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  1. If only there were a way we could immediately prove that this was no fluke . . .
  2. It's a concern. To be fair, though, we're seeing at this point a number of our players announce that they are entering the portal--not that they have committed to their new team. So, it is plausible that we could hear about a huge influx of transfers in a few days. I wouldn't necessarily bet on it, but it is within the realm of possibility.
  3. It'll be interesting to see if the transfer portal ultimately ends up being a net negative or positive for us when all is said and done. If, in a few weeks, we feel better about our depth chart than we did at the end of the early signing period, then I would say it's proof we've been overreacting. And yes, I know we won't really know anything for certain until we see the team take the field in 2021.
  4. It feels like the defense is a sinking ship. Players know it, and potential DC hires know it too. Of course, players transfer quite a bit these days (especially given the Covid exemptions), so I don't think we should overreact to losing a few, but . . . something has definitely seemed off about Littrell ever since the K-State deal fell through. Perhaps this is just my impression, but he comes across as unenthused (which is nothing like the Littrell we saw in the first couple years), and I fear that is trickling down to the players.
  5. This should be an easy, decisive win, but let's be fair to LSU-Alexandria. They have had some success against D1 teams in recent years, and they have lost this year to SFA and ULL by 18 and 15, respectively.
  6. NT: around 17-20 APP State: as many points as they want to score Big Picture: There's no downside to playing in a bowl game during a rebuilding year, so even a blowout loss would constitute a step forward.
  7. Murray brings a lot of energy to both sides of the court, and his teammates seem to really be rooting for him. I suspect that McCasland's been trying to figure out where exactly his role will be (and if he can be trusted in critical stretches of a game) during non-conference play. I'm all for that, but I also hope there is a way to get Jalen Jackson some more meaningful minutes to see what he can do with a little development.
  8. Ousmane's really struggling right now.
  9. I'll take it! But . . . we probably should be about 30 point underdogs.
  10. This defense makes every opposing offense walk away thinking they are full of Heisman candidates.
  11. Apparently we thought 29 points was enough for the game.
  12. No kidding. I thought he was about to announce his retirement and just walk away.
  13. JJ Murray is making the most of these minutes.
  14. Also, WVU is getting away with some over-the-back non-calls in their offensive rebounding.
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