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  1. Heard this story on from Craig Miller on the Ticket. A interesting article from www.goodbullhunting.com 's Robert Behrens Ranking EVERY college football stadium in Texas. This Aggie put Apogee in the Top Ten, but we are 5 back of UTEP's Sunbowl and One ahead of Texas State Bobcats Stadium. https://www.goodbullhunting.com/2020/7/23/21334459/ranking-every-college-football-stadium-in-texas-list#
  2. http://dallas.culturemap.com/news/city-life/11-12-19-unt-apogee-worst-college-football-stadiums-moneywise/ I see the SMU loving media is still looking for ways to 💩 on North Texas. Not sure I agree with any of this other than the attendance numbers. Parking has been better than most of the C-USA stadiums I've visited this year and many other P5 stadiums I've been to. Discuss...
  3. ...Let The Scoring Begin! Had to share this pic I captured Saturday morning during Load & Fire Practice. Wished I had my SLR on me instead of my old phone. Rick
  4. ...and at night ...after some extensive Photoshop/Lightroom work.
  5. MEAN GREEN FOOTBALL Apogee Turf Project Underway UNT Athletics Installing Cool Play Turf In Apogee Stadium DENTON – Apogee Stadium will receive a new, innovative playing surface for the 2018 football season, North Texas Vice President and Director of Athletics Wren Baker announced Monday. “We are very excited to be updating Apogee Stadium with new turf,” Baker said. “This new surface, featuring cutting-edge technology, will be safer for our student-athletes. The dynamic design elements will also help elevate the UNT brand for both fans inside the stadium and watching worldwide. I can’t wait to see the finished product on September 1 as we open the season at home against SMU.” Phase One of the facility upgrade is expected to be completed by June 1, with the end zone portion of the project concluding in early August after the custom color for the end zones is manufactured. Apogee Stadium will be equipped with the FieldTurf Cool Play surface, which features an extruded composite-top dressing that keeps the surface 35 degrees cooler than traditional sand/rubber infill systems, according to independent laboratory results. The extruded composite top layer is durable, shock absorbing and takes on far less heat than other alternatives, helping provide a safer surface. Other FBS institutions utilizing this technology include Notre Dame, Georgia, Maryland, Nebraska, Arizona and Tulsa. Another new design element features recognition of the department’s mission statement, “Building Champions and Preparing Leaders,” which will appear on the visitor sideline. “We have established our mission is to Build Champions and Prepare Leaders,” Baker said. “Our supporters, coaches and athletes have embraced this mission and we want all visitors to Apogee to know what our focus is.” The iconic diving-eagle logo will remain at midfield, but will now be atop a shaded outline of Texas. “The diving eagle is our signature logo and is both regionally and nationally recognized with the University of North Texas,” Baker said. “The shaded Texas outline shows our commitment to recruit Texas as well as our commitment to defend and promote our home state.” For the first time, the end zones at Apogee will be Kelly green with North Texas and Mean Green prominently displayed on each end of the field. The UNT logo will be displayed twice, on the 25-yard lines opposite from the Conference USA logo, to provide national branding to the university. This is the first time UNT has been featured on the turf. The conference logo is green, white and gray, while the UNT logo is white. The average artificial field surface is replaced every six to eight years, and the 2017 season was the seventh for Apogee’s original turf. The athletic department’s commitment to player safety coupled with the condition of the existing turf has led North Texas athletics to make this change ahead of the 2018 season. North Texas kicks off the 2018 season against Metroplex rival SMU on Saturday, Sept. 1, on the new surface at Apogee Stadium. Season tickets for 2018 are on sale and fans can purchase tickets through the Mean Green athletics ticket office. For more information, visit MeanGreenSports.com or call the ticket office at 940-565-2527 or 800-868-2366.
  6. http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/061417aaa.html June 14, 2017 DENTON – The University of North Texas will be adding a new 120-foot tall flag pole located in between the black lot entrance and Apogee Stadium marquee along Interstate 35. Mean Green Athletics is launching VoteMeanGreen.com for fans to vote on the flag that will fly from the pole, coinciding with Flag Day, President Neal Smatresk and Vice President and director of athletics Wren Baker announced Wednesday. “We are very excited about this flag, which will be a source of pride for all UNT fans and graduates as well as a tremendous branding and awareness opportunity for our campus,” Baker said. “We thought it would be fun to let fans vote for their favorite design and I look forward to seeing the design our fans select.” Fans can rank their favorite flag designs from 1-4 and can only submit the form once. The voting period will be for one week, beginning Wednesday, June 14, and concluding Wednesday, June 21. The winning design will be announced on Twitter (@MeanGreenSports) Friday, June 23.
  7. Saw this on twitter and it got me to thinking about Apogee.... What's the latest on our relationship with Apogee and the naming rights etc? Anyone know? I know it was a long term (20 year 20 million) deal but it seems like there would could be some future negotiations possibilities down the road.
  8. A PokéParty. [braces for commentary over how modern civilization is meeting its downfall in 3... 2...]
  9. John Williams is the man. http://ntdaily.com/local-bar-owner-offers-football-fans-ticket-package/
  10. http://www.wsj.com/articles/who-has-college-footballs-biggest-home-field-advantage-1441405838 The best college football programs typically have the most intimidating home environments. Few teams enjoy the experience of visiting venues such as Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium or Oregon’s Autzen Stadium. But, according to one study, the biggest home-field advantage in college football belongs to a much less-heralded program: North Texas.
  11. Wouldn't this be an ideal use for Apogee? I mean, if you're going to come to Denton, TX. for a Marching Band competition, wouldn't it make sense to partner with and perform at one of the most prestigious music schools in the U.S.?
  12. The first stop of UNT’s summer camps tour took place this afternoon at Apogee Stadium. The video at the top of this post includes a few drills and Dan McCarney’s pre-camp speech. McCarney is in his element in those situations and did a bang-up job. There were a little short of 200 players at the camp, the first of two stops in Denton this year. UNT’s first camp went head-to-head with Texas Tech’s camp in Euless. Having an extra date gives the players UNT wants to see a couple of opportunities to hit a camp at Apogee. read more: http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2015/06/the-sunday-leftovers-unt-camp-report-with-mac-video.html/
  13. I was up in Denton today and noticed the parking spaces in the north lot are now numbered for assigned parking. In case you are in that lot and wondering where your space is, I made a note of the numbers. There are three north-south aisles with a row on each side, making six rows total. Best way to follow this is to have a satellite view open on a separate screen. The row on the west side starts with space 001 (nearest the stadium) and ends at space 033. The next row (same aisle) continues with space 034 (at north end) and ends with space 062 (nearest stadium). In the middle aisle, the third row starts with space 065 (nearest the stadium) and ends with space 095. The fourth row starts with space 096 (at the north end) and ends with space 125 (nearest the stadium). I don't know where spaces 063 and 064 are, or if I wrote one down incorrectly. The third aisle nearest the alumni pavilion does not appear to be finished, but the fifth row starts with space 126 (nearest the stadium) and the numbering stops at space 141 about halfway. Of course the disabled spaces are numbered separately. Otherwise the spaces in the sixth row are not marked yet, but I did notice some painters tape marking where the numbers might go. Anybody in rows 1, 4, 5, or 6 will have some grass at the head of their space. Those at the end of any row will have plenty of grass space for tailgating.
  14. University of North Texas leaders say they've long toyed with the idea of adding beer vendors to Apogee Stadium and other campus venues. Like many college sports venues across the country, no alcohol is allowed in the Mean Green's football stadium. But Athletic Director Rick Villarreal said it's been an ongoing discussion. He said he has watched closely as other venues tackle the topic. "It's a trend that we've watched across country," he said. "We've seen that increasingly happen in stadium settings." Villarreal said there are some real benefits to beer sales, such as new profits. But he also said beer sales could actually have a positive effect on safety. Read more: http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/sports/UNT-Says-Beer-Sales-at-Football-Games-Are-Ongoing-Discussion-225582072.html
  15. Coming soon to a college football stadium near you: interactive phone apps, live pregame locker room footage, concession stands filled with food from local eateries. And plenty of Wi-Fi. With college football fans choosing the HDTV home experience more and more over going to games, schools everywhere are stepping up the fan experience to lure them back to the stadiums. “We want to make sure that the fan experience in the stadium is better than the experience at home on your couch,” Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said. “That is a significant challenge. Obviously television does a great job. So you’re competing against that a little bit, and competing against a lot of other things as well.” The national epidemic of declining attendance, most troublingly among students, has spurred athletic departments across the country to get creative in improving their football stadium fan amenities, while also investing heavily in the most obvious of solutions. “If you take a photo of fans in any stands, a high percentage of them will have their heads down on their phones or iPads or whatever,” Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez said. “To keep fans in the stands, you have to keep up with the technology, so they can continue to use those things in the stadium.” Read more: http://espn.go.com/blog/big12/post/_/id/85809/schools-aiming-to-improve-fan-amenities
  16. University of North Texas leaders say they've long toyed with the idea of adding beer vendors to Apogee Stadium and other campus venues. Like many college sports venues across the country, no alcohol is allowed in the Mean Green's football stadium. But Athletic Director Rick Villarreal said it's been an ongoing discussion. He said he has watched closely as other venues tackle the topic. "It's a trend that we've watched across country," he said. "We've seen that increasingly happen in stadium settings." Villarreal said there are some real benefits to beer sales, such as new profits. But he also said beer sales could actually have a positive effect on safety. Right now, tailgating and drinking is allowed in several parking lots around the stadium. While the activities are monitored by safety officials, the lack of alcohol inside can lead people to over-indulge before games, Villarreal said. UNT specifically has a no-reentry policy at Apogee to keep people from coming and going to consume alcohol during games. Read more: http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/sports/UNT-Says-Beer-Sales-at-Football-Games-Are-Ongoing-Discussion-225582072.html
  17. Beginning of 2nd half vs. UTEP
  18. https://twitter.com/fussbudgets/status/388757322203267073/photo/1 Was out working the Alumni Pavilion today when I noticed staff putting up flags for all of our conference mates along the edges of the Wings. They look pretty good all a flutter. This post has been promoted to an article
  19. ...was monstrous and loud and exactly what we should aspire to be anytime we're on defense. Prop to everyone who ramped the intensity of that last series up and caused some brutal mistakes on behalf of Ball State. Also extra kudos to Dr. Nick Williams and the Green Brigade today for some rather well-timed blasts and drones. #GOMEANGREEN
  20. I know some of you are expert tailgaters and sometimes camp out on Friday nights. Planning on doing that this week with some friends. We have reserved spots in the Blue lot and I always see RVs and such in there, but can you camp in that lot? How would they be able to manage parking passes the night before? Surely they don't post attendants at the gate that early. Any advice for overnight tailgating?
  21. So I was wondering, per our new social media coach/consultant's post, what do you guys think of nicknaming Apogee "The Nest"? I know, it seems almost backwards since we finally got the Eagles to be officially nicknamed Mean Green, but I think it sounds cool. Apogee is a decent name already, as it's intended as a sort of apex or high point, but "The Nest" does personalize it a bit. And let's be honest here, it's not like we aren't used to the idea of having multiple names for something at our school. Or maybe Apogee is the stadium, and The Nest is the atmosphere, if you want to be particular about it, whatever. Anyway, what do you think? Roll with it, or wait to see if it catches on through social media first, or...?
  22. Denton’s annual Fourth of July celebration is long on tradition. The city starts its Independence Day celebration with the Liberty Run 5K, then marches through downtown Denton in the familiar Yankee Doodle Parade, and ends up in Quakertown Park, with Mom and not apple pie, but a whipped cream eating contest. Parades, whipped cream and gutter boat races are all well and good. But this is Denton, and what matters is music. Brave Combo saxophone man Jeffrey Barnes, a Corinth resident, seemed a little surprised earlier this week when he announced on his personal Facebook page that Denton’s Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center had called him. The caller was worried, he wrote, that the longstanding local musical group associated with the Fourth of July hadn’t signed up for the parade. The Denton Institute of Phrenology Half-Fast Marching Band is a fun-loving assembly of local musicians and friends who celebrate their country through music and marching — just once a year. “Apparently we are needed,” Barnes wrote on his status update last Friday. “Can we refuse if our nation calls us?” The half-fast marchers have heeded the call. Denton, your patriotic serenade is on the way. Barnes said he’s passed this year’s grand marshal sash to another band member. “As ever, those who are even the slightest bit musical should bring an instrument,” Barnes said on the official invitation (find it here: http://on.fb.me/15gCFgw). “Those who are not can bring a drill (that is, a boring device) and march with the Trepanettes, our all-person precision drill team. Or just come anyway.” The city’s Family Fun Jubilee winds up at noon. At 12:30 p.m., Denton band Sol Tax performs the final concert of the Twilight Tunes series on the Square. Read more: http://www.dentonrc.com/entertainment/denton-time-headlines/20130703-the-whole-shebang.ece
  23. anyone know if there will be fireworks at Apogee on July 4th....thanks
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