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    Congrats to both Coach McCasland and Javion Hamlet! https://conferenceusa.com/news/2020/3/11/mens-basketball-mbb-north-texas-takes-coach-player-of-year-awards.aspx?path=mbball
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    How about ‘the place where the ref mic hardly works’
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    As did Hayden Fry and that worked out pretty well for us. Rick
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    Hmm. That will be quite the shock since he'll be in the middle of his third NFL contract and reigning MVP.
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    It's weird to think that my 1st grader will be able to drive us to that game.....
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    Aune’s gonna win the job and put up Fine-like numbers
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    DENTON – The North Texas football program and Vice President/Director of Athletics Wren Baker announced Friday that the Mean Green have agreed to a home-and-home series with the University of Missouri. The Mean Green are scheduled to host the Tigers in Denton in 2030 and travel to Columbia, Missouri, in 2031. "I'm very pleased we were able to schedule a home-and-home series with Missouri," Baker said. "Upgrading the quality of our non-conference home schedule continues to be a focus point for us. I appreciate the work of Jared Mosley in helping assemble our future schedules as well. Scheduling is a time intensive exercise and Jared has done a great job of landing quality non-conference home-and-home series." These scheduled meetings will be the second and third for the Mean Green against Missouri. The Tigers knocked off the Mean Green 28-7 in 1995 in Columbia in the season-opener. North Texas-Missouri Future Series Information Sept. 14, 2030 – Missouri at North Texas (Denton) Sept. 13, 2031 – North Texas at Missouri (Columbia)
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    My kids disappeared into the backyard for a couple hours. Turns out they were making a highlight video...oh, and James Reese plays football now too. 075A88E4-9CAE-4855-AB7C-3283406FE360.MOV
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    Should UNT be victorious in either or both of these games kindly place a bouquet of Green & White flowers at my gravesite. Thanks in advance. DeepGreen
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    https://www.instagram.com/masonfine09/?hl=en You have to have an Instagram account to see it. If you have one, tap/click on the profile pic, but Mason worked out with Drew Brees. I think that's a good sign!
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    Just one. His hazmat! Sorry.
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    Shanbour graduated and is coaching with us so that might be a NCAA violation
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    It certainly helped me! I almost had forgotten about it. Troubling times don't get us down in Denton-town: Hey, if you're in this video (and you're not too embarrassed), point yourself out!
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    guys... things are going really well.. .i just completed the 2021 season on NCAA 13... as an update, we moved to the Big 12 in 2020, and although the first two years have not produced a national championship, we have won the Rose Bowl... the flipping longhorns beat us last year though... we just fell behind early and couldn't make up the deficit. although there was a lot of pressure on me as the head coach, i decided to go ahead and sign a contract extension over the next 4 years to stay in Denton.
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    Named COVID19 because it was identified in 2019.
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    Never seen this before, 6th inning two out & two strikes on batter with Katie Clark on second! Coach Delong calls for a bunt (?) the batter squares up and the pitch is well outside the plate...Katie steals third since the coach is calling for a sacrifice, right. Catcher under throws the ball to third so it goes out to left field. Katie scores! When we they finally get the third out Coach Delong comes back he's laughing his head off since he lost count and screwed up the CALL but it worked. He had to hide his face in his hat since he was laughing so much at what he did. Good man! we all had a good laugh. The sad thing is that UIW's SB field was really impressive compared to utsa's dump. It's all syn. OF & IF. utsa's seating made you think that you were in the center seat and an airplane. You had to go outside of the field to use the head. I was told that our team really has a problem with slow pitching ( that's pretty obvious Saturday and early today. Final UNT 11 them 4 (really only two ER's). They are going to redo the SB dugout's (sink them) and enlarge the stands for Coach Delong. He's really happy at UNT he told me prior to the game. So, we can have bigger events at UNT (conf.tournament's ). And... a new scoreboard Too. They asked him about moving the field and he said he's happy with where it's at! I'm really impressed and what the parents told me about him and the ladies. Go see them play. It was lot's of fun.
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    I voiced one minor, nit-pick concern earlier this year about Mo: that his ball-handing makes me nervous. Seems like he could easily get pick-pocketed, or lose focus and sloppy. Whatever it was, I couldn't quite put my finger on it but it was there. Which begs the question: why does he think he is next level quality at PG? I personally thought his value was at the 2. Makes me wonder if someone is whispering in his ear. So disheartening. A great part of a great team, with future success written all over it, transferring for mysterious reasons and losing a year of eligibility on top of all this. I'm trying to think of some strangest moves I've seen in Denton over the years. This one would be right up near the top.
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    Chill Billy, he ain’t worth it.
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    My cousin is in the hospital on a ventilator fighting for his life against COVID-19. A couple of you may have met him several years back when he used to tailgate with me. He and his wife were football season ticket holders when one of their sons was in the Green Brigade. They kept their season tickets but then discontinued when my cousin was battling pulmonary fibrosis, resulting in a double lung transplant. There is an effort underway to get COVID-19 survivors to donate plasma. There is belief that their plasma can help those that are struggling with the virus. If you know of any survivors, please pass the Facebook group below on to them. It was put together by my cousin’s father-in-law. Prayers are welcomed as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/507716073250326/?ref=share
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    It looks like congress is going to start work on another package. My question, not if it is or is not needed, but if it is full of money for non-virus related programs, should the President veto the bill? I believe we need to help people and keep the economy from collapsing, but this is not the time for anyone to add crap to try and get their "pet projects" funded by trying to claim one party or the other doesn't care.
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    Sure this isn't the most football related, but I feel like the football board is where the most action is and I want us to be able to help other Mean Green. Obviously COVID-19 has taken a hit on more than a few of us (sickness/employment-wise) and our businesses, no matter if we're in Austin, Dallas, Houston, or elsewhere. Would love to get a list going of Mean Greeners who need a job, some extra help, or Mean Green-owned businesses (and where) that we can patronize (ordering online) to help them out. I know in Austin, Austin Gourmet Popcorn, and Lambert's could use some love.
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    Last night I dreamed I was attending a Mean Green football game at Apogee Stadium with a full house in attendance. Before the game started, the Army Golden Knights Parachute Team jumped (disclaimer: I was an Army paratrooper, but never close to being a Golden Knight). At the end of the game, we all ran out on the field and were not observing social distancing. So, what does it all mean? That maybe the quarantine was over, and we had defeated the virus? we played Army in a bowl game and beat them? who knows? But it was good to be there once more to see the Mean Green take the field. Okay, off to bed to see what comes next.
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    Yeah, but in my dream Mason Fine threw a sixty-five yard Hail Mary with no time left on the clock to give the Dallas Cowboys a Super Bowl win over the 49ers. The Mean Green beat Alabama for the national championship. I had a date every night of the week with a different Dallas Cowboy cheerleader ! Then the jailer woke us up and emptied out the drunk tank. (Oh by the way, I was in the 82nd Airborne so I think we may suffer from the same dream disorder) ✈️
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    Not sure who's running the account, but someone out there is tweeting a simulation of the 2020 March Madness bracket released by the New York Post on March 16... Regarding NT's Round of 64 matchup with Oregon... Next Up? Kinda depressing but it's all we've got. The imaginary hope of a Sweet 16 showdown with Mr. Woolridge & Co.
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    Meh, it’s a bit of both. Both extremes are silly. COVID-19 is much more lethal than the usual seasonal flu, but the ‘cancel everything so it looks like are are doing something’ is also silly. It looks like you mostly catch this disease from breathing, unless you’re planning on stopping that you are kind of hosed. We really can’t shut down everything everywhere for months or years until a vaccine is tested and ready. COVID-19 will likely get worse in terms of death totals. It’s scary because it’s so new, but it’s possible that this could end up killing less people than other causes of death this year. Much as in a wilderness survival situation panic kills more than the elements, even if the elements claim their share. Obviously if you are personally affected it feels worse, much like a highway fatality is worse if you know the dead than it is for those just stuck in traffic. Don't freak out and fight over TP, stay away from others as much as practical if you’re ill and stay away from both extremes (sky is falling and nothing is happening).
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    Most of the people upset about this who are calling it an overreaction probably won’t change their minds until it hits close enough to home for them. Or until it has reached high enough confirmed infection/death numbers to where they can’t keep posting the same meme comparing COVID-19 numbers to flu numbers. Hopefully by taking precautions like this these people can still look back in a few months and think they were right about calling these actions overreactionary. But in reality these measures may be the reason we can prevent it from getting to the point it is in over in Italy.
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    So, UNT Marketing should take this opportunity to tout how we were an "all-time" Cinderella story and we can declare the Mean Green the 2020 NCAA champions!!
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    Well there goes giving a crap what region they send us! I think this is an overreaction personally. The tournament is gonna lose a lot of its magic.
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    Hamlet 1st team. Mo 2nd team. http://www.conferenceusa.com/news/2020/3/9/mens-basketball-mbb-all-conference-teams-announced.aspx
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    I’ll take credit for letting you know about it, but I can’t take credit for arranging it. That credit goes to the hard working grossly understaffed folks employed by the UNT Alumni Association.
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    No clue if she would want to be an assistant here but I’d hire her yesterday. In fact this may not be a popular opinion but I’d rather have her in the head spot even though I appreciate Jalie and love the fact she is one of our own.
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    Well, Brett Vito's updated DRC article is saying he wanted to play the PG position because he believes that will improve his NBA prospects. That seems to be the reason he is electing to transfer. Unless he is granted a waiver, he will have to sit out a year and will only have one year of eligibility remaining. I don't see the NCAA granting a waiver because you are not getting to play the position you want to play. This is a bad move for Mo. He is going to sit a year and put all of his eggs in a basket that he gets to play PG in a new program and excels enough for the NBA scouts to give him a chance. That is a long shot at best.
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    This is a major and unexpected loss. I expect this is another example of why I hate this graduate transfer fiasco. Just like Woolridge, I don't care what he does for another team. Also just like Woolridge, he may not even be missed next year. I have faith in McCasland to find a replacement that will upgrade the team.
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    While recruiting is on a halt right now, the transfer market is heating up. No one has announced intentions to transfer from UNT, but many players have elsewhere. Here are a couple lists: https://watchstadium.com/college-basketballs-2019-20-midseason-transfer-list-10-31-2019/amp/?__twitter_impression=true http://verbalcommits.com/transfers/2020 We only have two spots remaining at the moment but I think it’s very likely that we would find room if the right guys came available. Here are some guys who I particularly like: • Hayden Koval, JR C Central Arkansas. 7 footer originally from Prosper. I think he’d be a great fit with very good shot blocking and solid 3-point shooting ability. Not sure if he’d be eligible immediately as a grad transfer or if he’d have to sit a year. Not super confident he could fit next to Simmons. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/hayden-koval-1.html • Morris Udeze, SO F Wichita State From Houston. Think he’d have to sit a year. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/morris-udeze-1.html • Cory Hightower, SO F Presbyterian Think he’d have to sit a year. Likelihood seems low but I think he’d be a good fit. Leading scorer and rebounder from Presbyterian. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/cory-hightower-1.html • EJ Anosike, GRAD F Sacred Heart Another low likelihood here, but he’d be the best rebounder we’ve had under Mccasland. Not sure he’s enough of a shooter to be a perfect fit at the 4 for Mccasland, but he was a very productive player in the NEC. 15.7 points/11.6 rebounds a game last year. Also a consistently good free throw shooter for his career. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/ej-anosike-1.html • Gerrale Gates, SO F New Orleans 6’6” 250 post who was Southland Freshman of the Year in 18-19. Seems kind of like the player we wanted Jahmiah Simmons to be. Also not much a three-point shooter so maybe not a good fit at the 4 here, but he is also a good free-throw shooter. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/gerrale-gates-1.html • Ben Pyle, SO F Western Illinois A little light at 6’7” 185 lbs but he would come in and be likely the best shooter on our roster, and he’s a decent rebounder as well. 12.3 points/5.3 rebounds a game last year and shot 43% from three on a whopping 5.7 attempts per game. Also just shy of 90% from the free-throw line. Again, another long shot but good fit. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/ben-pyle-1.html
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    Imagine how much they would make if they could win.
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    WKU has the brand to bring in one or two extremely high profile recruits. Maybe not every season but it sure seems like it. But, you know.... 78-72 and all. 🤣
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    Where were these great moral types when Clinton and Obama abused the pardon system
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    You know what feels great? Being able to trust that Wren will find the appropriate way to celebrate the team's accomplishment - both in the near term and beyond.
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    True - the venues are booked years in advance. Also CBS has other things scheduled for then as well. Soooo, congratulations to our Mean Green NATIONAL CO-CHAMPIONS!
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    If March Madness gets cancelled completely I hope I get Corona & die.
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    So this will be the first season under the Coach Mason Fine era
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    Found the NIT selection show...

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