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    I guess they will lose the cannon this year, that save 20 bucks.
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    What if UNT never dropped to 1-AA
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    If there is a season, I'l be in attendance. I'll take precautions, just like I do now, but I'm not going to stop living life out of fear. I'm in that age bracket too, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be in hiding for the rest of my life. If it's my time, so be it.
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    I don’t get anyone blaming our people in the department or staff for this? if it weren’t for Coach’s Littrell & Harrell MF might not have even gotten the chance? They evaluated him, brought him here, placed him immediately in the center ring and he took GREAT advantage of his opportunities. He played on national TV several times. Shocked the SEC by routing one of their schools in a game that was talked about for weeks,, led the nation in completions over 40 yards one season, was at the top in completion percentage, broke several school records, had one of our greatest all time comeback wins, earned great respect by everyone he played against, always represented his university by speaking with a respectful, intelligent & confident attitude every time he faced the media. I mean,...I don’t know what else he could have done here or anywhere else, or what more the department could have done to convince the so called experts to bring him in? Rick
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    I think at least 3 years. If you look around UNT football/basketball events you see a lot of grey hair, which at present is an endangered species. At 77 I may never attend a football or basketball game again, go to a movie or dine out. We have a vaccine for the flu, yet last year 34,000 in USA died, and 60,000 the year before. This new Virus is not going away, and when coupled with existing flue deaths could approach 100,000 per year. We just don't know. In Dallas most venues are open under certain self governing guidelines, yet few are venturing out. A return to the old normal is not going to happen overnight, if at all.
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    Your assumption is wrong. It came out last week....that all 8 of our seniors.....decided not to return. They want to go on to their careers. Our school was willing to pay for their extra year. (Must be noted that softball players don't all get full scholarships.....not sure if any do. So if the gals had come back....they would have had to pay some of their own way. But our school was willing to pay what they had been paying.) https://dentonrc.com/rsssports/unt-softball-seniors-walking-away-with-fond-memories-after-deciding-to-not-take-advantage-of/article_78a7309b-b4b7-585e-8b32-1e65e7b061a3.html
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    We don't have any more pull than any other school. It's simple: Win and you're in.
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    Like Texas, OU and Tech dumped you??
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    Does working from home instead of the office count? Cause hell yes. The constant sounds of a 5 year old will drive a man mad. Drive a man mad.. Drive a man mad..... Drive a man maaaaddddd.........
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    I'm a Navy (aviation) Vet & military aviation enthusiast. Not sure if this has been brought up previously, but I came across some pics of a Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18 Hornet & the new F-35 with a VERY familiar squadron logo. I can't remember when UNT rebranded, but I found a 2003 pic from this squadron with this logo. You can Google "RAAF 3 Squadron" for more info. Is this where we got our SOW? I was pretty shocked when I saw it.
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    For the record, I don't disagree with you. Rutgers and Maryland aren't in the Big Ten because of their gd football teams. But I'm telling you as plainly as I can tell you, and I'm having this argument on the AAC boards: The AAC needs a football team. If 'P6' is the goal, and we say it is, then the conference has to win on the football field - has to. The conference media deal has just been signed, and isn't going to change significantly over the next decade, so in the meantime the biggest step forward has to be on a football field. As a result a team could exist in a city or state that 'brings' 5M to the TV sets, but if they lose on the football field nobody cares or wants to watch them and nobody takes the conference seriously in the most important field, so that school is dead weight; UConn fit this description to a T. So you can take this for whatever it's worth, but I say whichever program can show that they can be a consistent top-25 presence is the answer. App State went 12-1 last year and beat two respected P5 programs, so they're on peoples radar. ECU may not like it, but if ASU does it again the next few years (I know their schedule this year includes Wisconsin) then they make a compelling case, and the pirates may get voted down. If you could triple the TV contract the next time around, like the AAC did a year ago, by letting in a local competitor then you need to do it. If anyone tells you otherwise, they're a fool. I'm not being funny, or cute, or anything - if you dangle $25M/year in media rights in front of SMU then I'm willing to bet we'd happily go along with it, regardless of the addition.
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    Gotta expect it from a state scared to pump its own gas.
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    but I just saw it for the first time
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    The virus must be easy for you since you've never left the comforts of Mom's basement, the university you have claimed as your own has banned you from their board and social distancing just came naturally to all those that you come in contact with. You are probably the safest person in Harris County.
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    Mason Fine was always going to be a long shot in the draft. His size is still an issue for everyone. UNT only failed him in that it couldn't get to bigger games against tougher competition where he could have more game tape against NFL talent. In the games against good and physical defenses, he struggled in the ways that concern the analysts: seeing the field, throwing under pressure, and making difficult throws (UAB, UTSA (with Davenport), Troy, Utah State, FAU). His best option was always getting a FA deal, and finding some place where there is a good culture of development. I mean, Kellen Moore had a bigger resume and more name recognition and also went undrafted.
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    I will be praying for him. At this point, it's all in God's hands. I will pray that God gives him the patience to endure. Once he is given that chance, I will pray that God elevates his performance to the level that we all know he has. I have never wanted a player to make it as badly as I want him to make it. Not just because he is Mean Green, but more so because I hate to see someone not given a chance because they do not fit in some box that others say he should fit in. I guess it's the Army side of me coming out. Our biggest military award winners were the smallest guys like SGT Alvin York and Audie Murphy. Physical size doesn't measure a man's courage, heart, and talent and Mason has all that in spades.
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    I hope so. We need a few breaks to come our way after so many years of playing catch up; trying to overcome bad, past decisions that put us behind the eight ball. We have come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Thank God for Dr. Smatresk and Wren Baker.
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    Well, I appreciate your thoughts on NT so much I will reciprocate. SMU biggest and long standing problem is that you can't draw fans. SMU has made an art at living in the past. SMU is a private school with a good academic reputation, but who knows what kind of financial shape their athletic program is in. As far as your pontification on the AAC, why would anyone think this is a good time for anyone to think that expanding a conference across the nation is a good idea? The chance of SMU moving up to P5 status is next to nothing. Looking realistically what does SMU offer? A school with a low level of support and a history of being one of the most dishonest programs in the nation. No one knows what the new college athletic environment will be or evolve into. This maybe the time for tight regional conferences and a lot more financial responsibility.
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    That building is only a couple buildings down from mine. I've got this.🙂
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    I suppose the real question is what proves that it was wrong? What proves that it was correct? When I said back in March that I thought we'd have to eventually come to terms with lots of deaths, I wasn't being insincere. I said that we couldn't keep things closed down, but the tradeoff would be a lot more death than people were comfortable with. I put the baseline for the first wave at 100K dead. If you don't believe me it's on the second and third pages of the Corona Virus Effected you thread. Guess what, people obviously thought I was being nuts given the reactions that followed, but in another week or so we are likely to be there. And that's with huge lockdowns in effect. Once the benchmarks are established of what's extreme and what isn't are established, then we can have an honest discussion. Two months ago most people here didn't believe the number would get that high, when once again, that was my baseline. And now that is generally acceptable. So, the goalposts have already moved. Hence, we need parameters on what proves overreaction or not, since I was thought of as reactionary and I was prophetic.
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    There are plenty of choices, the most likely nothing will change.
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    NMSU can take our place and we can go AAC or something.
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    Sorry, but I was in the 15% that is still alive who enjoyed reminiscing.
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    I fish down in corpus with a group that all has little flats boats named for the college they went to or root for. I just got new decals for mine to rep UNT.
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    Yes, so memorable. I'm sure that run will live in perpetuity at the CHS field house. I also remember that he bailed on your program. He probably felt like it failed him. Good that he got out while he could, right?
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    Ya, that time Billy couldn't keep it in his pants went largely unnoticed!!
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    2031 at FAU will never happen.
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    Yeah, ECU managed to start to rival Southern Mississippi for dumbest firing of all time when they let Ruffin McNeil go and as a result they have stunk for a couple of years. (Not as bad a firing as Bower, but up there) Still, there looks like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel for them. That being said, you're right in that Navy should be in the East and, hey, there's a spot open right now - just go 13-0 and win a NY6 Bowl and you'd be surprised how many people would start to pressure SMU/UH to let UNT in, especially after showing signs of life in basketball. Seize the Day.....
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    Per Blogging the boys site. https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2020/4/25/21235879/nfl-draft-2020-dallas-cowboys-undrafted-free-agent-signings-tracker
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    I attended. Here are a few things I recall: - Football schedule is definitely being impacted. Teams are looking to make all non-conference games within driving distance. - Need MGSF donors now more than ever. - Coach McCasland walked through the day that the conference tournament and NCAA tournament were both cancelled. - Some capital projects will be delayed. - Some TV deals for the upcoming football season are starting to take shape, including with Stadium and CBS Sports Network. - Don’t expect the football season to be shortened, but could be delayed. - If football season were to be cancelled, season ticket holders would get a refund. - Doesn’t expect a massive conference realignment by geography. - if there were to be any conference realignment, Wren recognizes that joining with SunBelt teams would be seen as a step back. Would rather look to AAC teams. - McCasland had a date night on the back porch where their kids made and served dinner to him and his wife. He had the kids clean up as well. - 90+ people on the Zoom call. - Replayed “The Drive” clip from the win in the final seconds against UTSA a few years back. - Wren is having better attendance at his staff meetings through Zoom than he was having when they were in person. - They miss seeing the student athletes and supporters in person. - Basketball recruits are quickly getting to know each other online. - Giving guidance to basketball players for staying in shape during the pandemic, but available resources vary from player to player. - Someone in the basketball “family” has the virus and is struggling with it. Not a player. - We are in a better position to make it through the pandemic than many other G5 athletic programs.
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    Wearing a mask to games is the only way we eventually get to NOT wear masks at games. So yes.
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    Her daughter is CNN's Senior White House Correspondent Pamela Brown.
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    All the shutdown stuff, masks, etc., aren’t to prevent anyone from ever getting it just trying to spread it out to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed. The only deaths it’s designed to prevent is deaths caused by lack of treatment resources. Otherwise it’s just spreading out the inevitable deaths. The problem for athletics is that it seems to rip through communal living spaces. The time spent in dorms, cafeterias, weight rooms, locker rooms on busses or airplanes is problematic. Five of the sailors on the aircraft carrier have had second infections. If antibodies are only partially effective in preventing reinfection this could be a real bear.
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    I may get down voted for this, but part of the game day experience is to eat and drink and it is just very inconvenient to eat and drink with a mask on. You would have to pull the mask down at some point to eat comfortably. Hopefully we will have a more definitive answer by mid June because season tickets are due by June 30th. I am not sure I can enjoy the game day experience fully with a mask on. I will still donate to the MGSF, but I don't know if I would purchase my season tickets.
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    I will whatever they want me to as long as we can watch our favorite college football team live and in person!!! GO MEAN GREEN!!! WIN GAMES!!!
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    North Texas released our latest branding, which includes the SOW in May of 2003. The committee,... assembled by Dr. Norval Pohl and the URCM department, led by Deborah Liliyeart(ret),...now the UBSC (University Brand Strategy & Communications)Department...spent a large portion of 2002 and into 2003 designing the new marks. If I recall correctly the designers were a compilation of 5 or 6 graphic & design students and professors from UNT and maybe one outsider? Somewhere I have a box of FOI papers that described the process they went thru to come up with everything,, and I believe the university spent around $200,000 for the process to be finalized? Anyhow, the SOW derives it’s design and name from the 1970’s stylized Eagle used on the 1970’s era football team helmets. Coach Hayden Fry asked that the university hold a campus-wide design competition but a member of the athletic department staff, an extremely talented alumn named Rick Spears drew it up on a restaurant napkin and showed it to Coach Fry and he loved it and that was it. But many did not care for it at first and called it “The Fly’n Worm” and that nickname stuck. Mr. Spears hated that it became known as that “The Fly’n Worm” but like I always told him it’s now become one of the most unique and legendary logos in our history and he should be proud of it. And he was.. So when the new logo came out it was very well recieved, plus it was stated that the new logo’s designers took some of the Fly’n Worm’s characteristics....so everyone started affectionately calling it “The SOW”...Son Of Worm,..and here we are. I think it’s a great tribute and honor to one of our greatest coaches, eras and alumns. As for Mr. Spears he was quite the character and posted as “GreenGrenadeII” here on gmg till he passed away back around 2010 I think it was? He was one of the most talented dudes I’ve ever known. He was an artist,..accomplished pianist and marketing genius and knew more history about the Mean Green and more stories than you could ever imagine. He gave several of us a large print copy of what he imagined Apogee would look like years before the stadium was ever built and it truly shows how great of an artistic imagination he had.. I really miss him. Rick
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    if it's required, i'll wear it...ill just get one of the helmets that you can put beer in and run the straws to my mouth under the mask, it's all good for me!
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    Well, when a father of worm and a mother of worm fall in love....
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    You would add Ga. State and Tx. State, but drop La.Tech and S. Miss?? If it has to happen, form a new SWC (call it the NSWC) with the following 9 schools and schedule 3 OOC each year. Top two finishers play a Championship game. Done! UNT La. Tech S. Miss Rice UTEP UTSA Ark. St. Louisiana Tx. State
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    How a non-political issue becomes almost solely political, volume 34343423848: https://www.axios.com/axios-ipsos-coronavirus-week-8-5a1947d5-9850-4e58-9583-9b617e6fdc1b.html (also, Axios is a great resource in general and have great daily newsletter for a range of markets/issues - as well as a great sports one that is well thought out and broadly sourced.)
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    One of the students put this cool little video together. Rick
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    In this hypothetical merger who do we get in the SBC merge? I would rather join an MWC East but if we stay with cusa who do we blend with? Arkansas State, Texas State, Louisiana, Troy Can’t imagine La Mo being brought on, So that gives you: Rice UNT UTEP UTSA Texas state Arkansas State La Tech Louisiana Southern Miss UAB Troy Middle Tennessee Western Kentucky Marshall Man I think Smastrek and Wren need to lobby for a reformatted MWC where we could go with UTSA, UTEP and Rice to the Mountain. That Eastern division could be UNT, UTSA, UTEP, Rice, New Mexico, Colorado State, Wyoming and Air Force. In the west you have Hawaii, Boise, Fresno, San Jose, San Diego State, UNLV, Nevada, Utah State. Tourney and football championship in Vegas. If Rice doesn’t want to go take Texas State (Austin corridor). The best scenario for UNT is to take Tulsa’s place in the AAC. GMG
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    Didn’t 3 players from Charlotte get drafted?

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