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  1. we are cooking steaks and fixins Friday night, Saturday will be a steady dose of booze leading up to kickoff.
  2. I can with certainty predict that our game this weekend will be featured on College Gameday and probably be the largest portion of time a game UNT is involved in has ever received on Gameday.
  3. I honestly think if he was 1000% coming back to Houston, they would have faked an injury to save face.
  4. Looks to me the key is containing king to the pocket, his passing is average from the pocket.
  5. Would seem to me that it’s not believed to be an ACL at this point, that or one hell of a smoke screen thrown out for UTSA
  6. Can we please get Harrell back to do the gameplan and call plays in the first half?, then we turn it over to reeder to bring us down the stretch. PROBLEM SOLVED
  7. im not sure, doing a white out when you know the visiting team is going to occupy 25% or so of your stadium is the best idea. Its really going to stand out how many UNT fans are in the stands
  8. Houston is not slow. Hope we got our track shoes on
  9. ACU's first 6 possessions = 5 punts, 1 Fumble, and 66 total yards. At this point we go up 31-0. They cut the lead by half to 38-10 Their first two possession after the half = 2 punts, 19 total yards At this point we have increased the lead to 41-10. This tell me that when the game mattered early and a refocus coming out of the half to not let them gain momentum the Defense forced 7 punts, 1 turnover, and 85 Total yards.
  10. the first year that Hooters was open they hosted the coaches show. that was 2006.
  11. On the bright side...if it only holds 29K officially, we have already sold it out twice!
  12. But Emmitt, what does Friday nights forecast look like?
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