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    Link: https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/2020-eastwest-shrine-bowl-preview--quarterbacks
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    We keep thinking THIS will be the year we beat a nationally ranked team and become a top mid major program in football or basketball!
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    Didn’t get to see enough of him to nominate him. But with what little we did see, with 42 yards on 4 carries it could have easily been Oscar Adaway.. Rick
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    Matt Rhule left Baylor...Seth to Baylor???!! A plane just left DFW...Seth to DFW??!! Harry and Megan are leaving the royal family...Seth to the royal family??!!
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    He posted this a couple weeks ago. Don’t know how to interpret it.
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    Tell Seth's agent to stop creating threads on gomeangreen.com.
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    Now that I think about it, I've got some Shrine Bowl questions... Who pays for the players travel, room and meals ? How long is the player at the Shrine Bowl event ? Does the University provide the player with all his equipment or just the helmet ? Does the University send any support staff with the player ? Does the player get paid ?
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    Kaedric was clocked at a 4.52 FAT at the rival camp and a 4.63 FAT at the opening regional finals. I've heard he wants to play college ball close to home. Class Valedictorian 5.0 GPA 4.59 (average) 40yds at 5'10 210 500 squat 325 bench 330 Power Clean 39inch vertical not offering him doesnt make sense
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    North Texas, where next year never comes.
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    Not just these parts. A bunch of us girls growing up in the Houston area used to watch World Class Championship Wrestling on Saturday mornings. Or perhaps I should spell the word as Bill used to say it... "Rassling."
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    If the question is who was the AD at the time, I think it was Helwig. I base that on remembering the decision was made by a new AD just coming in. Part of the justification to the administration was a new AD should be able to name his own people, and thus "this is the time to make a move." As I understand it, there had been a whisper campaign that Bill had lost it and was making too many error on calling games. The whisper campaign was made to the AD and convinced the AD a change needed to be made. No one talked to Bill, asked him about the mistakes, compared the number of "missed calls" by Bill to any other announcers, none of that. Mercer explains much of what happened in his book which I suggest everyone read. If you are a new leader coming in and want to replace a long time person in your department, you should talk directly to that person, thank them for their years of service, have a party and call them a hero very publicly and announce their retirement. The person being replace might not like it, but when you are being publicly praised and even have some kind of celebration in your honor it's hard to say you were mistreated.
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    I had multiple classes with Dave and worked at KNTU while he was there. His voice was as clear and clean back then as it is now. He was always very good, that is calm, clean and accurate. We are lucky someone with experience with multiple NBA, MBL and national broadcast networks has landed in our booth.
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    https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/one-dead-two-wounded-after-shooting-reported-at-white-settlement-church/2283225/ I’m proud to say I’ve known Jack Wilson for many years. He’s an excellent marksman and his training and quick action saved many yesterday. God bless him. Rick
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    Any updates on the injury and his future plans?
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    Hello, Norman, Oklahoma...
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    I don’t have any info, but regardless of what he chooses, I wish him nothing but the best. He’s a beast! Hoping he gives the Mean Green one more year!
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    Just listened to the Jan 5 edition of Brune's Breakdown pod. They have a segment talking about how we catered to Ryan so much last season, and his departure + the new talent has really allowed us to open up offensively. Ryan was so much run-run-run, that we apparently were limited in our half court game?
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    Hello and goodbye, snow! From the 70's to tornado warnings to snow, all within 24 hours. Texas, my Texas. 🔴⚪🔵
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    We already have two conference wins by 18+. Last year we only had one. Refreshing to see this team pulling away
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    Thank you! Just PM me with details or any questions!
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    That is a possibility. or this hat?
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    Our first 5 minutes and let 5 minutes of games are horrible.
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    There goes our conferences last chance at an at large bid... as minimal as it was.
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    3 games into conference play and all these teams look out of control and bad. A decent team could dominate this conference.
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    Sonny Dykes is their man. If he can win at smut, he can win at Baylor.
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    First 10-win season since ‘84? Highest rated recruit since 247 started rankings? Mega P5 transfer U? You have to wonder if everything old is new again.
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    Maybe we've decided to talk to Zach Evans.
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    If Baylor wants a G5 coach who would be a good fit there, Skip Holtz should be their guy.
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    Always thought this was a somewhat flawed take. He would also be facing more football/B12 talent than what he faced here. I can't get past that 4-8 record. None of this Seth-to-Baylor talk should be taken too seriously. If he's a finalist, somebody hire Seth's agent into our staff to recruit HS kids.
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    Is this the annual Seth is leaving thread? He is not going anywhere after this disaster of a season. He had one of the top QBs in the country and we crapped the bed. He will be at UNT in the fall.
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    Only once have I thought that we had a top 25 team. This team was not it.
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    Just the kind of kid we should be recruiting.
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    Thanks to all that participated QB - Mason Fine RB - Lance Dunbar RB- Jeffrey Wilson WR - Rico Bussey WR - Jaelon Darden WR- Jaylen Guyton TE - Marcus Smith OT - Antonio Johnson OG - Mason Y’Barbo C - Aaron Fortenberry OG - Cyril Lemon OT - Matt Tomlinson DE - Aaron Bellazin DT - Rod Young DT - Richard Abbe DE - LaDarius Hamilton OLB - Derek Akunne ILB - EJ Ejiya ILB -Zach Orr OLB - Craig Robertson CB - Kemon Hall CB - Nate Brooks S - Marcus Trice S - Lairamie Lee K - Trevor Moore P - Will Atterberry KR - Brelan Chancellor PHOTO Cred meangreensports.com
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    The basketball version of the coaches radio show starts the season at noon, Monday, January 6 at Rudy's. Dave Barnett announced this on December 3 broadcast and some folks in loge seats confirmed last night.
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    I hate that he got Benford’d, but definitely Tony Mitchell for me. His freshman season was my freshman year, and that was an amazing student basketball experience watching him dunk on dudes then swat their shot into the stands.
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    Agh! I get your point but the Willis Library has always been an eyesore. Always looked vaguely soviet to me.
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    Peddling religion... your bias here is obviously against Mormonism and not the young man himself. Plus isn't riding a bike a sport? Those backpacks look heavy and Texas gets hot.
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    http://sportsday.dallasnews.com/other-sports/moresports/2016/04/01/hot-air-bill-mercer-recalls-great-opening-statement-rangers-inaugural-opening-day-chats-wrestling-roots Rick
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    It was Helwig. He was brand new, had just fired Dennis Parker, as well as several other guys in the AD who got run off. That, in and of itself, isn't really all that bad, but the problem was that he hired poorly, too, and was allowed to stick around too long, which hamstrung us with incredibly poor OOC schedules for the two main revenue sports. I never had any problems at all with George Dunham getting the gig, as he loves the university tremendously and was a part of the local sports station that was quickly climbing the ratings, allowing us to still get mentions in DFW sports media, when usually we just go ignored (some thing really never change...) Bill Mercer is legendary in these parts and I think his legacy of tremendous students becoming great voices in sports speaks for itself. And I'm glad to know that George and Bill finally got reconciled to the point where hard feelings are no longer at play.
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    Mercer was in the broadcast booth for Rangers game in the third inning last night. I didn't get to catch it but was told at age 90 he still has it. Great great man.
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    Kind of weird but true to form, that they listed about 10 of Mercer's broadcasting jobs and left NT were he had to broadcast longer than anywhere. Also obvious that he continues to omit Dunham as a student when he lists them. Mercer was a treasure that NT should have found a much better way to replace than they did.

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