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  1. I don’t shed any tears over losing a kid that can’t spell Texas
  2. Does this kid play both ways? The tweet photo shows him as a DB
  3. I used to hold out hope, but now I really think we will have a football-less Fall
  4. Update: Just ordered this (told the wife that since it has Pac Man AND Galaga, it’s actually a purchase I couldn’t pass on...I “think” she bought it)
  5. Just made an addition. I’ll add Pac-man when it’s back in stock
  6. I have a game with my officers about once a quarter and buy in is always $5 (we’re public servants so we have to be cautious with money). Maybe, if this COVID business slows, I’ll have some folks over for a watching party and some cards.
  7. We are finally settled into our new home in Argyle and I just got my man cave completed. let’s use this off-season down time to share our fandom. Do you have a man cave or spot in your house that is your Mean Green sanctuary? If so, let’s see it...
  8. I know this is not football related, and feel free to move it (but please leave a link from here to wherever it goes), but I wanted to get as many eyes on this as possible. As a police practitioner, and a person with a healthy intellectual curiosity, I have observed the events of the past several months with great interest. Because we live in a world where it seems people communicate through catchy memes or by sharing blatantly slanted “news” articles, I wondered what people really think. So, I have compiled a short, quick survey to allow people to ANONYMOUSLY share their perspectives. I often get a chance to address police departments and I want to gather greater perspective. Please take a moment to take part. Note that there are TWO links below, one for individuals who are sworn officers (I know there are a few on this board) and one for “civilians.” The questions are identical, but they are designed to capture two distinct vantage points. Thanks Please choose the correct one. Civilian Version: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FLH73GP Sworn Officer Version: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NBDVHY8
  9. If you could choose the makeup of our next recruiting class, which would you prefer? Assume every player would be of 1st round NFL draft pick caliber. An entire defensive line...or an entire offensive line? An entire secondary (2 corners, a free safety and a strong safety)...or four wide receivers? A middle linebacker...or a running back?
  10. I’m due to fly out to South Carolina to teach a local department at the beginning of September, and thought I’d catch a Gamecocks game while I am there (no real affinity for SC, but I like to see stadiums when I can). Admittedly, I could look all this up, but has anyone heard whether fans will be allowed in stadiums to start the season? I know athletes are being allowed on campus to work out but I don’t know the stance on letting fans in.
  11. And, while we’re discussing UT and racial issues, I thought this piece about Tom Herman’s thoughts should be included in the conversation. https://usports.org/texas-head-coach-tom-herman-discusses-double-standard-for-black-student-athletes/
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