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  1. Still worth bringing in to help Jalie or worth a look to bring back if Jalie can’t get it done.
  2. Hold on, can we even go through the process of scheduling a substitute team at this point? Wouldn’t that put us in breach of the contract just like Cal and we’d get nothing?
  3. So if LaTech wins out does that make us co-champs?
  4. Or pretty much any place in the world.
  5. If you fail to honor a contract, you pay damages, that is how contracts work. Y’all don’t need to be so upset that Cal is choosing not to honor the contract since, in choosing to do so, they are also choosing to pay us damages. Those damages are either in the contract itself, will be decided in court, or will be negotiated prior to the date of the scheduled game 2 years from now. We will come out ok with a little extra cash. Just ended up turning our home and home into an old school money game.
  6. In their press release for the initial scheduling of the series, they said they’d be using non-state money to travel to our game.
  7. Yes but the problem is they still are still under contract with us. We need Vito to find the contract language and see what the penalty is for breaking the contract as Cal intends to do.
  8. Well Cal does have $1.9 million from ND to help pay us our due.
  9. I think this had something to do with Cal taking on ND. https://www.onefootdown.com/2020/1/27/21100070/notre-dame-football-irish-look-to-extend-four-game-win-streak-against-cal-in-2022-golden-bears
  10. https://calbears.com/news/2017/12/7/cal-north-texas-announce-football-series.aspx Cal did announce it so it must’ve changed for some reason. Edit: So after a little digging, we were scheduled to play Cal at home on Sept 10 and they were supposed to host UNLV the following week. Then they inked a deal to play Notre Dame on Sept 17 and subsequently (since they were double booked) flipped UNLV to the10th and pushed us right off the schedule. I hope we were compensated handsomely for this.
  11. Ah, dang I forgot Patrick’s son didn’t go to the school where he coached.
  12. How is the #2 player in the state a player from Denton Ryan’s backfield and not named Kaedric Cobbs? Y’all go ahead and get out your signs and pitchforks now.
  13. Or maybe Kirk Martin didn’t get them what they wanted so they cut him loose which is a crap thing to do but that’s the game they play.
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