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  1. I think Trevon McWilliams is going to need to put in an extra year or two of classes in the journalism school even after he graduates. He isn’t ready for ESPN or SI just yet. He needs to prove he can be the best writer at the NT Daily BEFORE he goes out and gets a job, regardless of if he graduates first or not. It’ll take awhile to become the Peter King of the NT Daily so I hope you don’t have much desire to get out and start making money until you can prove that you can be an elite journalist. Enjoy your 12 year NT Daily writing career.
  2. I don’t understand the desire to transfer in conference. Before Baker Mayfield, it was standard operating procedure to block a kid from transferring to any school on your schedule over the rest of their playing career. KSU plays TCU every year. WVU plays OU every year. I don’t understand how this is a foreign concept all of a sudden.
  3. Cr1028

    And the rich get richer

    Well if you had a one year chance to win a heisman and prepare for the NFL, where would you go? You can’t go to Bama and the Clemson job is locked up. Ohio State? Notre Dame? OU by recent history tends to be a Heisman hotspot and it is also the closest to his home of the contenders. Texas and A&M both have entrenched starters so he wasn’t going to either of those. I’d have gone OU too. Lincoln Riley has produced back to back first round qbs. I can’t see any destination that would be a better opportunity for Hurts to hone his skills for the NFL while being a preseason favorite for the Heisman.
  4. Cr1028

    And the rich get richer

    And the Heisman goes to....
  5. He won’t have a monster year as long as Rico Bussey is our top dog. Rico is just plain better by production which is what matters at the collegiate level. By measurables, Jalen May have the edge and that is what the NFL is more concerned about which is why folks like Darius Hayward Bey get drafted ahead of Michael Crabtree.
  6. I’m sure almost all of us would’ve seen some employable value benefit from another year in school but is it worth the time/cost/energy? Jalen wants to start his post-school life like anyone else. I’m sure he realizes he isn’t a prized draft pick but be honest, do you truly think his draft stock would improve next year? If anything, it seemed to decline this season compared to last.
  7. Cr1028


    Someone should tag him on twitter with that
  8. I don’t get some of you and your sour grapes on Jalen. Just a few years ago we had a player (I think Feeney but don’t remember) forgo his senior season so he could move on with his life as a college graduate. Everybody was telling the kid thanks for his contributions and happy for him. The ONLY difference between Guyton and him is that Guyton has NFL potential. Get over yourselves and wish him luck. The better he does, the better we look. His success reflects well upon us. And should he fail in his pro football aspirations? He is still an alumnus of our beloved university and hopefully returns to Apogee to support future teams as a productive member of society.
  9. Exactly this. I imagine @peanuts104 didn’t hang around UNT after his graduation taking classes that he didn’t want or need simply because it was better for the university either.
  10. Best of luck Mr Guyton. We appreciate your part in our turnaround at North Texas. May you forever be Mean Green.
  11. Cr1028

    Brent Venables Resume

    Hindsight is 20/20. No way to know what would’ve happened with any Coach but Mac.
  12. Cr1028

    Brent Venables Resume

    Talk what about Venebles? He isn’t coming here as a DC or a HC. He never was so this is a meaningless discussion.
  13. Cr1028

    Brent Venables Resume

    No, Phil Bennett at SMU wasn’t either. You can’t say with any degree of certainty that he would’ve been a good head coach until he has been a head coach somewhere
  14. Cr1028