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  1. I'm still shell-shocked from last years ODU game/loss. And Fine was healthy and throwing bullets, Rico was healthy, Jalen Guyton was with us, and we had Murray who had issues pass blocking. What could possibly go wrong this year against Charlotte?
  2. When you think about it, Kiffin would be the perfect coach for nUTSAc.
  3. With more quality and quantity of OL and DL? I sure hope so.
  4. DeepGreen


    God bless those Razorbacks. They’re trying hard.
  5. Louisiana Tech, So Miss, Marshall, etc. do not seem to have a problem with recruiting linemen.
  6. Nah. Not sure what Mason’s major is, but he’ll be very successful outside of the football world. I would have loved to have had him working for my company. He has a bright future.
  7. Gosh have we gone downhill since beating the powerhouse ACU!
  8. This is nothing but GMG board “litter”. Take it off.
  9. Man, you’re just going to get Firefightnrick worked up into a frenzy.
  10. Three players on the Louisiana Tech roster are from Orange, Texas.
  11. A lot of good football players come out of Orange, Tx. Lived 20 miles from there most of my life. Wished we recruited down there more.
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