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  1. I've seen home run hires that ended up being turds and WTF hires that worked out. To me it's still about getting the lines to play at a higher level. You don't do that, doesn't matter who you bring in.
  2. With Luke Kuechly retiring this week I was shocked to read that a few teams were scared off because he wore glasses. He was still drafted ninth but just goes to show there are some morons scouting/drafting in the NFL.
  3. Could be right, I had a several strokes while watching them.
  4. You mean like after we went 1-11 and had the worst loss in school history it took us a whopping two years to go 9-5, beat La Tech in Ruston and win CUSA West? Did you know that since 2000 we've gone to eight bowls and La Tech has gone to nine? Granted, our lows have been lower than theirs but I'm not sure anybody cared when they went 4-8 and we went 3-9. Or do you mean when they let HOFer Kim Mulkey go because they wouldn't give her a five year contract and instead hired a 23 year old who subsequently slept with one of his players? Or that they haven't been to the Men's NCAA tournament in thirty years? Look, overall they win more than us and do a lot with a little. But forgive me if i don't have any jealousy for Louisiana Tech. No thanks. Let's see what happens over the next thirty years, especially now that we have a competent AD.
  5. Through the first four years- Holtz took over a 9-3 ranked team and went 31-22 (regular season) in his first four years including 22-11 in CUSA . He had one P5 win (6-6 Illinois in bowl game) and went 3-0 in bowls with one CUSA division title. Littrell took over a 1-11 team and went 27-25 in his first four years including 18-14 in CUSA. He had one P5 win (3-9 Arkansas) and went 0-3 in bowls with one CUSA division title. I don't discount the difference in bowl records but considering what both took over, the difference isn't much. Holtz hasn't had a losing season after season four and is 25-14 since that fourth season. The bowl win over Miami is his only other P5 win. Both have a few questionable losses on their records but SL has a few more. Doesn't exactly make me fall on my knees and wish for Holtz but no doubt SL needs to get back to winning ball games.
  6. Not meaning to dogpile on you but if you're talking 2018 Michigan State, there's no way they finished #11(they went 8-5) and they lost to Michigan that year. To your point, USU was very good that year. Hope we have an offense like that soon. I'm glad I'm only following this lousy bowl game online.
  7. They lost by 7 to Michigan State.
  8. And this Miami team throttled FSU.
  9. I approve. But you gotta give him better talent.
  10. Wait a minute.....due to circumstances I listened to more games than I saw this year but the ones I did see I never saw a sideline shot where it looked like SL was calling the plays. Every head coach on TV that I see that is calling the plays is obviously calling the plays. Shouldn't be a mystery.
  11. I don't have an exact answer but I do think they should have a big event prior to football season where either people can bring friends to find out about the MGSF or invite new people to learn about the program. And no, I don't mean hearing a coach speak. The majority of people who need to be reached have no idea who even Reeder or Reffert are, they just want to have fun and be part of something.
  12. Not to get off topic but years ago I gave more than I could afford (my wife at the time was not happy about it) and the next year when RV and crew tried to guilt me into giving more (asking for more is fine, insisting I could give more wasn't fine) I shot back with how about you guys get more donors instead of bleeding the ones who already bleed green. Wren and company are doing a much better job but we need to reach more people. It still seems like a take your money and send you email and parting gift kind of operation. Gotta do more than that.
  13. I know this isn't a precise analytic but what I always watch for is situational play calling. The third and medium ranges, red zone play calling, short yardage situations and the like. From my eye Reeder was bad. Very bad. Harrell frustrated me with the short yardage play calling but at least he was decent in the other ranges. Reeder was throw the hat at the TV bad. Kudos to SL for pulling the trigger on something that wasn't working.
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