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  1. I don't think it will be students who lead this. It will come from politics. Maybe not in states like Texas, Louisiana or similar, but northeast and west coast states etc may well start putting limits, especially if student loans stop being as unforfeitable as they are. I mean can't you imagine that California institutes maximum salaries as a multiple of the minimum salary (i.e. no university employee should make more than 20 (or some other arbitrary number) times what the least paid full time employee makes)? Not sure whether it would lead to where they want to go, but I sure can imagine them trying.
  2. Let me guess. its the "angst" right there in his name, that always makes you think of what will happen to Mason Fine next
  3. 1. The ranking was neither very good (even before this win I would never have dreamt anybody could have Frank Wilson ahead of SL. Even though I think SL might be overpaid, he isn't nearly as overpaid as Wilson), nor presecient (Lovie Smith was 120th). I wonder however if he will indeed be able to keep the improved recruiting up though. I mean it seems NT put more resources into recruiting and that is part of what pays off. But at the same time, this let-down season cannot be good for recruiting plus NT had just started to be able to beat SMU sometimes on the trail. That latter part isn't gonna happen anymore with how this season is going at both schools.
  4. Our defense is -as almost always this season- better than our offense. Charlotte isn't very good. NT 23- Charlotte 17
  5. Its been a problem for several seasons now. it is evident that the coaching staff has no good organization that makes sure these situations are quickly recognized and communicated for to the head coach. There is either noone responsible for this, or the personwho is is either incompetent, or not afforded enough access to the HCs communication.
  6. I don't think it means much one way or the other. We have yet to actually see lots of quality G5 players transferring to P5 just to iprove their draft chances. it may start next season, but I am not sure. Also it could be mentally tough to be down with the team when you can do little to help by your own standards.
  7. It wasn't a great win, but the kind this team needs if they want to go bowling.
  8. I don't get that. The defense had won it. The offense gave it right back.
  9. Arggh. trying hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory
  10. I saw it once. Way to late when it was more of a hail mary than about him correcting a wrong decision.
  11. Ogunmankin with a career average of about 20 yards
  12. This would have been a good moment for SL to challenge. How is it that he never does when it counts? It is as if there is nobody capable that is responsible for giving him that info.
  13. How is there no review of this????? You can clearly see it on TV! arrrgggghhhh
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