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  1. Not based on the “experts” ratings.
  2. Just stop loosing. That’s all I want, no more loosing.
  3. Yes he did, and Deloach wore a blue shirt.
  4. Second team win this year having also won at UTA. https://meangreensports.com/news/2021/9/25/record-day-for-mean-green-cross-country.aspx
  5. It was? The original comment was about getting blown out from the start and then coming back. Guess I misunderstood, but either way, I prefer to not get blown out at any time.
  6. Neither did our starting RB and two starting WR’s. We were also missing a backup RB and a couple other WR’s.
  7. I agree with 95% of this post. I am not sold on this staff outside of Bennett and Cobbs. I see those two coaching all the time.
  8. Ruder needs work. I think the way SL has handled the QB’s has been disastrous at best. Probably should have had Aune start the year considering Ruder had only been in town a short time. Let Ruder learn the system and establish a rhythm with the WR’s in practice. The way this was handled probably hurt Aune’s confidence and has now hurt Ruder’s as well. From what I have witnessed, I would give Martin a look as well as Drummond, but we have to remember that Drummond is from a tiny school in OK and making that jump is tough.
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