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  1. Great questions! Just the fact that you're taking the time to ask them already boosts my confidence in the direction things are headed during what feels like a transitional moment.
  2. The proposal to play home-and-home games against the five geographically closest opponents sounds reasonable in theory, but logistically that just doesn't work out for everyone. Take UTEP for example. Their closest games would be at the other Texas schools and then Louisiana Tech and Southern Miss. However, Southern Miss's five closest games should be against UAB, MTSU, Louisiana Tech, WKU, and Rice. But, that could never happen under this format because it would then send UTEP really far across the country. North Texas and UTSA would also need far-flung replacements. So, basically this plan would ask the schools that are geographically in the middle to take one for the team and essentially align with the schools either east or west of them, whether or not they are the closest. Or, in other words, it would create de facto divisions once again. The only other possibility would be to just say sorry to the geographic outliers like UTEP, FIU, and FAU and tell them that their home-and-home schedule will not be configured according to distance. I guess the logic there could be that they will have to fly everywhere anyway, so get over it. But, I can't see that scenario happening either.
  3. I might be thinking of a different recruiting cycle altogether, but I remember a year when our early signee class was ranked top 25 or something like that but not necessarily the entire recruiting class that year.
  4. There's always the possibility that there are other reasons and that he's just trying to take the classy route by focusing on position. He's a huge loss, but oh well. That's life in today's college basketball landscape. I'm really excited about our new commits, so hopefully this will be a win-win for both parties. Thanks for the memories, Mo!
  5. Sounds great, but I do have questions: 1. Does anyone have a scouting report on DFW area second graders? If so, which ones are polished enough to start on day one as freshman during the 2030 season?! 2. Will we have the budget to both buy out Littrell AND afford our new AI coaching staff in time for the 2030 season?
  6. Wow. That was . . . uninspiring. Hopefully they were just trying some things out on offense--things they never, ever try again.
  7. The perimeter defense on Hollingsworth late in the second half and throughout OT was key. We had several guards really step up on defense when it mattered most. Also, I think the refs gave us some make-up calls in OT after the bizarre end to regulation.
  8. OK, now we can complain about the officiating.
  9. The universe just doesn't want us to ever beat this team.
  10. I have to say, this is one of the more impressive basketball pregame threads that we have had. There have been some games when we've barely made it past the first page by halftime.
  11. I was just riffing on the 90s theme: the pre-alcohol-at-NT-sporting-events era. Pay no heed to my nonsense!
  12. Yes, and there will be no alcohol sales to help us through it. The horror, the horror . . .
  13. Well, if I'm not mistaken, we have now clinched a spot in the top pod.
  14. Who said anything about a two-bid conference?
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