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  1. Nooooo…Ryan McCarthy is not returning to CCU??? (I have no idea who Ryan McCarthy is)
  2. Jackson State played one non HBCU team this year, a .500 FCS team they beat by 8. They get squashed if they played in the FCS playoffs. They also lost to ULM last year. Dilfer has never recruited college, coached at a private school, won’t have the best players in his conference and outside of quarterbacks every recruit has no idea who he is. Can I guarantee they will fail? No, but history says not only will they not work out, but not even last long. G5 jobs are hard. That other team doesn’t give a damn what you did as a player.
  3. As stated in Vito’s article and said many times here, the donors got together to start the NIL collective and went to Wren about who should head it. According to Vito’s article, Wren recommended RV. I’ve linked the article several times, if you don’t want to “get it” that that’s what happened, I can’t help you. https://dentonrc.com/sports/colleges/mean_green/unt-boosters-form-nil-collective-to-lure-pay-top-student-athletes/article_565c0042-1240-516d-b45e-d1779dcb835e.html Get it now?
  4. We’ve jumped the shark with this thinking outside the box coaching hire nonsense.
  5. Had a bad year one night in Omaha. I need payback. GMG!
  6. Didn’t work for us against FAU.
  7. This is not what Vito's original report said. "We decided after we visited with the athletic department that we needed to get this going," Lovelace said. "We needed someone to manage it. The Athletic Department recommended Rick Villarreal because of his history, knowledge and camaraderie with UNT athletes over the years."
  8. After two rough losses nothing like an award-winning, heart-string tugging human interest piece. Maybe when we’re 3-6 you can tell us how the back-up TE ended up at UNT after his cat, Fluffy, died on signing day.
  9. Let me get this straight. The boosters got together and started the collective and went to the athletic department and they recommended RV to head the collective. He’s not pitching in any money. Same RV that everyone wanted gone. Same RV that oversaw one of the below average athletic departments in FBS during his tenure. He’s supposed to excite people to give to the collective when he couldn’t get people to join the Mean Green Club. This is the very definition of insanity. We’re happy because he’s not mad at UNT for letting him stick around doing a mediocre job until he literally had to go? I’m really excited.
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