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  1. I thought initially the PAC just wanted to consider them as a scheduling ally? aka, sure, we'll still play against you if it gets us some money, but we aren't committed to you
  2. Normal kid graduates early to start college sooner so that he can start his career sooner = genius/go getter Athlete graduates early to start college sooner so that he can start his career sooner = moron/he's ruining his career
  3. Let's get a schedule breakdown! we all want to know what the great minds of North Texas think about our chances at a conference championship/bowl game/winning season/respectful season/please God don't let us go winless season
  4. I'm sure tu is crying all the way to the bank. Also, I'm not sure why the guvment is spending time on on this? by my last count, this effects one state-funded school?
  5. I don't know about your plan, but i definitely will start calling it the Sun Belly conference from now on
  6. Sure... Basketball matters, that's why the Sooners and longhorns are leaving the conference with the defending national basketball champs for the basketball powerhouse of the sec
  7. The SEC would have 16 teams with the addition of OU and ut I would think a quick recouping of the leftovers would be TTU, TCU and OK St. to the PAC 12 (with them trying to convince BYU to make 16 teams) Kansas and Iowa St to the Big Ten (16 teams) Baylor, West Va and K-State to the AAC The remaining bits fall to the ACC (their standings currently have 15 teams because they include Notre Dame) maybe West VA can talk their way into the conference... but i honestly wouldn't be surprised to see LIberty make some insane power play
  8. i know people think this is silly right now, but please let me know what a Texas/OU-less Big 12 has to offer. beyond short term gains? (maybe you are positive after 2 years, assuming you can join by next season? but then the Big 12 has to renegotiate rights)... meanwhile, the AAC has a pretty solid contract through 2031 to keep the schools happy, and may be able to add a big 12 team or two to their line-up... I just don't think the Big12 has much leverage right now
  9. I think a week ago any team would have... now... not so sure
  10. I think the Big 12 isn't going to have much sway with the departure of OU and ut... when your flagship program is a tie between Baylor, Kansas and Oklahoma State, I would not leave the AAC (Which now looks VERY stable) for a potential half-step up in athletic prominence and a media deal expiring in 2025 which will be renegotiated down, most likely I will miss the Big 12 and watching the FSSW Saturday triple headers of my youth.
  11. If things go to super conferences, i think the idea of the big 12 may be gone entirely. I think there would only be four 16 team conferences. So, unless Ok St., TTU, WVa, Rice and Baylor try to bandaid the whole thing together there isn't going to be a Big 12 there will be multiple conferences dying and being born. it will be a full restructure
  12. How far away are we from Mean Green football???
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