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  1. My memory may not be much better than yours, but I’m pretty sure the end zone seats in Fouts were to get us back to D-1.
  2. So if it’s a law everyone just follows the law? I wish it were that simple. Additionally, if someone is hell bent on killing people, they’ll find a way whether it be with a gun or by some other (possibly deadlier) manner.
  3. Considering the alternative, yes, I’m glad only two innocent people lost their lives. But you’re saying the murderer wouldn’t have had a gun if the 2nd was repealed, correct? Surely you don’t really believe that.
  4. The blind test tells me A, C, and D. The eyeball test tells me B, C, and E. Regarding the stats: 1). I have completely underrated Darden. Very impressive stats and much better than would have guessed. 2) Considering Guyton’s stats are for only two seasons, I’d say he stacks up well. Imagine adding even a mediocre season to his current stats. 3) Had Guyton come back this year it would most likely negatively impacted Darden’s stats, 4) Maybe Brelan wasn’t as good as I remember him, but man he seemed so electric with the ability to take it to the house every time he touched the ball. 5) Maybe Carlos Harris is better than I remember. Not to say I didn’t think he was great, but I can’t believe how much better his numbers are than Brelan’s. I just always considered Brelan the better player. 6) Thanks for posting...good stuff.
  5. I don’t think the number of people in the stands has ever had an impact on whether or not I watch a game.
  6. Oh, that Jeremy Combs. D’oh. 😊😊😊
  7. Is Texas Southern FBS? He says he will either play professionally or at another level. Makes it seem as though he can’t transfer to another FBS. That being said, BillySee58 definitely knows the rules better than me.
  8. And this is why they will be changing the rule.
  9. Four games, but only for freshmen. Easy.
  10. I’m all for getting the best guy possible and not selling ourselves short, but I think it’s a pipe dream to believe we could get Briles, Orlando, or Strong. I just can’t imagine any of those guys would take a G5 coordinator position. That being said, I’d love nothing more than to be wrong and announce Briles as OC and either of the other two as DC.
  11. My best memories are visiting my older brother and going to Fouts and playing flag football. Coming from a small town, playing on AstroTurf was a big deal.
  12. You need to try harder to come up with better schtick.
  13. You’ve got it all wrong. The green and white are our alternate uniforms😆😆
  14. As long as others don’t follow suit, I’m not too upset. Kind of sorry on his part to decommit so late in the process, but I guess that’s part of the business of college athletics
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