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  1. i'm glad the author is betting on us having 6 games left.
  2. the funniest unwritten rule in baseball is the celebration stuff... Hit a go ahead grand slam in the fifth inning of game 4 in the world series? Act like you've been there before!!! Score on a walk off error to beat the Diamondbacks in game 2 of the regular season? Empty the dugout and pour Gatorade/sunflower seeds/anything else in the clubhouse on each other. i'd love to have someone explain to me how these two behaviors are both accepted in the same sport
  3. he's carried the fanbase from the depths of hell to 2 world series appearances. He can do no wrong in my eyes, so i would be disappointed if he isn't a unanimous first ballot HOF
  4. if Bregman wasn't an Astro... i would hate him. can't argue with that.
  5. it's higher than UTSA... that's the only confirmation we have so far
  6. it's true... fan's struggle to get behind an emotionless coach like Saban or Belichick, kind of amazing that they are still working
  7. moving from the walk-off Field Goal to the Altuve walk off was amazing
  8. please bring ALL the OL help we can get
  9. Jesus, it takes 3 losses for our fanbase to lose hope? ya'll must not have been around very long.
  10. I've been excited about this team since we rolled in to Darrell Royal on September 4, 2004 and got WHUPPED 65-0... that's the first game i was an official Mean Green student for and i've never not been excited...
  11. hell by this logic... Tuaefa could have been injured in a practice his sophomore year here and had nagging injuries the rest of his career, never becoming a full-time starter What other scenarios can we dream up?
  12. this is a weird post. i mean, Mac obviously missed here, but Mac missed a lot...
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