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  1. Obviously you haven't paid attention to previous Winter Classics. I guarantee they get more than any First Responder Bowl to date.
  2. In Fine's sophomore year I thought he tried to make the big play in a few instances where the easier throw picks up the first down. Call it growing pains. Last year I thought the scheme let him down too many times. I still think we never had enough 5-8 yard options for him. When he did get in a rhythm, he was basically unstoppable. This year I'm hoping Reeder gets the best out of Fine. Sort of a Kellen Moore type of year. Takes what the defense gives, has a good third down percentage and burns you deep when you try to send people. I think Fine has it in him and we have the receiving tools, but I never saw that happening while GH was here.
  3. Great frosh year, not great Junior year. A change of venue might put him back on track but he’s no sure thing.
  4. Big deal. He was known for not putting in the work and making poor in-game decisions. We have the much better quarterback. End of discussion.
  5. Over the last nine games last year we scored over 31 points twice. With a quarterback like Fine, the way college football is today and a mediocre conference like CUSA, that isn't that good. Especially when our D gave up an average of 28 points a game during that stretch. Go look what Utah State averaged in the MWC, a conference most believe is better than CUSA. They scored over forty points seven out of their last ten games and many of those were over 50. I don't even know who the USU QB is and I live in Utah. We averaged 28 points over the last nine games which is just about the NCAA average. Not good when you have the best QB in the history of the program. I don't know if Harrell was the problem but I didn't watch this offense and think we were out scheming people. Reeder has to do better.
  6. Just curious, at what record do you think he wouldn't be able to leave? Because this year's team could go 10-2 or 6-6.
  7. I had it during football season and it was only $4.99 a month. Pretty sure it's still at that price.
  8. The AD said I was the only MGC member in Utah but hope to be bringing the Green to Alaska soon. I was skiing in CA once and heard a GMG! from someone going up on the lift. Always brings a smile to hear that shout out.
  9. Return of the Decline of Western Civilization Part II
  10. More like the Decline of Western Civilization
  11. O/U is 151. Give me the under.
  12. True. For me, Vegas twenty five years ago is better than today's Vegas.
  13. There's a new bowl in LA between the Pac 12 and MWC. I'll take LA over Vegas any day.
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