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  1. I’m not so sure about that. With the way this team fails to get off the field on defense, and runs some of the most perplexing offensive plays I’ve ever seen, I am confident in nothing. I think we may get to six wins by virtue of the other teams being just that bad, but I wouldn’t put money on it. MUTS had one of the worst rushing defenses in football coming into yesterday, and our line got zero push (not to mention having Mason pick himself up virtually every pass play). If their quarterback is even remotely accurate they score 14-21 more points. Every game will be an unknown.
  2. That this conversation even exists is a travesty. UT doesn’t run out a fucking guinea pig during games. Penn State didn’t give a rat a moment in the spotlight. And Alabama didn’t do some asinine bullshit like throwing a hamster out there...and then insult everyone’s intelligence by saying something utterly retarded like “it’s time to try some new traditions.” We roll a damn albino squirrel out there and have the audacity to pretend that a running gag that should have died a painful death a long time ago is still funny. I finally understand why the rest of the world can’t take North Texas seriously...we don’t even take ourselves seriously.
  3. No, not once, never, not even close. Real answer
  4. They managed the win. Still, at 5-0 and ranked “#24” even the announcers pointed out how nobody in Dallas gives a shit and didn’t show up
  5. I hope somebody in Tulsa knows the Heimlich maneuver
  6. Better tap the brakes on that pony love. Getting spanked at home right now...in front of a crowd smaller than when we brought half of it. So much for “owning” Dallas
  7. We saw the hurry up for three drives yesterday...and saw 15 (should have been 17 if not for the botched 2-point tries) of our points as a result
  8. We have a team with a roster designed for spreading people out and taking yardage in chunks...and a new offensive philosophy predicated on establishing the run first
  9. Shhh...don’t be inserting the simplest, most obvious, no brainer explanation into this conversation. It’s far more logical that the quarterback who owns every record in school history is rushing his throws and has forgotten how to play in his senior season.
  10. Bring in a huge crowd...then put on a performance that guarantees they don’t come back. It’s a North Texas tradition.
  11. No chance he doesn’t pull for his brother. It’s not about liking UH (who could unless a GED was the best they could manage), it’s about blood
  12. Since you seem to understand the passage of time, can I interest you in the all-time SMU series record?
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