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  1. Good game. USF was blowing FAU out. Up over 20 at one point. Huge run by FAU. Cut it to 9. Chippy game too. Run started about the time the crowd started the “overrated” chant. 😬
  2. This tough stretch started at Charlotte Jan 20th. We are 3-5 in that stretch. Charlotte was the only double digit loss. We have limped through the rest of that stretch without Jones and half that stretch without Nolan. In those 8 games we beat SMU, lost @ FAU by 3 after leading the entire game, lost to UAB in OT by 3 after leading the entire game, lost to USF by 5 after leading the entire game, beat Tulsa handily there, lost to SMU there by 3, and beat Memphis handily. All that with 40% of our starting lineup out. I say all that to say we may be the USF of the conference if we were 100% healthy this year. As for Jones, I would want him back ASAP. But only if he’s 100%. We need to get on a run here and need to be streaking into the tourney. If we are, we’re going to be the team no one wants to play.
  3. Agree with this…. also that a few of the teams ahead of us have tough schedules down the stretch. Feels like we just went through it….at near half strength. Last few weeks in this conference are going to be fun. A lot of movement could take place. Take care of business against these last few opponents, Get our guys back healthy and we could make a run. Top 4 seed for the tourney is not out of the question. Put your seat belts on!
  4. My gosh this is wild assed basketball
  5. Why is there such a difference in energy?
  6. The energy level difference is stark.
  7. These last several games have been Death by 1000 paper cuts. Have to think opposing coaches just tell their players to “be patient. Be patient. They will eventually wear down” brutal to watch.
  8. If I wasn’t so invested in North Texas I would really be enjoying this game. It’s a helluva game.
  9. The finish in this game is gonna be the ole Dabo “BYOG” Bring Your Own Guts gonna have to dig deep
  10. The logical answer is eventually, yes. The delusional answer is no....a.....West Virginia or Boston College or..........wait for it......SMU 😂 will be on the same level as Ohio State and Texas. Not gonna happen. Just split up already. I'm going to say that the SMUs and North Texas's of the world will be right back in the same level of college football in less than five years. The question will be what will happen to Texas Tech, TCU, etc..... They will not be in the group with Alabama, Michigan, OU, USC, etc. Big time college football is about to be 40 teams
  11. North Texas athletic site says ESPNU but the ESPN site says nothing……
  12. Great game. This conference is so much fun.
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