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  1. I was also at that UNT-Navy game. It was a lot of fun for awhile. Fortunately, the Navy vets around me were good guys.
  2. So instead of a late winning streak that saves Seth's job, we could have a late losing streak that gets Seth fired.
  3. That was such a great game to watch! Watching the highlights again reminds me of all the big, memorable plays that happened that night. When I think of George calling UNT games, I always think back to his call of this game. For me, this might be the most memorable UNT game of last decade.
  4. I'm sure Vito is ready to begin the "Aune to UNT Hall of Fame" campaign.
  5. The big issue is with conferences merging, paying players, and the transfer portal, it's getting harder and harder for any team to move up. Specifically for North Texas, the best thing we can do is have a larger, more active fan base. More people seats = more exciting game days = more money for facilities/coaches/etc.
  6. Bean looked good until those final three passes.
  7. Make them contractors instead of employees.
  8. Brett Vito loves him some Derek Thompson who he believes should be in the UNT Hall of Fame. Yes, we won a bowl game with Derek and his very mediocre stats that season.
  9. Look ... up in the sky ... it's a bird ... it's a plane ... it's a joke going over your head.
  10. Is this a secret GMG account for Brett Vito, who probably thinks Aune deserves to be in the UNT HoF for stats like this?
  11. I'm believe Wren will wait until after the season. As Seth showed last year, he can keep the kids engaged even with a long losing streak. I just hope an easy CUSA schedule doesn't magically give this team a .500 bowl berth and save Seth's job.
  12. If someone finds an online stream of the game, post it here.
  13. That was a cannon? Sounded more like a car back firing.
  14. I have flashback of Derek Thompson having games like this and a certain beat writer praising it.
  15. I saw the pregame but now Stadium has switched to a talk show. Are they going back to the game?
  16. Say "Go Mean Green" ten times and give someone a cup of Diet Coke and you will be forgiven.
  17. When it says "None Available" it doesn't necessarily mean its sold out. A huge chunk of those sections are for students and the band. Others sections may be unavailable until SMU releases unsold tickets. I bet they won't bring much more than they brought last time.
  18. I hope Aune had improved ALOT since last season. If not, and if he's the best we've got, it'll be a long season.
  19. When the stadium was built we saw the blueprints for it. I also remember seeing plans for more boxes and an upper level on the visitor side. But whatever those future plans might be, they can and probably will change by the time it might actually be done.
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