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  1. Cr1028

    UNT ODU Game Video Highlights

    Watching the highlights had me thinking that Torrey running the ball looks a lot like freshman Jamario.
  2. Cr1028

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I hate to see him go but I haven’t heard anything from him to convince me he isn’t gone.
  3. Cr1028

    Is there a coaches show tonight?

    I believe the said there would and it would be the last before bowl season because of basketball
  5. Cr1028


    Haha, exactly! See Mick knows, lol.
  6. Cr1028

    QB Talk: Maher/Fine

    Haha, good point. You win.
  7. I know you are upset but that does nothing to advance recruiting or the perception of our school. We all have a role to play. I know we can’t call plays or run them but we can do our small parts to better our place in the CFB landscape.
  8. Cr1028

    QB Talk: Maher/Fine

    Really? So Cyril Lemon was a nobody?
  9. Cr1028

    QB Talk: Maher/Fine

    I think there is a HS OC in Sherman that could teach him something about leadership too. He might even give Mason his first glimpse at a bowl MVP trophy.
  10. Cr1028


    Why the F do we even have a freaking “wives trip”? It gives our coaches a chamce to lose focus is the best reason I can think of and it is terrible.
  11. Cr1028

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Tom Herman collapsed at Houston too after he knew he had the Texas gig sewn up.
  12. Cr1028


    How do we know they haven’t already?
  13. Cr1028


    You are angry but think about the alternative, we could be 1-8 right now looking for our next head coach after we had fired Chico or Doug Meacham. Just a few hours ago people were worried about our coach heading to P5 and now he isn’t good enough for us? He is still one of, if not the, best P5 head coach prospects out there.
  14. Cr1028


    Mason hasn’t been the same since he got roughed up by LaTech.