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  1. The Sun Belt was a little more concerned with surviving than what the “football world” was thinking. They had one bowl tie in and even that felt like a minor miracle. There was no ESPN 3, ESPN +, games online, Twitter and Facebook didn’t EXIST. So even when SBC teams did beat Arizona State, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and others, only a few people saw it. It was a new conference with no history. Yeah I remember sitting at Fouts moaning we should lose more conference games so the “football world” would give the SBC more respect. It was a hot topic on Sportscenter every night.
  2. Everything else you wrote isn’t even a factor. They are 41-53 since joining CUSA. By your post they are Boise State. We beat them 45-3 two years ago. I’d argue we’re almost the same programs struggling to be relevant in a state crowded with college football teams. G5 is all about coaching hires. Period.
  3. Bad (I would even say lazy) asst coaching hires. As a G5 you gotta constantly hustle and keep things from regressing. He didn’t do that after year three. I’m still not sold he’s capable of being a complete head coach, not just one interested in the offense. Much less good at all the attention to detail stuff a good head coach needs. He probably should’ve hired an experienced PB type from day one. Having said all that he could still turn this around. Also the best NT teams had strong player leadership. Remains to be seen if we have that and where it comes from.
  4. He may get better as the season goes on but nothing about his presence says he’s a P5 QB. I think he’s thrown three passes over ten yards. Can’t win with that. They’re down now so we’ll see what he’s got.
  5. Nobody deserves to win this game.
  6. Good throw by Bean to end the half. Only a 37 yd drive though. Pretty brutal football overall.
  7. He doesn’t have much help but looks like the same Bean. He’s just not a threat in the passing game. No throws downfield.
  8. ESPN+ Warning, this is like early Dickey-ball.
  9. Kansas football= cure for insomnia. No first downs. Eighteen yards. Feels less that that.
  10. Once bought two LS shirts off the link on the athletics web site. One was so ridiculously large it’s a frickin nightgown. The other the color was off. Both overpriced. Basically at this point I’ll only buy MG gear in person and I live out of state.
  11. If the ever have an auction to throw the match that burns the gray uniforms forever, I’m bidding high.
  12. Adler coming in hot! I do agree we should have a home and away uni and maybe one alternate a year. I’m not a fan of the constant changes. Also I’m an admitted worshipper of the all whites. Having said that, I only care about uni talk when we are winning. Right now my Mean Green brain pan is more worried about not giving up fifty and having a consistent QB. Also, when the old MGC wanted to do a flying worm shirt Helwig laughed at the idea. At least we don’t laugh at our (glorious) past anymore.
  13. I got nothing more to say about this but excuse me while I go get in the shower with my clothes on. GMG.
  14. Thanks, Keith…ugh. I planned on turning my frown upside down in regards to the quarterbacks because it’s game week and then you post that. In fairness I looked up Fine’s first year comp pct and it was 59.4. So maybe Aune can show improvement as well.
  15. If we are starting a QB that is completely lost in game two then I might have to google “airplane banner”.
  16. Unfortunately I think your scenario is what will happen. To me you pick a #1 and he plays until we have sixty. Then #2 can trot out there. If #1 leads us to two TD drives you don’t go “hey, let’s see what the other guy can do.” Feel free to serve this back up to me when we’re 9-3 and getting great quarterback play from whoever played better in the first game. I’ll gladly admit I was wrong.
  17. I’m not mad at anyone who has that opinion, I just have yet to see someone explain why and how your scenario will work. If the first game is so easy and a throwaway game, why is that the game that will decide the QB situation? We did this last year, it didn’t work out. Why do people think it will work this year? If I’m on “Freaking out on QB” island alone, so be it. I have no idea how this works out so I’m not smarter than anyone. But I do know that deciding your QB during the season is not a winning path.
  18. So we are going to base a QB decision on how they play against a bad FCS defense instead of how they look against a FBS defense (ours)??? We scored 57 points last year in our “preseason” game. How’d that work out for predicting future QB play? And if they both play good?
  19. Probably not but I know South Carolina was drawing 80k back in the 90s and 00s when they were bad. They still sell out during lousy seasons. But definitely the exception. My point was attendance isn’t driven by message board “negativity”.
  20. Don’t know if or how hard he tried but it’s weird to me he didn’t find an FCS HC job and prove himself there. His resume isn’t good enough to get an FBS head gig now.
  21. Maybe it’s the gambling side of me but I equate a prediction with something you want to get right. So I’d say it’s more about reality than positivity. I’d love to see that extensive list of G5 programs that don’t win consistently yet still draw big crowds.
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