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  1. I clicked it and it brought me to a YouTube video of wren asking for donations to the MGSF. I replied to the message that I am a donor to the MGSF and they said thank you.
  2. 2021 class but fills an immediate need of depth on the OL. Good Pick up
  3. 1. Which freshmen stands out Gabe Blair 2. Who starts; Aune or Ruder Ruder taking over halfway through the First Game 3. Who makes the most impact; Adaway or Torrey Torrey, not because he is the better runner, but because we will use him in the slot as well. 4. Does McCrae evolve into the DE we thought he would be No only because he will be a DT and not a DE 5. Can Shorter become WR1 after last year Can he? Yes, Will he, i don't think so. I see the ball being spread around and this team not really having a WR 1 like in years past. 6. Who has the best chance to break out Not a break out per say because he was good last year, but I think Upton Stout can be a All Conference Player this season. 7. Does Bennett's new system work Yes but it wont be without some growing pains. I think we will be ranked around 95th this year (big improvement from being last)and next year will be about mid-pack NCAA-wise.
  4. excited for this series, i just thought the first game would be at apogee... kind of weird to be the return game between these two schools.
  5. If they are this short sided and don’t want to take an AD from the “lowly G5” then honestly Wren is dodging a major bullet by not going there. They would be lucky to hire a Wren Baker
  6. Anyone know why Enoch Jackson the transfer from Arkansas is listed as OL and not DL?
  7. I’m always willing to meet and hang with fellow NT fans.
  8. i dont know about hub club. i am not that fancy 🙂 but the email said all tickets would be digital
  9. all tickets are digital but the parking passes will be available for pick up
  10. That was my first dorm in 2007. It was pretty fun down but I actually enjoyed its charm and worked on the college inn hall association to provide some fun to my fellow residents at the time. Good memories!
  11. I would seriously hate to see Wren go as he and Dr Smatrask have been the best things to happen to NT in years. I am comfortable with the thought of Jared Mosley taking over though
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