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  1. tulane just scored the GW touchdown with 3 seconds left to go up 38-31. crazy fun game to watch
  2. That PI was ridiculous. Ball was not catchable and they threw the flag about 5 min after the play ended
  3. 3 and 7 and you throw it 5 yards behind the line? Now I know Scott Linehan is our OC
  4. Out for game. I’m sure we won’t hear anything else tonight.
  5. It’s not a bad thing. We gripe about never getting P5 schools to Denton and then complain when it happens... never understood that.
  6. We have given them the ball at the 40 or better 3 drives as well
  7. Are we sure this isn’t a dodge or McCarney coached team? Feels like it. We have taken major steps back on all parts
  8. Held em to two FG after the ugly first drive, it’s been ugly but our O needs to show up
  9. yes mean green on my team!
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