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  1. Know enough to leave their 65" inch tv and watch one CFB game in person and not watch 15 different games on TV? Probably not. Our attendance has to be about us, and making the night an event. Are there some teams that can be huge draws? Sure, but at the most we can get them here once a year.
  2. This is now an Eric Andre GIF thread.
  3. Complaining about the University expanding to accomplish it's academic mission? #OldDenton
  4. Oh, is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?
  5. All jokes aside, and this may mark me as an old man, but I really hate how technology has changed dating for the worse. Whatever happened to meeting women the old fashioned way? You know, by raiding a neighbor village and stealing them?
  6. What would be worse for USM: Hiring Art Briles? Starving their eagle mascot to death?
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