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  1. https://newenglandrecruitingreport.com/recruits/abou-ousmane-2020
  2. ๐Ÿ˜ฅSad note that Mo is a double North Texas legacy as both his daddy and uncle played football here.
  3. UNT belongs in the AAC. We are more deserving than schools like Tulsa. I just donโ€™t think SMU will allow us to join. So we need a plan B.
  4. North Texas will see their recruiting skyrocket as many top recruits are wanting to stay closer to home with the virus.
  5. Local DFW and state of Texas talent will decide to stay closer to home due to this virus and itโ€™s impact. Their parents will also press them to stay close. Letโ€™s hope UNT takes advantage of this and stocks up. This should be a CLEAR advantage for UNT in all sports going forward.
  6. I know the NCAA guidelines laid out that you can use the Student-Athlete Assistance Fund to help with some of those Spring scholarship players that are coming back. What does that fund look like for UNT? And how much do you foresee having to dip into that to maybe help out with some scholarships? I worry that we will have increased scholarship costs with the additional year of eligibility given to the spring sports at UNT. Can we donate the money that we need? It seems like the schools who can do this or have the budget will do better.
  7. All fine and good but every Belt team would join CUSA and not one CUSA would join Belch. So no they arenโ€™t the same and never will be.
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