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  1. 14-0 North Texas wins the natty... calling it now. (if North Texas never cancels football but all other schools across the nation cancel, can we claim the title?)
  2. yeah, except if every CUSA school has their body bag games cancelled, i'm not sure all of them can keep playing football this fall
  3. in general... give me the following DL 4 Receivers Running back i don't know enough about the current roster to apply it to the current team
  4. i think what needs to be realized, is that it is a HUGE 'if' on whether or not kids will be on campus... then as a subset of that, other campuses would have to have students on campus for there to be an actual conference structure/opponent/game. i don't know how long it will be until Houston/Rice/Texas Southern/Lone Star cancel in person classes for the fall.
  5. i don't know how anyone can be optimistic about football this fall.
  6. yeah... DT was a very good QB, and i will remember him well, but HOF worthy? TT, though, definitely should be there
  7. Shout out to John Brooks to make it a point to call us the University of North Texas! what a depressing game. looks like Todd Dodge level of letting a win slip through our hands, except against a much bigger opponent
  8. do we still technically have Rico Bussey?
  9. i just don't see how football happens this fall. maybe without fans, but even then, there are too many variables to the athletes, coaching staff and their surrounding families
  10. Sorry if i'm super late to this one, but i have never seen this footage. Some great shots of Fouts and I believe Bill Mercer decked out in green as well. Hopefully this isn't a repost
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