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  1. Would guess Devante Harman from OU and Denton Guyer
  2. When coaches come out and say they have no interest, they still have an interest...
  3. Villanova was only #18 and a #5 seed because they lost their PG and looked bad in the Conference Tourney. Then they got practice time and figured out how to play with out him. They are more realistically #10-12 and a #3 seed imo
  4. No offense to ACU (anyone that beats Texas is Great in my book, but ACU shot less than 30%!) If either Texas or ACU has played well last night, that team would have won by 15+.
  5. Sounds like at least 1 player showed up positive, the others probably just didn’t mature the virus for a few days, hence why they finally tested positive a few days later
  6. Let’s hope we learned from the West Virginia game…
  7. can we run the basketball team like a football team? Johnny Jones for OC and Grant McCasland for DC...maybe Vic Trilli as HC just to recruit...but has no actual coaching duties.
  8. I think that relates to them seeing a team all year long that was potent on offense. We on the other hand are used to seeing our team be very stringent on D and get just enough offense to win the games we do.
  9. 2 years in a row now that the star very well could have been a packed house through the championship game, but ….
  10. Did you not see Bean? If that wasn't 4.3-4.4 speed i don't know what is...the few times he had an open seem he was gone, not doubt about it, no one was catching him...
  11. Didn't we also host a Sunbelt tournament as well?
  12. we just went on the road against a very good team (Top CUSA NET team) and split with a shot to sweep..not sure you can say we are playing terrible right now.
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