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  1. GreenN'walinsVet

    UAB fan talk

    completely agree, just as if La Tech would have played UTEP i think they squeak out a win just the same
  2. GreenN'walinsVet

    North Texas Mean Green vs. UAB Blazers Betting Prediction

    I truly think that if we should up and play our A game, we win going away. That being said, if we show up with our B game it will be toss up, and of course we show up with our C game (ala La Tech) we are done for year in the conference race.
  3. GreenN'walinsVet

    BEIN on DISH

    last year everyone was over the moon for BEIN. They did a true pre game, halftime, and post game show on our game (not like ESPN, that just uses those outlets to hype their other games). Remember last year when Donovan McNabb did one of our games and was pretty darn good at it. This year, they happened to get into a peeing contest with Direct TV and is not being offered on their network. That is not CUSA's fault and before that all thought it was good being on BEIN vs ESPN 3 or others. That being said, im pretty tied to Direct TV so i am not happy about it, but im not going to fault CUSA over it.
  4. GreenN'walinsVet

    UAB fan talk

    and it was obviously a big win, because without it, they are not in the drivers seat to win the west... that being said, im not sure how much stock to put into it. if you look at how both us and la tech played that week, i think its safe to say, that game took something out of both of the teams.
  5. GreenN'walinsVet

    Uniforms for UAB?

    If didn’t sway recruits and/or help with marketing then why would every school except the bluest of the blue bloods have different uniform combinations?
  6. GreenN'walinsVet

    Uniforms for UAB?

    because the players love it. and recruits love it. and with out players and recruits we might as well were nothing because we will be back to the dodge years, just hoping we dont go 100% defeated instead of dreaming of UNDEFEATED
  7. GreenN'walinsVet

    Post USM Seth Littrell Radio Show

    I would drop the "Tea Bag" into taunting, so yes that would be a flag. If the offense wants to waste its time doing a choreographed dance after every first down, that doesn't taunt the other team, who are we to say no. If a celebration is fun and doesn't include taunting then yes, i say let them do whatever they want. Luck implies when someone that doesn't expect do something worth celebrating lucks into a spot where he can, he then impulsively celebrates. if a player always signals first down every time they get one, should he be penalized after the first one? The first one could be constituted as impulsive, but the second time would show that it was definitely planned.
  8. kind of like a journeyman NFL and college coach named Saban took over a stuck in the mud Michigan State program, built them back to relevance, precipitating his jump to LSU where he won a NC, that lead to a head coaching job in the NFL, that pushed him back to college and to Alabama, and well i dont guess i need to go any further.
  9. GreenN'walinsVet

    Post USM Seth Littrell Radio Show

    why? there shouldn't be, just because one kids is excited and wasn't prepared for the situation, shouldn't merit the leeway to be able to celebrate, over the kid that prepared for the situation and had a celebration planned. Kinds defies the logic that the rest of the sport of football strives for. Penalize the prepared and justify the lucky.
  10. agree with most of this, except the Kansas $ part. If Kansas wanted to become a big time Big 12 football school, they could. The money that basketball program brings in is absurd....They just dont want to, because it would detract from the basketball side of things
  11. GreenN'walinsVet

    DRC: 5 things UNT fans should know about UAB

    Once all their transitional transfers are gone I think you will see a slide very similar to that of UTSA’s.
  12. They do. Period. Is it an uphill battle? Yes, but it would take a really strange year to leave an undefeated P5 conference champ out of the CFP. Meaning they would have to run into 4 other undefeated P5 conference champions and/or an undefeated Notre Dame.
  13. GreenN'walinsVet

    What's your end of season record prediction?

    I could see us losing to UAB and FAU, outside of that i dont see any losses. So give me 9-3
  14. GreenN'walinsVet

    CUSA Officials

    problem was they jumped, but then one of our outside protecters moved as well, forcing the whistle
  15. They mention Fine's 3 wins against them and then mention him being a senior. They are sure going to be disappointed when we shows up in Hattiesburg next year.