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  1. Bill Clark is a great coach don't get me wrong. But the was he was able to rebuild this roster would be like playing Madden with no salary cap while all the others team have it. He was able to wave academic requirements take borderline guys and had an unlimited amount of schollys to do it. Seth would have liked that when he took over a 1 win team.
  2. Top North Texas Targets 2019 Ladarius Henderson (Currently committed to Arizona State) 2020 Cooper Mcdonald Jabbar Muhammad Commits Dorian Morris Gabriel Murphy Grayson Murphy Taylor Jacobs Garrison Johnson John Brunner Deshawn Gaddie
  4. TheReal_jayD

    NFL players taking notice

    Aaron Colvin of the Houston Texans formerly of the Oklahoma Sooners was repping the Mean Green Sunday. He is also the brother of Caleb Colvin who has been a great addition to the Mean Green DL and is only a sophomore.
  5. TheReal_jayD

    Seth on 1053 the fan

    Here you go!! 👇👇👇👇👇👇
  6. TheReal_jayD

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Been trying to tell people this. I have got asked about 10 times this week. I think it has to be a perfect situation for him to up and leave.
  8. TheReal_jayD

    Arkansas 2019 commits

    Very very very low chance. The staff has been working for 3 years to mend relationships across #TXHSFB.. they aren't going to risk tarnishing that. They will blue shirt before they pull a scholly.
  9. TheReal_jayD

    Breaking News

    Also Graham is too inexperienced to call plays...
  10. TheReal_jayD

    Breaking News

    We just went in to SEC country and opened up a can of whoop ass.... Pretty good for a coaching staff that can't recruit... And a QB that can't throw the deep ball!! Enjoy it guys!!! The sleeping giant is awake!!!!
  11. Committing tonight. It's between us and Tulane. If we still have a spot available I like our chances. This could also be situation Morris took last DB scholly. @GMG24 and I discussed on recruiting podcast will be a very nice addition
  12. They are doing an amazing job!!! The improvements are astronomical