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  1. Reportedly walking on at Arkansas. Sorry but this young man is either getting terrible advice or is just a mess.
  2. Isn't that around the time Ryan opened? They have been a state power, regardless of classification, since 2000.
  3. I will admit that I don't follow the women's game as closely, but did anyone expect Noble to be the leading scorer? She has been a great addition. On top of that, this team is deep and fun to watch. I watched the second half on ESPN+ and they answered every run by UTEP. So, so happy to see Jalie having success. I hope this is the beginning of a long, long run of success for her at North Texas.
  4. Don't forget about Rubin Jones as well. Littrell's recruiting doesn't worry me, but having an equal focus on defense is. Hopefully, this DC hire changes all of that. I am a notable homer, but there is no reason why we shouldn't be the lead program in this conference in every sport.
  5. Watched Ryan dismantle a very good Cedar Park team. They are loaded with talent and we should be parked on their doorstep every morning recruiting these young men. the obvious kids were Bowman, Sanders and the QB Hennigan, but they DB Ty Marsh is a great talent along with a couple of juniors in their OL Appleton and DT "Bear" Alexander and the So RB Hicks.
  6. Normally we would lose our senior class, but they were all provided an extra year. I love all of our players, but out of that class, I really wanted to see Novil, Torrey and Johnson return. To date, we have only lost Johnson, but I like the talent we have in the defensive backfield and really want to see them develop under a new coach. Gibbs was a surprise to me, but when he got injured it appeared he got passed on the depth chart. Our depth is taking a shot, but I like what we have coming in. We really need a strong DC along with DL and DB coaches to develop these young men.
  7. I hate losing Siggers, as I stated earlier. Just love his running style and how positive he always seems to be, but we have the following: Torrey: Reported he is coming back. Adaway: No disrespect to anyone else on the roster, but this young man is a stud and is strong as a runner, receiver and blocker and just finished his RS Freshman year. He can set records for us. Johnson: Showed flashes early in the year. Only a freshman that had an impressive HS career in Lubbock. Really excited about his future. Ragsdale: Don't really know much about him, but he started at a stro
  8. This is one I really didn't expect and hate to lose Gibbs. I wish him well in the future.
  9. I think @Coach Bill Lewisand @Skippermeet weekly, switching basements, or at family reunions to see who can be the most annoying. The best thing about the City of Birmingham building this for UAB is that it gets them out of the dump that is Legion Field. It will be nice and it is good to see conference mates improving facilities.
  10. UTEP hires Dave Warner as OC. Previously at Michigan State and worked with Dimel at Houston way back in the day. Brian Parrish just lost his OL Coach as UMASS's co-OL Coach, Micah James, was hired by Utah State. Sonny Cumbie has been hired at TX Tech replacing David Yost as the OC. Yost made $600K per year. Cumbie signed a three year deal worth $875K, $900K and $925K. J.W. Walsh of Denton Guyer and Oklahoma St has returned to OSU from UT and will work in quality control and work with the QB's. Charlie Strong is reportedly joining Urban Meyer in the NFL as his LB's coach.
  11. Please share because you obviously have us befuddled. Also, is there any chance you are related to PlummMeanGreen or greejoe?
  12. I like that we were able to rest our starters for a lot of the second half. That should benefit us tomorrow. Plus, our defense has to be in their heads.
  13. Ortiz shoots a -3 in the second round and is currently tied for 18th at -7. Munoz was E in the second round staying at -4 and tied for 57th. The leader is at -12. Looking forward to a good weekend by both.
  14. Now 5-0 in conference and 8-2 overall beating UTEP 67-59.
  15. Great game. That is what we should have done to utsa.
  16. Can't figure that out. I did a quick search and didn't find anything and her Twitter account isn't very active.
  17. Yep, loved watching him and he always had a smile on his face. I wish him nothing but success in the future.
  18. I think UTEP, UTSA, UT-Tyler, UTPB, etc. had a surplus on uniforms.
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