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  1. GreenN'walinsVet

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    Which means (depending on opponent) we could at best only have 18k or less tickets available to our fans and that is probably a stretch.
  2. GreenN'walinsVet

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    If we ever end up in Frisco, it would have to be the only option out there. Stadium is way to small to handle a bowl game with our fan base.
  3. GreenN'walinsVet

    Gotta hand it to SMU

    while the idea seems pretty good, it just looks to gaudy for my taste (guess that's why i despise these douchbags, they love their gaudy!!!)
  4. GreenN'walinsVet

    NT Preps for Intl Rules (

    4 official games, and how many practices/scrimmages is this team getting that it wouldn't otherwise. add that to the extra games/practices from playing in the CBI and this team is gaining all kinds of extra experience.
  5. GreenN'walinsVet

    New Touchdown Terrace at Apogee

    From what i hear the screens (while not as big as the 1 large one we have now) will be significantly bigger than the current corner board.
  6. GreenN'walinsVet

    Is 2018 another 2014?

    If we forced Fine to play Left Handed, he would still be the best QB in the room in 2014!
  7. GreenN'walinsVet

    Underdog Dynasty Releases Preseason Predictions

    they may not be able to run over him, but I'm guessing Fine couldn't pass or see over him as well. The latter being a much bigger issue.
  8. GreenN'walinsVet

    SMUt tailgating

    Also hearing they want to consolidate the corporate advertisement tents into one area (surrounding the Mean Green Walk Route) trying to recreate the Mean Green Village from the old Fouts Days
  9. GreenN'walinsVet


    I just dont see Litrell going back to Texas Tech. He is a big suporter of Leach and a Leach disciple. The way Tech ran Leach out on a rail was wrong and disrepectful, and i dont believe Litrell would go there out of respect for Leach.
  10. GreenN'walinsVet

    The Most Embarrassing Loss in College Football History

    This game may be looked back on, as not the "most embarrassing loss ever", but the most important game in our history!!!!! This was the game that got RV to fire Mac, and in doing so made himself look even worse than he already did, resulting in his "retirement" later down the line. This may be the game that started it all.
  11. I think on an individual basis, starts can be be very misleading. There are plenty of multiple star players being both good and bad, as well as were star players as well. Stars matter much more when you're talking about a class as a whole. The more kids, with more stars, that you can get into your program, the general theory is the better you will be. This is due to the ability to miss on a kid or two and not have it hinder your program.
  12. GreenN'walinsVet

    Recruiting Prediction

    It was Dan McCarney in THE library. $1 doubles to anyone wearing shades!
  13. GreenN'walinsVet


    Brandon Kennedy and Tony Mitchell say hi
  14. GreenN'walinsVet

    DRC: UNT hires new softball coach

    again..2 is not enough to establish pattern, but, his 2 hires are both young guys that have proven they can win at lower levels and again at the D1 level in the short term. Not a bad strategy for a school at our level.
  15. GreenN'walinsVet

    CFB Focus: Most Experienced Teams 2018

    what would lead us to believe that there would not be quality depth behind these guys? This isn't 2013...LIttrell is not winning with McCarney recruits, he is winning with mostly young guys that HE recruited. Stands to reason he would continue to recruit and restock the pipeline, unlike Mac.