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  1. So people still aren’t getting the concept of a donation? Got it.
  2. Rice is arguably the best university in the South. They don’t need athletics to attract quality students. Any athletics success is a bonus. They offer very generous financial aid to students in need to ensure they get the best students regardless of income bracket.
  3. Positions of concern: all of the above. we have no idea what anyone is capable of since almost all starters are new or at the very least playing with new teammates like on the D and O lines. We are pretty thin at RB this year as well.
  4. Can we just retire the adoption thread this year, at least in protest?
  5. We’ve had our issues over the years. Let’s not get too excited (as much as I love seeing them suffer).
  6. Didn’t realize Simmons played in Serbia. Would have gone to see him play had I known!
  7. Many were not starters but that doesn’t make them walk-ons. 85 scholarships and only 22 starters. That means the overwhelming majority of scholarship players are backups by definition.
  8. Thinking that a Houston walk-on is what we should get pretty much defines how NT is viewed, even by our own fans.
  9. Exhibit A-Z: Defense. Also not starting Rogers from day one was a huge blunder. We had the money to hire a more experienced coach and we went with the bargain hire again. We got what we paid for.
  10. Do you want him to refuse the offers or just not talk about them?
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