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  1. On ESPN tonight. So. Alabama has a really nice, new stadium.
  2. Bean needs to put on about 25 pounds....of muscle.
  3. No, don't redshirt anyone. Some of these guys need to graduate, then just move along to their respective careers.
  4. Watching the SMU debacle, I was thinking the same thing. Seems like in previous years, maybe some of those McCarney years, we had bigger, faster players. Then I watched a little of the La Tech vs So. Miss game last night. They are big AND fast. I can see why La Tech has had the success they have enjoyed for many years. They really recruit good football players across the board. Big lineman. Maybe McCarney was right.
  5. We should immediately withdraw our application to the American Athletic Conference. And if they insist on accepting us, just say no!
  6. If Addaway can help us win, I say put him in.
  7. Agree. The grey stuff should be donated to Goodwill for the tax writeoff.
  8. I'm missing the ad for sexy women's clothes and undergarments. Wait......not that I'm interesting in wearing those clothes....uh, I just like to look at pictures. Yes, that's it. Doing what dirty old men do.
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