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  1. Idle curiosity. Did you decide to not renew your season tickets?

  2. Going to have to upgrade that Motorola flip phone.
  3. I thought this happened a couple of weeks ago.
  4. I used to purchase that mag religiously every year until about ten or so years ago. Felt like the quality went down and thought the price had become ridiculous.
  5. It was for future use of fans that got into fights with coaches, like Offensive Coordinators. 😂🤣
  6. Dodging what? You offer of a wager? I don’t even know what the wager is for. When did you become Earle’s cheerleader? He’s gone so it doesn’t really matter. What “G5” is going to become a star? Of you really think he’s better than Morris, you’d be the first.
  7. Based on a post here. Seems more reliable than believing in a ghost.
  8. Which one? Will Mr. Buck Kenny Roy Ginger Buddy Wayne
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