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  1. Brady seems to always love the small slot receiver.....this could be a GREAT fit for Darden.
  2. I always wondered what Johnny Quinn would’ve done in today’s offense. He did what he did in Dickey’s offense.
  3. I'm not familiar with Megan Thee Stallion, but how embarrassing for her...she doesn't win, then gets patted on the head in front of everyone like a kindergartner. Or maybe she's thankful Billy Eilish is there to hold her hand? She's a professional so I hope not...
  4. Not sure if I’ve never actually sat down and watched a whole Villanova game. Man they are so well coached. Their ball movement is sublime.
  5. I kept thinking of this clip after the game:
  6. It’s a process some go through watching UNT. Give us a break and let us work through some things.
  7. Man. I’ve seen some gutty performances watching UNT sports in my time. But wow.... This game
  8. The last 9:00 could be painful to watch they are spent
  9. I got JJ era butterflies in my stomach...... that's all
  10. It's a central theme for many: "What's good for thee is not for me!"
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