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  1. The reality in today's world is you cannot wait to pay after it happens. You have to anticipate what could happen and pay for that possibility. It we do not someone else will
  2. El Paso Eagle

    This team deserved better

    Attendance like today is something that might have coaches leaving sooner than we would like
  3. I know will not be a popular comment but how come every time the office does good it's the players but every time it does bad it's the coach?
  4. El Paso Eagle

    In case you needed firing up

    Message to the one downvoting đź’©
  5. El Paso Eagle

    Congratz to Rico!

    Don’t you mean the Bussey
  6. El Paso Eagle

    Props to Jim Plummer/PlummMeanGreen

    Have you ever seen Jim and Chuck Norris in the same room? Just saying....,,,,
  7. El Paso Eagle

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    I still think Seth stays until Lincoln Riley takes over the Cowboys job Seth goes back to Oklahoma
  8. El Paso Eagle

    Praise for Mason Fine (and how far we've come)

    Will be interesting to see if he does not play what we do. I’m sure Quinn will get the start but I wonder if we start slow at the beginning if maybe Cade Pearson will get in?
  9. El Paso Eagle

    After calming down

  10. El Paso Eagle

    Credit to La Tech

    So the down vote was because you don’t think it would be nice to be a successful as Louisiana Tech is been? Or you’re too arrogant to think that we should give Louisiana Tech credit?
  11. El Paso Eagle

    Loss is on the Coaches

    And if he gets really hurt and misses the rest the season?
  12. El Paso Eagle

    *** OFFICIAL La. Tech vs. UNT GAME THREAD***

    Again I will say it. Tells me the coaches do not have copies and Quinn as a back up. Find was noticeably hurt. Take nothing away from him as he is a great competitor but he should not be the game.
  13. El Paso Eagle

    Loss is on the Coaches

    I believe it was the great Emmett Smith who once said act like you’ve been there and you’re going to be there again
  14. El Paso Eagle

    Loss is on the Coaches

    And then when some of us had mentioned in the past at Mason should be rested and get more rep for the back ups we get blasted. What this tells me is that when it’s crunch time the coaches really don’t have faith in Quinn.
  15. El Paso Eagle

    Credit to La Tech

    Have to give them credit. They kept going and make field goals and continued moving the ball and doing what they had to. You know everyone’s always talking about how we should strive to be like Houston or Boise State, however you have to credit Louisiana Tech, year after year they perform well. I would be happy being a successful as they are.