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  1. outoftown

    Official LATech Game Score Prediction Thread

    UNT 37 The dogs who will feel blue 17
  2. outoftown

    Brett McMurphy's Heisman Trophy Ballot - Week 4

    He needs a big game with good numbers against the too bullish dogs, in order to make more people realize that he should be on more of those ballots. That way by the start of next season, maybe he'll get enough attention from the start that people will actually be seeing what hes doing and send him to NYC in 19.
  3. outoftown

    Transfer 4 games

    At least at Ark it may not just be getting pounded, but also not feeling the new coach. Another angle could just be that one gets an extra semester of free tuition, doubt that is the rationale though.
  4. outoftown

    Transfer 4 games

    Yeah, I realized that about two games ago: some players who never redshirted are likely to postpone their decisions until 4 games into the season in the future and potentially holding coaches hostage. We're likely to see some diva stories in college football in the future, where guys who lose their position battles at the start of the season will take their ball and go elsewhere. In the future, we might only know by game 4-5 what the teams two depth really looks like. The one good thing about it is, that everyone can do this one time only.
  5. And now I will be doing nothing but look for posts that merit a skeptical eagle
  6. outoftown

    TV Coverage Upgrade for Rest of Season?

    The BeIn thing is tough on C-USA and UNT is particularly hit. However before DTV dropped BeIN I liked that fact, as BeIN always treated C-USA like proper football, notn like ESPN does. I think however, that it is too early to predict how that one will end up, they may end up going back on DTV etc as they got power particularly with the soccer fans (but it doesn't look good for BeIN right now). Beyond that C-USA actually did better with the current deal than the last one, but yes it is super fractured and they did give up some exposure in return for cold hard cash. Not sure I can blame em. On top of that they were cautios by not making the deals too long. I think part of it is that UNT itself hasn't won the conference in a while or didn't have a big win over a notable team in a while, and the TV- schedules are mostly made before the season. So this should get better next season. The other part was that none of our OOC-opponents had anybody really excited. IUW and Liberty are obvious, Arkie was obviously the best, but nobody expected them to compete for an SEC title this season and SMU was a questionmark with the new coach and the horrible bowl performance last season.
  7. outoftown

    Coaches Poll

    Its more that UNT stayed unbeaten while a number of other teams collected blemishes. The size of the result was likely not very material here.
  8. outoftown

    S&P+ Ratings After Week 4

    Crossing his fingers and closing his eyes he said: "please don't let it be the sun belt, please don't let it be the sun belt, please don't let it be the sun belt..." More seriously: For UNT to be the obvious choice for AAC and MWC and maybe backfilling in BIG12 it would probably need to have 3-4 9 win seasons in a row, and all the while increases its attendance and viewership. But I do think this latter part will happen if the first part happens.
  9. Yes it will, on the condition that you only count announced attendance and that the weather is both ok and does not announce differently the day before.
  10. Guyton been having the drops lately.
  11. So UNT can get a transitive win over VaTech here.
  12. Easly starting with a niiice run
  13. If a game were to be canceled, this far and away would be the one I'd want to cancel. Trap game that adds little to nothing to the resume. Also being an academic, I don't want that "school" legitimized (that accreditation comment would be hilarious were it not so sad)
  14. Harry for the sarkasm crown here.