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  1. Out of curiosity (because I genuinely have no idea), who are a few examples of active, highly successful head coaches that call their own games from the sideline?
  2. "...we were told that they want to hit transfers hard. Whether that means junior college, graduate transfers, or transfer portal players, the Mean Green will be tossing their hat into the circle for a lot of players who can step in and play immediately." Source: https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/Mike-Bloesch-Tate-Willis-hired-on-North-Texas-Mean-Green-football-on-offensive-staff-Marty-Biagi-departs-142339252/ It'll be interesting to see who we pull in to play immediately.
  3. Why would Clint Bowen be a solid hire? I get that KU is a "hard place to win." But KU's record during his most recent stint as a DC is flat out bad: 2014: 3-9 2015: 0-12 2016: 2-10 2017: 1-11 2018: 3-9 2019: 3-9 If defense wins championships...those seasons indicate defense wasn't much of a strength...
  4. There were a handful of concerns going into last night, but I expected our offense to be potent enough to win in a shootout. Instead, SMU contained us and we struggled to get anything going. After losing the game, I flipped over to the USC vs. Stanford game only to find USC playing a freshman QB and creating matchups that the favored Stanford's Defense couldn’t control. USC’s offense looked like our offense last year, and they rolled on to upset Stanford and go 2-0. If Graham we’re still here, I think we would have walked away with a W in Dallas last night. Losing him has already had a significant impact. Here’s to hoping our new OC can fill the shoes soon.
  5. Does anyone have a link to public plans/images of what the new locker room will look like once the renovation is complete? I'm interested in seeing the new design and features.
  6. After recent years in North Texas football, I'm ready for the new era too! Congrats to this staff for great work thus far. #GMG
  7. Then do more to put yourself in a situation where you won't be laughed at. That's your job - that's what you're supposed to be working on every day.
  8. His top four list was just tweeted. It's nice to see us listed as a serious contender against those other three schools. Go Mean Green!
  9. There are many similarities that can be drawn between EMU and UNT. It is a school that has traditionally struggled in football and sits in the middle of the Big Ten conference. It's right down the road from two powerhouse programs in Michigan and Michigan State, but it shares a conference with two other G5 Michigan schools (Western Michigan University and Central Michigan University). When EMU hired a new coach a few years ago, they took the UNT90 route and hired a winning coach who had been wildly successful in schools without many resources. Chris Creighton had been a head coach at three different schools and was a winner at every stop: 32-9 at Ottawa (Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference)63-15 at Wabash (North Coast Athletic Conference)42-22 at Drake (Pioneer Football League)His total career record prior to EMU was 137-46. (He's a winner!) Since arriving at EMU he has gone 3-21. I don't mean to derail this thread, but since EMU came up and it is a school that shares many of UNT's struggles, I thought it was worth pointing out that they took an approach similar to what UNT90 has been campaigning and it hasn't worked out for them thus far. Time will tell if he is able to turn it around, but this is one example of how prior winning records at schools with fewer resources don't guarantee winning records at a new school any more than hiring an up-and-coming first time head coach.
  10. I think we have a pretty good idea of what Littrell will do with the offense given his play calling history and the Texas Tech guys he's bringing in. The defense side of things is more of a mystery because Littrell doesn't have history running one and Ekeler has only been a Co-DC for two seasons so we don't know how much of a role he played in designing it. Littrell and Ekeler both spent two years at Indiana, but they only spent one year coaching together. Littrell was the Co-OC for the 2012 and 2013 seasons whereas Ekeler was the Co-DC for the 2011 and 2012 seasons. 2011 IU Football Team (1-11 Record)Kevin Wilson's first year as HC at IUNorth Texas beat IU 24-21Ekeler was Co-DC2012 IU Football Team (4-8 Record)Ekeler was Co-DCLittrell was Co-OC2013 IU Football Team (5-7 Record)Littrell was Co-OCI'm interested to see what type of defense the two run at North Texas. Littrell has mentioned that he wants a defense that is aggressive and attacks the QB. Below are two videos from an IU press conference following a one point loss at Navy. Ekeler talks about running a blitz they call "Guts" because it's all out and you must have guts to run it. It sounds like they gave up points as a result of taking the risk in that particular game, but I imagine this is the character Ekeler and Littrell will build their defensive philosophy with at North Texas; the idea that we're not going to sit back and let you come to us - we're going to take calculated risks and come after you. Edit: A few questions I'd like to hear your thoughts on: How do you see Ekeler and Littrell building the North Texas defense? What do you expect to see next season?What current players do you think will shine in the new system?What type of players do you see Littrell and Ekeler recruiting to build upon it in the future?
  11. These comments are the kind that make me believe Littrell will be more successful here than McCarney. It never seemed like the last regime had this type of outlook. Mac had his system and was going to run it whether he had the players for it or not. If Littrell is able to tweak his system to best fit the personnel we currently have on the roster, I think a turnaround will happen sooner than many think.
  12. "CF.C HAS CONFIRMED FootballScoop.com's report that first-year outside wide receivers coach Graham Harrell is leaving Washington State. Harrell is becoming the offensive coordinator at North Texas, the source told CF.C" Link: http://www.scout.com/college/washington-state/story/1621775-source-wsu-s-graham-harrell-going-south?hootPostID=4fcd1559917bc5705e70864e2f673e18
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