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  1. No they make ice under the stadium and some of the soft drink vendors do offer ice with a commemorative cup.
  2. Or your DEnd from Navarro JC is a no show. Or your two DLINE men from Oklahoma don’t stick in consecutive years. You reap what you sow.
  3. Why do we always have to be the place for on the job training or retirement tho?
  4. Biagi ST had a horrible night no doubt.
  5. He sounded very down. Said they have a lot to work on and off week came at the right time. Also Gave credit to Houston and their coach. This guy's press interviews are very boring quite honestly.
  6. It’s clear he was the reason Fine was in rhythm and the offense clicked last season. We need him back ASAP.
  7. Yes. Also can someone tell me why do we always crap the bed in front of a huge crowd? Pathetic.
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