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    Shanbour graduated and is coaching with us so that might be a NCAA violation
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    I voiced one minor, nit-pick concern earlier this year about Mo: that his ball-handing makes me nervous. Seems like he could easily get pick-pocketed, or lose focus and sloppy. Whatever it was, I couldn't quite put my finger on it but it was there. Which begs the question: why does he think he is next level quality at PG? I personally thought his value was at the 2. Makes me wonder if someone is whispering in his ear. So disheartening. A great part of a great team, with future success written all over it, transferring for mysterious reasons and losing a year of eligibility on top of all this. I'm trying to think of some strangest moves I've seen in Denton over the years. This one would be right up near the top.
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    Chill Billy, he ain’t worth it.
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    My cousin is in the hospital on a ventilator fighting for his life against COVID-19. A couple of you may have met him several years back when he used to tailgate with me. He and his wife were football season ticket holders when one of their sons was in the Green Brigade. They kept their season tickets but then discontinued when my cousin was battling pulmonary fibrosis, resulting in a double lung transplant. There is an effort underway to get COVID-19 survivors to donate plasma. There is belief that their plasma can help those that are struggling with the virus. If you know of any survivors, please pass the Facebook group below on to them. It was put together by my cousin’s father-in-law. Prayers are welcomed as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/507716073250326/?ref=share
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    It looks like congress is going to start work on another package. My question, not if it is or is not needed, but if it is full of money for non-virus related programs, should the President veto the bill? I believe we need to help people and keep the economy from collapsing, but this is not the time for anyone to add crap to try and get their "pet projects" funded by trying to claim one party or the other doesn't care.
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    Sure this isn't the most football related, but I feel like the football board is where the most action is and I want us to be able to help other Mean Green. Obviously COVID-19 has taken a hit on more than a few of us (sickness/employment-wise) and our businesses, no matter if we're in Austin, Dallas, Houston, or elsewhere. Would love to get a list going of Mean Greeners who need a job, some extra help, or Mean Green-owned businesses (and where) that we can patronize (ordering online) to help them out. I know in Austin, Austin Gourmet Popcorn, and Lambert's could use some love.
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    It certainly helped me! I almost had forgotten about it. Troubling times don't get us down in Denton-town: Hey, if you're in this video (and you're not too embarrassed), point yourself out!
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    It seems like early in the year we had him at the point and Hamlet at the 2. We got good when Coach switched them. It is obvious to anyone watching the games that he can only play the point in spurts. If Hamlet needed a break or got into foul trouble, he could run the point for a bit. But, to have him do it for a season is not in the cards. Why can't winning be enough? You are an important part of a conference champion and that isn't enough for you? Oh well, we will win with or without him.
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    Well, Brett Vito's updated DRC article is saying he wanted to play the PG position because he believes that will improve his NBA prospects. That seems to be the reason he is electing to transfer. Unless he is granted a waiver, he will have to sit out a year and will only have one year of eligibility remaining. I don't see the NCAA granting a waiver because you are not getting to play the position you want to play. This is a bad move for Mo. He is going to sit a year and put all of his eggs in a basket that he gets to play PG in a new program and excels enough for the NBA scouts to give him a chance. That is a long shot at best.
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    Not sure this can even be called bad news. He wasn't likely to play and hopefully he can find a place were he can play if he wants to. Vito is not NT's cheerleader, but does a good job of reporting both the good and bad. Any report of anything NT sports in this time is appreciated.
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    Aune’s gonna win the job and put up Fine-like numbers
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    I agree with everything in this post.
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    This is a major and unexpected loss. I expect this is another example of why I hate this graduate transfer fiasco. Just like Woolridge, I don't care what he does for another team. Also just like Woolridge, he may not even be missed next year. I have faith in McCasland to find a replacement that will upgrade the team.
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    Points 2 and 3 are the ones I am reaaaally worried about. I definitely think the virus is bad. but as a neuropsychologist I am also veeery worried about the disaster that is this isolation experiment on populations who are psychologically at risk. As researchers we could probably never get a scientific experiment that is keeping folks alone at home for weeks past an ethical review board. The literature simply points to that being too harmful to peoples mental health, which eventually will express in heavily reduced life expectancy. In fact i started reading the scientific literature on the topic and am considering putting together a paper on the serious long term effects an important number of which are not easily reversable at all. however just telling people positive things is not gonna do it if it isn't true. That is not how folks work. If they realize that you are just positive to be positive nothing you say will be taken serious anymore. In fact I myself would be so much less anxious if only I felt the authorities were properly understanding and worried about what long term damage they are doing to folks mental health. On a personal note: I recently started studying optimism and how it relates to brain structure. I am about to get a paper on it past the reviewers. So I know about its benefits (and drawbacks). But ironically right now I find myself not being able to stand those who want to be optimistic all the time. Cognitively I get their need to be optimstic, to protect their sanity, but emotionally I just want to hit em because it feels as if they didn't grasp the size of the task.
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    wait...wait...wait. What happened to Western Kentucky and Charlotte ? This is the first I've heard of these 2 schools wanting to leave. When/what happened ?
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    Exactly what metric are you using to grade him by?!? Also, Mo had seven more turnover for 2019-20 (76 total) versus 69 turnovers for 2018-19. Points 2018-19 - 415 2019-20 - 451 That's an 8% increase YoY considering he played 14 fewer minutes and 2 fewer games (2018-19 - 33 games vs. 2019-20 - 31 games). Points per Minute 2018-19 - .43/minute 2019-20 - .48/minute Avg Points per Game 2018-19 - 12.6 2019-20 - 14.5 That's a 15.1% increase YoY. Field Goal Percent 2018-19 - 40% 2019-20 - 41.2% 3-Ptr FG % 2018-19 - 39.3% 2019-20 - 39.4% Free Throw % 2018-19 - 80% 2019-20 - 84.5%
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    Come on, Mo. Only staying a 40% three-point shooter (with the three point lines moved back)? Gotta pick that up. I knew we would come back to this place. The galaxy brain spot where watching the games is all it takes to reveal that a player voted 2nd-team all conference by media and coaches, who apparently don’t watch the games, was actually mediocre. How many players were above mediocre in CUSA then? 8? Why would Bell push Gibson out of the starting lineup? Bell played the 4 all season. And somehow you still seem to hope Mccasland goes old school 80s ball and puts two traditional bigs on the court, when he has shown for three seasons (here, more including his other stops) that that’s not his style.
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    When was the last time TCU played us in a major sport? They are worse about it than SMU.
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    I always said we should do a DFW tournament and we could rotate who host it each year.. North Texas SMU TCU UTA if you want to go bigger you could add others in.
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    Here's my take on this FWIW. At the beginning and for quite a while as this thing was developing everyone, and let's be honest everyone, referred to it as the Wuhan virus, the China virus, the Chinese virus, the Wu flu, the Chinese flu, etc., etc., etc. No one thought this was racist. Then at some point someone somewhere decided that it was and if you used any of these terms from that point forward you were, by definition, a racist and inciting violence against anyone that looked Chinese. On one side, you go from being just like everyone else one minute to being a racist the next. If you are not a racist, being labeled one tends to piss you off. On the other side, words, phrases and descriptive names matter greatly and it is unconscionable for these to be used if they might be perceived as hurtful or could potentially lead to harassment of any individual or group. One side sees it as an unnecessary vilification of an entire race or an effort to place blame and the other side sees it as a factual description of where the pandemic originated. In the end it just becomes a pointless pissing contest and a massive distraction. I don't think anyone here would condone harassment of anyone or any group over this disease and would more likely be the ones to step in and stop it if they witnessed it happening. Oh, and wash your hands.
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    Already paid for my season tickets and made my Mean Green Scholarship Fund donation for the year. Figured it might help "bridge the gap" financially during these troubled times. I am 100% certain that should anything happen to the season, Wren would allow me to either roll the payments and donation over to the next season or offer me the option of a full refund of both. I would hope that anyone who is able to do so financially go ahead an pay for season tickets and make your Mean Green Scholarship Fund donation. Only if you are able, of course, but if you are it could really help the department sail the ship through these troubled waters.
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    But she's got a strong command of corporate nonsense speak, and that should serve her well in these unprecedented times.
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    Lets Aston go, but keeps Shaka?
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    No clue if she would want to be an assistant here but I’d hire her yesterday. In fact this may not be a popular opinion but I’d rather have her in the head spot even though I appreciate Jalie and love the fact she is one of our own.
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    It looks like WKU is gone
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    ‪This just makes no sense. If Hamlet is a junior and Mo a sophomore, then he could play PG his senior year after Hamlet graduates. Same as if he transfers. Must be something we are all missing.‬
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    This tweet seemed cryptic at the time. Wonder if he knew.
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    Tough situation, but timing wise we are fortunate. If this happened under the Jackson/Rawlins shortfall & audit years athletics would have been in trouble. I'm confident Wren will have us positioned as well as possible from an athletic standpoint. From a University level the school is riding a multiyear wave of record freshman enrollment & donations. I'm sure it's not all going exactly to plan but as @MeanGreenTexan said with the University's current momentum we are in better shape than many others.
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    I used the first acquired case that could lead to mass transmission. I believe your case was a traveling Chinese national. I of course didn't intend for this to be a full break down on the Filipino response...as @outoftown suggests above, I'd say Durate has some influence on the numbers and severity of quarantine... more my point was that if you look across the tropics and hot-weather zones of the globe, there doesn't appear to be a significant drop in infections/deaths tied directly to temperature. The tropics aren't immune from a traditional flu virus either, but don't usually see a seasonal pattern, rather random spikes and outbreaks. that COVID-19 is affecting all climates equally is concerning same goes for seasonality...the Southern Hemisphere is entering Fall...Australia's flu season is traditionally June-September and they're in it right now too look, I hope this thing subsides in Spring/Summer. maybe you're just trying to be positive...and maybe here that's ok here, but I think presenting any sort of an outlook of seasonality to the masses creates a false sense of the severity of COVID-19 and the idea that normalcy is just around the corner.
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    Retention of existing students and preventing a massive melt of the incoming class is of major concern to campus leadership right now in this pandemic.
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    influenza virus, Coronavirus, Rick does not judge by the color of your protein but by the content of your nucleic acid
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    A. Every school in C-USA wants to leave. B. Look at your calendar.
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    It was the best of times. It was the blurst of times.
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    Because we'd beat their asses and they know it.
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    This writer doesn’t know anything about civics the US is a Democrat Republic and where did we get the other 170 million population(it’s around 330-335 million not 500). She’s a joke as a journalist like so many now claiming to be so.
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    My apologies...I should have been more specific. Yes, those that were paying attention and tuned in leaned about a new novel coronavirus taking hold in Wuhan, China. My "everyone" was meant to refer to widespread use in the popular media (print, TV, social, etc.), not every individual. There are many examples and for many these were the first descriptions they heard. Consciously or unconsciously that's how they began referring to it.
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    I think nerves got to Bean last season (mainly La Tech game), but I would think with a year under pressure he’ll be good. Now I’ve screamed this since right after the UAB game, START AUNE!!!!!!
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    Not understanding the losses other than the BB revenue and the Don January (which can be rescheduled). The others spring sports are more likely to be areas that are not usually revenue makers, so not to sound like an ass, they will probably be less of a loss. As far as enrollment for student fees, the students are already enrolled.
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    Who was the QB at Locust Grove this past year ?
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    Pay the bonus. March Madness is insured. The teams won't get as much as they might have earned had the tournament been held but certainly more than enough to cover his bonus. He did everything required of him and through no fault of his own was unable to play in either tournament. He had already qualified for the NIT and I believe that we would've been the CUSA tournament champion as well. I couldn't be much happier with McCasland's results. He took a sub-.500 Benford team; lost the best player (who still had eligibility) and has won a CBI tournament and a CUSA title. Who would've believed that three years ago? Don't lose this coach over a piddling bonus. He's definitely a keeper.
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    Like "military trucks to transport the dead to the temporary morgue" seasonal flu.
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    Mortality rates seem like a good talking point for the individually infected, but we are talking about a community/population that has zero herd immunity. A small percentage of people will die directly because of the infection, but expect a significantly large number of people that die due to lack of medical care (that could have survived with medical care).
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    Anosike didn’t last long. Here’s another good grad transfer fit who just hit the market https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/stats/_/id/3922033/frederick-scott

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