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  1. Last point. During Dodge’s run, ULM won 18 games. Dodge won six. You’ll never convince me Dodge had less resources than ULM. Head to head he was 1-2 and his last team under Chico lost to them too.
  2. I could be wrong but pretty sure Riley committed to UT before Dodge took the job. You mean he wasn’t very good at his job as a college head football coach? I agree.
  3. You’re right, it’s basically impossible. So why’d he take the job? I’m the biggest RV critic there is but you don’t go 6-37 or whatever his record was and it’s all the ADs fault. You even admit you don’t know the whole story yet you give Dodge a whole lot of leeway. It was the Sun Belt. Don’t act like it was the Big 12.
  4. This isn’t realignment, this is two conferences consolidating assets. This sounds dumb but there’s a possibility schools get dumped out of the BiG/SEC at some point.
  5. I would never say he was overrated either but I will say I think he didn’t reach his full potential as crazy as that sounds. If he would’ve thrown the ball away sometimes or just taken what the defense was giving I think he would’ve been off the charts good. Maybe even Kellen Moore good. More like a Peyton Manning approach, he would’ve taken less hits. Then again maybe he was coached into that. You could also say that style won us a few games (UTSA) and led to some big plays. Certainly led to some great moments.
  6. This take is so revisionist history you’d think Dodge was a plumber who got offered the head coach position, not one of the most successful high school coaches ever in Texas who also had college and pro involvement during his coaching past.
  7. I agree with most of this and always felt we were close to turning the corner but never did. Ohio game was a gut punch. But starting his tenure with high school assistants was inexcusable and he lost a lot of believers those early seasons. That Rice game was Portland State level bad.
  8. Was mostly focusing on the offense and qb situation. Hope things get better with a full staff. The grass may not always be greener (see Dodge) but you can’t build a program with 4-4-6 win seasons. Especially moving to a tougher conference.
  9. Guess my point is that at our peak we had talent and infrastructure on offense. The last couple years we lacked infrastructure which may have affected our talent although I'm not sure Aune is the answer. Hopefully with infrastructure this year and possible new talent, we get back on track.
  10. Last year during a game Aune went back to pass and bounced a third down pass in the middle of the field to a covered WR to end a drive. As the players jogged off the field one of the announcers remarked that there was an open WR going up the sideline and Aune had missed it. Just as he was saying this the camera caught a frustrated SL talking to Aune on the sidelines. He looked exasperated as he pointed out where Aune should've thrown the ball. From all that was going on it seemed SL had called the right play but AA had made the wrong throw. Not the only time this happened. Back to this later. I don't buy the idea that things fell off when GH left. Sure, having him here was a positive but I think having SL, GH and Mason Fine here along with future NFL WRs and RB was the biggest positive. I never really felt that we were watching some genius coaching staff constantly outscheming the opponent. It felt like part of it was the scheme/playcalling but a lot of it was having good talent execute the scheme. Those 2017 and 2018 offenses were very good, but even so we only scored fourteen points against an okay 8-5 Iowa team. We'd bog down for long portions of a game then hit long tds. Fine would chuck it downfield to WRs who know where he wanted to go. It seemed like we scored a lot of points on big plays, not moving the ball up and down the field. Having said that, the Fine to Guyton short to mid pass where Guyton caught it while sliding was super effective. Wonder how much of that was scheme or just two players knowing each other's strengths. Then GH and Fine were gone. No doubt big losses but it went downhill fast. And here's my thoughts on that- I think SL is very good at schemes. I think he's probably pretty good at playcalling (inside the twenty can be debated) but I think he thought he could keep the ball rolling without a QB coach and without a incredibly smart quarterback because he had confidence in his schemes and it burned him. Having a quarterback coach allowed him to tend to other on-field coaching duties but still have his quarterback get the instruction and reinforcement of what he wanted. Maybe Fine only needed to be told things five times but another quarterback needs to hear it consistently. Take that away and trade a Fine for an Aune (sorry to pick on AA so much here) and you get the quarterback throwing to the wrong area. Or throwing an INT in the end zone instead of throwing it away. Which is why Gunnell (or whoever starts) might not need Bloesch to be a quarterback whisper, they just need him to constantly be there coaching them on the schemes and right things to do. Littrell just might not be the best hands on coach, he just creates the offense and needs another coach to teach/coach his quarterback. That has been missing for a while now. I don't know if all this can happen with Gunnell showing up in the fall. Fall camp is going to be very interesting. Here's the rub. It doesn't matter what SL is good at. It doesn't matter if he called the right play. It's on him to get the right players to do the right things being taught by the right coaching staff. He's not the offensive coordinator. He's the CEO of North Texas football and it all falls on him. And it hasn't been working lately. The more I think about a full staff and probably a good staff the more I'm getting hopeful for the season. But pointing where the ball should've gone and being frustrated on the sideline won't cut it this year.
  11. Wow, my guess would’ve been 5.5. There’s five games by my count we’ll be touchdown dogs right now.
  12. Without knowing what we’re getting from the QB position, game by game predictions are tough but I’d agree with this except WKU. Rice may depend on what’s on the line that game. Here’s my over the top prediction- everything depends on the UTEP game. We show we can go on the road and beat a decent team I think it sets a tone. Lose and we’re staring down five wins max.
  13. Arroyo is 2-16. We may very well lose that game but hyperbole much? There’s nothing in his two years that says he wins that type of game. Littrell drives me nuts but he’s not a disaster, he’ll win some games. My guess is 5-7, maybe even better if we get good QB play. I just don’t think we’re at the top of the division much less conference. Kudos for putting your prediction out there but almost none of it is football related. We’re going to win or lose games on our QB play and if our front seven improves, not because of a loss back in 2018.
  14. As much as I’m down on Coach Mumbles, and that comes from more than just wins, I shouldn’t let that bum me out about our other sports. I remember when SUE used to post how long it had been since we had won a post-season game (not a bowl) and that streak was soooooo long. The streak is history after the past two seasons and I’m stoked when our APR is fantastic as well. We need to keep improving but with the move to the AAC and our non FBall doing well, things aren’t as bad as a post-loss mumbles press conference. GMG!
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