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  1. Also: “That deal includes a buyout that starts at $2.1 million and decreases annually. Even with that annual decrease, Littrell would have to pay $1.68 million to leave UNT for another job following the upcoming season. That total would rank eighth among on the list of the highest buyouts paid by a coach in college football history.” That’s excellent.
  2. TheColonyEagle

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    I was out of town then and couldn't go... crowd looks great! I have to think this one will be even better.
  3. TheColonyEagle

    Ticket Sales?

    We're 3 weeks out. Anyone know how ticket sales are going for the opener? There are still good seats available..... I just wonder how we're doing. I feel like we could match the stadium opening crowd or sell it out. Anyone in the know?
  4. TheColonyEagle

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    what game is that? is that the last SMU home game?
  5. TheColonyEagle

    Rank the UNT 2018 Schedule

    So we're a few weeks away from the start of the season and we have some really key matchups early on. I've been thinking about the schedule... How would you rank the importance of our games: most important to least? I'll go with: 1) La Tech - I've gone back and forth between them and SMU and FAU...but it feels like our first conference game could be our most important. They're very talented and will be coming into Apogee ready to rumble. They were banged up last year and we barely got out with the W. They have the best D in the West. Winner should be the front runner in CUSA West 2) SMU - It's not a conference game but it's SMU and it's the opener and I think a huge measuring stick to see where our team is. Does the offense continue to dominate? Does the defense improve? Will we have a sell out? A lot of questions will be answered on 9/1 3) FAU - We got drilled twice by them last year. They could be ranked. Could be the biggest game in Apogee history. 4) UAB - I'm not as high on UAB as a lot of people....but they have some talent and we're playing on the road. Games 1-3 are all at Apogee. This will be a test. 5) Arkansas - I don't know the last time I looked forward to going to a big boy as much as I do this one. This could be a shootout and I feel good about our chances to actually come out of there with a W. A W will give us national attention that is so important to this program right now. We're putting everything else together.....need to knock off that big boy 6) UTSA - Ugh 7) Southern MIss - I don't know if they're going to be down this year or not....I think they're kind of a mystery. But I enjoy playing them. Last year's game feels like a turning point for this team 8 - 12) Liberty, Rice, ODU, Incarnate Word, UTEP - We should win these games handily. New red shirt rule comes into effect for the young guys
  6. TheColonyEagle

    History of North Texas Players

    You look at all that talent..... How did that coincide with the effort to get into the SWC? Wasn't that also in the 70s? Boy...what could've been
  7. TheColonyEagle

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    Seems to me if they were a little cheaper....they would be a sweet option. Access to the club, can watch from up there and easily find some unused seats to sit in about the 2nd quarter.
  8. I read the Athlon article referenced... After reading the comments regarding the other "top half" teams in both the east and the west.... I came away with this: The rest of the conference does not think favorably of UNT and aren't scared of them compared to the other front runners.... They LOVE La Tech....LOVE UAB.....but basically UNT is a fun offensive team but nothing else This is a good thing
  9. TheColonyEagle

    Tulsa AD+Coaches accept pay reductions

    exactly right. They have 2-3 good programs at the top and the rest is the definition of G5
  10. TheColonyEagle

    CUSA 2018 record projections

  11. TheColonyEagle

    CUSA 2018 record projections

    Boy.....CUSA West is gonna be horrible this year.
  12. TheColonyEagle

    Redshirt QB

    I would assume so... With the new red shirt rule....I would love to see some of the young guys get some reps. All indications are Kason Martin is looking good so far. He may force himself onto the field at some point...
  13. TheColonyEagle

    2018 GMG Concession Talk

    This may be weird...but I find it hard to eat at the games.... I usually scarf down whatever I have (hot dog, etc) But I can't focus on food. I'm too "pace-ey" or something. I can eat at any other sporting event...but it's difficult for me at Mean Green games The beer however, flows down my gullet like a roaring rapid...but I just have a hard time sitting and eating during the game.... My kids will love the mini corn dogs though....kind of excited about those
  14. TheColonyEagle

    Practice starts Friday!

    I never heard that. Good stuff. (Would love another Chris Hurd on our D)