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  1. What it should be: 49-7 What it will be: 31-24
  2. Ohhh, yeah. Bad choice of words.
  3. I was thinking about this yesterday while looking at my Texas Football magazine. Anybody know which of our true freshmen have played this year? And...I did think this thread was going to be about some sort or promotion that involved red UNT shirts which would definitely be something different😁
  4. He seems to have had more than his fair share of bad breaks. I hope nothing but the best for him.
  5. I gave you an upvote, but I'm also going to disagree with one point you made. I didn't think Fine played great. I thought he had a very average game, especially by his standards. Lost fumble, interception on a very ill-advised pass, and three times I can think of off the top of my head that, if he puts the ball on the money, they would have been caught. Granted, a couple of the ones I'm talking about probably should have been caught anyway, but they weren't great throws. I agree that the defense was solid. Considering the field position in which Cal started several drives, I thought the defense was really good for the most part. Also agree that the corners need to play better. Additionally, I thought the running game was good. We should be able to run it down the throats of C-USA teams if we can run it like yesterday.
  6. All kinds of complaining on this board after we lost by 6 to a Pac12 team on the road...a Pac12 team that is now ranked #23. My how expectations have changed over the past few years. In pretty much all my years of being a Mean Green fan the results of the game yesterday would have been pride that we "kept it close" and "we had the ball and a chance to win the game with under 2 minutes left." So nice that the program is at a point that we can have the realistic expectation to win these games.
  7. After last night a 12 point loss to Cal would be progress. Sad but true.
  8. You mean the same La Tech that beat Grambling 20-14???
  9. I have no feel for this one at all, but I’ll go with: UNT 42 SMU 35
  10. I completely agree. This is a huge game for both teams.
  11. We can lose this game and end the season 11-1. How can it possibly be must win?
  12. “Must win”. The most overused phrase in sports? This is not a must win game. Would it be nice to win? Yes. Do we really need to win? Yes. But it is not a must win game. If we lose we can still be CUSA west champs and host the championship game at Apogee. Same as if we win. A win would be really nice and needed before we play Cal and Houston; but this is far from a must win game:
  13. Unfortunately we’ve had our share of games where the goal was “to keep from being embarrassed.” It stinks, but it’s nice when you pull off the upset or at least give them a scare. I don’t think either of those things happens Saturday and I agree that the 20.5 point spread is less than I would have expected. 52-10
  14. I don’t view it as negative so much as just realistic. I think everyone wants the best for him.
  15. I never said anything about sheltering them from it, but there probably is an age or level of maturity that a child needs to have to be exposed to “adult” things. I’d just try get across to them that it’s not in line with my values and hopefully teach them to have more respect for themselves and others. I just think saying “the world is the way it is” is a way to lower the bar on acceptable social norms.
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