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  1. And we all remember what UAB did last year with all of their 24 year old players.
  2. Next episode of “As The Recruiting Cycle Turns”.
  3. USM = CUSA Flagship school. And that’s all they’ve got going for them. Entitlement.
  4. $500-$600,000 for the whole conference to split? Man, that Commissioner Judy is one tough negotiator.
  5. I want to know who the Director of Customer Experience is for GoMeanGreen.com?
  6. Maybe we should be interested in their guys.
  7. That's rich! Socialism can't be done right. I find it very scary that so many people in this country are even entertaining Socialism in the United States. Makes me wonder what the hell is being taught in our high schools and universities these days. Never mind. I know what is not being taught.
  8. No to Liberty. What benefit to UNT and CUSA would the addition of Liberty get us? I know they offered a huge bunch of money to join CUSA, but how much of that would trickle down to the current members? How much would Judy's "crack team" syphon off before the member schools get anything? Big raises and bonuses for Judy, etc.?
  9. "Renfro plans to sign with UNT during the early period that begins Dec. 18 and enroll at the semester break."
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