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  1. it technically has to be two fifths larger than a 'solid win'
  2. this team is playing really well... i am now looking into subscribing to ESPN+...
  3. No, I said, do i love, maybe i didn’t understand the question.
  4. there are 13 videos up on the youtube page... is that how many we have in here?
  5. i don't understand what the difference from a normal program would be... also... if he wants to recruit like Clemson does, he's going to have a Jesus heavy approach
  6. wouldn't Bussey be the only one 'expected'
  7. we can probably unpin this now, right?
  8. yeah, that threw me for a minute... and it was also about a month after Oct. 20th, not two weeks.
  9. he actually has a pretty solid offer list. Get him on campus ASAP!
  10. You could almost argue the Tony Mitchell signing and/or his decision to stay for a sophomore season could belong on this list... Little did we know the Benford that awaited us...
  11. yeah, i think it's hard for NT students in 2019 to really understand how big things were in 2010-2013
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