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  1. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/13030035/5fd92513d45e7b0c50168fa3
  2. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/LongFormArticle/North-Texas-Mean-Green-footballs-top-25-players-in-2021-15-12-166732911/ Today, we'll be going through players 15-12, , a group with two star returners and two players we need to see more of this year. Of course, some of these we’ll be right on, others we’ll look back and wonder what we were thinking, that’s part of the fun of predicting. Let us know what you think on our VIP board! Let’s get into it, starting with No. 15! 15. GRAYSON MURPHY
  3. 247's rating has increased to .8577 and Rivals to 5.6.
  4. No, but it was cherry picked to make it appear that way.
  5. This. During the 70's/Fry years we were Independent and nationally ranked at one time. We move down to 1AA/now FCS in the 80's and had success at that level, being nationally ranked as well, qualifying for the playoffs a number of years. He acts like we wandered in the desert from the late 60's until the Sun Belt success and early SL success. Lazy reporting bugs me.
  6. Thanks for the update. Is there a link or where did you find this?
  7. P: Rodriguez was effective although I am more a fan of the traditional punting as opposed to the “rugby style.” K: Mooney needs to find his accuracy again but he has the ability to be all-conference. Return Game: DHG was hurt a majority of last year. Torrey is fine as a KR and there is enough skill position talent to find a PR.
  8. Obviously, he included those two with North Texas.
  9. Sorry, but this has tampering/recruiting all over it. I watched the softball World Series and hate how cocky OU was/is. Have zero interest in her future.
  10. Both are right at the cut line and need some birdies, or others falling off the pace, today to make it to the weekend.
  11. https://www.cbs.com/shows/60_minutes/video/nuxwVGHUBbZ9md_hRGJ0h_2o6ZYYwB0c/who-led-inquiry-ends-with-even-more-questions-than-it-began-with-on-coronavirus-origin/
  12. I guess the first round is suspended due to darkness. Munoz is T5th at -2 through 14. Ortiz is T78th at +3 through 15. Leaders are at -4.
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