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  1. Oh, I don't disagree, but they are definitely an oddity.
  2. Mac said it was fun being at full strength. Umm, we are down Eady and Abou.
  3. I count 103 Division 1 schools that don't have football: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_NCAA_Division_I_non-football_programs I count 8 schools that are "name" schools and seven belong to the Big East which really is a basketball only conference. Yes, a few schools play football, but outside of UConn, they are FCS level. The eighth is Wichita St. In Texas, the D1 schools that have basketball but no football are TAMU-CC, UTA and UTRGV. Want to be coupled with those schools? Yep, didn't think so.
  4. If FAU completes their crazy run, CUSA sweeps the post season. Who would have thunk it.
  5. He has such a soft touch as well. Abou would be unstoppable with that touch. I love Sissoko. He makes a few "rookie" mistakes, but he also plays with such a maturity to his game. His growth this year has been phenomenal. I am afraid we have seen the last of Abou. I hope I am wrong, but something just doesn't add up regarding his absence.
  6. And what conference do you propose? The AAC would drop us in a hot minute and nobody of relevance would pick us up. Want to know what we would look like? UTA-North.
  7. It's why you have a coaching staff. Kind of like a team. Everyone has a role. Put down the bottle and go to bed. Stating his body language looked like he was already in Lubbock is basically stating he looks like he doesn't care ala "tanking".
  8. She loved Fine, Fine loved SL, we cut bait with SL, SL's buddy that loves SL offered her a job, we stole another UT'er. It's all good. I wish her well.
  9. I doubled up tonight. UNT green hoodie over UNT t-shirt.
  10. Neither team played much defense.
  11. It’s called coaching. The team needed to calm down and get back in the game. The last thing they needed to see was Mac panicking. Hell of a coaching job tonight. Plus, I believe the man has too much character to tank on these young men, our fans and this university. It’s not who he is.
  12. I hate Jelly and Kennedy. Hope we whip their ass.
  13. Mad we can’t watch a game without someone making up something just to stir the pot. I watched Mac keeping calm and coaching his ass off.
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