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  1. "Country Hospital" Man, you are really an ass. The hospital I work at serves a 19 county region in the Permian Basin and is far from a little ol' country hospital, but thanks for demeaning the professionals that work there every day. The immediate region has a population of over 300,000 people and the hospital employs over 2,000 healthcare professionals. Have you seen the CDC directive on how to code deaths? If not, then you are just speculating, because it was shared with me and I stated facts. Some hospitals are overrun, some are not. Our little ol' country hospital has cancelled all elective procedures preparing for patients, yet at this time only have 4, so we are far from being overrun. You tell your buddies that are bigwigs in Federal Emergency and Directors of Safety that we will get to seeing people between castratin' cattle and worming calves. Demeaning others to serve your needs tells me all I need to know about you.
  2. I am not downplaying anything. I don't want anyone to die over this virus, and never, ever stated this. I am sorry for your friend's mother-in-law's passing. My mother is in her early 90's and the home where she lives is on strict lock down. I agree with this action 100%.
  3. Potentially due to how it is being handled and how the numbers are being reported. Regarding the numbers, we will never have an accurate count because of how the CDC is requiring the deaths to be coded. Regarding how it was/is being handled, this article reflects how I feel. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/20/opinion/coronavirus-pandemic-social-distancing.html
  4. Those numbers, H1N1, are readily available with minimal research. I have gone to work for the last couple of weeks in the hospital our company is affiliated with because our facility was shut down. I am in the middle of it every day of the week and have read CDC directives telling ME's to code all deaths COVID related if the person dies and has been exposed. For example, renal failure, on dialysis for a couple of years, in you 70's and they get exposed to COVID and die, death is coded to the virus without taking into consideration underlying conditions. it is wrong. I am not making shit up. I work in medical wellness. My facility was shutdown a couple of weeks ago and I have been working on our main hospital campus during this pandemic. I am updated daily so I can communicate to my employees, I sit in hospital director's meetings daily to get updates on the virus in our community and surrounding areas, so yes, I have inside and professional knowledge. I have seen the CDC directive. You are full of shit and offensive and reckless for making assumptions when you obviously are clueless.
  5. Yep, because those museum workers are raking in $4 billion in salaries. Please. My company qualifies as a small business, less than 500 employees, and the steps being put in place will kill us if we don't open up the economy in the next few weeks. Protect those that need to be protected and let the rest carry on taking precautions. Of course the spring breakers, NOLA Mardi Gra folks, etc... will always do whatever causing problems for all. Then again, the NOLA mayor will blame the federal government for her stupidity.
  6. None of this is entirely accurate based on what the CDC is requiring.
  7. Like H1N1? Have you seen those numbers? 61 million infected, 23,000+ hospitalized and over 12,000 deaths? That type of pandemic that didn't shut down everything and ruin our economy, You realize all Illness related deaths right now are basically being attributed to COVID-19?
  8. Now at All Saints Episcopal in FW and committed to smuT.
  9. And Obama depleted them in 2009 and didn’t replenish them during his remaining 7 years in office. See how stupid this is? People complained Trump wasn’t briefing the public. Now they complain about the briefings. People complain if Trump calls it the Wuhan virus yet the media called it that too. The media said he could not get the Naval ships to NYC harbor. He did it in ten days. The politics are ridiculous. There is blame on both sides of the aisle, but playing the blame game doesn't achieve anything.
  10. Or the previous administration didn’t restore stockpiles after the H1N1 pandemic eleven years ago. Something tells me it wouldn’t matter what our current administration does, you will be critical. You list a number of issues you have and not one solution.
  11. The article says nothing about CUSA. Never mind. Odd, the “Read More” button was covered by an ad when I clicked it yesterday.
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