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  1. If we make it into the top pod, it'll be just our luck that the schedule will send us back to Bowling Green for round two against WKU.
  2. Javion Hamlet was really unstoppable for stretches of the first half.
  3. You do have to give FAU credit, as they are the only CUSA team so far* to reach 3-0. And, 11-5 is nothing to sneeze at. They just won a weird game at Rice where they were up 55-33 at one point in the second half but then fell down by a point and finally ended up winning the game by 5. They seem to be a solid defensive team with good guard play and forwards who aren't afraid to stretch the defense and shoot threes. We will be favored, but this could be a tricky opponent to put away. *(Either Charlotte or ODU will also be 3-0 after they play each other Saturday.)
  4. I'm scratching my head a bit about the LaTech-UTSA halftime score.
  5. This is one of the tougher CUSA road trips that we'll face, so pulling off a split was a major victory, in my opinion.
  6. Unfortunately, that appears to be the mantra this season. Regardless of the quality of our play, we need to figure out how to close out games against good teams. We desperately need wins, and they need to start against Marshall on Saturday. If we lose that one, it may indicate that we're simply not conference title contenders. I'm still confident that we'll be a tough team to beat at the Super Pit, but we can't lose nearly every road game and still pretend that we're one of the top tier CUSA teams.
  7. We could still win 10 conference games, but I think that's toward the upper end of what is realistic. We've gone 8-10 the last two years, and while I could see us maybe picking up an extra win or two this season, I wouldn't expect much more than that.
  8. For those of you who think we're ready to roll through conference play after losing a whole bunch of tough non-conference games, giving up 61 points in a half should give you pause. We still have only 1 win away from home, which was in Arlington. I don't feel too optimistic about our chances at Marshall in a couple days.
  9. It is quite possible that we will end up being outscored by 30 for the second half.
  10. This is one of the worst second half meltdowns I have seen from this team--and I have seen a lot of them over the years.
  11. We hired Todd Dodge and Tony Benford. And, it's not even the hires that bother me but how long we kept both of them, despite historic failures.
  12. Skip Holtz is the absolute model of G5 consistent coaching/recruiting. He was a tremendous hire for Louisiana Tech and, if he ever leaves, will probably be a solid hire for whatever program next gets him. But, there's no chance in hell that he would ever leave LaTech for UNT, regardless of money. If he did, it would be because his stock fell or somehow his relationship with the AD there soured. One thing I've always admired about Louisiana Tech's athletic department is that they so rarely are ever terrible at any major sport. They aren't always conference championship caliber, but they are almost never at the bottom of the conference. Meanwhile, at North Texas, history tells us that after things go south and we miss a bowl game, it usually takes MANY years of rebuilding before we are even competitive again.
  13. OU about to take the lead after we were up 10 like 2 minutes ago. Complete meltdown.
  14. Andrew beat me to it. OU did pick up a few toward the end of the half. To be fair, some of the disparity was due to Z. Simmons being out much of the first half and our other players struggling to defend in the paint.
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