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  1. Nice to know we have the same academic standards as Tulane. At 1/3 the price. GMG
  2. Wow! That makes me think we didn’t go after him? I wonder why? Are we happy with what we have or is there somebody else we are talking to?
  3. Is McDonalds their sponsor? Good hire for MSU.
  4. Offensive and defensive lineman would take in a heartbeat!
  5. Nice to see UNT coaches moving up the ladder. Best of luck!
  6. Great talent! Wish him the best! GMG
  7. With Seth as OC these are good supportive hires! Congrats to all!
  8. Such a fine academic institution. When my son visited the LSU Business School they were excited and promoting their new format and technology. As we are leaving my son tells me Dad “ We are using this in High School”. He is not an alum.
  9. I still think Fine would be a home run in the Canadian football league. With their format he would break records.
  10. Getting on a practice squad would be great!
  11. It is great when you are playing with house money!
  12. Athletic with length!
  13. I would take him in a heartbeat! He is a solid dual threat.
  14. Would get Kitna in a heart beat!
  15. Dual threat is the future. GMG
  16. From practice he has the best arm, nice size, and quick enough. Would be surprised if he is not the one.
  17. Wag Tag


    2018 FAU picked to win conf...goes 5/7 now where is Lane? Seth has a winning record in 2020 he will be hot again!
  18. Can La Tech attract a quality replacement based off of the compensation? A lot of P5 co ordinators make more.
  19. Wag Tag


    Dykes would be a great hire for Baylor. Looks like Rhule going to the Panthers!
  20. Wow they also have some thumb suckers!!
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