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  1. I think we all need to buckle in and realize this is the way it’s going to be for a while. To me, a solid coaching staff and infrastructure can deal with the changes. We might have to have a permanent position to work solely on the portal. I remember Troy Edwards torching Nebraska on national tv. Damn, his kid is in college now?.....I’m old.
  2. Having said what I said I don’t think you should get dogpiled for this opinion. But at the end of the day (😜) I care more about the job the people are doing rather their salaries (up to a point). The most egregious overpaying is on the sideline, not the offices.
  3. You want to know how to lose good employees? Dump more work/responsibilities on them and don’t compensate them.
  4. Sometimes I’ll preface an opinion with “I could be wrong...” but in this case that’s unnecessary. Sarkisian at worst will be a disaster at BEST will be Tom Herman. I wish I had this kind of money to burn.
  5. I had my fair share of complaints about GH. Then again it’s hard to tell whether it was Mason, GH, or SL to “blame”. Living out west it’s interesting to see how SC fans look at GH. Their offense is inconsistent and then they have a great twenty mins. They hate Helton so much GH probably gets shrapnel from that. I’d say he’s done okay. I still think we underperformed with Mason and those skill positions. Our PPG against decent teams was meh.
  6. Again, there’s no proven path but I’d like to see a P5 defensive coach (ex. LB coach) who is ready to make the coordinator jump. Kinda like a defensive Graham Harrell. Not sure if any current Texas P5 coach fits that bill.
  7. Some fun facts from the UH game in 1998 if my memory serves me right We dominated the first half but only led 9-7 at halftime, UH mauled us in the second half. Dickey called a timeout when we were deep in UH territory only to get a delay of game after the timeout. At halftime the PA guy was reading off scores of other games when he read this gem “in the second quarter Houston seven, North Texas six.” Then there was a long pause and groan from those listening. I remember thinking we can’t even read off scores right. UH had a kid get hurt and we wouldn’t drive
  8. We never had a Sun Belt game with that many people in the end zone. Not even NMSU champ game.
  9. Freeze and Petrino weren’t fired for being bad coaches. I don’t see anybody pointing out that Sumlin was winless this year (should’ve beat USC though) and is coming off the worse loss in UA history. And we want that guy? We might want to ask why this keeps happening to us and I’m not saying it’s the main problem but we definitely have issues with our assistant coaches. We keep letting head coaches bring in friends or keep leftovers. There are people who have a better pulse on that situation than me but it doesn’t seem we are replacing quality with quality. We are on our thi
  10. There’s no proven path of hiring a new coach but the track record of a G5 hiring a retread on his way down is abysmal. There may be a small bump but it usually goes off a cliff pretty quick. Hmmm, there’s a name in (our) recent history but it escape me....
  11. I have a question- looking back at how much talent was on those teams, did we significantly underachieve those two years?
  12. The Harsin hire doesn’t make a lot of sense, reminds of when Nebraska fired Solich. You’re firing a guy who averaged going 9-3 for a guy who at best will go 9-3. Harsin got snarky over the criticism he received at BSU. Good luck with that in Alabama. Edit- After rechecking he averaged more like 8-4 in the regular season.
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