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  1. Check with the retail shop/ticket office at Apogee. That's where I got mine. Edit: While looking up sources for you I found this website, maybe an auction type site. The item shown on this page, the huge brown mug with Scrappy the Eagle on it use to be mine in college!!!! Can't remember where I bought back in the day, but I place the Scrappy on it. I owned that mug since the mid 1960's, and sold it to someone on eBay just a few years ago. Now that was some beer drinking mug!!!!! And Scrappy(or whatever he was called back then). Here is the description: "The Ultimate NTSU Beer Drinking Mug from the mid to late 1960's. You only thought you had a mug for college partying! This vintage bad boy holds a whopping three quarts of your favorite brew, making it totally unnecessary to stop partying for a refill. Used extensively during my tenure at NTSU(North Texas State University), now known as The University of North Texas. This mug was a real companion at parties on the Denton, Tx campus, and especially The Curry House and Plantation House apartments. Eagle mascot affixed to the mug. Own a piece of history!"
  2. I've been thinking......I really don't care where they are placed, how big they are, or how many video scoreboards are added to Apogee. JUST WIN!
  3. Don't get me wrong. I like the Wing Zone because it is rather unique. But four small video screens does not excite me. We have to find a way to have a large video screen/scoreboard/replay board somewhere in Apogee. Perhaps such a screen could be worked into the Athletic Center remodel/expansion. I hope so.
  4. Google?? What’s that??? I kid, I kid. I have a smart TV, I just need to spend time setting it up.
  5. And now Commissioner Judy doesn’t know what a TV market or a TV contract is. We have schit for real TV. I feel like a small-time player watching UNT football and basketball games on a computer. I prefer the really big screen TV. I admit, I’m technologically challenged. But I can’t be the only one out there.
  6. Maybe the four "little" videoboards would be "just O.K." for a temporary fix while the AC expansion takes place, etc. What needs to be done is dismantle the "wing zone" and complete the lower bowl like it should have been done originally. Then place a large video board on top of the completed bowl end zone.
  7. 6-2, 225 lbs Hate to lose that size at LB
  8. All true. But a 11-1 team in the MWC would have a better chance at going to a much more prestigious bowl than an 11-1 team from CUSA. That's just my opinion.
  9. All good points. Based on stadium size alone, Boise State does not qualify. Boise is a solid G5 program with great success. Nothing more. Wish we had the same success.
  10. I simply detest the continued separation of college football from the D1A days. There should be no "P5" or "G5" divisions. Make no mistake, Boise State football has done very well over the years. The Bowl win over OU several years ago put Boise on the map. Yet, their stadium only has a capacity of 36,387. Unless Albertsons donates more money to expand to 50-60K plus, at it's current configuration the stadium is too small. Also, Boise's enrollment is only 25K, which is not small but who knows how many students in that number are "on-line" students not even living in Boise. I don't know. Besides North Texas(a pipedream), the only programs that would merit any sort of consideration for the almighty P5 status would be the University of Houston because they have been there, located in one of the largest cities in the US, and they have the backing of Tillman Fertitta. I probably didn't answer your question completely, but I simply don't like the "have" and "have nots" situation in college football.
  11. I still do not Consider Boise State “Power 5” material.
  12. nutsak's Jackson and Wallace are really fine players. Impressive.
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