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  1. When considering both the office of SGA president and vice president, men have occupied these positions 79.3 percent of the time, while women make up 20.5 percent of the occupants of those offices. Numerically, 116 men and 30 women have been either SGA president or vice president Have to wonder what the other .2 were?? Was the Albino Squirrel elected??
  2. Finding really funny how some of those associated/leading the sanctuary cities are getting pissed at Trump for suggesting they should start taking the immigrants to the different cities. The mayor of Oakland commented on how they should not have to use their local resources and this is a "Federal Government" issue. hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!
  3. My same thoughts, Fine's greatness at UNT is sealed. Be prepared for what could happen.
  4. Question. If we are in a position where we are well ahead or behind, would you rather leave Mason in to add to the stats or see the backup(s) get in? IMO, I think the way it plays out will give a good indication of Seth's plans moving forward.
  5. If you can "Buy" your way in, Liberty might just end up in the SEC🤑
  6. I think we should have "The Skipper" do an in-depth analysis 😱
  7. So it looks like a couple of asses don't like kickball
  8. Be careful with the comments or "The Skipper" will write a strongly worded article about the unfairness.
  9. There you go. Assuming the "Skipper" would let reality get in the way of the information he posts.
  10. In this scenario, I would think BU and TCU to AAC and Iowas State and Kanas State to MWC. I could also see Kansas to AAC
  11. Good for the AAC. Look, they will never be P5 (IMO) In the next round of shuffling the top teams (UCF, Memphis, UH, and Cinci) are looking to find new homes in a revised P4 world.
  12. I know they want to lay the foundation, but while I don't see expansion, I do think you could see a team or two relocate after next season if the attendance does not improve. I know they're showing good numbers now, but for butts-in-the-seats, I'm surprised SA did not keep Manziel.
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