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  1. Man, I don't want to see this, I was there and it broke my green heart. I know some people have a problem with Simon's decision but I thought it was a 50/50 call. My problem was with the OSU holding/PI on Troy Redwine on multiple deep balls.
  2. If you are Army you have only one choice and that is to stay independent. Their CUSA experience was a disaster. Right now they can schedule smart, have a pre-determined bowl waiting for them and keep their tv deal with CBSSN. There isn’t one benefit from joining the AAC. Look at their 2020 schedule. They’re almost guaranteed to make a bowl and they have OU coming to Michie. Having said that, look at BYU’s schedule. If you want to make your coach’s life miserable and NOT make a bowl, that’s how you do it.
  3. but I just saw it for the first time
  4. Why would any conference add teams right now? I don’t see any changes happening.
  5. Watching Erskin in a Longhorn uniform sucked.
  6. I would've put money down that a global pandemic would happen before common sense in college athletics. It's practical but call me skeptical.
  7. We should only be playing division games in the first place. It's only outdated thinking that we aren't. Would anybody really care if we replaced two east games with OOC games? Would give us schedule flexibility and prevent rematches in championship games.
  8. I googled it, all I saw were articles about teams trying to get the “coveted” double bye. Also there is a huge difference between the ACC getting multiple teams in and a one bid league trying to get one of their better teams in.
  9. I’m on board with the WCC’s idea of sending the number one and two seeds straight to the semis.
  10. I'd try to get to either Sacramento or Spokane (much closer) but I feel like as I type this I'm jinxing it.
  11. My donation would get the plane about five miles.
  13. About as good a first half as we could hope for.
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