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  1. Hell yeah.. why not? Have you seen what some of these kids make today playing video games? It’s absurd.
  2. I didn’t even think about where the new golf complex was until I saw RVs in the middle of the parking lot. Hope they get that tailgate area created across Bonnie Brae done asap
  3. The wings coming out of the face mask is by far the superior look.
  4. Idk if anyone else caught this but during that press conference with Neal and Wren, Wren mentioned that they had some evaluating to do of their athletic department prior to the AAC move. This was talked about while discussing facilities so we may see a mad dash to get some things completed sooner rather than later. i hope this means things like the athletic center expansion and the planned tailgate area will be expedited.
  5. I get what you’re saying, but getting 3 recruits a year prior to last year doesn’t exactly scream going hard for transfers. Transfers will always be a crapshoot bc them moving homes means they weren’t playing well enough at their previous stop.
  6. Every CUSA team leaving, including us, should be hitting the transfer portal HARD this year. There will be a race to prove your program “belongs” and every school will want to make that statement early.
  7. Got a confirming report. Seems very real at this point.
  8. To be fair to Wren, Seth was a very hot name in the coaching ranks and coming off another 9 win season when he extended him. It’s all gone very bad since. So I’m right there with you. I’ll judge Wren based on what happens at seasons end.
  9. Those 2 top classes are true/redshirt freshman. Hard to tell what those classes are going to be based on this season alone. They very well still could be the best class but we won’t know for another year or 2
  10. Wren let Benford play out then hit a grand slam with McCasland. I expect the same with the Seth situation. I'm not judging Wren based on whether or not he fires a coach mid-season..
  11. Let me clear some things up for the folks getting bent out of shape: I like Brett and this isn’t a shot at him. This is a shot at the weekly “well UNT lost but x team won!” articles/posts. I do not care that SMU and UTSA are undefeated. Just as SMU and UTSA probably didn’t care when we were undefeated. They just wanted their team to turn it around. As for the guy that thinks that Brett writing this will cause Wren to reassess the football program.. I’ll just say if an article is the catalyst for program change, we have much more to worry about than a change at HC.
  12. I just want UNT to play good. I don’t care what SMU, UTSA, or any other team is doing. Not once do I think “man, I wonder how SMU did today?”
  13. Maybe Brett should see if the Dallas Morning News or San Antonio Express is hiring. Because he loves talking about SMU and UTSA more than UNT fans care to listen.
  14. I’m glad the stat sheet fans are gonna think Aune played decent but the game showed a very different story.
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