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  1. so you're upset that the put a picture up of a coach that has won back to back conference championships? the only other team they could have put up there was TCU. would that have made you happier?
  2. I mean... this should really be everyone's goal
  3. Little fire #1 https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/37571594/wvu-reviewing-incident-huggins-uses-anti-gay-slur-air
  4. i like how active he is around the rim, crazy that he is a super super senior Also a great sign to see a starter from an SEC school (regardless of quality) choose to come play for North Texas instead.
  5. he's still a RS Sophomore??? Seeing it all written out is pretty amazing, this kid has been chewed up and spit out by the machine that is college football, even if some of it is his doing.
  6. Between this and the bball team losing jerseys... We need some quality control
  7. yeah... it stopped being amateur athletics probably 40 years ago, when the revenue generated pushed into the millions of dollars
  8. four Glory to the Greens and two UNT Fight Song's My son, if this problem is persistent, I recommend you spend an evening listening to 'Fly like an Eagle' on repeat.
  9. Huntsville is actually a pretty cool little town... and I would recommend it over Frisco... not Dallas, but definitely Frisco. It's home to a major NASA hub and has some awesome state parks in the area. It's not that dissimilar to a Hot Springs-type destination...
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