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  1. Yes, it says on his Texas A&M CC bio page that he started all 6 games and then was injured. However, I don't know what type of injury it was or if he has entirely recovered.
  2. In his younger and more vulnerable years, he would have committed to Purdue, but after spending some time on Long Island, it has changed his whole attitude about the glamour of the P5.
  3. In general I agree with this sentiment, but let's consider a few things. First, Butler is no longer a midmajor, as they now play in the Big East. Also, Gonzaga is just about the most anomalous example of a program from a midmajor conference as one could find. VCU is a more apt comparison, but even then, if you look at what their program has done in relation to ours over the course of the past 40 years, it's not even close. We finally broke through and made it to the Round of 32, which is awesome, but VCU has done it 9 times. And, regardless, I don't think there's any chance in hell that w
  4. Gonzaga may not be a Cinderella anymore, at least in the traditional sense, but this is still on some level the West Coast Conference vs. a power five conference. Go Bulldogs!
  5. Really, really happy to see this!
  6. The odds of keeping McCasland seem low, to be perfectly honest. This is just a hunch, but since we're not hearing anything about current players announcing that they will return or outside players committing to transfer in (while a LOT of movement is happening around the country), then I suspect that the general assumption is that he won't be back. But, I think we have an excellent candidate already on staff to take over in the event that he leaves. Or, if we want to look externally, I think our budget presents some intriguing possibilities. So, I wouldn't exactly say that I'm worried--but
  7. I suppose it's plausible that Tech could hire from within, but here's my thought: It has got to sting for them to lose a head coach to a conference mate, and an internal hire might not make a big enough splash to appease their wounded alums.
  8. Louisiana Tech has done well against the state of Mississippi so far this season. Let's hope that continues against Mississippi State.
  9. Yep, that's all we can ask for, and they aren't quitting.
  10. I just want to see us play with some pride and win the second half. Will we win the half by 20? No chance in he'll, but I would like to at least see us play the way we are capable of playing for the rest of this game.
  11. A 34-6 run is like a 1 vs. a 16 . . . if the 16 is having a really, really bad day.
  12. That's about the most disastrous three minutes of basketball possible. If this meltdown continues, this won't be close by halftime.
  13. I could not be prouder of how this team is playing. Having said that, Purdue is a second half team that has staged numerous comebacks this season after being down by way more than this, so hang on . . .
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