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  1. After the first day, the leader is WKU at -6. UNT is +17 and in dead ass last place. I just don't get it.
  2. I see that you found the CUSA Golf info. We've dropped like a rock. With the exception of the Ortiz and Munoz years, it seems like our golf program keeps falling every year. Maybe its the result of not having a flush recruiting budget. I don't know. Very disappointed.
  3. greenjoe, I would double his pay (one time only) the next time he cuts your lawn.
  4. MattDamon23, thanks for the photo update. Putting the roof structure in place is going to be one helluva lift!
  5. UNTLifer, let it go. Just let.....it.....go.
  6. North Texas Football- wasting away from 1981 - 2015*. *I do give McCarney credit for the HOD Bowl win over UNLV.
  7. Makes sense. And our "numbnuts" leader at the time just sat back and...……...did nothing.
  8. "The sleek architectural designed by Ilan Pivko offers views of Camelback Mountain from every room in the back of the house" Not to mention when you view the fire pit and the pool(see picture) you can see the neighbors house. Not impressed.
  9. No! I will not accept defeat! I want them all.
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