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  1. Sad to say that this is exactly what will happen. Somewhere Lane Kiffin and Lincoln Riley are going like this: If ever there was a moment for a blueblood to hire Kiffin back to a alpha place, this must be it, he is tailor made for those new rules. It-ll be initially tough on folks who built on consistency like Dabo Sweeney and to some degree also Nick Saban (but he will adjust), but I doubt Brian Kelley or Jimbo will have any qualms doing exactly that. If they want to improve, then UT cannot change fast enough away from players who are too entitled out of high school to those who learnt how to work somewhere else in order to change culture. Together with the transfer rules there will be very few who will get schollies out of high school at the big schools. They will be wanting them to cut their teeth somewhere else first and take those who persevere and succeed at proving their talent on the college field. By essentially foregoing Freshmen, you are going down from a 4 year cycle to something more of a 2-3 year cycle, which (combined with transfers out and folks leaving for the draft) means they'll need to sign something like 35-40 players a year to get to their 85. Its only a question of time until somebody (and I mean blueblood, below it will happen maybe even quicker) will have a year where they will sign 45 or even 50.
  2. As most of you know Munoz and Ortiz just keep living large on the PGA tour (35th and 71st on the FedEX cup and made 2 respectively 1 million in prize money this year). Here is my semi reccurrent look at some of the other NT alumni: Ian Snyman has just kept blooming whereever he was planted. After a fairly succesgful year on south africas lowest professional tour he managed to activate his tour card for the asian tour (moneywise similar to Korn Ferry) and has done well there. He is now ranked 376 in the official world golf ranking, already has two top ten results and is 8th on the tour order of merrit (115k). Feels like he might eventually end up on the european or american main tours. Thomas Rosenmuller got through Q-school on the KornFerry tour (the tour right below the PGA) and got a partial card. Sadly he seems to be paying his learning dues so far, as he missed most of the cuts and is currently 114th in the tour points ranking, which puts him squarely at risk of losing his card (OWGR 966). Kristof Ulenaers (499 on OWGR) is currently on the european "challenge tour" (the second level of euroepan golf). He got the card by winning one of the events there last year on a flyer. This year has not started so well and the form curve is pointing downward as he missed the last 6 of his cuts and needs to work on retaining that card. 2016 Olympian Rodolfo Cazaubon (OWGR 1169) is playing the LatinoAmerica Tour (third level in Americas, feeder for KornFerry), and has recently seen improving results, for example 11th two weeks ago, tied for 3rd in early april. Since it is tough to move up (only 5 get direct card), this will likely only avoid him a stage or two on the KF tour Q school unless he moves up even more, but the general form is pointing in the right direction. Several other alumni also played one or two tournaments on the Latinoamerica, but not with incredible success as best I can tell. If you know of any alumni who is out there playing professional that i am not aware of, please don't hesitate to mention them. That might particularly apply to our lady golfers that were severely improved as of late, but it could well also be other guys
  3. I am glad he got a few guys with real potential in recently. It creates at least some reason for optimism and for the idea that he may finally get a grasp on the portal. But with all that said, the truth is on the field and he still has to prove he can win a game when it is about a championship.
  4. 5-7 wins is the worst. Either give me 8+ or 4- so the admin can move on, and the program does not end up in some sort of purgatory.
  5. Munoz shot -3 on round 2. He lost the 6shots that he was ahead, but still tied for the lead. Thursday back nine was really incredible. Ortiz tied for 20ieth, so not bad either.
  6. I second the cautious optimism here. He actually played, the stats look pretty decent (65+% completions), there are warning signs (not winning competition at memphis this spring), but they aren't killer. That said, he will not have that much time to get into the system and the rest of the offense obviously needs to be good enough for a slight to medium QB upgrade to matter.
  7. As the others finished, the gap to 4th has reduced to 20 shots. But still, clearly a disappointement on an otherwise nice season with an awesome conference win. But 20 shots is too much, nationaals aren't happening. maybe -if she has a stellar day tomorrow - Audrey Tan has a small shot at slipping in as an individual.
  8. Back nine did go better. NT finishes day 1 in 8th place, 4 shots off 4th place. Seeding held up surprisingly well, as all 4 pairings will be exactly the same tomorrow as today.
  9. Not going well on the first round. so far tied for last after 7 to 9 holes, with no player doing all that well so far. The difference to 4th spot is eight shots, so not all is lost, but this clearly needs an improvement otherwise it will become a huge uphill mountain to climb.
  10. NT playing in Albuquerque starting today. top 4 qualify for nationals. NT is the 8th seed out of 12 team and would have gotten an at large even if they hadn't won the conference. Gonna be a tough lift, but with three good days it is most definitely not outside of this teams possibilities. https://results.golfstat.com/public/leaderboards/gsnav.cfm?pg=teamPlayer&tid=25451 UTSA got an at large, playing in the Franklin, Tennesse regional.
  11. With all that went on there and Holtz and them moving on from each other, I have my doubts that ll keep up.
  12. Probably about 2/3 of the albuqurque field thought they would end up at a closer regional. That is how it goes. At least in ABQ I am fairly confident the tournament will not get rained out.
  13. Finished 8th. Marzilio improved into to a tie for 13th at least, where Prone already was. Marzillio, Prone and Allen are sophomores, Forslund, Bergson and Wilcox are seniors. So the top of the lineup will stay -which is good- but NT needs to find more consistency and depth again to make it back into regionals next season.
  14. NT is alsmost done. The back nine was again a lot betteer than the front nine. It is easier than the front, but NTs difference is really particularly eye catching. The problem was inconsistency, which has haunted this team for most of the season. On a good day they can beat pretty much anybody in this field, but they rarely put several good days together. Tucker Allen is currently tied for worst individual score in the field for the day (+7) and Forslund had a horror start and ended up not much better (+6). The three others did respectable to actually pretty good, although one might have hoped for more from Marzilio, given his win last year. The team currently back up to 9th, 8 shots behind Rice in fourth, with all other teams having more holes left to go than NT. That means the deficitwill likely be getting a bit smaller. It will be really tough tomorrow but not impossible. The course seems not terribly selective so even 5 or 6 shots is quite a bit. They have to start performing better on that front nine.
  15. Back nine was much better. A number of birdies. tied for 6th at +4, 11 shots behind current leader FAU 6 behind 4th placed USM. The format is helping the teams with a bad start, as essentially you only have to get into the top 4 after round 3 to have a shot. Unlike the women, for the men there will be semifinals and finals in match play format on thursday. NT is one of 5 dark horse teams with similar rankings between 70 and 85. Charlotte is the clearly best ranked team (28th) and UAB second best rated (54th), but neither had a great start either. If they want to make an NCAA regional, then NT likely needs to win the tournament.
  16. Noticed that too. Time to bid farewell to C-USA That said NTs tennis team may have heard me too well, as sadly they already bid farewell to the tournament. It was finally updated and it is FIU 4 NT 0
  17. That is a good addition for C-USA, DBU is always good, currently ranked. Is probably also an improvement for DBU given that at least some away games will now be closer and the conference is at least same level as Missouri Valley it seems to me.
  18. Not looking good. FIU up 3-0, after taking the doubles point 2-1 because NTs ranked double lost the tiebreaker
  19. Won the first round vs LaTech 4-1. Gonna get real pretty quick though, playing 2-seed FIU tomorrow
  20. If we are gonna have to have non-football stuff here, I'd rather not talk about stuff that has nothing to do with whether NT wins conference, and instead would prefer to talk about the golf ladies, who won the conference tournament today in a really nice minute come from behind win.
  21. Indeed great comeback win by the ladies! Lots of players who showed nerves on the final 3 holes (lots of double and even tripple bogeys), but NTs ladies were those who were most clutch. Conditions were tough today, scores generally higher than on day 2 (where they were already higher than on the start day). Its incredible how quickly and how far this program has come. 5-6 years ago this program was not even among the 200 best programs in the country, the dregs of C-USA. Today they finished off the conference with a win as the favorite when needing to be clutch. Off with a great feeling to play regionals. Hopefully they will get a fair chance this year and not again get scandalously robbed by some Louisiana administrator too big for his britches.
  22. 12-15 holes played, and NTs deficit is still (again back down to) 2 shots. Gonna be a nail biter. Feels like NT has the advantage on the first three pairings and loses shots on the last two, particularly UTSAs number 1 is playing great and Shreya pal is having not as great a day as the first two days. But since she might be the non-counter today, NT might still pull this out.
  23. 6-9 holes played. Its a duel now, as FAU has fallen off the pace. Its back down again to a 2 shot lead for UTSA after it had balooned to 6 shot NT deficit at one point. Still absolutely possible to take this one.
  24. Event has started. Everyone is through 3 holes, and NT has lost one additional shot so far and is 3 behind. As expected Emily Ricaud was replaced in today's' lineup by Ellie Roth.
  25. Yep, definitely currently going the wrong direction. Because of all his prior success coach Lama should have some leash. But the last two years should start to make it shorter.
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