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  1. TheColonyEagle

    UAB fan talk

    Had we played UAB instead of UTEP the next week....good chance we would've lost too.
  2. TheColonyEagle

    BEIN on DISH

    I signed up for it specifically for Bein. I love it. When the contract is up on Directv...I'm gone.
  3. TheColonyEagle

    Interesting Article and Response from UAB

    I spit my drink out on that one.
  4. TheColonyEagle

    Interesting Article and Response from UAB

    If everytime a team that said “we can’t worry about them, we have to worry about ourselves” was bulletin board material.....bulletin board material would lose its luster.
  5. TheColonyEagle

    Kiffin offers schollie to 11 yo son of Leinart

    Is Kiffin gonna wear out his welcome there? Bits are long as you're winning 10-11 games a year...
  6. TheColonyEagle

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    I said it before the La Tech game. UNT hadn't been tested yet. That concerned me. And then we fell short. That's important because the better team did not win that night. We have since been tested. And we passed the tests. UAB has not been tested. They're gonna get tested on Saturday. And they're not gonna pass. Plus, we're the better team. Prediction on UAB fans' opinions before the game: "Bill Clark is the best coach in Alabama!" Prediction on UAB fans' opinions after the game: "I don't know if Bill Clark is the guy to take us to the next level" We've been tested, they haven't. UNT 41 UAB 17
  7. TheColonyEagle

    UAB Weather

    Glad you're making the trip. We lived there for a couple of years, just moving back in March. Birmingham is a great city. We miss it.
  8. TheColonyEagle

    UAB Weather

    Accuweather says 60% chance with a thunderstorm "around" but evening looks to just be cloudy...
  9. TheColonyEagle

    UTSA’s new Cannon is ferocious we should fear them

    It's why when we play them and people (Vito) refer to them as our "rival" I cringe. Can they do anything that is not half assed?
  10. TheColonyEagle

    UTSA’s new Cannon is ferocious we should fear them

    "Ya'll, I told you they were serious....I wasn't joking....look at this"
  11. TheColonyEagle


  12. TheColonyEagle


    Is this the biggest game in the Littrell era? Given everything that's on the line?
  13. See....this is what I'm talking about. Someone is going to take his tweet personally (which I did not by the way) and now there's potential for our AD to get in a twitter spat that does nothing positive for the program... Again: Was he correct? YES Was Twitter the right place to take his opinion? NO I just don't like having this discussion out in public. The potential negative far outweighs the positive. I hope he lets it go and moves on to Rice (which could be the third attendance record broken in the past five games btw)