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  1. "It's a great day to be great" - Mason Fine, 2019
  2. Even worse being in it right now. The PA speakers...jumbotron...crowd...band...refs...the list goes on
  3. 15-0 is going to look so good alongside this schedule. 😉
  4. Yup. Cancelled. Both teams are not happy and rightfully so.
  5. Kason and Bean both played a drive during the UIW game.
  6. Ok Kansas...win this basketball game already! #GMG
  7. Seth has left to K State. I heard from my very reliable sources who tracked him on his flight.
  8. I've been waiting all year to see those helmets!!!
  9. Okay, everyone needs to calm down. Seth is clearly doing this to get inside intel on Kansas State for when we move into the Big12 in 2026. It’s a genius coaching move! He already knows a lot about OU and T Tech so now we know more about our future conference opponent.
  10. Reading that the team (KState) has a meeting at 2:00pm....
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