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  1. Asking because I don't know, but my observations question this. Is our recruiting budget that bad or hurting us? Hamlet came from Florida, McBride from South Carolina, Bell out of Illinois, Osumane from PA, etc... It appears we are recruiting the U.S. pretty well.
  2. Reported that he has entered the transfer portal.
  3. He played well and gave us quality minutes against Purdue. I am excited to see him develop as I believe he has a a tremendous upside.
  4. Finished round three at +2 after shooting a -1, 71, today. Leaders currently at -8.
  5. I misunderstood your comment. I was thinking of this past season.
  6. How often were they actually paired together? I can respect your decision, but don't make things up to make your point.
  7. This is Munoz second Masters. It was noted in his bio that he had shot two rounds in the 60's there in the 2020 tournament. "Sebastian Munoz recorded two rounds in the 60s in his Masters Tournament debut in 2020 on the way to a T19"
  8. Really wanted to see this young man develop. Sorry to see him go, but wish him the best. Final question, his decisions or the staff's?
  9. We make it to the Round of 32 nine times and watch attendance skyrocket. Then the revenue will justify a $1.7 million salary.
  10. So, Munoz has the following round: 6 birdies 6 pars 5 bogeys 1 double bogey He is T46 at +3.
  11. Munoz started his round with three straight birdies, but then turned right around and bogeyed four, five and six. He is currently at +2 overall, T35.
  12. Ortiz just finished his second round. He played much better today shooting a -1 to put him at +9 overall and in a current tie for 81st. He will need a crazy miracle to make the cut.
  13. Jay Wright makes $6.14 million. Surprisingly, Mark Few's salary is listed as $1 million
  14. I would temper that and say, "not yet." Let's achieve the prolonged success of these programs and then talk money.
  15. Rated an 85 by 247. No composite at this time. Also holds offers, besides those listed above, from Buffalo, Columbia, Lehigh and IL St.
  16. Great. I want a CB that can cover and look back for the ball. Hit is a distant third.
  17. Munoz finishes round one at +2 and is currently in a tie for 49th with a lot of the field still on the course. Ortiz has had a rough start and is +4 through eight holes.
  18. 6'3" 235lbs No rating at this time Also holds offers from Houston, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah St. https://247sports.com/Player/David-Oke-46114181/
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