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  2. I don't think a totally erroneous argument. We were dumpster fire bad for many years.... Our new coach comes along and turns it around to a degree, but then had mid-season fallouts of epic proportions in each season.... So no, not all Benford....but the combo our reputation provided by Benford plus mid-season falls from grace (despite 20 win seasons) has not been enough to turn our program around in the eyes of recruits....Ya, this is over-simplified explanation, but I think it is definitely part of recruiting current recruiting woes. Not hopeless either.... McCasland may surprise us with some late recruiting season heroics.
  3. ----With the appearance of Fox and these radio guys like Rush Limbaugh talking 24-7, things has gotten much more divided...especially along party lines. I am old enough to remember the Nixon/ Watergate problems and it was nothing like it is now.... Even Viet Nam wasn't either... not divided on party lines or liberal/conservative views very much... just lots of opposition to war in general... One good thing that happened as a result was dropping voting age to 18 from 21 ... because before then people were being drafted into the military and could not even vote or have any voice in the situation. The average age of a PFC in Nam .. about 19.6, WWII it was about 26 --- but that was a war to survive as a country. . . I was "draft bait" for Nam for three years before I could vote.
  4. I agree about having a team that will bring fans for our homecoming. But have we tried having Alabama for homecoming? I bet they would bring even more fans.
  5. I agree having games on Facebook is small time. We should have our games on ABC, that would be big time. Anyone know why we don't do that?
  6. Sometimes bad news is good news........ fired at TTU ...then gets a NFL position .... and I assume at more pay.
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  8. I would hate to see their play if they were not motivated. Currently in last round at 10th place, 22 shots out of first.
  9. CUSA really needs to create its own network and market it to the OTT services (Sling, YouTube TV, Hulu, etc) for anything that isn't carried on ESPN networks or CBS.
  10. Though I agree that Facebook streaming can be a clearer and more in tune broadcast. It still bleeds small time and has a minuscule platform in regards to college football streaming. It's better to be on ESPN+ than not be on it.
  11. I check this thread every day to see if there is even a slight nudge in recruiting. Nothing. What exactly in Mccasland doing this off season?
  12. I'll be there... with a crop of UTEP fans in tow
  13. He's not a big guy but he plays big! Impressive.
  14. YES! If we can get some nice Nike replicas... So in! I like our current look and hope it sticks around for a while.
  15. I hope they’re better than the ones I’ve previously seen as well 😕
  16. North Texas barely pulled out a win last year and had that dreadful loss against ODU.... so yeah...I take nothing for granted with this team.
  17. Facebook does a great job of broadcasting games. Their stream is much better than what ESPN provides. I always enjoy watching games on Facebook.
  18. Wow! Awesome company and positive press. GMG
  19. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2830789-ranking-the-top-10-seniors-heading-into-the-2019-college-football-season#slide0 Mason is #9 on their list of top 10 seniors headed into the 2019 season. There's also some interesting speculation from the snapshot assessment style of the article: "Long-Term Outlook: Since he's listed at 5'11", Fine will be subject to the classic "is he tall enough for the NFL?" conversation. But his efficiency―he completed nearly 64 percent of his passes over the past two seasons―and improved decision-making are definite draws. Fine should be drafted, though likely on Day 2 or later." It should be noted that D'Eriq King is #6.
  20. Perfect opponent for Homecoming—a bad team that will bring people to the stadium, as well as being someone our fans have heard of before... Just no more Portland State’s ever again, please...
  21. Heard this before... Seen it too... and the results we not good. Nike or nothing!
  22. Maybe during Season Ticket pickup day???
  23. Recruiting has been bad under Mccasland. What’s even more frustrating is that he has given scholarships to players who don’t seem to bring the program anything yet have multiple seasons of eligibility left. I don’t want to go into next season hoping players are able to do things they have shown no signs of being capable of doing.
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