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  1. Before I call the customer service line and light them up has anyone else had problems? I ordered two shirts, they immediately charged my card and neither the tracking number works and my order doesn't show up anywhere on my account. Both items were supposed to be delivered by now and neither shows as processed or shipped. I know it's an outside company and not the athletic department but I'm not happy.
  2. UCLA drew 36K for OU. Don't want to sound like Chicken Little but I think in the very near future football is going to have an attendance problem.
  3. I was expecting Matt Simon level of boneheadedness. This isn't a good look but whatever.
  4. Not true. Back in the day the NCAA handled all the TV contracts until a few schools sued, won and the NCAA no longer controls conference TV contracts. To me this is all about momentum. If it only happens in CA then I could see the California schools backing down to the NCAA. But if another P5 conference gets on board, the NCAA will get steamrolled.
  5. We are 5-5 in our last ten versus FBS competition. We’re not even a good G5 at this point.
  6. I ordered two shirts, then it said I’ll receive them in three weeks. Jeez, are they growing the cotton?
  7. Technically the player in the pic is in violation of the uniform. I'M JUST SAYIN!!! (Not a fan of single-color uniforms but we could wear poop-green, just get the W)
  8. History shows we don’t get much takeaway from these games besides some experience and a W. That’s what they’re for so let’s take it and move on. We should be scoring 35-40 points a game and even with an average D, that wins us most games. On to SMU
  9. Early overreaction- We go 12-0 and Pirtle catches 86 touchdowns.
  10. UC Davis and their style is a pain in the ass. They usually play FBS teams tough.
  11. WKU had multiple ten win seasons recently so they’re not a perennial lousy team. You can struggle against UCA but you gotta win that game. Butch Davis hasn’t won anywhere as a head coach not named Miami. Charlotte? Yeah, good luck winning there.
  12. The slickest, cleanest look your alma mater will ever sport on a football field
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