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  1. Lawrence, Hair-Griffin, Kelvin Smith and Jason Prittle should have contributed more. Yes Shorter made mistakes but if all those guys aren't putting pressure defense.
  2. We have huge problems if a RS freshman is the guy we are leaning on to bail us out surrounded by upperclassmen at all the skill positions.
  3. If we are relying on Shorter to be the playmaker we are in trouble this year. Next year he should be great if his hands get better.
  4. I am so done with Shorter. Is eating buttered popcorn on the sidelines? He made one catch. Yippee
  5. And?... You can't constantly give the refs an opportunity to throw a PI flag on every play teaching your DB's bad technique. Furthermore how do you propose we ever get an int with a gifted errant pass or tip ball near the line of scrimmage if DB's in close coverage are never looking for the ball?
  6. In a season and 3.75 games you ever seen one of our DB's look back for the ball when they are running with a receiver?
  7. Fine has a separated shoulder and we aren't winning this game with our defense. I would try Bean out for at least a series to make sure Fine is okay.
  8. The guy on the end of the line of scrimmage completely forgot to set the edge and blocked air. I am not sure that is on the coaching.
  9. Houston's quarterbacks will rush for over 150 yards. I am starting to dread that game. I would RPO our defense to death if I was Houston's OC.
  10. I said his tenure looks better and better in hindsight each week this season. And that is absolutely depressing because I would only take him back as a Recruiter.
  11. No moral victories not even worth discussing if they don't cover the spread
  12. I might agree but you used 'tackling' and Todd Dodge in the same sentence?
  13. That is a hard transition and the academies play good defense. That is how we won with Dickey's power I from the 1950s. We haven't recruited that good on defense in 20 years.
  14. Finally stop looking like a mediocre FCS team. Make the Cal Bears compete the second half.
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