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  1. By live rights fees if you think I meant CUSA and Sun Belt, then we're having two different conversations. Those examples aren't even relevant. The LHN was a bad idea from the beginning. MLB and NBA rights fees are still through the roof and we'll see what happens when the P5 conferences re-negotiate. My personal opinion is if the fees go down it doesn't mean a new P5/P4 or new round of realignment. I think it just makes a bigger playoff in play to bring in more money. There are other revenue streams out there besides TV.
  2. While cord cutting is happening, live rights fees are not going down and ratings for football are still good. They can cut costs in other areas. Also, if tv contracts are going down, why would any conference want to absorb more teams and cut that pie even more? When the next P5 TV contract is negotiated and those numbers go way down, then I'll believe the doomsday predictions.
  3. meanrob

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Again, you're making a huge leap that we get in with any B12 leftovers. I haven't even heard a reason why the B12 breaks up. UT and OU aren't going to the PAC12, their shine is way off. Then there's the assumption that realignment works out for us, who says it does? Realignment rarely makes sense so anything is possible but besides this message board I've never seen any talk that this might happen.
  4. meanrob

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    If the Big 12 goes away any new conference won't be part of the new P4 and will be on the outside looking in. Without the Big 12, Baylor is Tulane. TCU won't be much better. It might be a better conference geographically but it won't get a better TV deal than the AAC has. Still haven't heard a logical explanation of how any re-alignment benefits us unless we get into the Big 12 and I don't see that happening. Better improve our lot as is because we won't be part of any P4.
  5. meanrob

    This team deserved better

    Sometimes I think this board is more disappointed with attendance than happy with a victory.
  6. meanrob

    Four game redshirt rule making waves

    There's two different aspects to the rule- 1) A kid can play four games without burning a red shirt. Looking at you Derek Thompson (or Dodge more specifically). I like this part of the rule. 2) As far as the transfer part, things will settle down after a year or two. I think the rule affects the P5s way more than us. If you're a hot shot five star recruit who isn't getting playing time, maybe you bolt. If you are a three star recruit who can't get on the field, it's not like a plethora of schools will be an option for you. The only thing I don't like is the kids quitting in the middle of the season. If you're going to transfer, do it in the offseason.
  7. meanrob

    Free Student Shirts

    Then you shouldn't watch this
  8. Here's why I don't like these kinds of comparisons- We went to Iowa last year and was down only three going into the fourth quarter on the road to a team that destroyed Ohio State a few weeks later. And how much did that matter when we played FAU? Nada. We played Georgia tough a few years ago and lost to Tulane the next week. I don't mind that Tech fans are happy with their performance against LSU but it doesn't work that way. Our offense will put way more pressure on the Tech defense. Our passing game is better than LSU's. Does it mean we'll coast to victory? Don't know. But last week's game means nothing this week. I know this much, if we don't turn over the ball, protect Fine and stay focused......we will win, we are the better team.
  9. We've been there. It was called the Dodge years.
  10. meanrob


    Should've challenged that spot, the TE easily got the first down.
  11. meanrob


    They've taken a step back at the QB position but they still got it in the trenches.
  12. Go where? They remind me of Grand Canyon Univ. Sure, you can throw a bunch of money into your program and win a little but no reasonable conference is going to take a private school with questionable academics and who plays by their own rules. I guess it's possible they get into the Sun Belt but I don't see any other G5 conference taking them.
  13. meanrob

    Flashback Friday Sale

    I like these promotions but give the people a little more time to take advantage of them. Not everybody is checking this board or social media every five minutes.