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  1. Can you imagine if all the names you mentioned above (along with Tobe) made up our current linebacker room?
  2. Now, be nice. There are tens and tens of people who care about SMU football.
  3. Which begs the question, shouldn’t this be on the SMU board instead?
  4. I am not at all surprised. A lot of the secondary’s failures were blamed on a lack of pass rush, but the truth is we consistently gave big cushions and still got beat a lot.
  5. Just got the flying worm on the white helmet in to add to my collection. The silver chrome one is signed by Mason, Guyton and Brandon Garner...the script is signed by most of the ‘02 team...the light green one with the “North Texas” in the current font is signed by Lance Dunbar...and the white interlocked NT is signed by Abner Haynes. I’d like to get Darden’s signature on the current white helmet.
  6. Tom Brady is the GOAT, but this game doesn’t really do anything for that legacy in my opinion. You put hIm behind that depleted KC offensive line and make him run for his life (which he could not have done like Mahomes did) and he doesn’t win this game. He is the no-brainer best to do it, but he will get far too much credit for THIS game
  7. I hate to see refs insert themselves too, but I’ll take us in a free throw contest against LT any day
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