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    In my twenty-five years of UNT fandom this might be the most attack-oriented offense we have ever had. The Dodge years could move the ball but we never had the quarterback/WRs combo that we have now. During that time, most of our game plans have revolved around playing the game close to the vest, letting the defense keep us in the game while taking well timed shots here and there. For the most part, especially in OOC games, it's never worked. I'm all for a balanced attack, especially over the long haul of the season but.... We should go right at SMU. We have an amazing QB and WRs. Use them soon and often. Mason makes a mistake? So be it, go right back at them. We should go into this game expecting to score fifty points. If we give up 35, who cares. I would say our WRs are so good we could keep an extra blocker to help protect and they could still get open. With this team, which I no longer consider young, we should go right at them. Use our strengths.
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    Date played Winning team Losing team Attendance Notes January 1, 2011 Texas Tech 45 Northwestern 38 40,121 notes January 2, 2012 Houston 30 Penn State 14 46,817 notes January 1, 2013 Oklahoma State 58 Purdue 14 48,313 notes January 1, 2014 North Texas 36 UNLV 14 38,380 notes December 26, 2014 Louisiana Tech 35 Illinois 18 31,297 notes December 26, 2015 Washington 44 Southern Miss 31 20,229 notes December 27, 2016 Army 38 North Texas 31 39,117 notes December 26, 2017 Utah 30 West Virginia 14 20,507 notes With the City of Dallas refusing to pay ESPN the $300,000 to keep this game in Dallas, there's been this misleading narrative in multiple places thrown out there: "The HOD Bowl matches up "lowly" G5 programs" and that's why it's struggling for attendance. Look at above. When has the HOD Bowl struggled with attendance? In 2015 and 2017, when they had poor match ups without a regional anchor to put butts in seats. Tech, Houston, Ok State, North Texas and La Tech did their job when presented with an opportunity. Attendance of 30,000 plus for a non marquee bowl match up is doing your job as far as I'm concerned. Hey idiot bowl organizers. Maybe don't match up teams from Utah and West Virginia and expect to blow the doors off the place. That type of match up will CERTAINLY interest casual fans in TEXAS. Texas Tech vs. North Texas this past year would have created an incredible atmosphere and a fun game for TV. Too bad the "P5" programs focus all their energy in bowl season doing back flips to avoid playing non power conference teams. It's to the detriment of college football. Just want to point out this isn't a CUSA issue. If we send North Texas, La Tech, UTSA, Rice or UTEP up against a reasonable Big 10 or Big 12 opponent (like the bowl is supposed to have yearly), our conference can easily hold up our end of the bargain.
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    Just in case there's someone out there who suddenly became interested in following the Mean Green....and didn't know. Rick
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    :whistles: So this is the age-ourselves thread?
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    On that list you’ve got two seniors who will open up starting spots after this year, three walkons who have proven very little at the division 1 level, and two true freshman who held I think just one other FBS offer between the two of them (Nixon and Hunt). I’m not saying that’s a bad group, but at the FBS level that’s about as favorable a situation as you’re going to get if you’re in Fulp’s shoes. Davis and the commits are solid, but if you’re scared about those younger guys taking your spot while older guys above you are opening up spots, then going JUCO is not going to solve your playing time problem.
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    Too busy making statements like this: "graduated following a loss to Troy in the New Orleans Bowl."
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    Heres an updated story. He is headed to Juco route. Sounds like between Chris Thornton, William Lemasters and incoming freshman linebacker room got a little crowded for him.
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    I love Mason Fine more and more with each passing day. He's everything I want in a QB representing my team.
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    Point is, if he doesn’t think he has a good shot at future playing time because of walkons and dudes in high school, he may struggle trying to find a program with a situation that he finds favorable from a competition standpoint.
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    That sure spells power 6. Noone can tell me that SMU, Tulane and Tulsa - tiny private schools - are really doing much for the AAC. Also I cannot stop thinking that if these privates want to play on the same field with the public schools, in order for that playing field to be level, they ought to have the same obligation to report on their athletics finances as the public schools.
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    They put this new party deck thing in their endzone, and I think it’s a brilliant idea for several reasons: - It gives off an air of exclusivity for those watching the game from there...and if there is anything an SMU fan loves it’s the idea of exclusivity - They’ve converted about 1,500+ seats into standing room for 300. If they did the same to the rest of the stadium their average attendance would resemble a sellout - Now people can get drunk WHILE they watch SMU play. Having to wait in line for beer after a horrible play is just too much delay.
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    Would love to go to Heart of Dallas again for the obvious reasons; dfw recruiting, attendance, costs, home field advantage, usually better teams, and etc. (Not a fan of the NM Bowl or New Orleans Bowl)
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    Just so that I’m fully caught up after learning this little tidbit... Was North Texas Mason Fine’s only D1 offer...and does he have a chip on his shoulder? Was North Texas 1-11 the year before Littrell arrived?
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    @Venson Turf is in.. Not the lettering.
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    Is that the problem? hmm.. Serious question - so please don't throw up a bunch of semi-famous people mocking the president. Where are the liberal conspiracies that are akin to yelling fire in a theater? Where are the conspiracies that lead eople into armed stand-offs with police on completely wild-ass theories (pizza-gate, Qanon, sharia law take-overs, deep-state satanism, pedophilia, etc)? I keep hearing about this double standard, but I haven't seen any - but I am completely open to being too close to the trees to see the forest.
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    DRC: UNT's creative content ace was sporting some bling today https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-wednesday-practice-notes/article_12290d50-d5ec-56d4-9989-0a09624d689b.html
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    The Touchdown Terrance seats are only too expensive (priced too high) if they don’t sell. The market will make that decision. GO MEAN GREEN
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    99 years ago, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes explained that free speech did not extend to the right to yell fire in a crowded theater. Alex Jones and InfoWars by yelling about the existence of numerous non-existent fires has forfeited its spot in the free press.
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    @PlummMeanGreen would be a better source for this but I'll try. As I recall, Jerry Jones had a meeting with then Mayor Laura Miller The topic was how much money the City of Dallas would pay to build the new stadium at Fair Park. Jerry Jones said he had an offer for a "zillion" dollars from Arlington. Mayor Laura Miller thought he was bluffing and said something like, "If you can get that deal you should go get it." He wasn't and he did and that was the beginning of the end of the Cotton Bowl and the area around Fair Park for that matter. The mayor had a chance to completely rebuild that part of downtown Dallas and got out bluffed. Too bad.
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    They come with swivel chairs, BEN. Three hunnerd sixty degrees of football ac-tion
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    DRC: \https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-friday-practice-notes-littrell-video-preview-of-scrimmage/article_282ff6a5-f7cc-505c-a489-1bc378c0feb9.html
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