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  1. MeanGreenFan94

    Defense was OK, but...

    I thought the defense looked bad. Virtually no pass rush and seemed to be out of position and gave up lots of big plays.
  2. MeanGreenFan94

    Section 105

    105 row 13
  3. MeanGreenFan94

    And So It Begins

    I was there when the Mean Green beat La Tech at home last year? Does that game count?
  4. I am a die hard Football fan and never miss a home game since the Dodge years. I go to as many away games as I can as well. My wife is a UNT alum and we met on campus. She knows I will be watching any game that’s on tv for football or basketball and knows to get me Mean Green gear for any occasion and I wear it almost all the time while I am at home and when I can at work. However she could careless about UNT athletics and hardly ever attends games with me. She is happy if we win but has no emotional attachment. She is like the vast majority of our alums and it drives me nuts. #GMG
  5. Lockeroom material. Reminder for our guys how little respect Dallas and smut give them. Sep 1st.
  6. MeanGreenFan94

    COACH - produced by Dabney Coleman

    Thanks for sharing. That was fun to watch. I sent it to my Iowa relatives who will enjoy watching it as well. PS we should never stop hating smut
  7. MeanGreenFan94


    If coach Littrell has the season we expect him to have the Red Raiders will have to get in line as everyone is going to be knocking on his door.
  8. MeanGreenFan94

    Sonny Dykes to SMU

    I am definately ok with swapping Dykes for Morris, but i am happier to see Sutton leave than Morris.
  9. MeanGreenFan94


    I wonder why Morris left?
  10. MeanGreenFan94

    Missouri home and home in exchange for...

    Graham is also important for recruiting. Qb’s want to play for him.
  11. MeanGreenFan94

    The curtain was pulled back today!

    So let’s hire Charlie Partridge as our defensive coordinator...
  12. MeanGreenFan94

    Bowl projections post Army win

    Independence bowl would be great! Not too far to travel for most fans and the team would not be staying at home to give them the feel of being away for a bowl game.
  13. MeanGreenFan94

    Bowl Projections 11/12/2017

    I vote for any local or within driving distance bowl games and no more games with Army. *not that anyone cares just what I want 😀
  14. MeanGreenFan94

    Traveling to Ruston for the first time.

    We parked in a lot close to the East side of stadium and I believe it was a cash lot and on the grass. That was several years ago and brain cells have been lost as well since then. We will be looking for Green when we park too.