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  1. So by your comments one can logically assume that you are married to your first girlfriend and still work at the first place that offered you a job?
  2. I think the players that come in have to want to be coached hard and the want to to play defense. Unfortunately I believe that weeds quite a few of the AAU wonders out of the mix
  3. So I wonder what the top 3rd of the AAC make?
  4. They were a 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Even Duke doesn’t go to the final 4 every year
  5. Question....Is the NET frozen now, or does it continue to calculate through the tournament games?
  6. While I agree with everything you stated, I also have to counter with that is how we have won just about every game this season. at this point, there is no reason to think it will be any different tomorrow
  7. watching this game, makes me fell very grateful for out RTVF school and the talent it produces. That halftime interview was awful (not 1 question about the game that just happened), and the play by play guy couldn't be anymore of a true homer. Always complaining about a call or no call.
  8. Nope, any scenario that is us winning an NCAA game two years in a row is better than the NIT. Once you start winning multiple years in the NCAA Tourny, new doors really start opening
  9. The university doesnt want to diminish seating capacity. The Coliseum is used for much more than basketball. Graduations are the driving factor in keeping the seating capacity where it is, i do believe.
  10. Hell yesss......SMU has George W. Bush. ill take witten and travis.........
  11. Anyone catch that So Miss had to bus here? Presumably because of the weather.
  12. Got an alert from the AD on twitter I think it was, that limited concessions tonight due to ppl not working due to weather
  13. As long as UNT is the favorite to win CUSA you will not....We are the only team left with an outside shot at an at large bid, so until we stop being projected as the CUSA auto qualifier there will not be 2 teams in the CUSA
  14. I think we have to remember. It’s only the reserved seats that are sold out. The rest is just General Admission. So until the game is 100% sold out, no other section will ever show sold out.
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