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  1. Sadly, I had the same thought.
  2. https://247sports.com/player/ronald-triplette-46058317/
  3. A. You're correct. Sorry about that. B. I don't think anyone ever doubt what he said. Thanks for being there to correct me.
  4. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/peter-strzok-clinton-doj-struck-deal-that-blocked-fbi-access-to-clinton-foundation-emails-on-her-private-server Nah, couldn’t be. Shocked.
  5. Tackle is a very important position on the line. We all know that, but placing the blame for the pressure on Fine squarely on the shoulders of the OT’s is short-sighted. We had issues all along the line that have to be addressed as well as finding replacements for Murray and Mayfield. Time for Langston to earn his keep and develop these young men.
  6. 30% FG 18.5% 3 pt FG 58.8% FT Embarrasing. I want to hear something from McCasland that isn’t coach speak to explain this massive collapse.
  7. Our shooting percentages are ridiculously poor. Our “shooters” are a combined 6-26 from the field.
  8. Wow, what a pleasant surprise. Hope we can keep this going.
  9. Sad to say but I have zero expectations after our late season collapse.
  10. Glad he is having a great year after all he has been through in his career.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/thomasdelbeccaro/2017/02/22/ca-the-physical-collapse-of-a-social-state/amp/
  12. Really curious as to what it costs to run a good D1 program on an annual basis? Then I would be curious as to what kind of revenue can be expected from stadium naming, ticket sales, concessions, etc... Is it a loss, break even or profitable program. Also, could the facility be used to host high school playoff games and what is the revenue generated from these events directly applied to the baseball program or to the athletic department in general?
  13. Is this an actual program? That host has to be the most uncomfortable person I have ever seen on camera. On top of that, “Isaac” is such a self absorbed know it all that actually knows nothing. Not an embarrassment to our fine university, he just embarrases himself.
  14. That’s great. Any idea what Jerome is doing these days?
  15. Seriously, how old is Jeremy and how many seasons has he played in college?
  16. And the Democratic Party is dumb enough to let her be the mouthpiece of the party along with basically ignoring Omar, the D-Gov of Virginia, his Attorney General and the third in line’s racism and sexism. Funny how they march, protest, accost, yell, scream, etc... when it is someone like Kavanaugh from the Right but sweep this away all with the benefit of the mainstream media when it is one of their own.
  17. I hope he invests well because most employers test for drugs in the pre-employment process.
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