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  1. Go to the show and let Littrell know how you feel. I wish more people would do this
  2. Uh how about the fan base. I traveled to Vegas and spent over a grand on flight, hotel, food ect and I left this game about 7 min early. I am fed up i am a diehard. Imagine the average fan. If you want to nuke your fan base, feel free to keep him on
  3. Not sure offense was his problem lol
  4. Do the coaches know when you handoff in shotgun, you turn a 4th and 1 into 4th and 6 every time? Seems like basic football knowledge! Just sayin
  5. Littrell will ramble on about all 3 phases and how we didn’t execute and blah blah blah…same song and dance for 7 years. Time for a change!
  6. Next time you want to post my tweet, feel free to ask!
  7. and i took em 9 min before kick off. it did fill in a bit more but not to 15,000
  8. Seth plays games with the depth chart and leaves it the same all year it seems. Injury or not
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