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  1. Its just soccer players who want a reason to be in the sand 😉 Unless you mean the thai sport. Then those guys are awesome.
  2. While I enjoy those uniforms as much as the next man, it is not because of that. i play a lot of beach (and indoor) volleyball myself (I am a coach on my relaxed team where almost everybody used to be a club player). So its a sport where I usually know exactly what happens and that I find very watchable Gymnastics i am like: why did that girl get a better score than the other? That sport makes no sense to me.
  3. Independent of all the politics talk, Carlos is leading after day 2, tied with Dustin Johnson Many of you may not have realized, but he is only the second UNT alumn to play on the LIV golf tour. This is already Ian Snymans second event on the tour. He is not doing quite as well as last time, as he is currently tied for 38th. For someone like Snyman who had been playing second level South African and then the Asian tour, even last place is awesome money and more than he made in his whole career prior to 2022. Concerning the tour, I get that there are many issues with it, but it is a fact that it is scaring the bejeezus out of the PGA for a reason. it is the first real challenge to its monopoly in a long time, and this weekends round is sold out, so people are going to see the events. When you have a family to feed, the steep increase in pay and the increase in time off seeing as the season is short, has to look attractive. I honestly don't know yet how this one ends, but given all the money LIV has, this will not be an easy fight for the PGA to win. I see already a whole bunch of pros the PGA watchers are pretty darn familiar with (Dustin Johnson, Kevin Na, Phil Mickelson, Lee Westwood, Louis Oosthuisen, Brooks Koepka,Bryson Dechambeau), only some of them are clearly past their prime. The question I guess is: At what point is it a critical mass that is so big the PGA can't afford to keep all of them out? I think it needs a little more. But in order to get that done LIV might have to change its playing system, because it might need more than 48 spots, or it might need its own proper feeder system below the primary one, and that one would also have to be more lucrative than the PGAs feeder system. How long the scheichs truely want to sink these crazy amounts of money into golf? I have an inkling it is not as long as they pretend, but if they get a serious foothold before, who knows.
  4. I hope that is because of a new beach volleyball program (love me some beach volleyball). But I can see how gymnastics would create more schollies, i.e. making it easier to handle the title 9 issue
  5. Not so sure. What can anyone in houston gain from travelling to corvallis? Why merge with the hole conference if you can leave the dregs behind? In a merger you can't in a pickoff war you absolutely can. If I am the Big12 I add the Arizona schools, and -if they are still on the board whoever is left of Stanford, Cal, Colorado and Utah. They are not gonna get the money SEC/B1G is, no need to make it 18-20 team unwieldy. 14-16 is better.
  6. I can actually see UTEP getting the nod plus someone else (somehow doubt it ll be NMSU). C-USA just found a way forward and now this. Then again, no more UTEP might actually help C-USA build something of an identity that would be more clearly eastern (might then actually change the name too).
  7. That is obviously looking more and more likely, if not outright, then in ipso facto. unlikely those two will accept a playoff now that guarantees 4 spots to other conferences as the original SEC supported proposal did. Had the new playoff system been locked in, that would have made it much less attractive to poach schools for the B1G, seing as it would have reduced the existing members chances of making said playoff. Also B1G/SEC would have to pay a lot of money to get out of a long term agreement. Now it will run out essentially same time as schools move, no financial downside of breaking an agreement, only upside. Kliavkof really is quite at fault for this outcom and has done much for it to happen in his short time. Who would have thought that he could be worse than his predecessor
  8. Kliavkof got done as dirty by B1G alliance partner as bowlsby by SEC. Only I feel he should have been much more able to see it coming seeing as there had been some rumors the LA schools were deeply unhappy for a while. Also, I wonder if he is finally starting to see why the originally proposed 12 team playoff model was good. No way his new look pac 12 is going to get an autobid. But now everybody who is not B1G or SEC may get a lot less. There is some irony in how his arrogant hard stance completely overplaying the Pac12s hand will now F him. He cost the bottom 8 conferences -including 10 of his 12 schools- a much better access to the playoffs, and the chance to do that is likely never coming back.
  9. No. If you do that, then that agreement will have to be made anytime a player wants to leave. If you do not as a coach, it will be such that players will talk among themselves and say "coach X denies you new opportunities". The fact is simple: schools/coaches need players to commit. But in the future any rule change that wants to achieve this needs to make sure that this cannot be a one-way street. Said commitment also needs to be made and valid for schools/coaches toward the player and incur significant risks/costs if they want to break it. A bad fit needs to punish both school and player for some time, so everyone pays extra care to not take either side for granted.
  10. I guess i am not really familiar with what the long term consequences and likely outcomes of spinal fusion are. Can anyone enlighten me.
  11. Big, big loss for this UAB program. But if he manages to solve those problems he will be a very sought after coach in two-three years. And if he can't/doesn't want a HC position, big programs would pay him big bucks to be a part-time analyst.
  12. Meanwhile NT alumn Ian Snyman indeed got to play on the new LIV golf tour in the event in england. He is currently 11th, which might make for a great payday (even the last of the 48 players makes 120k!). He is playing on Martin Kaymers team. Rosenmuller is fighting to make the cut on the KornFerry, Cazaubon is currently tied 20ieth on Latinoamerica.
  13. Ian Snyman -NT alumn who is currently playing on the asian tour - finished tied for 9th on the international series England event this week, good for 34K. It was also one shot ahead of Graeme McDowel. That event was co-sponsered by the asian tour and the new LIV international series that is thorwing saudi money around like crazy. That means if Snyman can qualify for any of those tour events, his basic tour would not punish him. I wouldn't be surprised to see him on one of those events eventually.
  14. As an info on the other alums: Cazaubon ended up 13th on the Latinoamerica tour event, everyone else who was in action missed the cut.
  15. Great for both him and the university.
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