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  1. Ex Louisiana Tech coach just led the Birmingham Stallions(10-1) to the USFL championship. 152-121 as a college head coach, 8-3 in bowl games. Wonder what he could do at a place like UNT?
  2. What a badass! c78b50b556d393739aa4d9e1b8c2f036.mp4
  3. Compared him to Chris McAlister! High praise.
  4. Can't help but get fired up after listening to Bennett!
  5. I thought the rental car business was getting better. I went to a Boston in May and rented a SUV for about $28 per day. Just got back from Florida and rented the same size SUV for $30 per day.
  6. Torrey: 2 carries for 3 yards. Played the first & last series of the 4th quarter.
  7. I think EJ is injured, he hasn't played the last few games.
  8. Kevin played football. David played football and basketball. Fritz was a football and track athlete at SMU.
  9. That would make sense. I could buy that.
  10. Zac Efron as Fritz?? Can't see that at all.
  11. Been a season ticket holder for 16 years, never had an issue. And as posted above, to stop donating doesn't solve any problems.
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