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  1. Given the terrible weather, we took what Liberty gave us and it was great to see the run game open up like that. Especially glad to see the team didn't have a letdown after last week. 4-0! What a time to be alive! Beat La Tech!
  2. South Texas Green

    National TV Exposure

    Was very cool to see North Texas pop up on the Sunday Night Football Halftime show. Mike Tirico identified Keegan Brewer by name, the crew briefly talked about the play and most importantly, they mentioned how North Texas took down Arkansas 44-17. Great, free pub for the Mean Green on network television!
  3. South Texas Green


    Emmitt is right. So many things to celebrate! And rightfully so. Let's enjoy the wave of success and keep it week at a time. Can't talk about going 5-0, 6-0, 7-0, etc unless you hit 4-0 first. Beat Liberty and GMG!
  4. South Texas Green

    A Positive Message For Our Team

    No question a big game awaits Saturday against Arkansas. They could use all the positive energy from our fan base. Why don't we share some words of encouragement for any of the team members or their family that happen to check out the forum? Certainly couldn't hurt. I'll start...... Guys, it's been great seeing you shine in your two wins. The entire Mean Green nation is behind you! For the offense, light up the scoreboard like we know you guys can. For the defense, stuff the run and get after those Hoggies. We're proud of the work you've done and we've got your back! GO MEAN GREEEEEEEEEN!!
  5. What a wonderful and generous gift for the Mean Green Nation! Our thanks to the Lovelace family!
  6. Have a single ticket available for tomorrow's game against Incarnate Word. Message me if you're interested. Thanks!
  7. South Texas Green

    Mason Fine named C-USA Offensive Player of the Week!

    It was really enjoyable seeing Mason and his receivers click out there. And that was just week 1. Who knows how good the aerial attack can be by the end of the season? Hoping for more success and more national recognition for the program! GMG
  8. South Texas Green

    Bryce English comeback story begins

    Happy for this young man. So many talented athletes don't get a chance to play at the collegiate level for a variety of reasons. Injuries, academics, legal issues, etc. Glad the patience has paid off for Bryce. Hope he has a good year in the trenches.
  9. South Texas Green

    How About That Defense!

    Impressed by the performance from our defense. Keep it up guys! We believe in you all!
  10. South Texas Green

    Arkansas Fans Reaction to UNT Dominating SMU

    Let's take care of Incarnate Word first before we have any Arkansas predictions. There's no gimmes out there. The extra talks just takes away from focusing on making sure the team plays to its full potential against the Cardinals.
  11. South Texas Green

    UNT has record crowd for 2018 SMU win

    There's no way to know exactly how many people were there, but regardless, who cares? We still had a great showing in front of a great, big North Texas crowd. And we kicked our rival's butts in the process. Comparing past large attendances to last night's is a bit like splitting hairs isn't it? The bottom line is last night's attendance is going down as the record. That's something to be celebrated, as is the impressive showing the team put on in front of all those fans.
  12. South Texas Green

    New Turf Looks Great

    Totally agree on the brown tint of the past turf. The new turf definitely looks better and I've got no problem with the endzone color. I think popping the field with that bright green works. But hey, everything looks better after a great win, right??
  13. South Texas Green

    DRC: UNT coaches, players thrilled with wrestling matches

    Imagine if the school was somehow able to convince Stone Cold to make a surprise appearance?? The place would go nuts when they showed him on the video board.
  14. South Texas Green

    DRC: UNT officials confirm SMU game approaching sellout

    Another important point to throw out there.... WEAR GREEN Nothing would be more impressive (aside from a North Texas blowout of SMU) than too see a sea of green in the stands. I'm pumped! Fill Apogee and beat SMU!
  15. South Texas Green

    What Uniforms?