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  1. Because the whole recruiting game is tiring and pretending you like all those 18 year olds and then having to derecruit them and their families is not for everyone. Some people just want to just coach ball and get paid millions for it without having to deal with all that administration.
  2. finished day 2 tied for 19th at -2. Playing today with Dustin Johnson.
  3. Thanks for the pod. Also: cool that I can find you on google podcasts. p.s: no need to put yourself on itunes anymore, since apple announced just yesterday that they will be closing down itunes.
  4. 1. NTs class is comng along really early. SMU for example has 0 commits yet. Tech and Baylor are also not yet very far in their classes. Are they gonna be more or less likely to be able to poach from NT this season? 2. Given how early the class is coming in so far: is the goal to wrap up early and circle the wagons so you can focs on things other than recruiting, or are coaches about to become really aggressive in trying to sign high 3 stars and maybe even a low 4 star?
  5. Wow, this class is coming together eeeeeaaaarly! Some of the others are gonna catch up, particularly if there were to be a lot of Littrell leaving talk before early signing day. That said, so far NT is way ahead of everyone else right now, ranked 30 nationally on 247. That is 10 spots ahead of the next non-power conference team (Cincy). SMU to name a random example, has yet to announce a single commit (I guess they are going to stealth recruit this season). The fact that only 3 non power conference teams are in the top 50 also says a lot (in more than one way).
  6. Luckily there is less (not necessarily none though) recruiting going on at the high school level. I wonder if the punishment to have to go back to the high school ranks is accurate, and likelyit is not. But I can kind of live with it, as I am sure he feels the loss of renome acutely. Still I would seriously hope that Mt. Vernon keeps a very attentive eye on its football programs (read not just the players) demeanor off the field at all times. That said, if I were on the board at a high school, I probably would have said let some other school take that man on. Even if he is succesful on thefield, hiring him is not a message I would want to have to explain to the Moms and girls and media in my school district.
  7. I am worried about that too to some degree, although I have to say that last seasons recruiting class has reduced that worry at least a little bit.
  8. Half a million more for the overall staff? In that case I sure hope that NT got a significantly improved buyout (if he buys out that is).
  9. I did see some of those winter classics. But I wonder: how many of them were in Texas? I don't think there was even a single one anywhere close to the south before. This is a big experiment on the NHLs part
  10. In this (suuper early) mock draft, he is put at 251 to the patriots. Not fully sure what to make of it though, as they have him listed as a WR.
  11. I don't exactly know what your job situation is, but I assume that you would be the one who would know.
  12. Context IS important. Yes getting out from under Benford is a task, but then again, building in basketball is not like in football, it goes much quicker. And it is also part of the context that McCasland was a financial investment unlike any basketball coach at NT before and is getting paid as if he already were having a regular top 100 RPI/NET index team. In order to justify his high salary he will have to get there soon or he will start feeling more pressure on his position. That, said he could well still get there, as there were some mitigating circumstances. But it is not worth putting more focus on those than on the patterns of late-season problems, the latter would be a somewhat dangerous overly optimistic bias.
  13. Sadly enough it appears he did not develop as the team needed him to. I guess that is part on the coaches, part on the player. So far MacCaslands capacity in player evaluation before they hit the campus seems not to be equal to his tactical and motivational acumen.
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