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  1. Four star - .9765 rated point guard they signed last year over offers from Kansas, Louisville, Maryland, Seton Hall, Auburn, Creighton, LSU, Murray St., St. Louis, smu, SFA, Tennessee and Vanderbilt has entered the transfer portal.
  2. 6'6" 205lbs. Also holds offers from Iowa State, Boston College, Charlotte, CO St., Davidson, IL-Chicago, IN St., MO St., MO-KC, Northern Iowa, Rice, Southern IL and Xavier Committed to Iowa St. https://247sports.com/player/kayden-fish-46127716/
  3. Class of '24. Slight correction, the 71mph is the exit velocity off her bat when hitting. Looks like she throws in the mid 60's when pitching. https://risesoftball.com/players/gracie-maloney/ https://thealliancefastpitch.com/hfl/gracie-maloney-named-hfl-co-player-of-the-month-for-july/
  4. I think Prone is injured. Playing Lenny B was a mistake.
  5. More so, I think our pressure on the QB has to improve. He tends to make mistakes when pressured. If he has time to sit in the pocket, well, I don't even want to think about that.
  6. I didn't want to jinx anything so I have been silent until he finished his final round, but Vincente Marzilio shot a final round 67 (-5) to go along with another 67 in round two and currently is tied for the lead at the Trinity Forest Invitational. The two players he is tied with are still on the course, but what a fantastic tournament by Marzilio. As a team, UNT is currently tied for 9th. https://results.golfstat.com/public/leaderboards/gsnav.cfm?pg=player&tid=25977
  7. https://www.outkick.com/pac-12-espn-reported-media-deal-offer/
  8. Pretty entertaining game. I think we hit the post about 4 times during the match without scoring, and really controlled the game throughout, but ended up in a 0-0 tie. https://meangreensports.com/news/2022/10/2/womens-soccer-soccer-earns-tough-point-against-uab Plays at Rice on Sunday. Rice is 6-7 overall, but 4-0 in conference.
  9. Obviously like CougarQueen. His own fans don't tolerate him on their board, so he comes over here.
  10. If anyone is in the area of College Inn when they start demolition, could you be on the lookout for something for me. I lost my innocence there at one time and have been unable to locate it.
  11. And here you are again. Like a bad in-law.
  12. '16: W @ Army 35-18 '17: W vs. UTSA 29-26 '18: L @ ODU 34-31 '19: L @ USM 45-27 '20: L vs. SMU 65-35; L vs. USM 41-31 after Houston cancellation '21: L @ Missouri 48-35 We all know our bowl record in the SL era. The week after an open date/dates scare me. Hope we turn things around against LA Tech.
  13. 85 degrees. You would think it was 100+ with the bitching about the sun. Maybe we should just schedule all of our games at 8pm.
  14. I was watching some of the WVU/UT game Saturday night. You know what I heard between snaps? The band playing.
  15. Anybody looking for ADA parking isn't going to the Blue Lot. That is ridiculous.
  16. And to think Jackson, Landis and Farrar are just as good and have seen limited action. We are one position away from being almost unstoppable on offense.
  17. Listed as the OC/TE's coach and James Coley is listed as the OC/WRs coach. FYI, noticed Eric Russell is listed as a special teams analyst.
  18. As a person, I couldn't ask for a better person than Littrell. He appears to be a stand up guy that the players like playing for, but I wonder if he is too much of a player's coach to be a disciplinarian when needed? My other issue is I don't think he has really ever had to deal with adversity. He played ball at Muskogee, OK and was named an all state as a linebacker. He rushed for 1,385 yards and 29 touchdowns his senior year. He was recruited by a bunch of big time programs and signed with OU where they won the national championship in 2000, the year he was team captain. After graduating, he worked under Mike Leach at Tech, moved to AZ for a couple of years advancing to OC, left to become IU's OC and then North Carolina's OHC/OC prior to coming to North Texas. He rapidly moved up the coaching ranks, came here, saw improvement in year one followed by two nine win seasons. The the two four win seasons followed and he has really struggled. Whether it was not getting picked to go to KSU or not, he didn't respond well to the failure, which may have been the first time something he led didn't succeed. That can be a tough pill to swallow for someone that has always found success and how they just may not be equipped to deal with it.
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