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  1. I have it from an ironclad source that SMU is leaving the AAC for the NFC West. Don’t ask me to reveal my source, but just know he’s VERY reliable and knows all. He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake…
  2. I know that everyone is excited about the move to the American Athletic Conference, as well we all should be. It’s an upgrade from where we are now. But I keep seeing people who are hesitant to get excited because we just might lose SMU as a conference mate at some point. It’s one thing if they have a delusions of grandeur, it’s yet another if we share it and are actually afraid of losing a conference mate that isn’t even that important in the grand scheme of things. SMU is currently undefeated, having the best season they have had in the last two decades, and are ranked #21 hosting a team from New Orleans tonight in Tulane. A quick check of StubHub shows that you can sit on the 35 yard line about four rows up for $20 a ticket. I want you to imagine for a moment if North Texas was undefeated and currently ranked #21 hosting a team that is a regional rival; do you think the ticket availability would look the same? Why in the hell would we be worried about the Big XII or someone else snatching up “Dallas’ team” when it appears Dallas never got the memo to care? If they stay, great and it will be a fun rivalry. If they go, let’s not pretend we’re losing something special.
  3. SMU is going down to FCS? Can't say I'm surprised, but I'll miss you guys.
  4. I swear, some of you would be a real bummer to hang out at a bar with. “You know that really attractive girl you’ve been talking to all night? She says she’d love to continue talking and have a drink at your place.” ”Really??! Wait, nevermind, she’ll probably just leave after we talk for a while…totally not worth it”
  5. I won’t lie, the thought of the first time we visit Moody (with a crowd that is 60% green) is an appealing thought.
  6. Fans don’t make expansion decisions. If they did, we’d be in the SEC
  7. I won’t lie, I’d rather go to the MWC with UTSA. AAC has already taken their shot at attracting MWC teams and been told “no thanks.” MWC seems more stable.
  8. I can see the conversations now. Big XII member 1: “We should invite SMU! We have tons of DFW area alumni and they’d take over Ford Stadium every time we play there.” Big XII commissioner: “Tell me why you couldn’t just schedule them and do that now?”
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