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  1. I feel like Gary Patterson is the type of hire that Smatresk & Co. could make before hiring an AD and most AD candidates would be more than okay inheriting the situation.
  2. Magically? No. With the right strategic moves? Yes.
  3. Fair assessments. Thanks. I think the expectations should be higher for the HFC because I think some will make the leap quickly (FAU with Herman and the helm now), but I can see where you’re coming from regarding the growing pains. Regarding Smatresk: That adds a huge wrinkle in all of this and the direction of the program. Overall, I feel like Smatresk has been supportive of the athletic department. It’ll be interesting to see if that support continues, increase, or decreases.
  4. Exactly. Herman has a full year to load up on talent via the portal and implement his system. Don't be surprised if FAU is ranked and wins the AAC championship in 2024 to secure a spot in the first college football playoff.
  5. "The expanded 12-team bracket will feature the six highest-ranked conference champions as automatic qualifiers along with the next six highest-ranked teams." I can't stress this enough... With our facilities, location, budget, and spot in the AAC without Cincinnati, UCF, and Houston, we have a realistic opportunity to be one of the six highest-ranked conference champions and earn an automatic qualification in the playoff. I really hope UNT administration and donors recognize this and put the full-court press on bringing in an ace athletic director and a winning football coach. Now is the time for the sleeping giant to finally wake up.
  6. @ThatMeanGreen, as a well-connected fan, what's your personal opinion on what should happen with both the AD search and the head football coach situation?
  7. If we’re going to have a rebuilding year, this makes it all the more important for 2023 to be that year. Winning the AAC in 2024 and 2025 could very well make us one of the highest ranked conference champions and get a spot in the playoff. I fully support Wren and wish him the best…but what unfortunate timing for him to exit and leave the head football coach decision in limbo…
  8. Thanks for all of your insight, @xyresic. I’m curious about your sentence quoted above. Can you shed any light on what the agreed direction looks like? What goals would you say the administration and donors have for the program? Is G5 the ceiling, or is there any ambition to secure a P5 spot?
  9. UNT will be hiring a new athletic director soon. What are you hoping to see in the person that's hired? For me, four things on my list are: 1. Experience as a successful G5 AD (preferably with some P5 experience along the way) I liked Wren's philosophy of hiring people who have experience doing the job so that they're not fully learning the job on the job. I also like the idea of having someone who has done the job at the G5 level, but has also been part of the inner workings of a successful P5 department so they have ideas for how to elevate us to the next level. 2. Proven track record of increasing fan engagement and ticket sales I see this as a big need for us. Fan engagement and ticket sales are both low right now. It's harder to win in an empty home stadium, and it's harder to fund improvements without revenue. 3. Proven track record of fundraising With the facility arms race and NIL rules, money is a big part of the game these days. In addition to increasing ticket sales, I think we need someone who can expand the pool of donors and lead fundraising efforts for new investments. 4. Internal motivation to make waves This is a challenging job and not for the faint of heart. I'd like to see someone who is internally motivated to make waves at UNT and build the program up to be a G5 powerhouse. Hiring a more passive person for this position right now will bring decades of progress to a screeching halt. What's on your list?
  10. Wren leaving is a loss for UNT. Best of luck to him and his family as the move on to their next chapter. The silver lining of Wren leaving is that he was rewarded with a P5 offer based on his body of work here. This development helps frame UNT as a career-builder rather than a career-ender for motivated athletic directors. This factor paired with the facilities we have in place should help improve the candidate pool. Cheers to hoping that Smatresk & Co. will hire an experienced AD who will elevate UNT to the top of the American Athletic Conference.
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