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  1. I wonder what hotel they put them up in? Wish we had been able to get the on campus hotel and conference center thing done!
  2. Ho do people get DWI's with UBER and Lyft and ALL of the other options available. Why doesn't the UNT AD have an open UBER account for the team in the case of emergencies? I just don't get it. Thank god no one was hurt.
  3. @GrandGreen I think we agree in principle, however my point is that I have seen (and felt) a sense of accomplishment in the fact that we sign an entire class of 3-star prospects. I am only saying I don't think we can do that anymore. We also can't really judge a class which bases it's rankings on that either. I think in the end we can't really count on any of this as exact data where we are in the hierarchy of programs. The recruiting services do a good job on the elite program level where the data on prospects is intensive and complete. Twitter is doing a pretty good job on offers from the prospects so perhaps that is a way for us to keep better track of it.
  4. "You find a love for the game and your team that you didn't know you had in high school," said junior Javion Hamlet who went to two different junior colleges before landing in Denton. "Try telling me I don't love the game when I had to live in a house with 16 other teammates in a city I didn't know and eat grimy food every day." McCasland's love for the game and the experiences that life haa brought him and his family doesn't just extend to him driving a team bus. Before becoming the head coach at Midland, McCasland was an assistant at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Colorado. But when he was hired as the second assistant, he needed to first find a job on campus as there was no full-time coaching positions available. A resident hall assistant is what he got. So he and his wife Cece, both in their early 20s and just a week into their marriage, packed up their bags and moved into Herboldscheimer Hall on the campus of Northeastern JC. Crammed into a small dorm room in a building that held 80 students, McCasland coached during the day and patrolled the dorm at night. "I still remember being up at 2 a.m. and writing up women for having chew tobacco cups in the lobby," McCasland said. "Then Cece and I would wake up and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the team. "But at the time I didn't wish I was doing something else. I'm still close with the people from Herboldscheimer Hall. And they didn't play basketball. They were friends of my wife and I. They were family. It was all about the relationships of the people inside Herboldscheimer Hall that you were doing life with and the similar experiences you were going through" he added. Read more: https://meangreensports.com/news/2019/10/2/mens-basketball-mac-drives-the-bus.aspx
  5. Wow - good stuff @BillySee58 That is a VERY telling stat. My suggestion is we start our own ranking based on P5 G5 and FCS offers... the problem is that there is not consistent validity to the offer lists as many of the offers are contingent on this etc. The recruiting services like Rivals etc rarely update their offer lists once the offer is given initially perhaps when an initial coaching staff is removed or replaced. So it appears we should use offers as the guideline with the caveat that offer lists are not always accurate.
  6. Just a thought, but as bad and disappointing as the Houston loss was to swallow, there is an on-going bad taste hangover that I sense which will not go away like a normal bad loss would. It continues to linger. I think part of the problem is we are all facing the realization that this ever so memorable Mason Fine era is coming to an end. Like sand passing through an hourglass, every remaining game brings us closer to the curtain closing on a player who was larger than life and one that you will probably only see once in a lifetime.
  7. Season still matters to everyone on here. We are not the problem. The problem is the many new faces who left the game dejected after the 3rd quarter last Saturday night. Those folks have checked out for the year. That said, winning a conference championship or bowl game would be a nice distraction from the disappointment of this year.
  8. If there is anything to be taken from the Houston game, it is that we HAVE to stop using the 3-star system as our comfort zone in recruiting. The 3-star ranking is flawed and very subjective. 3-star rankings are not an accurate enough gauge of prospects ability or rankings. OFFERS are the best way to determine where you are. If a player has REAL offers it means something. Being able to say our entire class is all three stars was nice for a couple of years but I would rather sign a ton of 2-star guys that had significant, REAL (not dependent on x) offers from other good programs. Also, the recruiting services undervalue transfers who they originally gave high rankings to out of high school so that really doesn't give an accurate assessment either. GMG
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