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  1. He has turned down multiple P5 offers since he stepped away from the game. He even let Oregon slip in the interview. Some of the offers were for more than what our HC makes. I truly believe he is coming back for several reason. 1) He truly thinks the world of Seth and knows his potential 2) Missed the game of football 3) Thinks we are just a good defense away from taking the next step. And he believes he can get us there Hearing him talk I believe he will not only help Seth by improving his defense. But also help him develop in to an even better coach.
  2. Galen will not return. Bennett is bringing his guys in
  3. Defense will be a 4 man front. With an emphasis on stopping the run.
  4. Phil Bennett confirmed on David Smoak radio show former SMU DC Jim Gush will be new linebacker coach at North Texas. great addition. Ton of experience and juco connections Galen Scott will not be returning
  5. Upset about where a player is on depth chart.. and not happy with the culture are two different things.
  6. I love Brune. But I have to disagree. Seth had to do the safe hire. Not in a position to roll dice with you an inexperienced guy. Yes you could find the defensive version of Graham Harrell.... but it’s about 85% more likely you end up with Bodie Reeder
  7. I am hearing that a deal is done between UNT and former SMU head coach Phil Bennett to be come the new DC for North Texas. Bennett has had DC stops at Texas A &M , Baylor, TCU, Kansas State and LSU. Believe it is a huge grab for Seth with him bringing over 25 years of DC experience!
  8. Yes I do. And I explained in another thread. We haven’t lost one kid that’s isn’t already replaceable with someone already on roster. Not to mention we will add 7-10 kids between now and game one.....
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