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  1. Or, OSU and WSU use the money to make a deal with the Big 12
  2. I have a question out of curiosity. On many of the games you see multiple trucks and cars parked along the Outfield. Are those areas where they are charged or is that free access to the game?
  3. I've been searching for articles about when Clemson and Florida State were forced to sign the agreements to be in the ACC and get information on the lawsuits they filed, trying not to take the money.
  4. NIL in theory is not bad, Rushing out what is being called NIL has turned out to be a total cluster F
  5. I think the well-made point is with all of the money we hear being thrown around; you would expect to see more players in commercials and public appearances instead of the minimal "appearances" or social media postings that are there to meet a requirement to hand them money. Also, more and more stories are coming out where players are not getting anywhere near the amount of money they thought they would. Seems like many are rushing to sigh and don't read the details.
  6. Ladies take Game 1 by a score of 10-8
  7. Our hitting still worries me. I worry we could very quickly get shut down by a pitcher who's somewhat hot.
  8. I was there with my wife, fiancée at the time (A UT Grad) and was the only one in a group of UT fans. Several turned to me and said that was about as bad of a "homer" job that they had ever seen.
  9. Every time I see these transfers, I am reminded of Rico Bussey, Jr. He transfers to Hawaii, and around draft time, they talk about the receiver from Hawaii, but almost every video they show is about him playing at North Texas. It seems like the "previous" schools are getting recognized more than in the past, but I would expect it would be from North Texas if he is drafted.
  10. It does not seem to be showing on their site
  11. Not sure why you felt the need to take a cheap shot. Also I guess by placing who they did as a tight end Coach maybe they do give a little bit of a damn.
  12. Sadly it's time for the we only got to keep him because they got someone they wanted more crowd to come out
  13. 😈 If only there were a special place for conference realignment 👼
  14. And if a Coach leaves under contract he pays a penalty. So a player could still leave but they would have to reimburse the school some fixed amount
  15. Just wondering ..... If the PAC 2 were to get an invite from the Big 12, would they turn it down to preserve the PAC?
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