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  1. we need to be advertising on recruting ranking ASAP... 31st best class in the country, Top G6 recruiting class... whatever brings us more attention, we need to do it ASAP
  2. I got bored and started watching the Arkansas highlights again today (unfortunately, not as much was done for the SMU game). I'm so pumped for this year... It seems like it could be a huge turning point for the University. While I don't want to be predicting where we could end up, I just keep telling myself to enjoy the last year of Mason Fine. How lucky are we to have this guy? Looking at those early game plays, you could see Easley getting into a rhythm and hopefully he'll be able to compliment Torrey this year. Bussey could end up being the greatest receiver to ever play at UNT. Behind him are Darden and Lawrence, probably two #1 receivers at any other CUSA school. Muhammad and Robinson will be anchoring the D... On top of that, we are going to start seeing more and more of Littrell's recruits come into play (remember when we used to only have like 1 d-lineman that weighed more than 240?). I'm looking forward to something special this year... while trying to savor it.
  3. hmmm... Mason Fine throwing out the first pitch on May 30th... MLB Draft starts on June 3rd... is this his unofficial tryout?
  4. USF, however, plays in the Tampa Bay Bucs’ Raymond James Stadium, so agreeing to 2-for-1 series with Florid and Miami is a win-win; Gator and ‘Cane fans can fill an otherwise half-empty stadium, giving USF needed revenue and their schools a de facto neutral site game. There is 0% chance that Canes fans will occupy up a quarter of that stadium, much less "fill" it...
  5. hell yeah. just threw this up on my computer
  6. surprising that they didn't mention Fine in the article
  7. this is not nearly as exciting as the photos were when we were watching the stadium get built...
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