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  1. I have not problem getting her back to Denton. Jalie is not cutting it.
  2. All true. But she never could get over the Baylor hump.
  3. Without me looking up her record at UT, I didn’t think she did that well. Never could get over the Baylor hump.
  4. On the one hand, the “My Pillow” guy switches his factory into making much needed face masks and is praised as a hero. Then he talks about God and the Bible and is raked over the coals by the left. I just don’t get it.
  5. And whatever NCAA distributions were to have received this year will be greatly reduced. My thinking is this- could this be the beginning of the haves and have nots going their separate ways?
  6. You just ran into an 82nd Airborne machine gun nest. Hoo Rah!
  7. What a shame that we are still not the same level as these teams, year in and year out.
  8. Are we talking the $25K bonus? If so, just pay the man the bonus. It won't kill us.
  9. Planned trip to Ireland with wife and daughter in late May has me a bit concerned.
  10. This is the key to the 2020 version of the Mean Green.
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