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  1. If Seth goes to Arkansas I would take Chad Morris at UNT
  2. Maybe it will lead to UNT getting malzahn for cheap. It worked for La Tech and Holtz
  3. I was thinking the same exact thing. If Malzahn is fired and Seth is hired I would hope Wren would bring in Malzahn to UNT. The guy has never had a losing season. *even though Malzahn Just signed 7 year 49 million dollar deal 2 years ago
  4. bingo. and its good to build relationships with kids that have the potential to blow up their senior year. You hear alot of time in the NFL how teams will stick with there board. UNT does the sa,e things. They stick to there board and dont get excited and throw out a bunch of non commital offers or guys you have to pull there offers later.
  5. Thanks Billy. I wouldn't be surprised to see one or 2 transfers. I wonder why what you said would got a down vote?
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