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  1. I hate these type of "look how smart we think we are" stories. Most of the times the person writing these doesn't have a clue to what is going on. Very rare, if ever, does a coach "forget" how to coach from one season to the next. For a large majority of the programs in college football the difference between "the next great thing" and "he sucks" is a break here and there and key players not getting injured. I might get pissed off, but I have faith in Seth. Hopefully he improves the quality of coaches, just like I want him to improve the quality of recruits. I worry that he might be too loyal and not be willing to cut ties if needed (not every coach is the right fit) For those of us who have been around for a while we have seen a lot of good and a lot of bad. Not that long ago 6 wins was considered something we hoped to hit every 2 or 3 years. These last couple of years have almost bee too easy. Many started believing that we would start winning 9-10-11 games every year. Have faith in Seth, have faith in Wren. They are building the foundation and hopefully doing it in a way that will be ongoing.
  2. We have to be the WORST tackling D in college football
  3. Again, help me understand why we tighten the splits and allow the D to put 8+ in the box and then try to run behind this line?
  4. Watching this halftime skit, I would think Guyton, if he had the chance, would have come back for another year
  5. With the way our D tackles, if I were them, I would stick to short passes and count on a lot of yards after catch.
  6. No, we were the lesser loser. That was hard to watch. Good thing we make great adjustments at the half..... well maybe this week we will
  7. Are the tight splits supposed to help? It seems like they cannot contain the rush at all
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