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  1. To clarify I was referring to the one year grad transfer scholarship being a waste. If you use that on a transfer instead of a high school recruit it is only worth it if they start. Was not saying Moore or Sanders was a waste.
  2. What if it is a cardboard box cannon?
  3. On the other hand, discouraging that our incumbent senior starter couldn’t hold on to the job nor could our grad transfer Harrison take it away. Wasted scholarship there so far.
  4. 1. Great uniforms 2. We are really going to miss Rico. Only WR that has that sync with Mason at this point, IMO. Let's hope Darden has reached that point.
  5. Or former HS QB Hair-Griffin on a jet sweep throw to a TE that got behind the LBs and safety?
  6. Normally I would agree here. But as I understand their DL is their strength. They also should be geared up to stop the run since our run game has been quite effective. Maybe throw to set up the run this game, IF that is what they are showing to start out. Otherwise, yes, run it up the middle!
  7. I would like for the OC to call plays that match what the Defense is giving. If there are 5-6 in the box, run up the middle. Whatever it is, just don't stubbornly stick to some script. Adjust early and often!
  8. Per his Twitter page, seems to have several P5 offers.
  9. Graham Harald might be able to help this offense, but Graham Harrell still sucks.
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