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  1. This. He is electrifying with the ball in his hands. Unbelievably quick and fast. They contained him to the pocket in the second half forcing him to make plays with his arm which highlighted two issues with UH. He isn't consistently accurate and UH's WR's don't have great hands. It will not be an easy game, but we are certainly capable of beating them.
  2. Agreed. All of their fans that cared have gone back to loving the Whorns.
  3. Those refs were terrible, though.
  4. Nope, I agree, the guy is a piece human waste. Not a political point, but a statement about the condition of today's media. That is all.
  5. Reaction to seeing what's in the box
  6. Not all scholarship players are starters but provide quality depth. I like the fact that a young player has developed into a starter and is being rewarded for his hard work.
  7. Hey, have you guys opened your Farmer's Market/practice facility yet?
  8. Kind of like going undefeated? Just askin'
  9. Oops. This will be out of the news by the end of the weekend. https://abcnews.go.com/US/democratic-donor-ed-buck-arrested-charged-running-drug/story?id=65685106
  10. Based upon allegations from someone that doesn't remember the alleged incident...gotcha. https://www.businessinsider.com/ruth-bader-ginsburg-says-brett-kavanaugh-very-decent-man-2019-7
  11. https://twitter.com/WykoffMatthew Also holds offers from Baylor, Boston College, Houston, Missouri, smuT, TX Tech and Tulsa. 6'5" 277 lbs. Not rated at this time. Teammate of "20 commit Kade Bond...Time to go to work recruiting Kade. https://247sports.com/Player/Matthew-Wykoff-46080998/
  12. https://utsa.rivals.com/news/opponent-q-a-unt Every time I see "birds up" I think of:
  13. It is just crazy to me that our coaches are paid a healthy salary, have years of experience, yet they just can't figure this out without us fans. (Sarcasm alert)
  14. I don't see NutsaCK listed on that plate, so I would go with UNT 4448 and NutsaCK 0
  15. UTPB has the same hand sign although they are orange and black. It is pretty comical.
  16. Great story. Although I love the stories about our football players, I also enjoy hearing about the people behind the names of our other sports. What an outstanding young lady.
  17. https://meangreensports.com/news/2019/9/17/football-beyond-the-green-game-rewind-at-cal.aspx
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