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  1. I fear when it’s all said and done that we’re back in C-USA 2.0.
  2. I understood. I just don’t know that the perception that G5’a are a farm system is accurate because of the very point you made.
  3. The numbers don’t back up the statement that “G5 and some P5 are doomed to be raided at will by teams higher up in the football hierarchy.” A high percentage of transfers are going from one P5 to another. Additionally, more players transferred down from P5 to G5 than the other way around. I guess my point is that I thought exactly what you stated in your post until I actually looked at where transfers were going and where they are coming from. Just not what I expected, that’s all.
  4. Texas Football, for the first time ever, listed each schools transfers added. As I was looking through the lists it struck me that my perception of transfers doesn’t match the reality. At least not according to my very surface level research. I think most on here are of the opinion that we (G5’s) are a sort of farm system for the P5’s. Based on where players transferred into Texas schools, that isn’t true. Of the five P5 schools in the state, there were a total of 39 players who transferred in. Of those, 23 were P5 players and 16 were G5 or lower. Of the six G5 schools in the state, there were a total of 47 players who transferred in. Of those, 30 were P5 and 17 were G5 or lower. (These numbers are skewed by Houston and SMU who brought in 19 P5 and only 5 G5.) As I said, I know this is very surface level and I also know that it’s a small sample size, but I still found it interesting. I’d like to do some more digging and see how many of the transfers were starters at their previous school, but it’s not very high on my to-do list.
  5. Yeah. I enjoyed this photo for about one day.
  6. The timing is like leaving the bride or groom standing at the altar. He’s graduated and he’s given us his time, but seriously. You’re going to transfer at the end of June?
  7. Portland St. End of discussion.
  8. Thanks for making a third thread regarding this transfer.
  9. Sadly, I’m beginning to dislike the sport I have loved since I was a kid…college football.
  10. You just described Chris Simms and that didn’t go as well as expected for the Horns.
  11. To all the replies
  12. California’s population has dropped the last two years while NY and Chicago have only grown about .25%. Texas has grown a little over 1% in the past year. Common sense would dictate that the housing market is much better here than in the aforementioned areas. That being said, I expect the market to cool considerably in the near future. It seems unavoidable with the way things are going.
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