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  1. UNTLifer

    BEIN on DISH

  2. UNTLifer

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    Fingers and brain aren't communicating well today.
  3. UNTLifer

    Uniforms for UAB?

    Hmmm, too bad those are not our current uniforms. I didn't disagree with the fact that kids like the options, I just asked if it really made that big of a difference in recruiting, doesn't appear to.
  4. UNTLifer

    Interesting Article and Response from UAB

    Separated at birth?
  5. UNTLifer

    Interesting Article and Response from UAB

    I was with you 100% until...
  6. UNTLifer

    BEIN on DISH

    Speaking of Sling, anybody on here that uses that service care to provide a review? I am considering cutting the cord, but have been hesitant.
  7. UNTLifer

    Things we need

    I used to believe this, but if you look back to the Odus Mitchell era when we had Ramsey/Greene/Hardeman/Shanklin/etc... on the field and playing well, Denton wasn't really there. I think I see more engagement now than ever, and with continued success this should remain on an upward path. I do agree with @DentonLurker regarding the area alumni. North Texas did a terrible job of keeping up with their alumni, fundraising, etc... forever.
  8. UNTLifer

    Interesting Article and Response from UAB

    Guess they left their shoulder pads at home against Coastal Carolina.
  9. UNTLifer

    Choosing C-USA: Week 8 predictions

    Everyone has an off week. This week is Underdog Dynasty's off week.
  10. UNTLifer

    BEIN on DISH

    I just wish the league office had the option of what game would be on each network. This is the best match up of the day with the biggest implications and we are stuck on BeIn Sports.
  11. UNTLifer

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    This. UAB is overrated and were lucky to be within 14 of us last year. UNT: 48 UAB: 16
  12. UNTLifer

    BEIN on DISH

    Thanks. Actually, I remember having the option to record the previous game on this crappy network. Hope we are done BeIn after this year. Time for the CUSA office to step up and get a better media deal. I would actually prefer Facebook over all the other options.
  13. UNTLifer

    Uniforms for UAB?

    I always hear people claim that this is important to the recruits and that the players love them, etc... but have never heard a recruit or player ever say a word about them. Is this just speculation or is there some sort of verifiable proof? Back on topic, not a fan of this look. Our all whites, white with green helmets or green helmet, white shirt, green pants are my favorites. I love the black accents but prefer our traditional colors.
  14. UNTLifer

    BEIN on DISH

    Good idea. Do they provide the ability to go back and watch the game? I have a work commitment at game time.