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  1. NT93

    G5 Playoff

    They did away with the poll system because it was subjective, correct? Can someone explain to me again how they choose the four teams for the playoff? I'd argue it's even more subjective based on the "we want the best four teams regardless of losses, lack of a conference championship, etc."
  2. NT93

    Quinn Shanbore

    Prayers and good thoughts for Quinn and his family. *out of respect, can someone edit the thread title with his name spelled correctly?
  3. NT93

    G5 Playoff

    I agree, and most people on this board probably think it would be fun to watch, but unfortunately we are in the minority. For most people it wouldn't be much, if any, different than North Dakota St. vs. Northern Iowa at Pizza Hut Park for the FCS national title.
  4. NT93

    G5 Playoff

    That would be like getting a seat at the table in the screened in back porch at my grandparents house when I was kid.
  5. Totally agree. Too many Cowboys-type fans with the "Super Bowl or bust" mentality. After the past several years, how can you be a UNT fan and not be excited about a 7-3 team??? I get it, we've blown 3 games, but guess what, lots of teams blow games and/or lose to teams they shouldn't. How do you think Buffalo fans feel today after their 9-1 team got absolutely steamrolled last night? That being said, I can't make it tonight and I've known for several weeks that I wasn't going to be able to attend. It has nothing to do with the team, the weather, or the day of the week, but rather responsibilities I have as a parent/adult.
  6. I don't think you actually had to watch the game to be disheartened. You could read the DMN and see that we gave up a 28 point halftime lead and say, "Screw it. I'm not gonna show up in 40 degree weather on a Thursday night at 8:00 to watch that." This is especially true if you're a big enough fan to know that we've blown 2 other 20+ point leads this year.
  7. NT93

    MIke Leach 2.0

    Texas Tech would love to have him and his 7-9 wins a year back.
  8. NT93

    FAU Game Preview & Prediction

    Definitely have to give the cold weather advantage to the team from Florida.
  9. NT93

    Grad Transfer OL Pickup

    Haha. My exact thought when I read the title.
  10. The bolded parts are ridiculous. Unfortunately I agree that we may be the worst 7-3 team in the country.
  11. NT93

    A look back

    https://www.gomeangreen.com/forums/topic/127562-reality-of-this-season/?tab=comments#comment-1125037 I posted this last year after the season. Interesting to read some of the thoughts from then and now. In particular check out the post by @untjim1995 towards the end of page 1...pretty good take.
  12. NT93

    ODU Uniforms...

    I'm a big fan of the traditional uniform, but I have to agree (as long as we aren't offering up ridiculous looking unis). Don't really care if the grey is in the stadium store, but please get the green and white. Funny story: I won't name any names, but a high school coach suspended his best player from a game earlier this year for a uniform related offense. As I understand the story, the coach picks the uniforms the team will wear each week. Well, star player thought the white pants would look better than the grey, so he went to everyone's locker and replaced the grey pants with the white ones. Coach evidently wasn't impressed with the kid making an executive decision.
  13. NT93

    Official ODU Game Score Prediction Thread

    Liberty beat ODU 52-10. We beat Liberty 47-7. Give me: UNT 99 ODU 17
  14. NT93

    ODU Uniforms...

    Because we can't get recruits if we don't have a different uniform for each game...or so I'm toldπŸ˜•
  15. NT93

    DRC: Hedlund named Groza semifinalist

    How crazy does this drive the Razorbacks?😁😁