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  1. True, but baseball is limited to between 11 and 12 scholarships.
  2. UH surrounded by small privates. As they say, if the shoe fits...
  3. Sand volleyball, equestrian or bowling would be my guess, and I would put equestrian at the top of the list with the number of horse ranches in Denton Co.
  4. Won't that lead to an unbalanced football schedule?
  5. They have gathered a gaggle of commits, but their class is currently ranked 10th in the Big XII.
  6. It appears from a quick search that Mr. Goldfield passed away in October of last year.
  7. I had no idea Marlin was known for that. My in-laws live in Robinson and we used to pass through Marlin when coming up from Houston, so all I ever really saw was what is visible from Highway 6. Very interesting. Found this interesting and amusing from an article on texasescapes.com. http://www.texasescapes.com/TOWNS/Marlin/marlin.htm "A hot artesian spring was struck by accident in 1893 and the town became known for its curative waters. This was the era of health awareness (people became aware of how little they had) and what better excuse was there for leaving home, than "taking the cure" in Marlin? Even today you can drink from a fountain from that era, right next to the Chamber of Commerce Office. You can soak your feet too, and they've thoughtfully provided a separate facility for that purpose. Water has a tendancy to purge and locals have timed it's effects at 43 minutes"
  8. Commits to Arizona. What do we do with Wooten Hall now? Fine Hall?
  9. That rendering was originally drawn over 10 years ago under RV's watch. Al Goldfield was ready to bankroll the project. I love the rendering and how it ties to the current design of the new athletic facilities and I really want a baseball program, but first it has to move way, way up the timeline.
  10. Love the moron that posted, "it (new team) has to enhance the P6 image." Should he be informed there is no such thing as a P6?
  11. In status, yes, but it terms of revenue generated by the conference, it would be a step up.
  12. Has Baker pushed this to the top of the Honey Do list for the department? Will this guarantee our admittance in to the AAC? Inquiring minds want to know.
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