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  1. Derp derp derp you know what’s asinine is we have over 30 million Americans unemployed due to a “pandemic” with over a 99% recovery rate. How many of the 200k deaths were actually killed by Covid? My friends 92 year old grandma died last night... she had stage 4 cancer... she tested positive for Covid. She will count as a Covid death. If you are under the age of 75 and have no underlying condition you are virtually at no risk to catching Covid and dying. I guarantee more lives will be affected by unemployment than would have ever been affected by Covid if we didn’t do all the social distancing and prevent herd immunity from the get go.
  2. Lol. And you thought this social distancing was about saving lives. It was about money the whole time.
  3. How does anyone think football is possible with a virus with a 99.9995% survival rate... maybe one day we will let herd immunity take place and quit the social distancing bs and continue with our lives like most other countries have. I predict it will Mysteriously disappear sometime after November.... 😉
  4. So 18% of the 11 were D1 transfers. The point I was making was you have to use ever option when trying to build a roster. SMU football went transfer heavy and has led to a resurgence of the program. At g5 level in any sport you cant really solely on HS recruits no matter how dominate your program (just like the soccer team)
  5. Last years team had 8 D1 Transfers. Out of 26 Players on the roster. 30% of the roster was D1 transfers. That would equal about 25 D1 transfers on a FBS football roster. And there is 5 D1 transfers on this years roster not 3. still 18% of the roster is D1 transfers.
  6. I am here!! be working and trying to survive corona season!!! Seth we referring to the Grad transfer that should be announcing soon. GMG
  7. Gomeangreen has learned Rico Bussey has entered the Transfer Portal.
  8. The signee never made sense to me to begin with. I believe both are high school tight ends were better to begin with with five years of eligibility left including redshirt year. This I believe will become a gray casualty and we're getting out ahead of the curve so we can sign someone else.
  9. Recruiting across the board has changed a little since the days of Hayden Fry...
  10. Would be # 7 right now. Huge shout out to Luke and recruiting staff.
  11. When the newest signing is announced UNT will move to # 1 in CUSA according to 247sports.
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