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  1. His Twitter says Plano
  2. Christian Sabatini #44 / Class of 2020 / TE,
  3. The point is that we run a defense with a 3-man front and English is the only DT with the size traditionally needed for that position. I am sure the other candidates are solid or good players, but you can’t teach size.
  4. Unfortunately way too much seems to be riding on the healthiness of Mr English’s foot.
  5. Plus he was a high school LB. I noticed that he wasn’t out there on obvious passing downs most of the time, as they seemed to favor the former CB Moore in those situations.
  6. Can someone remind me what our current media deals brings us? Something like $23 and a carton of expired skim milk?
  7. I am NOT a fan of Liberty but they have nice facilities and a good game day experience. They also had a nice indoor facility. The student section was also full (even during the rain - imagine that at UNT) and rocking. 09114C39-DBDE-4AF9-9AD9-03DC269157D2.MOV 55101093-BD6A-4BC7-A04F-7CC70E4B4F1F.MOV
  8. I don’t think the article was posted when I asked. Thanks for the info.
  9. Am I correct that Saturday is a Junior Day? Lets track visitors: Ronald Triplette DE from Pearland
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