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  1. If attendance is more than 22k, then NT is moving way forward from where it was and even now this is not a given I think. An opening game versus an FCS oponent, even a known one, would not have gotten that in the past. But since it appears the weather will be good and trust in the program is at an all time high, this may indeed happen. I'd be very surprised though if it reached 25k or more, which really would be a major sign of NT taking a big leap forward as a program if they can combine that momentum with a few wins in the early games. If there were 2 sellouts in one season for example, I imagine that would reaaaally drive home the message to fans that it is worth investing in season tickets, which in turn drives long term prosperity of the program.
  2. An extension is ok, maybe even necessary so other coaches cannot recruit against him and the coach has shown competnecy. I hope however that it is an extension at the same conditions and no raise, as he already earns as if he were competing for C-USA championship and NCAA berths every season and in fact is a level he has yet to prove he will reach.
  3. This needs to work out quickly for Dykes. He is building himself quite the scholarship hell for the two to three seasons down the road and if the results aren't really nice by then SMU will be a full on rebuild. Makes you wonder if he plans to be there long. In any case, once the backend of this becomes problematic look for NT to be better than SMU for three to four seasons in a row. If NT also wins 2019 and 2020 before this even hits, then I don't think it is a given that the annual series would survive NT going 3 games in a row, especially if SMU also looks at their roster and only sees like 60 schollie players.
  4. If NT played Tech this season, he'd have NT ahead of both Houston and SMU. The guy barely pays attention to the big 12 teams not named tech, and definitely not to the others.
  5. Looking at those numbers across the years, one gets the feeling that there is close to zero consistency as to the mehtods with which NT (and most likely also all the other schools) reports this across the years.
  6. Maybe. I will believe it when C-USA teams tear it up in OOC play. Otherwise this is just typical preseason propaganda. That said I don't blame coach doc for saying it... i mean what else could he say that doesn't hurt him.
  7. This page is great and nicely searchable. Especially in donor contributions the money likely gets shifted around weirdly in fits of financial "making the numbers fit". I am almost sure this is not an apples to apples comparisson from year to year nor between how institutions report. Either that or people radically change their spending behavior from one year to the next, in which case that would explain why NT had almost 4 million on year and only 1 million a few years later. You guys can decide yourselves whether or not this really correlates with on field success.Pictured are not total revenues like it says, but actually only donor contributions.
  8. more like a 25% raise. And no there is no upside. upside is if you (might) get something in return for your investment. That is not the case. Its a bad negotiation job and staying pat would have been preferable. It is the ADs job to think of both what happens if there is success and what if there isn't. This contract fails on both accounts, which means exactly that there is no upside to it. SL was gonna be motivated at 1.4 million also. I am convinced that even if SL got no raise, he would not leave in anger, nor would he let the team down with sub-par effort. And this raise is not gonna keep him from leaving if the right program comes calling either. Most importantly there is no significant real financial benefit to the university if he leaves, however if things go wrong the university is on the hook for significantly more. Imagine (god forbid) Mason gets hurt early in the season, something other unfortunate injury or similar happens, and SL goes 6-6 and loses the bowl game (again). NT would be paying 1.8 million for a coach who'd never won a bowl game. That is a real risk that needs to be outweighed by benefits of the also very real proabability that SL is succesful and leaves this year. Problem is that this is not the case as NT doesn't really get anything if SL is succesful this year and leaves, it would really only get back about what it handed him already.
  9. This is a bad contract for NT. NT gets more if he leaves, but that more essentially only covers the amount NT pays more now. So NT carries all the risks of paying more without getting anything in return. There is simply no upside to this contract. None. Would have been better off letting it run as it was and spending this money on the assistants so we can keep more of them.
  10. I think they will pick it back up. There is just no point in avoiding NT in womens basketball for SMU. It is a cheap trip and has better attendance than most programs, and really there cannot be much of a reputation reason in womens basketball.
  11. This was hard for me. SMU is a must win, but between beatng CAl and Houston I don't really know. I guess I went with Houston, because more NT fans will get to see it live.
  12. A Coach who analyzed what went wrong, is honest and open in what his decisions role in that regard were, and who then adjusts his approach accordingly. Rather than stubbornly doing the same thing until it yields similar results. I like it. Lets hope it works for him, because the end of conference season let-downs were getting tiresome quickly.
  13. I have a lot of ideas, but the only thing I really know is that the AAC really has no need to hurry with this decision. I assume that they can tell UConn that they can keep their football program in the conference for a year or two, similar to what the belt did with Idaho and NMstate. Then they could replace them with a better option or just go unbalanced.
  14. Overall I feel like this is an opportunity to get better cohesiveness for the AAC, but depending on how it shakes out also for C-USA , maybe even some sort of identity. And lack of Identity of C-USA is why the sunbelt, despite individually less interesting schools is kind of bypassing C-USA. If the folks in the AAC and even more in C-USA learn from this they will not be going after markets, but rather after a team that fits geographically and culturally. The AAC for example has some big schools but then a whole number of really small privates (yes you got that right, I say the AAC has small privates!). SMU, Tulsa, Tulane are all kind of probelmatic parts to the conference which is much more carried by the Houstons UCF and USFs, i.e. the big public schools. UConn leaving also changes the equilibrium in that regard. If I were the AAC I would definitely want somebody who is already in the geographical footprint. But if you are asking me, I think southern Miss and La Tech are in pole position, as they are already in the geographical footprint, and are small privates like a decent chunk of the conference, and even have some history. Unless all the other members realize that the small private schools are not suceeding at adding anything, in which case NT, FIU and Georgia State are probably in pole position. Or Army as a football only member, because army is special. And if Someone from C-USA jumps, C-USA should actually kick somebody to reduce the footprint and increase cohesion, or it needs to add someone who makes more geographical sense (I.e. a troy, ark state, a Georgia school). All of this also has me wondering whether C-USA should (or maybe actually shouldn't) consider adding UConn as a football only member.
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