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  1. There isn’t going to be another Gonzaga. Just like another G5 isn’t going to have the run Boise State did. The climate isn’t the same. You can have some consistency but nobody is having THAT consistency.
  2. If he goes, he goes. He still deserves the Brubaker slow clap.
  3. This. I’m far from Denton these days and I just get home and follow online. Shout out to those who fight traffic, Covid and all the obstacles to support the team in person. No one fan is better than the other but it is more special when you are invested night in and out and know the players and the families.
  4. As I go to bed I just want to say this is the best night ever to be a North Texas fan. I’m a football guy, I love UNT football, but this is better than New Mexico State (both times), better than the New Orleans Bowl, better than beating Tech (barely) and better than all the rest. It just is. GMG.
  5. My one man watching party had to scare the sh!t out of my neighbors. I didn’t know what to do as the clock ran down.
  6. You know you’ve arrived when the Kpop bands are using #northtexas on Twitter to draw attention to their tweets
  7. Stayed away from the board, too damn nervous to read. I admit, didn’t think we’d score enough to win. Having said that, I’ve been watching NT games for thirty years. Throw in the CUSA tournament (especially after we were down by seven to WKU) plus tonight and this is the gutsiest UNT team I’ve ever watched. I’m literally a giddy teenage girl right now.
  8. Ballin second half by the fighting JJs.
  9. Oh Vic, I’ll give you a little credit, you came and spoke to all ten of us at the old State Club. Even if you called us “Texas” a time or two. When we beat up and stole the Gauchos’ lunch money at their place I thought we were on our way....yeah, notsomuch.
  10. I haven’t seen the line but it’s two sixteen seeds, would it be a big upset? Like most idiots I didn’t appreciate JJ til he was gone. I let the KSU game and WKU title game (although last week’s win helped soothe that) overshadow all he did here. Very much rooting for him tonight.
  11. He had some, shall we say, maturity issues while at NT. Everybody liked him but there’s more than that to leading a program. He had a few good recruits, including a highly rated one from Carter (Robert Washington) but his roster was a mish mash of athletes and slow tempo guys. He beat a few in state programs but if I remember right he lost some guys when he slowed the tempo down. When we lost twice to Idaho his last year I remember thinking “this ain’t working.” I liked David Miller, Pooh, Sean and some of the other players on those teams. Then we brought in Mr.
  12. And if Littrell wants to have a friend donate a million bucks (or whatever the amount was) to the AD, he can put his name on something too.
  13. Get the f outta here with this crap. If any of the highest paid coaches in their respective conferences not only didn’t compete for a championship but had THREE STRAIGHT LOSING seasons, they’d either be fired or on the hot seat. And not one of those fan bases would be happy. I don’t care if it’s the Lone Star Conference. During the games in the chat you’re just as pissed off and frustrated as most of us. Then the off-season comes and you blow smoke everywhere. Last two years, rinse, repeat. If the inconsistency continues and he wins four or five games (highly like
  14. Having been on the board during most of the games I don’t remember a lot of excitement about the play calling. Especially in short yardage situations.
  15. My first thought was “not much” but it’s possible the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts.
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