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  1. DeepGreen

    2 Club Seats For Incarnate Word Game

    The devil has claimed them for a price.
  2. DeepGreen

    A Picture of the Endzone

    Don't care for the look. The whole field should have been the color of the end zone - Mean Green!
  3. DeepGreen

    GAMEDAY 8/15/18 - Exhibition: Stella Azzurra Roma

    Italian basketball. Those are my people. GO MEAN GREEN!
  4. DeepGreen

    North Texas has Arkansas Worried

    Arkansas will be a tough team to beat. They are an SEC program and they do recruit SEC talent.
  5. Club Seats, 47/48 yard line, 1st row. Athletic Center Parking. Can’t make that game.
  6. DeepGreen

    Bingo! The light just went on.

    trud1966, you telling me that you're part Cherokee? Damn!
  7. DeepGreen

    Bingo! The light just went on.

    Not exactly what I had in mind, but I will say the UNT dancers would look good in that garb.
  8. Hawaii has the Haka war dance. Why not a North Texas game day chant in the Cherokee lanquage? I'll bet Mason Fine would gladly do the translation. Or, at least help us pronounce. "Ꭺ mean itse iyusdi" "Ꭺ mean itse iyusdi" "Ꭺ mean itse iyusdi"
  9. DeepGreen

    Rainbow Classic

    I don't remember Benford getting this much accomplished going in to year two as head coach. Hmmmmmm. Come to think of it, I don't remember Benford getting this much accomplished going in to year five.
  10. My old stomping grounds, the coast of SE Texas, summer months would see temps 100 deg., and 100% humidity. How does that make you feel?
  11. What's the winning team payout going to be? And can we expect free tickets from firefightnrick
  12. What has changed in America since then?
  13. DeepGreen

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    Ski trips to Kissy Face Mountain and Powder Puff Hill do not count. LOL
  14. Dec 15 New Mexico Bowl, North Texas vs San Diego State
  15. DeepGreen

    Gotta hand it to SMU

    The beginning of the end?