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  1. I have my own opinions. As much as that is hard for some on the board to believe. The staff nor any one from the athletic department as mentioned a word to me about SMU. I am speaking on this as just someone that follows recruiting.
  2. It is not a knock on Eric Morris. It is just a fact that one team can and is paying every recruit 36-55k... With a couple recruits making near 100k.. While UNT just does not have that capability yet. Im sorry I just don't care who the coach is. 18-21 year old kids arent turning down an extra 40k. I'm 33 and I ain't turning down an extra 40k.
  3. They beat us 48-10. The NIL money has really just started to flow this offseason. They have added a ton of P5 talent. I have heard from SMU sources that the combination of cupcake schedule the AAC gave SMU combined with the level of talent they have added if it doesn't equal 9-11 wins SMU will be looking for a new coach. Expectations are sky high.
  4. What benefit is it getting curbed stomped yearly? Does it truly matter if you are in conference or not?
  5. SMU in this new pay to play era of college football is a juggernaut. The budget they have at the moment to pay players is on another level. I think if they move to the west coast they will lose some of the luster with having the west coast scheduling and timing. Even tho it is P5 football I think it will hurt them not having any texas teams.
  6. Best case scenario from a North Texas perspective is Colorado going to big 12. smu to pac 12.
  7. I can confirm almost ever recruiting battle Morris and Co. have lost the last 2 months have been due to other teams offering more NIL money. This is not a shot at our current NIL collective. We are going to have to step up in number of donors to ever be relivent in the NIL marketplace in today game. We can't rely or expect 5-10 big money donors to carry the load. I think the NIL for North Texas has some good things going behind the scenes that will improve it moving forward. But also going to have to tap into the extremely large alumni base as well.
  8. And I can confirm that a VERY large percentage of the Kids you are referring to we lost due to the lack of NIL funding. Kids are not taking less money to go anywhere. North Texas will take off when we take advantage of alumni numbers. It doesn't have to be huge amounts with our large alumni base. Just needs more numbers donating. It can't be 4 or 5 big donors and expect to compete.
  9. Jon is not our DC. But we brought in 3 of his disciples. I def think there will be growing pains. The point I was making is the Iowa State defense is not loaded with 5 star talent. Iowa State has not finished better than fifth in the big 12 the last half decade in recruiting. And only came in 5th once. But yet the defense has been near the top in both country and confernce year end and year out.
  10. Iowa state defense has been the best D in big 12 last half decade.. and they haven’t been over ran with 5 star guys. that found guys that fit the system. I’m going to trust them till I’m proven wrong. I don’t think it will be a one year turn around. But using the same tactics they used in building Iowa state defense Kratch and Caponi will get this thing rolling
  11. I think the next guy is already committed. Defensive side of ball
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