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  1. MeanGreen17

    Uniforms for UAB?

  2. Broke a Core Value there....
  3. MeanGreen17

    ***OFFICIAL UNT vs. UTEP Game Thread***

    We are not the most excited team to play.
  4. MeanGreen17


    Ask and you shall receive.
  5. MeanGreen17

    Will the La. Tech game be a sellout? (POLL)

    Mark me down for another 2. Coming up from San Antonio.
  6. MeanGreen17

    The Band

    Former Green Brigade member here. I just want to point out a couple of things for the sake of pointing them out. In regards to the uniform, they are insanely hot and way worse then the ones I wore in high school. There is an added layer on the uniform then a traditional uniform, so the band can have different looks. With that, the uniform doesn't breathe at all and traps in all the heat. Comparing a long sleeve uniform that is being worn by (mostly) non athletes to athletic wear that has been specially designed for athletes to wear isn't fair. So hate on whoever designed to go with the "new" uniforms. I know many of the Texas college bands don't wear the same material as GB. Also, keep in mind the band does rehearse hours before game time in the stadium. In regards to the start/stopping of Go Mean Green, I don't know why it's a thing. To my understanding, it done to distract the visiting team since by then they know how the chant goes. I do know some of the student section gets a kick out of it, but also many don't understand it. That is all. Carry on.
  7. MeanGreen17

    Turn on Fox Sports SW

    His postgame speech made ESPN this morning!
  8. MeanGreen17

    What did Mason say about FAU?

    I was wondering the same thing. Just listen to the first guy talk about it.
  9. I can tell you the vast majority of the band would love to wear their uniform to all the games and pretty much everyone in the band hates how the summer band uniform looks. It’s not their decision. PS: would it hurt to actually act like civil people every once and awhile? Some of y’all need to calm down.
  10. MeanGreen17

    Five Things to Watch: North Texas

    Charles Barkley????????
  11. MeanGreen17

    UTSA Blackout Uniforms

    You got your wish.
  12. MeanGreen17

    Move the Band?

    You must not have been there Saturday.