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  1. How about trying to lure a coach from the NFL like Herm Edward’s?
  2. This has some possibilities for me but they would be older.
  3. If we are being honest with ourselves why would North Carolina let Ruder go if he were that great? Same with why did Chad Morris let Aune leave Arkansas? Why were we the only D1 team to offer Cason?
  4. Who is the best FCS head coach out there? What about Keeler at Sammy State?
  5. Tells me that the team still stands behind Littrell and they have not given up. I don’t expect a winner just give me a little effort and don’t give up until the end of the game. I hope to see this trend continue into next game and the remainder of the season. If Littrell can show improvement as the season progresses I can see us getting behind him for another season.
  6. Drummond should be given his chance as well. And what if the youngster from Kentucky?
  7. ABQ is a great place to visit for sure and it took some of the pain of losing so badly away. I was impressed with New Mexico University and the facilities.
  8. Don’t smdisagree with anything said here. Perhaps Seth and Wren could emulate what Sonny is doing with SMU?
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