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  1. CUSA will continue to exist as a conference. It has an NCAA tourney autobid, which is GOLD, because it’s widely believed no NEW conference would ever get an autobid again. So it doesn’t matter who leaves CUSA. The conference will be able to attract new teams due to its FBS status and it’s autobid. My guess is Liberty, JMU, and NMSU are already burning up the lines. it doesn’t even matter if every fbs team leaves CUSA. The conference will exist and collect those exit fees and distribute them to whoever the new members are. That’s what happened to the Big West and the WAC. The only possible out is that some conferences have a provision in their membership agreement that states that if X number of teams leave then the conference dissolves. I have never heard of CUSA having that provision.
  2. Conference distribution is tv money, ncaa tourney share money, and CFP shares. That’s about 1.5 to 2 million a year recently. So paying back the last two years will cost CUSA teams 3 to 4 million, which just so happens to be the supposed AAC tv payout. So that makes some sense. What doesn’t make a lot is sense is why CUSA teams would want to pay 3-4 million to go make the SBC’s 500k a year tv payout.
  3. Sounds like the start of a beautiful friendship. If we can get back to the subject at hand. The university funds athletics for a couple of reasons. 1) to legitimize the school and make it more attractive to students, 2) to create publicity and raise the public perception of the institution, 3) to create outreach to development target (donations). Basketball success is great. But we need football success in this state to really achieve the goals of the university. Talk of reducing resources to football is a non starter.
  4. This is the football forum. Kansas is getting left behind, Gonzaga doesn't have a team at any level. We're in Texas, if it's not football success then our alumni, the media, etc aren't really going to care. We don't need to pick basketball over football. ALL our athletic programs almost died when we moved to 1-AA. Football has to be funded, this is Texas.
  5. Al Hurley already tried that. If that isn't working for Kansas or Gonzaga i'm not sure how it leads us to the promised land. Also we're in Texas.
  6. I have to say this: The Arizona was not torpedoed, it was hit by horizontal flight bombers. I also have to say that while the CUSA commissioner has gotten absolutely flamed for the media deal, the reality is that the CUSA presidents are the ones who set conditions. They are the ones who didn't want to move games away from Saturday. Since the conference wouldn't budge on that, no ESPN deal.
  7. Don't threaten me with a good time.
  8. If that's your best opening line, no wonder you don't have any. Consider asking about the other person's interests, everyone likes talking about themselves.
  9. This might help: https://www.wikihow.com/Date
  10. Agree. Team has at least been competitive since about 4 min left in the second. Not exactly where we hoped to be six years into the SL regime, but better than we started this game.
  11. His deep ball has been inaccurate, he's been better short, his feet help us. He's looks like the best option, but i'm not sure he's going to make the Maxwell short list.
  12. Defensive rush has been getting close for a while, finally forces a sack/fumble.
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