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  1. They produce some power but cannot produce nearly enough for the entire complex.
  2. North Texas chant with a Fine touchdown!
  3. Yeah but it's hard to take serious this claim because of the misspellings and claiming he himself was "clearly" a better candidate. If UH needs to receive a slap then ok but this knuckle head deserves nothing.
  4. How can that be the run of the day when this happend?
  5. Matthew Brune always has insightful articles going back to his time with the NT Daily.
  6. I like the idea of having players educated on how fundraising works and how it benefits the program but requiring players to pay is really strange. I wonder if that is even legal?
  7. 17 NFL teams ... that's over half. The other 15 should be around sometime during the season. Well, Cincinnati may be too cheap to send scouts unless they get a great deal on Southwest.
  8. Before last season I predicted Woodworth would break out and get drafted after he finished. He didn't exactly breakout but maybe this season.
  9. Turn your bass up all the way before starting the video to make your neighbors think there's a earthquake going on.
  10. Except we're much better than SMU and based on preseason rankings on par with Houston. There's no issue if someone thinks Houston is ahead of us but SMU? There's no way to justify that.
  11. This YouTube channel puts out hilarious videos mostly focusing on the SEC. In this one our blowout of Arkansas gets mentioned. Enjoy!
  12. I was about to say that it appears RV found a job creating UTSA's football schedule.
  13. We have a Bryce English sighting! Hopefully he stays healthy this year.
  14. I've not seen a streaming option that can match cable television for the amount of channels available. I've also not seen a streaming option that can accommodate a large family (we have three teenagers) without buying additional accounts. We have Spectrum which is month to month (though you have the hassle of returning the equipment) and they have an app so I can use my Roku Television in my office without having to run a cable. As streaming services become more and more popular you can expect cable companies to become more competitive in pricing and service. Sign me up!
  15. A few years ago a 55 year old played college football.
  16. It's interesting the "E" was the first letter to go up. If this was the off season we could have a 10 page thread on why this letter was first and what letter should have gone up first.
  17. I'd give 1 testicle but not a finger or kidney. Losing a finger would kill me typing and giving up a kidney is like driving without a spare tire.
  18. I remember reading something about how the reliefs would be used on the area where Fouts Field was.
  19. A rivalry doesn't necessarily have to work both ways. Just about every team in the B12 considers Texas to be a rival but they only reciprocate to Oklahoma. SMU is a rival since most fans circle that on the calendar each year. UTSA is just another conference team and no more a rival than anyone else. Honestly, we have no real rival that goes both ways.
  20. Vito is an idiot. This entire quote is wrong. First, UTSA isn't a rival. UTSA doesn't get the fans riled up. The UTSA game isn't circled on the calendar when the schedule comes out. Many, including Vito, have tried to verbally strong arm the rest of us into calling it a rivalry when most fans just do not care. Rivalries are created over time which our history with UTSA doesn't have. Let me repeat ... UTSA IS NOT A RIVAL. It could develop into one but it isn't at this time. If you believe UTSA is our rival then understand that you are significantly in the minority.
  21. When the interviewer apologized Mason said to him "You're fine.". The announcer missed a great opportunity to reply, "No, you're Fine".
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