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  1. Ninety-eight yards, 57 seconds. In one, game-winning drive last October vs. Conference USA rival UT-San Antonio, North Texas quarterback Mason Fine gained a national reputation. The sequence included Fine rolling out and then delivering a bomb through three defenders into the hands of receiver Michael Lawrence. Fine completed the drive when he found wide receiver Rico Bussey up the middle a fraction-of-a-second before a Roadrunners defender made contact. Bussey took Fine's fifth completion of the possession to pay dirt for the win. The drive made highlight shows and was aired on telecasts coming out of timeouts around the nation. "I never felt we couldn’t do it," Fine said. "Looking back on it, the probability of actually pulling that off is really low. But everyone had confidence: the [offensive] line, the coaches, the receivers, and nobody blinked." Fine's assessment of the actual likelihood North Texas could pull off that rally isn't wrong. ESPN.com's Win Probability chart gave the Mean Green a 1.2 percent chance to win when they took the field for that drive. That march down the field there may not be a better quarterback at defying odds than Fine. Despite being recognized as 2014 USA Today Oklahoma Player of the Year at Locust Grove High School, Fine garnered interest mostly from Div. II programs, and just one scholarship offer from a Div. I university: Austin Peay -- which, with a 3-43 record in the previous four seasons, was arguably the worst program in the Football Championship Subdivision. "I’d be lying if I said it didn’t frustrate me, because that was a dream of mine, to play Div. I football," Fine said. "I’ve been working toward that for the past 10 years, then not seeing the letters come in, not seeing the offers come in." Read more: https://athlonsports.com/college-football/mason-fine-ty-gangi-andrew-ford-lead-group-5-qbs-watch-2018
  2. He would have to take that Tech job if offered. That's just the bottom line in my mind. They would double his money and the buy-out is chickenfeed still for a program with their resources. I think our better hope is that Tech decides they want to focus more on defense after Coach Bro and hires a more defensive minded coach... What would be a bigger job for Littrell? Is Kansas a better gig? I don't think so. His dream job would probably be OU but Riley could stay there for decades. I hate that we will have to deal with interest in him all season but you know what, it is much better than McCarney and Dodge who had zero interest from other schools. Such is the life of a G5!
  3. Harry

    North Texas has Arkansas Worried

    Well one thing for sure is, Chad will have a damn nice house to welcome recruits to! https://www.arktimes.com/ArkansasBlog/archives/2018/07/26/chad-morris-buys-38-million-fayetteville-spread
  4. How can we get our hands on the video of this game?
  5. Tim Faison 2018 Tim Faison 2019 PS not to nitpicky but the new color in the endzone doesn't seem to match, Good to hear Mose back in the fold. That is yuge.
  6. Sometimes the player will decide that they don't like the situation and bail to juco where they could have a chance to better their recruiting lot IF and that is a big IF they are able to perform well at the Juco level. Juco is a tough road. There is p5 talent all over the place and also some bad apples. He evidently decided UNT was not the place for him and decided to roll the dice for a better situation.
  7. WOW -- don't know the level of competition but what a box!
  8. I have and it's basically they beat us at the line of scrimmage on both sides. Their running back is top notch and their roster is littered with top notch transfer and juco talent at pretty much every position. I think it is a noble goal to just compete with them better this season. I honestly think they are as loaded as any G5 in the country. The problem they seem to have this season is the same as last, chemistry. It may take a few games for them to settle on a new QB etc. I don't think their game against OU early will be a good barometer of where they will be mid season. If they have a good showing against OU they could be one of the best teams to ever come out of C-USA.
  9. Harry

    North Texas has Arkansas Worried

    Sneaky bastards! Shame on them for playing your old man like that.
  10. I did too however, here's the problem as my compadre stated last night. Could our offensive line be as good as it was last season? Sure. Getting Mayfield back helps that cause for sure. What are the real chances it would be better though? Mose is working his way back into the rotation sure but will he be 100%? IE what additions or development players will make the line better? Could the scheme be improved? Is moving big boy back to guard going to work better? Is Jacob Brammer going to make a huge difference in his first season on the field. There are a lot of question marks.