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    Ask SMU. They have had some experience with this.
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    Is one of the options a new commissioner?
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    “I don't worry that much about the players because they're young and healthy and with proper treatment could could be back in playing shape in a short period of time.” - Sorry, I’m not usually a very vocal member of this board, but this is an incredibly irresponsible point of view. Many, many thousands of young people have died from this disease. The fact that any of us would knowingly put these young men in harms way...it’s deplorable y’all.
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    Typically firing both coordinators to save face is not something a coach who is super secure in his position does, can't imagine they did too much research on the G5 coaches for this article. We have a handful of challenging games this year, but the highest paid coach in the conference and one of the highest in all of G5 should not miss a bowl game 2 years in a row without feeling a ton of heat under his seat in my opinion.
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    "Hefty Sum" may be a bit of a sensationalized inflammatory headline. There are 130 schools in the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. According to USA Today, 331 NCAA assistant football coaches made as much or more in 2019 than Bowen is slated to be paid in 2020. 2019 FBS Assistant Football Coach Salaries .
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    For the record I am very concerned about how the PRC uses students to spy or steal tech. That’s a real thing. But most people just want a good education to either stay in the US and contribute or to return home and make it better there. I prefer the latter, but understand that our country often needs the former.
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    Yes there are problems with student visas. I have issued them. It is a tiny percentage that try to commit fraud and most are caught by State Department officers. Pro tip: DHS does little to protect you or stop illegal immigration. US universities rely on international students. They pay a LOT of money in general to attend our schools. Some NT program could fail without international students. Anyone here proud of our tennis team? It will cease to exist.
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    Hummmmm.....Rice??? I'm thinkin that at best a toss up but one we should win.
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    I am slightly concerned about the amount of time you might have dedicated to thinking about Kram’s porn preferences.
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    So we allowed Cal to push us back a year provided they helped us find a filler opponent? I’m glad they are still “scheduled” to come to Denton but I’ll reserve my enthusiasm until they leave Berkeley for the airport.
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    In the future, all series against P5 are one for one AND the first game is in Denton. Then if you want to cancel, we will talk about a buyout.
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    Maybe I missed it, but I hadn’t seen an official announcement on pod play being discontinued. And we will get UTEP twice. If UTEP’s schedule is an indication, we will probably play Rice, UTEP, UTSA, La Tech, and Southern Miss twice each, then each of the other 8 teams in the conference once each. Would make sense that the conference is looking to cut down on travel as much as possible.
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    Yes. It means that when Mason becomes Chief of the Cherokee nation, he will also become Governor of the state of Oklahoma. GMG
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    Jordan Brown made his commitment to play college football at North Texas before the 2019 season, but his journey with the Mean Green didn’t officially begin until late last month. The former Huntsville standout arrived in Denton on June 22, and has been working out with the team since. Brown notes that outside of some early jitters, everything has “been really good.” “When I first started working out I was kind of nervous, but then you find out it's kind of like high school,” he said. “It's a little more intense, but you just have to be mentally strong and it's all the same.” Brown, who shared honors as District 10-5A, Division II’s Defensive MVP last season, recognizes that his time with the Hornets helped prepare him to take his talents to the next level. “That program played a big part in this,” he added. “With that program, you have to be mentally tough to get through some of the things ... and that's helped me get through these workouts in college.” The versatile linebacker led the district’s top defense in 2019, recording 97 tackles, four sacks, 12 tackles for loss, two interceptions, one fumble recovery and one defensive touchdown in nine regular season games. He proceeded to come up big in the postseason, helping the Hornets notch a pair of playoff victories. read more: https://www.itemonline.com/sports/huntsville-prepared-jordan-brown-for-start-of-north-texas-football-career/article_01752e60-c143-11ea-8c30-7bcd1efcdc2c.html
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    Stanford without a synchronized swimming team. Or squash. How can this go on!!?
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    Damn, tough to see Big Tex out of a job. But he will land on his feet, I'm sure of it!
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    Aune has been in a college program since January 2018, which is longer than any other quarterback on our roster. Reading this board you might think he hasn’t touched a football since he graduated high school 8 years ago.
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    For starters: Lead by example. Clearly state this is not a hoax and the dangers are real. The top leaders need to be seen wearing a mask and showing the recommended protocol. Do not have mass gatherings (rallies?) in locations that have no met the CDC recommendations for public gatherings. Enforce a mask policy at your gathers (SD, DC 4th celebrations). Offer as much assistance as required and wanted by the states with an outbreak (without saying - this means to not threaten 'liberal' states that don't align with the President's ego). Don't lie! Stop saying that everyone who wants a test can get a test. Stop lying about the capability of tests. That is just the baseline what I would expect from an administration when so many people are affected by this sickness. Instead this administration inserts doubt into the numbers or the seriousness - ignore all their own recommendations - go to twitter to show off how much they are not following the CDC policies. Trump goes on TV and still is saying this will "disappear" and signs are looking good. Passing off the theory the summer heat will take care of it (as we saw parroted at gmg - a lot). So how about some good old fashioned hat holding on the things they got wrong and show some leadership on getting this back on track? All of this certainly emboldens those that want to doubt and want to blindly follow Trump to the Earth's end.
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    They say Covid 19 is a matter of Life and Death... Football is much more important than that.
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    There is so much to market and Wren knows how to maximize opportunities. We are becoming a destination city, region and the fall is the best time to visit: 1. Expose your program to one of the countries richest recruiting regions. 2. Hang out in music rich Denton for the weekend - live music, brew houses and more. 3. Short drive to mega shopping in Dallas and Plano. 4. Catch some pro sports 🏈 ⚾️ ⚽️ If they happen to be in town that weekend. 5. Tour some history, The 6th Floor museum and Bush Library. 6. Tour headquarters and iconic sports venues. Help these middle/upper programs create an exciting weekend vision for their program and fans: Cal, Purdue, Missouri, Kentucky, Syracuse, BYU, Oregon, Va Tech, Minnesota, Pittsburgh. GMG
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    On that cheerful note. Although I am not sure what a loosing season is. I do agree that Tulsa is not going anywhere and have no idea why anyone thinks even if they did that NT would benefit. I really don't know why so many seem to assume that the NT football just can't win against mighty CUSA competition. If it is a losing season I expect SL will be gone, but I really think the team will be significantly better than the gloom and doomers predict. On the bright side, SL will perform and we can go back to worrying when he is going to leave for greener pastures. The positive is if SL either leaves or is fired, the NT job should be one of the most attractive in all G5 land.
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    Cancel TAMU and owe them $1.2 million or whatever it is. That’s expensive leadership
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    I don’t shed any tears over losing a kid that can’t spell Texas
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    Well maybe we should take this discussion offline but holy hell my experience has been 200% the opposite.
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    Makes no sense to get ahead of the power curve. You really think the presidents want to pre-emptively cancel millions in guarantee games and have to defend that call when they can wait for the P5 schools to cancel and then argue they should be paid because TAMU is still playing, just not playing UNT?
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    So this virus knows the difference between a conference game and a non-conference game? Amazing.
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    I disagree. We're slated to receive $1.25 MILLION dollars from TAMU. We're in a severe budget crunch due to Covid-19. 1.25 M would go a long way to help offset the current financial losses.
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    Why? Firing both coordinators is never a good sign and the highest paid coach in the conference should not have multiple non-bowl years.
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    Are we waiting on a vaccine? Are they going to make a vaccine for every virus and bacteria? Will we just wait 10 years until the virus has gone through the whole population? How many people die from unusual complications of other mostly ordinary infections? Maybe we should wait until all those run their courses. Maybe we should all live in individual bubbles until we all just die from being unable to reproduce or exist on planet Earth.
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    Maybe? Hopefully we aren't counting on the revenue from the canceled game with aTm.
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    You are at least 1 year too early IMO. Recruiting is really up after a slow start. 2021-22 is the year for this team to break out. That will be the season that he is judged on.
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    No Mark, I don't know him at all, nor his real life self. Zero. None. I don't claim to know. I know what he typed: "Kids need to be in school. I have zero fear of sending mine." He was not talking as a teacher with his two sentences. He was talking as a parent and his lack of fear for his kids. So.. That is what I responded to. If he has no fear for his fellow teachers or administrators - that is wonderful. I am glad he/she will be back in the classroom. </woke>
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    The NT Daily, or otherwise known as "The Voice of Reason"
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    oh god i just realized i have been posting in the nest. *shudder*
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    I'm leaning towards there will be a season this year. The reason is that the P5s will lose combined multi-millions if there's not. That could mean that only FBS will have a fall season but another question is will it start on time? Maybe, if the summer heat reduces the spread of the virus. I don't worry that much about the players because they're young and healthy and with proper treatment could could be back in playing shape in a short period of time. I saw where Texas Tech had 20 something test positive when they reported and all but 2 are now negative. I've got the longest row to hoe because of my age and I've been diabetic for a long time although that is improving. I've bought my season tickets so I'll be there barring a turn for the worse. We should know more this week.
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    Maybe we can ask one of the dozens of other countries who seem to have figured it out. Let's start with New Zealand.
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    I’ve been looking into ways to host virtual watch parties of games. I’ve done a couple recently over Facebook Watch watching past games. Some of you have stopped by for a bit. It’s nowhere near as great as going to a live game, but still fun to watch a little football with North Texas faithful.
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    Feeling like football is going to get pushed to the spring
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    this is amazing. there are 24 topics per page in these forums. - @El Paso Eagle started 5...ranging from Defunding the Police to the dangers of a post-gendered Bob's Big Boy - @LongJim started 3...a couple Reason articles and a discussion on how many progressives are disappointed with their closest affiliated party's nomination - @MCMLXXX started 3...a holiday salutation and two framed articles that left out major context from his initial post - @UNTLifer started 2...a 10-year old article and a gross misinterpretation of the movie Idiocracy - @THOR started 1 that was simply him trying to justify his behavior that will single-handedly cost us a football season. (it's your fault, thor) and then one each from @97and03, @ADLER, @TheColonyEagle, @Hunter Green, @meangreen11, @Venson...with the bots rounding out the numbers. so, these are your liberal overlords? seems like a plurality of "conservative" voices at first glance. so if quantity isn't the problem...maybe you're feeling "shouted down" because the quality of your argument is lacking?
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    It will just feel like Tuesday for 5 months. Booooooooo GMG
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    We will be playing UNLV in the new Raiders Stadium. May have to go out for the game if possible'
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    Nice. RV said it couldn't be done.
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