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  1. emmitt01

    ‘19 RB Garrison Johnson (Manvel)

    Just noticed that 247 ranks him even higher than Deshawn Gaddie
  2. emmitt01

    After sleeping on it

    So you would say that Seth hasn’t improved recruiting? I’ll respectfully disagree and await some tripe about “standards” or such nonsense
  3. emmitt01

    After sleeping on it

    I rewatched some of the game this morning from my hotel room. Here is what I noticed, and it won't make any of our fans happy. We made mistakes...true. Our QB went down early...true. But we were outmatched by a better team. Their lines were better. When they wanted to get pressure on our QB they did...when we wanted to send pressure we were mostly stonewalled. They ran with pretty good success both when we expected it and when we didn’t...it was tough sledding for our backs all night. Their secondary was better. Save a few breakaway plays (like the Guyton tD) there was a defender all over our receivers when we caught the ball...they ran a 7 on 7 game against our secondary AND got open deep with little problem. They were just a quality team, and we are not yet. But here is the other thing to think about. We have yet to really put a quality recruiting class on the field. The same players that went 1-11, with the key additions of some skill position players have turned in back-to-back 9 win seasons. There are guys with D1 size (and speed) that we brought in last year and didn’t play yet (guys like Jaxon Williams, KD Davis and Reggie Williams), we brought in guys like Dayton Leblanc and Derrick Shaw who have real DL size. And this year’s class (still #1 in CUSA) will bring more of an upgrade in talent. We are not a “great” team yet, but we have managed “good” with culture, duct tape and bailing wire.
  4. emmitt01


    No, that’s not shell shocked. That’s annoyance at being asked to answer asinine questions. “Coach, if your all-conference QB doesn’t go down early in the game, do you think your offense would have looked better?” “Kemon, when they scored 31 straight do you think there may have been defensive mistakes?” ”Coach, if Rico Bussey and other starting players weren’t hurt, do you think they may have helped?” “Coach, if you had scored more points than Utah State, do you think you may have won?”
  5. emmitt01

    Guyton a grad transfer?

    I’m told that Jalen Guyton took part in the graduation ceremony recently. My wife’s hairdresser’s husband says he may be a grad transfer candidate.
  6. emmitt01

    It could be worse

    Imagine if you were an Arkansas or SMU fan watching this game...and you realize that this same North Texas team curb stomped you
  7. We actually have fans that think ALTITUDE is responsible for this shit??!
  8. emmitt01

    UAB's new stadium is unbelievable!

    In other news, I have the nicest commercial plane out of all my friends* *Actually American Airlines owns the plane, but I AM flying on it to Albuquerque so that’s pretty much like it’s mine
  9. emmitt01

    New Mexico Bowl - Roll Call

    I'll be there tomorrow afternoon
  10. emmitt01

    K State hires NDSU coach to be new HC

    Perhaps they can look forward to beating KU in swimming and diving now
  11. emmitt01

    UTA (12/8/18)

  12. Offers from Okie State, Colorado State and San Diego State...hmmm, maybe he committed because he thought we were North Texas State 😆😆
  13. emmitt01

    New Mexico Bowl Preview & Predictions

    I think the North Texas offense has a little more difficulty than usual getting on track, but USU finds a groove early. End of 1st: 14-3 USU. In the 2nd Mason comes alive, but USU keeps their pace. Halftime: 24-17 USU North Texas comes out of the locker room with the usual “adjustments? We don’t need no stinkin adjustments” mantra...but Hedlund kicks a few FG’s. End of 3rd: 34-23 In the 4th Torrey finally finds some room and Mason Fine ignores GH’s calls and audibles at the line for two TD’s. The defense digs in and holds them to 3 in the quarter. Final score: 44-37 North Texas