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  1. this is not nearly as exciting as the photos were when we were watching the stadium get built...
  2. tell me you got digits from the girl jogging...
  3. And it sounds like he is pretty philosophical as well... solid
  4. wait... is no one here going to even mention how devastating the loss of oriental express? isn't that the $2.99 chinese food place? they would LOAD you up with food... that was the real MVP
  5. So how does the remaining schedule function after mid-February. When do they make the announcements?
  6. meh... good luck kid. Not on our team anymore, don't really care.
  7. no way... our "signature win" this season is over 10-12 New Mexico
  8. Just FYI, while this does not tell the full story of the season, i think it's really cool to look at Mason Fine's splits as it relates to 1st half v 2nd half and how he progressed by month... I've spent wayyy too much time looking at this so far this morning. http://www.espn.com/college-football/player/splits/_/id/4039073/mason-fine
  9. guys... don't worry, i've been putting together my resume... although they stopped making NCAA football a few years back... i had an offense that was averaging 42 points per game... I don't want to brag, but i'm pretty amazing at the game... Pretty sure i could do what all those 'experts' do.
  10. it's on the front page of ESPN... http://www.espn.com/
  11. sooooo... what's BJ Symons up to nowadays?
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