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  1. Cerebus

    Our players were not game day ready!

    Not really. We had 9 BW road games West of El Paso, and we were 3-9.
  2. Cerebus

    Our players were not game day ready!

    Players complained about it all the time. I had family on the team at the time.
  3. Whooo boy. I've never spent money to see the mean green and regretted it. Today may have changed that. What a shit show. Let's sign this class and keep improving. We have a long way to go. ETA: I hope everyone who keeps thinking we're going to find another Fine easily got a wake up call today. We're a 3 win team without him.
  4. Looks like fine won't play in the second half. Came out in cap.
  5. At least we're winning halftime.
  6. Cerebus

    UAB's new stadium is unbelievable!

    Rendering is just a rendering. Not based on any finalized plans.
  7. Cerebus

    UAB's new stadium is unbelievable!

    UAB is not building it. Built and owned by the city of Birmingham, leased for use to UAB, like San Antonio and UTSA. 55K seats is too big for UAB. They have won 18 games over the last two years and still averaged on 24k. What are they going to do when the team falls back down to earth?
  8. Another Very Good ‘Short’ Quarterback Rises From Oklahoma
  9. Cerebus

    DRC: Breaking down the New Mexico Bowl

    They need us to keep amateur status protection. Without that, they would be open to workman's comp claims, long term insurance demands, unionization of players, players could sue for name/likeness rights and compensation, a ton of things. People think the P5 want to be the NFL minor leagues. No one watches the minor leagues. Not in baseball, not in basketball, not in any sport, and for sure not in football. ETA: They already have everything they want from the G5. They have control of all the TV money. They have control of playoff access. They have the ability to make rules for all of FBS without the G5 voting. This is the peak for the P5. The only think left for them to do is trim off the bottom of the P5 and form the P4.
  10. Cerebus

    New Mexico Bowl - Roll Call

    Mrs. Cerebus and I are flying in Friday night.
  11. You're telling me this man coaches in a state were weed isn't legal? Hard to believe.
  12. Cerebus

    New Mexico Bowl Preview & Predictions

    This is the best team we've played all year, and the best bowl team we've ever faced. A win would be huge.