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  1. Yes, the people of El Paso are still to this day singing forlorn corridos about the great Hayden Fry massacre (maybe more than one?!!) in the 70s.
  2. It's the "we now know the rest of the season is meaningless" game. It's the "other teams want it way more than we do" game. It's the "we're right back where we were during McCarney's last season" game.
  3. The Seth Littrell era is effectively over, but due to money, it can't officially end for another 2-3 years, which means we will bottom out and finish last place in the division for a couple seasons and absolutely obliterate any credibility with fans/recruits that we had accrued from the Mason Fine era.
  4. This team is utterly unwatchable this year. Something has irrevocably changed from a couple years ago, and it seems that the Littrell magic is gone and not coming back. We are just about the worst team in the nation, which is exactly where we were when he took over the job.
  5. Rice gets its own tier at the bottom. Lolz...
  6. Yea, an extra week to prepare for Southern Miss! That always helps!
  7. Imagine how embarrassing it would be for CUSA if this North Texas team were not one of the worst in the conference.
  8. No, don't fall into that trap. Show me what year of the past four recruiting cycles when they were ranked like 50 spots ahead. In fact, you would think they had top 10 recruits and us bottom 10 based on the score. It's one thing to lose because they are playing a little better and currently have slightly better talent. But, when you aren't even competing, it's something else.
  9. Out of the many, many embarrassing performances over the years, this is right up there with the worst. There's just no excuse to look this absolutely unprepared, undisciplined, and disinterested. And, please, please don't do the whole "they just look bigger" thing. We have comparable athletes. They are just not making mistakes, and we are not executing in any phase of the game.
  10. As atrocious as the defense is, what is the most disturbing is how the offense can't score against a below average defense. It's hard to imagine how this team could beat any even average team.
  11. This is borderline unwatchable. If this defense isn't the worst in the nation, then it has to be pretty close. It's hard to imagine competing with any competent offense.
  12. Our offensive line looks completely overmatched, as if they were playing Alabama's defense or something. Meanwhile, I will be shocked if SMU even punts once in the first half.
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