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    I’ve always wanted to see more of the flying worm from the 70s but also the simple NT design as well. One last thing putting a vintage scrappy on a shirt....oh and can we please stick with one shade of green? 😓 GMG
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    Hey guys! Just joined the community - I'm Connor and I help run Homefield. We make premium (read: extra comfortable) college apparel, and try to make unique/vintage designs for schools of all sizes. We know that no matter how much research we do, it'll never compare to the knowledge of die-hards, which is why we joined this community. We just became licensed for UNT, and we're still in the research phase of making sure we make thoughtful UNT apparel for when we do launch it. This is where you come in. No one loves the Mean Green and the school more than you, and we want to learn from the experts. Mainly: what are your favorite UNT logos/traditions? We only want to make apparel that serves the most passionate fans, and we take that input quite seriously. Even if you don't have any favorite logos/traditions, if you ever are thinking about ordering some UNT stuff when it goes live, let me know and I'll be sure to hook you up with a solid discount. Thanks, Connor
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    For throwbacks the 60’s interlocked NT is popular.. But not as popular as the 70’s era “Flyn’ Worm”. For current logos,...the logo that is a derivative of the “Flyin’ Worm” is the “Son Of Worm”...or as we like to call it The SOW, and is the standard mark for the Mean Green.. And the flag design that is very popular and was voted on and chosen by our fan base is the “North Texas Battle Flag”. Rick
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    If this is actually serious: Rule # 1 - Pantone 356 and White - Never anything else . Rule # 2 - In case of any doubt or confusion, read Rule # 1 again. Copper, Silver, Gray, Black, Blue and Orange, Forrest Green, and Khaki are not acceptable for textile merchandise. All other logos are either secondary or tiny niche fetishes.
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    What is interesting to me, and something @Harry can be proud of as well is that two of our posters here on gmg designed two of them. greengrenade2 (passed away 4 years ago) designed the Flyin’ Worm in the early 70’s for Coach Fry,...and @drex created the battle flag in ‘86 for a speaking event for Dr. Hurley. Rick
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    Lance Dunbar was just drafted by the Dallas Renegades in the 8th round.. Highest North Texas Player ever in an XFL Draft
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    Exactly. Worst. Logo. Ever.
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    This! Honestly don’t think there is another logo I’d want besides the four FFR listed.
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    FAU fan here, First off, I come in peace. I have been reading different message boards and getting a feel for how various fan bases are feeling at this point in the season. It's crazy to read through some of these boards and see how down on yourselves you guys are after a disappointing start. From what I gather you guys are having some trouble with line play this year? Either way I think you guys have a pretty good coach in SL. It seems like overall your recruiting is trending up, you have a new stadium, located in a pretty good area (I'd take denton over Ruston/Bowling green/ huntington any day). I'd like to see everyone in our conference play up because none of us are moving to the next level without our conference as a whole showing the best team isn't just the king of the crap hill. I think FAU is on the right track and I'm hoping we can potentially return to the conference championship this year and show some consistency (and better fan support). I would love to have another championship vs yall after how the past 2 seasons went. Having a little cross division rivalry just makes the game more exciting. I think the conference has the potential, we should be outshining the MAC and Sunbelt every year. Here's to hoping both our teams have an exciting fight to the top of the totem poll for consistent conference domination. 🤝
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    I can get behind this sort of campaign, seriously. The Nebraska mantra. No matter how mediocre we get or downright bad, let's not let it be because of the fans and sell out Apogee for 30 straight years. People would eventually take notice. And it would boost recruiting. But that's not realistic, unfortunately. Too many band and art folk (let's be real, liberal folk) go or went to this school. And for the people that care about football, they put their maroon or orange shirt on long ago.
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    An offensive line that doesn't get your QB destroyed after every pass?
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    Not sure. But not something one would expect a coach getting paid the amount SL is getting paid going into year 5. He had his agent negotiate this pay scale for him (swindling UNT btw), so he accepts the responsibility of the expectations of having success. Nevertheless, for starters, I can all but guarantee another 1-3 OOC record. Jack Abraham is only a RS SO, so that's a probable L if this year in any indication. Rice is on the up n up, so that's a toss up. So, we're at 1-4-1 as of right now. Charlotte, @UTSA, and UTEP (getting to have 2 of those in that stretch at home will help). So, let's say we sweep those, but that's no gimme. That puts us around 4-4-1. At Middle and then or course the probable L to La Tech, hopefully a split at best? 5-5-1. Then a probable L @UAB. 5-6-1...And given all of our unknowns, that may be looked at as a best case scenario. So, with that, the highest paid coach in the conference (top 10 G5 salary, I believe), we may be looking at a 5-7/6-6 record for a best case scenario going into year 5. I would imagine our win total being set by Vegas somewhere between 4-5. I would define that as poor.
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    Care to define ‘poor’? Maybe even attach a record to it?
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    Hi Connor! Ever heard of an albino squirrel? There’s one that has haunted (or brought luck to, depending on who you ask) UNT students for the past few decades. It would be a funny shirt design as an “inside joke” that all UNT alumni would understand.
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    Says the UNT fan that hasn't missed a game at Kyle Field in two years.
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    Apparently we need to play UTSA 12 times/yr.
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    There's no commitment here to recruit size on the lines of scrimmage. The D line rotation is too small. The LBs are too small. The O line is average on their good days. The team who wins CUSA will have the best line play.
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    For NY Sub to be involved it they would have to pay money to support UNT athletics...something they have never done, to my knowledge.
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    NMSU will be a good test. They have a really quality program. Last year, they rattled of 19 straight wins to close the regular season/conference tourney and then REALLY pushed Final Four squad Auburn in the first round of the NCAAs. They are projected to win the WAC again this season. A true measuring stick for our crew.
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    I like anything with the green Texas flag.
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    I'm not presenting myself one way or another. I see the writing clearly on the wall and I'm not hesitant to point it out. I'm confident in a poor season next year, unfortunately. The DL needed attention in the 2018 class, serious attention. MF has been given the opportunity to stat monger in spite of the future. So with no proven defensive commodities, an average at best OL, and basically a freshman QB starting, regardless of their class designation, the future is bleak. The recruiting staff must hit on JUCO kids, grad transfers, and transfer portal players to right their previous wrongs. Otherwise, fasten your seatbelt...The ride might get bumpy.
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    DRC: https://dentonrc.com/sports/football-fine-set-to-return-as-unt-looks-to-pull/article_8b5721c6-cb2e-5577-be24-66f745d55b7d.html
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    UH style? Telling the majority of your team you are mailing it in for the rest of the year? Don't think so. Do you ever read your posts before hitting submit?
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    I agree, he should rest and yes 6 games left but it is time to see what the team has for 2020, hopefully Bean and Aune get some more reps and allow Fine to rest and come back strong last 4-5 games.
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    A dose of reality and patience to let the recruiting classes of '19 and '20 mature. Talk about taking over a dumpster fire in regards to recruiting! Recruiting TX high school football talent is all about relationships and we had none because McCarney didn't cultivate any, plus our facilities forever were a joke. SL had to build these relationships and the administration has had to prove we were serious about elevating our program which they both have done. Sadly, North Texas was the place kids went when they didn't get offers from any other D1 program. Now they are picking us for our program, the facilities and our university.
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    What the program needs to move forward is to replace Troy Reffett. That defense sucks. He was fortunate enough last year to have players that covered up for it's flaws. However, since he has been here we have had only one season of a decent defense. He needs to be able to put players in the right positions to fit their talents and abilities not forcing them to play his scheme when they cannot. No matter how good offenses get, defense still wins championships.
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    Just curious, why do you think basketball will have a nose dive. This year looks promising to me.
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    nah I have a good feeling on what Coach Mac has done. They got some really solid JUCO guards, and more height and depth. They should finish in the top 4
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    Jeez guys. I am not happy about the season either. But, IMO there could be some positives come out of it. For one, we could really use some continued stability with the coaching staff. The fact that we are struggling a bit will keep the vultures away from Seth for a while (yes, that is a good thing). Bodie Reeder may nor may not be the answer at OC. He may just need a season or two to work out the kinks here. Reffett needs some more talent (and experience) on D before we can really expect them to take the next step up. Siggers is a stud that could be here for 2 more years. Bussey may be back next year with some young receiving talent. The young D should be better next year. We don't have a Mason Fine on the roster next year. But, we do have some potential talent at the QB position coming up. This year has been a complete let down and the attendance will probably take a hit. But, we still have a bright future and having upper-echelon CUSA recruiting classes the last few seasons certainly doesn't hurt. I certainly don't think the program is on a downward swing. Instead, it is most likely more of a temporary dip.
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    That’s not surprising. I don’t think you would be a good AD if your emotions are all over the place like a fan.
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    lol. I thought the same. More like: "The Ryan C-USA Championship Game, brought to you by New York Sub Hub better get the hell outta my way!"
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    It seems like they have better facilities and coaches than they ever had. Dr. Smatrek seems to be supportive as does the BOR and faculty. Attendance seems to be trending up. What specifically does Coach Littrell need to produce a better product?
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    I believe he’s the only one?
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    Seriously? I’ll give you a pass on this one.
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    Agreed. How many games this year have been lost by missed kicks? It truly amazes me, the stinkage at kicker some teams trot out on a weekly basis.
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    I’m not sure what you’re going off of with those numbers. You don’t get 25 HS signees per class. You get 25 total initial counters. Which includes D1 scholarship transfers, JUCOs, and walking places on scholarship before playing 2 full seasons as a walkon. In 2016, in addition to HS commits, we also signed Bryce English, Alec Morris, Dee Baulkman, EJ Ejiya, Darius Turner, Josh Wheeler, and TJ Henson in that class. And in 2017 we had some more jucos, plus some blue shirts who we signed late in 2016 that counted towards the 2017 class like Eric Jenkins.
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    It was insane to send Mason back in after the first shoulder injury.
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    This regression couldn’t have come at a worse time. The fan base was really starting to build. Now it’s blow out after blow out just like the old days. What’s done is done. This team needs to pull it together and go 8-4.
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    Huh. Guess ol' Brint is rather expectant that UNT is in said game.
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    It's kind of like the children's story The Emperor's New Clothes . Jazz sucks, everybody knows it sucks, but nobody wants to be the person to admit it. (This is where one pseudo-intellectual lies and pretends he actually likes jazz) How bad is it? Nobody would ever go back to prison if they played KNTU music. Seriously, how many thousand times can we sit through "A jazz ensemble made famous in 1927 by Spanish composer blah blah blah..." I'm not saying we need to play Rocky and Star Wars for every halftime show, but I'd love to see the Green Brigade finally cut themselves free of that jazz albatross they've been dragging for over half a century. I get it, that music was popular at one time, very very long ago, but it's outdated and stinks now. Jazz is to music what Surströmming is to food. Other than that, I love the Green Brigade.
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    Very nice....I'll be here all week and twice on Tuesday...hahahaha.
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    And we have yet to play UH this year, moron. After last year's beat down at Apogee where you look way worse than we did this past Saturday, I was shocked you all won any games. Trust me, after this weekend, I will forget about you, like the rest of the Metroplex, until next year. smuT's insignificance in it's own hometown is comical. How does it feel to always be outdrawn by the visiting fans? Wait, you are HERE because we are obsessed with smuT? You are the one here, we aren't on your board with your five posters. Looks to me like you are obsessed with us?
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    6'0.5" 200 lbs. Also holds an offer from Tulsa No rating at this time. https://247sports.com/Player/Jordan-Brown-46082582/ Love his video. Hidden gem at this point.
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