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  1. So.. Darden is legitimately one of the best WR in ALL of college football, right?
  2. I still love you guys bc you’re passionate Mean Green fans. But your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.
  3. Yeah, I’m done arguing with a wall. I’m sorry you have no desire to debate based on factual evidence. I’ve already said that today has been disappointing but go off
  4. When they averaged 31 points a game while THE BEST QB THE SCHOOL HAS EVER SEEN was injured for large chunks of game/season?
  5. Again, it’s real easy to point to one specific game. I can point to the Cowboys v Rams last year and say that Dallas had an elite offense but that wouldn’t be the case now would it.
  6. You said you didn’t know if he was a good offensive coach. I said that EVERY place he was an OC or HC DRASTICALLY improved offensively. UNT included. Your recency bias is showing.
  7. His body of work throughout his career says he’s a good offensive coach. Just look at his stops and how much the offensive evolved at each place. I’ll entertain the idea that he’s been average as a head coach but to say he’s not a good OFFENSIVE coach would be ignoring obvious facts and stats.
  8. There lies the problem. It’s difficult. Seth came here as an offensive guru guy and he has *mostly* lived up to that. Hasn’t done that well finding a “ying” to his “yang” outside of the first year. but recruitment has really picked up and I do think he has some extremely talent players that need a year or so seasoning.
  9. See, I’m in the minority that don’t think the coaching has been that bad over the last few years. I think the level of talent that the roster lacked caught up with them. EDIT: Obviously, the defense has been atrocious. I’m speaking on Seth.
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