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    First, the reason I'm here. You guys have a more than legit shot at beating us. I've lived in the Denton area for over 15 years and have always supported/pulled for North Texas, but Saturday was the first game I'd ever been to in person. I came away more than impressed. I've seen a lot of college football in my life and UNT passes the eyeball test for sure. Our defense is HIGHLY suspect and our offensive line was less than impressive against EIU in regards to the run game. EIU moved the ball well against us, but couldn't hold on to the ball and missed a couple easy field goals early. Some of the turnovers we caused, but most were just sloppy play on EIU's part. In short, they left a bunch of points on the table. In general, after we switched QB's our offense looked pretty good without dipping very deep in the play book. In short, I see a high scoring game that can go either way depending on turnovers, etc. Also, in general Arkansas has great fans and anyone going to the game can expect to be treated well. Of course, there are always @holes anywhere you go but they're the exception, not the rule.
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    My wife and I met at North Texas, so she understands the rules. 1) Don’t RSVP to a wedding or an event on a Fall Saturday if you want me to accompany you 2) I don’t ask why you buy shoes, don’t wonder why I buy more green clothing 3) The kids will attend North Texas...or they’d better have a full ride elsewhere 4) Scrappy is a real person 5) Mean Green is a religion 6) Apogee and The Pit are the North and South cathedrals 7) Glory to the Green is played at all family functions, special occasions and holidays 8) SMU is the true enemy of the people
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    I’m isaac Thomas played for the mean green 04-09 just checking in!
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    Why are we poo-pooing a record crowd?
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    The best thing will be having a whole new set of pictures of the stadium to look at that are not the opening game against Houston. 🙂
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    Just sitting here thinking about this weekend. Massive crowd. Team that plays at a high level with few self-inflicted mistakes. One of the best QBs in the CFB. A marketing promotion making national news. We've waited so long to see this and it gives me chills. The stars are aligned. Great coach, great AD, great President. Supportive chancellor and Board (led by an unsung hero for athletics in Brint Ryan). This is what "it" feels like and it feels so damn good. Here's hoping that we keep the team intact and that if/when we do lose any of them, the culture and resources are there to continue our trajectory. It feels different this time, like we may really have changed the future of our athletic program.
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    Need more UNT alumni like Roy Metzler, John Williams and Frenchy getting the word out!!! Support their businesses and GMG!
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    Where is that cart before the horse graphic...
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    Great job to all the players and to Coach Ref!
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    no... Even taking into account your argument about scheduling the P5's for 1 (maybe 2 games?) a year, that would only apply to Texas or Oklahoma schools. Realistically, only OK St, Baylor, Tech, TCU and maaayyyyyybe A&M would give us a home game. Additionally, we are living in a world where college football attendance is dwindling across the board, expanding without the excessive need would seem to be a large expense for little return. Keep Apogee the same size and just turn it into a hot ticket.
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    ...in Plano! 🦅🦅🦅 GMG View full article
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    You go for two because it makes it 35 which means they need more than 5 touchdowns + extra points to win. It's not vengeance just math.
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    Great crowd last night, but some continuous improvement ideas for us to keep in mind: 1. Be SELFLESS enough to stand at least on kickoffs, 3rd downs (when on defense), when UNT gets a first down (performing the first down gesture), during the almamator, and of course when UNT scores. 2. Be TOUGH enough to yell at the top of your lungs on defensive 3rd downs and spirit chants (especially the NORTH TEXAS chant @Harry captured above.) 3. Be DISCIPLINED enough to be quiet during the snap count when UNT is on offense. When Mason is flapping his arms up and down, he’s not doing an eagle gesture to get the crowd pumped up.
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    Mean Joe Greene statue to be unveiled in front of Apogee before the La Tech game. Also wearing the throwbacks from that era For the game AWESOME
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    Either way it was an awesome crowd. Most importantly, we did the #NewDenton thing, and actually delivered on the field in front of a crowd like that to kick off the season. Great game and great atmosphere. The fans will be back this year.
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    This week (8-22) marked the fiftieth anniversary of my third and final degree from North Texas (NTSU). Dr. J. C. Matthews presided, and I was hooded by Dr. Dwayne Kingery. During my time, it was my pleasure to see, among others, Art Perkins, Bobby Smith, Vidal Carlin, John Love, Ron Shanklin, CharlwsBeatty, Cedric Hardeman, and (of course) Joe Greene. Fouts Field held many good memories. I was very fortunate. I was able to see some outstanding football, but more importantly, received an education that was second to none.
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    Setting his unbelievable stats aside for a minute.... How great is it to have our young stable of QBs be able to watch him and learn from him and see how he carries himself as a leader, with the media and off the field. He’s setting one heck of a standard This could help so much in the future.... The sky’s the limit on what his legacy will be here when it’s all done.....but wow are we lucky.
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    I still say, when Mason Fine runs out on the field next year during senior day....Seth Littrell will be out there to greet him
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    I will say the pregame was an improvement, but the running out instead of marching in to the stadium was not good. I swear, late it the game it appears they are just their to amuse themselves. Actually, I don't blame the kids in the band but the leader is to blame. They are good, but could be great. Also, the green shirts and black shorts were better but no uniforms is just crappy looking. If SMU's pep band can handle their Mr. Peppermint outfits, we can wear our uniforms.
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    Probably best to keep these thoughts to yourself until after the honeymoon.
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    Loved the way you took down SMU. I didn't get the game here in the Boston area, but the numbers were incredible. You completely dominated. I know we don't play each other, but if you ever want to talk TCU sports, skip the old site and come over to The Frog Horn. No ads and no (well, fewer) idiots. My dad was a UNT guy, so I'm a fan. GMG