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  1. Who is visiting dear ol' UNT?
  2. Tough opponent? We should have beat them last year. Personally, I hate posts that are state our opponent is tough. That should be worried about playing us.
  3. Per 247, the following players from Memphis have entered the portal: Cherenfant Young Pierre Taylor Williams
  4. Per 247: OK St 4 OU 3 UT 5 TX Tech 5 ECU 8 Memphis 5 Temple 5 Tulsa 3 USF 4 WSU. 4
  5. Again, you don’t have to look very far to find both examples.
  6. I would be shocked if any of them ended up in the Ozarks.
  7. If Hodge is giving these players his blessing to go, then the pressure is on him to replace them with as good or better players. There is zero loyalty to the school and I won't have much loyalty to these players. As @Marty stated in another thread, cheer for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back. The bad part I foresee is that people are going to get tired of giving to a NIL Collective when these players come and go on an annual basis.
  8. You don't have to look very long or hard to realize we aren't in this boat alone.
  9. Calipari made $8.5 million at UK with all the pressure and lack of NIL to go with the job. Drew makes a reported $5.13 million at Baylor with an alumni base funding NIL's left and right and about half, if that much, the pressure at UK. Drew could end his career at Baylor in another 15 years pocketing around $80 million, have a statue erected on the banks of the Brazos and be a local legend or he could go to UK, spend about 5 years before the pressure and expectations run him off and pocket around $42.5 million. Because of ego, he will probably go to UK, flame out in 5 years of so, and end up on Sports Center or covering March Madness every year.
  10. Drew would be a fool to leave Baylor for Kentucky.
  11. Edwards, Buggs and Noland arrived as transfers after McCasland left and Ross was named his replacement.
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