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  1. This is where I think the new defensive staff will make a big difference...getting people in their best positions. I think we’ll have a fast, athletic, aggressive defense next season.
  2. I don’t know the rules, but I think you’re on the right track. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can enlighten us.
  3. I’m Gush-ing over this hire. Rock me.
  4. When I first read this I was very disappointed/concerned, but after taking time to think about it (and read some good opinions here), I’m not too concerned. I think the only way we really miss him a lot is if we have injury issues that deplete our depth.
  5. Solid hire. I hope for a drastic improvement next year, but realistically I know that may not happen. I’m not sure we have the players to be elite, but I know we can be better than last year.
  6. Yes, because Solich chose to leave Nebraska to go to Ohio. Just like RichRod chose to be at Monroe. I like your thinking though. Maybe we can convince Dabo that going from Clemson to UNT isn’t a setback. I’m sure he would love living here and coaching without the pressure of having to compete for national championships.
  7. From head coach at WV, Mich, and AZ, to the OC at Monroe with the prospect of moving up to a HC job at MUTS or UTSA...I stand by my comment.
  8. It’s bad enough for us to get our a**es handed to during the season, but for it to happen in the off season is almost too much to bear.
  9. My how the mighty have fallen.
  10. That looks like a young Woody Harrelson.
  11. Never knew that. Thanks for the info and the link.
  12. I believe that’s a Darrell Royal quote.
  13. The XFL (or any minor league variant) lacks one very important component: alumni.
  14. No wonder our defense is so bad. They’ve been focusing on the wrong thing!!!😬😬
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