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  1. Cerebus

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    This is now an Eric Andre GIF thread.
  2. Cerebus

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    Complaining about the University expanding to accomplish it's academic mission? #OldDenton
  3. Cerebus

    Ryan Donates $30 million to UNT

    Cut out the politics talk.
  4. Cerebus

    Art Briles interviewing with Southern Miss

    How Baylor Happened.
  5. Cerebus

    New Coaches

    Oh, is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?
  6. Cerebus

    New Coaches

    All jokes aside, and this may mark me as an old man, but I really hate how technology has changed dating for the worse. Whatever happened to meeting women the old fashioned way? You know, by raiding a neighbor village and stealing them?
  7. Cerebus

    Art Briles interviewing with Southern Miss

    What would be worse for USM: Hiring Art Briles? Starving their eagle mascot to death?
  8. Cerebus

    Art Briles interviewing with Southern Miss

    I mean everyone knows all the cool kids went to La Bowie.
  9. Cerebus

    NEW OC Speculation MegaThread

    SL is doing a great job. We still have depth issues, we'll need to keep recruiting well to fix them.
  10. Cerebus

    NEW OC Speculation MegaThread

    For the record I agree with you 100%. It's just there is no need to bag on DD for his results the first few years. Terrible facilities, terrible support from the administration, and a murderous schedule. GH made more than DD did here, several of the position coaches made more than his coordinators did. For what he had DD over performed. People thought he didn't, he got let go, and then we got a solid decade of suck. THEN we got serious about FB.
  11. Cerebus

    NEW OC Speculation MegaThread

    Look at that OOC. How do you think this team would do against that? However, @Monkeypox is right, The Buick doesn't even run DickeyBall™ anymore.
  12. Whoever pays for access.
  13. Yes. Over time this will be the rule for everyone. Almost all the internal parking lots are slated to be used for actual buildings in the future. A handful of faculty/staff will have spots on this side of the highway. Everyone else will park across the street and bus over to campus. Of course this is long timeline.