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  1. I did a summer term there one year. Had a LOT of fun.
  2. His big deal was with a national sports agency, not something tied to OSU.
  3. Just want to chime in that Shorter's career catch to TD ratio is 3.4 to 1. Think about that for a minute. For comparison, during Darden's record setting year, his ratio was 3.9 to 1. Shorter is a TD machine. Hopefully we can keep getting him the ball.
  4. ESPN+ has it. Already re-watched the first half once this week.
  5. This. Our secondary has been bad but honestly the times we seem to get to the QB is when it’s a coverage sack. Very little quick pressure, which is understandable given how often we only rush three or maybe four.
  6. Highly unlikely we are a top two team in the conference.
  7. I really don’t understand how in year 3, Aune still doesn’t understand when he needs to just throw it away. Perhaps a legit QB coach would help?
  8. I thought our thing was to wish we had the opposition’s QB. yep.
  9. Exactly! There was NO reason to have Aune throwing on 2nd and 2. NO REASON. Fire Seth.
  10. I don’t care how many games they win. Seth leaving Aune in the game is a fireable offense.
  11. Counts as better prepared, perhaps? Which is part of coaching, as I understand.
  12. I mean, we leave a day early for our home games (kind of, technically).
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