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  1. Heard we are getting some new ones this year.
  2. Maybe at other schools, but your little slice of heaven has been doing it out in the open forever.
  3. Every country does "bad shit" but China and Saudi Arabia don't really seem to care. I wouldn't visit either country. I have had direct contact with one of the Saudi royal families at a former job and while some were fine, some also do whatever they want, claim immunity and buy their way out of stuff. Also, considering they recently murdered and dismembered a member of the press, treat women in their country like dirt, etc., I have trouble justifying supporting that golf tour. China is also a craphole.
  4. That is a good schedule with great teams/schools playing in Denton. Only 7 road games on an 18 game schedule, and we are hosting OU and Tech.
  5. I will support Ortiz and wish him well, but I don't have to be a fan of that tour. It is similar to the NBA and the social justice warriors in that league, Lebron, yet they turn a blind eye towards China.
  6. I have an issue with the financial backing of this tour.
  7. Can't blame the young man after comparing RB depth charts. Probably didn't want to wait years for playing time.
  8. Ended up with a 3 star - .8552 rating. Committed to SDSU over offers from Furman, Jackson State, Memphis, MN, NE, smut, TX St.-SM, Tulsa, Utah St., utsa and us.
  9. He qualified it by saying "offensive minded". Time to shake it.
  10. https://www.hudl.com/profile/15372564/nikk-williams
  11. True, but we have spent the last few days talking about our great depth at RB and still struggled. It's not like Torrey came in a day or two prior to the bowl game announcing he wouldn't be playing. There was plenty of time to properly prepare, we have the talent behind him, and we crapped the bed with a boring gameplan. This is my biggest criticism of Littrell. He showed up and announced we would "let it fly" and with the reputation of being an up and coming offensive genius. I want that SL to show up this year.
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