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  1. Just saw a hypothetical bracket put out by The Score. Had us as a 13 seed with a record of 20-11 and playing Louisville in the first round
  2. Looks like it’s a hip or something in that area
  3. Hamlet just went down and the season flashed before my eyes 👀
  4. Watching Zach work against these guys is just unfair
  5. We have about 5 different guys who could consistently hurt you from deep
  6. We won’t win by 80, but I think McCasland is trying to find his rotations. we have drawn 4 charges thus far though, and it looks like everyone is committed to playing defense And, as hard as it may be to believe, this may be a more talented and athletic roster than last season. McBride might become my new co-favorite (with Thomas Bell).
  7. No chance...if we’re held to 14 we lose by 15+
  8. That’s Addaway in the graphic...that means he’ll have over 100 yards (trust me, the math is solid on this).
  9. My wife attempted to buy our family of 5 tickets for tonight’s game. The meangreensports.com website would only allow you to buy in groups of 4, but recommended calling the ticket office. So, I did and bought five seats in 106. When we arrived we found our seats and sat down. They have the seats that you are allowed to sit in marked with white bands around them, but 3 out of my 5 seats didn’t have the little bands. First, an athletic department employee came over to look at my tickets...and confirmed that I was in the right place. Then, one of the CSC people came over
  10. The symbols are backwards, and I would put Ryan High School somewhere between UTSA and North Texas
  11. So, in terms of importance to Western civilization, where does this one rank?
  12. I’m beginning to think Bean might be fast
  13. Just had it confirmed that MVSU game will be a night game on Thanksgiving
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