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  1. https://www2.247sports.com/quiz-can-you-name-these-college-football-schools-by-just-looking-at-their-helmets?utm_subid=12245410&utm_adset=5763349&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=1876700&ftag=ACQ-07-10adj1f&fbclid=IwAR1yUKLu_5sT_6FvE5y0-jCqQb4Y_ZQYIxRkkyKZd8U1L2JfRsqDVNRK5nA
  2. This, and the fact that our QB development seems to be poor.
  3. I think they are using it as leverage to try and get them to take Cal
  4. At least we can joke about our attendance numbers when you guys try to act like you really have as many people in the seats as you claim.
  5. Can anyone rationally explain why Seth will not hire a legitimate QB coach?
  6. The first step is of then the hardest
  7. SMU was not playing so we used their ticket counters
  8. Typical green glasses response. Because they are a 3-point favor does not mean there are better team or a team we should not beat. It is just amazing how many people are satisfied with a middle of the pack team year after year. Must be nice to have expectations so low.
  9. Fairly exciting last minute of the game
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