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  1. Great pick up! Glad to see DFW talent stay local
  2. No clue if she would want to be an assistant here but I’d hire her yesterday. In fact this may not be a popular opinion but I’d rather have her in the head spot even though I appreciate Jalie and love the fact she is one of our own.
  3. Can the new recruit from Houston play the two spot? I was thinking he will be more of a 3 in this offense
  4. I hope they make a 1 year exception to eligibility and the scholarship limit. It’s really the right thing to do.
  5. And the conference tournament has been outright cancelled
  6. So I guess we win? Even though I doubt an NCAA tournament is played now
  7. i have hulu live. its not one of the channels. im hoping it will be on FB tomorrow as well
  8. Johnny Jones better not lose this game...
  9. My guess is they will cancel for fans the rest of the way, but I hope I’m wrong. I already bought a ticket for tomorrow and this is really gonna ruin my day tomorrow
  10. The media has been blowing this thing way out of proportion
  11. Same. Hope they decide to still allow fans but I doubt it cause everyone is overreacting to everything.
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