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  1. So how does the portal work exactly? Do players just put their name in the database and hope a coach sees and contacts them, or does it provide contact details to get in touch with specific schools?
  2. This makes the QB competition veryyy interesting. I think this opens the door for someone to compete that might otherwise get overlooked. Only so many reps available in a practice.
  3. Hope the kid finds what he’s looking for. But his body language when he was taken out of games was HORRIBLE. edit: before anyone views this as me dogging the kid, I actually like Bean a lot. Super dynamic and could be a good QB with more work. And 18-22 year old me would be pissed if I was taken out of a game too. It was just an observation and not something you want from the leader of the offense.
  4. I mean yes and no. I remember in Charlie Strong’s presumed “last year”, they struggled to find anyone to take the OC job. The Tulsa OC initially turned the job down but then the Texas brass basically put an all out blitz to get him in. So yeah, it can be done, but it makes it extremely difficult to get someone that has something to lose. That said, I think Phil Bennett is a hell of a hire. And I think the defense should be drastically improved next year.
  5. Just holding teams to 30 or less would be a drastic improvement and I think a huge success. I think the pieces are there to get it done too.
  6. Wonder what the contract will be? I bet Phil would be more of a stop gap to get the D on track and save Seth’s job. Tough to get other coaches to leave their post when the HC future is uncertain.
  7. 25 points per game? Shhiiii... we’d go undefeated with that level of production lol
  8. I’ll say again: I won’t lose sleep at a GRAD TRANSER exploring his options. Adaway blew past him on the depth chart. Unfortunate but it happens
  9. Old Denton, New Denton, I don't really care at this point. What is annoying is your constant "Fire Seth" posts, comments, etc. It's a tired act. He's not going anywhere this year. So just suck it up and quit whining that a coach who has the highest winning percentage since the beloved Hayden Fry still has a job (that's over 40 years for those counting at home).
  10. Yeah, get back to me when it’s not little used guys or grad transfers. Otherwise, I’m gonna go about my day.
  11. My brother in law is a college coach (not football) and he has always been surprised by the low number of transfers out UNT football has had. There have been times that we’ve had literally zero players in the portal.
  12. Pass. Y’all remember his QBs? Whew. Tough scenes. I’ve never seen a coach get as much love as Chico. Dude won 1 game and let a grown man in tights run on the field with the team. Let. It. Go.
  13. All this to say, you can’t be upset at one and not the other. And vice versa
  14. What? How is it different.. The coach “commits” to a program the same why an athlete “commits”. I’d argue we should hold the coaches to a higher standard since they’re the ADULTS selling these KIDS on there program, often giving promises they can’t keep. Why should a kid be held to a commitment they made when they were 17/18 years old when a grown man can’t even do that? **for me, I don’t care when coaches leave. As long as those players that were recruited by them get the opportunity to reevaluate their future as well**
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