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  1. I could see holding a scholly for a late portal commit that may have fallen thru the crack.
  2. If Bell can be consistent on an outside shot , he will be unstoppable! GMG
  3. We basically had 5 guys play the whole game. If you were a freshman on the bench that is ok, a higher classmate should look for another opportunity. We have to have at least 3 -4 quality guys that can come off the bench.
  4. Would really like to see a Geu type of player. His versatility and athleticism was great. At times he could even play the center position.
  5. Would rather have a proven successful head coach like Grant had been . Would go after Kyler or Mills.
  6. I would argue putting a little skin in the game enhances the sporting experience! GMG
  7. Congrats to coach Morris. Strong hire by Allen.
  8. Now our offense sucks, because we have the qbs from last year that lead the nation in top 10 national offensive stats? Bull!
  9. Does Hodge have head coaching experience? That was a big point with Wren... I would go after the SFA coach in a heartbeat! GMG
  10. Would the ORU coach be considered above Mc?
  11. He left ASU to be closer to his parents and family. His father has had some heart issues and they are very close. Enjoyed sitting next to them at a game. Hope we can keep Mc. Would like to see how he recruits this year.
  12. I really like the large Eagle overlaid on the state of Texas. Is there any gear with this design?
  13. Mc had mentioned that some Srs said they were coming back. Do we know who? Thanks
  14. Keep Mc and recruit like Hell! GMG
  15. They break the tournament record for most players hitting 3’s!!! Wow
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