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  1. BTW, whoever photoshopped Wren Baker's tie from green to orange did a lousy job. But nice try.
  2. Refresh my memory. What happened to Skladany? Why did he leave UNT?
  3. He may be shocked when he lands in Denton.
  4. Absolutely! Just ask HogDawg on that board.
  5. Didn’t that stadium re-do have something to do with the City hosting a bowl game?
  6. Regarding these UNT players who are entering the transfer portal, does Littrell have any plans on looking into the transfer portal for replacements, upgrades, etc.?
  7. Yes they would. Coaches know Seth.
  8. Without a doubt. No problem with that line of thinking.
  9. Makes me feel like a 3rd class peasant. And I'm in the "vulnerable age" category. Which, I guess, makes me expendable.
  10. Like the saying goes, "you are who you appear to be".
  11. Maybe Banowsky was looking at TV markets when he shouldn't have. Judy took over and she has done nothing. Nada. Zip. If you're going to be paid like a CEO, then act like a CEO and do your job, Judy! Right this ship!!!!
  12. QUARTERBACK CODY FAJARDO. Now there’s a household name.
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