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  1. Does it have to be non-lethal? If I can be guaranteed to see it happen.....not really sure what would be left in life after that.
  2. Funny. But they did pick is to win the West.
  3. I'm assuming we'll have some new stuff coming soon? And for the love of everything....if they don't have a #6 jersey or tshirt for kids this year.... My kid is gonna lose it. Mason Fine is the greatest thing of all time.
  4. You have to be kidding me.... He's the 3rd best QB in the state at best. I really thought Mason Fine had a shot. Ridiculous.
  5. Apogee Fouts Amon Carter Ford Field Cotton Bowl Superdome Floyd Casey Oklahoma Memorial Memorial (Monroe) War Memorial (Little Rock, AR) K-State Texas Stadium M.M. Roberts Stadium (Hattiesburg)
  6. So what are the odds one could run into Mason out there? Thinking about taking my 6 year old who is a HUGE Mason Fine fan. He’s also a big Ranger fan. Would be awesome to get a pic with him. My kid would freak.
  7. "Fine played at an elite level in five of the six categories (75th percentile rank or better). The one area that needs a jump start is his TD percentile rank, though he ranked in the 61st percentile. Air Raid hybrids tend to have issues in the red zone as the field shrinks and real estate becomes more valuable." Don't know if I necessarily buy the air raid has issues in the red zone. It's just that our version of the air raid had issues in the red zone. I hope this is something Reeder can improve. We at times last year struggled to get TDs. It was great having such a good kicker but I want more TDs this year.
  8. https://247sports.com/Article/Deondre-Francois-walking-on-at-Florida-Atlantic-Lane-Kiffin-132176895/ Eligible immediately and has 2 years... Was dismissed from FSU for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend...
  9. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2834175-is-there-a-place-in-cfb-for-anthony-munoz-the-countrys-most-prolific-hs-qb
  10. I would be curious to know what % of people running are men vs what % are women.
  11. I think this team will go as far as Mason Fine's protection.... If the O-Line plays well....we could have a great season, if they don't it could be a big backslide
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