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  1. This whole thread was a weird flex.
  2. I canceled my trip earlier this week. It’s not that I don’t care for the team or the players, but with the performance of this coaching staff and the lack of preparedness I couldn’t justify a 4 hour trip
  3. Then we will rightfully have what is ours!
  4. Prediction? First down run, second down run, 3rd down a play action pass and 4th down a run up the middle and we are stuffed. now for the score La Tech Alot NT A little
  5. Might need 3 if our offense keeps going the way it has been
  6. I will be their after canceling my trip to Ruston. Probably going to need a few drinks to get through this one 🤣
  7. I don't believe that Wren doesn't have leadership and respect within the athletic department. Other than football we are performing better than at any point in school history.
  8. It was a Marriott and I am sure they will survive.
  9. I'll be there for the home games but I canceled my hotel and trip to Ruston.
  10. I didn’t see any of that but North Texas sure got an STD!!
  11. I’m at apogee. He had a TE open and threw it right to a defender in double coverage… wtf?
  12. I’d prefer AAC over mountain west but I am ok with MW if it’s not being ripped apart. Last thing I want to do is go to the conference after all it’s best teams left
  13. I didn't have a problem with ford but I think the concessions and lines were the worst I have ever seen in any stadium. I walked the whole stadium and each stand was 60-70 people deep it felt like and most stands ran out of food.
  14. I saw that feature the only thing was it said delivery was not available to my section (122) and I was worried the pick up line would be just as long as the other concessions
  15. Also annoyed they didn’t do any post game press conference for the SMU game. Normally they put that up on Youtube
  16. The concession lines were the worst I have ever seen. 60-70 people deep per stand and I walked the whole stadium. Gave up on eating and just ate on my way home after the game. Did finally manage to get a water in the middle 3rd quarter when the lines were not as bad
  17. SMU we suck on Saturday after the bank closes and our check won’t cash
  18. I don’t have much of a Boston accent anymore having been down here for 15 years. Just say the words khakis and car keys the same and you will get it down quick. Also remember that people in Boston were sick from school the day they thought the letter R… 🤣
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