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  1. See when your not trolling us, you actually bring some quality information and conversation. I have given you a plus one now for the first time! Appreciate the input!
  2. I know Hank left in the beginning of January I believe
  3. no offense, but the real jay d has been correct on almost everything within the program.
  4. great listen! makes me really excited for this hire!
  5. What do you mean? He wasn’t eligible to play this last season so of course we haven’t seen anything from him
  6. I don’t get the concern about sending him into retirement. He is basically retired now and is choosing to get back into coaching. If that doesn’t show you he will care about this job I’m not sure what will
  7. you act all high and mighty like your conference, recruting and status in the college football world is so much better then ours. Its not. you are part of the G5 just like the rest of us. We can and do battle for the same level of recruits. This is why people hate SMU. The "we are more holier then thou" attitude you all carry is beyond ridiculous.
  8. As long as he doesn’t play the DB’s 10 yards off the wide receivers I’ll be happy
  9. tough fought win, UTEP came out swinging but we made enough plays to take the W.
  10. nice. i just dont wanna run a 3 man front anymore
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