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  1. That’s the easiest prediction Vito’s ever made…. he knows what he’s doing
  2. Well I hope we have the same trajectory they had after that AD hire and subsequent football coach hire....they seemed to have turned it around
  3. The only thing that might make me raise an eye brow.... What kind of situation is here waiting for the next guy? We think (and I've said many times) this is a great job and one of the best in the G5. He was making $800K....he was basically untouchable and had a really good gig. He DID leave for a P5 but it's not like it was a blue blood. WVU is a big 12 school but it's about to be a watered down big 12 with UT and OU leaving. He did get a little raise but he was already making big bucks. If what some have said are true about how decisions are made here and he was trying his hardest to get out...gives me a little pause. Besides, hasn't he had opportunities in the past that he was rumored to pass on? Then all the sudden he's mass emailing his resume and jumps on WVU?...a situation with a similar head coach issue...but on an even larger, higher pressure scale. What's the Risk/Reward? Is he more jumping ship than taking a bigger job? What is going on in Denton, TX?
  4. The moment before that kick was attempted was the absolute pinnacle of the Seth Littrell era and it hasn't been that high since. The crowd and atmosphere that game proves that what you said in another thread about hiring winners and everything falls into place is right on. Wren Baker had the same game day experience then as he does now. The difference is we were 4-0, had beaten a P5 were knocking on the door of the top 25....and the people showed up to see a winner and potential nationally ranked team. And we all know what happened next. Funny games on the field and corny dogs don't bring people.....winning (real winning....undefeated teams....top 25.....national attention winning) brings crowds. Want a good game day atmosphere at Apogee? Have 32K there making noise.
  5. Congrats to Wren. This is a good situation and we have a lot going on here “infrastructure” wise. There actually ARE better ADs out there than Wren Baker. Go get them. If it’s Jared Mosley great. But I would hope they do a big national search. As for Littrell, I think this for sure buys him another couple of years. By the time a new AD steps in, it’s too late to do anything about next season so Littrell will definitely be back next year. I could see Smatresk adding a couple of years to his deal to put that to rest and then get the new AD in here to evaluate. (Assuming Littrell doesn’t get a job somewhere else anyway) So here’s the deal….if Littrell is here next year, he has a chance to turn it around. Either get a longer term deal here or a P5 offer. I'm not sad about WB leaving. Good for him. The timing is a little tough though given the football program situation. But let’s go get a really good AD and keep it going.
  6. The $10 million or so he’s collected over the last 7 years and the nice check he would get as he left should help lessen the blow for him….. I think the stress for Littrell would be a tad bit different than an average guy getting let go.
  7. from UAB's forum (who got if from the Athletic) talking about Dilfer's current HS: Lipscomb’s roster currently has 2023 seniors committed to Liberty (quarterback Hank Brown), Vanderbilt (receiver Junior Sherrill) and Tennessee (receiver Nate Spillman), along with uncommitted three-star prospects in offensive lineman Brandon Solis and linebacker Bryan Longwell.The school also has the top-two in-state players in the 2024 class, both of whom are committed to the Volunteers: linebacker Edwin Spillman and cornerback Kaleb Beasley https://csnbbs.com/thread-960573.html
  8. Like it or not, todays transfer portal gives them a say. The university has to make the decision to listen or not. The result could be they leave. It could also be they don’t end up getting offers anywhere else. Players can decide if they want to stay or go. UAB can decide if they want to let them go and hire who they think is best and replace the players that leave. For years it’s been “coaches can leave whenever they want.” Well now players can too. I don’t have a problem with any of it. It’s the free market at work.
  9. That’s one of the saddest thing I’ve ever read.
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