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  1. I agree, except for Liberty. Freeze is a very good coach and he is probably coaching for a major P5 job after this coming season.
  2. I believe (hope) this is something we will see with PB. He will have his base formation(s), but he will adjust based on the opponent and be more willing to make in-game adjustments. I think his willingness to move things around will also help to make it a little harder for other teams to game plan.
  3. I think DJ and Speith are solid choices. Think Sergio Garcia could be a surprise
  4. Not sure how this will end, but it sounds there might have been a coordinated attempt to entrap him. Guy might be a major ass, but there is a reason entrapment is illegal and will get cases thrown out. For people that know what their doing it is not hard to get some people to say what you want them to.
  5. Everything I have heard has been, to say the least, absolute happiness. To say he had fallen out of favor with the fan base in an understatement.
  6. Like the idea of a "smaller" venue. Example - WAC school GCU has a nice 7,00 seat. Bigger is not always better
  7. Would be nice to see Gonzaga and U of H in the finals - The Power Conferences would probably demand a restructuring of the tournament 😈
  8. Giving the players what they think they want is not always the best way to help theses same players. The grass is not always greener and sadly a big portion are left without a scholarship.
  9. Never been a fan of staging success to make you look good
  10. No he transferred in this last season from Oklahoma State. Played in a few plays in the bowl game before he was injured
  11. Looks like talking about KU football has hit a sore spot with you. You have gone out of your way to put down UNT the last few days
  12. What's the advantage of having your first team play against the second team other than to have the first team think they're doing better than they actually are?
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