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  2. Since I grew up in Denton, my first two years I saved money and lived at home. The summer before my 3rd year of college my Dad got a job in Arizona and they moved. I spent the last three years at NT living two blocks off campus on Margie Street (I believe 1234 Margie Street, Apt #4). It was a great location. The apartment had big issues (the AC always broke down and we had various leaks that came and went, sometimes had bug issues), but I loved it dearly.
  3. This is a totally different SMU team than what we faced last year. They have dramatically improved their QB position with Buchelle. Color me worried about this game especially on the Hilltop.
  4. You'd be surprised at how many people don't wear their seat belts.
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  6. This is terrible and sad news. But, who doesn't wear their seat belts these days ? Every car that I have been in over the last 10 years will beep like crazy until you put the seat belt on. I am shocked to read that.
  7. our back ups always worried me, hope they are better this year.
  8. This list him as class of 20, but he is class of 21. I do not think we will hear a commitment from him for a while.. Atleast looking at the 247 link above shows him as 21.
  9. FFR, do you remember who started on the offensive line that game?
  10. Some pretty good stuff there. I'm kind of out on this thread now as its turned into virtue signaling and obfuscation, but essentially my issue with some of this is the idea that "you need to be as outraged as I am--and demonstrate it, because I say so--or you are one of THEM" attitude a lot of folks seem to have nowadays. That's a little too Kim Jong-Il for my taste. Not gonna work for me. They will also blather on about "teams" and "sides" derisively, while maintaining that if you don't agree with the depth and direction of their outrage--even if you may agree with them in principle--you are the same as those they are railing about. In other words, you're not on THEIR team. Not surprising really. It's human nature for sure.
  11. You jumped right in brother! The great thing (well, one of the many great things) about God’s Word, is the explanations for what we should expect other brothers & sisters to act like. Of course, this not coming from your own volition: Gal. 5:22-23, right? As a fellow believer, if we observe Trump’s behaviors, it would appear he is living much more like Gal. 5:20-21, right? I certainly don’t think we’re going to have a morally-perfect person run for political office... ever. 😂 Trump may or may not be racist, but he’s definitely petty, defensive, combative... and certainly immoral. Speaking for myself, I could never bring myself to vote for him (or Hillary).
  12. Ha. That was a fun trip. I think it was the double header on ESPN that due to the earlier MAC game that went to OT...didn’t kickoff till around 9 p.m.? And when the teams came out for the second half a heavy dew had settled on the field. Had never seen that before. Great game by SPJ and the Mean Green. Rick
  13. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article232948772.html Rick
  14. If we get this guy that is some great recruiting. He has all the measurements that the P5 like. They will go after him hard
  15. Was the music from Galaga or something?
  16. Very cool. But who’s the guy at the end? Could it be?
  17. Odd, he was retweeting NT football stuff within the last 3 days.
  18. I took a summer school golf class with Patrick Cobbs on that course. Nice guy with a hell of a swing. Although, they had already torn up much of the course already. I think we only had 4 holes or something to play on. It is crazy how much the campus has changed over the last 15 years.
  19. I just wanted to make sure I didn't jump to a conclusion and make an assumption on what he was saying....I think I know but wanted to be clear. I think what he's saying really falls under what I've read a lot. "How can a Christian vote for Donald Trump?" This is a very popular sentiment today. The logic being "Christians are supposed to be about morals and Donald Trump is immoral. So therefore: A Christian shouldn't vote for someone that is immoral." I think the fallacy in this line of thinking comes from a misunderstanding of Christianity and their view on morality. More specifically: where do morals come from and is there such thing as a moral person? To a Christian, morals come from an objective, unwavering absolute truth: the word of God presented in the Bible. A Christian's world view is shaped by the Bible, not what the Christian thinks. That's an important distinction. Objective world view vs Subjective world view. The tricky part comes when the Christian FAILS to uphold this standard. And here's another absolute truth, 100% of people, including 100% of Christians fail. Whether it's a preacher that has an affair, gets caught stealing money, a politician that "cloaks himself in the Bible" that gets caught in a bribery scandal, a Christian that lies, cheats on his taxes, dodges the draft, gets married 3 times, judges others, is a massive hypocrite...it's a guarantee. When it comes to the biblical standard of morals...of a "good person," the bible says there is no such thing as a good person. They don't exist. As for biblical standards of "good" there's not one human being on this planet that is good. True Christians know this. So if the expectation is that a Christian needs to wait on a "good person" to run for office....they'll be waiting until Jesus returns and gets on the ballot (as an independent...I assure you). Because outside of one person in history, there is no such thing as a good and moral person when it comes to Biblical standards. It's the central reason for Jesus Christ ever being on this earth. So knowing that...the question then becomes to anyone that doesn't have that world view: "What is a good person? What is a moral person? Where do morals come from?" Without an objective, singular consistent place to go to define morals....the only place left to define morals.....is the individual. Here's where it becomes tricky. This is where truth becomes subjective and crowd sourced. This is where a Christian might say: "there's no such thing as a moral person" and someone could say "yeah but Donald Trump is a real scoundrel." Ok...so where's the list of things we'll permit from a leader. What is better than others? Once the person hits 10 on the scoundrel list...then they're disqualified? Maybe 8? Who decides the standard? Now person A with one view of what is good has one set of expectations for a leader and person B with another view has a different set. What one person sees as immoral, another person doesn't have a problem with. There's no logic in this scenario.....it's chaotic. "You do you" Ok, that's fine and all but who is right? How do you know? I can decide what's moral for me...but then when that disagrees with what someone else thinks is moral for them..there's no standard. It's why I always marvel at the "moral superiority" charge. You can't be more "morally superior" than getting your morals from your own view on things vs from a book you didn't write. So the comment: "How can a Christian vote for Donald Trump?" doesn't make sense to a true Christian. Christians aren't afraid of "bad people." Because we're all bad people. To see things from a Christian world view is to see a BIG PICTURE. And no...I didn't think all this up on my own.....it came from a book I didn't write.
  20. Emmanuel Lubin, a senior DB on the team who had just completed his last year of eligibility.died in a car accident. Please pray for his family and the FIU community. Kid was only 21 years old.
  21. The challenge I see in today's political boxing matches...is the jump to knowing the motives behind what someone says. And this goes for both sides (right and left) So to this particular tweet from the president.... I lived in Birmingham for a while. I'm from Texas. If I had told the same group of people over and over: "man the humidity sucks here" "the Mexican food is terrible...ya'll need better choices" "I can't believe it costs $800 for vehicle registration...it should be $75" "The water department is a joke here...you should have a better option" "Hey guy I keep telling this to...you're a real a**hole by the way and not nearly as good a person as me." over and over and over and over..... The logical reply to me may be from that local that is sick of hearing me complain and sick of being called an a**hole: "dude...if you're so miserable here...why don't you go back to Texas if it's so great" There is ZERO in that statement that has anything to do with race. So the trick is you have to have a predetermined opinion about the person from Birmingham that said that and you have to just know (without really knowing but think you know) the motives behind his statement. If I already think that guy is racist because all my friends tell me he's a racist then it really doesn't matter what he says...I will always come into the situation from the point of view that the guy is racist.
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  23. Best of luck to Wyche. He fumbled away several opportunities & guys like Smith, Easly, & Torrey capitalized on theirs. I think a fresh start will be good for him.
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