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  1. I'm not in any way questioning the kid, or his family. Just wondering what the process is for "protecting" UNT program is? We don't have a long history of getting early recruits like we are now seeing 😊
  2. Just my thinking, and I hope I’m wrong (and hope he’s enjoying himself) but getting the feeling Kade might not be a member of the Mean Green next year. Seems a little too interested (based on the comments) in "the greener grass next door". Again, hope I’m wrong. Questions - Do we continue to recruit actively recruit other QB's Does having him as a commitment hurt us in recruiting other QB's?
  3. There is a strong push by one party to allow trans-males to compete in women's sports if that is how they see themselves. Brings up some questions - If a male competes on a women's team, does he count as a "male" or "female" for Title 9 requirements? If gender does not matter, should T9 be eliminated? These might sound like stupid questions, but sometime soon you could see more and more transgender males competing in Women's sports. At some point after that there will be a group that is saying women are not being represented equally.
  4. Just wondering if any of our QB's we're recruiting (Renfro) might be attending?
  5. Well, if we have to lose a recruit.... Ohio State is someone I couldn't feel bad we lost out to. However, i think is they are actually interested there will be may other P5's calling
  6. I think with the way the system is set up you continue to show your interest up to the time they sign. Most kids will not stop listening to others and you know other schools will not stop talking to our commits (especially if they have an exceptional Sr year). And yes, as UNT's program rises, there will be mid/lower level P5's that pay attention to who we recruit and will have no problem making a late offer. This brings up another very interesting subject ... Players flip in cases where they feel they found something "better", is it OK for schools to change their minds, or drop offers if they find someone "better"? Should there be an early signing period during the summer between a players Jr and Sr year?
  7. Agree. Early on I made comments about haring to overcome the perception of NT not being committed and the history, or lack of history with Texas High school coaches. Seth and Wren have done a good job laying the foundation.
  8. Many of the Mean Green family said the same thing .....
  9. Have to credit to SMU for maintaining a "perceived" importance in the college football landscape - much better job than Rice. This also goes to show what a good job Wren and Seth are doing to change the culture (both real and perceived) at North Texas. Continue building the foundation so we create a program where we will be successful regardless of the leaders.
  10. Question - Are players able to transfer without sitting out??
  11. Time to see if any Grad Transfers are still looking??
  12. If Kingsbury has success in Arizona I would not be surprised to see Kendall get interest form some NFL teams. I agree his shot will come.
  13. I'm not an expert, but it seems we have a lot of tenured professors who are all about pushing political and religious beliefs and punishing those who do not agree. I understand tenure should allow them "freedom", but it should not allow them to be the judge, jury, and executioner.
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