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  1. UNT Health Science Center is a separate entity, it is a member of the UNT System but isn't part of UNT Denton. Just like UNT Dallas.
  2. Getting into the AAU would be harder than getting into the P5 (P2?). I'm not saying it's impossible, it's just a real hard climb.
  3. UNT has frozen tuition and fee increases since the start of COVID, the legislature is likely to freeze increases for the at least the next two years. As you've probably noticed, EVERYTHING is much more expensive than before COVID. If you've hired people locally, you know the job market is HOT in North Texas and salaries are booming. So despite the huge increase in costs for the university, it has already made serious sacrifices to NOT pass the expense along to the student.
  4. Folks this is a big deal, this will bring in tens of millions a year in new funding.
  5. From his first snap of the game until his last, Rogers was getting swarmed. I would love to know what UTSA's pressure rate was, it might be an NCAA record.
  6. I promise you if we had aTm level of NIL dollars we would be killing every G5 in the state on recruiting, and we would be really hurting the P5 schools as well.
  7. I was not here at the time, but my understanding comes from discussing the issue with people who were in athletics at the time, and with a couple members of the BOR who were also here at the time. If NT had filed the waiver and then proven they had funded the aluminum seating at Fouts they would have stayed at 1A. Other schools in our situation did that.
  8. The university could have stayed 1A by expanding seating at Fouts. However athletics was running deep in the red at the time, and the faculty were so unhappy about the deficit, that no one in leadership was going to try and fight that battle. Dr. Hurley did great things for the academic side of the house, but he was fully behind dropping to 1AA and focusing on basketball.
  9. North Texas RB Oscar Adaway makes a defender miss. North Texas WR Damon Ward makes a diving sideline catch. North Texas RB Ayo Adeyi looks upfield.
  10. North Texas WR Roderick Burns leaps into the endzone to score a touchdown. North Texas WR Damon Ward makes a catch in traffic. North Texas DE Mazin Richards is impeded while trying to pressure the quarterback. More photos tomorrow will be posted later.
  11. Army's AD has stated that the rule change is part of the reason they looked to join a conference. They know the rule change will make their option offense less viable. They hope joining a conference makes them more competitive in the the new NIL/transfer portal world.
  12. NT students not only voted to pass an Athletics fee, they voted a few years later to allow the fee to be raised and the SGA to be allowed to raise the fee without a student vote.
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