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  1. Quarterback Mason Fine's heritage honored with University of North Texas T-shirts featuring Cherokee syllabary
  2. Cerebus

    Seth Littrell on KESN

    The Show – UNT head coach Seth Littrell previews the Mean Green
  3. Cerebus

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    I don't know man, there is a Scrappy ice sculpture up here... tough to give up.
  4. Cerebus

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    I think that club view is great for seeing the plays develop. There is a reason the coordinators at most programs are up high. Sidelines are great for hearing the game and seeing the players body language and seeing the coaches interacting with the team.
  5. Cerebus

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    Club level requires a sizable stadium fund domination, it appears this doesn't.
  6. Cerebus

    Story on cost of attendance stipend

    Universities are MORE efficient now than they were in the 90s, it's just that state input has collapsed. Here is a though experiment: Lets say in the 90s it cost $100 to educate a student. You need to pay for professors of course, but that also includes lab space, advisers, parking lots, heating/cooling buildings, pay for employee insurance, information systems to keep track of it all, etc. Of that $100, the state paid for $75 of it. The feds step in and pay about $10 of it. That leaves about $15 for tuition and fees to cover. The state and federal government over time greatly increase costs like course requirements and administration overhead load. Both are constantly churning out not only laws, but administrative code and and guidance. This requires all sorts of people to be hired to cross all those T's and dot all those i's. The state also decided to strength core course, which is a good thing, but now more people have to take lab sciences, which are incredibly expensive. Society changes in a such a way computers and computer knowledge become ubiquitous. That means much more IT needs for universities. IT is expensive. Despite all that, universities manage to reduce the per student cost to $95. At the same time, state politicians keep getting elected by promising to lower taxes or at least not raise them. At one time, education funding was sacrosanct. No politician, liberal or conservative, would ever work against education funding. That time passed. Now the state pays for about $15 of the per student cost. Feds still pay for $10 of it. That leaves $75 for tuition and fees. The one place where universities have increased costs in what could be considered wasteful is in amenities. However study after study has shown that not having these amenities (think rock climbing walls, nice gyms, bigger dorm rooms, etc) hurts you in attracting top achieving students. No matter what students and families say about the cost, not having them means you lose out on the top students. The state also incentives getting those top students because low graduation rates hurts your funding. So in order to keep getting that $15, the university needs to keep graduating a high rate of students. That means high performing, that means you better have some swag to get them to come here.
  7. Cerebus

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    That was the original purpose of that rooftop patio on the athletic center. In the end the AC ended up not being directly attached to the stadium, and they put a huge billboard the block the view.
  8. Cerebus

    Story on cost of attendance stipend

    In the late 90s the State of Texas covered 75% of the cost of educating a student. Now they cover about 15-20% of the cost of educating a student. That is why so many students and their families have to take out loans to cover the actual cost. The State of Texas used to value using tax payer money to pay for higher education, but they no longer do.
  9. That's why he is slimming down to possession receiver size...
  10. I hear they may have found a redshirt loophole for him, one more year of eligibility.