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  1. outoftown

    Red Shirts

    That is quite a bit. Good for the future.
  2. outoftown

    Cade Pearson

    I think both young guns showed that can throw accurately, but both also showed that they don't always have the timing and all of the vision yet. I liked Martin a tiny bit better because he seemed more poised, but I'd say it will be a healthy competition that both can win. Not sure where Pearson is on that totem pole. With yet another talented QB coming in who also will be given a shot, and then likely another one in the class after that, he may have to transfer or move position. There may simply be to many numbers in the QB room and there will be talent even after MF leaves and one has to wonder how many QBs you want to have on scholarship. Yesterday I would have gladly traded a QB spot for another OL recruit with a chance at developing.
  3. outoftown

    Is CUSA the weakest conference in Football?

    Yeah, I liked her initially, but I am starting to come around on the commish. I like the basketball scheduling move and even think the new TV contract was pretty okish and thought through (but unlucky given the beIN falling out with Networks disaster). But for football this conference needs some grander and bolder vision, potentially complete reorganization, somebody who is willing to fight the P5 NCAA organization tooth and nail. I usually like pragmatisim, but I think when it comes to that, pragmatism will get C-USA nowhere. I am starting to think that kind of vision and fight will not come from her.
  4. outoftown

    Is CUSA the weakest conference in Football?

    Funny, when C-USA has parity, people say it signals weakness. Talk about measuring with two different measuring sticks.
  5. outoftown

    Guyton a grad transfer?

    Seriously I think the vitriol toward Guyton is mostly misplaced. Yes he has more drops than he should, but seriously, during the Mac era he would still have been NTs number one WR. By a mile. I can't help but think that expectations are simply out of whack with some here. I can only imagine that it stems from the start of last season when he was electric. Seems many expected that to hold on and even improve instead he regressed a bit to good instead of great FBS WR starter (If you think the average starter is better than that, then you are simply spoiled). That is still good. It would still be a loss if he were to leave. He is way above average when he has the ball, he has speed, he just ought to be better at holding on to it. He still has 54 catches. He averages 15 yards when does have the ball. That is a LOT. Some seem to take it for granted that this can easily be replaced. But If I watch Young i see the same drops, Lawrence doesn't have the same speed or size, Darden does at least not have the same size, and had a lower workload, plus he already is a starter so NT'd need somebody else for those deep routes.
  6. outoftown

    Our players were not game day ready!

    They were not ready. Doubt NT would have won had they been ready, but we don't know for sure as they were woefully not ready. Hard not to wonder what the whole coaching dalliance with other schools did to both the coaches preparation and the players heads. Finals week probably also did not help (I don't know when USU has theirs, may also have been this week).
  7. At this point what I am most excited about in the 2018 class is not the fancy LBs and skill players. Its 3 3* OLinemen. May take a moment for them all to get on the field, but I feel like that kind of recruiting is what NT really needs to get better long term. With the quality of the OLine today one has to wonder whether one of them might not force the staff to play him right away
  8. Snapping over the head 3 to 4 times, snapping low another 2-3 is picture book beating yourself. 4 Turnovers is beating yourself.
  9. Sad to see Shanbour go out like this. But he is pressing. When a veteran QB is pressing like that you gotta move to the younger kids to get em a chance to learn.
  10. Some are saying NT is missing Bussey. Sure. Missing Fine even more. But all of that is really less important than the horrible OLine with the center seeming to have smoked something before the game and our LT just outclassed constantly. Young QBs doing okish, need help, not getting any whatsoever. That plus the D having trouble with tempo/power/altitude/blocking. But the D also keeps getting put into short fields and short breaks. At this point I don't care anymore if the backup center is a walk-on. Mose is simply not in his right mind and needs to be taken out.
  11. Held on too long to the ball, lack of awareness, fumble was the logical result. Before that Martin was looking very good.
  12. One play in the second half and we have a new leader for being next seasons backup. And then obviously the ST do immediately something to kill momentum
  13. In the end I don't know what went on. Last seasons team was not actually as good. But it had fight. This team -mostly the same players- has no fight.
  14. Ouch, just as I was lauding Bean he throws an absolutely horrid INT.
  15. Bean making the best out of the situations so far. Overcoming yet another bad snap.