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  1. NT is not at the bottom right now. It doesn't need to be torn down to the studs. The cupboard is not bare. NT just is not going upward (and it does not look like it will with the current coach). All it really needs is a coach who is better at in-game adjustment, QB development and redzone scheeming. Also: NTs resources may not be P5, but they are not at all at the bottom of its conference. In fact they probably are in many ways what a P5 staff looked like 10-15 years ago. That said, I am not so sure he will be available for G5. If i am Colorado (who has an opening and needs someone to stabilize the program) i might consider him. Also, if I were him i would think about going to the NFL, where you do not have to recruit (he did fairly ok in that regard though).
  2. Maybe. but the guy was winning at .72. This is a quality coach and the firing shows the school who is delusional about what Wisconsin can be. I can however also imagine him wnating to go back to the NFL where you do not need to recruit. Reminds me of when FIU fired Cristobal. Nothing better ever came after. He however did ok at Oregon (not sure he will in Miami, but Miami is likely also delusional about what it is).
  3. In C-USA NT spent more than pretty much any other program (SL was the highest paid coach in the conference for most of his tenure here), NT should therefore have been competing for a championship every year winning it every once in a while. This will obviously not be true anymore in the AAC where other schools boosters will spend more on NIL than happens at NT. Still NT will be financially solidly in the midfield and should be above .500 pretty much every year.
  4. The Aune experience really is a rollercoaster. A great play on hist feet this time. Somebody should have given me a proper belt for this.
  5. Wow. That is all on Aune. He had plenty of time. There were options, even running himself should have been an option. ahead of this. If you want to give up a 3 TD lead, this is how you start it.
  6. I guess they realized that red-zone offense is particularly where Aune does not shine and decided to go with a different look there. Might just work!
  7. Followed it up by one of his better passes of the season for a TD
  8. one should be pick-6 y Aune. glad the competition is not better than this
  9. Now that is a quality bowl! And i am confident it will last 7 years and go consistently more than .500 unless it really IS up against "too much beef"
  10. Trouble is coming. This is the part NTs defense is not proficient at ever since skladany retired: run defense against teams intent on power running most of the time.
  11. No pictures. But he does have more receipts than his receivers receptions
  12. Argh. When you can't see oper WRs after 5 tics, gotta thorw it away or tuck it and take off. No need for a sack.
  13. Going for it in these situations should be a fairly easy decision. but with NTs conversion rate on these plays it is not. I think the players are pressing a bit, but the play calling really is not helping.
  14. As an NT fan I say that is targetting by the letter of the rule. however there was definitely no intent by the defender to hit the head.
  15. This team could be decent. It is good in a number of areas. It just has a number of very glaring issues: 3rd / 4th down and short offense, redzone offense and run-defense against run-first teams and generally run-defense against running QB offenses. Most of those issues have been issues for most of SLs tenure. However between the 20 yard lines the offense is usually ok. and the defense is ok as long as the opposing offense doesn't have lots of beef and push on the O line or veritable towers at WR. Memphis is a decent team, but it doesn't have one of those things, which is why NT definitely still has a chance. Still if Memphis starts running better, the game could be much worse for NT.
  16. So far, 4 possessions for Memphis, score 3-1 in NTs favor. 3 posessions for NT, its 1-1-1
  17. Nice. First quarter going a lot better than feared. Really nice catch there. That said. I was happy this was a long play to get it in, because NT sure still looked like it has red-zone offense problems
  18. With all the things the Memphis O / NT D matchup gave, NT oughta be up at least a TD by now. Usually when you miss those chances frequently enough, the other offense eventually starts making some points
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