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  1. Are there a TON more deaths? And in an unrelated note....why do so many people die at the start of the year? Hangover? https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm#dashboard
  2. OK....looking back at the graph...I see what you're saying now...where your conclusion comes from. I would be curious to see Texas excess deaths compared to Covid Deaths. My assumption based on that graph is the trend would be the same. Comparing US numbers to Texas numbers doesn't make sense....considering all the excess deaths that came from New York...also would like to see how many of those Covid deaths had pre-existing conditions. No I'm not trying to kill grandma but it's still important.
  3. The problem is the symptoms of Covid are identical to a sinus infection ,a cold or bad allergies...and the state has said they will count it as a case. So OF COURSE the numbers are going to explode...and we're supposed to expect policy to be made based on your above assumption? If that's the case...I really don't have anything else to say. The cases are never going to come down if that's their criteria...how could they?
  4. OK...so why do you believe this graph? Sincere question. At the 47:00 mark of the video I posted above....the very entity which is your source #2 in the above graph is telling you the numbers in that graph aren't accurate and don't tell the complete story. Meaning, no one knows what "official Covid death" means....because according to the State of Texas, you don't have to have a confirmed positive Covid test to classify the death as caused by Covid. And per the bottom of the slide: "The number of Covid-19 related deaths is going to increase due to the new case definitions." Again...if I'm missing something here tell me. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong. As for the eye rolls...did you watch the video? I don't understand how anyone can believe the numbers. I didn't get that video from some wacko right wing conspiracy theory site...it's Collin County meeting on the guidance from the State of Texas regarding reporting Covid cases. Are the CDC numbers supposed to separate "associated" with Covid? What does that mean?
  5. https://collincountytx.new.swagit.com/videos/62477?ts=5216 start at the 15:00 mark you think maybe this has something to do with numbers in Texas “exploding?” And isn’t it logical to think someone without COVID is now considered to have COVID? Based on the changed definition, not a positive test Maybe someone smarter than me can explain this....
  6. Dr Fauci also said this isn't a second wave....because we're still in the first. Not sure what difference it makes... And right there in the headline! Trump says "masks are good" So going by our discussion....you should be happy with that and expect everyone to go out and wear masks now... “But I’m all for masks, I think masks are good,” the president said, adding that he has been seen wearing one in situations where he was in a group of people.
  7. Man...I just don't get hung up on what he says. I know exactly what I'm getting with him so I don't base my life on what he says... he's the worst communicating President in our history. I know that someone probably showed him this site: https:/www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ and he rushed out and based his "99% of people who get it are harmless" comment on the below graphic. Because...that's literally what that says. It doesn't mean I should not wear a mask when I go to the store.... ACTIVE CASES 4,497,843 Currently Infected Patients 4,439,813 (99%) in Mild Condition 58,030 (1%) Serious or Critical
  8. Ok technically 3 of the 7....and I didn’t say “best words” But I’ll walk back my “most” comment being that it would require 51% of your list to refer to “words.” I stand corrected.
  9. I just don’t see how the government can DO anything to stop it. Short of forcing everyone to stay away from everyone else.
  10. All that sounds nice, but that doesn't seem like that would actually slow the physical spread of a virus to the majority of the country. Most of that list involves what the President can do better with his words...he's not that powerful
  11. I've seen this elsewhere, but seriously, why can't we just call the football games a protest? The scientific and medical experts have told us you can't spread Covid at a protest and actually there are articles out there that say protests actually DECREASE the spread of Covid. The logical thing to do to slow the spread would be to have MORE football games...I mean protests....at Apogee.... Just put all those folks in green and teach them the "NORTH" "TEXAS" chant. Turn the fists into claws....(three fingers or four fingers depending on your generation...I'm assuming that crowd would go with the more modern, three finger eagle claw) With masks, the sound may be a tad muffled but there's virtually zero risk of spreading Covid if the crowd is labeled as a "protest" vs any other crowd. It's all about the label... We could break attendance records this year....
  12. Whenever I get an update that @Censored by Laurie mentioned me in a comment....I get nervous
  13. I don’t think you have to have to be left or right to agree that “red skins” is kind of shocking. And it’s more shocking today.... The question is....do a large portion of Native Americans even care?
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