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  1. Oh i disagree....They were 100% egregiously bad, but i do agree with what i think you are trying to say, in that i dont believe there overly bias against one team or the other. They were just bad period.
  2. Yep. Should fire PB in the locker room and not even let him on the bus home
  3. Hard to step in when your lineman are in your lap
  4. I dont think i have ever seen so many flags picked up in one game...
  5. In the replay the flag was on the ground before he caught the ball, but they say the foul happened after the catch.....WTF
  6. If the offense can do its part and keep this D off the field i think we will have a chance. PB is such a massive upgrade over anything else we have had the past few years...
  7. I thought ruder was supposed to be able to run...doesnt look very mobile to me
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