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  1. emmitt01

    Figured it Out - Direct Link

    I’m not sure I am comfortable reading a thread about “ass domination”
  2. emmitt01

    Choosing C-USA: Week 8 predictions

    He's wrong. We will win.
  3. But do the really? Can you say, with any honesty, that Indiana or Kansas have a legitimate shot at a national title? Sure, they are in the right conference and have the money...but so do Ohio State, Michigan, Oklahoma, and the other teams that perennially rule those conferences. Teams like Kansas, Vanderbilt, Indiana, Illinois are P5 in name only.
  4. Here’s my question. There have been multiple reports that, if necessary, we have donors willing to help us get into the 2.5 to 3 million range. So, the argument is that a Kansas or a Tech type school is gonna money whip Seth Littrell with 5 to 6 million to “double anything we can offer”? I just don’t see that. I don’t see ANY P5 being willing to get above 2 to 2.5 for a coach at his current stage of success. Nick Saban, with all that he has done including national titles at multiple SEC schools, makes 9. I think we may just be stuck in the “we’re just lil’ ol’ North Texas...we don’t deserve nice things” mentality.
  5. Great thing about playing a team that is full of emotion is that maintaining emotion takes energy. We take their best shot early, settle in, then put them to sleep
  6. emmitt01

    North Texas' depth chart ahead of UAB

    Here’a the part I care about. If “Captain Olè” doesn’t block Mason will take a lot of unnecessary shots.
  7. The truth is, the end of his good mojo has arrived. In his press conference today he talked about how his coaches are “great husbands and fathers.” We’re just one utterance of “if you take away 3 plays” from a winless season.
  8. emmitt01

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    Couldn’t disagree more. Last week USM showed us 3 down linemen and safeties 10 yards off the line of scrimmage. We spent the first half trying to force the passing game and saw a string of three and outs because of it. Second half we said “oh wait, they’re daring us to run...ok” and saw Torrey go off. UAB, like every other team, will try to get a rush with their down linemen and cover because they know Mason is the engine of this offense. Establish the will to run (note I didn’t say necessarily success at running) to get them into a less pass slanted look...then watch the Chief carve them up
  9. emmitt01

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    To answer your first question, yes. Yes we do have a super star quarterback...and it isn’t even remotely debatable. I said it before, I’ll say it again, this is a win (though not by a bunch) NT - 27 UAB - 24
  10. emmitt01

    Start Times

    Not arguing the point, just curious, why does this make a difference? I get that later games in September are better to avoid the heat, but why does the time keep getting earlier later into the calendar? Do child care needs or bed times change? Does the drive become easier at those times? Again, genuinely wondering.
  11. emmitt01

    Just for the record

    But, but, but it’s my prerogative not to fly to another city (or drive a long distance), rent a car (or get an Uber), book a hotel, and be away from home for the entire weekend* *Because I am confident you believe that doing so is in any way comparable to driving in from the metroplex to a home game. And if you did start a thread about it, I am certain that a good many would feel compelled to list their myriad excuses for why they didn’t travel...instead of ignoring it if they truly feel their reasons are valid enough to stand without explanation
  12. emmitt01

    Just for the record

    Old North Texas fan excuse: You’re not winning New North Texas fan excuse: You’re not winning by enough, against the right people I can’t wait for tomorrow’s excuses. And this “fan shaming” business is hilarious to me. Why so sensitive folks? What the hell is that, is it anything like “fat shaming”? You know who fat shaming doesn’t effect? People who don’t think they’re fat. But if the inexplicably large spandex pants fit....
  13. It is their prerogative. Just as it is a coach’s prerogative to seek out employment where fans show up. Just as it is a player’s prerogative to play where they will do so in front of packed stadiums. Just as it is a fan’s prerogative to say “we’ll show up when they win” and really mean “we’ll show up when they win...and the temperatures are between 68-82...and Texas/OU isn’t on...and it’s not a weekday...and it’s a leap year...and...”
  14. emmitt01

    Just for the record

    I figured I would see this argument thrown out (and it was in another thread) so I’ll just address it here. “Boise State dealt with the same attendance woes until they became a perennial winner” Well, let’s examine that. In 1999, their first true winning season (their 4th year in FBS) they went 10-3 and won the Big West. The prior year they had gone 6-5. So, they weren’t established winners. Not a single game had attendance below 20,000 (with several closer to 25,000). And did I mention that it tends to be REALLY cold in Boise Idaho with...gasp...SNOW falling during many games???
  15. So when the “easy for you to say, you sit in a luxury box” argument falls flat on its face we pivot and go with “but you get paid to be there”? Got it.