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  1. i don't understand (and i don't want to be too negative here), how we can't title this thread correctly... Corrected title should be: Now, let's analyze what's been working for us.
  2. Congrats Lance! I was at that game in the rain when Lance went OFF! Final game of the season and he set all the records! mayby 5,000 in attendance and we should have shut them out, but let them score late in the 4th for a 59-7 victory! BTW, Lance's 313 yards at 7.8 ypc allowed UNT to cruise on a night when Derek Thompson went 2-7 for 23 yards through the air. I think my group that was in attendance didnt really know how to react to this game, because it had been sooo long since we blew out a division opponent.
  3. wasn't the walk on program pretty heavily utilized because we could never fulfill anywhere close to our scholarship limit?
  4. Can we have this thread open in the #metoo era?
  5. btw, boys... watching my first UNT game of any sport with my newborn, Gabriel. He came into the world on Tuesday and is fired up about the Myrtle Beach Bowl on Monday
  6. is this still happening? it's not showing up on my subscriptions
  7. ha yeah, because all FBS schools are currently on a level playing field
  8. i think the portal essentially opens up your "recruitment". opposing coaches can contact you and discuss playing for them. I don't know if that closes the door at your current school
  9. if you think anyone outside of CUSA/SunBelt fans is going to watch this game, you're nuts... it's 1:30 on a Monday afternoon. national exposure only means something if people tune in. all that being said: App St. 52 UNT 42 North Texas is down by 17 heading into half and exchanges TD's in the second half, but the game is never in doubt, classic NT
  10. eff that, Darden, rest and make sure you get drafted
  11. tough game today, this team died by the 3 ball
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