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  1. Last year the buyout def did not go up enough compared to the raise. given the collapse to seasons end, I get an extension, but I only get a raise if the buyout properly increases. Also: his contract needs to finally be disassociated from the president and ADs presence. That last part sure feels like a conflict of interest problem.
  2. I loved BeIN when they were on TV sets, as they always treated CUSA with respect and put out a decent product. However, with the current situation to where they are being carried, extending is simply not an option, this needs to stop now until they figure their side out. Better to put those games on Facebook, Stadium, CBSsports if possible or if we need to go the route of evil: ESPN+
  3. So You are saying he will get hired by Texas Southern next? Whats your beef with Southern?
  4. Hmmm. Somebody went on a veritable -1 spree in this thread. The Russian bots who sow division evidently love them some Tony.
  5. And depending on how things start shaking out in the near future, he may still not take that team to the post season.
  6. Can't believe they didn't give Ejiya an invite given his production and measurables. I think he's a turned some heads.
  7. Gosh I am sure the scare you put into me was intentional. I thought you were titling about the AD.
  8. He needs to keep his options open, depending on the level of candidate he is looking into, so he is not hamstrung in negotiations. If talking to someone with a higher profile, that person will want to (and should be capable enough) to call plays. A less experienced OC however, it may be the better option for SL to call plays himself.
  9. This means he must have full trust that Reffet can keep the defense on track / improve it with less oversight. Makes me wonder how involved Reffett was in deciding on Jennings as the new DBs coach.
  10. Hmm... there I thought that was the exact admissions checklist for SMU. Well I guess both can have the same approach.
  11. Refs were bad. Real bad. In the second half they however were not uniformly bad against NT (I am sure Rice fans also have some gripes now). NT also clearly got better and Rice had trouble without its primary ball handlers.
  12. And obviously my ESPN+ goes down with 40 secs to go.
  13. And they are almost all going the same direction. Yep.
  14. NT isn't playing well. But seriously getting hosed here by the refs.
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