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  1. They only have four wins over FBS opponents and one was vs 1-4 ODU and the other 3-3 FIU.
  2. All good questions. Like I said, I’m not totally in SLs corner, just want to know what his peers’ record is.
  3. I’m not making excuses for SL but how many G5 coaches have a winning record against winning FBS teams? Two? Three?
  4. Six games in and I just don’t see the overall talent on this team, especially on the defensive side. I’d have a hard time putting anybody on this D on some of the defenses ive seen at NT. And I’m talking SunBelt defenses If you want to blame the lack of talent on the head coach, I’m cool with that. But to me, you help him get better talent in, not automatically decide he’s a mediocre coach. Especially after the shitshow coaches we had prior to him. I say give him the opportunity to fix the problems.
  5. After two nine win seasons we are 2-4. If he goes six and six this year, you would fire him?
  6. So you threaten him but don’t have any intention of firing him? I don’t understand how that works. Coaches everywhere have the upper hand because after any success they get extended.
  7. Yeah, and if you were a Nebraska fan you would have lost your f'n mind the past ten years. They just got run out of the building by Minnesota. Welcome to being a G5. If you're name isn't Boise State it is always a roller coaster. I have no problem with people complaining about individual events (recruiting, coach's decisions, losses) but if you have a magic wand that can make a G5 a 9-10 game winner every year, about 99.9% of G5 programs would love to talk to you. Attendance won't change that, firing a coach after a bad year won't change that, I'm not sure even a Boone Pickens type donation would change it (see OSU's Bball program and the trending downward football team). If it were as easy as accountability, everybody would just fire everybody when they hit a rough spot. I'm not saying this is North Texas, just suck it up and take it, I'm saying this is college football, especially at the G5 level, so suck it up and take it.
  8. Tennessee never won an SEC championship when they had Peyton Manning. Then Tee Martin came in and won a National Championship. Who knows what happens in the coming years but we need to get better at a lot of positions not just replace one.
  9. I would say the design of their plays is miles ahead of ours.
  10. Good thing Tune isn't a running QB
  11. I don't care if Scooby Doo is their quarterback, I just want to be 3-2 with a two game winning streak going into the rest of the season. After some kneejerk reaction (I'm referring to myself) after the SMU game and the first half of the Cal game, this team may be better than I thought.
  12. Before I call the customer service line and light them up has anyone else had problems? I ordered two shirts, they immediately charged my card and neither the tracking number works and my order doesn't show up anywhere on my account. Both items were supposed to be delivered by now and neither shows as processed or shipped. I know it's an outside company and not the athletic department but I'm not happy.
  13. UCLA drew 36K for OU. Don't want to sound like Chicken Little but I think in the very near future football is going to have an attendance problem.
  14. I was expecting Matt Simon level of boneheadedness. This isn't a good look but whatever.
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