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  1. Seems like I heard somewhere that the other players call him CJ.
  2. Marty

    History of North Texas Players

    No, Cody Spencer was the last player drafted. 6th round by the Raiders in 2004.
  3. Marty

    History of North Texas Players
  4. Crap. Thought Kody would be the next great LB for us. Good luck to him.
  5. Marty

    New UNT 2018 Roster Look

    Hope Fulp is still here. How do you pronounce #81’s name?
  6. Marty

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    nice option but not sure how much of a view you'll have from there
  7. Marty

    2018 GMG Concession Talk

    Poppy’s for sure! I always buy 2 bags; 1 for the game & the other to take home.
  8. Marty

    Practice starts Friday!

  9. Marty

    E-Brake on the Ticket

    Add the fake Natalie Maines to that list!
  10. Marty

    Family Zone Seating & Family Four Packs

    There was no food included with the package last season. Haven’t heard anything different for this year. It was Dominos Pizza for a couple of seasons, then Sonic, & then just a $10 food voucher.
  11. Marty

    Dickey to A & M

    Besides the black jersey game, anybody else remember DD wearing the Gallery Furniture cap on the sideline when we played NMSU ?
  12. Marty

    Mason Fine Bench Pressing 315

    My QB can beat up your QB!
  13. couldn't happen to 2 better teams!