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  1. Marty

    Figured it Out - Direct Link

    Yeah, he did say dominate the eight not A. SL did say ass in the speech after the game.
  2. Marty

    Possible bowl dates
  3. Marty

    This team deserved better

    There’s no excuse for the students not showing up.
  4. Marty

    Weather & Attendance for Southern Miss Game

    I sat in the deluge in 1996 when Nevada came to town and the MTSU game at Apogee when Lance Dunbar broke the rushing record. Needless to say, I'll be there tomorrow.
  5. Marty

    Adopted Player Results So Far

    Mike Law is having a sub par year: 11 receptions for 154 yards & 1 TD. Lots of season still left though!
  6. “…one game at a time.” – “We need to play 60 minutes of good football.” – “There are no easy games in this league.” – “We can’t afford to look past this team.”
  7. You don't win in West Texas, you survive it!
  8. is it time for Coach Langston to go?
  9. UTEP is the most excited team to play right now.
  10. Team seems flat, need to snap out of it.
  11. Marty

    Minor setback

    I feel for you. My wife’s purse got stolen after the SMU game. On the home side as well. I guess there are predators everywhere.