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  1. Southern softened them up for us or pissed them off for us. Hopefully the former.
  2. The football board asked a question about scheduling. It was along the lines of quality losses vs wins. I haven't paid attention to women's basketball at UNT in never. Now, I'll keep my eye on them because they are winning, and I don't care who they're playing. A record never has to be explained. As John Madden, sike, Bill Parcells once said, you are what your record says you are.
  3. If you're able... yes. The theme is to win, right? The only reason we're seeing p5s schedule other p5s in OOC is because it has been dictated to them to do so. Schedule winnables and then go try to win your conference.
  4. Meh. SOS is a matter of man made data points. Means nothing. NMSU pushed Auburn around like little bitches. A week later AU snatched defeat out of the mouth of victory vs Bama. Another week later Liberty smacks NMSU around again to the tune of 712 offensive yards. And there is varying examples of this spread out all through the country every year.
  5. I know. And I see what you're saying. All I'm saying is that we are in no postion to look down our noses at someone else's schedule. Especially given we have a common opponent with one of the weakest teams on their schedule and lost to them. Which ironically was a last minute schedule and left us sitting home this bowl season.
  6. What about it? Lol. We acting like we're in the SECW or Big10E. A team they beat by 5 tuddies beat us.
  7. Nah...12-1. At best. Lost to that vaunted FIU squad already.
  8. Dang, short thread. Good W. Dominating as it should have been. Next 4 games looks like a fun stretch. GMG
  9. Liberty U making things happen. They'll continue to be a staple in whatever poor man conference they are in until the ACC comes calling.
  10. Not that it's none of your damn budiness, but my daughter has been in and out again hospitalized since November 3rd. Sorry I didn't run to gmg to find you and glamor over beating 2 terrible football teams. The season was lost right when we lost to FIU.
  11. Why the phuck did UNT let that happen. Complete idiots.
  12. Got a triple single tonight. Stat sheet stuffer.
  13. Pace of play feels much faster, though I'm not sure what the analytics say. D isn't as fresh and therefore not as focused and clamped. Taking from Peter to give to Paul, and that's OK. Unlike with football, I actually trust this coaching staff to make sound and competent decisions.
  14. I think his runny nose from having to walk the other night is clouding his judgement.
  15. I'm not saying that. Read above. Also... we are UNT. Not a broken ass affiliate of UT.
  16. Same old shit. We're a basketball school. Quit burning so much money in football. Shift a good % to basketball and run with it. And I don't give a damn if we're in Texas. That clearly doesn't matter.
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