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  1. My list I posted on list one has a couple names on it that are still in the running.
  2. off subject. but got updated list of DC candidates. Good looking group.
  3. 7-6 > 1-11 so throw out the HOD that's fine. He still has took us to bowl games in 2 out of 4 years... something our program has done what 10 times in 100 years???
  4. And how many of many wins of the great DD 42 -64 record were against fun belt teams with losing records.....
  5. Did you really just screen shot Todd Dodge? You think Dodge and Seth are in the same category and level? Lmao Seth is still over 500 as a coach. 3 out of 4 year bowl games. We had an injury plagued year. And are obviously not content. The candidates being thrown around for DC are exciting.
  6. Only at North Texas would records of 22-32 and 42-64 be classified as "working"
  7. That worked out great the last time we had it.
  8. Clay Jennings was a CB coach for him does that count
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