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  1. Three things... 1) Like I am always telling my oldest child, there is something special about being a legacy (attending the same school your parents did) 2) I love this kid's aggression 3) In the portions of the highlight reel where he is sporting the black and green Desoto uni, those colors look real good on him
  2. TCU very much wanted to play the game until COVID happened. Notice that the SMU-TCU game was scheduled for Sept 11...the replacement for the Tennessee Tech game that was originally scheduled on Sept 12 (until the Ohio Valley cancelled all Fall sports). TCU made multiple attempts to get the game played...changing it to a home game after Big XII rules came down, and then trying to reschedule by using it as a replacement for their Tennessee Tech game when that date opened up. The bottom line...SMU is not some juggernaut that anybody is dodging.
  3. That is exactly what I am saying. Notice that SMU was not originally on this schedule as of August 12 of this year. https://gofrogs.com/news/2020/8/12/revised-football-schedule-announced.aspx
  4. So you think TCU scheduled SMU (as a makeup game that didn’t exist before this season), saw them barely squeak by Texas State, and got scared? My lord people, SMU is not a quality program...we just make them look like it every time.
  5. Aune is no savior. He had our best running back keeping the down and distance manageable and made most of his passing yards after it was well over.
  6. SMU won by getting an infusion of P5 talent that they “recruited.”
  7. We look horrible...but let’s not get carried away But a Todd Dodge team with Ron Mendoza as the DC would beat this team by 10
  8. But it’s kinda hard to say one QB is better than the other when one has the advantage of a RB (Addaway) who picks up 4-6 per carry and the other is playing from 2nd and 3rd and long each drive.
  9. Kinda hard to be 2-0 a week after getting prison raped by UT
  10. Much like with Boise State, I remember the good ol’ days when we used to beat them regularly.
  11. I don't care if we show up in lime green thongs and platform shoes...just beat the living hell out of the Broncos
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