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  1. Your first sentence of your last response says it all.
  2. I apologize. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
  3. https://meangreensports.com/news/2019/11/13/womens-golf-inks-signee.aspx
  4. https://www.hudl.com/profile/8709799/Emily-Ah-Leong https://sportsrecruits.com/athlete/emily_ah_leong https://cahleong.wixsite.com/emily
  5. http://www.texasgloryfastpitch.com/player.aspx?ID=2514 https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/dfwvarsity/article215344420.html
  6. http://kansas-sports.com/ks/news/?id=10455&t= https://www.kansaspregame.com/article/coaches-select-all-state-softball-teams
  7. At one time committed to Oklahoma State https://extrainningsoftball.com/extra-star-power-2020-standout-mikayla-smith-looking-good-in-mean-green/ https://www.flosoftball.com/video/5618632-club-profile-gametime-stars-2020 https://moorenorman.okvype.com/2018/02/15/southmoores-mikayla-smith-academic-athlete-of-the-month-sponsored-by-republic-bank-trust/
  8. A fake P5 offer? You sure about that or is that just your hot sports opinion. Did he force WB to offer a raise and extension or did WB see value in SL had just make that offer? "We should treat him like he treated us?" What in the world does that mean. He didn't treat us poorly, he investigated an opportunity. He never said a bad word about us, people on here act like he abandoned the team during bowl prep, yet not one player has said anything negative about our coaching staff. All of these comments are pure speculation. The senior class this year was is from a low ranked recruiting class the year he arrived when he had roughly a month to throw a class together. I have gone through the other obstacles he had to work through when he arrived, and last year's and this current year's recruiting classes reflect that. Going from a class ranking in the range of 110 in the nation to the high 50's this year is pretty remarkable. I believe he deserves the opportunity to see this class through their senior season unless their is a catastrophic drop off in performance. Different opinions.
  9. I would recommend that all of you find a copy of Vito's pre-season football magazine that was in the Denton Record Chronicle. Talks about recruiting and what an asset Walerius and Shelby have been, talks about changing the culture (yes, SL did change the culture of the program), what the program has had to overcome, SL's personal admittance that he is still growing as a head coach, Fine's comments about how most freshmen are scared of SL because of his quiet and intense demeanor, etc...
  10. Considering we have been to 11 in our entire history that was probably a sound goal when he arrived. Going to a bowl game in each of his first three years is something no coach has ever done at UNT. Hell, half of you just love Dickey and the man's overall record is like twenty games below .500 and that gets you a practice facility named after you.
  11. Well, Memphis should fire his ass!
  12. 4 or 5 people doesn't equate to "everyone."
  13. Which has me questioning why he is allowed to post on here.
  14. The author's "survey" he referred to was actually reviews on Yelp where the guy that complained about parking still gave Apogee a 4 star rating. It is a b.s. article from a writer that has never set foot in any of these stadiums. It is a b.s. hatchet job.
  15. I think he gets drafted. The young man is just too talented not too. NFL scouts will look past the issues noted above, really none the fault of Fine, and see a young man that works through his progressions, can make all the throws and is as tough as nails. I don't get people questioning his durability. A lesser young man would not have played in a 1/4 of the games Fine did because of his dogged determination.
  16. With non-SEC officials. We didn’t deserve to win but man there were a lot of phantom fouls.
  17. Okay, but that is not what your original post stated or appeared to allude to.
  18. Couldn’t be further from what I intended.
  19. Sorry, but your comment just doesn't make any sense. I get what you are trying to say, but you are missing the mark. For instance, you site Boise State. Not much to recruit in Idaho so they hit California hard. You think they were out recruiting USC, UCLA and the rest of the PAC 12? No, they were getting the best of the rest. The second tier players in Texas are usually better than the best in some other states.
  20. It is a joke. The parking comment was from a Yelp reviewer that gave it an overall 4 out of 5 stars. From his pictures, he sat in the tail section and was too cheap to pay parking.
  21. You comment wasn't about news coverage. You stated SMU belongs to Dallas. Dallas doesn't care about SMU. TCU belongs to Fort Worth...true statement. UNT, well, we just don't belong. Wrong we belong to the region and winning would cure a lot of the woes and bring our alums out of the woodwork. Your original post had nothing to do with newspaper coverage. No, the "freaking clueless" remark was right on target.
  22. Arkansas is hemorrhaging commits. We need to keep our eye on them.
  23. Well, what do we have to lose? Put him out there and let him learn on the job during non-conference games.
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