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  1. You should write fiction for a living. Diet Coke went 5-1 against MTSU
  2. Having said all that this defense is still not good. Any QB that can throw will tear them apart. Also the tape will be out on Bean after this game. SL still will have to adjust to teams playing to stop the run and QB keepers. Bean will have to make the right reads and make teams pay downfield. Not convinced we'll be able to do that consistently. And we still haven't shown we can get short yardage.
  3. I think SL was stubborn and wanted the best QB to run his offense. It could be that neither will be great at doing that. I don't know if this will translate every week but we should've been doing something similar to this all along. Having said that it doesn't help when we are immediately down double digits every week.
  4. Gotta say, that was a good call. They were loaded up to stop the middle run. Like it.
  5. The thing I like about that route was unless Bean threw a horrible pass only Darden was catching that.
  6. On third and four MT runs for ten plus yards.
  7. This is why I'm losing confidence in the mindset of this staff. Third and four. You are getting eight yards a carry. Your mindset should be to get four yards in two downs. Instead we do a deep dropback and take us out of field goal range. Why not put Darden in motion and do a quick handoff to him? Or just see what Torrey can do on third down. We continue to make losing plays.
  8. That last pass play/throw shouldn't happen. Ever.
  9. But fortunately they aren't very good either!!! Pretty sure I said not to let anyone else get behind us though. Don't understand how this keeps happening.
  10. Obviously I'm only a couch football coach but this seems pretty simple to me. Play a safety and your corners deep so they don't get behind you, tell your LBs not to overpursue and contain O'Hara and just run the ball down their throat the second half. We should just bully them for a win.
  11. Yeah, forget the air raid nonsense. Although he's smaller than both, run an uptempo option offense like Nevada did with Kap or NIU did with Lynch. Put pressure on the D with all our RBs and Bean, and you can go over the top with Darden when they load the box.
  12. How does someone get behind you on that play???
  13. Novil has been getting double and triple teamed. Good for him on the sack
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