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  1. Rick I’m with you on defensive first philosophy...... the conservative philosophy though. 😬 those were some painful offenses to watch and they did cost us games at times. I want both. Aggressive creative offense and a swarming, mean defense. I look at LSU and Bama and others that are traditional defense first teams but they opened up their offenses. It can work. There’s no reason Littrell’s offense can’t mesh well with a good defense. He runs the air raid but it’s not the Leach air raid, he’s not going to throw the ball 50 times a game but it’s also not 3 yards and a cloud of dust
  2. I'm just wondering where the list came from....maybe I misunderstood
  3. And is this list of candidates from the athletic department?
  4. If I'm a P5....I have to be asking what has Bill Clark actually done? Besides beat up a really bad conference with players no one else was allowed to play with and not play anyone in OOC. He's not unlike Littrell in some regards. Both rebuilt programs from the scrap heap. Both have never beaten anyone of consequence. Both have ridden the hype train fueled on their records vs the worst conference in FBS and their program's history. Clark was just able to do it with different rules. I understand his program was gone for a few years but it's not like their players left. They got to hang onto them and then get other players that didn't have to follow the same rules as everyone else. Hell....shutting down their program was actually good for them. What kind of shape would they be in had they kept plodding along before the shutdown....they wouldn't have won the conference, they wouldn't be building a new stadium, etc unless what happened to them had happened. I'm not saying "hey go shut down your program and it will be good." But you can't argue that it hasn't been good for UAB where they sit in 2019. And there's not enough to show from Bill Clark at this point. He hasn't proven anything of substance to warrant a P5 job yet. He's going to have to do it a few more years.
  5. Maybe other programs see this too..... He won't be playing his 30 year olds against G5s....maybe they want to see one more year...how he recruits?
  6. Jeff Tedford stepping down at Fresno St as of last night. Health reasons. He had them ranked #18 last year. I think that's a top G5 job.....
  7. If I may opine, I think Fine will shine at the Shrine
  8. UT buddy tells me he’s supposedly meeting with Tom Herman in Houston tonight. $2 mil a year possible 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. I don't know....I think we need some uncomfortable....
  10. He might take the Cowboys though... 😉
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