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  1. Just a reminder that we aren't the only school to lose a commit as this one just popped up on my feed tonight:
  2. Littrell is listed as 2 which means "All good ... for now ". Looks like he is safe. Philly Mont at Tulsa is a 4 which means "better win now". Billy Clark at UAB is a 0 which is the best score you can get "untouchable" Dana Dimel at UTEP is a 5 which means "sleeps with the fishes" Sonny Dykes at SMU is a 2 Skip Holtz at La Tech is a 1 Link: https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/2020-college-football-hot-seat-rankings-evaluating-job-security-of-all-130-fbs-coaches/
  3. Not a huge surprise, but still shocking. This may be the first Fall season without football for many of us ---in our lifetimes.
  4. read more: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/texas-sports-nation/college/article/University-of-Houston-COVID-tests-positive-15345393.php
  5. Date North Texas Opponent Location Time/Network Official/Fan Website 9/05 vs. Houston Baptist Denton, Texas Time TBA TV TBA HBU Official Site HBU Football Twitter Site 9/12 @Texas A&M College Station, Texas Time TBA TV TBA Texas A&M Official Site Texags.com Fan Site 9/19 vs. SMU Denton, Texas Time TBA TV TBA SMU Official Site Ponyfans.com Fan Site 9/26 @Houston Houston, Texas Time TBA TV TBA Houston Cougars Site Coogfans.com Fan Site 10/3 vs. Southern Miss Denton, Texas Time TBA TV TBA USM Official Site The Perch Fan Site 10/10 vs. Charlotte Denton, Texas Time TBA TV TBA Charlotte Official Site Charlotte Fan Site 10/17 @Middle Tennessee Murfreesboro, Tenn. Time TBA TV TBA MTSU Official Site Raider Roundup Fan Site 10/31 @UTEP El Paso, Texas Time TBA TV TBA UTEP Official Site MinerDigs Fan Site 11/7 vs. La. Tech Denton, Texas Time TBA TV TBA La. Tech Official Site La.Tech Fan Site 11/14 @UAB Birmingham, Alabama Time TBA TV TBA UAB Official Site BlazerTalk Fan Site 11/21 vs. Rice Denton, Texas Time TBA TV TBA Rice Official Site The Parliament Fan Site 11/28 @Texas San Antonio San Antonio, Texas Time TBA TV TBA UTSA Official Site Rowdy Talk Fan Site * Home games denoted in bold
  6. UTSA marks Traylor’s first head coaching job in the college ranks. He’s famously held the position of designated ‘crootin’ guy at Texas, SMU, and Arkansas. Before that, he built a juggernaut program at Gilmer, a top 5 Beast Texas job. Traylor won 87% of his games with the Buckeyes; they named the stadium after him. Traylor knows every backroad through east Texas, where athletes are as prevalent as the humidity. That made him attractive to the likes of Charlie Strong and the ultimate used car salesman, Chad Morris. Traylor brought former Arkansas interim head coach Barry Lunney to run the offense. Lunney orchestrated the attack at San Jose State in 2003-04; more recently, he’s coached tight ends and special teams. Lunney’s first task will be to figure out an offensive identity for the Roadrunners, something the program lacked in Wilson’s final three seasons. Read more: https://swcroundup.com/news/2020/6/20/the-2020-utsa-preview-its-jeff-traylors-house-now
  7. I echo these sentiments. Great post.
  8. The story I heard was he was replaced by the coaches son... under questionable circumstances. Can't vouch for the accuracy of that cause I was not there. I will say this, it's a damn shame that Jason and Aune have not been given at least some reps in their time here. Littrell threw them into the wolves against against the aggies in the bowl game and it showed that they had very little prep. The timing of Covid affected the normal QB attrition point of spring training. Now we have too many QB's for the limited available reps in my opinion.
  9. Look forward to seeing what he can do. Welcome to the board.
  10. We dominated the offensive stats and Fine had a 300 yard two TD game but it didn't matter. There were no turnovers either. U of H just played smashmouth with RB Carr who made our linebackers and secondary look small. The other key stat - as I recall Houston had TWO special team touchdowns - a punt return and and a kick return in one game. A game Marty B would like to forget. This was a 17-6 game at halftime but they just ran it up our gut in the 2nd half and beat us. Tune can play.
  11. @Arkstfan has some insight or er uh opinions on this I am thinking.
  12. @ttunt1970 I have not seen one yet. If anyone comes across one please post it for us. Thanks.
  13. https://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/former-oklahoma-state-coach-s-acceptance-bribes-violated-ncaa-ethical-conduct-rules
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