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  1. Tulsa has retained Philip Montgomery for a sixth season in 2020, AD Derrick Gragg told the Tulsa World on Thursday. “This football program has enjoyed a lot of success over the last 15 years in particular – 10 bowl games in the last 15 years – but we haven’t been bowl-eligible the past three consecutive years,” Gragg told the paper. “Everyone involved finds that unacceptable. “Going forward, we do feel confident that Philip Montgomery is the coach who can get us back to championship-level football. He’s had the program at that level and competed for a division championship (in 2016). But we expect to be bowl-eligible at the base of it as far as a goal program-wise.” read more: https://footballscoop.com/news/philip-montgomery-returning-to-tulsa-in-2020/
  2. Good analysis from a friend: - Five guys have started all our games. Gibson, Geu, Hamlett, ZSimmons and Reese. - Four guys did not play last night and YTD are at the bottom of minutes played, Mohammed, JSimmons, Wise and Jackson. - Hamlett is shooting 85% from FT line, Gibson 82%. Team average is 68%. Hamlett hit 5 of 6 in the last few minutes last night to seal the win. Over the years we haven't seen that happen often from a UNT team. - Our defense last night was outstanding in that we completely controlled the paint. UTA gained some ground in the 2nd half by hitting from the outside. - After the game was over and UTA players had left the court, the team came up into the stands to shake hands and thank the fans for coming. Good PR. UTA is now 4-5 but they have played some good games, notable staying within 6 of Gonzaga at Gonzaga. I would call last nights game a good win over a team that was favored by 7 and would be competitive in CUSA. If nothing else, we continued to show progress.
  3. Program changer is how I would describe her. Here is some good video if you have not had the pleasure to see her play: https://www.collegesportslive.com/video/ntex/womens-basketball/north-texas-womens-basketball-new-signee-tommisha-lampkin-20191124205815467216/
  4. Wow I can remember when we were trying to recruit him. Great athlete, i think from Gainesville or Sherman? WSU connection is interesting.
  5. I don't doubt it but to me it is important enough - for our program and where we are located - to be a full time paid position.
  6. I was flipping through the MANY MANY portal announcements earlier today, and it dawned on me we should create a FULL TIME admin / coaching role that monitors and is accountable for maximizing the transfers, including P5 and JUCO etc. This is a FULL TIME job to keep up with all of this plus reach out and let the players know you care and have your shit together. Given our location being such a fertile recruiting spot for this type of player, and the fact that it is so important for the success of a G5 program (see SMU, UH, UCF, UAB, USU etc), why not put some more focus on it. Maybe they already are but in my view it is am important position. You need to come up with a marketing strategy as to why UNT is such a good place to come home to. Just a thought, carry on.
  7. Awesome list -- my top pick is Orlando. I love the Walters idea as he has been here before and was our top recruiter.
  8. He’s not to be the head coach here.
  9. OK so I know it may not be everyone's first choice but I think he is a guy we should strongly consider bringing on board in come capacity. Let's face it, Seth is calling the plays. This is his career and his livelihood. Everyone coming here knows he was an OC. What Wilson brings is something we DESPERATELY need and that is he is an outstanding recruiter. If you look at the elite G5 programs they have one thing in common - they can recruit at a high level. I think recruiting ability should be a key component of whomever we hire. EVERY coach on this staff needs to be able to help us in recruiting. If you don't have the players, it doesn't matter who your OC and DC is.
  10. @ipd054 great find. I think you are spot on with this. He knew. Reeder in hindsight was a TERRIBLE hire.
  11. Who wants to bet they hire the coach from UIW...
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