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    It seems pretty hard to argue that the game is cancelled due to an Act of God when you're continuing to play games against other teams.
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    Time to give TCU a ring! Both schools have the same open weekend. Makes sense to stay in the Local Bubble.
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    Dan McCarney's time in Denton was a roller coaster, to be honest. Really good man and great experience, he appeared to be a solid hire. He came here with all of this exuberance for the job, with an air of excitement we hadn't heard in Denton about its potential than we had heard in decades. He would sell the program to anybody and was great with the media. And he took Dodge's players, who were hamstrung by all kinds of issues, and led us to the great 2013 season, culminating in a bowl shellacking of UNLV in the HoD Bowl in the Cotton Bowl in front of a huge UNT crowd. And then the wheels fell off. His recruiting literally couldn't move the needle at all here in Texas. Our QB play was atrocious as he got more conservative with the gameplan. And he went from uber-excited to the old beaten down UNT coach, complaining about the fact that recruiting here was tougher than he ever thought it would be. And he had a stroke that he was able to bounce back from fairly quickly, but he lost it as a game coach. And then Portland State happened. And the UNT 17 stepped up and bought out his contract on the spot, something RV and the administration would never do without someone else coming forward to do it for them. Old Denton ended up beating Dan McCarney into the ground, which became easier to do as he got older and less healthy. I'm very happy that he is retired and is able to enjoy his life today. He deserves that and I'm thankful for the 2013 season that he led...
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    I continue to be appreciative of the fact that we have a leader who seems pragmatic in decision making and balances calculation and transparency when he speaks publicly.
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    Shouldn’t a public health decision be made by people who aren’t influenced by their own personal paycheck? Back when the main focus was about flattening the curve and keeping hospital capacities where they needed to be, we had a more defined, measurable goal on where things needed to be. As the quote in McMurphy’s points out, there has been a shift from the focus being on flattening the curve to long-term health impact and liability. Which essentially necessitates a bubble-type solution like the NBA has, where you can get zero cases. Hard to imagine what circumstances will be necessary for college football to return.
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    https://oklahoman.com/article/5668567/oklahoma-high-school-football-pawhuska-hires-former-north-texas-qb-mason-fine-as-assistant-coach Coaching..... Bryce Drummond, current 2021 QB commit.
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    I suspect everyone's eyes were glued to MSNBC this afternoon and know about this anyway... MSNBC chose to broadcast their story about the football season cancellations from none other than good old North Texas. IIRC, the correspondent was named David Chesky who interviewed Mike Scurrico (sp) who spoke to the financial damage the cancelation would bring. Apogee was shown in the background. It is always nice to see an unexpected story from our alma mater!
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    Just wanted to let you guys know that me and the Mrs both tested negative today. I am glad to be done with this. We had very mild symptoms, but it's still a scary thing to deal with.
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    You’re not going to pull a scholarship for a player choosing to sit out a season for health concerns when there is a worldwide pandemic.
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    Well, probably not as challenging as working in a hospital that is over capacity and having to determine who gets lifesaving treatment and who doesn’t. Just a little devil’s advocacy. BTW, recent update on the recovery of my cousin and former Mean Green Football season ticket holder, Steve (good news):
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    Only a home and home. And when I say “home” I mean Apogee. And, just to avoid a misunderstanding, the game at Apogee is first. GO MEAN GREEN
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    I already did that with conference basketball tournament tickets that I bought and was never able to use. The financial dire straits up there aren’t due to people like me who religiously buy tickets, they’re due to the thousands of alumni they’ve never managed to convince to give ANYTHING
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    If we're the last ones to cancel, does that make us National Champions?
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    Wren: You owe us $1.25 million Texas A&M AD: What it gonna take for you to skip this game and sign off today? Wren: 1 million Texas A&M AD: Let me take this deal back to my manager but I don't think he will go for it, I working for you.
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    But Delong is correct. I root for these players because they represent my school. I would have no interest in them otherwise. The school is the draw for me, not the player. If they don’t like the free education plus other perks, they have the freedom to go do something else.
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    This is one of the Chargers beat writers. The team cut a WR many expected the fill their slot WR role this season. They drafted 2 slot wideouts this year, but to cut a player most picked to see a lot of reps is pretty surprising and looks to be good news for Jalen.
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    You pay we will deliver. Along the way we get the some name recognition on the road.
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    I think we are on year six of your doom and gloom bit. Leave and do what? You think that if the P5s started over they would agree on anything? That the PAC12 and SEC would be willing to follow the same rules? Or suddenly the BIG10 would acquiesce to anything the Big12 or ACC would want? I'm highly skeptical. And who would run this organization? I can't think of anybody who has the clout and political skills to make everybody happy. The rules are barely followed now, would any rule be followed if the conferences were the ones who enforced the rules? Not a chance. Is the NCAA a bureaucratic mess? Absolutely. Does it need Emmert gone and massive reform? Yep. But the idea that the P5s could magically make this work by breaking off seems very far fetched to me. In a way it would be a fun, chaos experiment. I think schools like Miami and a variety of SEC schools would do WHATEVER it took to be successful. It'd make the 80s scandals look like Mister Roger's Neighborhood.
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    I’m sure the athletic department will (understandably) wait until the last minute to begin that process. No judgement whatsoever but I encourage those who are able to either leave your money in or at least make some form of a donation to do so. Things are going to be reeeeal tough up there. Were this a different era of Mean Green athletics I’d probably ask for my money back but Wren and co have worked so hard and we have come so far.
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    To whoever put the Jonn Candy meme on the Eagles Nest closure: I hate to see it closed, but I can’t help but smile every time I come to the forum and see “Sorry folks. The parks closed.”.
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    I’m happy to see this. I’ve been telling my daughter lately that traditional universities are becoming overcrowded with kids who will go deep into debt when the jobs aren’t there...all the while trade schools are not seen as a worthy alternative. Not everyone can go to a 4-year college and I’m happy to see this kid taking another path.
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    Not to mention the cheap shot tactics of their dirtbag safety.
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    Wow. Drummond couldn't script a better transition into Denton.
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    People who are pretending a season can successfully happen boggle my mind.
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    Listed as Warm to us on 247. We are the only team he is currently showing as warm to
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    Hopefully. Wish we had the mask mandate the whole time. I really hope we can turn this around in short order.
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    2020 has to be the worst year in the history of years.
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    Rico Bussey chose the wrong school to transfer to.
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    “UNT’s recent success brought Cozort and his family back after they gave up their tickets during Todd Dodge’s tenure...I told Rick after he hired Dodge that I couldn’t do it anymore,” Cozort said. “I couldn’t come and watch us get beat by 40.” I still don’t think people understand just how damaging the Dodge tenure (and allowing it to last as long as it did) was for us. I know a LOT of people who came on board during the Dickey era and are still around...I also know a LOT whose fandom ended during Dodge.
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    Hopefully he ends up a grad assistant here someday.
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    Harry if I went back I would probably see the exact same comment from you and others regarding Frank Wilson 😇
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    See? This is why we can’t have nice things. From what I have read on this board, I think many here would be ok with this. #itsonlyagame
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    Health concerns understood but not sure how the racial injustice plays into it. As a middle aged man losing a year of work and contribution is challenging and disheartening. These kids have no idea how finite their time in that potential really is. To each his own and for those players sitting right behind these dudes. Go get it. Go Mean green!
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    No way A&M or any other P5 will pay $$$ for these lost games, just because of these crazy circumstances. What they probably will do is add us to their OOC schedules in years to come to make up for this year.
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    Don’t you know that SMU will do anything they can to get out of the a**whooping coming their way on Sept. 19th.
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    Remember that during his time here he lost an eye, lost his brother, and got older. I think it all took a toll on him and the assistant coaches were unable to pickup the slack.
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    In Brett Vito’s recent article about the Ragsdale and Vailea commitments, he made a statement that interested me. ”UNT rarely ventures far from the talent-rich Dallas-Fort Worth area, and Texas in general, when it comes to football recruiting.” This is certainly something that had been established as a generally true statement for a while, but we are seeing a shift under Littrell. In the 2020 class we signed just 3 players from the DFW Metroplex (Kortlin Rausaw, Garnett Burke, and Tavorice Weaver). Meanwhile we signed 6 high school players from out of state, and have 4 HS commits in our 2021 class already from out of state. In Mccarney’s 5 recruiting classes we had just 11 out of state high school signees. In state, Mccarney really hit East Texas hard especially a few years in, while Littrell has actually favored Houston over DFW in recent years. What these trends seem to show to me is that these guys, both non-Native Texans, took the job and looked at the DFW metroplex early on and figured that made the most sense to focus our recruiting efforts. This obviously makes a lot of sense at the surface level, but I think both learned the hard way that UNT does not exactly have a great reputation in the area and in many ways that makes it more of an uphill battle recruiting local kids as opposed to kids out of the metroplex. We see this especially in Denton ISD and Argyle. It’s an unfortunate reality that we face in recruiting but the goal is to put together the best team, not the team with the most local recruits. It is going to take periods of prolonged winning to offset the reputation we have throughout most of the metroplex but lining our depth chart with high caliber recruits is a great start.
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    Just eliminate athletic scholarships already.... Academic scholarships only. Universities, pay the athletes the same their fellow student that works at the campus Starbucks gets paid. What, $10 bucks an hour? Hell, pay them $15 an hour. If they work 60 hours a week...that's a nice pay check with overtime. I would've loved to have made that in college. Pay it. But you're on your own for your tuition and board....get loans just like the Starbucks or Chickfila or Barnes and Noble employee whose "corporation is making millions off their labor." Start learning the real world now. It will be great for them...
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    The NFL needs to develop a minor league. It would be beneficial for the athletes and would offer them the best financial option.
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    One of the main problems as I see it is there is no identifiable target and/or the target keeps moving with respect to this virus. When political or public health "leaders" are pressed for answers on what they are looking for in their decision making the response is typically "we'll have to see where we are," but that doesn't really answer the question. Is it transmission rates (new daily cases, total cases, etc.), hospitalizations, deaths, affected age groups, comorbitities, raw numbers, percentage of population, treatments, a vaccine, something else or all of the above? Does the curve need to be flattened or does the curve need to go away? I think people will rally around a goal, they just don't know what the goal is.
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    Maybe they didn't want Deion hanging around practice, telling the coaches what to do. So often these celebrity parents become nightmares for coaches.
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    "well, I guess this discussion is closed." - said no one on this board, ever.
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    I believe in the following to increase donor level. 1) The alumni association works very limited with athletes Download the UNT Alumni app...no mention of athletes in any way. We have the Pavilion during football games. Most universities have the alumni center next to the football stadium and they Work Together! 2) How many universities call their donor arm a “Scholarship Fund?” P5 schools have a athletic “foundation “ which is a separate non-profit organization. All or most of the money goes into the foundation and that’s how they get the facilities. Are we at that point? No, but we have never tried it. The Scholarship Fund me sounds like a high school. The idea is “perception” is everything. Just my 2 cents worth. GMG!
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    Betting the Act of God won’t be affecting the CFB playoffs and championship. GMG
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    There’s still time to turn this thing around and, strictly from a sports standpoint, get things back. Get the numbers down, have a basketball season starting in November, get a full football season, or at least a 10-game conference season, starting in the spring, etc.

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