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  1. Keep stacking top ranked recruiting classes with an emphasis on getting some linemen. I know we’re upset about this season (rightly so) and I’m not saying to just be satisfied with competing, but the future looks so so bright as long as we hold course.
  2. They’re 1-3 and might be losing their entire offense... forgive me for being a little skeptical of their chances to turn the ship.
  3. Soo.. we feeling a little better now? 2-2 going into the Houston game with both loses coming from top 25 teams?
  4. Death, Taxes, Nick Harvey not turning his head.
  5. You have no idea what teams will be this early in the season. Yes, losing to SMU and Cal sucked but how do those loses look if Cal hangs on to this one and SMU ends up beating TCU? Could end up being the 2 best teams you face all year. But if we lose to UTSA today.. yeah. There’s no spin to that.
  6. Did Vito just use the term “big win” and “Incarnate Word” in the same sentence bc... dear lord.
  7. 4&15 and there’s 2 guys on the screen running 5 yard routes..
  8. That’s the Mason Fine everyone loves. What a damn throw.
  9. Okay.. sure. Whatever works I guess. All part of the plan.
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