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  1. I don’t think we’re very good offensively
  2. Anyone considering going to Birmingham….you won’t regret it. Great city. Lots to do in the area where the new stadium is located. Good food. Beautiful area.
  3. Well his chance at playing time just improved.
  4. "At least we're not as bad as we used to be"
  5. If 8-4 is the best Littrell can do with this roster and next year's schedule, I'm going to be disappointed... It's not out of the question to expect 10 wins next season. Littrell showed something the back half of the season....he has (on paper) maybe his most talented (depth wise) team coming back next season and without a doubt his easiest schedule. OOC is FCS, UNLV (2-10 this year), Memphis 6-6 and SMU at home. 3-1 should be the expectation CUSA is terrible. Despite the bowl performance, we have momentum and there's no one in CUSA that is a no brainer loss next year. 10-2 should be the bar. His second half turnaround bought him another year. ONE MORE year. It's time to get out of the mud.
  6. Ok Cincy, you’re playing for all of “us” today. Side Note: I wonder how many people at Jerry World today were in the superdome in 2002 when we played them. they’ve come a long way.
  7. However small business owners can get nailed and won't get away with their "shady" dealings anymore....like writing off their expenses, etc....... we have plenty of resources to go after the guy that owns a landscaping company every time he deposits $601.
  8. Littrell is heading into arguably the easiest schedule he's ever had next season. non conference is SMU at home, an FCS and Memphis and UNLV. I don't know the crossover games next season but the toughest CUSA games are @UAB and @UTSA (who I believe is losing a ton of players). I would argue we could be favored to win the west. What happens if Littrell goes 10-2 next season? It's a very real possibility with the talent we have coming back and that really easy schedule. *edit/additional thought I have to think that our influential donor/Littrell bestie knows this, so if he's in the AD's ear he is saying: "next year is the year....let's have a big 2022 and get that weight room done!" Seems pretty logical
  9. I mean....the language is pretty easy.....make a bowl, get a bonus. I don't know what else anyone was expecting. We can argue that perhaps the language for future coaches should be looked at? But I'm pretty sure every coach in the country has a "get to a bowl" incentive in their contracts. Not sure how we could expect a future coach and his agent to not expect that. One little tweak....maybe we change the definition of "bowl eligible." I had a bigger problem with him getting a bonus when he wasn't technically "eligible" on a few of his bowl appearances. You get to 6 wins, you're bowl eligible....everyone is. But getting to a bowl at 5-7 is different and I don't think an incentive should be paid. It should be "get to a bowl with a min .500 record." Which yes....is a bit ridiculous to reward such mediocrity but again.....I'm gonna bet every coach in the country has that in their contract....seems like a pretty standard deal.
  10. Do the Murphys make enough bad plays to offset their good plays
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