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  1. Well, if you go to http://www.bracketmatrix.com/ you will see that currently about 1 in ten brackets has NT in, same for SMU actually. So ESPN is just one more people look at, but it isn't really all that much more accurate than anybody else in this matrix. People are not fully underestimating NT, they are however often not looking much further than NET ranking etc . Maybe they are also simply giving UAB -which is having a great season so far- its due. Win tomorrow, and you will see NT on a lot of brackets. Its a top 50 matchup in terms of NET ranking, which is just awesome for the conference (and should also make the AAC giddy to get these two programs)
  2. Yeah in terms of pro opportunities for womens soccer, the US has pretty much stagnated in the last decade, while Europe has taken massive leaps the last five years with more and more pro positions opening up in more and more leagues because UEFA and mens clubs have started putting some actual money there , which is surprisingly enough true not only for the top leagues. Womens champions league participation pays more today than winning the whole thing did 10 years ago. The US colleges are however still an awesome place for development before going pro, so I assume you will see more and more girls succesfully make the trek to Europe to play pro. Iceland may be one of the more exotic places to go, but i predict you will see ladies going everywhere from Spain to Czech republic and from Norway to Italy.
  3. This team could indeed be high on the wins with good QB play. That however is also the problem. I still see no more indication that QB play will be good than when NT was 1-6 this season.
  4. There is one big porject that needs to be ahead of infrastrucutre etc. It is making sure -with wht is possible within the rules - that NT is up there among its peers or better in the NIL game
  5. Nice. Good to see some of the girls going pro
  6. Wouldn't see it that negatively: both got to start! They may have lost the job, but any QB who has the confidence necessary to be any good will believe that if he gets the chance to start, he will not lose the job. Would be much worse had they never gotten a chance. I feel that some of the HS recruited Qbs never getting snaps and looks is likely much more of a long term problem when recruiting those.
  7. That would be embarrassing for the player, but also for the program that doesn't manage that better.
  8. Would "I don't like the coaching staff" qualify as a "personal reason"?
  9. when looking at the overall record of SL the UTSA win seems like an abberation. The only win over a team that was actually good in that season. The fifth loss in a bowl game likely again by about double digit points seems more in line with what has happened the last 3 seasons. The question was whether that win was a sign of having figured it out, or a one-off. Looks like a one-off.
  10. Sometimes it is really hard to believe that there is really not supposed to be something better in that QB room than AA. Rodriguez having the game of the season. Sadly nobody else is, particularly on offense.
  11. All those bowls were winnable. The opponent was never Clemson, Bama or Georgia, but teams that oughta be in NTs reach. NT just was below what this program can and oughta be.
  12. I am concerned that in neither case it says WHY they are missing. That is either bad journalism or the reason is something that is a bad look for the program/coach and they wouldn't tell. If it is just injury/Covid getting an agent, no reason not to say so. I generally expect the worst in such situations and do not believe in benefit of the doubt for the coaches.
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