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  1. Adler, I agree 100%. Our school colors have always been Green and White. Period. Not black, not gray. Green and White. The AD is spending money needlessly on stupid color combinations that do not reflect our true school colors. To the Athletic Department.........JUST STOP IT!
  2. Exactly! I’ve never seen Jordan Speith wear a UT hat when playing on tour.
  3. Today, I met a former HS player from Llano (big dude) that played HS football with Brad Kassel.
  4. Adam, the Green Force is calling you. Do the right thing. Come to Denton.
  5. Lifer, you're admitting to being on Go Mean Green using a work computer? During work hours? I am shocked. Shocked I tell you.
  6. Does he understand the portal business?
  7. To Harry- "Illegitimus non tatum Carborundem" Translation- "Do not let the bastards wear you down"
  8. I have to think the announced move to the AAC may have helped our recruiting.
  9. This guy's offer list out of high school is like the "who's who" of college football.
  10. Munoz finishes the Nelson tied for 3rd place and not one mention in the Denton RC? Maybe I missed it in the on-line paper. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. Well, you are a North Texas fan, you know. You have to have thick skin to survive.
  12. Munoz leading the tourney. Hanging on Sunday for a win.
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