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  1. PS Did we lose the gif button and now have to manually post memes like savages?
  2. Kind of reduces our options since we have fired the last two DCs and last OC, two of those after one year. Plus it could mean we have to buy out Seth and Bennett should this experiment flop. I REALLY want him to succeed and turn around the defense but I am a Mean Green fan so I’m used to failure. What can I say? Seems like following two four win seasons is a strange time to give out big contracts.
  3. Well in this article they mention players with one-two years experience starting, some all-conference recognition, and high profile transfers. Ours is a guy from ACU. 🤷‍♂️
  4. I liked Bennett’s comments about making sure the players are comfortable and keeping it simple. It will help, in addition to more 4-man fronts.
  5. By Wtf??? A three- year contract for an assistant? Ridiculous. The move will cost UNT $350,000 per year under the terms of a three-year contract
  6. Surprising choice. I would have gone with Simpson or Gaddie.
  7. I think he is definitely not guaranteed a starting spot. He did not play well last year and we are bringing in more talent. At this point we don’t even know exactly how many DBs we will use in our base formation. I really feel like Sanders regressed last year (ok almost everyone did I admit) and was frequently out of position. Let’s see how this works out.
  8. I would not be surprised if we don’t take a TE this class in the end but offer a few of these top rated guys just in case. We have a lot of young talent there so I don’t know that we need a ‘22 TE, but wouldn’t turn down a guy like this.
  9. I disagree. We are heavy on underclassmen so this ain’t such a bad thing. We have the scholarship to give and it is a need area. Plus an expiring scholly also fits a need.
  10. I guess it will depend on if he wants to be home and where he thinks he will play soonest. I am betting here. Our safety situation is pretty thin.
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