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  1. Time for someone from this program to step up and talk about this situation. As a stakeholder, season tickets/MGSF, I want to hear from someone to tell me what our plan is moving forward because it looks like this thing is going down the toilet.
  2. This one bothers me. Young, RS Freshman that became a starter this year. Why would he leave?
  3. No names is because this is about playing for North Texas. These kids no longer call the shots while in our uniform.
  4. Retiring or tired? That man busted his behind to have the AAC move up and fought for equality, and now he sees the “power” conferences constricting from five to three. Can’t blame him. This has hit the 💩 slope full speed.
  5. I can name on one hand the college kids that have made money off of their name, image or likeness. Salaries are not NIL.
  6. Many blame the addition of the “Covid” year. Many of our entries have graduated and have diploma in hand.
  7. Here’s the B.S. with the NIL. Alumni and fans are asked to donate to offset the cost of facilities, scholarships, etc. so the athletic departments created groups like the Mean Green Club or Mean Green Scholarship Fund. The game exploded in popularity and conferences were signing these huge television contracts that provide unbelievable amounts of revenue to the schools, video games came out, merchandise sales went through the roof, and schools used these funds to continue to build, add crazy amenities and locker rooms and pay coaches massive salaries. Who was left out? The players. The schools still get large amounts of $$$ from all the above but they are told that they can’t use those funds to line the coffers and pay the players. You have to create “collectives” to pay the players, so this funding falls back on the alumni and fans. The alumni and fans are tired of being asked to shell out money when the schools are still collecting $$$$ from tv contracts, etc. The complaint was that the school wasn’t sharing any of this revenue that the players were bringing in by playing a game, the coaches were overpaid and the schools were reaping the benefit. The players never considered tuition, room, food, tutors, healthcare, etc that they receive as income, so they wanted a bigger piece of the pie. Here comes the NIL. These athletes are told that they can now make money on the side through the use of their name, image or likeness. Businesses can hire them to advertise their products. No guidelines are out in place, so schools go after donations create a fund and just pay players to be on their team. Has nothing to do with name, image or likeness, but is just a salary for having your name on the roster. Quickly it gets out of hand because the NCAA doesn’t put any stipulations or rules in place and refuses to govern the mess that has been created. The rich get way, way richer and the others just go away or become part of a farm system to provide players to these teams in the future. I can easily see this become a system where the teams like UT, USC, Georgia, etc. tell recruits, “Look, we really want you but you need to play and develop. We have an agreement with Georgia St. We are going to place you there and then you declare for the portal in two years and sign with us. They draw up an agreement, kid signs it, goes off to G5 State and the rest is history. This game is ruined and there is no turning back now. The alumni are tired of shouldering the load and being asked to give when their school is taking in millions. It is a system set up to only benefit the few at the top. As an alumni, my funds are not limitless so I will have to decide. Do I give to a scholarship fund, the NIL Collective or do I split my donation and give a little to both? I am not adding more until I see the benefit. Again, this is ruining the sport.
  8. https://247sports.com/Season/2024-Football/TransferPortal/?institutionkey=24114
  9. Just responding to you calling “some posters” on here as lunatics. Could not care less who you like as a coach.
  10. Funny, the announcers stated that one of his strengths was how quickly he goes through his progressions. Morris has stated the same.
  11. No kidding, and we still have a fan that drools over a past coach that totaled six wins in his career here. Imagine that for a moment.
  12. I’d rather see Cotton than Buggs.
  13. The NCAA is busy F’ing up football. The will get to doing the same to basketball soon enough. Have a little patience.
  14. Those eunuchs haven’t been useful in years other than screwing over players like Walker on our basketball team.
  15. I thought offering kids that are on another school’s roster and had yet to enter the portal was an NCAA violation? Oh, that’s right. The NCAA has no balls.
  16. Funny coming from the guy that only shows up with things are going bad. I am ready for a run of ten win seasons for two reasons.
  17. Thanks. I am curious as to @97and03's opinion as well.
  18. Want to solve this issue? Give these kids a choice. You can select a scholarship and small monthly stipend that covers all of your costs and allows you some spending money. You are also able to make money off of your name, image, or likeness with local sponsorship/marketing deals, or you can pay for your education, housing, etc. and take money from a collective. Your choice. You can also transfer once for free. The second time, you sit a year, third time sit two years and so forth.
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