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  1. Fair enough, I read it as those games not happening. These things go in cycles. One year someone will get in with a suspect schedule and the next it will be because of their strong schedule. Most likely factor will be what the name of your school is.
  2. I’m a little confused by this post. I’m probably in your age bracket and I don’t ever remember a time where games of “big” schools vs “small” didn’t exist. Back in the day when there were ten or eleven games schools had less openings to fill but those games always existed. I’ve been following college football since the 70s. To me with 12 bids there will be less resume building, not more. If I’m in the SEC why would I play tough OOC? I don’t see any way the Big 12 exists and if it did how it would keep any kind of automatic bid to a playoff. Definitely see the conferences taking on more of an enforcement role, just not sure how much there will be to enforce.
  3. I’m usually of this thought but if he did well there it would be a little eyebrow raising. Leopold is a solid coach, his system doesn’t put it all on the QB.
  4. Nobody knows where this is headed. Everything doesn’t exponentially increase just because you add more teams. There’s a limit on how much money is actually out there. All it takes is a few schools to say no and everything slows down. The Big 12 was always vulnerable, doesn’t mean everything changes. There is an article on ESPN that talks about how NASCAR screwed itself by thinking more is always better and how it relates to the current situation.
  5. If the SEC continues to expand then this isn’t a re-shuffling of conferences but an attempt to take over college football. There’s no reason to go over sixteen unless you want everything.
  6. If I’m the PAC 12 I only go to 16 if there is some sort of super conference agreement in place. Going to sixteen just to have the same number as other conferences while everything else is the status quo makes no sense but most of this makes zero sense to me. Especially with the playoff expanding.
  7. You don’t volunteer to go to the minor leagues, you get sent there. The G5 schools aren’t leaving the current structure until they are told they are no longer part of it.
  8. No way if it goes that route there’s five sixteen-team conferences.
  9. Or maybe Saban is smart enough to know if he says something like this it immediately catches the eye of recruits.
  10. We’re probably 1-3 non conference. Finding five wins on paper with the rest of the schedule is tough. And that just gets you to 6-6. Im no coach but we better play some serious bend but don’t break defense and then average better than 200 yards running the ball. I’m not counting on us being stout defensively overnight or having a quarterback that puts up close to fifty. Our best hope is to win a lot of 35-31 games.
  11. I’m of the mind we could be better this year and still not be .500 and I’d keep SL around another year. But I get the fed up people. I’m definitely leaning we will not be substantially better but this is CUSA so who the hell knows.
  12. I don’t know Jalie or how happy she is at UNT but if I’m the AD I sit down with her after every season and ask her what she needs to keep moving in the right direction and then do whatever it takes to get it to her. There’s no way I let a distinguished former athlete fail here especially if she wants to be here.
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