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  1. When Ross committed to USC at the U.S. Army All-American game he famously said he would be attending USC "for the next three years." But Ross ended up barely playing early, redshirting in 2015. Last season was his first chance at major playing time, recording 13 tackles, two interceptions and one TD in seven games last season.
  2. If UNT goes 12-1, Littrell will already be signed on somewhere by the time we play the bowl game.
  3. how about UTSA making an appearance on the list for their showdown with UIW... so genius
  4. I feel like a big part of this was OUR offensive line wearing down in the second half... teams would stuff us on first down, then pin their ears back and go after Fine on every play.
  5. this is a man that has been to many a tailgate... this is definitely the way i would call out tailgates.
  6. looks nice. and they only finalized the plans in April of 2018... these guys moved fast!
  7. whoa that's crazy... sad to see her gone, but happy that i never have to think about tailgating in that God-forsaken parking lot again.
  8. good deal, that was my second choice behind 'light the tower'
  9. crazy to think had Guyton stuck around there would have been 2 WR from UNT on that list.
  10. what would the Mexians think about this board today?
  11. West Hall Room 633 from Fall of 2004 -Winter Break of 2005 (we had 3 guys in that room our first semester, one ended up being one of my best friends to this day, the other didn't finish the semester because he went to jail.) Victory Hall as an RA until the Summer of 2007 Crumley Hall in the Summer of 2007 as an RA (it was Female only during the academic year, but switched to Co-Ed in the summers) For my senior year , I moved back in with my freshman year roommate at the Timberlinks apartments. Which was great/cheap, I think rent must have been around $250 for me in 2008... pretty wild. I miss West Hall the most, definitely had the most fun times in my life there.
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