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    I thought I was told on this board that Mason Fine would never be able to throw the deep ball... Update he can. He is actually the best in the nation at it..
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    Article states the ball could get rolling on this as soon as January 7th and that several people involved want this implemented soon. I want to applaud West Virginia president for recognizing the committee's arrogance regarding UCF and the G5. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2810445-college-footballs-influential-voices-ready-to-discuss-8-team-playoff-format.amp.html "An eight-team CFP could include automatic bids for the Power Five conference champions, as well as three at-large bids, with one of those potentially guaranteed to a Group of Five school like UCF. West Virginia president E. Gordon Gee told The Athletic he doesn't think college football should wait for the ESPN contract to expire before making alterations to the system. "I also want to be very clear: I think that there's arrogance of us not taking a look at someone like the University of Central Florida, just saying, 'Well, they're not worthy of it,'" Gee said. "Maybe they are worthy of it based upon a number of considerations that need to be taken into account.""
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    I was a 66' grad and think he was a year behind me.
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    Sounds like he meets UAB's age requirements.
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    So that makes our line-up: Home Abilene Christian Houston UTSA UAB UTEP MTSU Away SMU California Rice LA Tech Southern Miss Charlotte I think we got a good shot at getting back to the C-USA championship game.
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    Thought our flatlander cousins would like to see a USU fan's [and one-time player's] thoughts on USU's personnel. Offense first. Defense if I can find time today [I'm driving down tomorrow]. OL Tackles are RS Frosh Alf Edwards and Senior Sean Taylor on the left and right, respectively. They're backed up by Seniors Roman Andrus and redshirting frosh Jacob South. Edwards is the guy to watch. Surprisingly good footwork on the weak/blind side for a guy this long and this young. South still has his redshirt on and has a game to give. He's the future of the line, along with Edwards. They are all surprisingly [for us] good at getting downfield on running plays to take out DBs. The grand total of 5 sacks over 12 games gives the best indicator of their success taking out the rush, including the blitzes and dogs. Guards are Roman Andrus and Senior Rob Castaneda. They're backed up by Senior Moroni Iniguez and Frosh Wyatt Bowles. The following applies to all of the backups: because of the 1st stringers sitting down in nearly all games for the last quarter and a half, the backups have all gotten a lot of good minutes in real gametime. USU pulls a lot of guards, and requires a lot of them in holding blocks, as both the principal running backs are pretty good at waiting on the blocking before they commit. The ypc numbers are pretty gaudy as a result, with lots of breakouts by both RBs for long runs and TDs. Center is Senior Quin Ficklin, a yBu transfer who was a TE. He hit the gym and developed into a very highly regarded center. Calls a nice game. Check out Hans Olsen's [Merlin's nephew] youtube vids breaking down USU's team, especially the line, in game situations. He's backed up by Demo Ali'ifua. TE It starts with Dax Raymond, a RS Junior who's announced he's leaving school for the draft next Spring. He is perhaps the best blocker on the team, is really quick, with really sticky hands, and he's a load to bring down. He's backed up by Soph Terrell Carson, who's just as rangy, not quite as stout, but a pretty good blocker, and good hands. He lacks the breakaway speed of Raymond. WR It starts with the guys on the outside, Seniors Ron Tarver and Jalen Green, who bring in 10.90 and 14.16 ypc, with 7 and 5 TDs. Green's more a possession guy, with Tarver being the guy who wins jump balls on the sideline and in the endzone. In the slot is a three-headed-monster with Seniors Aaren Vaughns, DJ Nelson, and Soph Jordan Nathan, who bring in 15.23, 9.33, and 10.96 ypc, with 3, 0, and 3 TDs. Both DJ and Vaughns pass a little [DJ was an all-everything HS QB, who also holds for kicks]. Nathan runs back punts, quite successfully. Backups on the outside are Soph Savion Scarver and Taylor Compton and Frosh Deven Thompkins, who bring in 18.38, 7.25, and 7.22 ypc, with 2, 0, and 0 TDs. Scarver is the KO return guy. RB USU has a two-headed monster at RB who rarely are in the game together: Darwin Thompson and Gerold Bright. Thompson is not quite as fast as Bright. Bright is not as stout as Thompson. They bring in 7.2 and 6.3 ypc, with 14 and 8 TDs. Each is pretty good out of the backfield, 15.27 and 11.16 ypc, with 2 and 3 TDs. Both are in the 5'8-5'9 200 lb range. Thompson is a gym rat with astonishing measurables. QB 6'4 225 Soph Jordan Love has been quite a find. He's backed up by RS Frosh Henry Colombi. They rush for 1.5 and 8.3 ypc, with 6 and 1 TDs. They pass for 8.58 and 5.98 ypp, with 28 and 0 TDs, with 5 and 0 INTs, and suffering 5 and 0 sacks. Only two teams have been able to defend USU consistently: Wyoming and Colorado State, both road games. Boise did a fair job on defense, enough to keep ahead of USU by 2 points in Boise until the last 5 seconds of the game. But if you want to know how to defend USU, take a look at what our Front Range cousins did.
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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand a good thing has been ruined.
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    Here are my 15 in no particular order: 1. The Fayetteville Fakeout 2. Saliva gate at ODU 3. Clobbering SMU 4. First ever pro wrestling event following an NCAA football game 5. Post-whistle fumble recovery at UAB 6. Demolishing Arkansas 7. Undefeated in non-conference play 8. Easley trucking Arkansas players 9. EJ Ejiya 10. Fine transferring fake news 11. Littrell leaving not leaving 12. Breaking ground on IPF 13. Breaking down Fouts Field 14. Joe Greene statue 15. First win at the Alamo Dome
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    https://www.hometownsource.com/abc_newspapers/free/football-spring-lake-park-graduate-e-j-ejiya-to-close/article_cbfc2a14-fd0c-11e8-a39d-a7ac42a034a4.html “I have had dreams and aspirations of playing in the NFL since I was a young kid,” Ejiya said. “Growing up watching Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper back in 2004 with the Vikings, I always knew that was something I was going to work for. Completing that dream would be amazing for me.”
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    He throws one of the prettiest bombs you’ll see. High accurate arch that gives the WR’s time to adjust. If your a WR on this team your in a damn fortunate place for the next 12-13 months. Rick
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    http://sportspolls.usatoday.com/ncaa/basketball-men/polls/coaches-poll/ North Texas now with 7 votes, up from 2 votes last week
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    This is supposed to be about Jeff Wilson and not Southern Meths.
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    Get some awesome tarps made like Rice?
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    That's going to look real nice at 10% capacity.
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    Be sure to pick up a copy of tomorrow's paper:
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    They'll have to limit his playing time or it will negatively effect his Social Security check.
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    I ... and the rest of CUSA ... approves of his decision.
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    Andy Katz has compiled his projections for March Madness....he has North Texas as a 14 seed in the Midwest bracket.
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    If it sucks for them, I'm good with it.
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    You convinced me, let’s join the P5s. Can we sign up on line somewhere, or do we have to do some kind of training first?
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    That's for our latest commit today .. big 3 star juco DE with an ok.st offer
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    I want a bowl win for these seniors so bad. After the start that they had to their career and losing the last two bowl games, a bowl win against a top 25 team would be a well deserved way to end their collegiate and for almost all football careers.
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    I only want to go if we can move with several Texas institutions west. Even though the status of CUSA has taken a hit I enjoy being in a conference with other Texas schools