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  1. Thanks Rick. Very good info here.
  2. I know Wichita because there was a big crease through it on the folded map on the movie Twister. I have been to Wichita Falls and cruised Kemp, even went to Iowa Park.
  3. I honestly had no idea there was an Abilene, Kansas.
  4. Somebody mistakenly put Jamario as a RB for some Oklahoma indoor team. I believe that is a JaMario Thomas from Doane College and not our own super Jamario. I tried to fix it but we will see if it works. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamario_Thomas#
  5. When I see the thread title, I can't stop this from popping up in my head. Every. Damn. Time.
  6. Odd, he was retweeting NT football stuff within the last 3 days.
  7. As a resident of the greater Austin area, I can tell that you don’t listen to local sports radio and how bad they discount G5’s here. The horns have had several close calls including a 7point squeaker against 3-9 “ a slut spelled backwards” just last year. Skip and the olineman make it seems as though they’ve already laid down and lost. Very Dickey-esque. Personally, I hope LaTech kicks the shit out of them because they are looking ahead to LSU.
  8. Shot from UAB spring practice last season.
  9. UNT Baylor Texas Tech Rice UH UTSA TCU SMUt UTEP SWTSU-SM Oops, I misread the question but this would be my ideal conference after UT leaves the BiG 12 for a super conference
  10. Remember when there was the good recruiter vs good scheme coach argument over Wilson and Littrell? I guess it turns out if you have the right Xs and Os, you eventually get the right Jimmys and Joes.
  11. I was starting wonder if the multiple votes weren’t counting once the captcha showed up.
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