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  1. Agree. Buechele could easily carve up our secondary pretty good this year. I don't see a win against the ponies.
  2. DeepGreen forgot to take his medication. Of course it was the Lone Ranger!
  3. Bet someone from the AAC offices visits Denton to see what's going on over at UNT. Eventually.
  4. Change Dallas' team the "Cowboys"? Where does that leave my childhood hero, the Lone Ranger? Did he mistreat Tonto all those years? Who knew? Edit: Missed my medication. Meant Lone Ranger
  5. And some of the posters on this board are zeros, as in “0”, too! I couldn’t resist!
  6. You have to add the "buzz" word. Southwest Conference REIMAGINED.
  7. Just what we need. More of the left coast crowd. Texas is becoming more and more "soiled" with these people.
  8. ....but here's a conference realignment that's one for the ages! A radical reimagining of the football landscape. Conference Realignment
  9. This Is what I don’t get. This COVID-19 thing has not gone away, even with the earlier closures and reopening of bars. Where bodies congregate, flesh to flesh, even in Austin. I know that’s a shock to some of you. Ha! My daughter is a RN at the main St David’s in Austin. Labor and delivery nurse, who is in contact with woman in labor on a daily basis. She even works in the OR in case of C-sections. So that she could have dinner with my wife and another daughter who is driving down to have dinner in Austin tonight, my RN daughter asked for a Covid-19 test this past week. She was turned down. The hospital is not even testing their own employees for Covid 19! Maybe I’m just a thick headed Sicilian that just can’t understand the hospitals reasoning. Bottom line???? Consequently, just as a precaution my RN daughter won’t be dinIng with us tonight.
  10. Seriously, is Coach Stockstill's son still the QB at MUTS? That would make him a 3rd year senior.
  11. This is a good idea- “UNT has split its football players into small groups and set up four locker rooms and three weight rooms. Each group is assigned to one locker room and one weight room to minimize contact between players.”
  12. Watch. J’Mar Smith will win POY.
  13. No. This is the picture I was referring to. And that does not say St. Thomas.
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