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  1. He may have been guessing. But I am hearing it was teams decision. Had a couple chances. Final strike was to much to move past from.
  2. I think this situation is more Charlotte has been on him for a year... North Texas joined the race 3 weeks ago. Not a good look when he is 3 mins from campus and you are a year behind someone all the way across the country. It really screams you werent our A, B or C option... But come join us now.
  3. But man we have some sweet pics to post on social media after game... and we get to show off our sweet dance moves after making a tackle on a 15 yard game down 28. Got to look at bright side
  4. This is embarrassing. I have been the biggest Seth homer since day one... but this is a joke. You are a top paid coach. Have a top paid staff in G5.. top notch facilities. Unbelievable location. Win some damn game. I’m tired of excuses. You pissed away 4 years of Mason Fine. It ain’t North Texas. I see kids interested in playing here...then I hear they can’t play here... then they go to Texas state, ark state and la tech and dominate.. win some damn games or you and jimmy sexton move the hell on..
  5. We aren’t firing Seth for at least this year and next. Not happening. Too much money. Seth is going to have to figure shit out.
  6. We are underdogs...@ home... against a winless team. This is a put up or shut up game for Seth and this season IMO. Do they come out flat or flying around? If they lose this one the team is going to have to do some soul searching.
  7. But will all the converted full backs be back?? That is the real question
  8. My prediction is it will be cancelled
  9. Was absolutely hard to guage. Staff was battling till the end. When I spoke to them before my earlier post. In no way di dthey think they had it "in the bag". Absolute great pick up. How many TE have we landed with LSU offers?
  10. I am not 100% sure he headed to UNT. I would put money if i had to on UH. I hope i am wrong tho
  11. I can honestly Say i have never watched OANN... and I dont even know what RT is?
  12. But what is the end game. At first it was flatten the curve. No cases? Herd Immunity? We social distance until the virus gives up and heads back to china? Or Bill Gates gets all his patents in order for a vaccine? How long do we go? My thoughts all a long have been the healthy ones should have kept on living as normal....The ones with the pre-existing conditions like heart disease, diabetes, COPD, cancer, obesity, etc should be the ones staying at home, not going out, and let the rest of us build up herd immunity. Everyone staying at home living in fear is just dragging this thing out.
  13. My mom died when she was 39. My dad has diabetes. My grandma has diabetes. I completely agree with all you are saying. But eventually we have to figure out is the fear of dying worth more than living?
  14. Of those numbers how many only had COVID? How many of those numbers got COVID while in hospital being treated for something else? How many hospitals mark COVID death for the patient with cancer to receive extra funding?
  15. Only thing I can speak for is my personal experience. My wife and I both had Covid. Did it suck. Yes. Was it worst than mono or strep throat. No. Should we have shut our country down. Absolutely not. Don’t tell me this crap is not politically motivated. It’s funny how they can link so many cases to sturgis bike rally. But none to the peaceful protest.
  16. So if I go to the cops tomorrow and say you touched me inappropriately you should lose your job? With no other evidence or information?
  17. Lets get em... ....How about we let the situation play out.... how about we get some details..I know this takes the fun away from a public lynching.. but how about we put the pitchforks down and see what comes of this..
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