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  1. We've been there. It was called the Dodge years.
  2. meanrob


    Should've challenged that spot, the TE easily got the first down.
  3. meanrob


    They've taken a step back at the QB position but they still got it in the trenches.
  4. Go where? They remind me of Grand Canyon Univ. Sure, you can throw a bunch of money into your program and win a little but no reasonable conference is going to take a private school with questionable academics and who plays by their own rules. I guess it's possible they get into the Sun Belt but I don't see any other G5 conference taking them.
  5. meanrob

    Flashback Friday Sale

    I like these promotions but give the people a little more time to take advantage of them. Not everybody is checking this board or social media every five minutes.
  6. meanrob

    Iconic Mean Green Football Moments

    30-27 over Tech. Unreal. See ya later McNeese State!
  7. meanrob

    Excuse Me, But Could You Hold The Ladder ...

    It's almost unbelievable but I saw it with my own two eyes (on the television).
  8. meanrob

    Final Thoughts on UA Game from PokeyPig

    I appreciate your level-headedness of the past weeks and glad to hear you're going to a game but.... There's not another fan base in the country who I want to hear how rough they have/had it. Not. One. GMG!
  9. meanrob

    Direct TV dumps beIN Sportz???

    It's not getting fixed anytime soon. I'll probably do the free trial of Fubo TV and stream it but I know there's more than one game on BEin for us. Edit- there's three....including La Tech.....damn.
  10. meanrob


    Agree. Twenty five years of ups and mostly downs. Sooooo much frustration. Last three weeks have made it all worth it. GMG
  11. meanrob

    Birmingham Sports Talk Station

    We shouldn't be on the list. If you go by the point spread it would be an upset but this game is 50/50. I wouldn't consider a win an upset.