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  1. That game was at Coastal Carolina. UAB has not lost a home game since restoring their program.
  2. Greendylan

    Great performance by the defense!

    14 tackles for loss by our defense . . . just let that sink in.
  3. Greendylan

    It feels different now

    "Deep down we really all knew the NY6 was unattainable." Respectfully, I would like to disagree. It was always unlikely and by no means a slam dunk even if we had finished 13-0, but I still wouldn't call it "unattainable." Any G5 team that completes its non-conference schedule by blowing out every single opponent is squarely in the conversation.
  4. Greendylan

    It feels different now

    The offense may be even better next year, which is definitely a reason for optimism. The defense, as others have pointed out, loses a lot and may take a huge step back. What's disappointing, however, is that we may not ever again have the scheduling stars align such that we can go undefeated in non-conference. For a G5 team not named Boise State, it could take two or three decades (or more) before that's a realistic possibility again. Oh well, that's not to say that we can't still finish this season as one of the best teams in the nation. A missed opportunity against a team that we were clearly capable of beating stings, but there's a lot still on the table.
  5. I think there's a difference. But, our postseason prospects will be the same. That's not meant as a knock on the team, but the G5 reality is that you get one shot every decade or two to make some noise on a national level. Hey, I'll still take bowl eligibility over what we've come accustomed to in the past, but this was a huge opportunity that was lost with that blocked kick.
  6. We now know the following: We will not be ranked. We will not win the conference. We will not win the West Division. There's no shame in going to the ServPro Bowl or whatever it is called, but at this point it really makes no difference if we go 6-6 or 11-1. Time to just focus on building for next year and maybe just maybe winning a bowl game for the first time under Littrell. Sadly, I think that's the only milestone that is possible this season. At least mediocrity is way better than we were a few years ago.
  7. We look terrible, and unless something drastically changes, we are headed for a blowout loss. We are being completely dominated on the line and seem to have no answer.
  8. Pretty much getting no pressure on their QB, so he's just picking the secondary apart. And, when he throws a bad pass, it's called pass interference every single time.
  9. Greendylan

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    We can't beat Arkansas and the refs.
  10. Greendylan

    North Texas @ Arkansas Game Thread

    Welp, the refs have made clear their preference.
  11. Maybe. CSU had the advantage of a home crowd and a 5,000 foot elevation, and they still were well on their way to a blowout loss before Arkansas wore down physically and fell victim to their own poor play calling. We will have a much more difficult task than CSU did, in my opinion.
  12. Sure, that's a fair point. I don't want to speak for Vito here, of course, but an argument could be made that the binding thematic thread common to all these player/coach profiles and features throughout the game week is the overwhelming opportunity that the upcoming game (Arkansas) presents for those individuals and the football program they represent.
  13. Any time one team is preparing to face another with whom there is any history, you read again and again about the all-time record between the schools, record vs. conference, previous scores, etc. It would be flimsy journalism to not provide historical context. And, Vito's actually framing the narrative in a way that sets us up for a whole spate of feel good stories if we pull off a win.
  14. Greendylan

    Arkansas UNT Watch Parties - Dallas version

    We have never arranged anything official with them, but Dot's was very accommodating to UNT fans last year.
  15. Greendylan

    Razorback Alum and Fan here... AMA

    I had a chance to visit Hog Haus Brewing Co recently when we were staying in a cabin near Eureka Springs for the Fourth of July. Awesome food, but what was even more impressive was how knowledgeable the staff was about their beers.