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  1. As a member of the Pit Crew from 2007-2010 (its heyday) id say we did a pretty great job without coordinated dances! We actually showed up in numbers and cheered hard. Most games I had no voice left. The issue is no one getting word of mouth around campus anymore.
  2. We were picked 6th in CUSA… ridiculous
  3. 2-0 road trip in Conference and breaking the 10 Year Diddle arena curse! What a day! GMG
  4. I’ve never had this feeling vs WKU especially in Diddle… it’s strange
  5. I was able to go to the tweet and hit copy link. The link was shorter but it worked fine! Thanks for your help
  6. Every time I paste the link, only the link shows 🤷‍♂️
  7. On another topic since I was trying to post the Twitter link to stadium. How to you embed a tweet on GMG? I can’t find the help article anywhere
  8. waiting on NT to recruit anyone
  9. UTSA is just wrecking us in recruiting right now. Beyond ridiculous
  10. Live look at Andrew when someone mentions the Buffalo loss
  11. It was ugly at times but a win is a win on the road in conference play! Gutsy win
  12. This is mine too, but I also loved the OSU win in 07. Stormed the court on both. 07 was my freshman year and 2010 my senior year. Great way to cap off my time at NT. The WKU game in 2020 right before covid was pretty special as well and so was the CBI finals vs USF
  13. The dude plays with grit and hustle every possession
  14. Yes i heard that and i agree with him. Why do we criticize him when we win?
  15. We must be watching a different game. Abou I feel has played well, just had some bad hoop luck!
  16. It looked bad. Man that sucks! He has been through so much
  17. I love Trice, but Laramie Lee was the true hitter on that D. Hit men so hard they didn’t get back up
  18. I think they have a ticket booth over by gate b with a rep. worse comes to worst I am sure you could get help from that rep.
  19. This team has a lot of talent and is still figuring out how to play together. I think missing multiple non conference games hurt a bit as we are usually a bit more together when it comes to conference time
  20. Andrew I am really glad you don’t run anything with the university. We would never have a crowd with your thinking since a lot of the university isn’t even from DFW
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