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  1. Sounds great, but I do have questions: 1. Does anyone have a scouting report on DFW area second graders? If so, which ones are polished enough to start on day one as freshman during the 2030 season?! 2. Will we have the budget to both buy out Littrell AND afford our new AI coaching staff in time for the 2030 season?
  2. Wow. That was . . . uninspiring. Hopefully they were just trying some things out on offense--things they never, ever try again.
  3. The perimeter defense on Hollingsworth late in the second half and throughout OT was key. We had several guards really step up on defense when it mattered most. Also, I think the refs gave us some make-up calls in OT after the bizarre end to regulation.
  4. OK, now we can complain about the officiating.
  5. The universe just doesn't want us to ever beat this team.
  6. I have to say, this is one of the more impressive basketball pregame threads that we have had. There have been some games when we've barely made it past the first page by halftime.
  7. I was just riffing on the 90s theme: the pre-alcohol-at-NT-sporting-events era. Pay no heed to my nonsense!
  8. Yes, and there will be no alcohol sales to help us through it. The horror, the horror . . .
  9. Well, if I'm not mistaken, we have now clinched a spot in the top pod.
  10. Who said anything about a two-bid conference?
  11. If we can't beat that team on the road, then we should not expect much from the next two games.
  12. Bad time for a meltdown after what had been an impressive comeback
  13. Totally agree. I would also add that a strong NET/RPI ranking could be relevant for NIT seeding, if we finish first in the regular season but don't win the CUSA tournament.
  14. The next two seasons will likely both be rebuilding years. In some ways, even this past season was an early rebuilding phase, as evidenced by the fact that outside of Fine, Hamilton, and a few talented running backs, we really struggled against any team with a pulse. Next season will be much the same but without Fine and Hamilton, and those losses (especially the former) will probably drop our win total from 4 to 2-3. Not only will we almost assuredly lose all of our non-conference games against FBS opponents, but in all reality they will probably be blowouts. I hope I'm way off on all this...
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