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  1. It will be his regret when he rides the pine at a P5 school instead of starting at North Texas... but hey itโ€™s his call!
  2. I was told when I called to renew my season tickets that more then likely no single game tickets would be sold. They anticipate no more the 50% attendance allowed and season ticket holders and students will have first rights of access.
  3. Schedule is back loaded with conference road games...
  4. Looks like an airport code with a plane in the middle of the C
  5. If we had college cursing programs I would have had a 4.0 at North Texas!
  6. Can I just buy them and throw em all away so no one ever has to see that abomination of a cover?
  7. I think we used to wear that shade ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. it would be amazing and i would go to watch my college team play in my favorite baseball team's stadium
  9. Might be the first SMU fan I have ever agreed with!
  10. This was great! This and the Fine comeback vs UTSA are my two favorite moments in Apogee
  11. I started working from home but business wise nothing has changed.
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