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  1. “This is where Booger wreaked havoc” on sixteen plaques around the parking lot.
  2. Haha, sounds like Dickey. Was Zuniga on that line? I would’ve bet money he would play in the league a few years.
  3. I'm pretty sure the attendance and stadium size requirements don't exist anymore.
  4. Is Gilman Street still open? Ahhh, I almost, kinda remember those days.
  5. Here's the VERY simple Cliff notes of getting more donors- Years 1-3 You win and it rallies the people who are there thick and thin and they bump up their donations or maybe it's easier to get more money out of the few big donors. But overall it's a percentage change, not a cultural change. We've been bad or up and down so long that it probably feels like a lucky, passing phase to casual fans. Years 3-5 Winning becomes more of an expectation and the excitement grows however this is about when you lose your coach due to success. Also the CONCEPT of giving money to the athletic department just starts to enter people's brains who are new to the scene because of the success. People want to be part of the success so while the culture isn't there, it's percolating. Also, if you are a smart AD you make a good replacement coaching hire but also use the opportunity to tell wealthy people associated with the program "If you want this to continue, now's the time to step up." Hopefully five years of success has dulled the skepticism. Years 5-7 The success starts to pay off and the begging, kicking, knocking down doors, and begging some more for donations decreases from 95% of the time to about 80% of the time. Seriously, I doubt there's a G5 AD out there who doesn't hustle constantly for donations. But by now the concept of being a donor to the program has gone from "Nah, not for me" to "Yeah, I'm a member of the MGSF" and selling bigger projects to more successful donors is less of a tough sell. I went to a Boise State game last year and it's not like their tailgate scene or game presentation is any better than ours but EVERYTHING IS BOISE STATE. It's the place to be. People are bought in. We sat next to two older guys in the upper deck that couldn't fathom not going to a home game. It's just what they do. So yeah, it's going to take a while longer and some more good decisions along the way. I'm not even sure if a single event can speed up the process but I'd sure like to kick the hell out of A$M next year and test the theory.
  6. I said it during RVs time and I’ll say it again. You need ten years of success to cultivate a donating culture. You don’t have to go 10-2 every year but you can’t win three games in two years and have multiple coaching fires. WB has done a great job but it’s not changing after a few seasons.
  7. To me this is the Iowa game of two years ago. Iowa made a couple mistakes and we moved the ball in the first half to take the halftime lead. We didn’t score in the second half, the defense got tired and we faltered late. We gotta move the ball and keep the defense rested. That happens and Fine will make some big plays to bring home the W.
  8. Convert third downs and red zone ops. No bad turnovers and get one or two ourselves. Need to be aggressive from the coin flip.
  9. If North Texas was in a conference that gave us $43 million dollars in revenue each year, then I wouldn't care where we played. But that's not the case, so yeah I would rather have MWC towns/markets/experience/ than CUSAs.
  10. I don't look down on the other schools, I don't like the leadership and organization of the conference. Tell me which conference commissioner you would rather have? No doubt we have to continue to improve our own house but as someone who used to live down Denton way but now lives out west, comparing the towns and coverage of CUSA to MWC isn't even close. CUSA has Hattiesburg, Ruston, Huntington, Murfeesboro, Bowling Green and those likes. I don't count coverage of teams who are the fourth tier in their market like us, Rice and the Florida schools. Meanwhile MWC has Reno, Albuquerque, Boise, Las Vegas, Fresno and even Utah State and CSU get big coverage and have a good footprint in their areas. That's certainly not the only reason to change but in my opinion the MWC comes across as professional. CUSA comes across as holding things together with ducktape. I didn't really see it that way until the last few years and the way CUSA does things half ass. Just one man's opinion. Having said all that if Wren and the coaches were to say that being in CUSA is in best interest of the program and gives us the best chance to be successful, that would trump anything else.
  11. I used to be a firm no to the MW but after a few years in CUSA I’ve switched to a limp yes. However I don’t see it happening.
  12. Agree. And for a school that has produced a long line of great LBs, our current LB situation is disappointing. Hopefully they outplay the prediction.
  13. From a superstitious perspective this has me uneasy.
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