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  1. Maybe @TheReal_jayD could help?
  2. So we allowed Cal to push us back a year provided they helped us find a filler opponent? I’m glad they are still “scheduled” to come to Denton but I’ll reserve my enthusiasm until they leave Berkeley for the airport.
  3. Doubtful, most of them wouldn’t know that had it if not for the mandatory testing.
  4. Seems to me the NCAA was disappointed in a certain team coming in 2nd on the 247 rankings again.
  5. Sounds like a great way to build team cohesion.
  6. My recollection is that Lawrence got away with a little something on that long pass play near the sideline. My memory could be wrong but it still wouldn’t change the fact that the stand was better than the drive.
  7. Yep they and the Joe Greene teams were likely the true best teams but because of the voting format, it was almost impossible for a recent team not to come in first.
  8. I watched both and don’t recall ‘13 getting smoked on national television. I recall that happening to ‘17 on multiple occasions. ‘13 team proved they could compete with anyone even if too many early mistakes cost them against UTSA and they ran out of steam at Georgia. They thought they could sleepwalk through the UTSA game and it cost them. “The stand” vs “the drive”, the drive was great but we got a little help on that one. The stand may never be duplicated and we got the opposite of a little help on that one. The stand was greater and always will be greater.
  9. As long as they are self-funded and don’t siphon resources from the flagship campus I’m good with it.
  10. If we are talking strictly stats, how do you put in Andrew Smith and Scott Hall but not put in DT? On HOF standards we agree. We have too many in that are not deserving but at what point do you say “ok from now on our HOF is for real“? They need to create some superlative to the HOF for truly program defining players like Joe Greene, Amber Haynes, Hayden Fry, Ofus Mitchell, Brandon Kennedy, Patrick Cobbs, etc.
  11. In what way, putting stats up in games that were way out of hand? DT could’ve thrown for a boatload of yards in a Graham Harrell offense too.
  12. DT is at least as deserving as many that are in there. He should be in. I’d be willing to bet that Mason Fine would not have been substantially better in a Mike Canales offense than DT was. And some of you forget that DT was actually invited to Broncos rookie mini-camp.
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