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  1. 9th out of 14 CUSA schools doesn't really excite me. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong. Why are we in the bottom half of the conference? Is it lack of some sports that other schools have?
  2. Good stuff Rob. I agree. Also, I'm not going to say we "overrate" Mason Fine. But I think we "underrate" his receiving corp and what they did for him. Look at the 4 receivers he had vs what we had last year. Didn't our top 3 go down with injury? At least our top 2. Guyton, Bussey, Lawrence, Darden Mason Fine was great....but we didn't have 1 receiver with meaningful playing time last year that could crack that top 4. I would say Roderic Burns, but he would be at best #4 on that list whereas last year he was our #1. Fine had 3 NFL receivers to throw to. Think about that....3 of his receivers went to the NFL. In the history of our program, we've never had that. And I'll add....as critical as I've been of Littrell, he still gets a huge amount of credit for changing this offense last season and playing off its strength, running the ball. His ability to adapt was the #1 reason we went on that run late. He gets major kudos for that. But he's not going to make his living running the ball...he's going to have to get back to a passing game. I think that's what he wants to do. Hopefully we get healthy WRs and better QB play.
  3. big 12 is done again Why won't Pac just grab TT, BU, OK St and TCU Then UH and the new big 12s are screwed too.....
  4. Feels like the UTEP game is a real measuring stick. They have some momentum...talent wise, maybe equal? Coaching? Maybe? I think my prediction goes a few ways depending on how we do at UTEP. Blow UTEP out, we go: 8-4 Win a close one: 7-5 Lose a close one: 6-6 Get blown out: 4-8 My prediction is 6-6
  5. seems like we've been a "young team" for about 4 years now....
  6. This is all dizzying. I cant keep up with it all. So who cares. I’m just gonna show up/tune in and watch the 11 on our team on offense and the 11 on our team on defensive (whoever they are) and hope that at the end of the game, we have more points than they do.
  7. He's trying to clean up the environment. It's our #1 existential threat. We have to get these gas guzzlers off the road. It's the best way to clean up the environment. I mean look...even corp America is on board: It's all about the environment and GM is just another example of how morally superior corporate America is finally getting. They don't care about money anymore...they care about Mother Earth. It's really inspirational.
  8. Just go buy an electric vehicle and you don't have to worry about all of this. Such simpletons...
  9. The salaries paid to the coaches and athletic dept staff would suggest the money is no where near drying up... I'm so glad we are finally paying closer to big boy salaries. We have great facilities. Never had support like we do now (despite how bad our football program is compared to so many others with less) For someone not to expect a bare minimum of service (answer the phone for crying out loud) is foolish in my opinion. And I don't say this as a personal complaint...I've actually never had big problems with the ticket office (the original point of this thread) but I do get a little defensive when the finger gets pointed back at me as long time fan/donor that I should have zero expectations and just write checks and shut up. That's not the way it works....the current administration has WAAAAAAY more to work with than the last one. (please don't read this as defending RV, I'm not). the "big boy" term works both ways. you want big boy donors, don't do little boy things when it comes time to execute. And man....it looks like I'm dogging the AD, I'm not. Wren is doing a great job, but I can't accept donors being blamed for a lack of donations. People donate for several reasons....one of which yes, is blind, unconditional love for their University. Good for you. I burned out on that one a long time ago...
  10. I get what you're saying....but my point was along the lines of: "who is responsible for ensuring an environment that is conducive to MORE giving" I'm gonna say it's the highest paid AD in the conference, the guy that just got the big fat raise and extension and makes a whole lot of money. That's LITERALLY his job. It's not mine. I'm not here to give him money with no strings attached. The strings are do what you're being paid to do. It's not my responsibility as an alumnus....it's the AD's responsibility. Guess what, I was giving $ before he got here and I'll be giving money after he leaves. Why are you holding ME responsible for fund raising. The guy making over $600K a year, headed toward $800K is where you should be looking. I'm not opposed to paying him a bunch of money. Hell, I hope we can double that in the coming years. But do your damn job and own it. Don't tweet pictures of an empty stadium and lecture fans that we'll never be a big time program if YOU don't show up. Maybe make it where it's not such a chore to buy tickets...there's a start.
  11. I believe this is why the great Deion Sanders made “business decisions” on defense.
  12. As for the "you're supporting your school" crowd....the question is who is responsible for that. It should be important to the Ath Dept to do everything they can to ensure their student athletes are being supported. The buck stops at the AD, not the fans. I stopped donating years ago because I was tired of getting crap service and then getting the "support the students" lecture. That's not on me. That's on you. That guilt trip doesn't work. You want support, do your job better. This isn't a charity. Isn't our AD is the highest paid AD in the conference? I have a job....it's not running that department. That's his job...his only job. Get out of here with "you should support our athletes." BS...you should do a better job ensuring the athletes get support. In this instance, the athletic dept is letting them down, not the fans.
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