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  1. Hahaha. Well, there was the swarm of locusts on Saturday...make of that what you will.
  2. NT93


    To whoever put the Jonn Candy meme on the Eagles Nest closure: I hate to see it closed, but I can’t help but smile every time I come to the forum and see “Sorry folks. The parks closed.”.
  3. Mason was great, but come on...a God?🤣🤣🤣
  4. Not cruel at all in my opinion. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. are terrible. As you said, long, slow death that is very hard on the family. In any event, thoughts and prayers go out to his family. May he Rest In Peace.
  5. My posts seems like I was being a jerk now that the thread title has been edited😁 The original title was inadvertently hilarious. One little letter can sure change the meaning of a sentence🤣🤣
  6. It would be like every other minor league sport. Marginal interest. The NCAA is huge because people (like all of us) support “our” team. We have a vested interest in the team because we went to school there. We paid money to the school and many still so. I don’t think many on this board would be writing a check each year to the “Dallas Minor League Football Team” for season tickets, etc.
  7. What a shame. Condolences on your loss and prayers for his family.
  8. Let’em boycott. Plenty of kids out there who would love to take their place.
  9. Originally you said “professional”, not “criminal”? I’m not sure sex in the workplace is ever considered professional. Well, unless you work at a massage parlor on Harry Hines🤣🤣
  10. Where does banging your intern in the Oval Office fall on the scale?🤣🤣 Though I do agree with you that Trump can’t out of his own way. My gosh the problems he could avoid if he would just stay off Twitter.
  11. Agreed. In my opinion, it's honoring to have a team named after you. It makes no sense that anyone would ever name a team something derogatory. I realize over time things that were once acceptable can become unacceptable, but I just can't imagine anyone during any time period naming a team a derogatory name. I personally think the Redskins logo displays the strength of the American Indian and I would hate to see it go away.
  12. Whew! Glad my son drives a Chevy or I might think you were calling him a red neck even though you know absolutely nothing about him. I’m really glad he doesn’t live in a double-wide or you’d certainly consider him to be beneath you. I always thought “the left” was against stereotypes. You know, because they can be considered offensive and make people feel bad. I guess I was mistaken.
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