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  1. Wins: NWSt., La. Tech, Rice, Southern Miss, UTEP, FIU Losses: SMU, UAB, Mizzou, Marshall, Liberty, UTSA
  2. Agreed. Not sure about the correlation between how long you’ve been a member and how much knowledge you have.
  3. And his jersey hangs proudly in the rafters of Reunion Ar...oops, I mean the AAC
  4. Prayers for Mitch and his family.
  5. I’m not a gambling man, but sitting here wearing these green tinted glasses and drinking this green kool aid, I may have to find a bookie and get in on some of this action.🤣🤣
  6. I don’t think the wins and losses will dictate a return next year as much as seeing progress. If we go 4-7 and lose 4 or 5 games by 20 plus points, it’s time for him to go...especially if it seems like the same ol song and dance. If we go 4-7, but most games are competitive, I think he will get another year...especially if we are playing young players who are showing signs of growth.
  7. I have no clue as to how many wins and losses we have, but I think we will be vastly improved. I hate to think about being a much better team and still only winning 4 games, but I think it could happen. I believe 6 or 7 wins would be a very successful season.
  8. I know @emmitt01 has already addressed this, but I’ll add one more thing. Even if the student is 18, a relationship with an educator is against the law.
  9. By law, but not by public opinion. Look how many on here refuse to say he is innocent. Sad.
  10. https://www.amenclinics.com/ I consider Dr. Amen to be the authority on brain research, including ADHD. I strongly recommend you read his book, Healing ADHD. As others have already mentioned, diet, exercise, and supplements first, with meds as a final resort. If meds are required, it can sometimes take a while to find the right dose of the right medicine for your child’s ADHD.
  11. If he’ll “opt out” in high school, he’ll “opt out” in college too. Not the mentality I’d want to add to my team.
  12. Guilty until proven innocent...the new America.
  13. Congrats @letsgiveacheer. What an outstanding honor!!!
  14. And people say CUSA is no good😁
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