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  1. Just an update on the FPI numbers. FPI has moved us UP to 108. FAU moves up to 76 after a 2pt lose to Purdue. LaTech falls to 100 after losing to USA. UTSA falls 13 spots to 81 after killing TexSo. WKU moves all the way up to 43 after murdering FIU. FIU, dead last at 131, after the above murder. UAB down to 57 after an off week. Rice up one spot to 107 after losing by one score to UH. Memphis fell 4 spots after beating us. FIU is still the only school FPI has ranked below us.
  2. My decades following North Texas football have taught me exact the opposite.
  3. As an aside: MTSU is beating #25 Mia 17-3... and they are in the redzone again.
  4. I don't you should admit, in a public forum, that you are interested in those types of highly illegal substances.
  5. Sagrin is hot garbage, but pretty much any/all rankings have only FIU behind us.
  6. I think Kemon, Jenkins, Brooks are all very good and would love to have ANY of them here right now. I don't think any of them were multiple all conference. Not counting preseason or HM awards.
  7. Forgiveness is not absolution.
  8. Not real sure I would call any game a "definite" win. FIU looks really down this year and the game is here, but...
  9. My main concern is QB and DB. The real problem is we are always short at those positions, because almost everyone is short at those positions. How many times have we had an Impact Player at either of those position groups? Lets define that as someone who 1) can win multiple all conference awards, and 2) most teams in the conference would trade their top player at that position for ours? Not often. Since our return to 1A/FBS, looking at QB, the only two names that come to mind are Scott Hall and Mason Fine. And neither one of those was heavily recruited. If I remember correctly Hall had a gaudy record in HS as a QB, but his offers from the P5 programs came at safety, where he was named AP All State. We gave him a shot at QB. Fine broke every Oklahoma record, but because of his size we where the only FBS school to offer. Is it any better at DB? Who was the last truly shut down corner we had? Don McGee? We need a RECRUITER. At least someone who understands your staff has to be all recruiting, all time. Either through high school or the portal. We have to get someone who can win those battles and have those kind of impact players sign here.
  10. Looking at our schedule, things are bleak. FPI has us ranked 112 out of 131 FBS teams. @Memphis 2-1 - Ranked 54 - Only loss is Miss St, wins against Navy and Ark St. FAU 2-2 - Ranked 81 - Maybe shakier than they seem? Losses to Ohio (not st) and UCF. Wins against Charlotte (122) and SELa. LaTech 1-2 - Ranked 97 - They've had a killer schedule. Losses to Mizzou and Clemson, lone win against SFA. @UTSA 1-2 - Ranked 68 - Losses to UH and UT, win against Army. @WKU 2-1 - Ranked 65 - Close loss to Indiana, wins against Hawaii and Austin Peay. FIU 1-1 - Ranked 130 - Only team FPI has us ahead of, squeaked out 1pt win against (not Kobe) Bryant, big loss to TexSt. @UAB 2-1 - Ranked 55 - Wins against Georgia Southern and Alabama A&M, lost to the Fightin' Fallwells. Rice 2-1 - Ranked 108 - Lost to USC, beat McNeese, and snapped the Cajuns 16 win streak.
  11. I can solve that problem right now.
  12. They got to wait till at least the end of the game.
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