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  1. Maybe that's a good thing. I've thought for several years now (ever since that 2013 team) that we need to stop running out of the tunnel with the announcer yelling "Here's comes, the Mean Green..." only to be followed by "Tee it high, let it fly, and watch the other team run by." Say what you will about the Dickey days, but you won't say those teams were "pushed around." Even in losses, I felt like we hit somebody. Perhaps Wyoming will punch us in the mouth and we'll respond.
  2. You act as if the semantics of saying we “still play in the same division of football as the SEC and Big 10” makes a difference. We are no more, or less, irrelevant if we finally face reality and break away to play with our actual peers. If we broke away, we would never play for a national championship…and if we stay where we are, we will NEVER play for a national championship.
  3. https://x.com/brettvito/status/1801782157771247687?s=46&t=2kJdiEx2khk5TMPpOwk9CQ
  4. Wait, you're telling me my asparagus is being grown on the moon?? Talk about wasteful bureaucracy...now we're using NASA to fly farmers into space (or did we create yet ANOTHER space farming organization?!). Are they using that new branch of the military, the "Space Force", to harvest these crops? And are we blowing taxpayer money to grow only asparagus? Shouldn't we be at least growing corn, carrots, or some other crop as well? And are we even really on the moon when we're doing this farming? Is this yet another CGI lunar landing? Did we create another government bureaucracy to film this fake space farming?? How much is that costing?
  5. 4 Interceptions?! Why didn't SL ever have him out there at corner?
  6. (Mods, feel free to move this if you must) This upcoming Saturday June 8th is my department’s 4th Annual Child Safety Fair. This event provides a ton of safety related information and free items such as booster seats, drug lock boxes, life jackets, gun lock boxes, etc. to keep kids safe. We also run a silent auction as part of the event with all proceeds benefitting Denton County Friends of the Family….with one of the items being perfect for a Mean Green fan. As a DCFOF board member, I do all I can to help raise funds for this essential organization. The silent auction link is below and everyone is of course invited to bring your kids out to join us at Liberty Christian for the event. https://my.onecause.com/event/organizations/851997b9-f90b-4f3d-a1fe-87345f119904/events/vevt:b83bfedb-564e-4cbc-a6ea-8564e114e3f8/auctions/silent-auction?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR1djzo5Ywn1MTi9DUWFzZ8pizZKHRDttm4qqw8JkLPA3_IqTvFW2lBYzFA_aem_AU4AM0JAU5SaZP09SRH_W5POcWxPYOELy5YFfeZKJUmacu3sYDYR1xftWJPidygQbp7Jy6zEsAA3I0xLPgECEeNT
  7. 6 - but is almost exclusively because North Texas games (really tailgates) are where I see a lot of my friends that I don’t see otherwise…and because I’ve already bought tickets
  8. Yeah, misread that one. 50 million, 50 thousand...
  9. UL-Lafayette and Utah State getting $50M more than us…let that sink in. Dickey used to beat them down en route to conference titles.
  10. I always thought we could never get him back here because he may enjoy the pro game too much…turns out we may have a chance with the NCAA now being the newest pro league
  11. I was moved…one seat over
  12. https://x.com/breylonc_/status/1789783536553079107
  13. Ok, everyone.... Sit down. Take a deep breath. Light a nice smelling candle and rub some jasmine oil on your temples. Close your eyes and think of a babbling brook...feel the anxiety washing down that stream and away from you. Now, open your eyes, and let this settle in. HE'S NOT WRONG AND A G5 LEAGUE IS NOT THE SAME AS 1-AA
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