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  1. Question- where the hell are these hitting their scholarship counts?
  2. "The Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints had scouts in today" - NO might be a great place for Mason to get a shot.
  3. I like it from the standpoint of the date. The later the better.
  4. Not bad. I still think in order for G5 schools to improve they need to all get over their "were better then you" attitudes and form as compact of regional conferences as possible.
  5. While we know that we would be nowhere good at this time if Mason was to go down, it's starting to look like we have depth that has the ability to not only manage games while Mason was out, but put us in position to win.
  6. Maybe they are trying to emphasize the "Rugby" punting style
  7. Nice to see we have (perhaps) the only beat writer in America who refers to the practice field by its full name
  8. Also, with the expected emphasis on the TE this could impact the yardage
  9. Looks like the days of "free agency" are taking over for many schools. IMO won't be long until players are allowed one transfer without having to sit out.
  10. Still find it humorous that the same people and groups that were "friends" with Trump and welcomed his donations before he was elected and also awarded and praised his work with minorities are now yelling the loudest. Bottom line, politics makes the strangest things happen.
  11. So every white person that insists OJ is guilty is a racist (just following your logic)?
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