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  1. I brought up Stoops' name in another thread. That would sure get a lot of attention. Don't know if he would be interested but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  2. I heard it. George said he really didn't know what the problem was at NT. He said he didn't know Seth as well as the head coaches we've had in the past. Both mentioned recruiting as one problem stating that every NT coach says they're gonna hit the metroplex really hard but seem to never have any success there. George did mention that Seth was in the running for K State and maybe Texas Tech a few years ago but he didn't explain as to how that affected the past few losing seasons.
  3. Poor guy. Looks so eager and full of life!
  4. I’ve followed this program since 1974. Seen some good & bad over those years. I’ve always stayed til the bitter end of games just looking for a glimmer of hope. But last night I left midway through the middle of the 3rd quarter. Right now I don’t know if I’ll muster the energy to go to the Liberty game next Saturday. First time in 47 years I’m questioning myself about attending a game.
  5. He was on The Ticket yesterday with Dan & Jake, pretty entertaining story!
  6. would love to have one of these shirts:
  7. and we had Perry on staff here. Still don't understand why he was let go by SL. Why not get our own Raashad Samples & hire Marcus Trice?
  8. Carthel is intriguing. He's been very successful at the FCS level. He has to know almost every high school coach in the state. My nephew coached against him in the LSC, says Carthel has that edge about him. Will push the rules to the limit to win. I heard Carthel say in an interview last year that UNT would be a place he'd like to coach some day.
  9. UTSA 52 WKU 46 Zappe was 38/60 for 523 yards and 5TD's in loss for WKU. Did we not have any interest in him coming out of Houston Baptist?
  10. he was a bright spot on the defense today.
  11. post game interview: "our guys fought to the end, all 3 phases, selfless tough and disciplined, blah blah blah"
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