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    He definitely is the best I've experienced Had a funny run in with him at a Denton Chamber of Commerce function. I have talked to the Prez on a number of occasions but this one time, I was standing in the bar area (DUH) he was making his way through the room meeting and greeting people and then he came up to me and said "Hi Jeff" and I was completely blown away. I thought to myself, a man of his caliber and knowing so many people, he remembered my name. I was blown away! After our conversation ended, he continued working the room and then I looked down and realized that I had a name tag on....................
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    Hey guys, @untsportsfan and I started a basketball podcast. Link is below for our first episode. We’re new to this so our first run was a little rough around the edges but I thought I’d post anyways. Hopefully you enjoy some of the discussion. Plan on getting this back going again in October. http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/2/5/0/250a7c26ae066f53/Green_Globe_Podcast_Episode_1_Mixdown_1.mp3?c_id=22255200&forcedn=attachment&cs_id=22255200&destination_id=759116&expiration=1532374852&hwt=e49779f1945d1e114465aa3d8859d185
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    I saw this on my twitter timeline and figured I would share it here. Nice to see 6-figure commitments. #GMG #NewDenton
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    The WHOLE fanbase?! And they said this was no rivalry...
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    DRC: Littrell talks about UNT's potential, Louisiana Tech is deeper than ever, plus the league's coaches talk about the College Football Playoff https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/c-usa-media-days-provided-a-few-insights-into-upcoming/article_37060624-0e56-5c66-93b2-1bd703a433d3.html
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    I dare someone to try to diagram that sentence.
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    Not certain how this plays out, but this is setting up for that '19 class to take us to a level we have never seen in Denton before. I get shivers thinking what if? what if we have a 10-win season this year, win the bowl game, then open 2019 undefeated through OOC play? Where will this program be? How different would the culture be? Can we keep this up for, say, 8 outta 10 years?
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    Was told today....they'd have these at the Apogee spirit shop...probably in the next few weeks. Go Mean Green!
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    If we forced Fine to play Left Handed, he would still be the best QB in the room in 2014!
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    I would be worried about losing him to a P-5 school, he is the real deal. If you did not go to any games last year please go this year. In one year he has already turned the program around and I believe it will continue. Onward and upward.
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    Well it is July. Guess it's time to drag the UT game back out.
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    DO NOT go to "Pigtails", their adult entertainment bar...it gets too rowdy for UNT fans after a game.
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    Just like, turn the AC up over there before the game so the spoiled rich folks in red don't melt. It's a 6:30 game so maybe we won't have too much sun on the visitor side after a while.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-roster-notes-as-we-head-toward-fall-camp/article_1a1e6ef8-c32d-5683-b405-2a83e83ed664.html
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    I think it’s a little premature, but it’s also pretty clear that Mccasland is destined for power conference job offers. With that in mind, might as well fatten the buyout we would get back.
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    Honestly that whole fiasco was just a microcosm of the day to day dysfunction in the AD at the time and lack of UNT administrative control and oversight of the program. If we wanted to fire Coach Dickey at the time (& there was definitely a case to be made that separation was in everyone’s best interest), just make the move and don’t expect him to coach out the rest of the season. Not sure what the powers that be (AD, Presidents office, BOR) expected. DD and RV out and out hated each other during the bowl years. It was no secret. Nothing good was going to come from dealing with the situation the way we did. It was so North Texas at the time. Very #OldDenton
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    I don't think we let him go too soon. I think we let him go at the perfect time. I am not sure he would have ever grown and got better being where he was. I think it took all these things to better him. And, I am still not certain he would be good at the head position.
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    Those are the two main things people do when they visit. NWA has a ton of stuff to do outdoors but you probably won't be here long enough for that. For visitors that have kids, there is the Daisy Airgun Museum in Rogers. And the Walmart Museum is also in Downtown Bentonville and has an old school ice cream shop attached to it. Of course there are things like Dave & Buster's and we're getting a Topgolf but those probably aren't anything you won't find in the DFW area already. You can find out a lot more about the area here: https://issuu.com/rlacc/docs/2018goodlife_web Cowboys fans may find it cool to check out our Student Athlete Success Center that's only a few years old (below) and we have a lot of historical stuff that talks about Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson from when they played here. Also you'll only be the second game since we've renovated the new north endzone and you'll be able to walk around and watch the game from the patio style concourse if you want to. Before, you couldn't go around the stadium 360 degrees from the inside and it was a bit of a pain in the ass.
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