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  1. So you had the time. Why didn't you go?
  2. The Borg would've been assimilated by Janeway. I don't have a veejay I have a peanuts. Sit down and watch.
  3. I wouldn't say that after the Mean Green gained 241 yards on the ground.
  4. False start. You needed to wait at least for us to score a second TD before posting this. Five yard penalty. Still first down.
  5. Aune's running is starting to open things up a bit. I may cry.
  6. Stadium stream just went out again. I don't know whether to curse them or thank them.
  7. Eagle claw to Dillion Williams (#4) for preventing the touchdown on the return.
  8. With an injury that catastrophic we should start a GoFundMe for him. I almost couldn't watch.
  9. Brilliant idea! He could bring in his son Jordan as a decorator. https://www.instagram.com/p/B61zxIgF2BZ/
  10. I wouldn't make that guarantee. Larry Fedora didn't get an OC gig in P5 right after North Carolina and his résumé was much better than Littrell's is today. Fedora had to be an analyst at Texas for a year and then became the OC/QB coach a Baylor.
  11. I bet the athletic office printer is running out of paper from all the résumés being sent out.
  12. The players looked like they have quit on him last night. If we keep him all season and put the talented players through a season-long ass whip, what condition will they be in when the next coach arrives?
  13. How is that not a personal foul? It's much worse than what our player did to theirs out of bounds.
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