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  1. TheReal_jayD

    Visitors this weekend?

    Yes Jr day is monday
  2. TheReal_jayD

    New Recuiting Podcast Coming This Week

    great question i will make sure and ask. thank you
  3. TheReal_jayD

    New Recuiting Podcast Coming This Week

    Mean Green Football > Made Up holidays
  4. TheReal_jayD

    New Recuiting Podcast Coming This Week

    Harry will post them here on the website. I will tag you in it when he post. We are recording tonight
  5. TheReal_jayD

    Joel Filani Leaving UNT

    sorry I didnt see your post till after i had put mine. I wasnt correcting!!
  6. Bodie up tempo pace is very appealing to Seth. It was frustrating last year when we would be on drives and have teams on the ropes. Then sub and allow the defense to get fresh legs in. I believe it was equally frustrating to SL. I know Briles is hated for his actions or lack there of. But he was a hell of a football coach. I would not be surprised to see North Texas offense ran next year very similar to what Briles did at Baylor. The air raid with uptempo pace that allows you to wear down a defense and catch them off guard. Seth had a lot of mutual respect for GH and I think that is why he didnt step on his toes. But GH would like to let the defense set up. Then make the play calling decision off what the defense is giving you. As versus the other way around. Will be exciting to watch it Develop
  7. TheReal_jayD

    Joel Filani Leaving UNT

    Selling Insurance
  8. TheReal_jayD

    Joel Filani Leaving UNT

    I think by the number of assistant coaches Seth has sent to the P5 ranks it is safe to speculate. As far as the most recent hirings Jennings has been one of the best if not the best DB coach in the region in the last 10 years. Bodie led one of the top 3 offenses in the FCS the last two years and led on big playoff runs. His up tempo pace and Seth air raid will be a fun combination to watch next season. As for Cobbs idk if you could have found better fit for a G5 RB coaching vacancy. Hall of famer at Alma Mater, TXHSFB coaching experience and relations ship and NFL experience. He Killed It.
  9. TheReal_jayD

    Joel Filani Leaving UNT

    Outside WR
  10. TheReal_jayD

    Joel Filani Leaving UNT

    Looks like he is headed to Tech. Seth has killed it on last 3 openings. Excited to see the new hire
  11. We will wrap up #F19HTCLUB and Preview Jr Day coming up. We will also Discuss THe first commit of #UNTamed2020. If you have any questions for @Harry, @GMG24 or myself shoot them our way
  12. TheReal_jayD

    First 2020 UNT Commit!!!

    Thanks @GMG24 it did tonight!! What a great start to the class