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  1. That’s a bummer. Duffy would have been a great fit for the offense.
  2. I’m sure this, in addition to the SMU news, won’t cause mass overreactions on the board. Nope.
  3. I was at the UNT v Texas Tech basketball game back in 2010 and it was going on then. I’m assuming it’s been around for a while. Just now getting looked at.
  4. Didn’t say it did (even tho I’m on record that I don’t care either way). Just wanted to point out how out there wild it is and that ESPN let it get broadcasted.
  5. UNT trying to stop the “motherf’n” Eagles.. meanwhile, here’s LSU.
  6. It’s not on him. He was denied admissions. It’s not like he changed his mind. I would still take him without thinking twice.
  7. So now Seth has to address every single time his name is wrote in a random article about POSSIBLE candidates?? Seems extreme to me.
  8. People acting like we missed out on prime Deion Sanders. Folks need to chillllll. If in 4 years the kid is first team all defense, then you come come back and bitch.
  9. Imagine getting this upset about a coach y’all know nothing about. Couldn’t be me.
  10. You would be too now that shit show season is over and you just signed the top class in CUSA (so far) haha
  11. https://247sports.com/Player/Jy-Tolen-46084077/ I was just scrolling thru the QB list to see who has signed and who hasn’t and found this kid. Not a single g5/p5 offer. He threw for 4000 yards 47 tds and 3 ints lol what the hell. not trying to say we need to offer. It’s just wild how guys go off like this and never get a sniff from schools.
  12. Brendon Lewis would have been so huge. I’m glad this staff works their asses off to the very end to get the best class possible.
  13. There’s actually a massive difference in the 2. Both in athletics and academics.
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