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  1. Nonsense! If you take down the wing, replace it with seating to form a bowl, increasing capacity. Move the scoreboard to the bowl end. Construct a berm with tunnel/opening where the players can come out onto the field. Just win.
  2. Looks good. Hope his holder is as reliable.
  3. I would expect nothing less than a supermodel. You went to UNT, didn't you?
  4. Divorce from the Methodist Church? Rename it Southern University??? Now that should go over well.
  5. I saw this conference idea from a Tweet. I would add La Tech as the extra. American South-West Conference- UTSA- BAYLOR- HOUSTON- UNT- SMU- OSU- TCU- Texas Tech- K-State- Tulsa- Extra??
  6. Blowing past CUSA. Has our Commissioner come out with a similar statement? Has she even met with CUSA Presidents and ADs? crickets
  7. Yes, sad day indeed. R.I.P. Dusty. And remember....... "She's got legs".
  8. Yep. UNT was not a part of the conversation.
  9. I think you’ll see Marshall, So. Miss, and UAB move out of CUSA. Where, I don’t know. But they consider themselves elite programs and deserve better than CUSA. And would try hard to get La Tech in their club.
  10. Boy, that would be a game changer for UNT.
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