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  1. I mean I get it. I get that playing at UNT gives him a better chance at success bc of the level of competition. I just have a problem wishing failure on someone that hasn’t even made it out of high school. anyways, I’m tired of talking about the kid. I think we still have a nice QB room as of now with one being a grown man lol
  2. I think there is a better chance of Briles ending back at FAU with Willie. Although I don’t know how Briles liked being there the first time around or how much Willie liked him as his OC.
  3. This is why I’m giving Seth more rope than others. His recruiting classes have really picked up and this is an early example of it. Worst case scenario? His struggles continue into next year and maybe even the next but leaves you with a treasure trove of great talent.
  4. *these are recruiting battles you want to win. of course it’s sucks not getting a recruit you really want but there’s no shame in losing out to a program that’s in a better conference and just recently took you to the woodshed.
  5. Agreed. Graham has done enough to stick around P5 for a while. He ain’t coming back. (Unless there’s a wink wink deal between him and Seth that makes him HC should Seth have a successful season and leave next year.)
  6. Not to be combative, but what makes you think he wasn’t/isn’t ready? His first year at USC resulted in improving from 26 ppg to 33 ppg. Say what you will about his last year here and the 2nd half woes but there was a definite drop in offensive effectiveness this year for UNT.
  7. Co-Sign. Ek has so much passion for the game. And it was a definite drop off in defensive level when he left.
  8. I’m not saying I want Franks but this is a bad comparison bc Kai played 0 games for Texas before transferring. Franks has 2(?) years of starts under his belt.
  9. Right or wrong, I know people that haven’t started donating bc of how the school goes about it. They don’t even let you get off the stage before they start soliciting. There have been times where they’d call late at night. My wife got a call at 9pm the other day asking for money. It’s extremely off putting.
  10. Seems like the board is going to get their wish. Feels like this is the start of cutting dead weight.
  11. I think you have a better chance at getting LA Tech in that slot. Gotta remember that a rivalry doesn’t have to be about hating the other team. It can also be based in mutual respect. Beating SMU is cool and all but I get more pumped on LA Tech game days.
  12. I sure would love for them to let Mason just sling it one last time, but at the same time, the OLine is so bad I don’t want him getting hurt either.
  13. The last guy was absolutely incredible. Whoever is doing them now is doing fine.. just hard to follow up what we had.
  14. I’ve read enough to understand that you’re probably a miserable person to be around. Enjoy your ivory tower this Thanksgiving. Hope it doesn’t do too much damage to your waste.
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