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  1. If two superconferences achieve total domination, do the fans of other schools keep watching their games as much as we do now? The bigger the moat between them and everybody else, the less interest I have in swimming across.
  2. Is the endgame here two superconferences that become the NFL of college football, receiving so much TV money that the everybody else is the G8? I'm writing this comment from Gainesville, Florida, right next to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. In an era where conferences matter, Texas coming here as a conference opponent of Florida seems like a big deal. But it feels like conferences don't actually matter any more. The superconferences feel more like a new football subdivision.
  3. This kind of thing *is* the tradition. It started in 1996 when the Southwest Conference was murdered.
  4. It's different than a job because you can't just quit. If I walk out during my shift at Hot Dog on a Stick and don't come back for 30 days nobody will arrest me for desertion.
  5. You didn't compare the contract to a job, which is a comparison that fits much closer than a marriage or military service. Anyone can quit a job and the only penalty is that their old employer stops paying them and providing benefits.
  6. The Sasketchewan Roughriders pulled their starting quarterback down 33-6 with 9 minutes left on Thursday, giving Mason Fine his first chance to play in the CFL. He completed three short passes on his first drive but it ended on a sack. His next drive was an incompletion and an interception on a bad pass. His final drive was his best. He completed four straight passes, including a 15- and 45-yarder, and threw a 5-yard touchdown in that massive Canadian endzone. Final numbers: 7-for-9 with 83 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 pick. The CFL season is on WatchESPN with some games each week on an ESPN channel. Fine looks pretty comfortable in the league after one season holding a clipboard.
  7. If he establishes himself as a quarterback worth a first round draft pick before his senior season, there has to be some pressure to leave and avoid injury.
  8. It speaks to the climate of all college football except for the biggus dickus.
  9. Amen, brother. That needs to be on a Mean Green T-shirt sold only to fans old enough to know why you hated having a friend with a bunch of nines in their phone number.
  10. I became a UNT fan when I arrived on campus in 1988 and there has never been a time I had no expectations. People who think it was easier in the past to suck are forgetting what it was like to get your regular Saturday-evening kick in the nards watching the Mean Green in the Southland, Big West and Sun Belt. (I know people pay good money to have that done to themselves in San Antonio.) Morale should not be at an all-time low when we're leaving Conference USA and Judy behind.
  11. I seem to recall Darrell Dickey getting the axe in Twenty Aught Six.
  12. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34136486/qb-arch-manning-no-1-recruit-2023-class-commits-texas He rejected Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, LSU, Virginia and North Texas, choosing UTSA's sister school.
  13. As I post this comment, Stadium is airing a seven-man, no-pads football league called American 7s. I played flag football games at UNT that were better attended, because at least we got our girlfriends to be there.
  14. Getting fired after going 2-9 and 3-9 seems pretty reasonable to me.
  15. Enough time has passed that I can enjoy Dickey's achievements at UNT despite the stunt he pulled on the way out the door. I had some great times during that 26-game conference winning streak. Seven of his players went on to be in the NFL and one who didn't -- Booger Kennedy -- is one of our all-time greats. There's also Andrew Smith, who quarterbacked the team to a bowl win over Cincinnati. I wonder what he could've gone on to do both in his final two seasons and the rest of his life.
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