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  1. Probably a good idea, another week to study up on LaTech
  2. Also dogs and other people’s backpacks. Maybe cars too
  3. I’d be willing to bet that most, if not all, are planning to head to Fort Worth to rejoin Sonny. What say you @SMU2006?
  4. I like him at linebacker. He is already 6’3” 219lbs as a redshirt freshman. If he keeps it up in the weight room he could really be something. There have been several former quarterbacks go on to be really good linebackers.
  5. He was probably headed into or out of the lockerroom at that point. He wore UNT gear all game.
  6. That has way more to do with Seth and Tommy Perry breaking up than Traylor.
  7. Moving on from a coach because you just want new blood doesn’t alway work out for the best. Look at Michigan post-Lloyd Carr, Tennessee post-Fulmer, and Texas post-Mack Brown. Heck I remember half this board awestruck that Southern Miss fired Bower and many wanted RV to bring him here. I am by no means saying Seth is any of the guys above, I just feel that reason in particular to move on from a coach is not one I agree with. Not meeting expectations is certainly worthy of a firing though.
  8. You aren’t crazy. We are close. I half-think if Seth can clean a few things up this season we have a legit shot at the conference title. My main point was that we don’t have the history of winning to sell or build on that a place like Wisconsin has. The coach to do it would have to be a special one who has the tenacity to fight through our history of failing and rise above it. I initially thought Seth was that guy but unless he pulls off a miracle stretch it’ll need to be someone else.
  9. Wisconsin was already good when he got the job. He is not a program builder. Unless you want to continue on the same path Seth has us on, we need a program builder.
  10. If he leaves before February he has to pay a $250k buyout.
  11. I’d like to see that. Maybe against LaTech it’ll happen.
  12. I was the only one that put “look competitive every week”. I put this because I don’t want to see us get blown out anymore. If we look competitive every week we should have a fair amount of victories.
  13. I wonder if Ruder is quick enough to be the redzone/goalline qb. Isn’t he faster than Aune?
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