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  1. outoftown

    DRC: The NFL scouting combine list is out

    Can't believe they didn't give Ejiya an invite given his production and measurables. I think he's a turned some heads.
  2. outoftown

    John David Baker to USC

    Gosh I am sure the scare you put into me was intentional. I thought you were titling about the AD.
  3. He needs to keep his options open, depending on the level of candidate he is looking into, so he is not hamstrung in negotiations. If talking to someone with a higher profile, that person will want to (and should be capable enough) to call plays. A less experienced OC however, it may be the better option for SL to call plays himself.
  4. outoftown

    Seth to Call plays in 2019

    This means he must have full trust that Reffet can keep the defense on track / improve it with less oversight. Makes me wonder how involved Reffett was in deciding on Jennings as the new DBs coach.
  5. That is fine. Its approximately the going rate.
  6. outoftown

    Future Schedule. Baylor & Tulane

    Hmm... there I thought that was the exact admissions checklist for SMU. Well I guess both can have the same approach.
  7. outoftown

    Rice (1/19/19)

    Refs were bad. Real bad. In the second half they however were not uniformly bad against NT (I am sure Rice fans also have some gripes now). NT also clearly got better and Rice had trouble without its primary ball handlers.
  8. outoftown

    Rice (1/19/19)

    And obviously my ESPN+ goes down with 40 secs to go.
  9. outoftown

    Rice (1/19/19)

    And they are almost all going the same direction. Yep.
  10. outoftown

    Rice (1/19/19)

    NT isn't playing well. But seriously getting hosed here by the refs.
  11. outoftown

    Rice (1/19/19)

    How was that a foul BY Smart?
  12. outoftown

    Nate Brooks makes NFLPA Collegiate Bowl

    Good. Lets hope they can all improve their draft/free agent status. Really still thinking that E.J will get drafted unless something stupid happens between now and the draft.
  13. outoftown

    2019 Football Schedule has been released

    It feels like the emotional part of this schedule is front-loaded, with the UTSA game being this early as opposed to late like the last few years, plus Houston and SMU all within the first five. I am not sure that is good for attendance. If you lose one or two games early, having rivalries etc late is a way to get attendance independent of where the teams are in the standings.
  14. I am not sure it was a good decision. I mean NT probably be ok on the field, but I do wonder if he gets taken by anyone. I have my doubts. My hopes for EJ Ejiya getting drafter are still higher. Still, I rarely was this optimistic in the last few years that NT can finally break the drought.
  15. outoftown

    Texas San Antonio (1/12/19)

    Watch UTSA go and try to draw the foul