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    I saw a lot of games there as a student and later as an alum so it is hard to pick just one but the 2002 game with New Mexico State might top my list. It was two evenly matched teams.The winner won the conference championship and a trip to the New Orleans Bowl. The loser turned in their equipment and went home. The crowd was great. There was lots of excitement.....and the green guys won. It was one heck of a night.
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    I can’t think of a single on field success metric which would make this an accurate statement.
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    If momma got butthurt over what was said by this fanbase, she’s going to be in for a rude awakening when she starts hearing from the FSU fans.
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    anyone know what Guyton is doing now? Bussy won't be back, if he cared about the team he would have been on the field with them during the games. Walking around the stadium during games tells me he has checked out.
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    Are we 100% sure this isn’t the final step in his grand plan to become a 4* recruit? Commit to Florida State, get 4th star, only to flip back to North Texas on signing day? Would be brilliant.
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    Maybe next year's quarterbacks won't have to spend seconds scooping the ball up off the turf before after each snap. A center who can snap the ball waist high would be an improvement. Mason spent too much time having to retrieve the ball from low snaps, which threw off the rhythm of each play.
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    Babb tweeted this yesterday. For a positive change of pace, let’s reminisce on our best memories of Fouts. -I grew up a Houston Cougar until 05 when I came to Denton freshman year after athletics had ended and playing in ungood rock bands started. Part of why I chose NT, outside of the music scene, was the 4 straight championships up to that point (I’d be sorely disappointed). I got to see Cobbs and Thomas’ last yr together, as rough as it was. -I enjoyed Woody Wilson leading a W against SMU in 06, that was the first time I experienced true joy and collegiate atmosphere at Fouts -Sprinkled in were some ungood but interesting experiences against FIU and Navy -Casey Fitzgerald’s 95(?) yd quick out for TD...that dude was electric. -My now wife and I’s first game together watching Lance go off on K State in a near win to send her off into the sunset. it was ugly, too far from the action, had a disgusting track and no amenities but part of me wanted so bad to update and build onto it instead of build Apogee. I named my dog Fouts. I miss being on campus. It wasn’t pretty, but it was ours.
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    I don’t have any bad memories of Fouts even with the losses. I saw my beloved Eagles and then Mean Green play. I got to see among others Art Perkins, Bobby Smith, Joe Greene, Cedric Hardiman, and etc. I saw Odus Mitchell and the best band . I don’t care about it’s shortcomings, I will never say anything bad about Fouts. I forgot. It was also the site of my master’s and doctoral graduations.
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    Looking forward to Monday. It's hard to tell how good this UTA team is. We're 4-4 playing the 5th toughest schedule in the country. Our good win is over a tall, big Tulsa team at home, two non-Div. I's at home, and a win today over Elon on the road. We got blown out by top-15 Oregon, lost by 7 at Nevada, lost by 6 at top-10 Gonzaga (both games we had a very good chance of winning) and lost by 1 to a good Furman team yesterday. Some close games/moral victories but eventually you have to find ways to win those games when get the chance. Had forgotten Woolridge was playing for the Bulldogs. I think he scored 20 against us that night. This is the first year with all-Ogden recruits for the most part. After Coach Cross was let go before the start of last year, the Kevin Hervey/Eric Neal led team had a lot of seniors on it, leaving us with a ton of scholarships to fill. Most of Cross' incoming recruits went to other schools and Coach Ogden had to rebuild a roster basically overnight. That roster, with 14 guys or so that had literally never played a Division I game together (a lot of junior college players, some were existing UTA redshirts), was good enough to give ya'll a close game and wind up winning 16 games, including going 12-6 in conference and a trip to the Sun Belt tourney finals before losing to a good Georgia State team. This year's team can play really well for 10:00 and then go scoreless for 5 minutes. The offense has relied on the 3 a lot (maybe too much at times), and as well all know, the 3 can be really good or really bad for most teams on any given night. We don't really have the size inside to dominate the paint, and our 3 point shooting has been very inconsistent. Our 6'8" 240 lb. center Jabari Narcis has actually been our best 3 point shooter. On defense, we've held teams to some bad shooting nights, we rebound pretty well but don't get a lot of steals. I think our KenPom ranking is around 118 or so. It's still very much a team that's showing improvement and finding out what works best on offense. I think it's going to be a very close game, especially since we're at home this year. What's the feeling in Denton about this year's UNT team? Like us, seems like ya'll have played a very tough schedule too.
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    It would be easier if our fans wouldn’t go Twitter stupid over this stuff.
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    Why wouldn’t his mom run to his defense? And why must we go after an 18 year old kid on social media like a jealous girlfriend?
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    Open letter to Rico Bussey: Rico, I’m not sure how the future will play out but we, the fans, would love for you to return next season. Losing you to injury made it abundantly clear the impact you make on this team and how much we need you. If you stay, you have an opportunity to rehab in place you know well. Your voice could guide the young WR corp in their growth and with your talent, we could help ease the transition to a new QB. An opportunity is at hand for us to put this shitty season behind us and right the wrongs of 2019. So I ask you to leave your legacy here in 2020, ball out, and let’s prepare you for the NFL Draft in 2021! Rico, you’re a part of the Mean Green family now. We love you, wish you a speedy recovery, and we’ll always support you, no matter what. Unless you transfer to SMU. Then you’ll be dead to us. Please don’t do that. Respectfully, C Rod
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    Just read some Bing headline about a guy who had to post six times on Thanksgiving because his family no longer could stand to listen to him. Supposedly they are already lining up homes. Broke my heart - family just shouldn't treat each other like that
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    Is this the new @ihopehe account? If so, I hope he will come up with a better bit.
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    Especially when you choose to delay surgery for months. That is an odd decision.
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    Kliff Kingsbury is the gold standard of failing up 😅
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    His only memories of Fouts are of a parking lot, so apparently that’s what he’s measuring against.
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    I don’t think anyone would argue Apogee is a better stadium and better for the program. No harm in looking back at our old confines.
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    If you like a recruits tweet because he was offered or committed to your program, cool no problem. If you tweet at the recruit, that is crossing the line. These are 17-18 year old kids. That’s just creepy.
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    Pick your sport at UNT. We have a hard time getting difference makers that produce conference champions to come to UNT. Something is terribly wrong with how UNT is perceived when it comes to recruiting good athletics.
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    Are you an SMU fan?
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    Are you asking if a true freshman that came in over the summer should have started over a 6th year SEC player? I mean I think Gaddie is talented but in reality he likely would have redshirted instead if the defensive backfield wasn’t such a mess. Roberts leaving the program was probably why he was listed as the backup.
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    This. CUSA sucks donkey balls for media purposes. If this kid is being recruited by schools in the AAC and above, I guarantee you that has been said over and over to him. “Kade, you can play here at UCF/FSU and be on ESPN/ABC each week against big name opponents in front of big crowds...or go to UNT and get your game with UTEP on Facebook.”
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    Bussey was overall better than Guyton (minus the USM game in 17 and 18)
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    Go to the recruiting forum and look
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    Second in the ACC gets you a legitimate broadcast on a linear network every week and an automatic bid to the Orange Bowl. First in CUSA gets most of their games broadcast on an obscure internet stream, likely produced by students and a bid to a bowl nobody cares about.
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    The difference is calling the team or position group a shit show on a fan forum is usually pretty standard practice across all 130 teams. Talking negatively and directly to a potential student athlete who has yet to sign on the dotted line is a whole different ballgame. His momma is defending her son against what she perceives as an attack and seeing as he still lives in her home, I’m ok with that.
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    Did anyone ever address why Gaddie didn't replace one of the corners? He played special teams, so I'm pretty sure his redshirt was burned. Does this mean he wasn't better than those two? From the little I saw from him in the spring practice he looked like he had something.
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    Just making sure you ain’t #olddenton. We need guys who can play at P5 schools to play here. If they’re relegated to the bench at a P5, they’d probably be the same here, as we’ve seen with a ton of P5 transfers through the years. We, as fans, need to ditch the mentality of “starter here, bench player there”. That’s not going to take us where we want to go.
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    i'll be there...last game of the year to see my tailgating crew and it's football on a saturday...no reason not to be there. sure, the team disappointed, big deal, if my wife left me every time i disappointed her....well...shit...ya...i'll be there because i love the school and team...guess my wife loves me as well...some of ya'll flat out suck
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    Grown men who tweet recruits scare me. If you're not employed by UNT as a coach, you need to stay away. You're not helping.
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    Looking back it seems like Bodie Reeder must think we are a FCS team because he used all his best plays to try and beat ACU.
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    Right now the only decommits that I care about are on both sides of the line. Folks, we are doing fine at QB. WE NEED HELP IN THE FRIGGIN LINE. Geez louise........🙄
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    He knows. Just doesn't want to go public before Bussey goes public. If he truly doesn't know then this is complete dysfunction.
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    @ntsumgspe pointed out that the morning rain tomorrow should cancel a lot of the kid soccer games. In that case, expecting a big crowd for the game against the “You a ‘B’ “ Blazers.
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    Bussey has always been much better than Guyton. Whether he is NFL good is another question. I am not sure how he can demonstrate he is healthy to potential suitors. He should know what potential, NT's returning QBs have. That may form his decision to stay or go.
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    I didn't realize he made it to the Chargers. Great for him and I hope he manages to break into the active roster. As others have pointed out, it's hard to say if he stayed for his senior season if his draft stock would have gone up or down. With our current record? He was smart for jumping ship.
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    It was bittersweet to see it go. More sweet than bitter however.
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    I’m thankful for my Mean Green family. Anybody else find this Thanksgiving gif metaphorical of our hopes for the 2019 season and the end result? I’m glad we have each other.
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    Ah! Fourts Field with those fantastic site lines! #ReallyOldDenton
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    And before that, the SBC... Of course, all of this is due to the I-aa decision/debacle. Of those 240k people, about 15-20k show any interest in our football team on any given Saturday. That can all be credited to that ridiculous decision and even more ridiculous idea to stay that way for 12 years...it Is why we we are where we are today.
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    Disagree. Bussey definitely is (unless he loses some explosiveness with his injury). Guyton was until that headhunter took his block off during the 17 Army game. IMO, he wasn’t the same after that. Still a great player, but not NFL-caliber, (and I don’t think another year at NT was going to fix that as many here do).
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    Maybe next year we can also try on some wins. Black uniforms to close out a shitty season. Appropriate
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    If you were Renfro & you read GMG regularly with all the progressive-thinkers & “how to have a winner” experts on this forum might you reconsider? Matter a fact, if you read this board would you even want to show up for Senior Day this Saturday? Case closed.
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    Good for them. Not only did they beat the #1 team in the nation, but that ending will be watched millions of times. Epic.
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    https://www.hudl.com/video/3/9038336/5ddc9c0b2aa6b00c74242329 This is kid will be a Matchup nightmare and a damn stud. Excited to get him to camp
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    Why should I care? He does not play for us because he did not want to play for us. This is like keeping up with your ex girlfriend that dumped you for someone she thought was better looking. Move on.
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    wow! way to shit the bed!

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