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  1. Why does everyone keep pussyfooting around about whether a dude if offered or walk on? Seems like a charade. It’s still honorable to be invited to walk on to a division 1 school no?
  2. Errr Dechambeau one of the two. Got a love Siri and voice to text. Good night from somebody who’s had one or two to many
  3. Yeah I get what you’re saying and all but MAc is like what 60/40 on these types of deals? Worries me that he has to hit on so many and lose his better players in the portal to boot (Reese).
  4. Wow he hires head coaches for his assistants? That is not normal.
  5. What Allen has done is a travesty. It is shameful that their concept is allowed from the Texas legislature. It is not good for families and most of all the kids.
  6. Good for Zach he’s been a good soldier. That said, we are now officially in a rebuilding year which sucks.
  7. Texas hiring of Beard official: https://www.espn.com/watch/player/_/id/0c43c489-555e-4a28-a3c8-69e5e4264302
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