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  1. I wonder why three are getting rid of the chrome dome? I liked the look of them!
  2. Transferred in as a sophomore from NCTC. 07-08 College Inn 08-2010- Victory Hall as an RA
  3. I chose the diving eagle with the Texas outline. Light the tower doesn’t excite me, most people wouldn’t understand it and frankly it’s kinda hard to tell that is what is happening from the design. I love the battle flag but maybe it’s just that picture but I don’t think it looks good on the court design. Plus the diving eagle over Texas is basically a match to the new football turf from last year. Will be interesting to see what wins!
  4. no, id prefer to be in a conference with other texas school.
  5. If it doesn't say NORTH TEXAS, how will they ever know who we are?? ...i never understood that excuse
  6. Marcus Trice- Safety and Special Teams Coach at Coppell High school.
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