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  1. Thank you! We win a couple football games and people here start NY6 talk. Beat a few CUSA b-ball teams and start figuring out NCAA seeding. Don’t forget this team has faded the last two years.
  2. One has to assume the P5 offers are not valid if he didn’t sign in Dec, right?
  3. PWO All district RB https://247sports.com/Player/Kaelen-Shankle-46083967/ Also has a Houston PWO offer
  4. This. Not sure what is holding them back from offering him or another talented RB. We tried to take two last year and lost one late. Seems we would sign a second RB this year given the top heavy nature of the position group. Maybe he is too slow or grades or something, but another back should be an option in this class (unless they have a handful of amazing grad transfers lined up especially at DT.)
  5. And why do we need to pay premium for Tulsa’s OL coach...
  6. Still looking for any QB over 6’2” I see.
  7. That is a good question. I was looking at the roster the other day and I don't think I saw either listed.
  8. So the topic is who is your favorite NT player and you’ve decided to turn it into who we didn’t recruit? I love it. This absolutely defines being a North Texas fan. If anyone does not understand UNT sports, this is the thread to read.
  9. That is just crazy. I have not lived in the area in a long time but apparently I have been lying to people in DC about how cheap houses are in TX. I thought it was mostly Austin that was the problem.
  10. 11am is early drinking! But seriously, obviously I can’t attend but I will donate and I might have something to donate.
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