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  1. El Paso Eagle

    SMU O-Line Coach Out

    Per Footballscoop Offensive line coach Jamal Powell is out for a while with an undisclosed medical issue. We ask that you include him in your prayers for a successful recovery. We understand Powell is fighting an infection in his immune system. Sonny Dykes mentioned today he could miss the entire season; but is expected to return to the staff once available. Offensive quality control Johnny Brewer has been promoted to full-time offensive line coach in the interim. SMU has also added Zach Yenser to the staff as a consultant. Yenser previously worked with Dykes at both Cal and LA Tech.
  2. El Paso Eagle

    Would you wear UNT kicks?

    If I were a betting man I would say its a shoe-in
  3. El Paso Eagle

    Uniform Colors

    Just a question... saw the Facebook photo for the soccer team - Is there not an "official" green? Can every team pick their own shades?
  4. El Paso Eagle

    Redshirt QB

    Agree, we have to find that Fine line (pun absolutely intended) between getting Mason all the reps he deserves and having a backup who is ready if needed.
  5. El Paso Eagle

    Redshirt QB

    While I along with most others want to see the accolades and understand how vital Mason is, I would like to see us build the foundation that allows us to move forward (understandably not as strong) if one of your best players goes down, not in a situation where we self-destruct if our backups are not ready.
  6. El Paso Eagle

    Redshirt QB

    IMO, as I commented last year with Pearson unless a true Freshman is clearly the #2, I hope they redshirt him.
  7. El Paso Eagle

    DRC: UNT Sunday practice notes and observations

    Any update on English? Thanks.
  8. El Paso Eagle

    Redshirt QB

    I know everyone wants to see Mason with video game numbers this year but I really hope if we're in the situation we get the backup(s) in the game. We need to have someone ready if the "worst-case" happens
  9. With some of the new transfer rules and redshirting due to injury, is there any chance English get an extra year?
  10. El Paso Eagle

    Roster Update 7.30.18

    Thanks Harry
  11. El Paso Eagle


    Has anyone heard how Bryce English is progressing?
  12. El Paso Eagle

    Size 18!!!

    Hopefully, he will be motivated this season to step up his game and be a game changer for the Mean Green!!
  13. El Paso Eagle

    DRC: Kelvin Smith named to Hornung watch list

    Giving our players all the credit for these preseason recognitions but I really believe this is also a great reflection on what happens when the coaches and athletic department really promote our players
  14. El Paso Eagle

    DRC: Shanbour named to Wuerffel watch list

    Hopefully the coaches will keep the good guys here when they want to Be GA’s