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  1. It's childish. Kram puts together the Kickball event and every post about something that has been secured for the auction, or event update is downvoted just because someone doesn't like him. It cracks me up, because I don't think he gives a rat's arse.
  2. I didn't donate in my first 5 years out of college either, probably the first ten. I graduated and started off making $7.25 an hour plus commissions in my field. Not what I would call raking in the dough even in the early 90's, but I worked my way up in my field and am now able to give, some years more than others. I get that I also didn't graduate with the ridiculous debt that students are experiencing today and giving seems ridiculous just after graduation. My only issue with the post, as I stated prior, is the picture attached to it. I know it is a pain in the rear to get that call from UNT. I get it every year and tell them that my family is funding a scholarship in my father's memory and that is where my available funds will go at this time. They still say, well instead of "X" amount, how about a little less, and I reiterate that I would give that to the scholarship we are funding. I also give to the Mean Green Club/Scholarship Fund. Some years more than others, a few recent year none due to some personal issues, but I try to give something. They are just doing their job, be friendly, or check your caller ID and let it go to message. Either way, support UNT the best way possible for you. If right now that is attending games, buying concessions, clothing, tickets, whatever, then so be it. Maybe down the road it will be a little more.
  3. Brune article on 247. This is a fantastic look at how Bell has unselfishly changed his game for the betterment of the team. Love players like this. The stat about our defense with him on the floor is telling as is the quote from Hamlet. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/North-Texas-Mean-Green-basketball-down-the-stretch-Thomas-Bells-importance-grows-as-sixth-man-144009467/ “I was more of a playmaker and scorer [in junior college], but when you have a team this good, you just want to fit in wherever you can,” Bell said. “For me, it was playing off the ball more and adding new things to my game and doing what the team needs me to do.” “It would be nice to have [the sixth man of the year], but I just want to win the conference tournament.”
  4. Paid article on 247 states he is "enticed" by the offer.
  5. 6'2" 225 lbs. Not rated at this time. Also holds offers from La-Mo and Northwestern St. https://247sports.com/player/jacorey-hyder-46099608/
  6. Heck, I'd go for he Oklahoma DT that made his grades or didn't leave the team unexpectedly early in his career.
  7. 6'2" 235 lbs. Not rated at this time. Also holds offers from Colorado and TX Tech https://247sports.com/player/chris-murray-46096384/
  8. 6'2" 205 lbs. Also holds offers from Houston, K-State, TX Tech, Tulsa and Virginia Crystal ball says TX Tech 100% https://247sports.com/player/jacob-rodriguez-46081242/
  9. Do you seriously think about what you are going to post before you type it on here?
  10. 6'1" 175 lbs. We are his first offer https://247sports.com/player/nasir-kemper-46094306/
  11. 6'0" 270 lbs. 3 star - .8466 Also has offers from Iowa St., Okie St. and UMass. https://247sports.com/Player/Solomon-Wright-46082235/
  12. Thanks for the compliment. I worked my way through school and also had some help from scholarship money. I understand not maybe not being able to give immediately after graduation, but posting Nicholson shooting the finger is uncalled for. UNT students have never been conditioned to give back. I have been called to give at times in my life when I just couldn't swing it, but I wasn't upset or mad they were asking.
  13. Love this team, but the loss just makes me sick. BTW, I hate TLN. Always skipping ahead for time considerations and we never see our offense. All that for a replay of UT/Lamar baseball. Trautwein is a hell of a pitcher and deserved that win. Man, I dislike UT.
  14. You must not live near a border. You must also be fine with voting rights for illegals, free healthcare for illegals, free schooling, etc... Anything for people that entered illegally. Of course it is on the southern border. There isn’t an issue with people entering illegally from the north like there is from the south. Oh, and then their are the drug tunnels from Mexico. I guess you don’t have an issue with the cartels doing business here. Probably explains the Colorado in your screen name.
  15. These are the same people bitching about our lot in life. They don’t give a dime but complain that we aren’t on the same level as UT and Aggieland.
  16. Assumption or did you hear this somewhere?
  17. Thank you. That Rice loss stuck with me to the point that I didn't even look at the other games after an extended layoff.
  18. B.S. It is to stop ILLEGAL immigration. It has nothing to do with Latinos, Africans, Muslims or immigrants. Show me the verifialbe policies that clearly state the wall is to keep certain people out.
  19. Wrong. I voted for him in the last election because of policy position and because of the person he was running against. I vote based on policy. The Democratic Party is sliding towards socialism, the current leader, before the DNC ruins him again, is Bernie Sanders a devotee of socialism and communism. The leading voices in the party Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, AOC, etc... are either hate filled, flat out liars or have supported what Trump supported in the past, yet flip flopped for party reasons and have no backbone. I look at the areas they are currently responsible for and they are a total disaster. I look at the countries that have socialist governments, government run healthcare, etc... on a similar scale of the U.S. and see these are a complete disaster. I see the Democrats preaching tolerance, acceptance and love for all yet their actions show a complete opposite. I don't condone Trump's past relationships or how he treated women and I can see through his hot air, but when people make a quote like the one above and then have nothing but glowing words for the likes of JFK, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, etc... they lose me. Or when they jump on board with Bernie who has never passed a single piece of useful legislation and who railed against millionaires four years ago but has now bumped that to billionaires because he is now worth millions by leaching off of the public. Who champions a form of government that is against our Constitution and is shown to have failed worldwide unless you are in a position of power. Or the people that jumped on the Beto bandwagon when he preached the same system yet has never, ever been an effective legislator, was disliked by those he represented and couldn't even win a Senate seat at the state level. Or Mayor Pete who is now the current darling of the party yet the town he is mayor of is falling apart and has multiple issues. As someone noted above, there isn't a perfect person walking the face of the earth but don't come on here criticizing one's shortcomings while ignoring another's.
  20. Based upon the reports that his net worth was anywhere from $800,000 to $1,300,000 upon entering office and an estimated $15,000,000 to $20,000,000 upon leaving office eight years later. Let's go with the $1,300,000 entering office. He makes $400,000 per year and doesn't spend a dime of that money, then his networth, minus interest earned, etc... would be $4,500,000. He and Michelle are reported to have donated about a $1,000,000 to charities while in office and another $2,000,000 upon leaving office leaving them with a net worth of $1,500,000. So how did that jump $18,500,000? That is the question.
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