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  1. Not surprised. Many have commented that Mason doesn’t look the same this year. Maybe it’s the OC, maybe it’s the patchwork Oline, maybe it’s the loss of Rico, or maybe it’s injury. Regardless, this Mason just isn’t quite as good as early last year’s Mason.
  2. Is Morris worth a look to replace Bodie Reeder? I have NOT been impressed with him. As bad as Reffett has been, I feel Reeder has been worse.
  3. Quitters all over the field. Darden claims to be the fastest player on the team and didn’t even try to stop the pick six. Put in someone who actually wants to play in this game.
  4. Let’s not turn the statue thing into the NT HOF where everyone who was pretty good gets in. There should be one statue and that is Mean Joe Greene. He is regarded as the best to EVER play his position and he did it at our university. The only way another statue should go up is if we have a player that wins the Heisman or is a consensus all-American and top 5 NFL draft pick. Period.
  5. So your saying he used his anger as tackling fuel? Old school Bobby Boucher tactics, I love it.
  6. I’m happy for Mason, he got NFL network exposure and had a week to feel good about. I, on the other hand, am not feeling good because it took Mike Canales calling plays on the other sideline for us to enjoy a nice margin of victory.
  7. So you are saying no recruit cares about their star rating?
  8. I don’t think our homecoming means jack to him at this point in his life. On top of that, he like many others, has no interest in watching UTEP. Perhaps this was the only weekend UCF could accommodate him.
  9. There is only one way to increase your star rating as a North Texas commit, that is by taking visits and getting offers elsewhere. I think you guys are a little too worried about this deal. I think he is just trying to up his rating to help us in recruiting and to get access to other better players to join him at NT.
  10. Looks like he got one catch and one tackle on Thursday night football yesterday.
  11. Exactly, even folks like Chavis and Saban start to do worse when an offensive system like that is installed by their own OC. More stopped clock = more plays = more points. What we need is turnovers and that is something that Gibbs, Skladany, Patterson, etc can produce. All you need is one more point than the other guys.
  12. You can’t dismiss a coach simply because of the offensive system they were stuck with. The North Texas defense on a Todd Dodge coached team was on the field much longer in real time as compared to the defenses on a McCarney or especially Dickey coached team. These passing offenses cause your own defense to be on the field for many more plays. Look at defensive genius Gary Patterson after he brought on Meacham and Cumbie, the ppg he gave up went up quite a bit
  13. We need that O-line too. Lemon, Johnson, Ybarbo, etc
  14. I always thought it was amusing that Abbe was laying there on his belly kicking his feet like he was at a photo shoot or something. Other than talent, the biggest difference I see in the 2013 defense vs what we play now is on the D-line. Look at the aggressive stances. Look at their first move after the snap. They are moving toward the line of scrimmage from the snap. They are attacking. Our line now is in a very neutral, almost relaxed, stance and their first move is to stand straight up. Seems like a terrible waste of 3-4 bodies on an 11 person unit. Wasting about a third of your man power by just standing around and looking. This needs to change and fast.
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