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  1. He's not a big guy but he plays big! Impressive.
  2. Interesting to compare 2019 season to 2014, the year after the bowl win against UNLV in terms of personnel losses. Obviously we have Fine and most of the offense coming back when we lost DT at QB in 2014. But I see some parallels in terms of key defensive players being lost on both squads. Those are tough to overcome.
  3. Other than a crappy 1st season (2013) in C-USA (4-8), here are their records: 2014: 9-5 2015: 9-4 2016: 9-5 2017: 7-6 2018: 8-5 So from a historical perspective they have been pretty consistently good and also a thorn in our side. Last year they basically ruined our undefeated season. In 2014 they beat us badly in front of a huge home crowd early in the season, a year after us winning a bowl. In 2015 they ran up the score on Chico 56-13. Seems to me under Holtz they rarely have a down year and especially seem to play well against us. They always do well in recruiting too. Perhaps you are right — but that would make this season the exception to the rule.
  4. Interesting take: Graham Harrell made the questionable decision to jump from North Texas to Clay Helton’s sinking ship at USC in February.
  5. All Rafes Urban Astronomy Center activities are canceled until further notice. View Full Article
  6. I really like the idea of what an Andy Blount type of player could do in this offense. Blount was more of a big receiver that converted to tight end. Also played some H-Back. Very good player in the Dickey regime.
  7. It will be interesting to see what Reeder’s go to play is when teams put 10 in the box on us and try to kill Fine even after his quick release.
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