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  1. I believe we did. But University Administration did not approve.
  2. Gomeangreen sources confirmed today Seth is targeting former Mississippi State DL coach as the next DL coach. Was with Fedora at Southern Miss and UNC. https://247sports.com/Coach/Deke-Adams-637/
  3. Sean Payton, Andy Reid, Mike Leach, Doug Peterson, Neal Brown, Mike McCarthy... Point is if you have one of the best play callers in the country let them call plays if you cant get close to getting better.
  4. This is a huge loss. Marty was a beast in recruiting and special teams (outside of Houston game) was our best unit the last few year. We were top 15 in efficiency in special teams last season. Best of luck to Marty and his family.
  5. Love these hires. Both have experience in the Briles offensive system. I believe that is what Seth is wanting to transition to. Love these hires.
  6. From what I am hearing. I like where this could be heading. Should be resolved pretty quickly.
  7. But yet we are still searching for his replacement. But hey SMU hired Lincoln's brother.
  8. I am also hearing it is pretty unlikely they let's Thibs go. He and Lincoln are pretty tight. So Grinch may be over ruled.
  9. I am saying if OU decides to let Grinch choose he own DL coach. We will be a top landing spot for him. OU is believed to be letting Grinch put together his own staff. He was hired and wasn't able to pick his own staff for the most part
  10. Sources close to GMG.com have confirmed a name to watch out for is OU DL coach Calvin Thibodeaux. Not saying a signing is imminent. But there is mutual interest. It all depends if Grinch wants to bring in his own DL coach. Calvin is very familiar with both Seth and New DC Clint Bowen. He worked under Clint for a season while they both were at Kansas. Just something to watch.
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