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  1. I'm not paying for ESPN+, and apparently it's an adventure to find the two broadcast, so anyone that can provide updates would be helpful
  2. https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/houston-baptist-university-name-change/285-25b6550d-1b37-4180-b95b-418ab227afd7
  3. Lol. My highlight in college was staying for the entirety of the 7 OT UNT/FIU game
  4. Simple/classic away uniform. I'm into it
  5. WKU @ Indiana (Close) North Texas @ UNLV (Cloooooooose game, NT 65 UNLV 3) Georgia Southern @ UAB Charlotte @ Georgia St (Beatdown) Tennessee St. @ MTSU UCF @ FAU Louisiana @ Rice LA Tech @ Clemson UTSA @ Texas (i think UTSA covers) UTEP @ New Mexico
  6. I also read a speculative report about how poorly of a program he ran: https://huskercorner.com/2022/09/14/nebraska-football-accusations-scott-frost/
  7. Harry, with all due respect... are either of these stations reaching Mexia? what are the OTA options for those fine citizens?
  8. Just to be clear... our games in the AAC will sometimes be on ESPN+, which is a subscription based service
  9. I've been complaining about our media production team for the past two years... beyond the in-game stuff, our post game recaps and production vids are really bad... we have a top notch RTVF Dept. on campus, meanwhile look at the edits in this video. it looks like a high school sophomore did this an hour before the project was due.
  10. My seventh grade mind preparing for jokes..
  11. Mean Green 40 smu 34 and i'll be rooting for Russia State when they line up against smu
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