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  1. Not only have there been some classic games with them with a lot on the line, but they arguably have the best basketball fans in the conference. Our games against them always feel like barometers of whether or not we are really contenders. Obviously, huge win!
  2. Things could certainly change in the second half, but it definitely feels like North Texas is dictating the pace. That was frequently not the case the last two games.
  3. The rebounding disadvantage is similar to the advantage we had over Rice.
  4. I think it's pretty clear by now why our alums aren't just clamoring to come watch yet another one of our bowl disappointments.
  5. This team keeps on surprising me. I thought they'd be good, but I didn't think they would be this good this soon.
  6. I'm not 100% sure, but I suspect this is the problem. Recruiting isn't about persuasion anymore. It's a bidding war.
  7. I may be splitting hairs here, as the attendance WAS disappointing, but this myth that we had fewer than 100 fans there needs to die. It's an arena that holds 13,300, and attendees were pretty spread out all over the place, so yeah, we didn't have any single section that was packed. But, just because we didn't blanket the place in green doesn't mean we only had a few dozen fans.
  8. In fairness, he has always provided some good quality defensive minutes here and there.
  9. OK, but maybe you were dreaming about the Frisco Bowl by accident.
  10. So . . . just to make sure I'm understanding correctly, the tickets are for the full day, right? In other words, there are not tickets for the individual games but instead for the entire triple header, correct? *Nevermind--I now see that my question is answered on Meangreensports.
  11. Wasn't there a proposal for an Austin bowl a couple years ago that failed to be certified? If I'm remembering correctly, then it would make sense to try it out this year. There are already bowls in pretty much every large city in Texas, including 4 in the DFW area, so Austin would make sense.
  12. Well, that sucks, but hopefully it is limited to him. I would hate to see an outbreak among their players/assistant coaches.
  13. And . . . the inevitable massive second half scoring drought is upon us.
  14. Miami is pretty much getting to the basket with little resistance at this point. Our lack of depth (and playing consecutive days) may once again be an issue.
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