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  1. NorthTexan95

    Saints have been screwed

    How so? I don't recall any specific bad calls that dramatically would have changed the outcome. I wasn't paying real close attention to it, though.
  2. NorthTexan95

    Saints have been screwed

    How about the Saints second or third to last drive that ended because the refs missed another bad pass interference by the Rams defense. There was also the blow to the head on the interception in OT that wasn't called. Yeah, there are always missed calls on both sides. However, this time there was one obviously bad call that, if made correctly, would have given the Saints a 99% chance of winning. It's not often that one can point to one bad call that cost a team the win.
  3. NorthTexan95

    Saints have been screwed

    I'm not a Saints fan but I'll be rooting against the Rams in the Super Bowl. They don't deserve to be there.
  4. NorthTexan95

    Littrell Linked to Cowboys OC Position??

    Wow ... I completely missed that when first watched the video. This is the only place I've heard Seth's named mentioned. I don't see it being anything realistic, though.
  5. NorthTexan95


    I'd bet our equipment guys gave our players lots of extra decals to pass out.
  6. NorthTexan95

    Building a Winner with Wren Baker

    Good stuff.
  7. NorthTexan95

    SMU has lost QB Hicks

    That's an interesting questions. It could be they think the young kids need another year. He knows the system so even if he doesn't win the job he can be a valuable asset.
  8. NorthTexan95

    San Fran giving Gonzaga all they can handle

    Since when did this become the home of San Francisco basketball? I'm confused.
  9. Has us playing the 5 seed Buffalo in ... Iowa. A win would pit us against the winner of Auburn/Hofstra.
  10. NorthTexan95

    2019 Football Schedule has been released

    Miss American Pie.
  11. NorthTexan95

    2019 Football Schedule has been released

    Yet. Conference games can still be moved. Hopefully we won't have that this year.
  12. If he grades out well in drills then there's a chance he's drafted.
  13. NorthTexan95


    Well ... Harry probably needed some more traffic since football season ended. πŸ˜‰
  14. NorthTexan95


    Update from MMQB:
  15. NorthTexan95


    If KSU deal fell apart because Seth couldn't bring his staff, Baylor may not have that issue.
  16. NorthTexan95


    Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water ...
  17. NorthTexan95

    Rice All Conference DT to Transfer

  18. NorthTexan95

    Rice All Conference DT to Transfer

    "DT"? What position is that? Dunks and Threes?
  19. Perhaps all the talk about Riley is as OC if Graham leaves.
  20. I guess Brett doesn't think we need to fill the coaching vacancy in the secondary.
  21. NorthTexan95

    Nat’l Champ Boycott!

    My interest level is very, very low for this game. I'll probably have the Doncic game ... I mean Mavericks game ... on and flip back to this game every once in a while.
  22. NorthTexan95

    Kingsbury May Quit USC

    It also could be they simply want to pick his brain.
  23. NorthTexan95

    Bryce English

    Ten years from now we'll have to explain to new fans why we occasionally ask about someone named "Bryce English" and when he will return. πŸ™‚
  24. NorthTexan95

    Kingsbury May Quit USC

    He's been there such a short time that him leaving now would have little to no impact. I can see the "mercenary KK" idea but I think USC is being the bigger jerk here. I'm really baffled by the NFL requiring their teams to ask permission of colleges.