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  1. I would think if we were interested then we would have already offered. If we do bring in another QB, I would like to see us go after Grant Tisdale in the portal, but something tells me we are set at QB.
  2. Yep, I hope he finds success in Joneboro.
  3. I agree. I think the portal plus the added year has provided coaches an opportunity to "churn" their roster and move along players that they didn't feel had a future in their program.
  4. Jones out of Alabama was impressive. He makes all the throws and remains very calm in the pocket. It will be interesting to see where he goes.
  5. I read the tweet to mean they were both coming here. Did I misinterpret the tweet?
  6. They mentioned that on the show. Pretty incredible. Guess the years of tutelage with Chico's notebook paid off!
  7. Sign of the times. It has become about me and not we. Sometimes, working through perceived adversity makes you a stronger person and better player in the long run.
  8. Sorry, he isn't getting drafted.
  9. Disagree. Basic run plays for huge gains was nothing more than being out of position or being put in the wrong position...coaching. Chunk pass plays is the same. I saw this or players thinking too much instead of reacting. It was telling in a comment I read that our defensive coaches didn't seem to be on the same page. That falls to the coordinator. We have speed in the defensive backfield. Gaddie and Morris were both state qualifiers in track coming out of high school. You don't lose that speed over night.
  10. Heard on Dan Patrick's show this morning that Phillip Rivers has decided to retire. They were asking if he would be a first ballot HOF selection with some agreeing and some not, but the consensus is that he will be enshrined at some point. My question is, will Chico get a mention?
  11. S&C Coaches spend more time with players than probably anybody else on staff.
  12. Greyson Thompson is a walk-on QB from Denton Braswell that had very good high school stats, Deion Sanders spoke highly of just prior to him coming to North Texas. Gilmore is reported to not be in the running to be a QB from various sources.
  13. I had concerns about Bean after he committed to us prior to his senior year of HS and then was beat out for the starting job.
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