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  1. Wardly I think it is all wishful thinking for fans of all but the 20-36 most marketable CFB brand schools. There used to be a time when P5 also-rans legitimately had a path to the national championship by winning their conference. Now with 18 to 20 team or more team conferences there is no way to eliminate subjectivity from the conference championship process unless you have a conference playoff. Can you schedule that playoff for 3 weeks in November without killing a ton of tradition? Probably not. All this expansion is happening without no consideration of the product they offered in the past compared to what the product will be in the future. Are they totally eliminating non-conference games? Even with 13 game all in conference games that will leave 5 conference rivals you play once every 5 years. The numbers are even worse the bigger the conference gets and if you allow non-conference scheduling. This utter garbage so tired of the Talking Heads on TV trying to defend/explain this as anything else than a pure money grab. I think at this point I am 100% in favor of paying these players out right. Pay them and then allow them to pay for their education to maintain their eligibility to play. No discounted tuition for out-of-state players because they should pay out of state tuition out the salary. Same thing with private institutions. The private school tuition is the private school tuition whether you are an unpaid volunteer walk-on or the 5 star QB with a 6 figure salary.. Disconnect football from the NCAA and the title IX requirements. Let’s stop all the fakery, if they’re going to kill it making it corporate stop doing it half ass and let the free market determine the viability. It will be nice for a couple of years but when 70% or more FBS programs Drop football or drop down level even mighty will feel the pain. Because when that 70% drop down you can’t have paid employees/ semi pro players, playing real amateurs without serious Litigation exposure. So then you’re left with about 20 to 35 teams in a new semi pro league. They are going to lose 50% of the viewership and therefore 50% of the revenue.
  2. I’m listening to the Talking Heads on TV sell this nonsense to us, I am in a scorched mood. I think it’s much worse than people realize because they don’t understand college football and its appeal. Regional rivalries is the thing that sets college football apart from pro leagues. Yes no matter what the set up is when the biggest brands play each other is good for ratings. You don’t need a conference to make those things happen. But eventually alumni and fans who don’t have a great connections to these elite brand schools are going to lose interest in watching their games. So let’s take the top 25 revenue college football brands out there and put them in a conference. As passionate as college football fan as I am, I am not watching any of the games except the classic rivalries and Championship games. After all these movements are completed, and the networks start seeing the limited return on investment for all these other small brand in conference matchups they are going to adjust their next contract offerings accordingly. Is anyone really excited to see USC versus Indiana, Minnesota, Purdue, Northwestern, Michigan State, Illinois, Rutgers, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa and Maryland? When USC gets Back to playing at a level that it should be, they will be beating all those teams I listed 80% of the time. So what’s the appeal in watching them? There is no natural geographic rivalry. College football will not work as some kind of quasi semi-pro league without tradition propping up interest. There will always be games but very soon the only the extreme elite dominating brands will have more than 30,000 fans at their games and significant TV viewing numbers consistently. I see the bowl woeful bowl game numbers as a predictor of what the vast majority of regular season games will look like that aren’t the classic rivalies or 2 top 25 brand playing each other. Same phenomenon we saw with the expansion Of postseason conference tournaments and the NCAA Tournament field. Regular season NCAA basketball might as well be dead. If you have a magical game against one of the big brands and have a decent season: “congratulations Northwestern” Ohio State, USC, Michigan or Penn State is playing in the conference championship game even if you beat one of them head to head and y’all have the same record. Now go and take your conference media rights check and go play in the corner.
  3. No it's not just that many Athletic Departments that don't even play D1 Football are far ahead of us. We have to stop giving leadership here credit for actually trying because many of their predecessors didn't. I know my can do attitude only goes so far at work when we aren't getting the results we want. And this just in: Not only are only just trying hard (at best) it seems we are not trying smart. We have the opportunity to be the first Division 1 NCAA Gymnastics program in the entire state. Not only that but we probably have leadership experience locally that either currently at TWU's D2 program or has in the past that would jump at the opportunity to start up a D1 program. And to those wanting North Texas to jump into the field of 22 other D1 baseball programs in the state think about this; the easiest way to balance our the title 9 scholarship requirements would be a gymnastics program offsetting those new baseball scholarships. I haven't heard a single whisper of UNT starting D1 Gymnastics program.
  4. I respectfuly disagree. I will give you Arkansas State is a step below. But to local fans I think Tulane=Tulsa=Southeren Miss. At least Southern miss had Brett Farve. Now if you are talking trips to away games vs those teams, absolutely better experience for our fan going to New Orleans area and Tulsa. But that wasn't the point being made. And most fans that travel to away are already coming to Denton regularly for games as long as we aren't playing a FCS team. We might get one conference game vs Memphis before they leave-- and based on recent conference buy out news 99% certain it is just a game fullfilling the non-conference game contract we already had. My summary is here to save you some time Comparing teams we never shared a division with ones we do now isn’t an apples vs apples comparison. if the team we “left behind” are achieving more since we left them kind a silly to tout getting them off the schedule as beneficial to attendance at Apogee any undefeated top 20 ranked G5 in a late season match up is going to ramp up the attendance at Apogee MTSU we didn't play them every year in CUSA. And I don't think it is accurate assessment to lump in UL and any other team we left behind in the Sun Belt when we moved to CUSA. And ironically UL bigger national splash after "we left them behind" Google "ragin' Cajun football ranked" Then Google "Mean Green Footall ranked" Troy vs UAB - that is a push, they are in the same state. One shutdown their program for a couple year not related to Covid the other one is Troy. WKU vs UTSA - yes UTSA is better. Also not a fair comparison because since the Sun Belt days they've been in another Divsion. So we didn't add UTSA by moving up to AAC. We "lost" WKU coming to Denton every 3 to 4 years? FIA vs South Florida - neither of them drawing Mean Green fans Apogee in their infrequent visits. South Florida unquestionably the better brand but only for TV audience imo. “North Texas vs South Florida” has a nice symmetrical sound to it. USA (assuming you mean South Alabama) vs Tulsa. Well I don’t think that we were ever looking at being in a division with South Alabama and playing them annually. We only shared the Sun Belt Conference at the FBS level in 2013. So is it fair to say we “left them behind” when they never really caught up?
  5. Then those are longer conferences imo. I certainly won't be interested whatever garbage criteria they use to come up with a conference champion let alone shoe horning a 4 loss UT team into the playoff. You won't have schedule that really fairly determines who best in the conference on the field with no subjectivity.
  6. Way more detrimental long term than NIL. I already watch less CFB that doesn't involve a team on UNT's schedule. We might be getting Longhorns vs Aggies back but it won't be the same. Also the time is quickly approaching that stupid arguments for 3 loss SEC or Big 10 team get into the 4 team playoff are made. Baseball killed itself for decades as an elite cartel if a few running the sport killing competition in board rooms before spring training. This is very Reminiscent of that. The elite are gathering buffer schools around them in conference to make the competition look somewhat legitimate. Meanwhile 60% to 75% of these P5 conference schools won't ever be mentioned in 4 team playoff talk for the next 20 years by the midpoint of any given season. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  7. I think winning is the important thing as long as you aren't playing bigger brands. Do you really think Tulsa and Tulane are going to put more of our fans in Apogee? Are Temple and South Florida moving the needle in Denton? Navy might be the only team we MIGHT see each season (depending on whatever conference scheduling the new AAC adopts) that puts a few extra buts in seats. What kind of attendance bump do you expect that independent of us winning.?
  8. Who was really pining for an update on the brother of a QB prospect who didn't work out for UNT? Especially if they are going to a school completely off the local radar?
  9. We just keep inching in land as the incoming tide washes the beach away imo. I would be really curious to see what our attendance looked like if we play Texas Tech, OSU, Baylor, and Houston, every year and were around 0.500 in those games. We were already playing SMU regularly and the other teams that will be new to our conference schedule really won't do anything for attendance even if we are 0.750 against them.
  10. Nobody “leftover” from the Big 12 really moves the needle especially if the teams they already passed over aren’t an option. I mention serval months ago in another discussion that the PAC 12 should be kicking themselves for not getting into the state of Texas. None of the religious schools “available” move the needle either except Notre Dame. Baylor is an Ann Richard’s directive away from being Rice. TCU punches above its weight on the field but when they are mediocre who is watching them alumni and a few people in DFW? Nobody not in those 2 groups except rabid CFB fans are making their games appointment TV. KU and KSU gives you those entire states, elite basketball and penetration in the Kansas City media market. Like I said it's my opinion that the logical best moves for the Pac 12 presented itself when Big 12 had their first defections. Academically they didn't want OU or OSU. They should have offer the Longhorns and whatever team they wanted to bring with them. If that failed, next choice would be Houston and another in state school they wanted to bring with them. Like it or not the whole state of Texas had been picked clean of schools that could move the needle significantly for a P5 conference not already in the state.
  11. Interesting logical but more complicated than one would assume. The PAC 12 gave all those school the stiff arm before and they made it known for over two they don’t want religious schools in the conference. I think they reach out to the KU & KSU before those schools. An unpopular but very easy replacements for the LA teams that would provide similar geographic balance would be San Diego State & Fresno State. Having San Diego all to themselves and in the PAC 12 without a pro team could make them unquestionably a top 40 program. They already have a brand new stadium that is yet to host its first game. What would be the drawback of a 4 star who have to redshirt at another program choosing to go San Diego instead? Bad weather, shortage of pretty women, or lack of fun things to do. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Lol
  12. https://meangreensports.com/sports/tickets That is the link. In is at the top of the page with other old articles. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  13. I thought about posting a whole new topic but what I was about to post separately fits here perfect now that you mentioned this. Like a good fan/alumni I skipped the other ticket sites and went to ours to browse UTEP vs North Texas tickets . But what was on the first page that greeted me? — A “Reduce capacity notice” from almost 2 years ago. Now that is the way to get a fan excited about engaging with the program. 😮🤦🏽‍♂️ A minor detail and easy to fix. I don’t understand why that is still up. Doesn’t reinforce my faith in the leadership at all.
  14. If he is actually good, he will be going to the NFL after the 2023 season. I think he make Arch have redshirt season. I don’t see Quin transferring to a G5 school if lives up to 50% of his hype.
  15. I hope you are right. Your analysis is very balanced and it should be the criteria for bringing him back. Highly unlikely he hits that positive late season streak IMO especially with 5 of starting front 7 from defense last year gone now. The DB room has been the weak link under Seth most of his tenure. I hate to imagine both major parts of the defense struggling all year.
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