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  1. Bingo. The more you get the talking heads to discuss the AAC, the more you prevent them from talking about the MWC, CUSA, MAC, and Sun Belt. The increased air time leads to increased brand awareness which improves perceived conference strength. Aresco plays the game like a pro, and I'm excited we're on his team now.
  2. Exactly. Aresco is extremely good at establishing a vision, creating talking points that strongly support the vision, and then flooding the air waves with those talking points. Even if the P6 thing (as an example) isn't 100% true in reality yet, the media talks about the campaign and Aresco's quotes which naturally positions the AAC as "the next league up." This quick example shows that these types of campaigns and talking points have an impact, and over time, they shape public opinion and key decisions. I'm excited to see how North Texas can thrive with this new framing supporting the brand.
  3. It's an exciting day at North Texas. A huge "thank you" and "congratulations" go to Neil, Wren, and their teams for making this happen. There are many benefits to being part of the AAC. However, one of the bigger ones that I don't think is highlighted enough is being in a conference with a proactive commissioner at the helm who understands PR and media. Over the years, Aresco has demonstrated that he understands PR and media better than most NCAA conference commissioners. His talking points usually get attention, are always on point, and continually position member schools from areas of strength. As an example, the AAC just released this six minute video with Aresco. If you watch this video closely, the host and commissioner aren't having a light-hearted "welcome to the party" conversation. Instead, they're strategically and concisely hitting key talking points. They didn't create this video to make an announcement—they made it to help guide and craft the narrative of other reporters, media outlets, and fans. That is something we never had in the Sun Belt or CUSA, and it's something that can be extremely powerful over time. Getting attention has always been a struggle for North Texas—even when we've had winning season. Aresco and his team will help change that, and I couldn't be more excited about it. Now we need to win to add fuel to the fire. Go Mean Green.
  4. As of tonight: "Mountain West sources told CBS Sports on Monday night that the conference will not expand beyond the current 12 teams in football. MWC presidents see no value in adding teams. A contributing factor is that the MWC's rightsholders, Fox and CBS, would be unlikely to increase their contracts if the league expands, MWC sources said." Source: https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/washington-state-coach-nick-rolovich-four-assistants-fired-for-cause-over-covid-19-vaccine-mandate/
  5. I agree with you. I'm hoping this news prompts the MWC to extend a quick, appealing deal to UNT and that we go that route. If not, I'm still happy because a poached AAC (after the next round of Big 12 expansion) is better than a poached CUSA or CUSA/Sun Belt merge.
  6. No. But the post-Big 12 departure AAC is an upgrade from the post-AAC departure CUSA.
  7. Cheers! Looking forward to the ongoing series.
  8. The Mountain West is continuing to explore the possibility of expansion, commissioner Craig Thompson said Thursday, noting that he had spoken earlier in the day to the presidents of two universities interested in joining the conference. “We’re really just looking at the landscape and debating what expansion would mean for the Mountain West Conference,” Thompson said in a virtual news conference. “If it’s something that makes sense for us, we’ll look at that. But really, I’m defining it as we’re studying our options.” MW athletic directors have been meeting virtually “twice a week for several months now,” Thompson said, as they explore their options following the announcements of recent additions to the Southeastern and Big 12 conferences. The conference’s board of directors, made up of the president, chancellor or superintendent that heads up each of the MW’s member schools, has been involved in those discussions, as well, he said. Source: https://www.coloradoan.com/story/sports/csu/2021/10/14/mountain-west-conference-discussing-possible-expansion-ncaa-realignment/8457594002/
  9. @MeanGreenAnonymous What were the reasons for rejection?
  10. I'm with @MeanGreenTexan. Here's to hoping the MWC extends an invitation to North Texas!
  11. If I'm UNT leadership, I'm selling size. Money is a big part of this, and if I'm the MWC is looking at DFW for the media and recruiting market, I also want to know what portion of that market has the potential to be invested in the team. When looking at SMU's student and alumni population vs. North Texas' student and alumni population, North Texas is the clear winner to me. Sure, some on this board will say, "BuT oUr AlUmNi AnD sTuDeNtS dOn'T cArE!" And they're right—we've posted too many losing seasons in the past decade to build momentum. So, the pitch is in the potential. We have the potential to sell A LOT more (tickets, merchandise, concessions, etc.) than SMU. I think the MWC got a glimpse of what the sleeping giant could be in 2014 at the Heart of Dallas Bowl against UNLV. The Cotton Bowl was full of green that day.
  12. The MWC should go ahead and make the move to 16 while simultaneously taking a punch at the AAC by adding: North Texas (5th largest media market) UTSA (31st largest media market) UAB (43rd largest media market) Memphis (51st largest media market) By doing this, you add larger media markets in regions that are all rich with football talent. West: Fresno State, San Jose State, San Diego State, Hawaii, Nevada, UNLV, Boise, Utah State Mountain: Wyoming, Colorado State, Air Force, New Mexico, North Texas, UTSA, UAB, Memphis
  13. It's not uncommon for schools to play non-conference games at random points throughout the season. Alabama plays New Mexico State University in their 9th game this year. If you really have trouble scheduling game 11 or 12, that's where Notre Dame and BYU can come into play. Speaking of Notre Dame and BYU, they manage to schedule 12 games a season despite other conference's schedules.
  14. Partially. They don't schedule with as much tenacity. They seem to lean heavily on CUSA / Sun Belt for scheduling. Their 2021 schedule is: Campbell Troy Old Dominion Syracuse UAB Middle Tennessee ULM North Texas UMass Ole Miss Louisiana Army I don't think this separates you much from actually being in CUSA, Sun Belt, or MAC. I propose maxing it out with a schedule like: Notre Dame Florida Iowa Alabama Michigan BYU Oregon UCLA Auburn Oklahoma Clemson LSU If you scheduled this, you'd be able to tell P5 players, "You're going to have an opportunity to showcase your talents against the best of the best every single week. Full stop. In fact, you'll play better teams week after week than you would if you were on a team in the SEC. Join us and show the world what you can do." Get the right hungry staff in place and you could probably create the David vs. Goliath story faster than you think... And *EVERYONE* loves the David vs. Goliath story.
  15. Sure. Become the hard-nose team that can do that. Every game, the commentators are guaranteed to give some type of credit such as: "North Texas has the hardest schedule in all of college football. They start at Alabama, followed by Michigan, Oregon, Texas A&M, etc., and EIGHT of those are on the road. That's a schedule most schools would never even think about considering, and here North Texas is showing up and ready to play lights out. Hats off to North Texas for being brave enough to take that on because I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy."
  16. You're might hate this idea... But hear me out... If Colorado State and Air Force leave the MWC for the AAC, I don't think the MWC is a good conference for us. I also don't think we're getting an AAC invite. So we're currently looking at sitting tight with our CUSA, Sun Belt, and MAC colleagues at the bottom of the barrel of NCAA football. This is all like an economic downturn where businesses need to adapt, innovate, and evolve in order to stay afloat. Otherwise, you become irrelevant and die (e.g. Blockbuster failing to stream and Kodak failing to switch to digital). I don't see CUSA or the Sun Belt taking any reasonable measures to create a logical conference...nor do I see CUSA taking action alone to improve its stock in the college football landcsape. This means it's up to us—as a school—to write our own story if we want anything other than the unfortunate inevitable. If we don't adapt, innovate, and evolve quickly, there's a good chance we'll be left behind and be forced to Division II as the P5 fully take over Division I. So here's the crazy idea... What if we: Went independent Hired a coach like Lane Kiffin along with a bunch of other P5 coordinators Scheduled difficult schedules year after year stacked against the likes of Alabama, LSU, Notre Dame, BYU, Stanford, Michigan, Ohio State, Clemson, etc. Used the schedule and coaching staff to attract a roster of strong P5 talent through the transfer portal Now, you're probably thinking, "That's a recipe for disaster! We won't win any games!" And you're right, we'd probably go 0–12 for a few years. But... All of those schools would pay us big bucks those first few years for their "guaranteed" game Our strength of schedule becomes one of the top in the country and could help attract top notch players that aren't getting the playing time they want at their current schools Our name stays relevant in the P5 conversation every weekend of the season (even if as the punching bag at first) Over time, iron sharpens iron; if you constantly play the top teams, you're going to get better than you would playing CUSA / Sun Belt teams every week Over time, you start to win and turn heads The more heads you turn, the more you build off the "underdog/come back" story that every sports anchor *loves* to talk about The more positive buzz you build, the more you establish yourself as a power player Once established as a power player, we either continue on as an independent or work to get a P5 conference invite Now, you might be thinking, "That's insane and there's a lot of risk associated with that. We could go independent, not win a single game for 6 years, never get an invite to a P5 conference, and just be a lonely loser of a school." But here's the thing... That's the worst case scenario... And we've been uncomfortably close to that worst case scenario in CUSA for the past couple years. So, if that worst case scenario happens, and we absolutely must join a conference, then we simply go back to CUSA or the Sun Belt and end up exactly where we would have been all along. So all in all, it doesn't feel that risky to me, and the upside—albeit a challenging uphill battle—sounds far more exciting, appealing, and worth the risk.
  17. I just saw this article about TCU, Baylor, and Texas Tech officials meeting with Gov. Abbott about realignment. They reportedly made the case that they need to "land in good spots" and TCU made the explicit argument that they need to play in a top conference "for the city’s and state’s economy." As an outsider, it seems like all realignment is being driven by money (namely media contracts). So much so that I think the idea of evaluating conference members based on research status, academics, and location is crumbling right now. It's becoming an "in" or "out" scenario—either you're in the power league with the best teams and big money, or you're out. With that, I'm curious: How much influence do politicians have in this? What strings can Abbott pull to help TCU, Baylor, and Texas Tech? Furthermore, what motivation does he have to help them (especially given he's a UT guy and probably happy as a clam right now)?
  18. Probably breaking up—the PAC12 won't go for UNT or a TX AAC team just to get into Texas.
  19. FWIW, Wren ReTweeted the MGS tweet about the future being brighter. Hopefully a sign he's staying, but it could also mean nothing.
  20. This would be a fun, regionally-aligned conference. Unfortunately, things would really need to fall apart before it would ever be considered by the more historically successful football schools on that list. Fortunately, it looks like things might fall apart faster and harder than any of us anticipated. Here's to hoping!
  21. Out of curiosity (because I genuinely have no idea), who are a few examples of active, highly successful head coaches that call their own games from the sideline?
  22. "...we were told that they want to hit transfers hard. Whether that means junior college, graduate transfers, or transfer portal players, the Mean Green will be tossing their hat into the circle for a lot of players who can step in and play immediately." Source: https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/Mike-Bloesch-Tate-Willis-hired-on-North-Texas-Mean-Green-football-on-offensive-staff-Marty-Biagi-departs-142339252/ It'll be interesting to see who we pull in to play immediately.
  23. Why would Clint Bowen be a solid hire? I get that KU is a "hard place to win." But KU's record during his most recent stint as a DC is flat out bad: 2014: 3-9 2015: 0-12 2016: 2-10 2017: 1-11 2018: 3-9 2019: 3-9 If defense wins championships...those seasons indicate defense wasn't much of a strength...
  24. There were a handful of concerns going into last night, but I expected our offense to be potent enough to win in a shootout. Instead, SMU contained us and we struggled to get anything going. After losing the game, I flipped over to the USC vs. Stanford game only to find USC playing a freshman QB and creating matchups that the favored Stanford's Defense couldn’t control. USC’s offense looked like our offense last year, and they rolled on to upset Stanford and go 2-0. If Graham we’re still here, I think we would have walked away with a W in Dallas last night. Losing him has already had a significant impact. Here’s to hoping our new OC can fill the shoes soon.
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