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  1. This is a strange one for me. Though he's never really made a significant contribution on game days, I feel like this is a big loss as well. Best of luck to Caleb. I was always a fan of his.
  2. I missed it. I turned it off after the story about Jaylen. I didn't realize Wren was going to be on.
  3. I don't mean this to be bashing GH, because I really have a lot of respect for him and his family, but did we just upgrade at OC? Obviously time will tell, but I feel really good about this.
  4. They'll probably hire him, gets lots of backlash, and then un-hire him.
  5. 1) Not sure if I agree or disagree, but I will say that I'm glad they didn't convict and punish him just to please a particular group. 2) Not a hunter myself, but I would assume that is not how you train a dog to hunt. 3) Dog vs dog and rooster vs rooster is not natural. Sure, dogs fight other dogs and they can be protective of their territory, but one dog would not be considered the prey of another dog. 4). I completely agree.
  6. Yeah, because most raccoons die a nice peaceful death. Look, I wouldn't do what they did, but it's not like they were beating the raccoon with a baseball bat or something. Something along those lines is what I'd consider animal cruelty. They basically manipulated nature. I know my very domesticated, non-hunting, lap dogs will chase after a rabbit, squirrel, etc. if I let them outside and they see one. I get that they had the raccoon caged and let it out with the dogs ready to pounce, but the dogs pounced because it's the natural thing for them to do.
  7. Sad, but true. The irony in the bolded part that these individuals would be being a nuisance while defending a nuisance animal🤣
  8. This. The same or better record will be much tougher next season.
  9. Dumb to be a part of it and even dumber to post it on social media, but I hardly think getting kicked off the team is an appropriate punishment.
  10. So a spammer revives a 4 month old thread to promote "beyond yoga leggings" and it leads to @ipd054 finding out we'll actually be able to buy replica jerseys this fall. Rarely does spamming result in such a positive outcome.😁
  11. Bait??? I tried to leave it at "we have differing opinions on the subject."
  12. So in 32 years, they have only beaten Big 12 teams 17 more times than they've lost. So basically it takes them two seasons to gain a one game advantage. In 18 seasons since 2010 (a time period in which ESPN and the like tout the SEC as all-mighty and the Big 12 as the 4th or 5th best conference) they only have a 6 game advantage? So it takes them 3 seasons to gain a one game advantage. That just doesn't come across as dominating to me. I guess maybe just the d-lines are dominating, but it's pretty even at every other position.
  13. Not really, but rather than type up a rebuttal I'll just say that we have differing opinions on this particular subject.
  14. Are ya'll talking about those SEC defenses that went 6-5 in bowl games with 3 of the losses coming against Big 12 teams?
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