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  1. Brand and prestige?? We are still talking about SMU, right? 😆😆
  2. Meanwhile SMU is changing the verbiage on their season ticket promotions to ”Our games have ALWAYS provided an environment made for social distancing...because we care”
  3. Don’t discount what Jackson and Wise will bring to the table. Jackson may be the best on ball defender and I think Wise can provide 10 points a night. Rubin Jones looks like a shooter as well. My hope would be for a stretch 4 who can rebound and knock down 15-18 footers, and then a guard who is 6’5” or better with an ability to get to the rim (or the line if that doesn’t work).
  4. Just received the email. Click Here To View On Web Browser C-USA to Restrict Attendance for Conference Basketball Tournament FRISCO - Conference USA will implement a restricted attendance procedure for the remainder of the 2020 Conference USA Basketball Championships at The Star after consultation with the NCAA, local authorities and related health and safety officials. All remaining games will be played with the official team party, student-athletes' family members, credentialed media, television and radio crews and essential personnel. The event will be closed to the general public. "While this news is disappointing for many in Mean Green Nation, the health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches and fans is of highest priority," added Vice President and Director of Athletics Wren Baker. Fans will be contacted in the near future regarding the refund process for ticket packages purchased through the UNT ticket office. Mean Green fans can tune in to watch quarterfinal action on Stadium Thursday, March 12, at 6 p.m. CT. The semifinals and championship game will be broadcast live on CBS Sports Network. Mean Green games will also be broadcast on the radio on the Mean Green Sports Network and fans can follow along on all social media channels (@MeanGreenMBB on Twitter and Instagram and @MeanGreenBasketball on Facebook and @MeanGreenAthletics on all platforms). 1155 Union Circle #311397 Denton, TX 76203 940.565.7169 UPDATE PREFERENCES OR UNSUBSCRIBE
  5. That has been her favorite player for four years. I also love that she taught them to take a knee to pray in the "end zone" after they run out onto the field. 😀
  6. I like that they wear each other down the day before we play either of them.
  7. My kids disappeared into the backyard for a couple hours. Turns out they were making a highlight video...oh, and James Reese plays football now too. 075A88E4-9CAE-4855-AB7C-3283406FE360.MOV
  8. I don’t want to hear it about fouls (though I predicted there would be whining about it). Hollingsworth scored the 22 he did because he constantly created space...with an off-arm push off.
  9. First, let me say I L-O-V-E-D the 2010 squad. TT is still my all-time favorite Mean Green baller. With that said, I’d take this year’s team by 5 on a neutral court. Their defensive intensity, depth, and overall athleticism would win out. If you’re going starting 5 vs starting 5 then it’s a toss up though.
  10. We win by one stroke on an 18th hole playoff
  11. Before all the over reactionary people get started we lost this game for one reason and one reason only. We shot 18% from three...they shot 50%
  12. Are the semifinals of the NIT on national television and played in Madison Square Garden? If so, give me that...and yeah, I’d fly to NY for it.
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