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  1. Could happen. Sometimes losing your GOAT motivates other players and coaches
  2. To raise my hopes for next for next year I think of Tennessee the year after Peyton left. I can dream!!
  3. Then the question becomes what do they need? The charges are so out of control it is almost impossible to tell what their cost are and what they are over-charging for to make up for some different expense.
  4. So when he had the "cages" built for children at the Border, he was a "good" man? When he sent a literal plan load of cash to Iran, that he knew would help fund terrorism, he was a good man? I think all of them do some good and some bad. Trump and Obama included
  5. Good is a relative term. There are things he does that makes me shake my head. However my issue is with those who act like the others in DC are different. Trump does/says the same things Obama did he is chastised but the same people had no problem when Obama did it. I love the clips where they show the responses from people to issues where both Presidents did the same thing yet they praised Obama and villanize Trump. Seems like people really don't want someone who says what they think, but rather are Ok knowing their elected politicians are lying to them as long as they do it behind their backs.
  6. OK, pay the $25K and make him buy the 2nd banner!
  7. Just let the Beyond the Green team put together a video and we will be OK!!!
  8. Another Trump is evil article;Surprise! Look back on the others and judge them the same if you dare.
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