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  1. I sure could see Shorter opposite Darden. I could also see us motion the RB to a wide out which would force a linebacker to follow. Nice to have options! GMG
  2. Road win!!! Finally. Congrats to all! GMG
  3. In watching the Giants defense it was surprising how many different formations and combinations they played. Romo had mentioned you don't know what D they will come at you with. They had played for 4 down lineman with a backer coming off the edge and then 3 down lineman. To be predictable and bad is a no win situation. At least put in another D lineman and get the double team off of Norvil. Also it looked like Ch overloaded receivers to one side of the field and we still had our linebacker, safety and corner playing the back side? I watched on TV so I'm not sure if this was the case. As we all
  4. Now is the time to play news guys and see what you have for next year. I don’t know if we will finish the season with Covid so the opportunities need to happen now! GMG
  5. Offense is not the problem. Defense on 3rd down and special teams.
  6. Our DE play all year has been terrible. No pressure and no holding the edge! Do one right!
  7. A very athletic linebacker. Yes that would be a need. GMG
  8. We saw a more than competent QB. You can win a lot of games with that. GMG
  9. Norvil should be dominate as Shorter should be. If they are not it is because of the schemes we are running and that needs to change now.
  10. Why does the D have to be predictable? Come out with a 4 man front that would make it harder to 2 team Norvil . We are wasting his talent by not moving him around. The only time you can be predictable is when you can dominate! Would also like to see Shorter in motion more, even in the slot. GMG
  11. Really disappointed with Shorter at this time. With his body they can’t jam him and he should be great on jump ballls. Are they cheating safeties over? Can someone please explain?
  12. I would disagree. Qb is key, I would get a qb guru type that is known.
  13. As you stated I think he gets one more year. I hope with his recruiting classes he has had they prove to be successful.
  14. Mix it up. I had thought this would of been the plan since he came from a 4-3 system. SMU is killing it with the transfers, what they are doing is what we had always hoped for. Very disappointing.
  15. I could see not renewing scholarships, they could transfer.
  16. Are they counting the cardboard cut outs?
  17. Most disappointing was our DE play. No pressure at all with Novil getting double teamed. They contained well.
  18. Please just be able to play a complete season! I will be happy. GMG
  19. Last one standing? Could be the Rose Bowl.
  20. Shorter will dominate the game.
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