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  1. I think this is great. I’d much rather play the Bobcats than the roadchickens anyhow. I’m glad we are starting up the series with them again and as much as many of you refuse to accept this, amongst the general Texas working world, North Texas and Texas State aren’t viewed any differently when asked what school you attended. This game could get way more attention and has more long-term potential than a head-thumping once or twice a decade in Austin. Well done Wren Baler.
  2. Exactly, he should give a cut to Mac Jones, Tua, and Jalen Hurts for turning the starting job at Bama into a 7-figured endorsed position. (I’m not actually of the opinions he should but I do think he’d be on a way lower deal without them paving the way). 10-15 years ago it would’ve been Texas or USC. 20 it may have been Tennesee, and before that maybe Nebraska.
  3. Good point. Sometimes I don’t realize how fast I’m aging.
  4. The thing that really burns me is how he speaks of Boise compared to us when we were in the same damn conference with them when Dickey was here which wasn’t all that long ago.
  5. This disgusts me. “When he was committed to UNT, I didn’t feel good about it, I just felt like he was better than that,” said Kevin Murray, Fennegan’s quarterback trainer since 2013. “USC is a great program, and I’ve known Graham for years, but I didn’t feel comfortable with Cade going there, just too much uncertainty. In Boise, you have stability, you’re going to win and you’re going to get coached up.” https://theathletic.com/1799404/2020/05/07/cade-fennegan-boise-state-quarterback-recruiting/ He and Kevin Murray can go ride the pine someplace else.
  6. I first learned of Biz on Celebrity Fit Club. I was in grade school when Just A Friend was released so I wasn’t really familiar with it until I was an adult. He was a super cool guy, great personality, and he left some fantastic music to remain after he passed. RIP.
  7. Cade Pearson is now a defensive back in the SEC. https://arkansasrazorbacks.com/roster/cade-pearson/ I like the kid but there is no way in hell he has SEC speed. Scout team is the right team for him.
  8. If that is even his writing. Did it have some proof of authenticity? The item is no longer up so I can’t see if it did.
  9. I just don’t understand why they don’t say projected starter or list slashes of the quarterbacks competing for the job. The last one I saw on Kansas had Bean and two other guys listed as possible starters. I’m not saying Aune won’t be the starter, I’m saying it is awfully presumptuous to state that before fall camp unless you are a Mason Fine level entrenched starter
  10. I love how the magazines have already handed him the starting job. They know jack squat about what happens at NT.
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