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  1. To follow up on an earlier narrative about why deaths are not the gold standard: https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-warning-from-italy-effects-of-covid-19-could-be-worse-than-first-thought-12027348 The virus is a systemic infection that affects all the organs of the body, not, as was previously thought, just a respiratory disease, they say. The physicians warn that people who do not consider themselves in a vulnerable group and aren't concerned at contracting the disease could be putting themselves in danger of life-changing illnesses if they ignore the rules to keep safe. "At first, initially, we thought it was a bad flu, then we thought it was a bad flu with a very bad pneumonia, it was the phase when you came here, but subsequently we discovered that it is a systemic illness with vessel damage in the whole body with renal involvement, cerebral involvement," "So we are seeing other acute manifestations of renal failure that require dialysis; or stroke, and then acute myocardial infarction, so a lot of complications or other manifestations of the virus. "And also now we see a significant proportion of the population with chronic damage from the virus."
  2. But if they are already here living and studying, why force them to get on a plane to go home to study remotely? That’s rent money paid here and sales taxes collected every month. A lot of extra expense to the student to just pack up and leave, break leases, etc.
  3. Well maybe we should take this discussion offline but holy hell my experience has been 200% the opposite.
  4. I don’t often say this about a recruit, but in this case: F’em
  5. For the record I am very concerned about how the PRC uses students to spy or steal tech. That’s a real thing. But most people just want a good education to either stay in the US and contribute or to return home and make it better there. I prefer the latter, but understand that our country often needs the former.
  6. Yes there are problems with student visas. I have issued them. It is a tiny percentage that try to commit fraud and most are caught by State Department officers. Pro tip: DHS does little to protect you or stop illegal immigration. US universities rely on international students. They pay a LOT of money in general to attend our schools. Some NT program could fail without international students. Anyone here proud of our tennis team? It will cease to exist.
  7. Why? Firing both coordinators is never a good sign and the highest paid coach in the conference should not have multiple non-bowl years.
  8. I am slightly concerned about the amount of time you might have dedicated to thinking about Kram’s porn preferences.
  9. Me too. But that is where we are this year. No OL and new QB with little meaningful game time. The good news is that our newer players are theoretically more talented - with the exception of the OL.
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