-steal-hat-fight-video-watch-info?amp=1
  5. She is clearly embellishing the size of her abdomen to make a point about weight and heart health. But I’m sure you are a perfect physical specimen so feel free to judge a woman who was a supermodel and in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for 13 consecutititive (for you Ron Maestri of the New Orleans soorts foundation) iyears.
  6. I think that was more out of necessity than him wanting to show love for UNT. He didn’t really have highlights at UH
  7. None of us look like we did 30 years ago either. She looks great.
  8. I can’t see it getting any better until we get away from the two party system. There is way too much this or that with no viable third or fourth option. It has become less about which person I like best, which is the best for my future, or similar thoughts. It has become a process of “that person is on my team” or “that person is not on my team”. We need to rid ourselves of the donkey and the elephant or add 2 or 3 other viable parties to the mix.
  9. I dont think this will be good for anyone except for the perennial top 25 teams. The best G5 and FCS players will get poached more easily because the disincentive has been removed. The headache prima donna bench players from those top 25 teams will jump to G5 teams without having to sit. I see it as a net negative for the teams not traditionally seen as elite around the country. It is essentially free agency without a salary cap. Gonna have about 25 NY Yankees and nearly a hundred Milwaukee Brewers.
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