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  1. Cerebus

    Come on GMG!?!

    Google ads are based on search and browse history. It's not like Harry accepted money from Baylor. Something in your search or browsing history made Google think you would want to see that ad.
  2. Cerebus

    CUSA Officials

    SBC officials did not throw a flag.
  3. Cerebus

    Interesting Article and Response from UAB

    Hambone is going to sack him, and Erdely is going to tell him he isn't mad, just disappointed.
  4. Cerebus

    Interesting Article and Response from UAB

    Woolbright is one of those 24 year old seniors, born 94.
  5. Cerebus

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    Ben Baby is dead to me.
  6. Those are all historical. As in happened decades ago. Before the TV coverage money widened the gap into a chasm. Before the NCAA allowed the P5 rule making ability over everyone in FBS. Before ESPN took over play off access. Now the P5 and ESPN have a shared interest in keeping everyone out.
  7. Cerebus

    Post USM Seth Littrell Radio Show

    Yes, at the height of the rivalry with ArkSt. I think either Awasom or Quinn got one as well for a Gorilla move that same game.
  8. Cerebus

    North Texas' depth chart ahead of UAB

    Ben: If you don't agree with me then you are obviously a sunshine pumper. Also Ben: But pointing out that I just personally critiqued everyone who disagrees with me is a personal critique on me, and therefor bad.
  9. Cerebus

    North Texas' depth chart ahead of UAB

    Yes, that does seem to be your opinion. No matter the topic.
  10. Cerebus

    North Texas' depth chart ahead of UAB

    So you pointing out the guy who gets it right 99% of the time, instead of the people messing up 20% of the time? Why stop on the field? Can't we blame Mason Fine for the parking problems last week? The veggie lasagna in the club level? The fact that our hat selection in the team store is abysmal? I think we can all agree that if Mason Fine can't get 4000 new MGSF members signed up by the next home game he should be fired. Out of Boomer. Into the sun.
  11. Cerebus

    Things we need

    Official GoMeanGreen Things We Need To Do list: Find Ray. Confirm or disprove the rumors that the Pizza Inn Nazi actually fled to South America at the end of the war. Figure out how to troll UTSA about their "cannon", forever. Forget about what happened in Lubbock in 2000. See if we can recruit another player who can beat up an ATM. This time also beat aTm. DD vs SL Karaoke-off. Get the STSS restarted. Find Cougar King someone to date. Speaking of UH, finally get them to admit that Haynes and King played almost a full decade before McVea did. Fire Johnny Jones, immediately. For board members: Figure out how to gain access to the VVIP forum. For board admins: Figure out how to monetize access to the VVIP forum. Get Vito that parking pass. For Cerebus: Figure out how to get every single board post into the Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread. Build a fortress around SL, financial if possible, otherwise divert the pallets from this years bonfire. For the Club level: Better monocle polish. For Harry: Figure out how to charge for font/color changes in posts, should cover all board hosting costs. Am I forgetting anything?
  12. UCF is about to go undefeated for two years straight and they have no chance at the CFP. Any P5 team that does that will get in.
  13. Cerebus

    DRC: UNT releases ticket, donor figures

    Club level is more:
  14. Cerebus

    DRC: UNT releases ticket, donor figures

    Getting into the club requires stadium donation of several thousand dollars, a significant MGC donation every year, and the expensive tickets themselves. Why would anyone pay for that if they can get the exact same benefit for the cost a reserved ticket? Valuation is a thing. If you lower the value of something why would anyone pay a premium for it.