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  1. so there recruiting class next year is already a 1/3 full then?
  2. If it is, then it would just about put it at a sell out. didnt we hit north of 8k last year for Western Kentucky?
  3. all these guys left for a reason. can a couple be good, yes...but i would wager at least half are worth a dang anymore and that why they ended up transferring
  4. Check out PS VUE...i currently have it, i haven't found a sports channel yet they don't offer. It's not the cheapest though.
  5. i believe it's tall enough for field goal kicks and maybe kickoffs. Certainly not enough for a full punt, but you can practice everything about the play and just throw the ball to mimic the punt or kick.
  6. not exactly...these are Vito's bold predictions. not the DMN
  7. My Top 5: (In no particular order) My Tailgaite Tony's The Anderson/Verus Group the group that sets up at the southend of the Blue lot under the trees The group that sets up in the middle of the RV area close to the Shed
  8. Crazy. I was at riprocks as well. That place was nuts that day.
  9. honest question: since it is only a cover and not fully inclosed, can they practice under it with lightning in the area?
  10. it was as hard as concrete, could have saved some $$$ if they did.
  11. The fouts area and its adjacent parking areas is now being paved over. They evened out the landscape, put in a central road leading from the entrance to the fouts lots on No. Tex BLVD all the way down to the service road just east of Bonnie Brae. They have put a bunch of islands with grass and trees (similar to the red/blue lots by apogee). Currently they are probably 40% done or so, but looks like it will be fully operational by labor day. They are also adding a bus depot in the east end of the lot across from the Super Pit.
  12. So the admin floor with the diving eagle and Texas backdrop, with the battle flag as the paint?
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