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  1. The one in McKinney is not far, just straight up 121. I use to go all the time living in the colony
  2. Yep did the walk in October and I am a big dude! It was an easy walk for me
  3. This isn’t an airport, you don’t have to announce your departure!
  4. I take it back, it finally ended up working after about 20 attempts
  5. This is not working. Anyone have a working stream link?
  6. This stream, when I hit play, did nothing but bring up ads and didn’t play anything. Was trying it from my phone
  7. You do know that both SMU and TCU played them this year….
  8. I don’t know, this kinda seems like a cop-out….
  9. I booked up near the airport! Pretty easy Uber ride to the stadium. Also have free cancellation in case things go sideways vs Rice
  11. You of all people think I don’t know basketball? Your basketball IQ is about the worst I have ever seen. If you seriously think we asked a D2 school to throw a game to us so we could beat them by 6, you’re an idiot. And that’s nicer then the words I really want to call you
  12. Shooting 14% won’t beat anyone. Rough first half to say the least
  13. We didn’t lose Monday… just let it go dude
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