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  1. Return of the Decline of Western Civilization Part II
  2. More like the Decline of Western Civilization
  3. O/U is 151. Give me the under.
  4. True. For me, Vegas twenty five years ago is better than today's Vegas.
  5. There's a new bowl in LA between the Pac 12 and MWC. I'll take LA over Vegas any day.
  6. Harbaugh better start winning the big games or he'll be paying for his own vacations soon.
  7. I don't know his exact role at EWU (if he called plays) but Eastern is a yearly offensive juggernaut and is a quarterback factory. And the Big Sky is no joke. How they did last year- https://goeags.com/cumestats.aspx?path=football&year=2018&
  8. Logan UT is 4500 feet above sea level. Nice excuse though.
  9. Probably the best way to put this season is a lot of fun wins, not many good wins.
  10. Jason Mills to Brock McGrew (If I remember right) for about 30 yards on the last play. All 800 of us still there went crazy.
  11. Watched most of the game, there wasn't much room for him to run but he usually made something out of nothing. He was open in the flat quite a bit but Mullens was looking downfield.
  12. Have stayed out of the whole SL thing but when you have the best QB in the league and our skill players we should score forty. Easily. Call me crazy but I think the offense is way more Fine than Harrell. We'll see. Somehow I got what I wanted. SL to stay and GH to go. Merry early Christmas to me.
  13. You know what, quit telling me this offense is all that great. We had 550 yards of offense tonight and scored 24 points. In conference play we averaged thirty points a game which ranks about average points scored in the NCAA. And we played a few of the worst teams in the FBS. Also, all day I watched teams bring in running QBs for short yardage situations. We never do (even though we have a running QB that gets yards) and it couldn't be any worse than what we run and fail at time after time. I've had enough of GH.
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