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  1. 3:21 am CST: Munoz misses the chip in. The dream is over. i will stop tickering here. Didn't expect it to take this long anyway. Pan won bronze about 20 minutes later. It was a great ride and good advertisement.
  2. 2:27 am CST: First four have teed off. Munoz and Morikawa with awesome drives. C.T Pan in the bunker, Perreira decent but in the slightly thicker stuff. 2:33 am CST: Perreira at the outer edge of green with second shot, CT Pan with some magic out of the bunker about 15 yards away from hole, Morikawa about a yard beside CT Pan, Munoz another yard or two closer, about a ten yard put for birdie. 2:36 am CST: Rory teed off into the bunker, Matsuyama: nice shot down the fairway, Casey: hit a tree, in the rough 2:39 am CST: birdie puts: Perreira misses by about a yard, CT Pan just burns the edge and out. 2:40 am CST: Morikawa misses by half a foot. 2:41 am CST: Munoz misses and is a about 4 yards long and then holes that one for par. first 4 all on par thus. second group still has a shot at birdies. 2:43: McIlroy not quite on the green. Matsuayama misses the green too and is in the greenside rough. Casey is out of the woods but still has quite an approach shot to make as third shot. That approach ends about ten yards from the hole, which he will need to hit to stay in the playoff. 2:46 am CST: mcilroy approaches to about within 5 yards where he will have his par put. Matsuyama has trouble finding his ball, its burried that deep. The result is an approach that is about 12 yards from the hole. All guys in the second group ar in some sort of trouble 2:51 am CST: Casey and Morikawa are out, missed their put. McIlroy makes his put 5 Men remain. and will move to hole 10. Now they will play in one group of five 2:54: CT Pan goes first about 10 yards from the hole, Morikawa about 20 yards from hole 2:56 am CT: Perreira hits the rough, but has a nice rollout to about 10 yards from the hole. 2:57 am CT: Munoz is about 20 yards away too, pretty much same spot as morikawa. McIlroy has a slightly unlucky rollout and is also about 20 yards away. None of them has an easy put at all. 3:02 am CST: Munoz gets it to within 2 yards. Morikawa follows that exactly. 3:05 am CST: McIlroys put looks nice, but also stops about 2 yards short. CT Pan sends it to within an inch and a half. Perreira also about a yard away . On to the next hole (hole 11.) 3:11 am CST: Pan with a nice shot ends up in the slightly thicker stuff. Morikawa also nicely on the fairway, maybe a bit shorter than usual. Perriera far and nicely on the airway. Munoz ends in the bunker 😞 . McIlroy with a nice drive. Munoz is in trouble here. 3:16 am CST: Morikawa punches approach to within 3 yards of the hole. Munoz hits bunker shot with force it is un the edge of the green, about 12 yards from hole. Given where Morikawa is, heßll have to magic that in. CT Pan also punches it to within 3 yards. 3:19 am CST: Perreiras shot lands a yard from hole and backspins to about 7 yards away. McIlroy about 5-6 yards away.
  3. Munoz and Ortiz are done, last group still on the way. Ortiz had a horror round and is out (+7 on the last 6 holes alone). Munoz however is tied for third with about 6 others and Matsuyama also tied there still going for 18. He played the last 6 pretty darn well. If Matsuyama doesn't birdie itll go for a playoff for the bronze w about 5 players. At the top Sabbatini had an incredible -10 (!) and is one behind Schaufelle who is right now in a difficult spot on 18 and has to scramble. Edit: Definite: 7 man playoff for Bronze, which includes Munoz. Schauffele won.
  4. Good round by Munoz, decent round by Ortiz. Ortiz came tied for the lead to 18, where he kind of missed second shot and first put, and bogeyed, while Schaufele birdied. he ends the day tied for third, 2 shots behind. Munoz had a -5 day and is just one shot behind Munoz tied for 5th. In a beautiful confluence of events, they will both play together tomorrow in the second to last group. Teeing of CST 8:58 pm if I calculated time differences correctly.
  5. Its actually not the starters i am so worried about (unless they are so good that it is obvious to everyone they would also be starters at a power program), but the guys who would be starters 2-3 years from now. Many of those boys don't understand that sometimes that comes through working through being third on the depth chart at your position and only seeing some snaps in games here and there but staying with it anyway. If too many of those guys leave, you eventually out of guys who should become starters when the older guys eligibility clock finally runs out.
  6. I doubt SL was pushing him out the door. Now he is at an FCS. Can we use this as a cautionary tale that it is risky for student athletes to go into the portal for decent players who haven't really broken through yet. Many of them will not find greener grass.
  7. Ortiz finishes the day at -10 second, one shot behind Schauffele Munoz is not too far behind at -6. Medals remain a possibility for both of them.
  8. This is shaping up to be a promising tournament for the NT alums. A bit more than midway through the second round Ortiz is -4 for the day, -10 overall. That is a 2 shot lead! Munoz is -1/-5 tied for tied 13th, essentially still part of the chasing pack.
  9. Usually I am good at math, but this one I can't figure out: How much is 37 million minus lawyers fees?
  10. Others will finish later or tomorrow, but those are solid rounds to start for the two.
  11. Agree. The ideal new player is now a freshman (or maybe sophomore) transfer. Its the only kind player you both have time to develop and cause to trust that you will get something for the work you put in.
  12. The problem is the following: If you take someone from the portal, they have done their one free transfer, and now they are not nearly as much of a potential free agent anymore. You are safe to develop them and can profit from the work and money you put into them. This also allows you to plan to some degree. If they come from high school you develop them, but you are always under the threat of them leaving as soon as they turn out to become good. NIL has increased this threat a lot. If you do awesome all the P5s will be coming in talking about how much more on NIL a player will make. It will soon become clear that nobody wants to be the school developing the high schoolers anymore, and it will create a real problem for CFB and high school football. I seriously don't know where your low end 3 star high school recruit will go in the future. Maybe FCS or Juco? The incentives to develop high school recruits have been completely eviscerated by this years changes. At some point there will not be enough players anymore to just keep going to the portal, that is when it will get both interesting and really cut throat.
  13. There are scenarios where that is not the case. If the MWC loses members they might look, and I am not sure there are many better options than NT. Also, if the BIG12 takes in 2-4 AAC members including Houston (and maybe also Memphis) but not SMU, then the AAC has a problem with only small enrollment private schools in the west, that are looking more like geographical outliers. I can see a role for a UNT in the AAC in such a case. Even SMU would have to think that being the only Texas school in conference might suck in that situation. At NT folks remember how much that sucked in the Belt.
  14. That assumes they manage to act as a somewhat unified group and the individual schools have a choice. But if some schools manage to jump ship upwards (say Kansas and ISU somehow convince the Big10 to let them in) they will do so, and then there may not be enough of a conference left to be the acquirer, rather than the acquired conference. That is not to say that the AAC doesn't have its own problems.
  15. I am still unsure about how good Mitchell is, and considering she has been here for 6 (is that correct) seasons . That doesn't scream extension 4 seasons beyond the here and now to me. McCasland has absolutely proven that he is worth a long term commitment by the school.
  16. As some of you correctly noted, I was wrong here, primarily because my premise that TV contracts will get smaller has not yet come to pass. That said, I am wondering if they really can keep going up and if at any point there will be a ceiling. After all ratings -even accounting for streamers - are going down even for the SEC, and ESPN has been making less profit the last few years. That said how NIL and the new playoff system will impact interest across conferences is really hard to predict right now.
  17. I live to serve: You are naive.
  18. Sure. But if you lose, you at least learnt something are prepared for conference, and if -against all odds- you win, even the committee will take notice.
  19. The Olympics i Tokyo are about to start. NT alums Munoz and Ortiz appear to be playing the mens golf tournament which will start next thursday (i guess that is Wednesday night in the US). Anyone know about whether other NT alumni (or current students) who get to go in any of the other sports?
  20. I'd say that was three good rounds and a semi-solid one.
  21. I wonder one thing: If boosters are now essentially allowed to funnel money to players openly and directly, wherefore they can funnel a lot more money towards the players, will they be less willing to spend money on coaches salaries, wherefore we might actually see those salaries stop rising at the pace it was the last 2 decades? I mean now you can essentially use the money to buy a team, why spend as much buying a coach, seems buying the team should be just as efficient.
  22. That's how it would work and it would be ok.... if it were not for the fact that this is happening the same year as free transfers were put in place, making sure that if you hit on one of those guys behind, he will just leave to follow the money the junior or senior year. That last part is what combines with this to blow the disparity open to completely new levels
  23. worth losing them this week. none made the cut. In Rosenmuellers miss was particularly sad, as he actually had a shot to spare with one hole to go, and then double bogeyed the 18.
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