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  1. He was extremely underrated. His last season virtually his whole ST unit was walk ons and people not on the two deep. Not to mention he was an outstanding recruiter. Seth handed out some titles that I wish we would have thrown Biagi way. He really liked UNT and would have stayed with a little convincing.
  2. He is well liked by the players. And he ideologies differ from the previous coach. I think alot of things that frustrated the fans with the past ST, will be a thing of the past (ie running kicks offs to the 15 yards line...when you could have fair caught the kick off and got it on the 25, roughing the punter penalties and drop punts to name a few). Coach P has had multiple offers to leave UNT since his arrival.. but he really likes UNT and the area. I say give him the shot. No one was jumping up and down about Perry or Biagi when they were hired. But both had success while here. Also it should
  3. I believe is already in the building. Coach Petrilli should be hired asap. The dude brings the energy, knowledge everyday. The players love him. He truly loves UNT. I think this is a no brainer. Hire from with in. He learned from Biagi who I believe is the most underrated ST coach in the country. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/chris-petrilli/534
  4. https://media.podserve.fm/media/episodes/user_523/939/Phil_Bennett_3-1-21.mp3
  5. It looking like Special Teams coach Mike Ekeler is headed to Tennessee to coach special teams sources confirm
  6. I would put Arkansas State and Buffalo in there as well
  7. https://247sports.com/player/rod-brown-46058548/
  8. I may be wrong but I believe you have it reverse. You can over sign and use some of the next years 25 ( Blueshirt) But cant use schollys from year before. Why it takes so long for schools in scholarship hell to work way out.
  9. only get 25 per class. you don't use them you lose them
  10. Wilson left talent. And Traylor can coach them up. Then only positive is I dont know how long UTSA can afford to keep him.
  11. By looking at recruiting it is hard to tell which team had the worst defense. Traylor and UTSA has went out and reloaded on D. They have added guys that can immediately contribute, with utilizing both JUCO and Transfers. It is obviously harder for a kid to come straight from HS to contribute. But by looking at the recruiting classes you would think Traylor was the one trying to save his job and repair a defense that was historically bad. Yes I understand that we still have a handful of scholarships left. Just feel like we missed some opportunities by not getting more guys that could immediatel
  12. I still get feeling we ain’t don’t yet
  13. When you graduate.... Then transfer... you are a grad transfer. Whether it takes you one year... or 5 like me
  14. You watch his high school film? His highlights is him hitting kids in chest and them dropping passes lol. I haven’t seen that many drop passes on a highlight tape since my intramural highlight reel
  15. My Sleeper pick in the class!!!
  16. Aune and Ruder could combine for the oldest Sophomore and Freshman Combo in NCAA history
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