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  1. bstnsportsfan3

    The Von Erichs are returning to Texas - SMU Game

    Good ole JR will be in the house too!
  2. bstnsportsfan3

    Blake Patterson ?

    The punter.
  3. bstnsportsfan3

    Big time commitment

    was this a verbal commitment or did she sign? just kidding! Congrats
  4. bstnsportsfan3

    Austin Aune former Argyle Qb available?

    cant blame him for wanting to join the team that wins the game in fayetteville, and maybe he got some scouting info too!
  5. bstnsportsfan3

    Recruiting Rankings

    Getting closer to a top 50 recruiting class nationally! Now that would be awesome
  6. bstnsportsfan3

    Please control this board better!!!

    Christmas in July?
  7. bstnsportsfan3

    DRC: Breaking news -- Mayfield granted additional year

    Are we 100% sure the NCAA saw the NORTH in front of the word Texas? Anyways great news and im glad he will get another year
  8. bstnsportsfan3

    Arkansas game seating

    of course in my situation i was informed the tickets were bought before i could suggest to buy em through north texas, but i don't mind wearing green in a sea of red
  9. bstnsportsfan3

    Arkansas game seating

    My folks live in arkansas about 40 min north of fayetteville. Dad bought me and him tickets last week, no clue where we are sitting but who cares! it will be fun to wear green in that sea of red
  10. bstnsportsfan3

    Watching Party Location Change? (Collin County)

    As long as the Mean Green are on the TV's im down. Seems like a cool place
  11. i was waiting for this an was not disappointed. IOWA IOWA FLORIDA IOWA FLORIDA.
  12. bstnsportsfan3

    Who will be our first signature win?

    i hope its the hogs. i have family 40 min away from the university. ill be going to the game and be proud to wear the green and white in the middle of the sea of red.. would love to take down the hogs.