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  1. This. There are many things not quite right with the timing, but I doubt it is high on the players minds. If a coach announced his leaving, that would be different, but the AD is not somebody they talk to every other day and it is not gonna impact them immediately. It may impact the decision on their coach, but how is anybodies guess and the coaches future was already under discussion, with or without Baker at NT so it doesn't really change anything for the players during this week. If somebody IS distracted it might be more the coaches themselves than the players. But it is still in the coaches best interest to push this out of their minds and fully focus on the game, and I am sure they know it. Whether or not they (get to) stay, a decent result on Friday will always improve their situation over getting pantsed. And again, speculation was around even before Baker left.
  2. By your logic Wren is about to take Seth with him to West VIrginia.
  3. There may or may not be truth to that rumor I cannot tell. And I don't know how you would. But if it is the case, that too would be partially on WB. He had 6 years to change the situation, broaden the donor base so he is not overly dependent on any individual donor etc. Its actually an important part of his job.
  4. its not even that big of a raise, seeing as NT already paid him 800k. If WVU is willing to pay for him, I doubt they would have balked at letting him come in a week later. Unless they want him to fire Brown that is, then they would be in a hurry. Then again, why wait for the new AD to do that if you can do it before.
  5. Not sure. If I am the new AD and I am coming in from the outside, i would probably want to hire my own guy, that i get credit for if it works out, and if it doesn't at least i went down with my own guy and my own judgment. If its someone from the inside then yeah, thats another story.
  6. Its not unlikely he'll come after grant eventually. His leaving reduces the buyout. Its why those clauses in those contracts should never have been allowed by the board, they constitute a major conflict of interest. Because of those clauses he could actually undo a lot of the good he did fairly easily.
  7. I will say it: i am angry at WB. Its not that he leaves -people have a right to move up in the world and in many ways he did well- its the timing. Its the most selfish timing possible. He never hired a football coach, and he is actively avoiding having to take a decision on it . Its fleeing the responsibility and its a cowards move. He leaves the difficult part to the next guy. The right thing would have been to fire the coach and then move on, even if it means you have to wait a week to do so. Moreover it means that if NT actually wins on Friday, and SL moves on to another program who is willing to pay for that, the buyout is even lower because there is clause for Wren baker leaving in SLs contract. I
  8. You say that and I think that is a reasonable way to see it. However one could also say that things were improving and trending in the right direction. More importantly, that team still beat NT. By 31 points. That happened. And it is as much part of the season as NTs 5-3 conference record.
  9. When you say ATM, are you referring to the money dispensing machine (automatic teller machine)? Because i think he did get good money.
  10. I am still looking for Trent Dilfer on this list. Experts do not always know
  11. Dilfer. Seems that is likely to go in one extreme direction or the other, with little in between. NT fans might have their misgivings about hiring ballyhooed high school coaches, but it doesn't have to go wrong for everyone.
  12. UNLV fired its coach yesterday. AD cited "not meeting our raised expectations" as the reason.
  13. I read the title on worry about fire power. My first thought was that this was a topic occupied with whether NT had enough power to fire its coach.
  14. I am ready to move on if he doesn't win a trophy this year, but I am ok with him getting these bonuses. When you make those contracts you cannot plan for how these achievements look in all circumstances, including the fact that you get to the conference championship looking this mediocre and being 7-5. Despite it being impossible to plan for that, it is still the right move to have a significant portion of the salary as incentives rather than base salary. In fact, i think SLs incentives are too small and the base salary too high.
  15. Very logical hire for GTech. Not gonna be easy for Tulane to replace that. also, kind of ugly that this is coming out already before the conference championship game that Tulane will host.
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