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  1. I realize, that most of us know that Munoz and Ortiz are succesful on the PGA tour. However I tried to look up who else is currently out there trying to make a go of it. I Found quite a few from the last few years, but am sure I am missing more. Currently I count at least three alumni who have profiles on the PGA Latinoamerica tour, where Cazaubon is currently 27th on points, Gonzalo Rubio is 55th and Villasano also has a profile. For those who forgot, Cazaubon actually managed to qualify for the last Olympics. Doesn't look like he will be able to repeat this as too many Mexicans hav
  2. Good for him. There are numerous leagues where you can play basketball for a decent living. His legacy at NT is firm
  3. I am all for it and even hope they are right and will see Adams kick Beards butt regularly
  4. Should at least consider it. Even if you take the NT connections out, his cv would say that he would be a good hire. But I doubt it. Wren seems to be more drawn to younger coaches whomade the jump, but are not too long into their first HC job.
  5. Awesome. And NTs CUSA preseason poll ranking has just shot up a spot or two
  6. Don't know if he is gonna get a fair shot in the NBA. But if not, then there definitely is a good living ready for him in Europe. Can't get mad at folks cashing in on their talent and hard work. And he had and did both in the service of NT.
  7. I don't like this. because it is likely to be a great hire for UTSA.
  8. Good for Bean. I could imagine that with another OC, maybe it works out for him. And KU it seems is perpetually looking for that Kid. Also, because KU probably does not have enough other weapons/the right kind of line to compete in the BigXII while sitting back and looking for a target, it just might be very ok with their staff if he runs the ball 15 times a game.
  9. Earned it. No problem with him getting that. Advertisement from the run is worth muuuuch more
  10. A pretty decent preview on SB nation. Quite a bit of flowers for NT https://www.vuhoops.com/2021/3/20/22342393/ncaa-tournament-5-villanova-wildcats-vs-13-north-texas-mean-green-preview I'd love to see some more in depth previews from neutral perspectives. I think overall many folks are coming around to the thought that NTs playing style may not be ideal to make sure you can beat teams worse than yourself on a nightly basis, but it sure is an asset when trying to even the scales against teams who are supposedly more talented and NT is capable of executing extremely well.
  11. Historic!!!! Should coach Macs Statue be life size or bigger than life?
  12. What a start to OT. Bell all the way and Simmons starting to turn it around too. Coach had them adapt on D too.
  13. Not Simmons best game today. But somehow I still trust he can turn it around in the remaining time
  14. Hamlet taking over! Defnse better again
  15. Offense still ok. Drez doing great. Defensive side needs to be regrouped a little though
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