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  1. cousin oliver, you need to think long and hard.
  2. Sorta like “OJT”, or “On The Job Training”, but for the P5 guys? I get it. Like a trade school.
  3. If it is worse than last year....
  4. I wish people on this board would stop being so condescending towards Stone. He wears the colors of UNT, thus he does not deserve to be bashed on this board daily. Please, have some respect for our all of our players.
  5. I would block all of those smut scumbags from entering this site!
  6. Yea, baby! That NIL is really great! Money whip these kids every year.
  7. Good gosh! This is exciting news! 🫤
  8. My whole rant is not totally towards Perry. I’m just saddened at what collegiate sports has become.
  9. It should eliminate that opportunity. But I'm old school.
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