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  1. See, when we have to keep making declarations every year about whether a particular game is or is not a rivalry, that to me only confirms that it is a rivalry--for better or worse. Now, is UTSA NT's primary rival? No, and I don't think that's even close. That's not a knock on them, just an observation of fan/player/coach emotions about each game. The SMU-North Texas game is a big deal in the DFW area, and it always seems to result in massive fan overreactions on both sides. The UTSA-North Texas game is a minor rivalry, where it matters a lot to certain pockets of fans.
  2. This feels like a Todd Dodge season. Or, maybe it's simply a rebuilding year.
  3. We looked really bad against a mediocre team that will struggle to finish in the top half of their conference. We are a 5 or 6 win team. If we win more, it's because CUSA is embarrassingly bad this year. And, that's OK. It might be time to admit that last year was our year.
  4. This is headed for one of the worst performances we have ever had against this team.
  5. SMU won't be punting until the 4th quarter.
  6. "This one should be a lot like North Texas’ game against Incarnate Word last season — a 44-17 win by the Mean Green. It could be closer if North Texas doesn’t bring its ‘A’ game." I'm pretty sure that score is wrong.
  7. Yes, obviously. Without a gaping bullet wound, how will everyone know that I bleed green?
  8. Well, of course we don't want to lower the bar to the point of perpetually celebrating mediocrity, but isn't some context in this case relevant? What exactly were we expecting from him when he took over an absolute salvage job? In my opinion, even if it had taken him 50 games to get to 20, that still would have been a minor miracle. If the bar is lower than during previous eras, then that is because of those previous eras (or, one era in particular).
  9. As awful as it sounds, we are fortunate to only be down 15.
  10. Nice way to close it out! I'm really hoping to make it to the quarterfinal tomorrow morning.
  11. Don't worry, folks. I have an inside source who tells me McCasland was spotted at the dry cleaners today picking up four suits.
  12. The meltdowns are getting more and more epic each game.
  13. It is worth noting that some teams are just a matchup nightmare for us. I'm not confident about us beating anyone at this point, but I do think that we match up better with Marshall than FAU, even though Marshall is probably the better team of the two.
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