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  1. ESPN Game Day will be in Arlington, TX on August 31st for the Oregon/Auburn match up. We should send a few folks that way with some signage in the morning. Invite them up to Denton.
  2. Well said. I have a feeling, and it may just be me, but I think FAU has peaked under Kiffen.
  3. 4 of 4 on extra points, 0 for 2 on field goals. Not sure what his high school stats were, but I like what we have in house.
  4. Be careful. He is the intellectual, ethical and principled guidepost of GMG.com, even above the God he doesn’t believe in. That’s my issue with his posts. If you don’t share the same point of view/political standards then you are immediately beneath him. So funny yet so tiresome.
  5. Nope, never did and that is so weak.
  6. I read what NutsaCK and UAB are spending and what we have spent/are spending and am amazed at the value we have received. Our facilities are way ahead of where they are/will be and we spent much less. Again, with NutsaCK, I will believe it when I see it.
  7. This is the kind of stupid crap they do in Berkeley. https://www.yahoo.com/news/forget-manmade-berkeley-bans-gender-043541648.html
  8. Staying in San Fran? Watch your step. https://www.businessinsider.com/san-francisco-human-poop-problem-2019-4 Might want to print out one of their "poop maps" before you go.
  9. Somebody sic Christian Lee and the Southeast Texas gang on him. It couldn't hurt and you have to love Lee's enthusiasm towards us.
  10. First game at Apogee will look like that scene from the Thomas Crown Affair.
  11. My greatest worry is who replaces E.J. and Garner at linebacker. I think the DL will be better and our CB's about the same although we are breaking in a couple of new players at the CB position.
  12. I have a clear understanding of how it works and how it works in today's society. It's become a term that is thrown around at every chance. I think you may be the one missing the boat here. Obviously, we aren't going to see eye to eye on this, but you bolded comments that were not racist in any way, shape or form.
  13. Loved Littrell's reaction while Thulen called Mason Miles.
  14. They can't say yes if you never ask.
  15. Yes, yes, yes. Oh, and I hate that the Dims that stomp their feet at the accusations against Trump yet celebrated a known sexual predator in Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary that covered for him all in the name of power and politics. The Trump win was all about policy just as his comments to "The Squad" about leaving if you aren't happy with how things are done in the U.S. If Obama had said this to four white freshmen Congressmen/women, it would just be a comment and not racist, but because Trump is white and "The Squad" is comprised of ladies whose families came from elsewhere, he is labelled racist. Funny how the CEO of Black Entertainment Television supports our president.
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