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  1. Amazing how many colleges are out there I have never heard of.
  2. Did we ever make second half adjustments or just play not to loose with Harrell. Skip and La Tech has schooled us on second half adjustments!
  3. Do we have the Seth typical TE at this time? I don't think so as far as size is concerned. The new signees look to be more of his type in the 6'3 and 6'4 range. Hope Smith stays healthy, because Pirtle is really on the lite side.GMG
  4. You don’t know? You must not be one of them!
  5. This loss to Port St was a turning point for the football program. The loss was humiliating, but the immediate firing of Mc and eating the balance of his salary showed a change was coming. What if we beat PS and go 500 that year would we be enjoying today’s success? Was the loss worth it? A lot of pain for a lot of gain. GMG
  6. we should never underestimate a dual threat qb! He is scary.
  7. It hard to believe how far we have come in such a short period of time especially at the QB position! Top 10 nationally!!! Really! Congrats to all! GMG
  8. Went by Friday and nothing had changed except they finished the far end steel arc! GMG
  9. I agree but I think he would get one of the top OC jobs in the country. Plus we don’t have a helicopter 🚁
  10. If Morris does not finish at least at 500 he will be gone this year. Alumni $upportets were pissed with the hire and last season was a total embarrassment. I Also believe Seth is high on their list. UNT could be a great final landing spot for Gus. With the success in BB the pressure just became greater.
  11. Great size and also throws the Disc in track. GMG
  12. UNT hires Malzahn? Arkansas would be perfect for Seth. He wouldn't be expected to win the SEC every year and would still be close to family.
  13. Interesting negotiation point. The more we increase the buy out amount the bigger raise he gets? Gmg
  14. Size size size! Need to get some 6’6” , 6’7” athletes! Zach in the second half of the season looked like he digressed. Might be because he had very little support and no one to rest him off the bench. We are going to miss Miller.
  15. Going to love me some TE action! Congrats to all! GMG
  16. I think you will see Martin and Austin this year. GMG
  17. Great company but keep an eye out for the duo F-D! Fine - Darden won’t be able to slide coverage his way! GMG
  18. Martin was the best qb on the field today. Two drives 2 scores, had some great long balls. We definitely have a number of quick backs. Tre and Addaway May be the bangers! Norvil in the middle and Hamilton on the edge looks to give us a good d- line. Will definitely have the size! GMG
  19. Where is the money going to be for schools like ourselves? Can not stress enough to become a season ticket holder! Even split with a buddy if need be. This allows the AD to at least have planned revenue even with poor weather.
  20. Will streaming minimize the TV contracts and therefore the TV conferences?
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