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  1. I dunno. Maybe I'm blinded by past head coaching blunders at UNT, but I think McCasland the guy we need.
  2. SMU must have been running “football player” want ads in the Wall Street Journal since the end of last season.
  3. Is the sign company of Middle Eastern origin? You know, right to left. ipd054, thanks for posting the picture. The IPF is looking really good.
  4. I need an updated IPF picture fix. Now!
  5. Harry, I was about to say the same damn thing. smut did a study on how UAB won last season, with older players. Now smut has caught on, using the stupid NCAA transfer rules, stacking the player inventory with P5 talent. At least on paper.
  6. Not to be a "Debbie downer", but Seth could also be using this as his "calling card" for an NFL Asst job. And that's okay. The more players, coaches, etc., we can move up the ladder to success, the better. I want UNT to be successful on the field, and as a way for coaches to succeed. No more "coaches graveyard".
  7. Cincinnati (AAC) vs North Texas (SEC) Damn that Wren Baker! He went and got us into a new conference.
  8. Think he’ll play some this year? I hope so.
  9. Tx Tech people are from the "heated plains of Lubbock". Think about it.
  10. Epstein's death was a hit job. Period. Keep him permanently quiet for fear of exposing so many people.
  11. My guess is ODU made their mark in basketball over the years.
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