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  1. I meet the requirements, so maybe I’ll throw my name in the hat. 😛 At the very least the folks who weed out the resumes would get a laugh.
  2. Welcome to NCAA Football: NIL Edition
  3. Don’t feel sorry for me for making the 2 hour drive to Frisco. My buddy and I enjoyed our $12.50 watered down beers and $11 brisket nachos😁 Wish I could have made the tailgating, but sometimes life gets in the way. Though we lost, I’m still glad I went. As for the game: 1) We were definitely without fire or emotion. I felt the stadium in general lacked emotion. It was very weird. 2) Our QB play is, um, uh…not very good. 3) I tend to think not having Torrey didn’t make a huge difference. 4) The undisciplined play that was basically absent during the winning streak reared it’s ugly head. (More on that later) 5) I don’t feel as though we were dominated as some have expressed. If we score, which we should have, with 9 minutes left, we cut the lead to 6 and we would have had momentum. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that 3 of Miami’s scoring drives were aided by 15 yard penalties that I would classify as “undisciplined.” The Faulkner late hit out of bounds, one Murphy bumping the ref (or whatever he did) after the other late hit the QB, and one other that I can’t recall that I believe happened in the 2nd quarter (this penalty may have been a facemask, which I don’t generally consider undisciplined). I felt all of those were huge penalties that really benefited Miami. And I’ll end with a little bad news for most of us: SL will be back. Merry Christmas
  4. I’m such a naive little green tinted glasses wearing, green kool-aid drinking dork. I was online the day tickets went on sale because I was afraid it would sell out so quickly that I might not get tickets if I waited. I see now that was completely unnecessary…though I do have great seats.
  5. Fantastic work. This thread has been a blast.
  6. I went yesterday and watched the 3A games. Wish I could have gone today and tomorrow, but sometimes work gets in the way.
  7. When this game was announced I just assumed it would be a sellout. What a disappointment if it doesn’t.
  8. Use the link @El Paso Eagleprovided above. You should see this after clicking on the “click here to buy tickets” link:
  9. You may step on a few Mean Green toes with those first two paragraphs, but I think you’ll redeem yourself with that closing paragraph🤣🤣
  10. You were much more succinct than me. 🤣🤣
  11. I think the blue sections have available seats and the red(ish) sections have no seats available. They are trying to show that they are selling more tickets to a bowl at the same location three days apart.
  12. If that does happen, I don’t want to hear about how Cincinnati didn’t deserve to be there. I believe Bama just beat Georgia soundly so… This comment isn’t directed at you ChiefTen.
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