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  1. See now this is a statement I can get behind.
  2. Fantastic haul by Morris and Co. Really, really, impressive class.
  3. Me too. I worry that the SOC leak saying he was signing with us caused SWTSU-SM to put on the full court press to keep him.
  4. Oh man, I didn’t realize but it was worse than that.
  5. If you are talking about this photo That is Coach O
  6. @Glory to the Green8th graders are offered but it is very, very rare. Jaxon may be great down the road but he is nowhere near offerable yet. He has some growing to do. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/1671650-ucla-makes-offer-to-8th-grader-and-there-is-a-method-to-the-madness.amp.html
  7. Kid is good at promoting himself on Twitter. It looks like he is recruiting himself more than anyone is recruiting him.
  8. How can you possibly say running circles around him already? Because they put puzzle pieces on twitter? You can say that Seth’s last year of recruiting was trash but prior to that they had some of the top classes in CUSA for several years. If sniffing a conference title is the metric of a good recruiter, you cannot say that Morris is running circles around anyone because he hasn’t had an opportunity to compete for a title yet. You are still on the if it is different it must be good train. Morris is recruiting to a team that was in the conference title game and nearly beat Boise State in a bowl game rather than recruiting to a 1-11 team that suffered the worst loss by a FBS team to a FCS team in NCAA history. I am not shitting on Morris’ recruiting. I am asking you to think clearly and not shit on Littrell’s (outside of quarterback).
  9. I agree with that. My point was that it is way too early to disrespect the prior staff’s recruiting (other than quarterback) until we see notable and verifiable improvement.
  10. You are hating on Seth but I get you have to hype up your boy. You are only on this board because of Morris so you wouldn’t know that Seth’s staff was actually very good at recruiting and did it with a much smaller staff. https://247sports.com/Season/2021-Football/CompositeTeamRankings/?Conference=C-USA
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