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  1. How is it switching between channels?
  2. There's a YT video of all the college pick sixes last year and I because I'm a junkie and watch college football highlights in the summer, I watched it. Aune was on there so much I had to turn it off early before my PTSD kicked in. Having said that he wasn't a bad quarterback, but you just can't play quarterback that way.
  3. Oregon State would lose three top 25 teams, two who travel extremely well. Washington State loses…..eh, not much. And to your other point BSU would be a WAY bigger addition than WSU. It’s not even close.
  4. All I know is Stanford really doesn’t know what “by the end of week” means.
  5. I'm not saying it's going to go this way but here's what I'm afraid of- This offense is going to be more ball control and shorter throws and it's possible we have a better defense or at least a bend but don't break defense. Both of these mean lesser possessions. So you have a QB that hasn't played a lot and you're going to take possessions away from him and put in a guy that isn't going to get enough possessions either to find a rhythm. Or worst case Earle starts feeling it and you take him out. If we were playing Texas Southern, I'm all for it. But this is a REALLY big game to start the season. I'm just a keyboard offensive coordinator and certainly not the head coach but the history of doing things like this is not great.
  6. Not exactly the formula for beating a P5 as an underdog at home.
  7. Saw the alert at the top of the football page and thought cool, we have a starter. Then I saw the second sentence above and can’t believe we’re doing this again.
  8. When we wear this I think two things- This is the perfect away uniform. Why can we create the green version (meaning perfect) of this?
  9. I agree with this but I knew they weren’t going to shore up everything on defense in one cycle. Was hoping they’d bring in some better LBs. Guess we’ll start seeing what we got in two weeks.
  10. Davis ain’t a bad place to be.
  11. I went by how many teams each league had ranked in the 100s. All of this is subjective but trying to pinpoint exactly where an individual team should be ranked is REALLY subjective. Plus one team (ULM) shouldn’t matter so much.
  12. The top is better in the American but surprisingly the bottom five in the AAC are worse than the Belt. Not sure how many head to heads there are but wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up close to even on the field depending on the matchups. We better win both of ours.
  13. Damn, couldn't have written it better myself. I'm with you, I see the PAC having very little leverage. For some reason the thing that makes the most sense to me is a merger happening but Stanford and Cal getting some sort of scheduling guarantee.
  14. That dude from Idaho that Craig Jones laid out is still seeing stars.
  15. He was the leading rusher in attempts (barely) for ULM. That’s insane.
  16. Than appearing in a national championship game?!?!? You and I have seen two win seasons. They suck. No matter who the competition is.
  17. I took less than a second to choose so might want to make it a bit harder to decide.
  18. The MWC deadline was June 30th. Technically a school could still leave for 2024 but it would cost $34 mil. I think I saw the AAC rule was $15 mile for less than 27 months notice, $10 mil for more than that but the AAC negotiated with the previous teams leaving. Then again, don't quote me on that. The MWC isn't negotiating anything.
  19. I'm not sure of your point. I don't care who the QB is, they'll need to make plays with their feet. When it's third and nine and no one is open they need to get the first down with their feet. When it's third and two, the defense needs to know the QB is an option. And I don't mean once a game. If Stone provides that, awesome.
  20. If it's six rushes for 36-40 yards that works. If it's two rushes for 12 yards....I think we'll need more production than that. There's no magic number, I just want the QB to be a threat. Harris was UTSA's third leading rusher with 600 yards and nine TDs. His yards per carry wasn't amazing but he made you pay a few times a game. That's all I'm hoping for.
  21. My two cents on the quarterbacks- We're basically going to have two types of games this year, games where we can run the ball and games that the other team holds our running backs in check. The games we can run the ball the quarterback can go 13-20 for 150 yards and we'll be okay. When we can't run the ball don't expect the quarterback to toss the ball around. Ward had 5 games over 300 yards last year and they went 2-3. Both of those wins were against lousy teams. I just don't think this kind of offense is going to light up the passing game. We averaged 460 yds a games last year. WSU averaged 360 yards. WSU also held the opponent under 25 pts a game in nine games. We did it four times. Which means the quarterback needs to make plays with his legs. To me the perfect game with any of these quarterbacks is about 200-240 yards passing and at least 40 yards rushing. Morris may be from the Leach tree but don't expect that this year. Expect a pretty patient offense no matter who is the quarterback.
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