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  1. Hadn't seen that. pretty awesome that he is wearing the UNT golf shirt and that North Texas is mentioned in the article
  2. BTW Ulnears ended tied for 5th for 9k euros, and is now up to 8th on the order of merrit.
  3. The Challenge tour is having a second tournament right t the same place as the last one and it already started on tuesday. Ulnaers is taking advantage and playing well again, tied for third one shot behind after two Rounds. Rosenmueller missed the cut again. If Ulnaers can stay in the top 20 of the tours overall ranking he'll get privileges for the european tour next season. Currently he is 12th.
  4. Update: Ulnaers won this weeks challenge tour by 5 shots. This netted 32k euros ( a little under 40k dollar). That should get him an immediate upgrade so he can play at least on that tour this year. Cazaubon finished 10th on the PGA Latinoamerica this week. That didn't really move the needle much.
  5. C-USA Baseball and and Mens soccer are some of the primary reasons C-USA is better than the sun belt....and NT isn't part of it.
  6. With Munoz and Ortiz off this week, it may be a good moment to look at some of NTs other alumni again. First lets stay in the Americas, where -by my count- 3 NT alumni are teeing it up on the PGA Latinoamerica this week (third level of professional golf). That tour had many cancelled events because the VID is still strong in south America. Because of whether only half the players finished their 2nd round on friday. Rubio and Villasana will miss the cut, but Cazaubon is currently tied for 4th. Next lets go to Europe, and there is good news there on the second level of professional gol
  7. This one is crazy. I get why they put in the protocols and all, but whoever wins now has a giant asterisk on their win, because he was so far ahead. I mean , this is a highest level professional field, and in 54 holes only 4 guys managed to stay within 10 shots of him, and everybody was at lest 6 shots behind. Makes you wonder what could have been done with some flexibility and good will to allow him to profit of his almost certain win. I would think you could do the following: He has to play with surgical mask, having to play alone rather than in a duo on Sunday and having to carry his
  8. Its good for the conference overall, if its teams get this kind of titles and recognition. C-USA soccer (which includes some programs that have their football in the SEC) has been really serious for a while.
  9. Takes courage to admit that on here. Kudos
  10. 17 was really rough on a lot of players. Lots of double bogeys and worse between 15 and 18. In any case good start to the day, -3 for the round even overall at the turn. Probably a bit late to get to the top, but another good 27 holes and top ten is still absolutely possible.
  11. Ouch. Big loss for a team that I really saw as potentially ranked next season with her. Can be sad about the loss, without being angry, seeing as it is understandable and as she gave everything and more
  12. Great job so far by the Ladies Its a good thing somebody put this together. These players deserve this. Would have deserved a shot at the real thing even more. Clearly shows that it would have entierly been possible for NT to qualify had they been given a fair shot by the NCAA.
  13. This might come a bit too early for this new team. However if you want too have any shot at all at getting an at large, then this is the kind of tournament you gotta play. If you can get 2 wins against good teams that people know there, and then have a good conference regular season you might have a shot without winning the conference. But you definitely don't if you do not (get to) play this kind of tournament.
  14. SMU to the Big XII? We must be close to peak offseason
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