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  1. Jared Mosley has been named the interim AD for North Texas Athletics. Looks like he will over see HC hire with Neal
  2. Hearing reports from multiple coaches and sources that Seth Littrell has been fired as Head Coach of the University of North Texas after 7 season and a 44-44 record.
  3. Seth is playing for a conference championship this weekend.
  4. This changes everything in regards to Justin Fuente being wren baker guy. Wren is gone now.
  5. promote Mosley. This changes the Seth situation 110% imo
  6. The latter is closer to the truth.
  7. Who are the big money donor that are in love with Seth? I keep seeing that on this board. But I feel it has zero validity.
  8. Thats the most depressing thing I have read all day. Hold your head up tiger. #GMG
  9. Deion is not an option. Not because he is not good enough. But because his next job will be at a P5
  10. That’s been one of the bigger complaints. The big interception at the worst time.
  11. It has been announced on the last 3 tv broadcast that this will be his last year.
  12. Def not trying to rain on the parade. I am just pointing out that this is def a possibility
  13. Seth may have found a loop hole in the Portal. instead of getting P5 leftovers go get some dawgs from lower level. Horton, Richards and Johnson all looked like all conference players last weekend.
  14. I think a lot of P5 will be looking at his offensive stats. Especially the ones that are struggling on offense. He is still very young. Texas ties now. I look at a team like Colorado. I also believe Seth and his agent will spin it the same way Brett Vito does. Seth has taking UNT to as many bowl games as UNT has went in their whole history prior. Will sell it as a hard place to win. ***Not to mention the scariest part to me. With the first time transfer rule and UNT going so heavy with HS kids the last few years. Seth could also say I will bring my staff. As well as several all conference players with eligibility . Jake Roberts Var'Keyes Gumms Oscar Adaway III Gabe Blair Jett Duncan Cole Brown Jyaire Shorter Roderick Brown Ikaika Ragsdale DeShawn Gaddie Ayo Adeyi Damon Ward That's just a quick list. I'm sure I missed a few. But I defiantly think all those kids would start at a school like Colorado. Several on that list have been getting recruited by P5s already.
  15. If the team that showed up Saturday at Western Kentucky shows up the remaining regular season games. UNT will be playing for a conference championship. Whether it is in Denton or San Antonio we will have to see. But I believe if Seth does turn this thing around he will have regained his momentum he had back when he flirted with Kansas State. I would not be surprised to see his name thrown up in several P5 searches. I don't see him leaving us for a G5 opening. But I don't see him turning down a P5 opportunity again.
  16. Fuente is back in Texas. I believe it is December before you can officially jump into the portal.
  17. They held Utsa to 3 points at half. They gave the ball to the offense with a 3 point lead with 6 mins left. Aune and the offense go 3 and out with two in completions.
  18. When they stack the box all game.. you hope to At least complete 50% of your passes..
  19. Maybe if bean had a longer leash we might have won. He seems to be doing alright in the big 12
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