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  1. Not much I look forward to more than the Mean Green coming to town, but 100% agree this was the right call by North Texas. Not worth the potential risk.
  2. Not sure why people are not wearing mask. You can still go out and do what you need. My son drove by one of the elementary schools yesterday and, at least outside, in the morning almost no one, kids, or parents dropping off were wearing mask.
  3. They just announced that HS football games would not be played in the city this week. Said it did not change any scheduled for UTEP football at this time
  4. Looks like his worst game of the year - and they won 66-00
  5. Ends with two catches for 84 yards and a TD. Only targeted 3 times. Averaging 29 yards a catch Hopefully they start throwing his was more often.
  6. Very similar situations with both teams In a season where teams were not able to meet and practice as usual the Head Coaches made decisions to go with completely different Defense schemes. Results - Both teams have struggled with very bad defenses. I guess it's arrogance where coaches feel they can make these types of changes without preparation. Hopefully they will continue to improve, but there is no doubt these coaches knew the players were not ready for these changes. Side note - Also curious that both teams have had outstanding offensive numbers but no success
  7. Based on current trends, if he stays in College, will most likely test the transfer portal. I hope I am wrong.
  8. To me, La Tech is one of those programs where you respect what they are able to do year after year. Do you want to beat them, hell yes so you can measure the success of your program
  9. So far no talk of canceling Sports events If this becomes a "city" issue i would expect they would have the option to move the game to Denton
  10. Question. If a team chooses to do so, could they play a couple of games in the Spring this year even if their conference play is over? Not sure how that would be different than teams whos conferences are playing in the Spring have played Fall games.
  11. If savings are the focus, and that is a legitimate concern, then look at merging/realigning with other conferences to become regional conferences
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