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  1. My wife and I became season ticket holders for the first time last week. I graduated in 2010 and honestly had not been to many games until last year where we made it to half of the football games (and my wife’s first time ever to a college game) but decided to go all in and show our support! Love what is going on with not only athletics but the school as well!
  2. Anyone know that it will for sure be on channel 642 for Directv? I just went to it on ours and the virginia/duke game is blacked out on that channel for me, not sure why it would be but hopefully the UNT game is not blacked out
  3. Good catch, my fault that area code is 972. Thank you
  4. Hey Marty i can take care of it in our office tomorrow if you want to give me a call. Just call (872)912-3111 and ask for Kyle. I will be happy to help get you some tickets to the game on Saturday. For anyone else that is interested just give me a call and I will be able to get you taken care of. Go Mean Green!
  5. That's right the Wranglers are first in our division and former UNT and current Wranglers kicker Garrett Courtney is also the number one rated Kicker in the IFL. To help get more UNT fans out to support Garrett i would like to offer special ticket pricing for all UNT fans. All you will have to do is call (972) 912-3111 and mention that you saw this on GoMeanGreen.com I will be offering Endzone seating for $15 (yellow sections, regular price $23) and sideline seating(except for 115 and 116) for $25 (green sections, regular price $37). If you have any questions feel free to send me a message
  6. Tonight is the first regular season game for the ALlen Wranglers and former UNT kicker Garrett Courtney. Come out to the Allen Events Center at 7:05 today and show your support. Two great seating sections when you go to the box office will be: The chick-fil-a family 4 pack: 4 tickets, 4 chick-fil-a meals for only $49 "The Fuzz" section. Garrett Courtney's own cheering section, at the box office say you want to support the Fuzz and you will make that ticket go from $23 to $20. Not only do we have Courtney representing UNT but also the staff is made up of many UNT Alumni. Thank You
  7. anyone that might be interested in bringing a group out to the games please let me know so we can get you set up, the atmosphere and the way the Allen Events Center is set up allows for all seats to feel like they are right in on the action. You can send me a message on here or an email to kwise@allenwranglers.com if you want more information or would have a group interested.
  8. Hey when you get a chance check your messages i sent you a private message
  9. There is a new Indoor Football team in town with the Allen Wranglers. My name is Kyle Wise and i am the Director of Ticket Operations with the team and also a 2010 graduate of UNT. For more Mean Green influence on the staff our Media Relations Director is also a 2010 UNT graduate. Not only do we have some great ticket packages going on but will have a great game day experience. We are looking for more staff members and will be holding try outs for the National Anthem singers, a public address announcer, and a play by play announcer. Would love to have as many of these positions filled
  10. just got done watching the press conference for the first time since i had work earlier but after watching it he made me proud a UNT graduate, i also am really interested to see how he tries to build up the team to the students, i graduated this past summer and now want to go out and get my season tickets for next year after this...really looking forward to seeing the reast of his staff and what type of recruits he can bring in
  11. I am amazed with how the team has played for Chico, the players have not changed but the attitude and winning has, coach chico has to be rewarded for this, not only do i think that we will go out and beat monroe next week but i think that chico would be able to go out on the recruiting trail and show that he can win games at this level but also his pure love of UNT is very evident, at this point would love to see him get the chance to run our program and take it to great heights....all the "big name" coaches got started at sometime, why cant coach chico get his start as the next big name coach
  12. I honestly feel that UNT could become what Boise is, the way to start it though is to start winning, i will admit i was not here during the early part of this decade when we were going to bowls so i am not sure how the community supported the teams then, but a winner will always bring out the community support, look at the "rangers" fans that have come out during this playoff run, people like to support a winner, becoming a winner will help bring in more support from the community. In my four years at UNT that i recently finished up i did start to see more UNT support at various locations aro
  13. Was wondering if any one out there is thinking about moving to McKinney in a couple months because im looking for someone to take over my lease at the Estates of McKinney starting January 1st. The apartments are very nice and i have enjoyed my time at them but have an oppurtunity to move closer to work and live with a couple UNT graduates. I would really appreciate anyone who is interested or might know of someone who is looking for something like this to either send me a message on here or email at sportslife2010@aol.com This would be perfect timing for anyone graduating in December who
  14. i agree with the fact that we wanted to not allow the new riley plan to get on film just yet, its smart to hold him back and break out the new plays at home this weekend against rice....also looking forward to using our TE's this weekend to break that open....honestly though we need to use Dunbar and Hamilton as much as we can because watching that game they looking like our two best playmakers
  15. sounds good kt, will be coming with ya to the pourhouse...excited for my first season as an alumni
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