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  1. We do perhaps the most inept job of branding in college sports. We have an incredible opportunity with Mean Green and continually blow it. Emphasize the Mean Green and use green and white and cut out the other colors especially the freaking Gray
  2. UTSA is positioning itself to be the next University of Houston. We seem to keep striving to #Hit6
  3. And there are some stories that some in-line behind him are even more hard liners
  4. Per Footballscoop.com North Texas: Arlington Martin HS (TX) corners coach Ryan Pollard is joining the North Texas staff as defensive backs grad assistant, source tells FootballScoop.
  5. Think this is great. He has now gone after Nick "God Complex" Saban and Lane "The Prodigal Son" Kiffin. These guys don't seem to like it when someone has as many "big-boy" toys as they do.
  6. The big boys, I believe starting with Alabama, first started pushing this to be able to replace transfers and not lose depth.
  7. PAC-12 Scarps divisions https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33940028/pac-12-scraps-divisions-ncaa-division-1-council-votes-eliminate-requirements-conference-title-games
  8. https://footballscoop.com/news/ncaa-allows-conferences-title-game-eliminate-divisions
  9. I believe P5 conferences do not allow scholarships to be taken away https://informedathlete.com/the-facts-about-guaranteed-multi-year-ncaa-di-scholarships/
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