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  1. Guess these guys did not read here first to find out GH was not a good coach 😈 https://www.latimes.com/sports/usc/story/2019-12-06/usc-offers-offensive-coordinator-graham-harrell-a-new-contract
  2. Credit to Zachary. Very well done. Shows the difference between reporting and writing opinion pieces.
  3. I know this is almost as unpopular as saying something negative about Mason 😱 But to be honest we were a "good" team but played what at the time was the worst conference (In fact we were rated below several 1-AA conferences)
  4. I wonder why he has not already had the surgery?
  5. Interesting. Not sure if anything will change https://footballscoop.com/news/changes-may-be-on-the-table-to-the-ncaas-four-game-redshirt-rule/
  6. Top team goes to a Major bowl like it does now. The other 4 basically play one extra game and the current Bowls can be used to facilitate the "playoff". If it means more money for G5's then why not.
  7. Agree. He did not get where he is by being a "bad" coach or forget how to coach. I find it funny how people will talk about how bad a coach is when these guys would not have climbed the ladder if the could not coach.
  8. Not sure with Title 9 if we will actually be adding any men's teams soon. Still not a fans of counting the Football as a a 1-for-1 in this formula. I know it's not popular to say, but in most (not saying all) cases in the effort to be "equal" you are asking men's sports (FB/BB) to foot the bill for everyone else.
  9. You would have to think the seat is still going to be very hot. Who knows, maybe 3-4 games in next year GH becomes the interim HC
  10. Agree, but as much as I am not a UT fan, for GH coming back home might be what he wants.
  11. Not everyone on the portal is immediately eligible. He might have to sit a year.
  12. I am guessing that Seth has GA's compiling data and sharing with the staff
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