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  1. That worked out great the last time we had it.
  2. Clay Jennings was a CB coach for him does that count
  3. First off lets looks at the top 5 defenses this last season in conference USA and their current DCS UAB - David Reeves Previous Jobs UAB DL JSU DL - https://uabsports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/david-reeves/1327 WKU -Clayton White Previous Jobs NC State & Connecticut Special Team Coach - https://wkusports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/clayton-white/493 Marshall -Brad Lambert Charlotte Head Coach - https://herdzone.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/brad-lambert/434 FAU - Glenn Spencer Previous Jobs Charlotte and OSU DC - https://fausports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/glenn-spencer/480 Louisiana Tech - Bob Diaco Previous Jobs Defensive analyst Oklahoma Nebraska DC Connecticut HC - https://latechsports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/bob-diaco/496 Here is list of guy I like that are currently unemployed. I know before you scoff at the idea of bringing in guys that might have struggled in the Big 12. Lets remember there are not many "successful" Defenses in the Big 12. Also at North Texas we won't be going up against-the likes of Lincoln Riley, Tom Herman, Matt Rhule, Mike Leach and Art Briles week end and week out. MIke Stoops - Former OU DC and Arizona Head Coach- He is currently at Alabama as a Defensive Analyst - https://247sports.com/Coach/Mike-Stoops-157/ Ryan Walters- Mizzou Dc and former North Texas CB coach- Currently employed with HC getting fired- https://mutigers.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/ryan-walters/1359 David Gibbs - Mizzou Safeties Coach And Former Houston and Texas Tech DC - https://mutigers.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/david-gibbs/1380 Todd Orlando (MY PICK) - Former Texas and Houston DC - https://247sports.com/Coach/Todd-Orlando-539/ Gene Chizik - Former NC DC and Auburn HC - https://247sports.com/Coach/Gene-Chizik-15/ Jeff Koonz - Former North Texas and Ole Miss LB Coach - https://olemisssports.com/news/2019/3/7/football-names-jeff-koonz-linebackers-coach.aspx Barry Odom (My very Close second pick) - Former Memphis DC and Mizzou HC - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Odom
  4. The one year they had a solid defense the DC got snagged by Alabama.
  5. Correct. I guess because he had shitty offenses people assume he is a DC.
  6. UTSA has let Frank Wilson go after 4 seasons.
  7. I don't think he will be in NCAA next year. Think he is done with college. My guess is xfl or NFL. Still hasn't had surgery yet.
  8. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/9038336/5ddc9c0b2aa6b00c74242329 This is kid will be a Matchup nightmare and a damn stud. Excited to get him to camp
  9. My money is draft or XFL. I don't think he will be at North Texas or another school
  10. I completely get that. But if recruiting in constantly improving then we are advancing as a program. I believe this season was an outlier and not the norm. I believe Seth could have loaded up on transfers and jucos last class. Went out this season and won 10 games and moved on to greener pastures. Instead he restocked the cupboard with talented freshman who could argue are better than most Jrs on them. I am not saying 2015 should be the bar. But yet continue to constantly improve.
  11. Is this season a disappointment? Absolutely Should we put are pitchforks up for now? Absolutely The question you have to ask your self. Is this program in a better shape today that December 5th, 2015? With out a doubt in mind. We have a legit Division one roster. We didnt have anything close to that in 2015. Do we have some holes? of course we do. Seth biggest mistake in my opinion was burning Mason Fine red shirt freshman year and making a bowl game. It gave staff a false hope and burnt Mason red shirt before he or the team was ready. The 2016 team had zero business going to a bowl. Yes Seth lost to much better teams in 17 and 18 in Troy and Utah State. I believe the offense will get it figure out. or RB and WR are p5 quality with even more coming in. We have some exciting QB prospects coming up to battle for the job. I believe we are going to fill the Line with JUCO and Transfers to reinforce the line. I am not ready to give up on boodie at all just yet. You dont go to leading the FCS in offense to forgetting how to be an OC. I think him and Seth are both bright minds and will figure it out. Now defense is a different cookie. I believe Reff will be gone. Should he have been gone sooner? Possibly but that is not the way Seth operates. Our recruiting struggled with Skenfelt.. We knew that, but it took Seth a little longer to figure it out and move on to Luke. Now we are on the verge of signing back to back top classes. I believe a new DC is going to help advance this program. Seth will have the budget to hire a quality candidate. I don't think we should give up on Seth or Wren just yet. I believe we are trending the right direction. This year was a set back. We had record setting injures and the ball didn't bounce our way much. I believe this year will be the exception looking back. If we can hang on to this class. They are still in on some very talented names. Stay strong.... Support your Team.. GO MEAN GREEN.. go out and celebrate this senior class. They laid the groundwork
  12. scheme more than players in my opinion.
  13. Ekeler and Perry were both pushed out the door. Nate brown was the same way last year.
  14. He will be. But that don't help the wasted last 4 years
  15. Got to keep the country club culture together
  16. 28 UNT 26 La Tech La Tech misses FG as clock expires
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