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  1. Actually, WKU and NutsaCK are tied at -1. We are in tenth place at +20.
  2. Bassey declared for the draft. Not sure if he has signed with an agent.
  3. Currently in last place. http://results.golfstat.com//public/leaderboards/gsnav.cfm?pg=team&tid=17821
  4. I would agree if this were McCasland's first year, but, as you stated, he has led us to two 20 seasons in back to back season. That alone should drive recruiting. Benford is long gone.
  5. That we are in the middle of a signing period and the only active topic on here is about Texas Tech’s head coach?
  6. https://meangreensports.com/news/2019/4/20/track-and-field-shaffer-wins-shot-put-title-at-mt-sac-relays.aspx Also saw where the men’s 4x100 did really well b
  7. So other than your typical comments, what is your take on the situation? Anything other than women should be barefoot, pregnant and stationed in the kitchen is unacceptable.
  8. https://meangreensports.com/news/2019/4/17/womens-golf-unt-finishes-fourth-at-c-usa-tourney.aspx?path=wgolf Good showing after a tough season. I noticed some of the upperclassmen listed on the roster didn't even play. Did Akers clean house early?
  9. I am a Graham Harrell fan, but I honestly believe we have upgraded this coaching position.
  10. https://collegebasketball.ap.org/dentonrc/article/southern-mississippi-hires-ladner-basketball-coach
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