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  1. I feel like @TheReal_jayD posts are like TV cliff hangers. Will Maria forgive Brian? Will the detectives reach the bad guy in time?? What exactly does “about to commit” mean? Find out next time on...Go Mean Green!
  2. The title of this thread describes your first mistake.
  3. Anyone know which SNL skit this is from? (I do...just wondering who else is a fan)
  4. I don’t understand the animosity towards SMU. Every year they provide six schools with a home game in the heart of Dallas where they can play in front of DFW recruits. If that’s not humanitarianism, I don’t know what is.
  5. I hate to see that. So many kids can’t get qualifying scores and end up at these JUCO’s
  6. Wow! It’s a shame he’s gonna miss a 1AA game to show how serious they are about “punishment”...per UT system rules
  7. His SMU offer should arrive by midnight 😆😆 Seriously though, big news. Does he happen to be a triplet??
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