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  1. Looks like a good get! We sure hope he will help slaughter the opposing offenses
  2. RV would have veto'd these since they don't say North Texas.... how will people ever know who we are?
  3. Uniform talk, the go to staple of Go Mean Green offseason!
  4. I would have gone but unfortunately had a death in the family and also some other circumstances that did not allow me to get up to Denton. Grateful for this team and glad they posted this online!
  5. Just another in a series of mind numbing posts from you. There is nothing wrong with Zach going to play in Europe, South America, or any other country! I am grateful for all Zach has done for NT!
  6. ORU announced an 8 year extension for Mills earlier today. Not sure if it stops him from being a candidate or not
  7. Kenworthy was the kicker.... Harvey was a CB who did his pro day with A&M
  8. Ya but time and time again you put out the most ridiculous of scenarios.
  9. I cant even start with this post... and his name is Ross Hodge.... not Hode.
  10. Might as well ran a 2.3... jeez give the dude a break. 4.4 is plenty fast
  11. We excepted Reese to leave as a senior anyways so even though I hate to lose him, it’s not a shock. J Jack leaving is a bit of a surprise. I though this coming season might be a chance for him to break out.
  12. I think maybe Bell is back. Other then that I don’t see Reese or Simmons back and Hamlet is most likely going pro. Is stock won’t be higher then it is now.
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