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  1. Rice had some mistakes that I would attribute to it being their first game and it cost them. But I expect them to turn most of those off by the time NT plays em. NT should win, but it will not be easy.
  2. WKU beating Chattanagoa (in their only game this fall) by the skin of their teeth (13-10), and frankly only thanks to some fairly questionable home cooking.
  3. wow. That is a pretty decent salary raise in the middle of a pandemic (that said he was pretty cheap his first year). I guess this is ok since it goes to someone who has definitely done something to earn it.
  4. Well, we'll have to agree to disagree here. i just rewatched the replay of that in that gameday plus video, and the defender who tackles him makes at least 6 or 7 steps without anyone between them (fully visible) and he never looks. The guy has even time to redirect after not falling for the run option. To me that is simply a lack of awareness.
  5. I agree with everyone else. Deserved. WB has a pretty good record when hiring new head coaches. He sometimes hangs on too long when it doesn't work, but the new hires have mostly been decent to sometimes even stellar. Other than maybe football and womens basketball, there has been almost no sport of late where NT hasn't been in the top third of the conference in the last two years. Delong is an example of that.
  6. Wow. IIRC Just three years ago this team was the dregs of D1! I remember seeing a tournament result where they were like 30 shots behind the second to last team in a mediocre field. This has gone super quick and speaks volumes to the coaches.
  7. I Guess they will end up 6th in a field that included 8 teams that ended last season ranked, 5 of which were in the top 10. I'd say even though they couldn't quite repeat day one, they still executed pretty well on the home advantage.
  8. Given the level of competition, that is nothing short of a stellar first day for both Marzilio and the team as a whole.
  9. Sorry. But that fumble was very much on him. Yes the defender shouldn't be free like that, but does not mean it is ok if that becomes a fumble. That fumble was no freak accident where the defender got lucky to poke it out. The defender was not invisible or covered up until the last second. With a bit of awareness Aune oughta be tucking that ball. Aune was blindly scanning one side downfield, showing a lack awareness and not taking care of the ball.
  10. Given that C-USA put its championship game two weeks further back, one might also add a game later on in the season.
  11. Nothing changed with yesterday. SL is still a decent middle of the road C-USA coach who is unfortunately paid as if he were the potentially best C-USA coach, the kind of coach who is continuously contending for the championship and winning some of them. which he has not managed. NT could do worse than SL. But it could definitely also get the same production for considerably less moolah. This last fact needs to be appropriately factored the next time WB goes into contract extension talks both in terms of base salary and in terms of buyout (both directions there)
  12. Neither of these teams is great. But it sure feels better to come away with the W than lose this kind of game. And had it not been for the first quarter, this would have been an outright blowout. There is also a chance the coaches learned some things about the team on both sides of the ball that they will hopefully apply the rest of the season.
  13. That was Beans first ill-advised pass tonight. Luckily noone managed to pick that off.
  14. Time to get a methodical drive that kills some clock and also puts some more points on the board.
  15. Its just Beans (and Dardens) day
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