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  1. I really didn't want to see this. They could have had even more meaningful bowl games and not kill the drama of top 12 teams playing in November. The simplest solution was selecting the 4 highest ranked Bowl Game winners after the bowl are played. Maybe a bowl game bye straight to the playoff for #1 at the end of the regular season. That set up doesn't allow Cincinnati, Boise State, TCU (when they were G5), or any undefeated G5 bowl winner from contending. The Michigan vs Ohio State, Alabama vs Auburn lose ugency if they are all rank above 12 when they play.
  2. Not nearly the same and I say this as a veteran. Actually quite stupid. This isn't wartime. The very few times we had an unforseen change in our direct chain of command we were informed. Furthermore we were ask our opinions about potential lower level promotions. How that input was weighed, if at all we NEVER knew nor expected the outcome we suggested. And if your inclination is to tell young men 🖕🏿 committing a year of their youth to you; you shouldn't be leading them. The point is we allow these young men to make huge decisions in their lives and share goals with your organization. But you are too high and mighty to have a conservation with them as a collective? That sounds like BS to me.
  3. The same 18-22 year olds that are somehow mature enough to make the decision put their lives on the line in the military? A conversation isn't control it is an acknowledgement of their value as a part of the program. Most people don't have a say in hiring their bosses but bad organization treat their employees like mindless minions and don't to them about changes that directly effect them. The fact you see the request of the players to have a conversation as some sort of chaos "tail wagging the dog" scenario doesn't reflect positively on you. You aren't alone sadly. A lot disgruntled "wish they could have gotten" an athletic scholarship people seem to be jealous of opportunity the talent and hard work of these young men affords them. Maybe we could load up our program with a lot of one and no star recruits who super gracious hard working dudes. They will get good grades, never complain and get blown out in Apogee every weekend. I am sure everyone on this board will be at their graduations cheering for class graduating senior football players who average less than 3 wins a season. OMG players having an opinions, opportunities, and utilizing them the sky is falling college football is dying. 🤨🤣
  4. Yes, I hope our players are not reading some this "old dumb school BS" and think it is indicative of the average UNT fan than actually comes to games and donate. If you even laced them up to get significant playing time in high school you have felt "the skin you had in the game". It isn't asking alot for the AD and/or to address the players informing them on the hiring process and answering a question or two.
  5. You jest but I would like to see what he could do here with the resources he didn’t have during his first stint. I think he has evolved as offensive coach and at this stage of his career I think he would be less inclined to changed the offensive tendencies that work here. Dickey and Harrell collaborating on an offense might be good. I also think Dickey would recruit here and he would view it as an opportunity to really solidify a legacy as a really good head coach if he can replicate the success he had in SBC in the new AAC.
  6. Unfortunately you might be right. I couldn’t go with a puking eagle reaction or downvote. No reaction conveys sadness. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  7. That isn't the average salary for CUSA pay during his tenure. His salary was always near the top of CUSA. That is the measuring stick not Big 12 or SEC salaries were 1.8 million is Coordinator salary sometimes.
  8. I agree but his bonuses are just gravy salary that has always been in the upper echelon of CUSA. Problem is we only got upper echelon performance 3-7 and I am being more than fair counting 7-5 just because it got us in the conference championship game.
  9. Honestly, Mr. Jackson, we can do a whole lot worse than Seth Littrell. Since I entered UNT as a freshman in 1978, I do not believe that in football there has been any post season success!! The great college HOF coach
    Hayden Fry did take UNT to 9-2, and 10-1 seasons of which no bowls came our way. Seth Littrell has set the
    school record for most bowl appearances at 5. While none have been won, it is better than not going at all. 
    UNT fired Corky Nelson, and Darrell Dickey, and both times went over a decade before another quality coach 
    was found. Unless we can get Graham Harrell to come to UNT (Harrell the former UNT, USC and current 
    West Virginia OC,) to come back as HC, Littrell is pretty dang good. 

  10. 😳 Okay, how long do you give good coach to stay above 0.500 against FBS competition? The only pain would be him going to bottom revenue program and winning big there (places like New Mexico State, ULM, Texas State, Eastern Michigan, or etc). I just think Seth is a good coach with too much mediocre history here to recruit competitively in the AAC. And I don’t see him as a head coach in the AAC for the next 3 year at any program including ours. I don’t wish Seth bad at all. But if he went to SMU 3 years down the line and flamed out because SMU in their hubris thought he would be better there,, I may not be able to respectably contain my laughter.
  11. Presumably Wren & company has a very short list of guys that will be free and won’t take long to consider an offer to be head coach. Seth may resign if he doesn’t get an extension so you absolutely can’t let him and fear hold the program hostage. I think you absolutely cannot go forward with him if they have a bad showing in San Antonio.
  12. Good point but KSU was Nebraska’s and Oklahoma’s homecoming game in the old Big 8. Before Bill Synder got there winning conference with powerhouse programs in the conference with them was a fantasy. Their last conference title before 2003 (15 years into the Synder era) was 1934. Their programs overall winning percentage is below ours. We have 13 conference titles compared to their 3. That is all to say that their bonus structure makes sense base on their historical place in their conference. HOWEVER, it is small potatoes to whine over Seth getting these bonuses. And is a little excessive being critical of the Athletic Department structuring his bonuses this way. Going forward maybe you want a bonus structure with higher goals and payouts for reaching them, especially by the 3rd contact (initial plus 2 extensions) you give him.
  13. Actually I don’t think there is a buyout if we hire him as head coach. With Seth and presumably Phil Bennett gone with him I would like to have him as DC. But I don’t want if UNT is paying Illinois 750k to get him on top of his DC salary his first year.
  14. Let him finish his contract. Extend him mid 2023 season if he beats SMU and has no more than 2 losses by mid-season. If they go out there and having convincing win against UTSA it would be the START of him showing any promise of being competitive with the better teams in the new AAC.
  15. Absolutely, that was the closet you can get to a game saving punt as you can get.
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