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  1. When did Pirtle move to TE? Just curious
  2. And we lost by 3... let’s hope we can make the same kinda run again. It’s very clear how dead our legs are...
  3. Yesterday most of the crowd showed up around 8 pm
  4. FYI when I tried to buy at the door they said the credit card computer was down and they only took cash. They instructed me to purchase though seat geek which I did but their is an extra 5$ fee so that kinda sucks
  5. It’s all GA seating in the bowl. First come first serve. That’s how it was last year anyways but last year those seats were too far to see anything
  6. i plan on just walking up and buying. the 6 pm is for the session of mens games at 6 and 830. 1 ticket for 4 games i believe
  7. Hahahahahahahahaha..... hahahahahahahahahaha.... hahahahahahahahahaha thats all I can say about that
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