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  1. I sure like those uniforms. I forgot what they looked like. Thanks for posting.
  2. Bottom line...……..we are not very good. Yet. I like basketball, but I'm not an X's and O's(see what I mean) basketball person. I liken our basketball team's lack of height (compared to some of the better national programs) to our lack of size on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball in football. We don't have the size. Now go over to the OU basketball site and look at the size of their players compared to ours. Methinks OU might control the boards. I hope we're on our "A" game shooting the ball tonight.
  3. Anyone have video of the "pre-game" performance? Halftime is one thing, pre-game is another. Video of pre-game performance or it never happened!
  4. Reports that Leach met with Arkansas.
  5. What exactly does Shelby McIntyre do as Coordinator, Football Recruiting Operations? What does the job description look like? If we are not involved in the "transfer portal" game then we are falling behind. I want to know how these other programs got involved so successfully in one year? Looking at you, smut.
  6. This is the coach I was referring to. Looks like he's still going strong. JSU Coach John Crass
  7. Jacksonville fielded a very good FB team a couple of years ago; went deep into the FCS football tournament. In fact, mentioned on this board that we should look at their FB coach at the time McCarney was canned.
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