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  1. 100% I give Bret alot of crap calling him Bert amd stuff but he does do good work (except when he taunting us with ghosts of Mean Green past). Love ya Vito!
  2. Thanks @Harry. He was one of the good ones and I’m sad he has gone. Sad day for the GMG family.
  3. In Texas the folks wanting to open up are typically less vocal and less social media savvy. They don’t have large audiences they reach and usually don’t get much news media exposure. The “influencers” are the ones that have to be pandered to because they have the largest microphone. I would argue that large businesses don’t typically care about your individual health or that one of their employees did or said something stupid caught on cell phone video. What they do care about is your reaction to their handling those issues and if it will cost them money.
  4. I agree with you. If we had to rely on the general public to keep us safe, we’d all be f’d.
  5. The larger ones, absolutely. They are profit and public perception driven. They would rather continue as is than risk upsetting a segment of their customer base. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it is what it is.
  6. I know you are afraid but take a deep breath and think realistically about this thing. You’ll have the 8% vaccinated folks (plus more each day) and the 10% of Texans who already got the virus with some level of immunity. Places like HEB are still going to require masks regardless of the governor’s order for fear of boycott or upsetting the social media army. Also, every person is free to double mask or simply get their groceries and other goods curbside or delivered. Just because the governor is curtsying to his voters doesn’t mean we are headed back to Memorial Day last year again. Eventually
  7. Passwaters is a position coach only and was a grad assistant working with the defense in 2017. Remember again Passwaters is a package deal to get Bennett and if you don’t take Passwaters, you don’t get Bennett and we’d be on our next Bowen-level failure at DC. For Petrilli, in regards to special teams, I see 4 years at an Idaho high school coaching returners, assisting with ST for one season at Charleston Southern, special teams coach at college of Idaho for 2 seasons, one season QC at Boise, one season assisting with ST at Drake, and 2 years as a volunteer assistant working with Biagi. I
  8. You are correct. Littrell kept him around for year one to keep the recruiting class together so Perry was here for both HoD bowls. After the 2016 season he ran Perry off which to this day I think was a terrible decision.
  9. Any evidence in modern North Texas history? There are plenty of P5 position coaches ready to step up as coordinators. Im not sure of many G5 quality control coaches ready to jump straight to coordinator.
  10. I feel about Petrilli the way many feel about Passwaters. I look the other way on Passwaters because position coaches typically teach technique while coordinators teach and develop scheme. Bennett is why I dont worry more about Passwaters lack of experience. For this special teams coordinator position, I’d like someone who has proven schemes. I understand you w that Perry wouldn’t even consider this place but I’d like someone with his experience and similar schemes.
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