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  1. UNTLifer

    Oklahoma Top 30 Players

    Wish we would go after 22 on the list.
  2. UNTLifer

    Is Mason Fine going to be OK ?

    Tell that to Rico.
  3. UNTLifer

    Guyton a grad transfer?

    From a health standpoint he shouldn't be out there? Based on what? If he is in that condition then I don't think he would be out there. I have been hard on Guyton because he drops the routine throw and his body language after these drops. It is nothing more than not focusing. He had a great game against SMU to start the year and then got a case of the drops. I just want him to live up to his rating coming out of high school. I don't think this has anything to do with his concussion from a year ago. Give him a work ethic like Johnny Quinn and see what happens.
  4. UNTLifer

    After sleeping on it

    Comments aren't needed when they can't improve upon the original.
  5. I was talking about one play not the entire game.
  6. UNTLifer

    2019 Commits: Week 16 (12/14) Schedule

  7. UNTLifer

    2019 Commits: Week 16 (12/14) Schedule

  8. UNTLifer

    2019 Commits: Week 16 (12/14) Schedule

    http://www.maxpreps.com/m/contest/default.aspx?contestid=11b3387f-096d-4a4d-8aa4-74458fd6e35b&ssid=c3d47049-daf2-47e3-8a8e-1e4552d8a797#tab=box-score&schoolid=99c8416b-4b54-444e-a795-cd98640df49c West Brook advances beating Austin Westlake. Simpson had an impressive day.
  9. UNTLifer

    2019 Commits: Week 16 (12/14) Schedule

  10. UNTLifer

    2019 Commits: Week 16 (12/14) Schedule

  11. UNTLifer

    2019 Commits: Week 16 (12/14) Schedule

  12. UNTLifer

    2019 Commits: Week 16 (12/14) Schedule

    Shadow Creek wins 41- 24. Advances to state championship.
  13. UNTLifer

    My top 10 things about this year.

    1. Was about this year. 2-5, 7-10 about today. 6. Common knowledge.
  14. UNTLifer

    Our players were not game day ready!

    And we won. We should have gotten to town a little earlier to acclimate for the bowl game.