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  1. Seeing this photo today as the first thing on the NT football website was a nice kick in the nads!
  2. Seeing this photo today as the first thing on the NT football website was a nice kick in the nads
  3. Yes I noticed. Seems he doesn't think all D1 football is the same level
  4. But I will say if he does leave Wren has done a master full job in his hiring and I fully expect him to find someone to keep the momentum going and then some
  5. I hope not he has done wonders for this program and they are just on the cusp of becoming a perennial contender
  6. I can’t wait for this to come out
  7. Yes the SMU fan base is around 10 fans strong... give or take 1-2
  8. 6-6 and getting blown out in a bowl game. Seems about on par for this coach
  9. Any idea when we will have an allotment of tickets
  10. Per CUSA website, 2022/2023 basketball championships are to be held in Frisco. One more year of Hoops at the Star. I personally have enjoyed this venue and tournament.
  11. A real cannon. Not like that terrible box from nUTSAck
  12. I think the director of tickets (or whatever the title was) moved on to an NFL team a month or two back. I remember seeing something on twitter. Not giving an excuse, just something I thought of
  13. OMG! Andrew doesn’t care… I guess they should just shut it down now… 🙄🙄🙄
  14. Been here since I first stepped on Campus in 2007. Not from Texas originally. Never heard of UNT till I moved to the Metroplex in 2006.
  15. I’m at the point that I need to see it before I get excited. I jumped on the Ruder train last year and it was a major kick in the nuts. I don’t want that again
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