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  1. This is by far the best one...but doesnt look like they are doing that this year...guess that makes since with little fans
  2. You lost me with “Denton High has an occasional strong season”. they ain’t been strong since Denton Ryan opened.
  3. While $$$ would be an issue, I see Chandler Morris is transferring from OU. We need a QB and an OC. Daughter and Sister is already here. Family reunion in Denton?
  4. hell no....we need to upgrade...but i feel like the better chance to do that is with Aune improving, as i feel like a lot of his issues was due to being out of football for so long. My hope though is that another QB takes the reigns and doesnt look back...looking at Drummend or the kid from Kentucky
  5. Overall he was/is the better QB imo...Bean has a much bigger splash factor and when he is ON, he may well be the better QB, but when bean is off he is barely worthy of being on the field...Aune was much more stable and and consistent. If he were to cut down the turnovers, he would would be a tier above Bean to me.
  6. Why is it every time something doesn’t go out way, we just fart and fall down on the next play?
  7. Troy and it ain’t close army was an OT game with backup qb fine down early in Albuquerque lots of injuries and playing a better team in app state
  8. i guess i understand our defense is bad, but it couldn't hurt em if we ever tried to play a little field position
  9. When he is the fastest guy on the field, and when our receivers are clearly better than the DB's, he looks almost magical...when either one or both of those things aren't true, He is very very pedestrian.
  10. Bean is just way to much feast or Famine...doesnt seem to be much middle ground
  11. We have to be the worst team in america on 3rd and long the past 5 years
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