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  1. At least some mean green sports connections in action to pass the time. Was a great first round by Munoz. Start to second round is also decent. Ortiz is fighting to make the cut.
  2. Notice how everybody who suggests a new conference makeup has it so that his preferred school is geographically almost perfectly in the middle. However, eevery conference also has to have a few members who are not in the center, even if the edges might not have to be as far away as in C-USA. UTEP will be left out when things reform next time. Not a single thing that happened in that athletic department is better now than 10 years ago. That is likely to leave NT as the western edge in whatever new conference may or may not come about. C-USA as it is has drawbacks for NT, primarily lack of identity. But unlike for many other C-USA members, the geography of C-USA was a big improvement for NT over what came before.
  3. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.17.20069716v3 I have no position on whether stay at home orders are the right decision or not. But I do say mental health trouble related to confinement was predictable from the start and politicians and virologists underestimated it; or rather they completely failed to think of it or think of it costing lives.
  4. In unrelated news, soccer in Germany (without spectators) is coming back .... next Saturday. That seemed unlikely to happen before mid june just three weeks ago. Then again, who knows if Germany is gonna get a backlash. The lesson to me: no point in trying to plan 4 months ahead right now. If all of this leads to colleges stopping to schedule opponents 15 years in advance and look at this more short term, then i actually think that might be a good thing. Also: if one state cancels all games but the guarantee game opponents State does not, get ready for a fight about whether and who has to pay cancellation fees for those contracts, with both schools and local governments getting sued.
  5. Sure most ADs do. Big time programs can survive off the TV revenue alone. On the other hand, even if their attendance is back to normal programs like SMU and UTSA will have no problem implementing social distancing in their stadium 😁
  6. Makes you wonder whether normal cats can get it. Doubt anybody really properly looked into that so far.
  7. Points 2 and 3 are the ones I am reaaaally worried about. I definitely think the virus is bad. but as a neuropsychologist I am also veeery worried about the disaster that is this isolation experiment on populations who are psychologically at risk. As researchers we could probably never get a scientific experiment that is keeping folks alone at home for weeks past an ethical review board. The literature simply points to that being too harmful to peoples mental health, which eventually will express in heavily reduced life expectancy. In fact i started reading the scientific literature on the topic and am considering putting together a paper on the serious long term effects an important number of which are not easily reversable at all. however just telling people positive things is not gonna do it if it isn't true. That is not how folks work. If they realize that you are just positive to be positive nothing you say will be taken serious anymore. In fact I myself would be so much less anxious if only I felt the authorities were properly understanding and worried about what long term damage they are doing to folks mental health. On a personal note: I recently started studying optimism and how it relates to brain structure. I am about to get a paper on it past the reviewers. So I know about its benefits (and drawbacks). But ironically right now I find myself not being able to stand those who want to be optimistic all the time. Cognitively I get their need to be optimstic, to protect their sanity, but emotionally I just want to hit em because it feels as if they didn't grasp the size of the task.
  8. Sad to say, this may just as likely be all about testing and phillipine government not really putting out the real numbers one one hand, the lockdown being extremely severe on the other (Duterte essentially: You violate the lockdown, police has the right to shoot you), and finally the population being considerably younger on average.
  9. Yeah, but looks like the difference is more like from12 to 9 days. As i said, -if it holds- that is obviously worthy of approval, but it will only solve a small part of the problem. If there is really hope in current medical news, to me it primarily comes from the immune tests that are about to come online. That won't solve the problem quickly, but it will at least be very helpful at understanding the problem and where things are at, but more importantly it will really help fighting development of any second waves.
  10. This will likely get approved because it is likely to truely be more efficient than a placebo. But likely not much more. Also: Be careful reading about what they don't say in the news article (but becomes clear from the actual science paper). As in that there is no comparison as pharma research would usually do. They compare it to a chinese sample that got completely different care. Also if you are assuming that only 2% of people die from it, they don't really show less death on that sample size, their primary result is that they possibly get people out 2-3 days earlier from the hospital. That is worthy of approval if it holds up. But it only serves a small margin of the overall problem
  11. I don't know if this will end well for Plano. Experience with NT football tells me one should stay far away from hiring any HC whose first name is Todd and whose Family name is that of a car.
  12. You have my (and I am sure everyone elses) sympathy. Thanks to your son and DIL, and also to their children, who are also bearing a part of that sacrifice.
  13. How much do I believe the USA are still underestimating this and therefore not taking the right measures? I just put a lot of money into inverse index ETFs today. If I turn out to be wrong, I will be happy for everyone elses earnings and health (and that will be good for my own job security and earnings). But I am afraid I am indeed gonna make good money betting against the economy, because it is so related to US health system and politics right now.
  14. All of what you say is correct. And yet it makes me so sad for all those who will never properly get to experience the real social part of college.
  15. By now two people at my wife's firm have also been tested positive. And at my place of work one person with whom one of my bosses was in meetings last week.
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