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  1. NT93

    Jeffery Wilson and the 49ers

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm not too much of an NFL fan...especially preseason NFL. I knew the Cowboys were playing, but didn't realize they were playing the Niners.
  2. Well, there goes my pick for best player from last years class. Agree with Marty, I thought he'd be our next great linebacker...maybe even Mean Green HOF material.
  3. NT93

    Uniform Colors

    Those are the official yellow jerseys. They provide a distinct advantage in night games:)
  4. NT93

    Uniform talk?

    I would say the top is great, it's the helmet and bottom that are out of place:):)
  5. NT93

    Uniform talk?

    Funny how one person's favorite can be anothers least favorite. I prefer various green and white combos mainly because that's our colors. I like some of the black uni's and helmets, but prefer black as an accent color or maybe just special occasion (Halloween). I don't like the greys at all.
  6. NT93


    Evolving....or regressing:) I hope he's correct about having a major impact. That would be huge for this defense.
  7. Texas Football must have the same scouting report on Murray. They have him First Team "All State of Texas." By the way, we had more members on the first team (3) offense than any other school.
  8. NT93

    Biggest Area For Improvement?

  9. Same for me at Wal-Mart about half an hour ago.
  10. Anyone know if these exist? I found a website that has to have every school...except North Texas. Thanks for any help.
  11. Good stuff. Thanks for posting.
  12. NT93

    Opening Week betting lines for C-USA

    Your glass always seems to a little bit less than half full...but I'm thinking that's just your schtick.
  13. NT93

    Future OOC Games

  14. NT93

    Future OOC Games

    Only thing wrong with A&M and Wisconsin is that they are body bag games. I honestly don't mind one of those every few years, so the A&M and Wisconsin really aren't that bad. Some would say A&M and Wisc. are no different than Ark., Missouri, Cal, and TT and I couldn't really make a good argument against that logic. I just like our chances against those other P5's than against A&M and Wisc. ACU isn't terrible either. I just can't get too excited about playing a lower level team. You make a good point about them possibly bringing a decent crowd because of our proximity to Abilene, but I have no idea how well they travel.
  15. NT93

    College Gameday at Apogee for FAU?

    Slim and None...and Slim is headed to the door.