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  1. I know you're TRYING to be sarcastic (and reaching for funny)....but let's be honest and admit that the majority of conference losses were against the top teams in the conference without a full squad.* *Though there will be NO excuse made for losing to San Antonio Community College
  2. Not diminishing what Tylor did, but here’s a thought, Perhaps we are playing a higher level of competition that exposes some of the weaknesses we had last season, and if we did some of those little things (finish around the bucket, hit our free throws, shoot a CONSISTENT percentage from the floor) we wouldn’t need last second heroics. Keep in mind, we have lost 6 of the last 8 by a combined 25 points (that’s just over 4 a game). I am pretty certain a healthy current roster playing in rhythm overcomes that deficit more times than not.
  3. Yeah, where are these mythical critics that I have yet to see though some act as if he’s been mistreated??
  4. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say…yes
  5. I remember mentioning these scoring droughts once…and somebody told me “everybody has them”
  6. Christian Moore is basically Matthew Stone with baby dreads…high energy and no offensive threat
  7. Fixed it for you. And I think it’s so kind of you to let these teams use your stadium for a home game.
  8. Beating North Texas is an accomplishment…beating SMU is something we should be expected to do.
  9. Look at the scores of their games this year. https://www.farmcardsathletics.org/sport/basketball/boys/#
  10. I don’t know about “chemistry”, but I certainly have thoughts on inserting a ball handler and additional scoring option.
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