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  1. Not sure if we are recruiting him as a WR or DB.
  2. Not one single person advocated for getting rid of almost every offensive starter - even me who was never convinced this offense was that special.
  3. I am not sure I believe all these starters leaving is just ‘better offers’ out there.
  4. Yes $500k as a college student is a total nightmare situation!
  5. Have you seen their defensive stats? They held the top scoring offense in the country (LSU at 46 ppg) to 24. They held those last two opponents to 6 and 15. In fact, no one has scored more than 24 in their last 10 games and 29 was the most given up all year. For the season, 16 ppg average. That’s elite. I know we don’t understand this here anymore but there is more than one way to win that big offensive numbers. (Btw they averaged around 37 ppg on offense.)
  6. Yet they somehow managed to win those games. Their last two games were an in-state rivalry (bad team but still) and #14 in a conference championship game.
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