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  1. Definitely need a second set of eyes evaluating the offense even if Seth calls the plays. We also need a QB coach.
  2. So you are saying Seth can’t recruit or develop a good QB? Interesting
  3. Fan? If he has a show talking sports I expect him to be more knowledgeable than your average fan, which he is not. He is corporate which is the biggest issue with College Football today. It is treated like a professional sport except when it comes to fair play and the “amateurism” of the players. Eventually a reckoning is coming and either the elite programs will essentially kill interest in the sport to the few who are fans of those programs or a more democratic structure will be put in place. The perfect solution has always been available but greed prevents it: 4 Team playoff afte
  4. We aren’t talking sellout just a significant attendance bump without a conference championship or bowl eligibility on the line. I contend that even if go on a run of winning 8 games or more for 5+ seasons most of the time that final game won't mean much. A 9-2 SMU team with nothing on the line drew 20k. If they were a winning UNT team I think it would 25k plus. Boosting your attendance figure by 20% is nothing to scoff at just because the team is "beneath" yours. I like the UTSA matchup also. But here is my dream list for a rivalry week home and home series. 1. SMU
  5. Watching the rivalry week games on TV this week and seeing the pitiful attendance as our game got me thinking of solutions. We heavily rely on student attendance for our games and most students go home for the holidays. If we are committed to playing every Thanksgiving weekend would it be beneficial for attendance both in Dentin and Dallas if we played SMU the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving? Hopefully someday we will be dominating our conference so these late season conference games will always be meaningful. However I believe regardless of our records more SMU and UNT fans would sho
  6. This is VERY concerning. With Fine graduating what kind of player leadership do we have left on this team? This could be the beginning on the end of Seth successful tenure here.
  7. Most undersized OL and DL signees are not going to turn in to an Andy Brewster. Just like most 5’ 10” quarterbacks aren’t going to turn into Mason Fine or Drew Brees. Betting against the odds consistently is not a recipe for success unless you are a genius recruiting projector.
  8. Can't tell drive by fans that. The G5 teams that can put together good talent depth at OL and DL destory most G5 teams and routinely beat mediocre P5 teams. You give any QB that deserves a FBS scholarship all day to throw and a dangerous running game they will put up numbers. There always be diamonds in the rough at skill positions that are overlooked like Mason. You can't coach up size in on the OL. The 6' 2" 240 pound Guard with great feet is most likely never going to be all conference unless he puts on 25 lbs of muscle while retaining his quick feet.
  9. Dodge didn’t have a competitive staff budget to work with. We got what we paid for with his staff. Also we lost the Allstate QB to injury who came with him. Based on resources as his disposal this is one the worst coaching performances I has seen at UNT since returning to FBS level. Looking around the conference and judging other coaches by the resources they came into the season with it is hard to find more than maybe 2 that were worse this year. As the highest paid coach in the conference that is totally unacceptable and if the school could afford it his job would be on the line
  10. We were desperate like a chick on the rebound from dating a complete jerk. Seth was the first dude who called back after the first date so we immediately decided to move in with him and get his name tattooed on our thigh.
  11. If it is under 45 degrees for the high temperature I won’t be there. All parking should be $5 for this game.
  12. The point is you have a much better chance of driving to FG range with less than a minute on the clock than a TD. Moreover it wasn't a reasonable distance to get a first down or touchdown. Low percentage conversion rate down. Less than 10 yards to go it is a coin flip decision, I don't argue.
  13. If you can't stop anyone analytics don't mean squat. That only makes sense if you are taking a 1 point lead counting on the clock stopping the opponents offense before your defense. With more than 3 minutes left that is stupid application of analytics. With over 3 minutes you are just counting on the offense stopping themselves or the kicker missing a kick under 40 yards.
  14. If you don't trust your defense a 1 point lead with over 3 minutes left in the game means nothing with competent college kicker. What did they show? They are almost in Field goal range now and they were just trying to run clock. I wish I had the money to fire Seth now! This is horse 💩
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