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  1. We have done ok at the OL position. For me the D line and QB position have been the struggle since Mason. With the limited amount of NIL dollars this is were the pay for play needs to be spent.
  2. With the extra time and based on the opponent, I hope Rudder will play some linebacker!
  3. I was trying to remember the last time we had a qb with over 300yds and no turnovers? It was great to see his deep balls. I hope we see more 4 man fronts. If we are going to fill the box , I would like to see more of a commitment with an actual 4-3-4 with some size. Might be a chance to get Rudder in the loop? Summary was great.
  4. Wren screwed us with his timing which had a major impact on recruitment. I’m concerned about us getting all excited about HS players. Portal, portal! The day of the 3-4 year turnaround is over. If the D doesn’t improve then the DC should be let go at the end of the year.
  5. Look at his history not just 2 games. He brought in one qb with only a very short period of time to recruit.
  6. I was concerned with the DC and the 3-3-5. ISU had a 260lb LB they funneled everything to las t year, ours are 6' at 210lbs. This is a key position for this type of D. I would put Maz on the inside and run blitz 70% of the plays. College football is changing quickly and the Deion effect has sped it up dramatically. We need to quit getting all excited about HS recruits. Morris needs to take his evaluation skills to the portal. The Texas State team has a lot of Morris recruits. He has proven he can see talent. It is going to be very hard for coaches to have a 3yr time period to rebuild. Wren's timing really hurt. How do we physically develop players with a 5,000 sq ft weight room and rehab area used by all sports. We could all name HS facilities that are more substantial and up to date. Having bigger coaches offices, bigger common area or study hall area will not impact on field size , speed or rehabbing injuries. Move the scoreboard and build a large state of the art weight room and rehab area on the backside of the IPF and cut the budget ( raise needed) by half or more. Todays athlete wants to know how are you going to make me better and how much NIL do I get. (SMU) To still be pursuing palace type structures is a waste on a limited budget. If the twins would of stayed Seth would of had a better record and still be coach. A new issue that coaches are going to deal with.
  7. No matter how you spin it, we should never be in the same conference as SMU.
  8. Majority of the team should be transfers. NIL money should be spent on qb and defensive tackle positions.
  9. ISU plays with a 260lb middle linebacker, basically a stand up lineman. Ca had a lot better players than we had on all sides of the ball, and maybe at every position. The talent level has to get bigger and better. Sounds familiar?
  10. With a Western Division they would not of played Charlotte. other conferences have figured this out .
  11. Wow $30m payout to $5m payout and still stuck in a regional conference the MWC!
  12. Now if we can get OSU& WSU this would be a great outcome for UNT.
  13. If they don’t expand this will be the next P12-4-2-0.
  14. What other schools would be on our radar besides OSU & Wsu?
  15. Would be awesomeness! This would be twice the AAC we have now. East West championship would be amazing. GMG
  16. If the AAC can get WSU and OSU we would be the premier G5, in good shape to add some MWC teams. If the MWC should get WSU and OSU, they could surpass us by adding MWC teams in the future. We are very fortunate to have teams in the middle of the country in major cities.
  17. Who cares SMU is leaving, it will be an advantage for UNT. I would take WSU and OSU over SMU and if we are to add some MWC schools down the road that is a much better conference then when we first got in!
  18. As with the Pac12, to expand your brand you need to get off the west coast time zone. With the Pac gone away (less product) and with the AAC being coast to coast we should be able to get more $$$.
  19. I believe this could be a great outcome, if we are able to add OSU and WSU. Then raid the MWC! GMG
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