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  1. DeepGreen

    Helmets that change color

    What’s next, ribbon advertising on helmets? Just say no!
  2. DeepGreen

    Uniforms for UAB?

    I guess nowadays we should say, “glory to the green, black, grey, and white”.
  3. Geeze. Of all the games to attend.
  4. “Jack LB is senior Jamell Garcia Williams, 6-8, 255 👀👀“ How fast can the dude be? Mason should eat his lunch.
  5. DeepGreen

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I would like to hear the wise words of El Guapo on this subject.
  6. If/when we lose Seth, the buyout should be really high so UNT gets a big chunk out of it. Also, and this would already have been written into the contract(hopefully), that whoever hires Seth agrees to play UNT "home and home" in football and basketball.
  7. DeepGreen

    Top 10 - Week 7 G5 Football Rankings

    I think Texas' affection for the Big 12 is all smoke and mirrors. I think they feel larger than all the programs in that conference and their end goal is to become the "Notre Dame" of the Southwest.
  8. DeepGreen

    CUSA Football Stats

    CUSA Stats
  9. I've always been suspicious of Alabama and other programs from around the P5 having a "slush fund" to funnel big money to the leaders of the NCAA. Payoff, is that what you mean, Deep? Yes, that's what I mean. Think about the money that the P5 conferences rake in each year. Maybe some of it goes back to the NCAA powers that be? Just saying.
  10. Yep. Glad they're back in football but the NCAA sure was generous in getting back to being competitive.
  11. At least we're going after a 4 star. Really like to snag one.
  12. DeepGreen

    UAB Weather

    I like how our running game is coming along. Plus, if it hurts our passing game it sure won't help UABs.
  13. DeepGreen

    Just for the record

    It was well documented on another thread that people prefer snow over rain. If rain had fallen in Boise during those early Bronco seasons, I'll be their attendance would have been 1,052 on average. LOL!
  14. Assuming that is a "real deal", old iron cannon from yesteryear, mounted on 4x4 or 6x6 fence posts from McCoys, it is a discredit to all of the real Artillery units who have fought in many battles, home and abroad. That thing is a disgrace!
  15. I actually have a Yeti with the stylized Eagle on it. Wife bought it for me for my birthday. However, the Eagle is a big sticker. Nicely done and looks great! However, it is not “molded” into the manufacturing process like the UTs and A & Ms of the world.