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  1. I wish I hadn’t deleted the post now. You are well suited for media work in the present day.
  2. No way. This is the only acceptable answer from that staff.
  3. I disagree. He hit Darden in stride. The ball was well placed. If Darden would’ve had to dive or had fallen as a result of reaching for the ball, you’d have a point. He was hit in the hands and in stride. Starting FBS receivers should catch that ball every time.
  4. What happened to all the comments about the best defense in 15 years, Novil getting drafted, and how much better Bowen is than Reff was? You guys have been very wishy washy this season. Fire Seth when he is doing bad, don’t fire Seth when he is doing good. He shouldn’t be fired in a Covid season. The defense looked bad, the offense made too many critical mistakes and Aune made it worse because he doesn’t have the game breaking ability of Bean. The LaTech game will be more competitive, you will see. This is very weird season, Covid scratches, we coach disaster, 4 cancelled or postponed
  5. Yes and Darden dropped a sure touchdown pass that Bean put right on the money.
  6. I don’t completely agree. There were several moments early where the receiver dropped the ball or the qb just flat missed the target on what should have been good plays. The Darden drop comes to mind. I think the biggest mistake Seth made in this game was pulling Bean for Aune. That is when the game really got away from us.
  7. First, I need to apologize for not using the Vito power again like last week, and failing to post how crappy Bowen is early in the game. It worked very well last week. Second, Aune should see mop up snaps only. Bean is our quarterback until Gilmore, Kuehne, or the 2021 recruit take it from him. Aune is not the answer, he has shown why he couldn’t stick at a terrible Razorback program.
  8. For the youngsters among us that may not get the reference.
  9. Three games in a row. The labs running the tests must be from Midland trying to take our football away.
  10. @Harry Why can’t we just delete the Eagle’s Nest again or repurpose it? Rather than have this nebulous off-topic bear trap sitting here, why not return it to a place for non-sports UNT discussion or non-UNT sports discussion. My recollection is that is how it was many years ago until someone decided to open it to all off-topic stuff.
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