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  1. Seeing as he is bringing in new guys, I am starting to wonder: Is Ekeler staying?
  2. I am cautiously optimistic on this hire. Skladany was the oldest of NTs last three DCs and clearly the best one, so age is not all that meaningful in that regard. That said, I would assume that he will not be the carrying recruiting -traveling and social media all the time- and that this will have to be done by someone else. Still, I think it is reasonable to hope he will do better already with the talent that is here, and with where recruiting has gone in the past few seasons I would assume that NT simply is not that dependent anymore on the DC doing as much heavy lifting in recruiting.
  3. Wonder what that will do to coaches considering UT, but wondering what happens if they get fired. If they feel uncertain they would really get the buyout, might they be looking elsewhere for their next gig?
  4. Considering the clip at which UTEP is hitting, the fact that NT is still so close bodes well. UTEP will eventually regress to the mean and NT will overtake them at that point.
  5. Good series on both offense and defense. here. Taking first lead.
  6. As a DC i am fine with that. But he must never become the HC at NT. Notice how (rightfully) scared Marshall fans are of him becoming the HC
  7. He can do that. Is this the moment to mention that a lot of kids who go into the transfer portal do not really get FBS scholarships at other schools? A lot of attention is paid to the top players who use it, but not enough is talked about those for whom it does preciously little.
  8. I agree with this. The rumors about Clark and Napier turning it down might well be true. I think the circus every year about Malzahn -who was always at least competent and sometimes actually great- being on the hotseat made it look a lot less attractive even compared to other SEC gigs. If you think you are a hot coach, you may want to wait for a place where you get only a tiny bit less, but can build a little bit calmer and are not expected to beat Saban almost every year.
  9. I honestly wouldn't care if its 6th or 5th round, I just want someone to break that stupid streak.
  10. I am def not a blind WB fan. I think his contract making is akin on conflict of interest infringement. But he did improve the basketball program, and quite a number of other programs are also improved or keep being conference championship contenders. He just seems to not be very good at tackling failed coaches head on. Happened with benford. Happened with softball coach who kept running off players and already had a rep for player mistreatment. That said, I do not know if SL is a failed coach. What he definitely is however, is an overpaid one.
  11. He will be back. The primary reasons that is defensible are clear improvement in recruiting and that finances for a buyout are likely not available in a pandemic year that ate a lot of revenue. Given the influx of talent, if he can find a decent DC he might actually have a pretty good season at some point. Whether we are talking good enough to win any silverware is another discussion. The fact that it is so expensive however has a lot to do with making him the top paid coach in C-USA when he never won a trophy and then upping him when he still didn't win a trophy.
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