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  1. If you go back and re-read my post...it wasn't about keeping political talk.... I don't really care about political talk. It was about the hypocrisy of suspending, banning, etc., posters for breaking rules the moderator himself is breaking. Maybe I didn't bold it enough: No one forced you to start this: If you want to troll....troll.....but don't admin too
  2. Our new overlord TheTastyGreek decides what gets posted...and he yields his power to hand out his little "time outs" but not before he mocks all us inferior dolts. Maybe he invested in the site and that's why he runs it now? If so, cool. I've been on gomeangreen.com for a loooooong time. This used to be a good website....good debate, a lot of fun. If you want to eliminate personal attacks, I get it. Hell eliminate political speech, fine (eliminating political speech seems ridiculous but whatever) but if you're going to be the gomeangreen.com moral guide...maybe don't be such a jerk to pos
  3. the trickle down on this COULD be tough on conferences and pro leagues and coaches salaries and player contracts The TV money is so huge.....if it is at risk at the same time no one is buying tickets, etc. That seems like a tough situation. How much money is UNT athletics going to bleed this year? And I think we're in pretty good position compared to others like us....I would think there will be more programs shut down
  4. I know we can't say anything here anymore.... so... election.....stuff going on....votes ok you can lock the thread now
  5. If we even play....not looking good
  6. Man....funny thing is UNT is not technically out of this this thing. Seems USM’s wheels are falling off and we have everyone else in front of us left to play.
  7. There are good conferences, then there are bad conferences....
  8. I want to get excited...but this is year 5 and we've seen this before. I've learned my lesson This team can very easily go get blown out by La Tech and UAB. History says they will. And then there's the annual "how did they lose that game" game in which UTSA or Rice are prime for that one. I would love to be proven wrong but we have a 4+ year track record here. Maybe all the sudden Littrell figured it out...
  9. Proud of the players. Good effort today.
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