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    https://247sports.com/Player/Kirkland-Michaux-46050097/ https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/jake-bishop-238092 Crazy that Westlake’s QB Michaux has only one offer to Fordham. He played really good in State championship. He threw some dimes and managed the game great. He is 6’4 and 211lbs. Jake Bishop, I know he is only 5’8 but he has won 2 state championships. That’s huge. He threw the ball great and you can tell he has that “It” factor. Not sure what coaches are not seeing. As a dad that just got done with this recruiting thing, sometimes you just have to scratch your head. Not talking about our coaches, just coaches in general. Seems like they chase the same 300 kids. Coaches trust your eyes and quit waiting on other schools to offer first. Build that relationship and you won’t have to worry about decommitments even to P5 schools. That was how it was with us. Christian kept getting calls from P5 coaches to play LB, but loved the relationship he built with the coaching staff and the commits. We also had 3 P5 schools tell our coach that they thought Christian was a great athlete , but wanted to wait until after signing day to offer. Games they play!!! Just a proud dad’s 2 cents. Go Mean Green
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    Couldn’t have happen to a better group of D-bags
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    Thank you. We are excited. Coach Womack gonna put 20lbs on him by fall camp and I’m looking forward to him competing and helping the Chain Gang room get better.
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    I believe Upton was replacement for Kerl. It is unfortunate about Kerl. He is a great football player. Hopefully he can go to Juco and get those grades up and come back next year. After watching Upton in State Championship this is a huge pick up for us and not a replacement. This kid is a baller and don’t let his size fool you. With him going up in January with Christian and Dane is also huge. Excited about this class.
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    Sorry to pseudo hijack the thread, but Matt Rhule would be the perfect "next coach" for the Dallas Cowboys. The only problem with that is that Rhule would never tolerate JJ's meddling and JJ would never agree to (what I would guess to be) Rhule's "keep your hands off my daily operations".........Rhule.
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    @KeithLee Really looking forward to seeing your son representing the Mean Green.
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    @GrandGreen @FirefightnRick @Green Lantern It is easy to pick on the defense and yes it was noticeably worse this year. My two biggest complaints with the defense were a lack of pass rush and not forcing more turnovers. However, was there anything that may have made the defense look worse than last year? We did lose one 1st team CUSA LB, a 1st team CUSA DB, and a 2nd team CUSA DB to graduation and NFL training camps. Our defense got younger and less experienced. Additionally, Bodie Reeder happened. Here is something you may not know and whether you place value in stats or not, these are hard to ignore and probably make getting the same defensive production out of a more inexperienced group nearly impossible. In 2018, under Graham Harrell, we held the ball for an average of 31.29 minutes per game (34th in the nation). In 2019, under Bodie Reeder, we held the ball for 28.08 minutes (106th in the nation). You may say, well, we're a pass first offense so TOP isn't as important to us. Ok, maybe so but how about this stat. In 2018 under GH, we had 321 1st downs (13th in the nation). In 2019, under Reeder, we had 253 (74th). Even when you factor that we had 13 games in 2018, GH was still 4 first downs per game better. Now something that is bothering me a bit is the phase of the game that has been ignored by all of this coordinator talk and that is special teams. Marty Biagi hasn't faced near the criticism he should likely because Hair-Griffin was a good return man and Kenworthy was a pretty good punter. BUT, our punt return defense went from 78th in the nation to 102nd and our kick return defense went from 45th (19.86 yards per return) to 109th (23.63 yards per return. Reff was behind the 8-ball this year and maybe it was time for him to go but there was more working against him than his philosophy this year and that needs to be recognized.
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    title was misleading... i thought it meant they interviewed with us... had my hopes up
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    That’s why I like the eye test. In games that I was at and in games that mattered I saw lousy blocking, especially on the edge and at times confusion at picking up stunts and blitzes. This was a carry over from where we left off in the NM Bowl last year. Worst, I saw a continuation of poor snaps. How we cannot get that corrected over a season points to bigger issues than just the blocking. But if it’s stats you want here’s two: Sacks Allowed (10th in conference) Tackles For Loss (11th in conference). Rick
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    I feel really good about this team heading into conference play. I think Mccasland has a pretty good handle on the rotation, the depth on this team is much better than last year. We have legit scoring options off the bench for pretty much the first time under Mccasland. Last year we struggled separating from teams like Pine Bluff, and it was concerning. Only beat them by 11 last year, a bad Maine team took us to OT, only beat Saint Peter’s by 9, and needed a miraculous comeback to beat UTA by 2 at home. That was a big red flag heading into conference play and helped make sense of the collapse. This year we are playing at a higher level than we did at any point last year.
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    Pittman OL plus Briles offense. Arkansas is about to be a force to be reckon with.
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    Based on the crowd size at what was basically a home game for FAU, maybe the protests were in the form of a boycott.
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    Let's see how the product performs on field before we start calling for heads.
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    Free market capitalism. People organizing it have demand from schools to play there and demand from sponsors to be affiliated and demand from television to show the game. If it sells tickets, then there is even more money to pay to the schools.
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    Everyone scored! I though the crowd was decent or school being out. I am wondering why I pay the mean green scholarship fund when the the people who are sitting next to me are not season ticket holders and move around my seat depending on who shows up. I think at least the first 10 rows she be limited to season ticket holders. I see no benefits in holding season tickets at the current time.
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    Great result, NT recruits against SMU, competes for fans in the metroplex; FAU win also looks tremendous for the conference. This makes SMU look really bad, and that should be super fine for NT fans.
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    I am a little conflicted about how this game turned out. On one hand, I am glad SMU was humbled by a CUSA team. However, on the other hand, it just makes FAU look like they are miles ahead of us in this conference for a team that has only been playing football since 2001. This is their 19th year of playing football and they are already doing what we can't. There is no reason that we should not be dominating them year in and year out.
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    This is my point. Leavitt is the level of hire we should have aimed for, and why I question the Bowen hire. The down voters on here won't like reading this, but hires like Leavitt are why FAU has two C-USA conference titles and we don't.
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    Not sure I think this is great news. As head coach you have lots of things to control. Not having a OC you trust to call plays I think limits the concentration in other areas. May work out great, but is concerning to me.
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    https://247sports.com/player/michael-holmes-46086358/ Decommitted from Central Michigan right before signing day.
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    Really been playing well. His ability to hit shots off the dribble has really opened things up for us as well.
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    Going to throw a name out there. John Kitna!
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    I don’t think the number of people in the stands has ever had an impact on whether or not I watch a game.
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    "Blessed to receive 1st Team All District 6A and 2nd Team All Metro 6A DE! It is an honor to receive these awards for my first year playing defensive end" Not bad for a walk on. GMG
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    I've noticed Nick Saban is in the habit of hiring bad coaches If only he would understand what a good coach is maybe he could be successful
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    If we are ever going to be a great winning program, than we first have to win against our peers when it comes to hiring coaches, and than win against our peers in the recruiting wars. In my opinion, winning on the field should be the natural result of winning in the first two areas. In my opinion, FAU is currently ahead of us because they have cleaned our clock in coaching hires and recruiting. You can agree or disagree, but the proof is in the results.
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    This is what any coach should do, right? Adapt scheme to the talent available. I never really had an issue with the 3-3-5. The issue I had was never changing out of it. It just felt like we were a one trick pony last year. We could have easily run a 4-3 front in situations, but didn’t. Hope Bowen comes in here and lights a fire. I love it when we score, but a good defense sure is fun to watch, too. GMG!
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    Comparing UAB to anybody is not a fair comparison. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/second-chance-u-uab-its-own-guinea-pig-as-college-footballs-biggest-do-over/ One big reason UAB could sign so many jucos is the NCAA won't start counting the Blazers' Academic Progress Rate scores until September 2017, according to Ingram. APR tracks players' progress toward their degree and can result in penalties for a team if it doesn't maintain a minimum score. If too many UAB players flunk out between now and next September, "it doesn't hurt us from an APR perspective," Ingram says. "It gives us a little more latitude to [sign junior college players] than we would under normal circumstances." The NCAA will be answering long-term eligibility questions for many UAB players at various points in their career. In order for UAB to recruit jucos, the NCAA is allowing the school to apply for individual waivers of an extension on their eligibility clock. Otherwise, jucos likely wouldn't have signed in 2016 knowing they would lose a year of eligibility. Because C-USA wanted UAB back without a transition period, the NCAA waived a rule requiring FBS teams to have at least 90 percent of their 85 scholarships awarded on a rolling two-year average. UAB signed 37 players in 2016, causing at least one C-USA school to express concern that the NCAA is allowing UAB to oversign and receive recruiting advantages.
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    And where were all the campus protests and the media backlash when they were hired?
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    Death to smut! Thanks FAU!
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    Final- FAU 52, SMU 28. Thanks FAU. Dosen't make up for us not bowling, but it is close.
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    Halftime with this score and the Owls get the ball in the 2nd half. Go CUSA. Pony Down!
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    Dodge hamstrung himself by bringing in his HS staff.
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    They absolutely know who they are. Rick
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    John Savage again. He played on teams that were not good and made all conference in what at the time was one of, if not, the best conference in the country.
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    We should have a coach set up an office at Shadow Creek, Duncanville and North Shore.
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    Wow, another "everyone has to be as perfect as me" post.
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    And why are we not interested in Cobbs? 168 rushing yards in the loss to Westlake tonight. 0 other offensive weapons with Stowers out.
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    Crawford has picked up Arkansas State and San Jose State offers this week. He is a may grad so he’ll probably be signing in February. He is a 3 to play 3 guy, so I really hope we’re still recruiting him and recruiting him hard.
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    It’s crazy that FAU’s success was built on the risk of hiring a head coach, offensive coordinator (one some suggest is too damaged to become our OC) and defensive coordinator who were not the safe public perception hire. Remember squeaky clean Charlie Partridge’s 3-9 season, man I’m sure they wish they had more of that at FAU. Instead of letting a bunch of lawless coaches keep piling up victories.
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    Really curious how our 6’ signee center works out and we should not have corners below a true 5’11”
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    Transcendent QB playing behind a porous OL doesn’t make the actual blocking any better. We were bad as an OL unit. Mason got killed this year. He barely finished the season and was clearly nursing injuries from earlier in the year towards the end.
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    Seeing that FAU just hired Jim Leavitt as their new DC, I’m officially underwhelmed by our hire. That’s a peer program. We gotta aim higher.
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