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  1. Did Vegas know that La Tech’s QB was going to be out today? Is that why the spread was only 11?
  2. Hey everyone! Just stopped in to say hi. Ok, back to Netflix. Y’all have a good weekend!
  3. The alternate BSSW 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. weird, I'm seeing it on Bally sports on DirecTV in DFW area
  5. Just saw a glaring example of it on GameDay. Winning when we were in the sunbelt, no. Winning 9 games no. Starting undefeated (like we did in 2018) yes...that moves the needle. And UNT starting that way is better than UTSA starting that way. It's about perception. And you may say "who cares what ESPN thinks" that is very naïve. Perception is everything. Case in point: Bear (the resident gambling/analytics guy) has the UTSA/Memphis game on his board as one to pay attention to. As they were talking about how the MWC is actually better than the AAC right now and asking if Fresno St is actually better than Cincy, they talked G5. Then Bear said "one of the best teams in G5 right now is UTSA" and he's taking them over Memphis who is favored by 3. He talked about their win at Illinois (that they never trailed in). So right there.....UTSA is getting national attention for their on field product. Their challenge though is exactly what we talk about when questioning why they're getting mentioned for conference realignment so much. The hosts then joked: "can anyone name their mascot without looking" Horribly embarrassing if you're a UTSA fan. They were joking about no one knowing who they are. That wouldn't happen with us if we would just win. WE ACTUALLY HAVE A HISTORY AND WOUDN'T BE AN UNKOWN.....IF WE CAN JUST WIN.
  6. I can guarantee La Tech doesn't cover, I just have to bet on UNT and the points....
  7. My prediction: The "Portland State Meltdown" happens this week. La Tech: 59 UNT: 13 Absolute dismantling With a prediction like that, you may be asking "Who hurt you?" Littrell...…Seth Littrell hurt me.
  8. If we have a Jim Harbaugh come through here this time.....maybe we can actually afford him unlike in 2006 when we couldn't.
  9. You may be right. And if you are….that’s absolutely not good enough for what we should be trying to accomplish.
  10. I think to UNT86’s point….the coaches DID see what they were doing. It’s why they kept running it. It’s not like UAB had 8-9 in the box and we just kept smashing into it. If we can’t run against a D that appears to be loaded up to stop the pass….not sure what we can do. Say what we want about Littrell but he HAS run the ball effectively for the most part in his tenure here. Situationally maybe not but running the ball hasn’t been terrible. Maybe our players just aren’t good enough to compete with UAB. Which ultimately….is Littrell’s responsibility also.
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