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  1. The commissioners office is a figurehead position. Those decisions you keep blaming on Judy? They were made by the presidents of the institution. Catching flak for the decisions that don't work out? Exactly why they pay her.
  2. Denial Anger Bargaining <-- YOU ARE HERE Depression Acceptance
  3. Denial Anger <-- YOU ARE HERE Bargaining Depression Acceptance Barring some huge scandal, or SL deciding to drop kick one of the big donor's pets off McConnell Tower, he will be back next year.
  4. This is actually a replacement for the RedBox Bowl that was to be held in Cali. The organizers decided to drop it early this year, so this is actually just bringing up the number is bowls to the number expected at the start of the year.
  5. @UNT86 is spot on. This is for sure used against coaches. I'm not saying we HAVE to give anyone an extension, but a short contract will be used against a HC by other coaching staffs.
  6. No the rule you are thinking about is the spring practices rule. That does set a hard cap on the number of days. There is no cap on the number of practices when prepping for bowl games, you just have to follow the normal hours per week rule.
  7. That bus ride back from Monroe was GRIM.
  8. UTSA sideline was very weird. Thought they would come up with their hair on fire to keep that perfect record. Seemed pretty normal, if not a little lower. Maybe they shouldn't have spent the previous week shooting hype videos with rented Bentleys. Either way, when they got jumped on early they seemed to deflate. Pulling the starting QB at half seemed crazy to me. Yes, they were down 18, but they had a ton of miscues to set us up. Did they expect that to last? We had our own stalled drives and turnovers in the second half. If they had kept everyone in they might have crawled back into it or at least made it closer. Terrible message to send to you team, we outscore them 14-0 in the 3rd, and it's all over but the crying.
  9. SL base salary is $1.35M, but he has guaranteed incentives that boost each year to a minimum of just over $1.8M. SL contract was extended to run through 2023, so two more years left after this one. If anyone has $3.6M+ burning a hole in your pocket, I am sure WB wouldn't turn down a meeting.
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