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  1. We were in SF a couple of years ago in late May and went to a Giants game and I agree that the ballpark is great. Bring a jacket though, much cooler than we expected. We also drove around campus and went by the stadium. I told my wife that I bet it’d be an awesome place to watch a game. The location is very cool and I thought that before knowing about the view from the east rim. I bet that is a fantastic! Unfortunately is not in the cards for me to make this game. And even more unfortunate is that work may keep me from most games this year😢😢😢
  2. I guess this was more my point. I knew SOW wasn't the "official" name for the logo, but it's all I've ever seen it called here on GMG.com. I guess I never consider that the logo had an official name.😁 I appreciate the replies. Guess I've learned a little something.
  3. Not to speak for him, but I took it to mean that Graham Harrell isn't exactly a pioneer of the Air Raid. Maybe Mike Leach's Air Raid run by Graham Harrell. Anyway, very cool to see UNT getting all of this preseason love. Just think how awesome it will be to get this much attention in the post season!
  4. LaColina Apartments on Teasley @ I35 Then I lived in a house down the road a bit from the TWU golf course. There were (and maybe still are) train tracks about 75 yards from my bedroom window so the first night there I was awakened by what I was sure was a train derailing and coming through my bedroom😁
  5. So when did the SOW become the diving eagle? Is it only considered the SOW on football helmets? On topic: I prefer either of the mock-ups by the two members here over any of the three actual choices (which I like). Great job guys!
  6. NT93

    Pick 2

    Tough hypothetical. I ended up making my choice by asking: Would I rather lose to SMU or Cal? When you look at it that way it becomes much easier to decide IMO.
  7. This is the issue I have with buying jerseys. Not even taking into account what we might have in 2020, what will we be wearing in 2019? We may not wear this particular green jersey but a couple of times this season. That being said, this is no doubt a major upgrade from anything I've seen in years...maybe ever.
  8. When did Khairi Muhammad transfer to Marshall?😀 Man, it's so nice to look at these lists nowadays and see so much Mean Green represented.
  9. The bad part of that 9-3 prediction is that it has us at 3-3 after six games. The "sky if falling" crowd will be posting in full force if that happens😀 All in all lots of love for the Mean Green in the magazine. Mason was chosen by several writers as the player they'd pick to start a team. Seth got the fewest votes by high school coaches to the question "Which college coach do you trust the least?" We're ranked #3 in the Texas College poll. I'll repeat what others have said often: It's a good time to be a UNT fan.
  10. No way were only the 75th best team in the nation. A few years ago I'd have been happy with this ranking, but today I call BS.
  11. Wow. That list is North Texas, Hawaii and 8 of the best programs in the country.
  12. Michael Scott on Wikipedia
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