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  1. i was texting a friend on saturday night in the midst of the loss and we talked about how this just seemed like Dodge level football, where we look just lost in almost every aspect of the game. I also told him that this was the least excited i have ever been for North Texas football, with the possible exception of the McCarney Portland St. game.
  2. My coworkers knew me well back then...
  3. Would love to see these one day
  4. the late, the great... but seriously, these unis are awesome... and again... not grey
  5. watching Zappe vs NT, i was impressed, following him last night, i think he has a shot at the league. He is just mobile enough, has a decent arm and keeps his eyes downfield
  6. Need more of Littrell yelling 'Ass!' at the players
  7. How would we know that?
  8. i nailed a player from the stands with a tortilla once... that thing sailed a good 25 yards.
  9. all white for a home game??? I'll take anything over grey
  10. Because that's what you do in the middle of a pandemic... you sign up for 30 years of payments... Anyways, we started moving in yesterday, and for those of you who don't know, I live in Nashville. Well, today we opened up a closet and discovered this ONE chair left here by the previous owner... I'd like to think this is a sign that this was the perfect home purchase... because i'll be damned if this isn't a Flying Worm Mean Green chair right here.
  11. give Mason protection and he will put the ball where it needs to go. Best of luck! Show them some Mean Green Pride!
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