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  1. Not a Briles fan and not defending him because I know he didn't have control of his program, but I don't think he was accused of any sexual assaults. Also, I doubt he's going to be recruiting any bad characters to Mt. Vernon, so I think the women and children will be safe. He's gone from head coach at a Big 12 school to head coach at a 3A school. He was making upwards of $4 million a year now he's making probably around $60K. Not to mention his reputation is obviously shot. Plus, he's 63 years old so I doubt this is a stepping stone to getting back to a major college job. He's paid a hefty price for his "crimes" and rightfully so. The sad part and the hypocrisy is that Mt. Vernon will probably have greater attendance numbers at their football games next year than any 3A school in Texas.
  2. NT is very confusing. Is it Northern Tennessee? Nebraska Tech? Nevada Tigers? I mean, NT could be any number of schools.😁 I like the idea of those unis being a Homecoming tradition.
  3. Are we still talking about the IPF?😟😕
  4. Todd Dodge, Head Coach, Austin Westlake☺️
  5. AND...the only Texas schools we're behind are UT and aTm. That would have been laughable to consider 4 years ago.
  6. Maher and Davis were playing in what is now FCS. I have a hard time believing they are anywhere near the QB that Mason Fine is. No disrespect to either of them because they were great during their time at UNT, but they simply were not facing the same level of competition on a weekly basis. That being said, I generally respect your opinion, so maybe you're right and I'm wrong as I didn't watch Davis or Maher very much.
  7. You'd think college would be different, but from my experience (albeit limited) at the high school level there really is no vote for coach of the year. It automatically goes to the district champion (or co-champion). This seems to be the case here and its even more ridiculous than at the high school level.
  8. Very underwhelming list, but I like being at the top of it.
  9. This is a strange one for me. Though he's never really made a significant contribution on game days, I feel like this is a big loss as well. Best of luck to Caleb. I was always a fan of his.
  10. I missed it. I turned it off after the story about Jaylen. I didn't realize Wren was going to be on.
  11. I don't mean this to be bashing GH, because I really have a lot of respect for him and his family, but did we just upgrade at OC? Obviously time will tell, but I feel really good about this.
  12. They'll probably hire him, gets lots of backlash, and then un-hire him.
  13. 1) Not sure if I agree or disagree, but I will say that I'm glad they didn't convict and punish him just to please a particular group. 2) Not a hunter myself, but I would assume that is not how you train a dog to hunt. 3) Dog vs dog and rooster vs rooster is not natural. Sure, dogs fight other dogs and they can be protective of their territory, but one dog would not be considered the prey of another dog. 4). I completely agree.
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