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  1. I generally think for most kids they want to “go off” to college, but not so far that their family and friends can’t come watch them play. Denton - too close for most Dallas - borderline outside the metroplex - I’m far enough away from mom and dad but close enough to see them and them see me when the time arises
  2. Outside of the immediate standings, this was not a good deal for UNT that WKU lost to FAU...We needed their loss to be to a team at the top, not the bottom, this will certainly hurt their RPI.
  3. obviously nothing to go on here other then the renderings, which show the corner boards as rectangles and not squares, so if i was going to guess, i would say we would get 4 video boards that are twice the size of the current single corner video board.
  4. I think it primarily boils down to the fact we can recruit, Texas (DFW, West, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, East), Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, and even Mississippi without having to pay for flights for our coaches.
  5. pretty sure the City of Denton has nothing to do with NY Sub Hub relocating
  6. Hell...original date was sometime last spring (if not earlier) then it was this past august, then oct, then nov, then dec, and now jan? good lordy
  7. I believe Manziel was almost forced to after he won the Heisman due to his popularity.
  8. Let me throw out a completely dark horse candidate. Darcel McBath - currently serving as Co-DC at Washington State, worked here as a Quality Control Defensive intern and has local ties, playing at Gainesville High School and Texas Tech.
  9. agreed...i never once saw a shot of Littrell on the sidelines, and wondered to myself if he was calling the plays. maybe reeder wasn't calling the plays, but i am pretty sure Littrell wasn't either.
  10. im not so sure next year has a downward trend to it. Yes fine is leaving, but he is leaving a .500 team at best, with yet a another record setting talent infusion coming in. Could next year be another .500 season, absolutly, but that wouldn't be a downturn.
  11. Congratulations to LA Tech, but there has to be some downplaying to this somewhat. Yes they are building nice facilities for these sports, but they also have too since theres where destroyed. I would guess they are getting these facitlities for pennies on the dollar due to the insurance payouts from the storm damage.
  12. touche, was thinking about their new stadium, but didnt think about it not being open yet.
  13. I seem to think i remember UNT being a part of the package when they announced the move to Frisco.
  14. Schools hosting a Championship game that would sell out? my money would be on UNT, LA Tech, Southern Miss, Marshall, ODU, and maybe UAB.
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