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  1. I fear that it might indeed be the case that SL used neither the redshirt rule nor the transfer portal to his maximum advantage. That is not a good sign as to his capacity to adjust to new rule developments in terms of off-the field stuff. The combination is particularly troublesome, because with both rules combined, if you don't redshirt players during their freshman ear, you essentially got potential free agents on the team later on as they can start the season and decide to transfer out without penalty. If they redshirted already, there is a penalty.
  2. I hope they do it. I was afraid that their firing of Wilson would spell trouble for NT. If it is Nutt then I am not very afraid. There is a reason he has treid to get a CFB head job for a decade without getting one. Much more afraid of where Rice is going next year. Their coach has chosen the slow build and it looks like it might not be a build to nothing.
  3. He might indeed be a decent DC. On the other hand NT just got done paying the man.
  4. Watching Fine play I had the feeling there ere chemistry problems between him and Reeder all season. If it is true that Reeder was not calling plays since Houston, then SL probably also had issues with Reeder that he didn't publicise, but that clearly affected the quality. I do however wonder who was calling plays then, because SL doing it from the side-line would have been a recipe for disaster and I am sure SL would have known that too. In any case, SL will be under a microscope by the fanbase for the forseeable future. How he does this season in recruiting will be very important. If he can't hold on to most of the class, then last season was a blip of an uptick. If he can, this means he may indeed be building long-term success. But then he will have to follow it up next season with at least some improvement. It will be tough, because the offense is bringing back less than it this season.
  5. Hope you are right. Not sure you are though. Can't get the bad snaps out of my head. That is on th OL coach too and sure seems more like lack of technique teaching than lack of talent or size to me.
  6. Harrell will either be a HC next season, or he will still be the OC at USC, or he will be making a lot more money as an OC than SL is as a head coach, because USC will pay handsomely to keep him, and they would have to outbid em. I doubt he is interviewing at UNLV for any other reason than to increase his salary.
  7. It was forseeable. I am sad about this though. He recruited okish. If they get someone who can actually coach em up, they might well beat NT next season.
  8. fairly afraid for Siggers there. That could be a lengthy injury.
  9. Defense got another stop. Masons chance to go with a winning drive
  10. Why WHY?!!!! Why are we calling slow developing routes all the time, when we don't have the Oline for it.
  11. Defense has really taken advantage of its chances in this game. Got trouble with the run, but got some stops. If the offense hadn't wasted its extra possessions and given up points, NT would already be ahead, possibly more than 7. But I want to believe that Mason will pull this out in the end. He would deserve to go out with a good feeling.
  12. 3 passes is one thing if they were quick slants, but three home run passes
  13. Ouch. Mason was having himself a drive, with great rope passes, but then a 4thdown pick six desperation throw.
  14. Defense trying to bail em out, got a quick stop to UABs drive.
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