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  1. I think he greyshirted in there somewhere too.
  2. Late season collapse you say? Who is McCasland’s agent?
  3. Does it come with a hand pump, foot pump, or do you blow it by mouth? I’m sure the inflatable spectators prefer by mouth.
  4. Did you even watch that game? Other than a boneheaded fake punt that got them behind the 8-ball, they basically controlled the entire game. They only passed the ball like 12 times while running it over 50. That is imposing your will on someone. That is how Dickey used to win the Sun Belt.
  5. You sound like a 2009 Texas Longhorn fan.
  6. We did well in the first bowl game when there was almost zero chance he would get a job elsewhere after the season. Each bowl game thereafter, with him being a hot name in the coaching carousel, we got DESTROYED! Absolutely taken apart, both times. Not to mention the asskicking we got in the CUSA champ game against FAU or the struggle we had to beat a 3-8 ntUTSack team by 3 points the last game of this year. Maybe he wasn’t looking ahead in these instances but it sure seems like it. A similar situation is going on with basketball. Who is McCasland’s agent?
  7. He was already gone. We were just fortunate that Snyder f’d it up for KSU. Richie Sexton doesn’t want his clients making G5 money because he doesn’t want to be making G5 commissions. If he was here to stay he wouldn’t be peeking up skirts every offseason. The main point that cannot be argued is that he was in Manhattan ready to take the job. He was (and will he again very soon) GONE. I’m just waiting to see who the Wren will bring in for a replacement
  8. Didn’t our basketball team just have a funded trip overseas?
  9. Good kid and I’m pleased with the positive things he and his father said about us. However, the cynic in me says that while it is possible he signs to play for Coach Littrell, it won’t be at UNT. Let’s be real here, if not for Bill Snyder’s meddling, SL would already be gone. His super agent will find him a new home. As Wren says, a handshake and thanks for what you’ve done is almost certainly in our near future
  10. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/untmeangreen/2010/10/07/Football-Baine-ready-for-starting-5001
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