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  1. well, if it's any consolation, the program directly ahead of us has their coach entering his 16th season
  2. don't even care about his eligibility. shout out to Jyaire for putting in the hard work and earning his degree early, that's impressive
  3. Crazy late addition, hopefully he spurs some good play from all QB's. He was the majority starter at Zona, in 2020 they only played 5 games, and he played in four of them. I liked the Zona/USC vid someone had, even his bad plays looked alright
  4. At the end of the day, the buck stops with us... generating donations from the fanbase is going to be where the money needs to come from... for instance, if we started a grassroots campaign here at GMG, and asked for $100 donations, i'm not sure that we would have more than 50 takers (I'm sure some would donate a lot more and some would donate less), so then we see what $5K does across multiple sports and you compare that to what, apparently, OU is doing, and it doesn't even compare
  5. Since i am too lazy to figure it out myself. What is the percentage of students that have not been picked up by a team at all? I am wondering if more students will be conservative next year with the portal. I have a feeling there are going to be a good number of horror stories with this(but i'm sure that argument could be made about a lot of other aspects with college football)
  6. sure, and la tech was the better team the day they beat us... but they were not the better team overall, right?
  7. there's a Buffalo Wild Wings on 288...
  8. The correct answer is Jackie Chan.
  9. This is amazing... I still am baffled that we built a really good looking stadium for this cost. Apogee feels like home and he should be thanked for that
  10. i'm looking at UNLV... maybe memphis, maybe WKU and if i get a wild hair.. maybe B-Ham
  11. really need to be 4-2 at the mid-season break
  12. i think Loftin has better foot structure
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