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  1. Congratulations Mr. Ryan, thank you for all your support!
  2. This is an excellent set up to see if Seth should be fired or given a short term extension. To easy of a schedule would not give us a true barometer.
  3. Sab knows he can't get the $$$$ that A$M has. This will reflect on the field, but Sab will retire before that happens.
  4. No one in the SEC will be able to match A$M money. I see USC as being the major competitor for recruits. They can offer the $ and a hell of lot better life style environment. Beaches and babes!
  5. Players transferring I believe it will create good opportunities for UNT. More important is the 85 limit staying in place.
  6. We win the bowl game Morris is MVP! Big mistake!
  7. With the addition of Latrell, what are the chances of an empty backfield with 4 wide? We are now stacked with talent in the receiver room! On paper the qb and receiver group are the best that I have seen at UNT! I believe the future in these positions will be the transfer portal and not HS.
  8. Good call , you nailed it. Bush type quality is what we need on these last few openings.
  9. I was one that was pissed with in the last few weeks not in the beginning. Gunn is a huge momentum changer for me. I hope we have a few more spots available for these kind of quality players. I'M happy to take the kick in the butt! GMG
  10. I agree on the progressions, but the kid was running for his life! I thought some of the play calling was trying to save his butt with the short patterns and sprint outs. Those highlights I was more impressed with his pocket performance and running ability for a big guy. I mentioned before, but this kid could be a program changer! GMG
  11. I got a chance to see him practice as a freshman and was blown away by his speed and size. His only negative was his route running. He has been my adopted player ever since. At one point he was clocked at 20mph! School zone speed! Let’s go Shorter!!!
  12. I have not witness Ruders quickness, but if he is that fast and can’t break the top 2 in the qb lineup, I wonder how he would do at an H back position?
  13. Awesome! Congrats to all! Got to love his size. Anybody knows how many scholly s left? I had thought 3 more being available?
  14. Big difference with Gunn compared to Ruder is the college starts as a true freshman in the PAC 12. Also being named freshman of the week while playing on a poor team is impressive. I hope he just maintains his existing college stats and we will win alot of games. I also believe with us establishing a run game it will not have to be on his shoulders to win.
  15. Yea, his last 3 years he produced a top 10 offense at Clemson! Man he sucks?
  16. Would like to see a Deng type player. Really miss his shot blocking and athleticism.
  17. To me, the kid is already developed. Someone had mentioned he was a student of Salisbury (?) while in Houston who was a pro and has a strong following. He definitely looks like he has been very well coached. Seth and Blo just need to be the qb whisperers. Teach him the playbook or develop a playbook for the new qb. Get him on the field asap! Win 6 he should be fired!
  18. Again Seth now has a major stud for a qb. A player that started in the PAC 12 as a true freshman and made freshman of the week! Gunn hits his averages we should win a lot of games and Seth will get an extension.
  19. If Gunn hits his stats, Seth just got an extension! The one position we needed a major up grade and he got it.
  20. I really hope Shorter stays healthy and has a break out season! Mc in the slot? If Gun can hit his stats this could be a very good team!
  21. His leadership quality has been mentioned and you can really see it on the field. For a guy his size, his presence in the pocket and running ability seem outstanding. On one play you see him really fighting for the first down. He looks very polished, to me, on his footwork and throwing motion. He may not open as the starter, but should be by the 3rd game and having Austin help him out would be a huge plus. I have never seen a UNT qb with his talent at his size. Stay healthy, this could be a program changing addition. GMG
  22. UNT coach in waiting? Hell of a recruiter!
  23. Ruder started under the same circumstance. It can be done especially if his talent level is there. Him having played and started P5 games I hope will make a big difference.
  24. Overall this will be the most talented qb room Seth has had. Now let's see what he can do with it.
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