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  1. The only way these two things are related is that they were both the head coach at UNT.
  2. guys, I'm pretty sure we can replace the 3 receptions for 29 yards he had last year. Hopefully for him this was a good separation and i wish him nothing but the best, but acting like we just lost a superstar in the making, im not convinced.
  3. We gave up 30 points. Defense is fine, we need offense, Tope does not do that at all.
  4. I’m pretty sure USC OC is not considered a lateral move by anyone in the coaching ranks. Make no mistake. Graham effectively received a promotion. Even if the title is the same.
  5. come on guys, how could we ever hope to compete against the Senior Bowl?
  6. I liken it more to UTSA after they faced almost similar number of losses. The next year was ok, but started the steady decline down to where they reside now
  7. Wow. How does mccasland refrain from a T there? That’s a hell of a restraint on his part.
  8. We don’t have an answer defensivly
  9. These refs don’t know there ass from their head on both ends
  10. Also, he graduated in December. Maybe he wasn’t feeling grad school.
  11. College success doesn’t naturally make a draft pick. He has the physical tools, with a big pro day, he may end up 3-5
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