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  1. Ok I hadn't thought of that. Still probably a disadvantage for NT to have its by on the last day.
  2. There is indeed 0 advantage to having the by in the last round. Weird that this happens to the 1 seed. Also not good for making it interesting concerning the championship. For that, it might have been smartest to have number 2 at nmber 1 on the last evening, now it is way less likely to coming down to the wire. In fact, it could easily all be over after the third round. That can't be good for raising interest on tv. Way for C-USA to hose itself
  3. It surely is a loss. It is however a sign that things have improved on the admin side if NTs folks get offered promotions outside of the institution. Recruiting sure has improved a lot recently. Gotta reload the position now.
  4. I expect the team to look about like the 111th best team in the first half of the season, and a good deal better than that in the second half.
  5. Question: What are the chances that he tests the waters and in the end decides to stay at NT anyway?
  6. If I recall correctly it is not all cash, but a lot of "in kind". That is not necessarily all that attractive. That said, changing it only makes sense if there is a suitor that is willing to pay enough for it to be worth it to buy em out.
  7. Really hope Hambone can impress and end the streak. Would be really good for recruiting. I am optimistic it will work out for him. Its a real pity Mason can't go, because i am sure scouts would have been surprised at the numbers he would have put up. it is less important for the evaluation of a QB though, than for somebody who plays on the line (be it offense or defense)
  8. Glad this team has shown the right reaction to the Rice game. Winning in conference on the road is never easy. Looks like the second half of conference slate slow-down isn't happening this season 🙂
  9. Hmm. Somebody must hate this thread and just minus oned everyone. Probably somebody who just likes to troll (and possibly never posts).
  10. I don't blame Bussey. It is understandable from his persepective and I bet what happened behind the scene last season on offense was not positive and probably didn' help. This really hurts NT though, as he was outstanding. if this becomes a G5 pattern, it will be absolutely demoralizing to fans and the death of college football as we know it. But none of that is on Bussey. I do blame this new system that is transferring galore. That system in turn, is kind of the logic reaction to colleges and coaches having gone crazy with the money and putting lots of it on (poaching/leaving) coaches. Of course players who are there to learn- behave like mercenaries when the people and entities around them -that are supposed to be their teachers- do. Combine the previous point with the ever increasing financial rift between the top and bottom of FBS and the new system makes sense. It is getting closer to be a private economy kind of competition. That is a problem when the institutions involved are mostly publicly owned and financed entities with non-profit goals. The result is players don't need to feel the same loyalty they used to to the institutions, because neither coaches nor institutions are showing the same loyalty to them. And once you know your teammates might leave at any moment, why should you be the one to stick it out?
  11. I am not sure. But if he never enrolled then i think we might be able to get someone else.
  12. I think you have a point. In line with this, much of this probably has to do with the overall recruiting staff budget that is now available at NT. A big departure from 5 years ago. In terms of program long term success this may actually be more important than whether SL himself is a good salesman
  13. Not sure. Since he never enrolled, i think there is a chance. If on the other hand he does count against the limit. Ranking wise, if he counts against the scholarships I guess he also counts in the class rankings (stupid as that would be).
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