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  1. TheColonyEagle

    New Offensive Coordinator - Bodie Reeder

    Love the run/pass balance. Looks like a great hire.
  2. TheColonyEagle

    Seth to Call plays in 2019

    Pumped about this
  3. TheColonyEagle

    Confirmed Harrell to USC

    The drool coming off good coaches has to be substantial looking at what’s coming back next year. “I can go to Denton and coach Mason Fine?” We will have our choice of OCs
  4. TheColonyEagle

    Graham Harrell in talks with USC

    My biggest concern here is the timing. Spring Ball is about to start. Would like to have our coaching staff in place and working together.....
  5. TheColonyEagle

    UAB (1/24/19)

    Under review but it went off UAB player
  6. TheColonyEagle

    UAB (1/24/19)

    We have a shot. UAB turned it over. 1.1 seconds left. UNT ball 52-49 UAB
  7. TheColonyEagle

    UAB (1/24/19)

    Holy crap
  8. TheColonyEagle

    UAB (1/24/19)

    We’ve only attempted 6 free throws tonight (doesn’t help that we missed 5 of them)
  9. TheColonyEagle

    UAB (1/24/19)

    UAB 13-2 run
  10. TheColonyEagle

    UAB (1/24/19)

    52-46 UAB 24.6 left
  11. TheColonyEagle

    UAB (1/24/19)

  12. TheColonyEagle

    UAB (1/24/19)

    Sling on the laptop. Coming in strong on the work trip
  13. TheColonyEagle

    And the rich get richer

    Not necessarily.... He spent a LOT of time sitting in the pocket (at least the games I watched)
  14. TheColonyEagle

    And the rich get richer

    OU had the best O-Line in the country this year.... They do lose a bunch to graduation but O-Line is definitely not their issue