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  1. Rivalry is about hatred and for me it became a rivalry November 23rd 2013.
  2. If anyone in the Austin area would like 4 tickets in the family section, you are welcome to mine. I won’t be able to make it and would rather the seats be full. No charge.
  3. I’m still sour on Army’s football team. A certain db on their team left a bad taste in my mouth 2 years in a row. That db could mean defensive back or wherever else you’d like to go with it because that dude fit in just about all of this categories.
  4. Maybe I’m forgetful but I didn’t notice any changes to that depth chart, did I miss something?
  5. Cr1028


    And aggressiveness. He and Lairamie Lee always brought the wood.
  6. Expectations are great provided they are reasonable. It isn’t like the other 13 teams in CUSA are taking days off. Their fan bases are saying the same stuff. We have made tremendous strides in the last 3 years. We are less than 4 years removed from having the record breaking shit kicked out of us by a FCS school for homecoming. A game we paid 6 figures for. I’m sure just about everyone on this board including me has big dreams for UNT, conference title, BCS buster type dreams but those dreams aren’t realized without obstacles. We are making progress. Maybe the progress is slower than some of you would like but it is much faster than the folks outside of our green bubble would’ve expected out of us. Just think, last year we very nearly had a school pay us to take our coach away rather than us having to pay them to go away as usual. We have also had assistant coaches poached by P5 schools every year Seth’s been here. To me, that is a welcome change and I have faith that regardless of what happens with Seth, Wren Baker will keep us on an upward trajectory for the rest of his tenure here.
  7. The sad part is we have played at Ford stadium 4 times now and the coach that came the closest to beating them there? One Todd Dodge.
  8. Cr1028


    I just saw that one of my favorite Mean Green players of the past is now coaching at my alma mater Coppell High School. Very cool. https://twitter.com/CoachTrice8/status/1170499179594047490
  9. I saw English coming off gingerly vs ACU as well with a pissed off look like he may have re-injured what had already been rehabbed.
  10. Skip Holtz barely beat Grambling and Bill Clark barely beat Alabama State.
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