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  1. outoftown

    Other games

    And UTEP ties it. Really making a game of this. Would be big opportunity for NT if UTEP gave them help here.
  2. outoftown

    Other games

    UTEP pulls within 3. However their starting QB went down. However they may be better off with the running QB anayway.
  3. outoftown

    Soccer Beats FAU 2-1 (battle of unbeatens)

    That is a big win. Win on Sunday and get back into the top 25 rankings.
  4. outoftown

    Other games

    FAU getting all the turnovers and missed field goals, Marshall taking advantage, currently Marshall 24, FAU 7. Is starting to look as if FAU may not be that great, and it isn't even missing their star LB, as the problem was offense shooting themselves in the foot. LaTech also still struggling with UTEP. shortly before the half. UTEp IS improving Charlott 6 MTSU 14, MTSU not looking crisp, despite Stockstil playing. If Charlotte had a kicker worth something, this could easily 4-7 points closer.
  5. outoftown

    Green Globe Mailbag

    I just might indeed not be able to feel excited with 4 OOC losses as the scenario 😟
  6. outoftown

    Another unfair, ridiculous NCAA rule

    Not particularly in love with coaches leaving in the middle of the night either. Show me a way that prohibits that that is legally tenable, and I am likely to be for it. I think the solution is not to allow everyone to move however they want, but rather to force schools and coaches to honor their side of this (as in you shouldn't be able to just cut players because they are not as good as you thought they'd be). If you did restrict the coaches it would also have to be the same, i.e. that the schools can't just fire everyone all the time. Then again coaches get paid ridiculous amounts of money. But overall I don't think you right the wrong of coaches leaving in selfish moves, by allowing the players to do the same thing. To me that sounds like an incorrect moral equivalency.
  7. outoftown

    Green Globe Mailbag

    ok. Why are the decision makers NT has NOW putting up this complete cupcake OOC schedule with no good home games (other than UTA maybe)? What is the over-under for the rank of the strength of schedule for NT this season (I'd say if measured in RPI OOC SOS I would put it at 300th).
  8. outoftown

    Another unfair, ridiculous NCAA rule

    Who wants to watch a game where you know that the majority of the players has no loyalty to "their" team/program/university? I don't. Allow this to change as indicated in this article, and there is no reason for loyalty. Some folks need to know that they cannot just leave in order to learn what it takes to form a brotherhood. Change this and you rob CFB of its soul. It becomes the NFL, just with football that is less good.
  9. outoftown

    Green Globe Mailbag

    What can be done to improve the home OOC schedule in the future?
  10. outoftown

    DRC: UNT picked to finish fourth in C-USA

    Congrats to Mr Smart for making the preseason all-conference team
  11. outoftown

    BEIN on DISH

    I have been using Sling for most of the past two years. It was good to me for a while, but now I am about to move on (to be exact, I will move on after next week). Sling is good if all you need is basic tv, don't want to overpay and don't watch three things at a time (I am however that kind of person, particularly on Saturdays). There are two packages, neither of them is great in terms of news but both give you some of the basics for a fair price, plus a semi-decent amount of entertainment channels if that is what you are into. However you want sports, you either get ESPN on the orange package, or fox sports on the blue, if you want both, you are quickly at 60-65$ again. I got orange. On the orange package you get ESPN, ESPN2 ESPN3 (but not ESPN+). The ABC games you can usually get via ESPN3. For 5$ extra you get beIN and several other sports channels (like NHL network, ESPNU etc). Once I do not need BeIN anymore, I will move on. The package also does pretty good during march madness. I will move on from sling next week, since I am already did a test run sharing direct tv (purely streaming it and/or via roku) with two friends. When dividng costs like that, streaming that way gave me more freedom at -in the end- lower prices. However you may want to try Sling for a month or two, and even I might be back for a month if something comes up that is hard to get for me otherwise. The risk is minimal, as Sling is really easy with cancellations and changing of the package in my experience. The risk on direct TV or other traditional providers is so much higher, as they are a reaaaal pain to get out of contracts (I shudder how much time it cost me to get out of my TW contracts, as they force you to call them for that and then give you an awful runaround that should absolutely be illegal).
  12. outoftown

    Top 10 - Week 7 G5 Football Rankings

    If you are TCU, do you let SMU into your conference? What if you are Baylor? I think the answer is not trivial. If the answer is no, while significant parts of the AAC move "up", SMU may have no choice but to accept NT onto the same level as they are. The other options may be even less palatable for SMU
  13. outoftown

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    The teams that scored 40 or more on NT last season included SMU, army, UAB, FAU, FAU and Troy. Apart from SMU those are all run first teams or at least teams that favor physical play over finesse, and NT looked much worse when playing those. So far NT has not played any proficient run first teams this season. Arkansas is the best running team NT has played so far, and they are 71st in total run yards. So while the D has looked awesome against the run so far, that part of their game will come under a completely different attack this week. UAB is 16th in rushes per game and 21st in rushing yards per game. You take that out of the equation, UNT wins, cause UAB is not a scary passing team. But last seasons experience tells me that this defense is less made to defend run-first teams. That said, I think the team is deeper -particularly importantly at DL- and better prepared. Still, I am nervous about this part and think UAB will get theirs. uABs own run-defense numbers look awesome at first glance. They are third in pass yards per game allowed. However, that is kind of the inverse of UNTs rush defense, i.e. they also face the 5th least passing attempts per game because they faced primarily run-first attacks. Thee only team they faced that passes more than average is LaTech and while I like LaT WRs, I think they don't have the right QB to simply take what the defense gives. Mason Fine is the first kind of QB who can punish UAB for leaving underneath stuff etc. We need a big game from him. NT should be able to run a little bit, UAB however is better in run-defense than USM or LaTech, so dosing it right will be crucial. For the same reasons I thought it would be under last week, I think this will be over. UAB was lucky last year to be this close, but they did improve a lot. In the end I think it will be a very bumpy ride, but if luck falls equally on both sides, the score will be about the same as last year minus about 7 points for each. NT 38 UAB 35 p.s. sorry for the novel.
  14. I would like to wait at least one more week. Teams that scored 40 or more on NT last season included SMU, army, UAB, FAU, FAU and Troy. Apart from SMU those are all run first teams or at least teams that favor physical play over finesse, and NT looked much worse when playing those. So far NT has not played any proficient run first teams this season. If NT can show that they got this against UAB I would think SL looks much better. That said, if NT manages UABs offense what I would want to see happen more urgently than SL getting another raise is Reffett under contract til 2020 and the defensive coaches all getting significant raises. SL is already paid 300k more than all other C-USA HCs, 400k more for example than Lane Kiffin who has actually won a conference championship (but obviously has other baggage). Where I think we need to be better prepared urgently, is for the attack on our assistants and coordinators. The way SL is paid, I get the feeling that either schools already can't afford him, or that there is no amount that will keep them from getting him. Also, if he gets another raise, he is essentially paid so much, that he needs 10 wins a season to justify it. What if Fine gets injured and he only gets 8 or 9 this and next season? Beyond that, this season it looks like there will be fewer interesting P5 openings than usually.