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  1. My first thought was also why not Apogee? Maybe lack of hotels and little outreach as you mentioned also.
  2. Looks like offers this fall from Houston and SDSU, both more attractive. Hopefully we are in the mix.
  3. Safe bet in the first half of that prediction!
  4. Also a shoutout to the secondary. They struggled at times but pretty good job given how many were out for the game.
  5. Posted in the ticket forum also but I do have a couple of good seats to give away if anyone wants them.
  6. Exactly the mentality you want in a lock-down corner.
  7. Anything with black jerseys and helmets is badass
  8. looks pretty good (waits for green purists to explode)
  9. If our game ever happens it got a little bit easier.
  10. Send me a message if you want two free tickets. Really good seats.
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