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  1. TheReal_jayD

    DRC: New end zone turf about to go in at Apogee

    Where have I heard of Cudjoe before? @GMG24
  2. I have been wondering how those games came out personally.. I was just thankful I decided to read that article
  3. TheReal_jayD

    UNT loses backup linebacker (updated with story)

    Completly agree This is very true 🤣
  4. TheReal_jayD

    UNT loses backup linebacker (updated with story)

    Kody Fulp just had a ULM offer.
  5. TheReal_jayD

    '19 QB Will Kuehne (Owasso)

    No I am not worried About New Mexico. I do think more is coming. And coming for a lot of guys committed.
  6. TheReal_jayD

    '19 QB Will Kuehne (Owasso)

    He has picked up a New Mexico offer. More to come. North Texas will have to fight to keep him!!
  7. TheReal_jayD

    UNT loses backup linebacker (updated with story)

    Seniors Ej BG Jr Tim faison Other underclassmen to watch for Corey Mann William Lemasters Mike linehan Kd Davis Larry Nixon Jordan hunt The 4 three star lb committed. Some can see the writing on the wall.
  8. TheReal_jayD

    UNT loses backup linebacker (updated with story)

    Heres an updated story. He is headed to Juco route. Sounds like between Chris Thornton, William Lemasters and incoming freshman linebacker room got a little crowded for him.
  9. TheReal_jayD

    UNT loses backup linebacker (updated with story)

    me reading the article trying to find a reason why.
  10. TheReal_jayD

    James Miller to NMSU

    I am pretty sure he was one of the lower paid assistants on the staff. And I know he lived in the New Mexico area before. I am guessing pay raise and location played in decision.
  11. TheReal_jayD

    Big time commitment

    or posting pictures on other official visits...
  12. TheReal_jayD

    Big time commitment

    Thanks everyone for the kind words!!! This is just a verbal commitment. I can't sign until NSD which is still undeterminedright now. But i am shutting my recruitment down!
  13. All on Twitter should qoute tweet ever offer letter you see to @ejholland247. That is a BS excuse. He blows up SMU every chance he gets and takes a shot at UNT every chance. He is a joke
  14. check out the athletic DFW. Some amazing writers. Alot of UNT alums. And they have ran more stories about mean green football in the last 3 weeks than dmn in the last 3 years.
  15. Man it's crazy how you forget a DFW University that has over 36,000 students.. coming off back to back bowls... And over 100,000 alum just in the DFW area... but they didn't forget the little ponies. That is prolly because infamous SMU alum EJ Holland wrote the article.. everybody send your thoughts to @ejholland and @dallasnews on Twitter this is an absolute joke.