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  1. That sounds fair to me. 👍
  2. I’m sure I missed something. All I got out of that is you could see that penn state shouldn’t get the harshest penalty. I disagree completely. They let the wolf use the henhouse to lure in baby chicks and then gobble them up in the damn henhouse. I can’t imagine anything worse unless Briles turned the locker room into a seedy night club with no exit and diverted the freshman women’s orientation into that locker room
  3. I forgot about that guy. He was fearless and a phenomenal player. Definitely deserves consideration. I’d be tempted to swap him and Kemon in my list above. Aaron Weathers was pretty darn good too.
  4. So you’re ok with male children being raped on campus in athletic department showers by invited former staff members with special access but if a college coed was raped off campus by a football player shut down the program?
  5. Such a hard list to make. Since 2005ish even though i attended games before then, i didn’t become a rabid fan until about then when I went back to school. 1. Zach Orr 2. Brelan Chancellor 3. Marcus Trice 4. Lance Dunbar 5. Rico Bussey 6. Mason Fine 7. Patrick Cobbs 8. Jamario Thomas 9. Kemon Hall 10. Derek Thompson Honorable mention: the ghost of Raveon Hoston
  6. Eric Russell - special teams analyst at Texas A&M
  7. How did you mf’ers miss me??
  8. Mendoza wasn’t a bad HS coach, just atrocious in college, same for Todge. They are probably both doing a good job at the HS level where they belong. Chris Cosh however 😆
  9. Graduated redshirt junior but the answer to your question is probably never.
  10. You sure you didn’t mean Kenny Powers?
  11. Go back to picking up the pieces Opie Applewhite left in his wake. I’m sure the Skullet will get it done. 🙄 Now run along child.
  12. Exactly! Which is why it is important to the program’s future to increase his buyout for another program to pay.
  13. I think he greyshirted in there somewhere too.
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