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  1. Playing football is not a requirement to getting an MBA from SMU If it's all about getting the MBA...and they're paying for it out of pocket...they could've just applied and paid for it.
  2. OK...I was with you until here.... #1 they weren't a top 25 team when they signed, #2 what's a master's degree from SMU cost? $60-$80 Grand? They'll pay $60-$80 grand to play football? #3 they're banking on a new president to wipe out the $60-$80 grand they're paying to play football? I would argue they WOULD be stupid to take that deal....
  3. I have to think....if he could do it over he would've stayed?
  4. agree.... SMU is ranked #16 in the country and has a legit shot to run the table that's all that matters
  5. care to guess who the G5 coach is?
  6. I see UNT -3.5 on the road Charlotte has lost 4 in a row since starting 2-1 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Sometimes you gotta win ugly. That one certainly qualifies
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