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  1. Harry, you have an eye for talent. It's too bad Coach Mac didn't always have the same eye. 15BEN BANOGU HEIGHT 6-4 WEIGHT 249 CLASS Senior HOMETOWN McKinney, Texas HIGH SCHOOL ULM CAREER HONORS- 2017 Big 12 Defensive Newcomer of the Year- 2017 First-Team All-Big 12- 2017 First-Team AP All-Big 12- 2017 Honorable-Mention Big 12 Defensive Lineman of the Year
  2. Cr1028

    O/T when do I give a "Ray"??

    My understanding is the Ray is supposed to be reserved for epic posts, equivalent to a standing ovations, a bow, or a citizen Kane or Rudy groundskeeper clap.
  3. Cr1028

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Link It is not outside of all possiblity that Seth would want to stay here and build this thing up in a similar fashion. Patterson showed you can build a G5 program in DFW to prominence if you do it the right way. I know former SWC but nobody these days thinks about that anymore.
  4. Cr1028

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Me after the season if all this speculation has truth to it
  5. Cr1028

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I believe their rival is Lake Travis where Chad Morris won a couple state titles and coached Garrett Gilbert. More recent Lake Travis qbs include Michael and Charley Brewer, and Faker Mayfield.
  6. Cr1028

    Top 25 Votes for UNT???

    Let’s not get all UTSA after they beat Baylor with top 25 and 12-0 talk. SMU was really bad. UIW is not FBS, and the hogs got beat by Colorado State (who is 0-3 in games not against Arkansas). Let’s support our team and make sure we take care of Liberty, LaTech, and ultimately FAU(who was up 41-7 on us at the half last year). Call me cautiously optimistic but we we are not a top 25 team. We may well win every game left on our schedule but after being a Mean Green fan for awhile, I will believe it when it happens.
  7. There was only one Uber and it was 20 minutes away and an $11 fate I think. I know because I consodeeed it while waiting 50 minutes for a usually reliable game day shuttle. There were probably 50+ people waiting at the East Side stop where we were. We ended up loading the family back up and driving to park by the college inn and walk. I didn’t want to pay $10 to park because I could see the line to get into the lot from the highway and figured the shuttle would be faster.
  8. I don't hear too well. Are you saying cocky or Cocker?
  9. Cr1028


    The 3 NC schools were original members of the ACC that was created in 1953 when TV markets were not a factor and travel time/costs were.
  10. Cr1028


    SMU would never allow us to squeeze into the AAC and it would be redundant for the league unless they kicked SMU out. The MWC would move our night games an hour or 2 later, plus make away game travel tougher. I love being in CUSA. Some of our teams struggled tonight, others handled their business. If we aren’t going to be in the P5, let’s just win the CUSA every year. First step, win it once. Then we can blow our horn about how we deserve to play better teams every week.
  11. Cr1028


  12. Cr1028

    UAB lost to Costal Carolina?

    I thought Coastal was supposed to be pretty good with their CEO Head Coach?
  13. Cr1028

    New Member old unt alum

    Welcome Isaac. I could’ve sworn he wore #99 but I guess the roster doesn’t lie. I’m getting old.
  14. Thanks guys. I will call the ticket office and see if I can get that to happen.