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  1. NT93

    And the rich get richer

    Bait??? I tried to leave it at "we have differing opinions on the subject."
  2. NT93

    And the rich get richer

    So in 32 years, they have only beaten Big 12 teams 17 more times than they've lost. So basically it takes them two seasons to gain a one game advantage. In 18 seasons since 2010 (a time period in which ESPN and the like tout the SEC as all-mighty and the Big 12 as the 4th or 5th best conference) they only have a 6 game advantage? So it takes them 3 seasons to gain a one game advantage. That just doesn't come across as dominating to me. I guess maybe just the d-lines are dominating, but it's pretty even at every other position.
  3. NT93

    And the rich get richer

    Not really, but rather than type up a rebuttal I'll just say that we have differing opinions on this particular subject.
  4. NT93

    And the rich get richer

    Are ya'll talking about those SEC defenses that went 6-5 in bowl games with 3 of the losses coming against Big 12 teams?
  5. Regardless of whether or not he is NFL-ready, how can you possibly bad-mouth a kid who has already gotten his degree? Say what you about his drops, etc., but he was a guy that defenses had to account for.
  6. To whoever gave me the Skeptical Eagle: Thanks for the laugh. That post probably deserves to reach double digit "Skeptical Eagles."
  7. This is why you shouldn't post about things when you are ignorant of them. I'm a huge college football fan, but I don't watch the NFL. I had no idea that NFL teams were running Air Raid stuff. Based on the teams you listed, I'd say its working out ok. Now, where is that "embarrassed" emoji???
  8. Here's an HSO for you: This hire marks the beginning of the end for the Air Raid type offense. NFL coordinators figure out how to stop it and college coaches (and HS coaches) follow suit.
  9. Fired from Texas Tech and hired by the Arizona Cardinals? Isn't that kind of like getting fired by Sam Houston State and getting hired by Arizona State??? I mean, doesn't the level above usually hire away a successful coach from the lower level. Good for him, but very weird.
  10. NT93

    Too Many Bowl Games?

    I get your point, but I think this says more about HS football in Texas than it does about bowl games.
  11. NT93

    "Hardship Transfers"?

    Too bad he didn't know Jake Fromm was a freshman and the incumbent starter when he signed with Georgia.
  12. NT93

    Hats off to UCF

    Agreed. And a lot of those "experts" also think Georgia should have been in the playoff this year. LSU beats UGA by 20, LSU beats UCF by 8. These results clearly indicate that Georgia should have made the playoffs and that UCF "doesn't belong" in the playoff. Yep, makes perfect sense.
  13. NT93

    Something I really dislike

    Are you suggesting that the ol' "TEAM me" practice shirts are no longer a thing?😀
  14. NT93

    Something I really dislike

    Define "too many." It's entirely possible that you are aware of many more players than me, but I only know of a couple who were injured and "lost everything." Jaylen Smith certain lost some money that he'll probably never get back, but he's still doing okay. I guess part of my problem with kids sitting out games is: Where does it end? Or, when does the "I'm preparing for the draft" move up into November? Are all bowl games besides the CFP meaningless? What if an Alabama or Clemson player has a career ending injury next Monday and misses out on setting his family up for generations? Will we then see players choose to sit out the "playoff" games? What are the odds of a player having a career ending injury in his final game? I'd love to see that stat: Total number of players who suffered a major injury in their last college game.
  15. NT93


    We saw the same thing last year. We've run into two buzz saws with no name recognition, so your average college football fan thinks we are getting hammered by middling teams.