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  1. I think I saw this coming. Cade looks to me like he has the potential to be really solid/good but not special. The other underclassmen QB's have more potential. I just hope that if we have blow outs like last year that getting them time become a bigger priority than running up numbers to get Fine an award. Individual awards for QB are team awards IMO. And most of the time it takes several years to get an offense going to before a special QB can win those big national awards. Had someone like Shanbor performed efficiently winning 8+ games a year then handed it off to a special QB like Fine, then national QB awards would be a more realistic goal.
  2. I concur with chrisfisher. This seems early for Harrell. But with that said I think Arizona Cardinal's move that made this opportunity available was the bigger reach. I think we are going to quickly get more data judge Harrell's impact on the QB Developement in Denton.
  3. A bowl win is not all that important especially if you aren't playing a team that will end the season ranked in the top 25. Winning your division and conference are much more important. You aren't going to get a quality bowl game opponent without division/conference championship unless we undefeated out of conference schedule and have "big injury" excuse for losing the ONE game that keeps us from winnibg CUSA West. A competitibe performance against a quality team is more important than beating a barely bowl eligible G5.
  4. This probably worse than the Todd Dodge hire. I would probably hire Seth over Kliff if I were limited to only those 2 choices. At least Seth has a division championship as a head coach. Having a losing record as a head coach in P5 conference when you can schedule 4 cupcakes a year does not indicate you have potential as a NFL head coach. If Seth had left I don't know what my reaction would have if Kliff was hired as the replacement.
  5. Is this good for the program in the long term but bad in the short term?
  6. I think most Hardcore FBS fans have 1 grievance in common; Out of Conference Scheduling. With that in mind (and since most of the bowls are no longer relevant) I would love a randomized OCC designated weekend. FBS is missing out on growing the revenue pie by doing this. Here is how it would work. Just like how baseball first implemented inter league play it would be a designated schedule event, like rivalry weekend. 1. Everyone would play these designated OCC games the last weekend in September or first weekend in October 2. Every 2 years you woul have a selection show in early August 3. The show would only be every two years because each match up would be a home and home series in consecutive years. 4. An algorithm would be used to favor G5 vs P5 matchups and prevent rematches within 8 years. That is the only we will get top half P5 teams playing OCC on the road at G5 stadiums with something on the line. Anyone else have suggestions how can consistently get interesting regular seasom G5 vs P5 matchups? Besides the “generosity” of P5 programs?
  7. Hey as former Panthers coach Brian Fantana would say; 20% of the time it works every time.
  8. Good point. I think the best move would have been keeping Major unless you already had a bigger name than the ones in the rumor mill today on standby. Hell even Les Miles.
  9. I agree but as a coach you winning is the only way you can address that. The stadium being 20 miles off campus is a challenge. But you can still be in late season national championship picture or a semi-regular basis. There isn't much more you could ask for in a FBS job.
  10. No, it would be a ridiculous thread to start. Doubt the opportunity arises but how would Mean Green fans feel about Major as the assistant OC/Quarterbacks here? Think he would a good recruiting asset.
  11. This is spot on. The system has been consistently tweaked to make sure "media favorites" get in. However, I think it is absolutely greedy and short sighted. The bowls should revert back to like they were before the BCS and have 4 team playoff of the top 4 bowl winners. Under that system New Years 6 would have been epic. Peach - Florida vs Washington State Rose - Washington vs OSU Sugar - Texas vs Alabama Orange - Clemson vs UCF Fiesta - Georgia vs Notre Dame Cotton - OU vs Michigan You can fiddle with the matchups but instead of just 2 can't miss playoff games you get 4 or more can't miss bowl games. And another round of arguing about the strengths of the bowl winners schedules with the results of lessor bowl games factored in by a selection committee. UCF gets their deserved legitimate shot. All the NY6 bowls have more viewers and that means more money for everyone. With an 8 team playoff you lose the unique tradition of the bowls and still you only get 4 games in the opening round.
  12. Come make huge guaranteed money in sunny south Florida surrounded by some of the most fertile recruiting ground in the country. Biggest concern there is to keep the program clean. (The stress of that might have lead to Mark's retirement). That is the only downside to taking the Miami job; the history of corrupt culture.
  13. Job security. The bump in pay is great but it could be just for one year if Seth leaves. And what is the over under on how long Seth stays, three to four years or less?
  14. Only if you see him as an OC here if Graham leaves after next season and Seth stays.
  15. Houston could "money whip" Seth and staff into coming possibly. Highly unlikely because that would be financially risky for the UH athletic department.
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