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  1. Good god don’t remind me we have a damn rookie coach on the Dline… I had truly forgotten about Coach Nepotism.
  2. Right, but that isn’t how the law (or morality) works is it? Using that logic they should treat all men’s sports other than football and basketball like crap because nothing else makes money.
  3. We didn’t offer so not sure we have any space or interest in him, but could hurt UTSA to lose this guy. Was their second highest rated ‘21 recruit. https://247sports.com/player/ron-tatum-46036746/
  4. Was also honored at the ESPYs last month. This young woman is bringing a lot of good attention our way.
  5. Didn’t seem to bother them when they left Houston, Smut, TCU, and Rice behind…
  6. On Twitter pretty much every P5 fan laughed this idea off or seemed to become physically ill.
  7. Having been to the ODU game and hung out with their alumni, they support their program much better than we do. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them move up the chain at some point. On another point, funding by student fees isn’t viewed as a positive for us. It’s been great for the program but it means we can’t fund ourselves through donations. It’s actually likely viewed as a negative by a perspective conference.
  8. For question 1, please define freshman. We have three classes of them now!
  9. The incentive to add more teams is to be able to hold a conference championship game. The NCAA let them do it at 10 teams but no way they get an exemption for 8. Get up to 12-14 and host a real championship to boost the SOS of your champion.
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