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  1. It strikes me as funny that they will be wearing all black with the discussions on here about the black uniforms. Totally unrelated I know, but I still couldn’t help but snicker a bit. Heck, maybe a few protesters will show up in gray😆
  2. WOW! A schedule literally can’t get much easier than that. You’d almost have to have beaten only winless teams to have an easier schedule. That’s crazy.
  3. You’re more positive than me. I don’t have much confidence in any of the remaining games. My saying we should win 4 more games is based on the incredibly weak schedule.
  4. I don’t have a problem with new, but I do have a problem with dumb. That thing looks like a lab rat that escaped .
  5. That should be 4 wins, but I’ll understand if I get a few “Skeptical Eagles.”
  6. Well, we’ve looked good and played bad all season so I guess we may as well hope that looking bad means playing good.😁 These are terrible IMO, but if we win I say wear them every week.
  7. Seems as though my time at UNT coincided with one bad logo after another (not that I was there so long, but it seemed like the logo changed every other year). I can’t really disagree that the one you referenced was the worst, but my goodness there is plenty of competition from that time period.😩😂 I’m so thankful for the diving eagle we have now. And as @ADLER mentioned, get the correct color green.
  8. This! Honestly don’t think there is another logo I’d want besides the four FFR listed.
  9. Probably not many, but surely there are several who are better than 5-15.
  10. October 26: UNT loses to Charlotte, Stars lose to Penguins. October 27: Mavs lose to Blazers. October 28: Cowboys lose to Bills. And the final kick in the nuts from the weekend: Astros win the World Series 😩😩😩
  11. Add Rice to that list.
  12. .This is exactly how I feel...and I don’t like feeling this way.
  13. Man, I’ve loved our unis this year. I only wish our play had been on par with our look.
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