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  1. Notice that on Mason's TD throw the announcers can't stop talking about how it should have been an INT but the Ohio State wide receiver "saves" him.
  2. I clicked praying it wasn't. We have spent more than enough time chronicling the travels of the worst D1 coach in history and his family.
  3. Want to bring the family up to the pit today at three to watch the Mean Green take on FAU. Just wondering if anyone knows of any specials for families or group tickets, because at $15 per ticket a family of five gets pretty expensive.
  4. It definitely suits me, as does the substantial pay raise I’d need to afford it
  5. Matt Rhule left Baylor...Seth to Baylor???!! A plane just left DFW...Seth to DFW??!! Harry and Megan are leaving the royal family...Seth to the royal family??!!
  6. I'm sure there are a lot of logical ($$$$$$$$) reasons that this kid would choose SMU. I am certain the educational ($$$$$$) opportunities were chief among them.
  7. I’m curious, which station?
  8. My heart will always be with DPD because that is where I began my police career, but that is too big of a beast for me to want to handle. I prefer the type of environment where I can get to know each of my people on a personal level and spend quality time with citizens.
  9. Many of you know that I was born and raised in Denton before attending North Texas. My in-laws now live in Robson Ranch and all of my family is still in Denton County. Well, after 15 years of policing at Dallas PD, and the last two as Chief of the city of Keene, I am returning to my roots. I will be sworn in as the Chief of Police in Argyle on January 2.
  10. Not gonna lie. As a lifetime Dolphins fan, I’m pretty excited
  11. https://247sports.com/player/alvin-dempsey-46096741/
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