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  1. If any of the players are reading this, great job on getting those road dubs. Proud of you all! GMG
  2. Know it's early but was still nice to see this paired with our win tonight.
  3. Great way to start conference play. On to the next!
  4. I wonder if any of the other teams in the tournament would consider driving down to Denton if they were going to be traveling to the same general area of the country anyway.
  5. After yesterday's great win, we're up 23(!!) spots in today's rankings to #72. Only C-USA school higher is UAB at #50 BTW our next opponent Tulsa is at #215. https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/basketball-men/d1/ncaa-mens-basketball-net-rankings
  6. Great defensive showing in the 2nd half! Bartender, Jack! GMG
  7. 5-10, 185 pound DB Zahodri Jackson played in 35 games for Utah State and will have 1 year of eligibility left. Offered tonight.
  8. Didn't play their best but they got the job done. Rack up the W, on to the next. GMG
  9. Was just looking through various rankings today and we're up across the board. RPI 106 (Up 59 spots) NET 89 (Up 14 spots) BPI 108 (Up 9 spots)
  10. What a great way to end the regular season. Hat tip to Coach Littrell, the coaching staff, and every Mean Green player out there. Let's go bowling! GMG
  11. So we've got the closest road game (and one against our rival) on the schedule, and the Green Brigade won't be there? That's a bad beat. I get the COVID concern, but if North Texas is willing to have the full band together all day long in Denton, what's the difference with doing it in Dallas? On another note, maybe going forward, there should be something done to assure our band has the funding to support the team on the road. Ideally, they should be at /every/ game. We've got a terrific, award-winning band with talented musicians every year. Why wouldn't the university want to put them in the spotlight? I'm not saying it would be easy to figure out the logistics, but I know our team and fans would appreciate their support. I for one enjoy having the Green Brigade at home games.
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