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  1. Dude... you can't mention this here. The Borg are essentially transfer (sorry gotta use the technical term here ) Quitter central. All the folks they have came from somewhere else. Surviving being assimilated by them is essentially saying its good to be a transfer quitter. Talking about transfer quitters will get people all reiled up here.
  2. Well this one at least should be obvious. Only one had the team management skills to allow a decade long trip from the outer edges of another sector of the galaxy to come home without the crew members going completely bonkers. Obvious.
  3. Feels annoyingly close to what actually happened.
  4. Aune standing there like a statue. That said nobody is open.
  5. Hmm. Either the QB makes a bad throw, or the WR doesn't bring it in. It seems like they never get it working both of them at the same time.
  6. So far the difference between this week and last week is that this week the defense has played just as unsuccessful as the offense.
  7. To me, part of WBs job is to find those funds. And it may take a moment (and maybe more bad play) for him to find enough big time donors to pull this off. Finding money is something he has been fairly successful at in my estimation. He may not be able to say it can or can't be done financially, because he does not know yet, but he may think he might still get them together. In that case I would not yet be communicating with the public either if i were him.
  8. I think you are wrong. Early in the season it is all about who the opponent is and you always got early season excitement (otherwise FCS opponents would draw 12 k). Later in the season however, many fans only come when the team is in the championship race (winning 6 will barely move the needle). Then however, they indeed do come. NTs sample size for that however is very small.
  9. Given the guesses almost everyone here should bet the Tech and the spread, NT only catches 11 these days. I was kind of planing on doing it. Then I remembered that that is not usually how it goes. Usually the most maximally frustrating thing will happen. Which may not be a blowout loss, but one just close enough for people to say NT is improving, yet full enough of idiocy to be completely demoralizing. Give me: 21-19 for LaTech. 4 FGs and one TD for NT, one of LaTechs scores is a pick-6. Just enough material for the official folks to not change anything. If you have been on this board for a few years, tell me how it could end any other way.
  10. It didn't last time, because everyone thought of markets. but it will from here on out, as alumni are "streaming potential" and markets matter much less in the cord cutting age. Look at who just made it to the Big12. Its 3 of the 4 biggest enrollment schools in the AAC. And yes I DO think that played. You can have some small private schools, but the Dukes,Vanderbilts and Wake Forrests of the world are there to round those conferences out, they are never building blocks.
  11. If LaTech completely cleans NTs clock, I assume WB will warm up his trigger finger, by increasing the speed with which he dials big donors numbers. It may take some more weeks (no point firing him before taking the L at Missouri), but I hold at least some hope he will eventually do it in that scenario, Ideally presenting an interim for the fans at the next home game. Honestly I think it is much more interesting if NT loses a close one to LaTech where the defense plays ok, and the offense shows just the tiniest most frustrating of progresses, and it ends something like 21-16 for Tech (yeah that assumes 1 TD and 3 FGs). For an added bonus of pain imagine that LaTech scores one of its touchdowns on a pick-6. I assume that this would keep WB in more of a holding pattern rather than starting to move on. Depending on where you stand on SL and his future at NT, that could actually be much more frustrating.
  12. Great analysis. Thanks for sharing. The lack of preparation visible here is an indictment on the offensive coaching staff, and probably speaks to Bloesch having a hard time handling both OL coaching duties and OC duties.
  13. Mark my words: even on defense he'll score more points the rest of this season than some of the WRs
  14. To my surprised, the line has moved down to -12. I am seriously considering betting LaTech now, expecting that by the midweek the sharks will have actually watched that NT UAB game, crunched the numbers and bet it up , so I can then bet NT +16 or so at the end of the week and have push insureance and make money if it actually falls in between without any risk. If they do not bet it up, i will probably feel comfortable just holding on to LaTech -12
  15. Mostly to show potential suitor conferences that NT is serious about football success, and does not accept this kind of failure now or in the future. Also to show fans and donors, that a reason for hope is coming and it is ok to stay invested.
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