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  1. I love the idea but no way he wants to replace his boy Seth Littrell.
  2. Tom Herman and Zach Smith were thick as thieves until Herman ended up at Texas and tried to recruit against Ohio State. He was getting his tail kicked by them so he tried to bring down Urban Meyer by taking out Zach Smith.
  3. Our good and Coogs good have been different worlds for the last 15 years.
  4. Geez, why don’t we start a thread saying we need to hire Todd Dodge again while we’re at it?
  5. That’s because they had the fortitude to hire a coach that most schools wouldn’t touch. When Freeze gets hired away, they will repeat the process with Ian McCaw’s old buddy and keep on winning because they don’t bow to public pressure.
  6. If Matt Wells isn’t on that list, I can’t believe it to be legitimate.
  7. Based on Gupta’s comments, it seems like semantics but does give Fauci reason to say they didn’t technically fund gain of function. Semantics aside, they should have revealed what was going on there earlier and done more to pinpoint the origin whether it makes us, the Chinese, or anyone else look bad.
  8. All the more reason to strike while the iron is hot. He will use Seth as a cautionary tale and take the best P5 job available to him at the end of this season.
  9. But why start from scratch when he already ranked in the same G5 conference? He likely will not coach a single game in the American.. He will be in a P4/5 conference within two years tops, most likely after this season. I’m not saying it isn’t worth asking but the likelihood of him jumping to another school in conference with the reputation he has is extremely small.
  10. If he’d say yes, absolutely! But I can’t see him stopping at any other G5 after this season, he’ll be P5 without question unless he suffers an unimaginable collapse.
  11. Retreads aren’t of any interest to me, if you got fired for poor on-field performance, you’ll probably do worse here. I’ll take an up-and-coming head coach from the lower level like Colby Carthel (he could be the Texas version of that Tulane coach many liked when we got Seth). Or, I will take a coach who was fired for something other than on-field performance. Briles, Freeze (before Liberty got him), and Rolovich come to mind.
  12. If that is the case then just hire Art Briles if you don’t mind a big headache to get a jump. If you want to jump in the scumbag pool, don’t just go halfway, go all in.
  13. Who was the last coach that wasn’t good at Houston if you exclude skullet. Dana Dimel? Tom Herman is a smug POS. He fit right in at Texas until he lost games they thought he should win. He would be a much better fit for SMU. Trust me, this guy is a scumbag’s scumbag. We don’t need or want him.
  14. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/32439931/bob-huggins-says-major-conferences-create-own-college-basketball-postseason-event-ditch-ncaa-tournament?platform=amp
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