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  1. It was more than 15 minutes maybe $15m in exposure. You are naive to think athletic success does not attract students. Alabama and LSU would be prime examples. Not exactly ivy league schools.
  2. UNT is a great value for higher education even with the fees.
  3. This statement has been made for decades. The Arkansas game created pub we would never be able to buy! Millions!. Ran into a student at the game that is from California, I thought that was cool.
  4. You establish salaries and facility expenditures not just based on what you currently have, but where you want to go! How do attract better players and better coaches to get to the next level? $$$$$
  5. Shorter is one of the fastest guys on the team. It would be great if E could come back to pre injury form. He looked solid.
  6. Congrats to all, for that never give up spirit! GMG
  7. Wow! Can definitely be used against them on the High School recruiting trail. I also wonder how many HS Coaches they pissed off?
  8. Great question. How do they handle the 85 player limit?
  9. Win the C-USA Champ game at the Ap to an oversold stadium against FIU! This will get us to the next level. Still a chance! GMG
  10. Better talent! Which we are now finally getting.Look at the ratings of the 16-17 classes! Mason has been the smoke and mirrors of the recruiting classes with his outstanding play and leadership!
  11. Judge him by his first 2 recruiting classes compared to how he is recruiting now. This to me has always dictated the future of a program. The difference is very positive. GMG
  12. Remember he was not unable to get a full 25 his first 2 classes. That really hurts.
  13. I really thought at the beginning of the season this would be Seth’s best O line and D line!
  14. Can we hire a clock Mgmt coach that will make sure we us All Our Timeouts! This has been an issue from day one!!!!
  15. Remember it wasn’t just fans being positive about the O line, we have 2-3 preseason all Conf picks on that line.
  16. There is O pass rush! 3 man rush on passing downs is stupid!
  17. Nobody and I mean Nobody is more pissed about this than Seth! Make changes !
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