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  1. Sometimes the number two guy wants to make his mark. Mosley might not want to be the second UNT AD in a row who inherited a head football coach from Rick V.
  2. I watched the game on ESPN+ in Florida: https://www.espn.com/watch/player/_/id/269f038c-7dfe-48ce-8c7f-08a89475160b
  3. Any doubts I had in your logic were put to rest by the pretty table with a preponderance of reassuring green.
  4. I wish UNT had the problem of doing so well that our head coaches leave to coach bigger schools. Instead we've been a place that head coaching careers die. Which hurts us with young and hungry potential hires who are keeping a space clear on their mantle for a national championship trophy.
  5. When I bought shoes as a kid I always tested them out immediately to prove they made me run faster.
  6. It would be great if UNT had looked like a conference winner all season. But winning the conference is what people will remember, if the Mean Green can get it done. And if that happens and the team wins a bowl, 2022 will be one fans celebrate for a long time.
  7. There's no reason for that much pessimism. We beat them up last year and when we played them one month ago in their house, only lost in the final 15 seconds. UNT has already shown it can go toe-to-toe against UTSA for four quarters. Now we just have to step up in the biggest game of Seth Littrell's time in Denton.
  8. He hasn't earned jack squat. The conference championship and bowl game should determine his fate.
  9. That's impressive scholarship, properly cited, but I'm going to pretend I didn't see it.
  10. Touchdown Jesus was looking out for us on that call against the Rice quarterback.
  11. As a child of divorce raised by television, I gotta correct this: It's meep meeps.
  12. Littrell didn't turn down Kansas State because of loyalty to UNT. Negotiations broke down over the retention of assistant coaches and the buyout clause. K State had concerns that he would bolt to coach Oklahoma if Lincoln Riley left. https://www.cjonline.com/story/sports/college/cat-zone/2018/12/07/north-texas-seth-littrell-reportedly-backs-away-from-kansas-state/6746244007/ I don't believe in coach loyalty or player loyalty. Anyone who can move up by leaving will leave. The same goes for schools. If they can make a coaching change to better themselves, they will. We don't need loyalty from Littrell. We need wins.
  13. Forgetting Abner Haynes is embarrassing. He's also the NFL's leading rusher born in Denton, ahead of Walt Garrison who had 3,886.
  14. I hope that Littrell still has to prove something this season to avoid getting fired. If he wins the conference or a bowl game I expect he'll be back next year.
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