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    I'm long winded, so bear with me. We all want the same thing...To see this program climb the ladder...Wins, Big Crowds, Bowl Games (and Bowl Game wins...) Conference Championships, Recruiting, Facilities, and the like...And we do tend to get spoiled that all of it doesnt happen at once...So instead of one giant ladder, it's a series of different ladders, that all of them get climbed at different rates. But overall, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the crowd Saturday. Was it a sellout? Not even close...Have we had larger crowds? Most certainly... But my point is this...Anyone who has been around this program, for 20-30 years, can attest to the fact, that you put this game in a time machine to the past, where if we came into a game, Homecoming even, at 3-5, with as many recent losses as we've had, there's no way there wouldve been that many people, (including students!) I was seriously expecting to see a dismal crowd. And to be fair, it didnt hurt that it was beautiful weather, but still.... To me, that's a good "Ladder Rung" we just climbed... Program/year isnt exactly where it could be, but it's still noticable that people are behind this thing. Well done Wren and Company..
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    This young man is just awesome to watch. His two TD catches were brilliant and he made them look so easy The move he put on the defender for his first TD was beautiful. That poor DB is still looking for his jock strap. The second one was such a difficult catch to make and he made it look routine. He has really stepped up in Bussey’s absence.
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    I hate to look ignorant, but what are we protesting?
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    Damn....do we have the baddest, head-hunting punter in the land? He had a head of steam and a bead on that guy and trucked his ass. Then got up pissed and walked off. I freakin loved it. Rick
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    Keep the faith guys. It's always darkest right before the dawn, and it's been black as night, black as coal. There are still several games to play, not just for us but also for the other teams that stand in the way of our goals. Undefeated from this point on and we're right back in the CUSA-West hunt, and we'll remain bowl eligible with one loss. This obviously cannot be the kind of season that we desired, but it can still be a lot of fun, especially if we earn an invitation to a local bowl. GMG!
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    He finished with a 39 yard punt average, two of which were soccer style...(for reasons I’ll never understand why). Still he placed two of his three punts inside the 20. And UTEP finished with 1 yard in punt return yards. Statistically it was a good day for The Diesel. Rick
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    It’s a little more that 4 hours from Denton to Ruston. Kick time on Saturday is 3pm. Hit the toad at around 10:30 am, cheer on our Mean Green, back home by 11pm. See you there. #beatlatech https://ev7.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventList?groupCode=FBA&linkID=m-unt-athletics&shopperContext=&caller=appList&appCode=
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    The defense shouldn’t stop you from going. It’s not like they stop anyone else. (I couldn’t help myself.) Seriously, you should go. If they happen to pull out a W, you’ll regret not being there.
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    29-27 NT. We block a field goal as time expires.
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    I love this. I had no idea the questions, tone and vibe of the presser was going to be so serious. It was like he was sitting there with a bandana on his head or something just Repping like mason can but he was in a dinosaur costume! Hysterical. soak it up Mason. We Love what you have done for UNT and wish you all the success in the future! GMG
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    Just watching today.....thinking I wish we could have more time with him. I want a bowl game if for no other reason than to get to watch him 1 more time in a UNT uniform
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    For you #olddenton folks who like to down vote the truth, let this sink in: they scored more in this game than any other game EXCEPT Houston Baptist. Our Defense Coord needs to be packing his bags already.
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    For any of you guys making the trip, take a detour on your way back and go to Joseph’s Riverport BBQ in Jefferson, Texas. It’s about 15 miles north of I-20, and a great hidden gem. The owner is a friend and he went to UNT. They are a regular on the Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ places.
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    And we love seeing freakin gray when it isn’t a school color and looks like crap.
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    I am driving in tomorrow and looking forward to it. My youngest still wants to come, see the bonfire if we get in town early enough, do the parade, lunch at Denton Co Hamburger and the game. Even though this year didn’t meet expectations, I am looking forward to being there.
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    Forgot to post in here a few weeks ago when I coached against him but the kid is a stud. Played well defensively and housed one on us when they threw him in at Wildcat QB. Went out of his way to be a good sport to our coaches and admin after a tough loss for him too. Scuttlebutt is that Tech is snorting around though.....
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    Looks like reppin my UNT gear around Wylie is paying off! - Seriously though, a huge addition for this team.
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    Flying Burger & Seafood, Beauvines steakhouse, Bristers & Log Cabin bbq are decent but nothing spectacular. *There is Free shuttle that runs continuously throughout the game day from Railroad Park (Downtown RSN) to the stadium. Also numerous paid lots close to stadium, there’s a couple on left side on Alabama St across from stadium. Hope that helps.
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    Yes, 4-2 records have always been recognized as being better than 4-1. It's all in the rounding. /s
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    If only we can play the worse team in FBS every week.
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    Could he be the answer to our fourth and one problems?
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    Western Michigan started 13-0 in 2016 off of primarily players who signed their out of high school. Pretty sure UCF’s recent run was similarly put together. Also, last time I checked I think about 13 to 14 of SMU’s starters this year signed there out of high school. It really isn’t that complicated. You get 25 scholarships every recruiting class. Sign about 17-22 high school kids a year, then use the rest on JUCO and D1 transfers depending on your team needs. A big reason we don’t have a great senior class this season is because we signed so many jucos and D1 transfers early on in he Littrell era. Signing guys like Alec Morris, Bryce English, Darius Turner, and Dee Baulkman in 2016 helped bolster our initial 2-deep, but in retrospect we sure could’ve used those spots at this point on solid high school o-linemen, d-linemen, secondary players, etc.
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    Thanks guys, I went and walked around the stadium when I got here. Got some swag and Wow what a beautiful stadium. The brick parking lot is unique.
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    Keep in mind that our darkness is also watching freaking SMU being undefeated, ranked, and on Gameday and the ABC game of the week. Just end this season already, please...
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    Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill
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    Tonight for the Homecoming Bonfire: Clear, with a low around 37. South southeast wind 5 mph. Saturday: Sunny, with a high near 58. North wind around 10 mph.
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    Hey guys..please make the trip to the RSN. A couple years ago we hung out with some classy UNT fans at our tailgate. Yeah Ruston is small college town but has some decent food: Besides Dawghouse, I highly recommend Utility Brewing downtown. Excellent beer & wood fired pizzas, actually very Fam friendly. Also Downtown, Ponchatoulas Cajun & SundownTavern. Safe travels & we look forward to an awesome game.
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    He actually had 3 TDs. Very surehanded and great after the catch.
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    Darden’s season TD production has him tied for the third-most touchdown receptions in a single season by a North Texas player. 3 away from setting a single-season record. Also now 6th in school history for career TD receptions.
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    Darden and Rico are going to be a godsend for whoever comes after Mason.
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    Definitely Ref is to blame for not adjusting but I still think a lot of the problem is not having enough talent on D. If we don't get some improvement at most of the positions, maybe we could try some new "camouflage" unis and see if we can sneak in a 4-6-4 lineup.
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    1) La Tech wasn’t supposed to beat us in Denton last year. No reason we can’t return the favor. 2) If we win this game we are squarely back in the hunt for the CUSA West. La Tech still has @ Marshall and @ UAB. Southern Miss still has UAB, WKU and @ FAU. 3) It’s a very, very easy there and back trip. If you must make it an overnight trip, Shreveport is right there. There’s no excuse for us not to have 1,000 people there.
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    This was the top story under the ‘College Football Top Moments’ section when I opened my ESPN app this morning. I think it’s a great idea to lift the weight off the team in a lighthearted way. Mason’s a great leader. Expectations/tensions were high for this game, & the team delivered. Edit: Saw it on Sportcenter this morning as well!
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    I think it’s brilliant. Hit6 or whatever for Heisman? Looks like he doesn’t care, whatever - let’s get loose and have some fun...and beat latech and whoever else we face. Good on him and the team. What a leader. Go Mean Green
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    People need to look at some of the things Kade has said. It’s way beyond normal commit stuff. I’m thrilled he loves North Texas and look forward to seeing him on green.
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    Sorry.... they still suck.....
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    GMG!!!! A WIN is a WIN light the TOWER!!!!
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    Wearing only the official school colors? The audacity of some people.
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    I am wearing women's panties for the game. Oh! You mean do something different.
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    Anything productive other than the typical "old people suck" rant? Maybe it's cool to wear throwbacks on your HOMECOMING weekend? Nah, that can't be it. Grrr old people bad grrr. By the way, that is the first time in the history of ever, that anything gray has been referred to as "flashy" .
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    Love it. If we do make a switch to a 4-3, this dude could have a chance to make an early impact
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    Would like to see him and Tre on the field together.
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    Just watched parts of volleyball and soccer games tonight. NT won volleyball game in overtime, and tied 0-0 Rice in double ot. I guess it is official that NT has changed their their colors to gray and black. I guess every team is going to wear this awful combination. Not only is black and gray not NT's colors, but it is ugly. Who's bright idea was this?
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    My team. I will take every Saturday I can. But I admit I have more fun when more people are there having fun with me (except for the traditional, once-a-year 3500 game where we typically way over-perform). GMG

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