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    Good lord! 100% don’t agree. The wins are one thing. The culture is a whole other thing. Look at the quality of coaches and players he’s brought in. Look at their attitude and the classhe’s about to sign. Coach Littrell is in only his third season as a head coach. He’s still learning and has surpassed anything anyone ever imagined he would become at this point. Your not paying attention my friend. Rick
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    Posts like these drive me nuts. So far, what he has done here has been quite ‘elite’. I am loving this guy and what he is doing here. We all seem to forget where we have been and who we have been with. SL is amazing for us and I can’t think of another who could have done better. I hope this guy sticks with us for a very long time. He is a fantastic coach for us. We have consistently had something to play for in late October the past few years and were even flirting with a possible undefeated season halfway through. I am very much ok with that. I have closely followed this team for the better part of 20 years and some others twice as long. I don’t forget how bad we were and that we are light years from that. No way I am gonna get greedy now.
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    Nice problem to have! Face it, we gave this race away with two winnable loses. My how our expectations have changed in the past two years. I feel cheated, how about you? I’ll be at Apogee next Saturday for win #7. Let’s make it 10-2 this year. Still a lot to play for. This team just peaked a bit early. If you need a RESET, just go back 3 years. Disappointing as it is, I’ll take this season over that. GMG!
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    ..........we will be 10-2 at the end of the year with our two losses to a 10-2 UAB team and a 9-3 LaTech. UAB will have lost @ A&M along with a bad early season loss. Meanwhile, LaTech's losses will be @ LSU, @ Miss. St. and vs. UAB. Yes, the two losses are tough to swallow, especially given we that we got off to great starts in both games. But at the end of the day, both of our losses are against quality opponents. And the better news? Next year will be even better with Fine entering his senior season. I anticipate a huge amount of media buzz before the start of the season next year given Fine's stat line this season. We have solid, competitive matchups in 2019 with games @ SMU, @ Cal, and U of H at home. We have begged for years to relevant at the state and national levels. That time is now upon us.
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    courtesy of @Jason Howeth
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    I’m thankful for the formating on this forum. Every time someone gives a link to another fan site it always looks like a chat room from the late 90s
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    He won 5 games with a 1-11 roster. He won 9 a year later. He's a few calls away from an 8-0 season. And...we have the best recruiting class in C-USA. I'll take SL everyday of the week. Losing sucks, but we're on the road to winning much more than losing.
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    We have threads about kettle corn longer than that. Every time I see other fans message boards im thankful for gomeangreen.com and we have way more die hard fans than our peers.
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    In my opinion. He is the best at promoting UNT and our football program on social media. I love that he predicted a perfect season and stays so involved. He seems to be willing to do whatever is asked of him to sell Mean Green football. I hope more former players follow his example.
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    I've been suffering through bad football since I walked onto the campus in 1989. Even with two losses this year I CAN'T WAIT for Saturday! For those who have forgotten, and by the looks of some of the comments, there's more than a few of you, here's our record thus far for the last ten years: 2017 5-3 2016 4-4 2015 1-7 2014 2-6 2013 5-3 2012 3-5 2011 3-5 2010 2-6 2009 2-6 2008 0-8 I'm a little disappointed in some of the "fans", especially the one who said he's turning to basketball now. I'm old enough to remember how everyone got excited for the "#Hit6" campaign. Ha ha, that sounds ridiculous now. There's so much to say but I'll leave it for y'all..... Go Mean Green!
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    Ladies and gentlemen.... Our new UNT90.
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    Man, these two losses this year have been real heart breakers. The team comes out on fire, offense just airing it out and we throw quick releases to protect Fine from our suspect offensive line. Whatever is happening in the adjustment segment of our halftime show just needs to stop. Since we've lost Loren, we haven't been able to run. Even with Torrey's 3 TD he had to break two or three tackles each time to get in. If the pass game is working, abandon the run. Seriously. The officiating was horrendous, but honestly it went both ways. I don't mind losing to superior teams, but I hate losing the way we've been losing. Fumbled balls in big moments, trying to do too much. Defense did enough, Offense almost did enough IN ONE half. Then, imagine when we went back to the pass, way too late in the game, we go flying down the field but can't beat the clock. NOW, I will say, i'm incredibly happy, and have a long enough memory to realize i'm grateful to have these kind of expectations and be this disappointed. We've come a really long way in three years. The team and staffs expectations were as high as ours with the way we handle business in the non-conference segment of our schedule. That's good, we should keep that and be disappointed. No one has convincingly beat North Texas this year, that's the plus side. 16 of UAB's starters are seniors. Most of them redshirt seniors and UAB got an incredible amount of waivers in order to revive their program (before someone bites my head off, it was well deserved, their program being shutdown was a railroad job). They should be good, most of their team is playing their 5th year of college ball. This season is still one for the books, it's still a really good North Texas team. Last year we had 6 one score or less games and won them all. That type of luck can't hold forever. We need to put a complete 4 quarter game together. That's on the staff. Got to find a way to not get out coached in the second half. The staff has to evaluate what is being done. If we have to throw the slant to Darden 30 times because it's working, do it. I know we have options and range in the playbook but man certain aspects of our game CLEARLY work. Others are not. No need to overthink it. Honestly, Coach Ref's crew is still playing out of their mind. Our o-line, is one of the bigger limits on this team right now. As much as Litrell tells us how excited he is about the RB group, we really need that emphasis in this recruiting cycle. Replacing EJ, BG, Brooks, and Hall is going to be tough too. I'm still excited for this season and i'm still grateful. Let's not forget the gutters from which we have come. I'm disappointed for this team more than I am with this team. We have lost two games on basically two plays 9 (both within the 5 yard line) and are those two plays away from being undefeated. When you're not a dynasty or a powerhouse, that's how football goes. G5 conferences are the wild west and the last great bastion of the ideal of any given "sunday". Recruiting is improving, donors are improving, attendance (on non-rain games) is improving, Defense is light years better than we ever expected it to be this year if we're being honest. We still have some of the best receivers and one of the best QB's in the country. Our defense is awesome, and fun and creates havoc. We just have to put it all together and we still have a shot at a 10+ win season. I'll see you guys out at the games. Always proud to be Mean Green. GMG
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    I'm tired of all the sanctimonious back and forth about the record and whether you should be happy or sad, so here's something else. The university has done a great job with advertising this year, and I think it's helped attendance. The billboards across the Metroplex have been great. Much better than other schools in the area.
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    AND NOW WE ARE ALL OVERREACTING. Litrell and what he has accomplished in only three years. Will still make him one of the most sought after coaches in all of college football. If you think otherwise, you're lying to yourself. Frank Wilson and Lane Kiffin are the dudes who aren't moving on after this year without a doubt. And I think Seth would consider staying. His stock hasn't dropped for losing two games by less than a total of 10 points. It's absolutely mind blowing. If this is such a crushing blow and he's a bad coach I guess you'll be happy when he moves on. There are teams hoping their third year coach is bowl eligible. If I would have asked anyone if we would have one a division title in year two, they would have laughed. Ya'll went from tortured fan base to entitled pretty quick. Seriously, if you're that upset, try the sleep on it rule and come back with logical talking points. And if he doesn't get poached, we should consider ourselves incredibly lucky.
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    North Texas is the only team in the nation with both a wide receiver (Bussey jr.) and a running back (torrey) with double digit touchdowns. They both have 10...kind of cool
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    Remember in ‘08 when we were 0-3 and had been outscored 142 to 35 going into our game against their best team they had fielded in years? Those snotty bastards didn’t think twice about running up 77 points on an inexperienced coach drowning in scandal and embarrassing losses and a defense that resembled a sieve. Now the table has turned. What goes around comes around. It’s Time, MEAN GREEN! KEEP YOUR FOOT ON THE GAS.....AND BEAT THEIR ASS!!! Rick
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    Do you mean “win a division...”? We won the division last year & certainly “competed/are competing” for it this year! A lot of people here are either too emotional, or spoiled after only 1.5 seasons of “competing for a division”.
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    I teach middle school and coach both high school and middle school athletics. I have kids at both levels talking to me about UNT football and excited to tell me that they got to go to a UNT game. This season has gotten the youth talking about the Mean Green, so if we build on our success and continue to play at a high level, this can only help grow our brand as the kids get older.
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    UNT Offense in the second half:
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    Hey Mean Green fans! I am the founder of Road to CFB, which documents the journey of seeing a game played in every D-1 College Football Stadium in the country. On Thursday, 11/15, I will be at Apogee Stadium for the game against FAU! Along with my partner, Tailgate Nation, and sponsor, Tito's Vodka, we are hosting a free tailgate that is open to all (drinks provided), starting at noon CST on Thursday and going right up until kickoff. Everyone is welcome to join us, so stop by and say hello and enjoy a drink on us. I will also be posting my UNT recap to my YouTube channel and Instagram page, as well as on my blog. I look forward to meeting you all and hope to see a great game that might be determining the conference! GMG!
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    Watching Mason run for his life against Incarnate Word should have told everyone all they needed to know. Without an offensive line this team is gonna be lots of fun but nothing more than a coin flip against the above average CUSA defenses. You can’t compete with what we’ve got up front. But it is a really nice Heisman quality hat.
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    Now that everyone has had some time to take a deep breath and hopefully relax after Saturday's loss, I hope everyone can put into perspective the state of our football program. Don't get me wrong, I took the losses to LaTech and UAB just as hard as anyone. But I'm also a realist. Furthermore, I truly appreciate that the this fan base is genuinely upset that we are not going to win our division this season and have a shot at the conference title. With that being said, what a time it is to be a part of the Mean Green Nation. In just three seasons, Coach Littrell has taken a one win team, won 9 games last season and is on pace to meet or exceed that total again this year. We beat SMU and Arkansas by a combined 50 points, have set record crowds at home this year (twice), and have the #1 recruiting class in the conference. Yes, those losses hurt. But think how far we've come in such a short time. We made a great hire in Seth Littrell and we all know he's probably off to bigger and better things in the near future. But we can't make it as a continual winner until we hire the first one. We've done that. Let's relish a little in our new found success but not settle. And by reading this board, we won't settle. GO MEAN GREEN!!!!
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    I hope I NEVER have to work for you as a boss if you think Littrell is doing a so-so job. Year 1 his win total was a “middling” +4 compared to the year before (5 wins vs 1). He followed that “mediocre” performance up in year 2 by again being +4 in the win column (9 wins vs 5). I know he will fail to maintain his established “so-so” pace...but not every team can win 13 games. I can see how, given our illustrious history or winning (3 bowl wins TOTAL), one could wish to hold his feet to the fire for failing to measure up. I just think I’ll keep my torch and pitchfork in the shed for a little longer, show up Friday night to kick off my Homecoming celebration, and then watch my team pick up win #7 along with a very large crowd of those who enjoy the taste of winning (because it’s not commonplace in these parts YET).