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  1. I find it kinda strange that Baker hasn't said anything officially yet. If Baker was certain Seth was leaving or returning you'd think they would have said something by now.
  2. We've been waiting six years since Seth for Seth to bring in a quality D1 QB other than Mason.
  3. Nope. LA is MUCH better since it isn't infested with OU fans.
  4. Your statement makes a great case why he should be fired.
  5. I love that we finished strong but our steak in the second half of the season benefited from playing a lot of horrible teams. I'd prefer to make a change but I understand if they let him come back. However, DO NOT give him a contract extension!
  6. We threw one forward pass in that game? Good to see Seth honor our school's history by using the same offense for this season.
  7. It would be difficult to be worse than we've been over the past three years.
  8. Seems like the article is saying half the coaches in college football are candidates for the VA Tech job. I guess if you suggest enough names one is likely to hit and you can say "See, I told you so!"
  9. Seth was lucky when he found Mason Fine in his first recruiting class. He is the only real D1 QB Seth has brought into the program.
  10. It didn't last. It got worse for Texas.
  11. I forgot about that. I supposed I just remember our side of The Drive, not who we were going against.
  12. For the record, I don't see on this board people still saying UTSA hasn't "earned" the right to be a rival. I don't consider them a rival because I just don't care about them. There's nothing in our history with them that makes me look forward to that game. It seems every year either one of us is really bad or both teams are bad. There are no real memorable games with them. What I despise is how some, including Vito, have banged the drum for them to be our "rival" from the beginning of CUSA. You cannot dictate to fans what teams will be rivals of each other. A true rivalry can only be developed over time or with meaningful games and both of those are lacking when it comes to UTSA.
  13. Yep. So glad we replaced Dan McCarney's ball control offense for a head coach who likes to tee it high and let it fly. Wait ...
  14. Wait ... you're asking us? I always look for your posts to find information like this.
  15. That fact that we have about a .500 record for our history despite the past few decades shows how good our teams were for a long time.
  16. Based on records, USM and FIU are our best shots at a win. Not sure how good Rice is so maybe the next two weeks is our chance to get a two game winning streak.
  17. We're now entering the easy part of our schedule. @Rice 3-4 @USM 1-6 UTEP 6-1 FIU 1-6 UTSA 7-0 We may see another few wins but hopefully leadership has seen enough to know that a late season winning streak isn't going keep Seth.
  18. Yes, I respect Parker's ability to lose games because of his dumb decisions.
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