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  1. No doubt. Wren dropped ball by not firing when it was 1-6. Then for the staff to absolutely shit the bed in recruiting this off season hasn’t helped. While our peers are all on a completely different level right now and not even close.
  2. Yes fingers crossed we end up with a class full of 5’10 Oklahoma record breakers. I’m sure most of the commits offer list will be similar.
  3. I’m going to say straw man. The only person in America with a lower approval ratings right now is Joe B
  4. I believe that’s the ideology of big donors as well. Seth has really fudged this thing up moving forward in so many ways.
  5. Add western kentucky to the list of losses.
  6. This is the most concerned I have been about UNT recruiting since before seth arrived. We are playing the waiting game and passing on on alot of talent i believe. UTSA is kicking our ass right now. Multiple P5 transfers, just flipped a 4 star kid from an sec school. Look to be landing another 4 star possibly. SMU is doing what SMU does they have landed multiple p5 kids from DFW transfering home. Houston has landed an USC and OU transfer in the last two days. We have only landed 2 kids so far with active FBS offers.. we have zero momentum, zero buzz and passing on a lot of solid transfer kids trying to be cute. I think it is very concerning. We have lost recruiting battles to Marshall, Charlotte, Kansas State and East Carolina all in the last month. Those are battles we should be winning. If you cant sell UNT to be better than any of the four previous schools get the hell out of town. The is so frustrating I will probably taking a break from covering recruiting for a while to be completely honest. We will get our ASS handed to us in the AAC if shit doesn't change and in a hurry.
  7. Staff has not talked to the kid. This is pretty common. Post a fake offer. Get other coaches to look at you.
  8. I really dont have an answer. Have heard some names... dont want to send board in all out panic mode on NSD.
  9. My prediction is Aune (Graduates and Start LIfe) Gilmore (transfers) Martin(Graduates and Starts life) Ruder and Headstone 3 way battle during spring.
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