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  1. I have seen nothing in Seth's tenure that makes me believe his staff and him will maximize the future. Fine's career was squandered for the most part. Seth and company are overrated because of the disasters that preceded them. A better staff could work wonders here.
  2. No one should be. I think Seth is competent coach but not a great coach. He only looked almost great because of Fine and the 2 dumpster fires that preceded him. They have never consistently played up to their potential. Too many in conference blowouts losses.
  3. We are in the last half of the 4th year of Seth's tenure. And I really don't know what we have. Is this guy a really good head coach or only an average who has succeed 2 awful coaches at UNT? So I will defer to people who a deeper football knowledge than me. What do we have? Contrary to what history has shown us I don't believe it is that hard to win at UNT. Seth is probably the first coach to have all the resources necessary to be a competitive recruiter here. No conference championship and no bowl game wins. Biggest accomplishment beating an Arkansas program in total chaos changing philosophies 180 degrees with a brand new head coach?
  4. B. He's a solid 3-star? According to who? And even if he is a solid 3-star how many 3-stars completely flamed out and other G5 programs? Wake me up and post when we are talking about a 4-star with offer from at least middle of the road P5 programs. With that said what did Alec Morris do here after being highly touted state champion and Alabama commit? Still this is a non-story and I am disappointed that it happened and it ended up here on gomeangreen.com. Stressing out about some fool on twitter trolling a 2 or 3-star commit. That is for FCS programs. More concerned about do we have a coach that will give him the best opportunity to live up to his full potential. Or will we have a defense that ensures that if Renfro and the offense put up 38 points and take a 14 point lead into the 4th quarter we win the game more than 80% of the time. In four years I haven't seen that. When I do see that then I might be concern over a twitter trolling incident of a 2 or 3 star QB commit. Until we start winning conference championship or have multiple 10 win seasons this is a Non-Story.
  5. The HC salary is the biggest line item expense for this program. And the players don't get paid. The program doesn't make a profit and it is an expense of the university. Look at this way. If our market department consistently produced subpar marketing promotions and enrollment growth did not keep pace with other public universities in our area how long do you think they would keep their jobs? I make donations to the general scholarship fund. We live in a result oriented world. If are playing on the FBS level it is about more than just a well rounded undergraduate experience for our students.
  6. Kade seems like a quality young man and I would be proud to have him as a fellow alumni. But let me get this straight. This young man is a 2 star prospect? Why is any 2 star prospect garnering this much attention from some yahoo with twitter muscles? Give me a break. Sad that this non-story got run here on gomeangreen.com
  7. Glad he did not try to sugar coat this debacle or the state of the program. Seth has improved the recruiting. (you really couldn't get worse than Mac's tenure to be fair). But he has underachieved with that talent.
  8. That is biggest bunch of "bleep" that is repeated over and over again. SMU fans don't show up in the midst of an undefeated season. TCU fans are fickle also. Texas vs TCU had 47k which is under the stadium's capacity of 50k. When the fans do show up for big games in Denton they lose and most of the time the games aren't even competitive. Losers are great at making excuses for not living up to expectations. It is always circumstances or everyone else's fault. Go out an win then you can complain about fan support. To date we have seen nothing that would make anyone believe that once Fine leaves this team will be competitive.
  9. Using the gif of a loser from a great movie. So by using this gif are you saying the UNT Athletic are run by arrogant leaders who don't know when they are in over their heads? Good luck reaching people who don't care enough to be on gomeangreen.com or any other webpage featuring UNT Athletics.
  10. Putting the expletives that I want use aside let me give you a history lesson on North Texas loyalty. This team program fired the best coach they had since returning to FBS level when he had the worst facilities and weakest fan support at the FBS level in the Big 12, SEC geographic footprint. This program for years hasn't live up to its primary mission to represent UNT large University with quality academic programs. Purely based on our numbers should have competitive recruiting classes with SMU and TCU. We don't. UNT is the largest university in CUSA West. UNT sits in the deepest recruiting geographic area in the country. We are exhausted supporting an under performing program.
  11. When I asked do we have a DC I meant it seriously. Reffet should have been fired at the completion of last season. If the reported rumor is true about why Seth's negotiation with KSU fell through you can't blame KSU. The two most important ways to judge coaches in college are 1. What they do with the talent available to them and 2. What the quality of talent they can recruit. Reffet's defense has yet to keep a fully functional FBS defense well under its scoring average to the season. While Reffet is bad Seth's faith in him is more concerning for this program long term. The circumstances might have dictated that Seth get a raise but they definitely did not warrant a 2023 guaranteed season. Ideally I would want to see the 2020 team without Mason to really evaluate whether this is the guy or not. All that said it is clear that we don't have a DC. We have a guy who has that title exclusively because he has a good relationship with the HC or the HC thinks is actually good for some unknown reason.
  12. Again I ask without Mason Fine what makes him so great here at UNT? Is he a great recruiter? Great offensive X and O guy? Without Harrell and 2 years of scouting the rest of the conference knows how to get crucial stops against this team.
  13. Okay tell me again why Seth is so great? Without Mason Fine this dude would have been fired by now.
  14. I had a minor scheduling conflict for homecoming. Now it is no so minor.
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