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  1. isn't he getting paid like $1 million a year? he can probably spring for $2000 worth of furniture, right?
  2. golfingomez

    DRC: Shanbour named to Wuerffel watch list

    Danny Wuerffel has a trophy?
  3. golfingomez

    Is 2018 another 2014?

    Are they all from Iowa City?
  4. golfingomez

    Is 2018 another 2014?

    did you write this Harry? or is this from a website?
  5. golfingomez

    Davey O'Brien Award Watch List

    included on the list is Jalen Hurts???
  6. golfingomez

    Times have changed at UNT

    We can also have a discussion we probably have never had before in July... 'How many scholarships do we have left for next year?'
  7. golfingomez


  8. Starts out with Jeff Wilson's most underrated play from last year a, 2 yard loss. Easy to forget how different this season would have looked with a bad loss to So. Miss.
  9. not a great quote by the kid back in October. I wish him well.
  10. golfingomez

    Kuehne Evaluation from SWC Roundup

    Dude... I love the Astros... and Minute Maid is... not good... Give me the Ballpark in Arlington over Minute Maid.
  11. golfingomez


    dude... again... what is happening
  12. golfingomez

    Recruiting Update

    what is happening?