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  1. The same for many "fans." Many here have commented on players who would rather be a part of P5 programs than start at a G5. It seems there are many fans who it is more important that they can say their school's program is part of the "biggest" division rather than admitting that having the leagues split up within financial abilities would allow for more competitive programs.
  2. It's a good thing for them there's a proven record of every P5 that transfers to a G5 doing well.
  3. As my East Texas people say, kiss my ass. And people wonder why we get a lot of disrespect; it's because of asses like you.
  4. Pretty sad day that a thread congratulating a new recruit gets highjacked not only once but twice. Way to show respect to a new player.
  5. It looks like at least a couple of these JUCOs are Full Qualifiers who played one year and might not have been planning on leaving yet, and the staff has seen something in them and hopefully got to them a year before others came after them.
  6. I see a continued trend that Wren did not do his job.
  7. I guess when some of these coaches see JM heading in their direction, they get nervous.
  8. Please, for those that report "Breaking News" - After a couple of days, remove the words "Breaking News" from the headline. After a few days, it's no longer "Breaking News."
  9. I 100% agree. If he actually attends, this guy seems to dislike everything about UNT and Texas. It must suck to be this miserable all of the time.
  10. To say this is an embarrassment is an understatement. Just who in the hell signed off on this? This would play along with the opposing teams' during the softball broadcast. Needless to say, none of them even came close to being as bad as this crap.
  11. Sorry, but this also reflects the shape Wren left the athletic department coaching-wise. To this point, it seems JM has made some great hires. Let's hope he finds someone to get the golf team back on course (pun intended) 🏌️‍♂️ ⛳
  12. You make some pretty clueless posts, but even for you, this is idiotic.
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