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  1. Poor Incarnate Word. They keep hiring what appear to be good, young coaches and then lose them after a couple of years (at best).
  2. I’m burying the lead, but I didn’t realize he was from Valliant. Small town boy makes it big.
  3. Not sure how this relates to what I posted, but yeah, I saw that.
  4. I never defended SL or said he needed to win the conference. Your post insinuated that UTSA has breezed through the conference which isn’t true. You also insinuated that UNT is too good to have an “ugly win” which is also not true. I said it in another thread and I’ll say it here, I’m not an SL apologist. I’d like to see us part ways, but to act like his tenure here has been a failure is just ridiculous. He’s taken us up a level, but I think we probably need someone else to take us to the next level.
  5. You probably should have taken a peek at UTSA’s schedule before posting this. And, are you telling me UNT has reached such elite status that winning isn’t good enough, but we have to win pretty*? *I would also submit that several elite schools have been very happy to “win ugly” the past few weeks. It’s a lot better than losing.
  6. This is true, but this seems to be the way conferences are going to determine the teams for the championship games. Divisions are going away. We really didn’t backdoor in any more than Washington in the PAC 12 or KSt. in the Big 12.
  7. Don’t you realize we’re only in the conference championship because we’re in such a weak conference. This is very different from the strong conferences we’ve usually been in over the past 25 years. <sarcasm>
  8. I was obviously comparing their records at their current schools which is what the discussion is about, but you knew that. Thanks though for pointing out how successful he’s been everywhere except Tulane.
  9. Seth 43-43 Fritz 41-45 I agree, not a significant difference, yet some of you think Fritz is a great coach and SL is a bum. And let’s be clear, I’m not a Seth apologist, but I can be objective.
  10. SL has never had us at 2-10 either. Nobody was talking about how great Fritz was last year.
  11. Interesting take. I would think every fan base would feel pretty much the same about a .500 record. I guess SMU is over the moon with Rhett LaShae.
  12. So your saying Fritz’s .500 record is better than SL’s .500 record?
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