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  1. I googled it, all I saw were articles about teams trying to get the “coveted” double bye. Also there is a huge difference between the ACC getting multiple teams in and a one bid league trying to get one of their better teams in.
  2. I’m on board with the WCC’s idea of sending the number one and two seeds straight to the semis.
  3. I'd try to get to either Sacramento or Spokane (much closer) but I feel like as I type this I'm jinxing it.
  4. My donation would get the plane about five miles.
  6. About as good a first half as we could hope for.
  7. I haven't written a grumpy email to the Athletic Department since 2004 (I know, hard to believe) but if we do the rotating uniforms this year, I'll have to. Pick a road (all whites), pick a home (green and white) and stick with it.
  8. Which is why if I was the University I would focus on getting those new graduates attending games and coming back to campus for fun events rather than having a hand out immediately. The AD has put some effort into doing that but not sure the school itself does. I would give every graduate a free subscription to the North Texan for five years.
  9. Wheels wobbled, not off yet.
  10. Back in the 90s and early 2000s when I went to a lot of away games I would meet those home fans and pick their brains about giving back to their university. The overwhelming sentiment of those under 30 (and maybe even 35) was hell no. Especially Sun Belt schools but even at places like LSU and OU most younger alumni laughed at giving money to the school they just shelled out a lot of money to. I would think with how much tuition is today, that sentiment is even stronger. Not everybody is rah rah about their school, they just want the piece of paper and to be done with it. I work with a mid-forties guy who went to Idaho and follows Idaho sports. When he found out I donated money to UNT he kept asking me why and what for. To him, only rich people with extra money give to universities. He doesn't even make that connection to donate to Idaho. Good news is the school is reaching out to people. They can't say no if you don't ask.
  11. Just curious, don't high school coaches still have to teach classes? I get the chance to be an OC at a high profile HS but going from college to high school seems weird to me.
  12. Thanks, been waiting for this info.
  13. There's a lot of horseshit in this post.
  14. This is the new norm, if we're going to get butthurt every time it happens, we're in for a bumpy ride. This is why raising the overall talent is just as important as a great player here and there. Gotta keep the ball rolling forward.
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