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  1. I'm surprised they think as highly of SMU as they do. They have us and SMU basically at the same level.
  2. The overreacting writer of that letter claims not to be overacting. Hmmmm .... I figured it was going to be something about us clobbering them last season. We're not in the letter so this post is definitely in the wrong forum.
  3. There's this league and two others that will be starting soon. I believe in the long run one of them will align with the NFL and survive as the G League does with the NBA.
  4. I find this shocking and laughable at the same time. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.
  5. Speaking of imminent domain, remember when illegal aliens moved into this building and prevented it from being knocked down? I also hear that the Sub-Hub recently hired some new employees who may help them save their building.
  6. Love seeing us add quality Quality Control coaches. More brain power helps.
  7. A recent title means very little. Recruiting is plus ... administration appears to be plus ... support is awful ... no idea about facilities.
  8. Since we loss I assume this made the front page of the DRC?
  9. The old administration would have made the track orange.
  10. If I'm a head coach I look at recruiting, school administration, facilities, and salary for me and my staff. Consistency and winning tradition only goes so far. It's a what-have-you-done-lately that matters to recruits. FAU has no tradition and no fan support. La Tech is in the middle of no where. So Miss can't pay their coaches. Marshall has to rely on questionable "students" to compete. The top three jobs are probably us, La Tech, and Marshall. Honestly, if all CUSA teams were trying to hire the same head coach, who would that coach pick? Right now it would be very difficult for that coach to pass on North Texas.
  11. Looks like you can't fast forward the pod cast but you can find the video on their Facebook Page "Dave Campbell's Texas Football" and fast forward that. However, there is some good high school football discussion before the UNT talk. Pretty good discussion. To nitpick, they don't realize Guyton isn't coming back and they they don't realize that Set Littrell is a more run heavy Air Raid guy. Other than that, they go over a lot of advance stats which points to us having a good but not great season last year.
  12. Those USC reporters should realize that Graham doesn't slow down. If anything, his talking speeds up on game days.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/MarshallAthletics/videos/320585122140333/
  14. This is so good I had to post it on the CUSA board giving you credit.
  15. You read his bio and what sticks out is "recruiting ... recruiting ... recruiting". Love it.
  16. Reminds me of a story from I believe the 1940's when someone made up a fictional college football team. He made up the college, coaches, players, and gave them a schedule against other fictional teams. Every week he would write up something crazy about the game and the wire service would send it out to newspapers all over the country. Below are a couple of articles about it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plainfield_Teacher's_College https://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/16/sports/ncaafootball/the-41-season-at-plainfield-teachers-college-when-every-play-was-a-fake.html
  17. Tonight? So I guess all of y'all are single. 😄
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