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  1. This is exactly the case. See Lincoln Riley
  2. Cr1028

    G-5 AP 2018 Pre-season rankings

    I remember we used to beat Sun Belt teams to get into the New Orleans Bowl and get beaten by CUSA teams. Now we beat CUSA teams to get into the New Orleans Bowl and get beaten by Sun Belt teams.
  3. I hope he makes the most of his second chance. Many don’t get one.
  4. Cr1028

    DRC: UNT lands safety Leandre Davis

    Maybe it IS Kishawn. 😀
  5. Cr1028


    I never understood why he up and walked away. I came across this video this morning and I have a feeling it was his last stand. The defense gave up because the offense was trash and Skladany got sick of losing I think.
  6. Cr1028

    Roster Update 7.30.18

    So does this mean we are stuck with Alvin “Shanks” Kenworthy? I hope we don’t have many 3 and outs this year or we will be playing a hell of a lot of red zone defense.
  7. Cr1028

    Quinn Shanbour Tweet

    I have a foggy recollection that you sometimes have to lobby to get your guys on the watch lists and RV wasn’t very aggressive in that department. I could be wrong though. Just seem to remember hearing something like that here.
  8. Cr1028

    Is 2018 another 2014?

    Will this season be a repeat of 2014?
  9. Cr1028

    DRC: Shanbour named to Wuerffel watch list

    You mean the guy that wouldn’t let him sniff the depth chart? Before Seth got here Quinn was never above scout team status despite all the FCS or worse quarterbacks we had on the roster.
  10. Cr1028

    Dickey to A & M

    Beating 4 teams with a .500 or above record during a 4 year span of conference championships does not make you a great coach. It means you beat who you were supposed to. Winning 26 straight conference games and 4 consecutitittittive (thanks director of New Orleans sports foundation) SunBelt championships and then not receiving a single offer to be a head coach anywhere else over the next 12-14 years does not make a great coach either. Dickey was not a great coach. He had some great players but he was not a great coach. Matt Simon would’ve won those Sun Belt titles too. Dare I say Todd Dodge could’ve led North Texas to an above .500 record in the 2001-2004 Sun Belt with the talent and defensive staff we had. I mean even Dana Dimel got another head coaching job. What did all of the other D1 athletic directors see that our Dickey was a great coach can’t?
  11. Cr1028

    Dickey to A & M

    Matt Simon beat Tech, Oregon State, and Boise.
  12. Cr1028

    Dickey to A & M

    It is never my intent to denigrate our school’s accomplishments. I would still puff my chest out to fans of another program and say we have won 4 SunBelt championships and one CUSA division title. However, when people start popping off about Dickey being a great coach, I have to point out the reality of his tenure with us. When people start saying we should’ve kept him on one minute longer than he was here, I find that ridiculous. The man had begun to sabotage his own program, our program, by the end and he 100% HAD to go. I know the Dodge years sucked and all but one of the McCarney years sucked but it led us to where we are now and I’m grateful to be here.
  13. I don’t think the games prior to 1989 should count in those types of descriptions since SMU is well documented in its cheating prior to 1989.