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  1. I wish Mason the best. It has always amazed me when it comes to backup QBs in the NFL. There are career backups who have never taken a snap, and it seems like the plan is hopefully they will never have to. Guess they are there to help prepare in practice? I would think you would want the back up to be someone who can step in, and then your 3rd team, along with practice squad players to be younger players who have potential. Would be surprised if Mason does not at a minimum, make someones practice squad.
  2. The Saints, Cowboys, Eagles and Cardinals are a few of the teams that expressed an interest in him this offseason, but if all goes well at Halas Hall on Wednesday he could be in the mix with Bray for a practice squad spot with the Bears come September.
  3. Great list of players. Pound for pound I would say Buckles was at the top
  4. During seven 7-on-7 drills, redshirt sophomore quarterback Jason Bean (Mansfield) connected with redshirt sophomore receiver Roderic Burns (Houston) for a 20-yard gain, fitting the throw into a tight window. Bean and senior receiver Jaelon Darden (Houston) connected on a 65-yard touchdown during the team period, where Bean showcased his arm strength, getting the ball to Darden ahead of the safety, and then Darden darted past the safety and made his way to paydirt. Bean picked out redshirt senior receiver Deion Hair-Griffin (Fort Worth) for a 20-plus yard gain on a well-placed ball, which allowed Hair-Griffin to make a sliding grab safely away from the defender.
  5. Already taking shots at one of our own players.... sad
  6. If his agent is just now starting to make calls, he needs a new agent 😀
  7. Just wondering, if football, for the most part, moves to the spring, will players across the country who are hoping to make it to the NFL sit out? Would the NFL move back it's draft? If players that are highly rated are on teams not playing well they could easily make the call to sit out. I believe the draft is at the end of April so combines would be in March/April. Could it take place while the season is still going?
  8. Working this season with Drummond, if he doesn't get a Pro chance, this would be the perfect move to become a grad assistant here next year.
  9. With all of their tie-in games to the Big 10 cancelled, and that being where many schools got their funding, I guess this was inevitable
  10. 100 % agree, but also not holding China accountable is wrong.
  11. So should Insurance companies have the right to refuse payment in the areas where mayors made the call to order the police out and let groups break in, damage, rob, and destroy businesses? Thy could say this was avoidable? Should the cities be responsible for the damages?
  12. Harry if I went back I would probably see the exact same comment from you and others regarding Frank Wilson 😇
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