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    Jalen Guyton came to Edinburg in South Texas today to have a combine style camp for kids of all ages. Even threw up the talon. Good luck to Jalen.
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    What kind of injury would I have to sustain just to win the conference ?
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    Their new practice facility will surely be the envy of the conference.
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    https://meangreensports.com/news/2019/6/16/football-faith-family-and-a-fathers-love.aspx A little late but a solid read about Coach Littrell and his family. Rick
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    The Ap-inspired facade is a very cool touch. Rick
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    Having the Athletic Directors Symposium at The Embassy Suites in October.....can only help us in this (conference considerations) as well as scheduling. We get a lot of ADs in town....they see our facilities....it's a good thing. https://www.adsymposium.us/
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    First of all, DFW North is growing into its own little Metro. Getting a player that could bring some of Dallas and Northern most Texas is not that crazy to think about. Little Elm, Frisco, Prosper...seem much more aligned in cultures than they do with Dallas proper. Denton's unique identity is being revealed year by year and presents as another culturally cool part of Texas. Second, I am tired of this supposed power SMU has over us. They don't own us and I don't think of them as over us at all any more. They can look down us from their imagination. I personally feel we have tremendous upside and are viewed as a program of the future. They seem like a program of the past to me. The AAC programs don't excite me that much either but they are perceived as a step up in conference. They fit our desired footprint, even though I wish Smastrek would convince others to head west to the MWC. You have Boise over there and UCF over there. I think Boise stirs more interest than UCF but we need an invite first. With this type of SMU respect we don't even deserve to share the same air with them. Times change, programs evolve and I refuse to see us as "behind" SMU the rest of my days. Show up with confidence and crush the presentation. Go Wren! GMG
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    DRC: Harvey was a top 100 recruit coming out of high school and has one season of eligibility remaining https://dentonrc.com/sports/highly-regarded-defensive-back-harvey-to-finish-career-at-unt/article_e03d5710-8c51-5779-902f-ddaa58edeb72.html
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    The way Arkansas got into the SEC wasn’t facilities or a great record in football. It was because they travel ...away games they show up and out. They would have Tyson as a sponsor and all food was free. We knew where the pre-game event was, there was no sign in, and everyone called the hogs. Even if you wore a shirt from another team, they embraced you, the college football fan. I know this because I taught there for over 12.5 years and was involved in athletics and academics. So, you want to join the AAC, it’s all about the money! Travel to as many away games as you can, and we will get an invite. Show up and everything else will take care of itself! GMG
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    Hey and in the off season the covered area will be a Farmers Market?
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    Norvil came at 6’4” 253, as a Jr he is 315lbs!!! He may the perfect example of developing DE to DT. This will be Seth’s biggest D line especially when you consider their length! GMG
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    I'd love to jump to the MWC, but if we're offered a spot, take the AAC and get out of here.
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    Move Navy to East and add us to West.
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    Chill y’all. He can go to camps wherever he wants. He’s a D-1 QB. He just happens to be committed to us!
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    https://www.mineralwellsindex.com/news/baker-hotel-and-spa-to-begin-historic-three-year-renovation/article_39cbed22-92d1-11e9-848f-d3a0c02e166e.html Hopefully this finally happens. Also, if you have been there during C-USA tourney time in the past, The Arlington in Hot Springs is the sister hotel of The Baker. Rick
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    The bad part of that 9-3 prediction is that it has us at 3-3 after six games. The "sky if falling" crowd will be posting in full force if that happens😀 All in all lots of love for the Mean Green in the magazine. Mason was chosen by several writers as the player they'd pick to start a team. Seth got the fewest votes by high school coaches to the question "Which college coach do you trust the least?" We're ranked #3 in the Texas College poll. I'll repeat what others have said often: It's a good time to be a UNT fan.
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    My take from reading the comments is that it humors me that they think adding us would over saturate the DFW market. The DFW market doesn't care about smuT. Hell, Highland Park barely cares anymore. We would provide the DFW market that smuT promised years ago. They are a program on life support and are heading the wrong direction.
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    Based on their record, I would say they did that years ago.
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    This is the quality sh*tpost I've come expect in the Mean Green offseason. I'm just surprised it took this long.
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    Dude, you can't talk to a P6 like that!
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    Just because I don't think we are going to the AAC means I am debunking our program? And debunking NIU and their closeness to Chicago or MUTS and their proximity to Nashville, which both fit the current AAC footprint perfectly and have made a BCS bowl (NIU) and several NCAA Tournaments (MUTS) just makes you look like a stupid homer--and you aren't a stupid homer. I have ALWAYS said that our path forward in a new conference involves us not being with TCU or SMU, not because they have clout anymore to keep us from being in their conferences, but because TV markets matter to the networks paying for their content. Its why I am fully onboard with going to the MWC if we ever were lucky enough to get asked. It would behoove our program greatly to play nationally ranked and higher regarded programs and it would greatly behoove the MWC to come out here for more eyeballs and recruiting. Its why there are no more markets in the G5 that share teams anymore. Rice and UH will never be in a conference again because of it. FAU and FIU are close, but the Miami DMA is considered different from Palm Beach/Ft. Lauderdale. What changes all of this view? The G5s FINALLY realizing that geographical alignment is the way to go. That would make the MWC stay as it is, the MAC as it is, then completely realigning the AAC, CUSA, and SBC. I'd do backflips to see this conference setup: UNT, SMU, UTEP, NMSU, Tulane, USM, UTSA, Texas State, UH, Rice, ULL, La Tech, Tulsa, and Arkansas State for football. Then be ready when the Big XII blows up by 2025 and you can add in Baylor and TCU, which gets you 16 great teams. Make the football stadiums and basketball arenas more full because the travel is easier and the fans actually know people who went to these regional schools--lower costs for travel, more butts in seats, and less apathy, since UNT fans don't give one rip about ODU or F_U, nor do Temple fans care about SMU or Tulane. The idea of an old SWC would be incredible--but its gonna take these ADs realizing that there is no "P6", that there is more value in regional ties than hoping for supposed TV money that is built on sand for our level of play, and that actual attendance creates better fans that give more money. That's why I'm not holding my breath.
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    We ain't losing to Southern Miss.
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    I feel like this is more @Harry pulling up pending material to look good towards inquiring external minds at the moment. At the time of this writing, 29 members online, 2 anonymous, and 72 guests. Put up and show out, as is the sentiment in the other AAC threads.
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    My sister (from Greater Houston) attended a convention at the Denton Hotel & Convention Center & couldn’t say enough nice things about it. In fact, I met her & a cousin from Lewisville up there for a nice visit & a great meal at its restaurant. I was duly impressed & a bit surprised with how large it was. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Easily A 4 Stars Venue For Denton & UNT. • The below link has some nice pics. https://www.discoverdenton.com/meetings/facilities-venues/denton-convention-center/
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    I don't know how the AAC truly views us, but I would feel really good about our chances if they can just get The Wren in the room to talk.
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    Temple will be on an island for all Olympic sports. Tulsa is going down the money pit. ECU is not performing as expected.
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    Guys Wren is the best AD in the conference, and has ties to the AAC commissioner. I don’t think that gets us in, but I think we at least get a chance to make a pitch. That’s all you can ask for if you’re us.
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    "One can also bet the farm on the fact that SMU would be staunchly opposed to UNT joining the league." Problem #1, #2, #3, etc.
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    That would require a ton of advertising from both UNT and SMU, and I don't think SMU would want to put any effort into that. All I can say is that if Wren is able to convince the AAC and SMU it's a good idea, he deserves a lifetime contract.
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    Wow! I never knew any of that. I already had a tremendous amount of respect for Coach Littrell, but after reading all that, I have a new found respect for what he has accomplished amidst such tough trials. For him to keep going and achieving like he has, that speaks to the character and the soul of the man. God has truly blessed him and after what he has been through and keeping his trust in God, he deserves those blessings. Often as fans, I think we do not think about the fact that the people we cheer and yell at have lives outside of football. He has managed it well. I am sure lesser people would have crumbled under the pressure to win when they have the trials that he has faced with them daily. Glad he is here with North Texas. God continue to bless Coach Littrell and his family.
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    Also how has no one responded to the thread title?
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    We hat would be awesome to have both UNT and TCU play at SMU to a completely full (half green/half purple) stadium where SMU cannot fill it half way up. So classic
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    I think that the khaki shorts are the killer of the look. Why not green shorts, white polos and a green cap. Case settled.
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    I'm looking for volunteers to surveil and protect these coaches from contact with nasty P-5s. I have three so far but need more to step up:
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    Not just a "lowly" 4-star recruit either (I think those start around .90 ratings...). He had a .97!!
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    I'm not sure I get the whole, "xxx already has a school in the yyy market" argument these days. In the particular case of SMU and UNT neither one of us "owns" the DFW market. At best, C-USA and the AAC split/share a small fraction of it. Wouldn't it be better for a conference to try and consolidate two small shares of a large market than try to garner a small fraction of another market?
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    There was a story about the Mose brothers and how the North Texas games have become a gathering point for the Tongan families. https://meangreensports.com/news/2018/8/15/football-differing-paths-to-denton-for-mose-brothers.aspx The Mose brothers had a lot of opportunities to further their education at a variety of schools. Vanity can certainly pull people in many directions. Thankfully they selected a school where their family and community can easily attend their games and where they can be positive role models to the next generation.
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    I never said anything about whether they were "body bag" games or part of home-and-home series. I said UNT "has cut down dramatically on the number of games it plays against Power Five teams" and thus opportunities for wins that will garner national attention. That is clearly the case.
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    He's a great kid from a wonderful family. Let him have his day in the sun. Great people they are indeed

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