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  1. He’d be crazy to take that job. You don’t want to rebuild in a conference where several teams from your division would murder any other P5 conference...and the other division’s winner would win those conferences many years.
  2. If UNT had SMU’s record going into last Saturday we don’t draw 25k. We draw damn near 30k. SMU is Dallas’ team...they just forgot to tell Dallas
  3. Not that I don’t agree that we need to hold people accountable, but let me make sure I fully grasp why everyone’s torches and pitch forks are out. It seems the basic argument is that Seth Littrell and Wren Baker, given our recent performance, should DEFINITELY be making some changes and heads should be rolling. I’m guessing this is due to the salaries we are paying and the lack of “bang for the buck.” So, I’d assume that the AD at Texas and Tom Herman should be feeling some heat under their seats as well...right? Tom Herman is paid FIVE MILLION dollars a year, has access to every resource imaginable, recruits in arguably the most fertile state in the country, and has a fan base that turns out without fail...oh, and didn’t inherit a dumpster 🔥. And what has he produced with these advantages? Records of 7-6, 10-3, and 7-5. That’s a combined 24-14 with zero conference titles. You could argue that he’s faced stiffer competition, and yes he did beat Georgia, but he has a bigger budget to work with than every single team he plays (Texas spent $31,000,000 more on athletics than any other school last year) and, again, he coaches at the “big dog” school in a state where blue chip talent is everywhere you look. Seth Littrell in the same three year span? Records of 9-5, 9-4, and an (admittedly) abysmal 4-8. That’s 22-17 over that same span. If we’re talking economy of scale, Tom Herman’s output has been relatively equal if not lesser. So, (and I’m genuinely curious and agree that multiple coaches on our staff need to be shown the door) would everyone agree that Texas should be assuring their fans that “personnel will be changing, and things are getting fixed”?
  4. Do or do not...there is no try
  5. I grew up in Denton and would sneak into Fouts with friends to play football on some weekends. Saw high school football games there. Sat in a monsoon against Nevada as a student. Fired Boomer, rang the bell, and ran the flags as a Talon there. Watched football games as a student with my now wife there. Watched one of the best football games (at any level) that I’ve ever seen there in 2002 when we played NMSU for the Belt title...and celebrated on the field multiple times as we clenched four of the very few conference titles in our history. Watched us dismantle Baylor there...and Woody Wilson embarrass SMUt there. Watched 7 overtimes, with the 50 people still in attendance at the end, between two highly inept teams there...and literally ran end zone to end zone with @FirefightnRick to provide the only crowd noise. Froze my butt off in the freezing rain with @Zeke as we watched us play WKU there. Fouts WAS a dump. It DID have horrible sight lines. And it DID require a generator just to keep the lights on. But Fouts was also the home of my Mean Green. It was the place I came to be with the people I consider my second family. I’ll always have a positive view of the place.
  6. No big deal, I’ve seen that in other stores too. The shirt is free if you buy Takis
  7. Not to add insult to injury, but this is not a quality team we are being beaten by. Any decent team would beat us by 30+ given how we are shooting and the way this offensive scheme looks
  8. Woolridge is missed more than we could have known. Nobody on this team seems capable of breaking their man down off the dribble. Arkansas is so hungry for the shot block that a drive and kick strategy would get us a lot more clean looks.
  9. They hooked me up with free lower level seats and VIP parking.
  10. I’ll be in town to teach the Fayetteville police department, so I’ll get to catch this one live.
  11. My soccer obsessed daughter and I will be there tomorrow afternoon.
  12. Actually lining up under center and employing a fullback is our solution to fourth and one problems
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