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  1. ACU, Lamar, Sam Houston, SFA? Are ones that come to mind. Would help with Utep and NMS. Can they afford it? Bless Wren and Dr Smack down, we are very fortunate. GMG
  2. Wonder what LaTech now thinks of La, La Monroe, what a major miscalculation!
  3. As stated before this looks awesome and would be great making the football only facility about 15,000sq ft or tripling the size. My concern is the timeline. HAS been in the plans for a few years now. When will it start and timeline for completion? If they can make an announcement before the next football hire it could definately open more potential candidates. If not build a separate S&C facility now.
  4. They need to merge with the Sun Belt. The Belt model fits most of them very well. If they still want to add Liberty and JMU fine. Shut down the C-USA office( save some $$$) and maybe save us some buy out $$.
  5. Not that I know of. This was part of the big expansion involving the AD , Coaches, Team offices with moving the scoreboard. We are very very fortunate to have land. I think they need to move on this now. We could do a state of the art facility on the backside of the IPF, for football only. This needs to be weight training, conditioning, rehab, and trainers offices. Leave the existing 5,000 sq ft facility for all other sports. To me this should be the NUMBER 1 facility upgrade and do it now!!
  6. The most glaring weakness that stands out even more now is the weight room, rehab and training area. We have 5,000sq ft shared by all teams! Add a training facility on the backside of the IPF. Now!
  7. Dallas Morning News, Front page of sports section, and whole page write up, nice! AAC doings? GMG
  8. WIchita, Temple or Memphis or even SMU in the Super pit!
  9. This and the reason he wasn’t liked is because he was loosing and was going home on the weekends to see his son play on a private jet! He may be the best recruiter I have seen. He inherited a bare Jun Jones team. Whatever happened to his son?
  10. You going to have a sell out tonight? That’s your only issue!
  11. I could see this happening with a bump in pay and stay one more year, but remember what happened to Seth within a year. Penthouse to the outhouse!
  12. UNT will be a lot easier sell to his backyard recruits than Washington State. I believe he needs to stay in the Southwest to maximize his recruiting connects. The only P5 at this time is Tech. I think Dykes would be their hire. Also believe SMU would promote Riley. We can offer more money and 10x better facilities.
  13. Traylor would be be my number 1 . Has been successful at all stops
  14. AD Rev. Memphis $61m, ECU $56M, UNT $40M, UTSA $32M. The average is going to drop. I wonder if UT did some kind of back up for UTSA? If we can make on the low end just an additional firm $1.5, you can service alot of debt for new facilities. We were at the top in C-USA, the goal needs to be the same in the AAC.
  15. We finally have an Commish that seems proactive and one I have confidence in. If SMU and Memphis leave we are still in a much better conference. I would be curious on who would replace those 2 schools based on the AAC model? La Tech doesn't really fit.
  16. Outstanding! Really like hearing from guys on the outside looking in. Thanks
  17. There are some very good coaches that have been successful Head Coaches that will be interested in the job. I don't think we need to be the training for a possible up and comer anymore.
  18. Sorry the AAC will get $10m per team that is leaving. I'm not sure how that is divided among existing teams.
  19. Simmons resume looks very similar to Seths. I would hope Wren sticks to his requirement he had for basketball, must have head coaching experience. The money we can pay and a new improved conf, we should have a lot of interest. The new coach won't have to sell recruits on just a turn around, but on the advantages of a new conference. I expect recognizable names to be in the loop. GMG
  20. SMU the MWC or independent, but why? They would walk away from $ 30m in exit fees and pay $10m to leave. If they chose either of those options I feel it would be advantageous to us. They are going to sit tight and pray for the Big 12!
  21. 2 things the AAC did was give SMU Texas teams which should put a stop to the MWC and they got a backup if SMU does leave.
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