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  1. So would you say it’s his singing, or his dancing, that we should be most worried about? Does he have a decent stand-up routine? And I still want to know why the Houston-JC message board is down for maintenance. It must be of so many of their members are over here 5 months before the game.
  2. I gotta commend you. Most people aren’t this passionate about their safety school...especially not after having to go there when they fail out of a four year university.
  3. This is why I want to see some situations where we use a package specifically for Bean. Maybe an option wrinkle or bring him into the game in the slot and motion him to under center late in the play clock.
  4. He means Shanbour. And, yes, McNulty was everything we remember him to be.
  5. I just wonder “what kind of year could we have had in 2013 if Mason was the QB.” I think we beat Tulane and nUTSAck that year, host the CUSA title game and perhaps win the conference title.
  6. #4 on this list is upcoming opponent UH and their quarterback D'eriq King. I don't think we should underestimate how tough a matchup this guy will pose. He accounted for 50 touchdowns last season in 11 games.
  7. It’s the jets. Everything they do is straight garbage
  8. That’s why I used the quotation marks
  9. They’re ripe to throw good money at bad...again. They’ll always be P”5”
  10. I hate to ever lose a commitment (assuming he doesn’t return to the fold) but this is one position where I’m not losing sleep
  11. Promise? And who TF is “we”? I didn’t know Houston was letting their Make A Wish kid dictate conference affiliation.
  12. Similar to the way this one is...which is to say not for long.
  13. I’m no genius, but considering that the video starts as he is in motion, and the fact that it ends with the guy spotting him saying the words “38” I would assume that means 38 reps
  14. I know there is a lot of “wow” factor to the measurables here. The bench reps by Young are impressive, as is JG’s 40 time. But these are NFL scouts and the number one question is “is this person an NFL caliber PLAYER?” What does he look like when you turn the tape on and watch him actually play football? By that standard, Ejiya is easily the most draftable player we have.
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