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  1. Just read it. Welp Dam! Next your are going to tell me Santa Claus doesn't live at the North Pole. LMAO Maybe Wooden was 100% ethical for the 1964 title before Sam got on the scene? 🤷‍♂️
  2. Can we please highlight that the programs out pacing us in conference success are young. This is what is makes holding on to Seth after these past 3 season infuriating. There isn't one logical reason to hold on to Seth going into year 7 except money. I hope against all the past that says otherwise, but I believe Seth's 2022 performance will be mediocre or just plain bad. I would love to sit down and have a confidential discussion with Wren Baker about the state of the program and the real reason why Seth is still here. I would be willing to bet everything I own that Wren knows this an underperforming 2022 football team coached by Seth would be disastrous for program. When I say disastrous I mean, setting the bar even higher for team performance before Apogee is sold out for a game. UTSA media feels the need to limit unreasonable expectations for a relatively new program. And many receive downvotes for expecting that coach going into year 7 with a below 0.500 record overall, and 3 straight losing would be fired. I fully expect UTSA to get revenge on us in the Alamadome next year.
  3. Not mentioned enough. With that offensive talent in a weak CUSA, not winning the conference is a failure. Of course I didn’t think anyone thought all those guys were going to be on NFL rosters back then except the players themselves.
  4. When administrators, conference leaderships, NCAA and coaches started shoveling more money into their pockets than back into the mission of the schools to educate they made a deal with the devil. It would be refreshing if Nick Sabin was getting paid like UCLA's John Wooden was in his mid career. All this was bound to happen eventually. The old ways were just too unethical. Probably from since the end of the CFA/NCAA controlled media contracts the old ways were doomed. I am surprised it took this long. Maybe John Wooden was the last 100% ethical coach to win a national championship?
  5. I think it’s unlikely Ruder’s performance keeps his son on the bench. Ruder isn’t a Redshirt Freshman anymore and he got a ton of practice snaps here and at his previous school. Ruder decision making appears to be very poor. Regardless of who comes here at QB or at QB/OC coach I think Ruder starting will give us numbers similar to Aune’s.
  6. To be fair The members you are conversing with did not start this thread. The original post is ridiculous as you eloquently pointed out in the comment I quoted (starting with especially when). I am of the opinion that any topics that feature complaints about lack of attendance be suppressed from being posted before a division title is earned again. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I think it’s kind of ridiculous when you have to state that people generally don’t like mediocre.
  7. Nobody likes mediocre. The fans/alumni who show up have a higher level of dedication than your average fan base. The UTSA game at Apogee didn’t have 16,500 people actually there because I was there and saw it first hand. That was an undefeated opponent rival and most likely the last time we would get to see the 2021 Mean Green team locally. The Frisco Classic was created to make sure all qualifying FBS teams had a bowl to go to. Sorry reality bites and they lived up to the historical reputation that has most local college football fans completely uninterested in Mean Green Football. And the leadership co-signs the last 3 losing seasons as acceptable by letting Seth coach year 7. Yes it is very much illogical. I will give you an analogy. We live in barbecue country. There are 1 million people locally that love barbecue, probably more. But if you open up a barbecue restaurant with crappy service, mediocre barbecue and expect people to show up you’re illogical. And I don’t care if you’re in downtown, Dallas Frisco, Deep Ellum, The Stockyards or right next Cowboys Stadium.
  8. We have consistently played like somewhere between almost good and garbage 3 straight years. Nobody likes a mediocre product and people had to work. Any fan/alumni whining about the lack of attendance are just being illogical. Even the Dallas Cowboys had blacked out games as late as 1990. Seth should have been fired mid season. 🤷🏽‍♂️ This program has been irrelevant or embarrassing for most of the last 36 years playing FBS Football. Also our record in I-AA playoff (now FCS) is 0-4. Our all time record is over 70 games below 0.500. The minority of fans that showed up or watched on TV were treated watching them lose badly to a mediocre MAC team they have never seen before. This program is embarrassing if you bring it up in conversation with alumni of TCU, SMU, Texas Tech, Houston, Baylor and maybe even Texas State with their 2 Division II national championships. This program doesn’t deserve strong support. The few who do support it deserve praise.
  9. That will be a drastic reduction income for most programs including ours. FCS level football didn’t work in the DFW area competing for attention with pro teams and FBS teams. I grew up in Denton during the FCS (I-AA) era. They might as well have been playing D-II football. My friends who were football players and fans would have rather gone to a high school game. Some Free tickets to the game were turned down. I had to let go of my companion season tickets RECENTLY because I can’t consistently sell the extras or give them away.
  10. How long does that take? So the teams earlier in Seth’s tenure didn’t have leaders? So the football program is a leadership development program that precludes the team being better than 0.500? Where do all the undisciplined penalties fit in to this leadership development? So when does the accountability for the people selecting these leaders to mold kick in? So the programs that go from losing to winning in less than 4 years aren’t preparing leaders?
  11. People gave this a eye roll and puking eagle reactions. I seriously would like to hear a viable counter argument than is beyond just hope for a mediocre coach to be better than mediocre. Unless Caleb Williams comes here or another QB so talented they can out perform mediocre coaching 6-6 or below is the 2022 record we should expect. How long should a program aspiring to consistently contend for conferences championships keep a mediocre coach is the question. I thought 5 years barring extraordinary conditions beyond the head coaches control was the limit. Well Covid happened so he got to year 6. And year 6 was mediocre also. I don’t understand what the payoff in year 7 is supposed to be, besides mediocre or below.
  12. For all you “get off my lawn” guys who hate the NIL era. Now the payments are just above board and bigger. The Same dominant programs can pay the most money and get away with it.
  13. I sure you would feel a lot less envious if we won more. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  14. To get all the facts straight 2020 & 2021 teams really didn’t deserve a bowl game. This 2021 team had a losing record against FBS teams. Aune isn’t good. Some of those short passes that were inaccurate were perplexingly bad. If you don’t know how to scout, recruit, sign and develop good QB and you are a head coach with an offensive background, you just not a good head coach 🤷🏽‍♂️ He is mediocre coach that might be good at a program that needs him just to continue the momentum his predecessor created. This is year 7 not 3, 4, of 5 any hope of seeing 8 or more wins is borderline delusion. I don’t care that much about the bowl games Seth has a losing record against FBS teams so there is no reason to expect him to win a bowl game.
  15. Well you better hope terrible weather shows up and tilts the game toward our running game. UTSA still probably doesn’t curb stomp us if there isn’t any rain but beating them wouldn’t have been easy. As for beating a ranked team. Did we really beat a ranked team or just an undefeated G5 team that hadn’t beat anyone? They ended the season Unranked which was appropriate. I am excited that I probably wait leisurely decide between the Cabana or Terrace. The wait list should be clear this season. 😂
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