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  1. meanrob

    Here's a theory...

    I didn't say a whole season of this, I said come out super aggressive against SMU. It'd be nice if the Ponies looked up and saw they were down 14-20 points rather than us playing catch-up against them. Get the lead, get the crowd into it and run the ball down their throat in the fourth quarter.
  2. It's hard for a defense to consistently be greater than the sum of its parts. We need a few players to step up and be all conference performers. Especially in the front seven.
  3. meanrob

    Here's a theory...

    In my twenty-five years of UNT fandom this might be the most attack-oriented offense we have ever had. The Dodge years could move the ball but we never had the quarterback/WRs combo that we have now. During that time, most of our game plans have revolved around playing the game close to the vest, letting the defense keep us in the game while taking well timed shots here and there. For the most part, especially in OOC games, it's never worked. I'm all for a balanced attack, especially over the long haul of the season but.... We should go right at SMU. We have an amazing QB and WRs. Use them soon and often. Mason makes a mistake? So be it, go right back at them. We should go into this game expecting to score fifty points. If we give up 35, who cares. I would say our WRs are so good we could keep an extra blocker to help protect and they could still get open. With this team, which I no longer consider young, we should go right at them. Use our strengths.
  4. meanrob

    Florida Atlantic adds SMU QB transfer Rafe Peavy

    That's actually a step up. 😀
  5. meanrob

    Florida Atlantic adds SMU QB transfer Rafe Peavy

    Guess it's better than when SMU used to lose quarterbacks to play in their rock band.
  6. Odd comment here- Does Littrell look slimmed down?
  7. Interesting article about the Wildcat formation that includes plenty of quotes from the great Patrick Cobbs.
  8. meanrob

    Practice starts Friday!

    I was at that practice. The team practiced on basically an intermural field. I would say it was high school-ish but most bigger high schools had better facilities. Times have changed. Finally got everything pulling in the right direction which is why we will demolish SMU.
  9. meanrob

    Is 2018 another 2014?

    Considering we will beat SMU by double digits, I would say you are worrying too much.
  10. meanrob

    Is 2018 another 2014?

    I always appreciate a trip down Mean Green memory lane but the similarities don't exist. I was worried both about the record and the future going into the 2014 season. We lost a ton and nothing about Mac and his recruiting pointed towards replenishing the roster. I was fully on board with the Mac hire but you could definitely see things weren't all roses. 2013 was great but it felt like a mirage. We could step back record-wise this year (it's entirely possible) and I'd still feel good about the future. As Jay and Mr. Gooding pointed out, our QB stable is stacked and sexy. Recruiting overall is pointing upward. Even if Coach Littrell left I feel like a foundation is being built. Completely different feeling from 2014. Nice clickbait though. 🙂
  11. meanrob

    Dickey to A & M

    I'd REALLY like for you to find where people on this board said he was a "great coach."
  12. meanrob

    Tulane AD talks about future of G5

    We'll take your place if it's too tough for you.
  13. meanrob

    Dickey to A & M

    Complete bullshit.
  14. meanrob

    Dickey to A & M

    Could you stomach 25 straight conference wins? Four straight bowl games? Some of the best players to play at UNT? He had nothing to work with and still competed. Not sure why some people shit on the only competitive period at UNT in the last twenty years.