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  1. I know people out here in west Texas that have already purchased tickets for the hockey game. The attraction goes beyond the fair weather fans of Dallas.
  2. I understand. That poster has a habit of that.
  3. Easy there. I was just posting the six listed on 247 for @Danish43. Including us, he would have 7, but they don't have our's posted either.
  4. Kentucky, La-Mo, NMSU, Nichols State, South Alabama and SELU. I don't see ten.
  5. The will get tired of his power trip just like they did in Oxford.
  6. They realized their coach sucks as much as the glorified junior college.
  7. Murray better do well throwing the ball. He will get killed running.
  8. Thank goodness for Wren Baker. The previous person occupying his office would have refused to place the N T on the helmet
  9. I saw the thread title and thought he was now listed at 5'11"
  10. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/Loronzo-Thompson-North-Texas-football-recruiting-receiver-commits-132122568/
  11. In a football forum. Actually it was an attempt at humor.
  12. There used to be homes in the neighborhood around Colonial that would let you pay to park at their house. Much better options and safer than Fair Park!
  13. Ready to see these two compete.
  14. Yes, but why even stoop to the level to accept these young men that have made choices and committed offenses that would bring negativity to our program?
  15. Truly the off-season with uniform talk, only this year we have taken a step down and are now discussing band uniforms.
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