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    I had a young man come over this morning (Sat) to mow my yard. He showed up in an Arkansas sweatshirt. I asked him what his Arkansas connection was. He said he doesn't like it anymore and only wears it to mow yards. He said he stopped liking Arkansas after the North Texas game. GO MEAN GREEN
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    Wife wanted to make sure she repped her alma mater while on vacation for a few days. GMG from Playa Del Carmen.
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    Good article on Reeder and his Offensive Philosophy: https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2019/04/16/how-bodie-reeder-plans-to-build-winning-offense-at-north-texas?ref=article_preview_img
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    Glad to see one of my favorite college football sites up and running again! Check out the site, it’s quite interesting. Anyways...here’s another offseason post. GMG! https://swcroundup.com/news/2019/4/18/another-season-of-high-expectations-for-the-mean-green
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    How about giving him a Mean Green t-shirt as a bonus when you pay him the next time?
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    A Ferrari that can't get a first down in crucial situations and crucial games.
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    DRC: Virginia Tech transfer looks like a hit after spring practice https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/what-we-learned-from-spring-practice-part-ii--/article_ca21d894-2d58-51ea-8c5d-9020b0fffc80.html
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    Most are the same folks still giving a ton of money today.
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    Without question. I'd take that bullet 10/10 times.
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    Over the last nine games last year we scored over 31 points twice. With a quarterback like Fine, the way college football is today and a mediocre conference like CUSA, that isn't that good. Especially when our D gave up an average of 28 points a game during that stretch. Go look what Utah State averaged in the MWC, a conference most believe is better than CUSA. They scored over forty points seven out of their last ten games and many of those were over 50. I don't even know who the USU QB is and I live in Utah. We averaged 28 points over the last nine games which is just about the NCAA average. Not good when you have the best QB in the history of the program. I don't know if Harrell was the problem but I didn't watch this offense and think we were out scheming people. Reeder has to do better.
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    But it fits the recent popular narrative of victimhood.. It’s just like when the women’s coach for Notre Dame, Muffet McGraw used her press conference during their Final Four run to soap box about the same rediculous non issue, spouting statistics and complaining of the low number of women in power positions like elected office, head coaching, C.E.O...etc.. She later embarrassed herself by unknowingly invalidating her complaints when asked after getting her ass kicked (by another female coach...LOL)..in the championship game,...if she planned on resigning now and running for office? To which she replied no, she was happy doing the job she had. With that answer she added herself to the same statistics she was complaining about and proved why those statistics exist,...choice. There’s no horrific grand scheme to keep women from positions of power. They simply do not seek elected office at the same level of numbers that men do. So silly. Rick
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    This loss to Port St was a turning point for the football program. The loss was humiliating, but the immediate firing of Mc and eating the balance of his salary showed a change was coming. What if we beat PS and go 500 that year would we be enjoying today’s success? Was the loss worth it? A lot of pain for a lot of gain. GMG
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    I would hope that any team that was 1-11 last year (and winless the year before) has improved... 😶
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    Please show that part of the crew this..
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    As the creator, I can tell you that AIN'T THE BATTLE FLAG on those shirts.
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    I gotta commend you. Most people aren’t this passionate about their safety school...especially not after having to go there when they fail out of a four year university.
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    Yeah. Where's @KingDL1 and his surveillance plane?
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    I'd rather have saved the record-setting embarrassment and just fired McCarney at the end of the year. It's not like we were going to win many (any?) more anyway that season to bring him back. Smatresk was already well aware of what was happening by then. And it's certainly not like McCarney would still be here if that loss didn't happen. We likely would have hired Littrell that offseason regardless.
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    Just FYI...looking like one big Caravan this year...tentative date is June 1st...a Saturday...location in Arlington to be announced. Soooo..make plans now to attend. Lots of coaches, players, kids “stuff”, food, etc. Just trying something different it appears. Let’s pack the place and have a great Mean Green time. Mark your calendars now...and find a friend to carpool with!
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    looking at historical weather data for that date...the coldest it has been lately, is in 2013, where the high was 69....in theory, we should have nice weather
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    Well..the numbers are in...we made a tad over $4000.00 for the Spirit Teams! That is pretty darn good all things considered...change of date, change of venue, Saturday before Easter, etc. Many thanks again to our sponsors, players, donors and spectators. You are the ones making it a success for these great student-athletes. 👍👍 By my guess, and after rallying up the last nine years of events, these little one-day events have generated close to $60,000 for UNT student-athletes! Not bad...thanks to YOU! See you next year for our second kickball game! 👍👍 AND....year 10!
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    AD Wren Baker tossing out “first pitch” today to none other than Scrappy. OK, a tad in front of the plate but, Scrappy got a single out of his “first bat”. Too much fun today...beautiful weather. Thanks to all who came out to support these student-athletes. And, a big thanks to all our sponsors and donors! Could not do it without each and everyone of you! 💚💚
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    I'm down in Oaxaca for a couple of months and wearing the mean green gear daily. It's a big hit in a country with mutual love for the águila (eagle).
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    Excellent idea. I'll do it. Thanks for the tip. GO MEAN GREEN
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    DRC: Cornerback came back from a tough end to last season and excelled during the spring https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/why-cam-johnson-is-unt-s-breakout-player-for-spring/article_b1f8c078-789a-5571-ac5f-ebaeaadf8dd3.html
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    I am a Graham Harrell fan, but I honestly believe we have upgraded this coaching position.
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    Have to sort of agree with FFR here....why are folks trying to find ways to make “something out of nothing”? Not just this, but this “victim” garbage is getting way out of hand. Give it a rest folks and move along. With all this global warming shouldn’t all the snowflakes be melting by now? 😂😂🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
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    Mac was undoubtedly a failure, but the hiring of him was a big step up for NT. His salary marked a big jump in what NT paid for head coaches. The Portland State massacre speeded up the firing of McCarney, but he would have been gone at the end of the season. The continuation of Benford as hc was simply a money-saving move, as NT at that time could not afford buyouts for McCarney, Benford and RV at the same time.
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    A great question. I think the answer has to be yes, sadly. It was the only way to get the attention of the administration, BOR, and big donors. This debacle led to the end of Mac immediately, RV, and eventually, Benford.
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    After watching the past few years, just thinking back about McNutley makes me want to punch ol "Big Ring" in the face.
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    #4 on this list is upcoming opponent UH and their quarterback D'eriq King. I don't think we should underestimate how tough a matchup this guy will pose. He accounted for 50 touchdowns last season in 11 games.
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    It hard to believe how far we have come in such a short period of time especially at the QB position! Top 10 nationally!!! Really! Congrats to all! GMG
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    Exactly! Which is why it is important to the program’s future to increase his buyout for another program to pay.
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    I will be shocked when we find out he is paying players in someway to attend WKU. Those guys don't just pick small schools for the fun of it. See massive NCAA Basketball Recruiting (Bribing) Scandal. Burn the whole thing down and start over.
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    This is an erroneous argument. Basketball is not like football. Roster turnover is much more rapid and a program can practically be built from ground up in 2 years. Benford was a dumpster fire, but it's not like we had no roster at all going going into year 1 of GM. GM had us winning 20 games and a post season tournament in year 1. IMO, the emotional aspect of Benford still lingers but there is almost zero logistical argument left to defend a slump or failure under our current staff. There are plenty of examples of basketball programs getting their act together in 2 years. Don't let this football cliche about rebuilding a program bleed over into this sport. EDIT: You're right about the mid-season lulls not helping, but we should still be seeing something refreshing/inspiring in recruiting.
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    "A season ago, North Texas struggled to put away games. All three regular season losses came after blowing double-digit leads, and the inability to get conversions on 3rd-and-short didn’t help. Reeder wants to rebuild the short-yardage game from scratch." THIS! This is the thing I look forward to seeing turned around!
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    So many memories of West Dormitory “gourmet” dining.
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    Double header tomorrow. We could still take the division and overall regular season crown and the top seed in the post season conference tournament if things fall our way. Of the top 6 teams..3 in the West, 3 in the east we have one of the more favorable remaining conference schedules. After this weekend we play at UAB and Middle in Denton.. La Tech, which is just ahead of us still has to face WKY and Southern Miss. We need Tech and wKY to lose to get the top seed. If not as long as we take care of ourselves we will still be sitting good for the tournament. Rick
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    I am saddened Shah would make an accusation that women have been discouraged to run without proof. Such a B.S. claim.
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    10. MASON FINE, NORTH TEXAS (Photo: Jerome Miron, USA TODAY Sports) 2018 stats: 303-of-469, 3,793 yards, 27 touchdowns, 5 interceptions 2019 expectations: Kicking off the Top 10 is one of the most underrated players nationally, a quarterback who will likely leave the Mean Green after his senior season as the best in program history. Overcoming the loss of play-caller Graham Harrell, who was instrumental in Fine's development, will be a challenge, however. New offensive coordinator Bodie Reeder has increased the tempo a bit, something Fine said recently his teammates have adjusted to well during the spring. Fine has an opportunity to exceed 10,000 yards passing and 100 touchdowns at North Texas if his senior season is comparable to his past two as the Mean Green's starter. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/LongFormArticle/Trevor-Lawrence-Tua-Tagovailoa-Jalen-Hurts-college-football-quarterbacks-2019-Alabama-Oklahoma-Georgia-131124138/#131124138_4
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    The nomination of Amber Jackson to the NT HOF is unusual at best. She was suspended from the team at the end of her senior year for undisclosed reasons. Is this an admission by NT of how bad her coach was? Shanice Stevens may have been the worst hire by RV and that is a very dubious honor.
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    Everyone generally struggles against a dual-threat QB (which is why basically everyone in the college game is looking for one), but I feel like we have been particularly susceptible to them over the past several years. Under the current system, it might be because of the attacking nature of the defense resulting in LBs being upfield when the QB takes off, thus allowing running lanes and allowing him to get to the next level untouched.
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    Id say yes for sure. The change not only mitigated a new coach, but it was eye opening that we needed a completely new culture. I know RV wasnt officially "shown the door", but I think there were conversations where the exit sign was pointed out...After that, everything changed. I know we'll always have that asterisk next to our name for that game, but meh, I dont care. UNT has turned it around so much, that I have HONESTLY forgotten about that game until someone brings it up. I'm more inclined to think about other loses first...
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    He means Shanbour. And, yes, McNulty was everything we remember him to be.
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    Even scarier is the triple threat qb. Can you imagine him being able throw, sing and dance?!

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