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  1. Wish they’d come north again to the Gainesville or Sherman/Denison area.
  2. Bean ran a 10.36 at the district meet last year.
  3. Crap, was looking forward to some Mean Green football.
  4. As does Abner Haynes.
  5. https://footballmaven.io/talkoffame/state-your-case/state-your-case-cedric-hardman-was-a-sack-savage-like-few-the-nfl-ever-saw-3L54XeE-G0ubI4Ssfdonbg/
  6. Zac was doing some personal training but is now coaching at South Garland. He may still be doing some PT on the side.
  7. Utah State wins 68-60,
  8. can watch our next opponent here (Utah St or UC Riverside): http://bigwest.sidearmstreaming.com/watch/?Live=2128
  9. Light that tower! Ladies win 56-42. Anisha George 9/13 from the field for 19 points.
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