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  1. So eh,,,- he will win the tournament now?
  2. Partly true. The number isn't really much higher yet than in other years yet. However, the openings are not all done yet at currently 22 I think. i) two three schools may fire their coaches after bowl games. Who knows if this could be the case for UNT for example. ii) some of the current openings are at schools with powerful jobs, which may pluck sitting HCs from elsewhere which may then pluck HCs from further down the hierarchy. For example if OU gets Venable, Baylor opens and is likely taking a G5 HC, depending on which G5, they may again turn around and take someone elses coach. Similiarly if ND takes Fickell. Vtech and several other P5 jobs are also still open. i can see it getting to 30 easily.
  3. what ?!? you 'troll' ?!? I had no Idea!!!!
  4. I get what you are saying. But it is also about direction. I was on the time to move on train too until today , because I did not see him doing anything that moved the needle, or able to potentially win conference because he had never beaten a good team in a big game, usually lost by 20+ with lots of garbage points. Today he did. It is a winning streak of 5 with maybe 1.5 meaningful wins. But it is still a streak and still has a meaningful win. Right now the arrow points in the right direction. Still doesn't mean I have confidence he will solve the QB issue, but maybe turning one of the spares available into a competent game manager will suffice after all. I am not sure, but as long as they don't extend or raise him, I feel it is worth to throw a look at that next season rather than move on and build back from closer to the ground. But his leash should obviously still be short as it will be year 7 the last 3 years simply were nowhere close good enough to be happy.
  5. Now it qualifies as a blow out. Great feeling. When is the last time NT beaten a ranked team? Has it ever beaten one by 20+?
  6. Obviously its not all his doing. But he did have them ready to profit this time so far. Until now it was always so clear in these kinds of games, that even a good break or two was not gonna get the team there. Wins over the dregs of the conference didn't really move the needle for me. But beating an 11-0 team is a data point that would be hard to completely ignore.
  7. If he wins this, that will change my mind, as to there being at least some hope that SL can actually pull off winning the conference in the next few years, because he would have just beaten a double digit win team and conference champ level team for the first time. That said, this will take more than one half of ball. Has to prove he can withstand adjustments from the other side. not a given if you ask me.
  8. Lashlee could be a great coach at SMU. But when coordinators become HCs you never know for sure. could also bomb.
  9. I know its bit/sarcasm. But it still does make me want to put the puking emoji. i just can't hear it anymore.
  10. If Holtz had been just a tiny bit better than he was he would have been hired away long ago. He'll land on his feet. La Tech as a program, less sure. If Tech thinks they can do better than Holtz, then they better be sure that they can find more money amid being relegated in conference realignment. His production compared to his pay was pretty phenomenal and about as good as you can hope given the investment. They want better, they need to invest more.
  11. argh. If this is a loss, it will be very annoying. The first 5 minutes of the half were particularly disastrous. but generally having a problem when teams can force it inside.
  12. Ousmane having lots of missed opportunities from up close. That has to improve.
  13. Interior defense really in trouble right now
  14. Miami is defending the outside better. There are now lanes inside. Cannot be afraid to use those. A little too much indecision with some of that.
  15. You keep hitting from the outside. lanes will start opening up
  16. Good to see a three falling early
  17. I agree with this provided you differentiate between potential and current quality/usefulness to the team as two different things (i.e. somebody with more potential can also be worse in the here and now than the player who's ceiling potential may be lower). Particularly on defense, where it is so crucial to know what your team mate does without actually always being able to see him, experience can really matter. If you are player A, and you know player B well, wherefore you always know where he is and can adapt, results may be better than with player C who may be faster and more talented, but of whom you do not always know where he is.
  18. That spread says it all. This is absolutely a good chance to put a P5 win on the resume.
  19. It is. even worse now. But you gotta try it. Not blaming them for taking that many, its what you gotta do to beat a big favorite. If they'd even gone just 25%, they'd be absolutely in this game. Much of the misses wasn't KU, but simply not hitting avaiable looks
  20. Great show by Perry. Sometimes he does a bit much by himself, but hard to blame him, as nobody else seems to want to take responsibility. Great find and recruit by Mac. Exactly the kind of player Benford never understood how to evaluate and utilize. Wish there'd be more spreading around and the others not passing up some of their 3 looks (and then instead taking worse looks later when the clock ticks down). Yes they have not been falling, but i want them with short memories about that and keep trying until they do.
  21. Managed to keep it under ten by the half. I feel like the game is close to turning. Being in it despite not hitting the open ones has me thinking that this game can still be won, and that it doesn't even take that much. The looks are there. Just gotta start hitting them. The team is there on defense too.
  22. well, with Rosenmuller and Ulnaers on the second level tours in Europe /USA next season, there is at least a chance at increasing this number. Snyman also looks like he will move up to a second level (I consider south africas first level tour as second level, because of its pay) somewhere soon. If it were not for COVID interferring I think he already would have.
  23. Sure. But I also believe that it has to do with marketing and timing of the game, not only (but evidently also) the schools. People tend to get less up for a conference championship where the conference seems to lack identity and to have nothing to do with them.
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