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  1. So the indoor facility and soccer/track stadiums are done. I believe the athletic center expansion is next. Any word on starting?
  2. I thought that was their proper name
  3. Thanks! Schedule looks good down the stretch....gotta keep the momentum going and stay focused. Gonna try to make the trek up to Denton Thursday...
  4. I'm sure this has been posted before.... Looks like there are 5 Pod games to finish the year. How do they determine where the games are played? Home vs Away.
  5. Officials said good. YOU CANNOT TAKE THAT BASKET OFF
  6. Sucks we depend on this the refs here. it was good but I don’t trust them
  7. Offense down the stretch. Atrocious
  8. He's talking about our "big rival" How embarrassing
  9. New HC at Mississippi State. WOW
  10. UAB would've gone 1-3 with our non conference last year just like we did and would go 1-3 with our non conference next year just like we will. Their non conference is really easy again next year
  11. That's a tough first half.... 1-4 going into the Charlotte game very likely Littrell's toughest schedule to date?
  12. Starkel would be a great pickup. But it doesn't matter because if we don't fix our OLine....Joe Burrow wouldn't help us. If we have 10 pressing issues to fix, QB is probably #8 on that list.
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